Capacity Building of
Social Security Institution
Sosyal Güvenlik Kurumunun
Kapasitesinin Artırılması
This project is co-financed by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey.
Main Strategic Aims of SSI:
Aim No 1:
Reducing the gap between Income and Cost in the Social
Security System, through the following:
Reducing unregistered employment;
The Social Security Institution (SSI) known as the SGK is
responsible for Social Insurance and Health Insurance
Services.It was created in 2006 when three State Institutions
came together. They were the Social Insurances Institution SSK
for employees, BAĞ-KUR for the self - employed and the
Retirement Fund for civil servants.
According to Law 5502 the Social Security Institution is an
autonomous State institution that is affiliated to the Ministry
of Labour and Social Security ,based in Ankara.
Increasing the collection rate of contributions
and all debts related to the contributions;
Making the health expenditures effective and
efficient without limiting the access to health services;
To implement and develop a qualified, fair, easily accessible,
human oriented, actuarial and financially sustainable social
security system.
Providing the usage of resources in an effective
and efficient way; and
Avoiding the unnecessary payments.
Aim No 2:
Continuous improvement in the quality of service, through
Developing an efficient human resources system;
Benefitting from the information Technologies
on the highest level;
To be a reputable institution which provides efficient, fast and
qualified social security service within the understanding of
citizen oriented service with the trust of the society and which
has struck the actuarial balances.
Main Tasks of the Social Security
· to implement the social security policies under the
national development strategy, policy and annual
implementation programmes;
Providing the effectiveness of legal services;
· to inform persons about their rights and obligations;
Improving the effectiveness of the
communication system; and
Making the service processes effective and
Core Values
Justice, Human oriented, Transparency, High quality service,
Reliability, Solution oriented, Sustainable development,
· to protect people's right and guarantee their
· to monitor the international developments in the field
of social security;
· to co-operate with the European Union and
international institutions; and
· to carry out the necessary works for the social
security agreements and to implement the
international agreements.
+90 (0) 312 207 80 00
Yurtdanış: 444 32 01
ALO 170
BPI group
Precidency of
Internal Audit Unit
of Inspection
and Guidence
Department of
Actuary and
Fund Management
of Constructions
and Premises
Media and Public
Relations Consultancy
General Directorate of
Service Provision
Health Social Security
Department of
Support Service
Law Consultancy
Social Security
General Directorate of
Universal Health
The services provided locally by provincial offices are
focused on citizens that visit the offices and the full range
of services of the SSI is available and managed locally.
Citizens service standards are improving under an
ongoing reform program that is sponsored by the central
office but driven and managed by the 81 provincial
The SSI has undertaken capacity building projects through
the promotion of training for staff and use of
e-government implementations and IT technologies
especially distance learning throughout its offices in
Department of
Human Resources
The provincial organisation with staffing of 19.318, is
composed of the 81 social security regional directorates, 270
social security centres (planned 433) and the 36 health and
social security centres (planned 38) affiliated to them.
In order to enhance the citizen oriented service, the
targets set by the Ministry are;
-to reduce bureaucracy,
- speed up all transactions,
-reduce administration costs
and develop relations with other institutions.
Presidency of
Strategy Development
The main service, advisory and support units at central
level, which comprise 4.796 staff, are similar to those in
other counterpart organisations throughout Europe and
other parts of the world and provide guidance and support
for services provided locally through the provincial
At central level there are other developments included the
free of charge Labour and Social Security Call Centre
(ALO170); the Medula information system (received ISSA
award for Best Implementation) to record and monitor
healthcare payments and to provide statistical information
needed for the health insurance policies.
General Directorate of
Social Security
The SSI, both centrally and provincially, works closely
with the Ministry of Labour and Social Security which is
responsible for policy, legislation and monitoring the
sector and also with ISKUR which administers Government
policy towards the unemployed and employment
throughout Turkey.
Provincial Directorates have small projects (e.g. the use of
SMS for certain dealings with insurers, educational books
for young children at school) that provide information in an
innovative approach to spreading awareness and
understanding of the system of insurance.
The core functions are social and health insurance which
are directly under the control and supervision of the SSI
while social assistance is also under the remit of the SSI, but
is also under the remit of many other institutions locally
such as Municipalities, funds etc.
The nominated provincial directorates bring together up
to 10 nearby provincial Directorates and coordinate,
manage and monitor progress locally and assist each other
in reaching goals and agreed targets.
is made up of the central and
provincial organs. The structure of the organisation as
presented (see: chart) shows the main functions being
carried out by the SSI. Centrally the Presidency develops
and manages overall policies and strategies whilst
implementation of day to day business occurs at provincial
The Presidency