The Orthodox Monastery of - The Monastery of St. Tikhon of Zadonsk


The Orthodox Monastery of - The Monastery of St. Tikhon of Zadonsk
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The Orthodox
Monastery of
Saint Tikhon
of Zadonsk
Saint Tikhon's Monastery has been serving the
Church as a Mission Center since the turn of the
20th century. Many Orthodox Saints such as
Saint Alexis of Wilkes-Barre, Saint Tikhon
of Moscow, Saint John Kuchurov, Saint
Alexander Hotovitsky, Saint Raphael
of Brooklyn, Saint Nicholai of Zicha
and others have prayed, worshipped,
lived and supported Saint Tikhon's
Monastery since its inception.
Serving the Liturgy and services
daily, printing liturgical and theological books, serving parishes,
teaching and serving at the
Seminary, the monks of Saint
Tikhon's continue to sacrifice
their lives in service to our Lord
and God and Savior Jesus Christ
daily at the Monastery to this
present day.
Icon Repository
HolyRelics of
St. Alexis
Bell Tower
he Monastery of St. Tikhon of
Zadonsk welcomes all pilgrims,
both Orthodox and nonOrthodox, to visit America's Oldest
Orthodox Monastery founded by St.
Tikhon, Patriarch of Moscow in 1905.
Open to the general public, the
Monastery, Museum, Repository, guesthouses, and Bookstore are spiritual
treasures for the entire land of America.
The Monastery extends its prayerful
invitation to all to come to be spiritually
enriched, renewed and refreshed and
to partake of the cultural treasure of the
American Orthodox Church.
We look forward to your visit! For tours,
guest reservations, or service times,
please visit us on-line or call.
Contact Us:
The Monastery of
St. Tikhon of Zadonsk:
The Vision Continues (DVD)
1767 $5.00
America’s Holy
Mountain (DVD)
2155 $20.00
Phone: (570) 937-4067 or (570) 937-4390
Address: 175 St. Tikhon's Rd., Waymart, PA 18472
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Popular Titles Back in Print!
Orthodox Prayer Book ''Svit''
1878997165 $24.95
This is the identical reprint of the beloved 1959
SVIT prayer book. It is the first prayer book
available with Slavonic and English text side by
side. Great for Russian speakers or those
learning Church Slavonic. Available with black or
white hard cover.
STS Press!
Two New Spiritual Treasures
St. Nikolai,
Confessor of
Bishop of
The New Chrysostom: Bishop Nikolaj Velimirovic NEWC $14.99
“Thirty years have passed since Bishop Nikolaj departed from this world to a much better one, to God's eternal world. Long
before, however, this great man from Lelich, the Bishop of Ohrid and Zhicha of blessed repose, was rightfully known as our
New Chrysostom.
"On this thirtieth anniversary of his repose, it is my pleasure to reveal some more facts about him than are generally known by
the people or Lelich in particular, the Serbian people in general, and by the Orthodox and Christian world at large. I am aware
of my modest means in contrast to the complexities and greatness of the person and works of Bishop Nikolaj. However, as his
closest compatriot and neighbor, I will attempt to present his evangelical life and his varied and prolific pastoral work, beginning
with his birth in Lelich in 1880 and ending with his blessed repose in America in 1956" —Bishop Artemije
The Universe as Symbols and Signs: An Essay on Mysticism in the Eastern Church 1878997904 $12.99
"Many people in the West think of the mysticism of Eastern Christianity as something unreal and imaginary, yea as dreamy and
vague thinking in the clouds. I am trying in the following pages to prove the contrary to that opinion. "Our Christian mysticism is
wholly different from Buddhistic mysticism, just as much from modern materialism. It is a vision of realities beyond and through
transparent symbols and signs of the material universe. This is one of the fundamental teachings of our ancient Church of Christ,
based upon the Bible and the Fathers..." (From the back cover, written by Saint Nikolai D. Velimirovich. 85 pages.
by Igor
Service book
with music.
2049 $10.00
A Must-Have
for Your
Home or
These Truths We Hold –
The Holy Orthodox Church:
Her Life and Teachings
1878997327 $32.99
The most extensive catechism in
English. Compiled by a monk of St.
Tikhon's Monastery.
Service Books
Service Books of the Orthodox Church - Large Altar Size Edition
1878997882 $49.99
Service Books of the Orthodox Church - Small Size Edition
1878997866 $29.99
This volume includes: The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom,
The Divine Liturgy of St. Basil the Great and The Liturgy of the
Presanctified Gifts. Originally published in 1984 as 2 volumes, this revised
reprinting includes all three complete liturgies in one volume. There is no
longer the need to skip around! Additionally, the revision brings these books
in line with Revised Liturgical English (RLE), developed here at St. Tikhon's
Seminary and Monastery as a dignified English setting for the services that
is both easy to understand yet not a concession to contemporary English as
has been tried in earlier translations. RLE is used in all our publications of
service books and prayer books from at least 2008 onward. For those linguistically inclined, this means that the language herein is consistent with
our Apostol, our Morning and Evening prayer books, and the Great Book of
Needs. Also included are Prayers Before and After Communion, Special
Hymns, Verses and Antiphons for the Festal and Paschal Cycle, Dismissals
for the Year, and a Monthly Calendar of Saints. Hard cover.
Three Liturgies
Priest's Service Book SB1407 $25.95
This expanded and supplemented volume of the Daily Offices was translated from
Church Slavonic with notes by St. Tikhon's Monastery. It includes the daily, festal and
lenten Offices of Vespers, Great Vespers, Small Compline, Great Compline, the
Midnight Office, Matins, Hours, Small Vespers, All-Night Vigil, Dismissals (Festal and
Daily), Prokeimena, Magnifications, and a Monthly Calendar of Saints and Feasts.
CALL TOLL FREE: (888) 454-6678
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Get the Whole
4-Volume Set!
The Great Book of Needs, Volume I: The Holy Mysteries SB2001A $36.00
This volume consists of the Offices, Orders, Prayers and Blessings associated with the traditional "Seven Sacraments"
(or "Mysteries"), augmented by the "Blessing of Waters" and the "Monastic Tonsure," seen by many
theologians of the Orthodox Church as "Mysteries" also. Expanded and Supplemented. Translated from Church
Slavonic. Hardcover. 393 pages.
Panikhida SB1382 $10.00
This pocket-size booklet contains
the text of the service for those
who have fallen asleep in the
Lord. Arranged for three-part
singing. Adapted and compiled
by Rev. Igor Soroka. Softcover.
87 pages.
The Great Book Of Needs Volume II: The Sanctification of the Temple and other
Ecclesiastical and Liturgical Blessings SB2001B $36.00
This volume consists of diverse Offices, Orders, etc., centered on the sanctification and consecration of the church
buildings and properties, icons and other liturgical objects used for the Divine Services, as well as various Offices,
Orders, etc. Found in close association with the course of the Liturgical Year, such as the Blessing of Candles on the
Feast of the Meeting, or the Kneeling Prayers of Pentecost, of the Blessing of Grapes and First Fruits on the Feast of
Transfiguration, and others. Expanded and Supplemented. Translated from Church Slavonic.
Hardcover. 376 pages.
The Great Book Of Needs, Volume III: The Occasional Services SB2001C $36.00
This volume consists funeral orders and offices, as well as commemorations of the departed. Expanded and
Supplemented. Translated from Church Slavonic. Hardcover. 468 pages.
The Great Book Of Needs, Volume IV: Services of Supplication (Moliebens)
SB2001D $34.00
This volume consists of the services of Thanksgiving and Supplication (Moliebens). Expanded and Supplemented.
Translated from Church Slavonic. Hardcover. 390 pages.
The Life, Service, and
Akathist Hymn
Our FaTher amOng The SainTS
ALExiS of WiLkES-BArrE
COnFeSSOr and deFender OF
OrThOdOxy in ameriCa
More Choir Music Books
The Vespers Service CM1205 On sale for $9.50
The Great Canon of St. Andrew of Crete CM1271 $22.00
Includes Saturday Evening Music (Ochtoechos) and a section of
the Sunday evening services during Great Lent, Great and Holy
Friday Vespers and the Pentecost (Kneeling) Vespers Service.
Hardcover. 119 pages.
Great Compline, First Week of Great Lent and Matins, and Fifth
Thursday of Great Lent. This volume includes those texts and musical settings required for the Reader and Choir to properly complete
the services included in this volume. The complete text of the Great
Canon of St. Andrew of Crete itself is available from a variety of other
sources and is not included here. The musical settings are by
V. Rev. Theodore Heckman, and the text selection and preparation is
by Sergei Arhipov. Spiral-bound. 131 pages.
The Divine Liturgy CM1267 On sale for $9.50
This book of the music of the Divine Liturgy is a valuable resource
for church choirs. The text is in Slavonic and music is arranged in
4-part harmony. Hardcover. 127 pages.
The Service of Christmas CM1269 On sale for $9.50
In Church Slavonic and English. Hardcover. 133 pages.
The Paschal Service CM1268 On sale for $9.50
Slavonic and English. 187 pages.
Liturgical Year – Vol. II: Hymns from the Festal Menaion
CM1204 $20.00
This second volume in the "Liturgical Year" series contains traditional melodies and many settings for the hymns of the Liturgical Year
rarely found in English. Selections include music for the Great
Blessing of Water at Theophany and the complete Epistle readings
for the Feasts. Hardcover. 136 pages.
Orthodox Daily Prayers SB3001 $14.00
The Festal Menaion SB1306 $32.00
The Horologion or Book of
the Hours SB1408 $59.95
The Horologion is comprised
of the texts of the various
daily Services necessary for
the Reader (and Singers),
i.e., of Vespers, Compline,
Midnight Office, Matins and
the Hours, and is intended as
a companion to the Priest's
Service Book. Also included
are the various Prokeimena,
Magnifi-cations and Biblical
Canticles normally said at
these services. Translated
from ChurchSlavonic with
notes by St. Tikhon's
Monastery. Hardcover. 745
The Apostol SB3003
Soft cover – $49.95
Hardcover – $79.95
Epistle Readings, Prokimena,
Alleluia Verses and Antiphons
for the Entire Liturgical Year.
Indexes based on the liturgical
cycles prescribed by the Holy
Orthodox Church and several
sections outlining both daily
and occasional forms are also
provided. The study of this book
will yield many profound
insights into the doctrines of
our Orthodox Faith and the
structure and meaning of our
liturgical worship. Edited and
Revised by Sergei Arhipov.
Hardcover or Softcover.
623 pages.
An essential service book for all who love the Feasts of the
Orthodox Church. Enclosed in this valuable text are an
explanation of the meaning behind the major Feasts of the
Orthodox Church, a complete set of rubrics which explains
the structure of the various festal services, and the texts
required to serve them. Translated from the original Greek
by Mother Mary and Archimandrite Kallistos Ware.
Hardcover. 564 pages.
The Lenten Triodion SB1335 $32.00
This book forms a sequel to The Festal Menaion. It contains the texts for the ten Sundays before Pascha, together with the complete services for the first week of Great
Lent, for Holy Week, and for certain other days. The translation is designed for liturgical use, and is suited for singing
and reading aloud. Many canons in the Triodion contain
only three canticles or odes; hence the title "Triodion."
Translated from the original Greek by Mother Mary and
Archimandrite Kallistos Ware. Hardcover. 699 pages.
The Lenten Triodion Supplement
9781878997777 $25.95
This indispensable volume includes all the supplementary
texts that are needed for the weekday services of the
Lenten season, including set readings and prokeimena as
well as hymnography for the daily Matins, Hours, and
Presanctified Liturgies. Hardcover. 343 pages.
The Life, Service and Akathist Hymn
of Our Father Among the Saints,
Alexis of Wilkes-Barre, Confessor and
Defender of Orthodoxy in America
(SB1505) $4.50. Softcover. 49 pages.
Prayer Books
Back in print! Revised and edited,
this edition contains Morning Prayers,
Commemoration of the Living and the Dead, Prayers at the Table, Prayers during
the Day, Small Compline, Prayers Before Sleep, The Three Canons, the Canon in
Preparation for Holy Communion, the Prayers in Preparation for Holy Communion,
and Thanksgiving Prayers After Holy Communion. Softcover. 140 Pages.
The Hours and the Typica SB3000 $12.00
This book contains texts from the Horologion as the Russian Orthodox Church has
transmitted them to us. Contains the First, Third, Sixth, Ninth Hours and the Typica.
Also includes Troparia and Kontakia from the Ochtoechos and selected Troparia
and Kontakia from the Menaion. Softcover. 96 pages.
The Prayer Rope SP704 $5.00
A small booklet describing the use of the prayer rope
for practicing the Jesus Prayer in every day life.
Softcover. 25 pages.
Book of Akathists, vol 1 SB1380 $30.00
Contains 23 Akathists to our Saviour,
the Mother of God and various Saints.
Hardcover. 398 pages.
Book of Akathists, vol 2 SB1380A $40.00
Contains 28 Akathists to our Saviour,
the Mother of God and various Saints.
Hardcover. 465 pages.
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Insightful and Inspiring Spiritual Works
Living orthodox theology
by Author and Professor of Dogmatic Theology, Dr. Harry Boosalis – St. Tikhon’s Seminary
by Archimandrite Zacharias
Disciple of Elder Sophrony
The Joy of the Holy LS240 $13.00
This book provides a systematic study of the life and spiritual teachings of St. Seraphim of Sarov. Presented as a patristic analysis in
comparison with similar teaching of the Church Fathers, this book also serves as an ideal introduction to Orthodox spiritual life, inspiring to readers regardless of their level of spiritual progress. “The Joy of the Holy" illustrates by way of St. Seraphim's life and teachings
for acquiring the grace of the Holy Spirit. Softcover. 167 pages.
Orthodox Spiritual Life According to Saint Silouan the Athonite SP382 $16.95 (Reprint pending - Check for availability)
This present study is an attempt at a systematic presentation of the teaching of St. Silouan on Orthodox spiritual life. The goal is to
illustrate his importance for today. Special attention is given to his teaching on the acquisition of the grace of the Holy Spirit, spiritual
warfare, the significance of suffering, humility, love for all mankind and prayer for the salvation of the entire world. Softcover. 204 pages.
Knowledge of God ~ Ancient Spirituality of the Christian East 9781878997838 $14.99
This present study comprises two introductory lectures in Orthodox theology. Written in a reader-friendly style with a deliberate attempt
at presenting the spiritual themes of Orthodox theology in a clear and simple way, this brief book will benefit anyone interested in Eastern
Christian spirituality and the study of Orthodox theology. It is based on Holy Scripture and patristic teaching. Softcover. 104 pages.
Taught by God 9781878997876 $19.95 NEW!
This present study is comprised of preliminary lectures in Orthodox theology. Its introductory level of approach and reader-friendly style
is suitable for anyone interested in the ancient spirituality of the Christian East. Based on Holy Scripture and patristic teaching, this study
refers to the writings of a variety of Orthodox theologians, especially those from Eastern European backgrounds. TAUGHT BY GOD: An
Introduction to Orthodox Theology is ideal for any layman who seeks to introduce himself to, or increase his knowledge of, the Orthodox
approach to theology and spirituality. Softcover. 131 pages.
Enliven Your Heart and Soul
Akathist Service to Saint Alexis Toth 978187899785 $9.99
Liturgical Music CDs
Byzantine Chant in Arabic 845121000887 $14.99
from STS Press
Includes Hymns throughout the Church year. Chanted in Arabic by accomplished chanter, Rana Nassour-Derbaly.
Sung by the Choir of St .Tikhon's Seminary in honor of the 100th anniversary
(2009) of the repose of St. Alexis.
Orthodox Two Part Music ~ Vol. 1, The Divine Liturgy
845121000863 $14.99
“The writings of
Archimandrite Zacharias
evince that inspiration which
is born of the undistorted
vision of Christ in glory.”
—Dr. Christopher Veniamin, Professor of Patristics,
Saint Tikhon’s Seminary, USA
Remember Thy First Love
9780980020724 $27.95 NEW!
The Enlargement of the Heart
9780977498321 $19.95
The Hidden Man of the Heart
9780980020717 $19.95
Remember Thy First Love is a graphic
description of the three stages in the
Christian life according to Elder
Sophrony of Essex (1896 1993), disciple of St. Silouan the Athonite (1866
1938) and founder of the Patriarchal
and Stavropegic Monastery of St.
John the Baptist in Essex, England. In
Remember Thy First Love, which
complements The Enlargement of the
Heart (2006) and The Hidden Man of
the Heart (2008), Elder Zacharias
details the nature and purpose of the
first grace given at the beginning of
the Christian spiritual odyssey, the
experience of the apparent withdrawal
of grace, and then our final adoption
as children, by which we become
heirs of God and joint-heirs of Christ
The Enlargement of the Heart is an
astoundingly majestic presentation of
the nature and purpose of human
existence in two of the most important
figures in contemporary Orthodoxy:
St. Silouan the Athonite (1866-1938)
and Elder Sophrony of Essex (18961993). Delivered in Wichita, Kansas at
the 2001 Clergy Brotherhood Retreat
of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian
Church, each lecture is published
here in full together with its Asides
and corresponding Questions &
Answers. The author is a disciple of
the Elder Sophrony and a member of
the Monastery of St. John the Baptist,
England. Softcover. 244 pages.
The Cultivation of the Heart in
Orthodox Christian Anthropology by
Archimandrite Zacharias. This book
consists of a series of presentations
on the place of the heart in the spiritual life of the Christian, with special reference to the Hesychast tradition of
the Orthodox Church, including two of
the most influential figures in contemporary Christianity: Saint Silouan the
Athonite and Elder Sophrony of
Essex. Softcover. 193 pages.
For more titles from
Mount Tabor Publishing
please visit:
(cf. Rom. 8:17). Softcover. 463 pages.
A Collection of Beautiful Sacred Hymns
Sing Praises to Our God ~ Special Edition Re-Release
1878997785 $14.99
Thine Own of Thine Own - A Holy Offering: The Divine Liturgy
in Byzantine Chant ON SALE for $7.50 (was $9.99)
Sacred Treasures I 025041110921 $18.00
Sung by the finest Russian and Bulgarian choirs, this
extraordinary collection of transcendent prayers and
hymns embraces a timeless tradition of faith and devotion. Lush harmonies float in space, angelic high voices pour down from heaven, deep bass voices arise
from the center of the earth, and the great bronze bells
toll with awesome grandeur. For sheer beauty, there is
little to match it anywhere in the world.
Sacred Treasures II ~ Choral Masterworks from
the Sistine Chapel 025041111225 $18.00
A selection of Orthodox Liturgical Hymns sung by St. Tikhon's Orthodox
Theological Seminary Male Choir. This special edition re-release has 13
previously unreleased tracks not included with the original CD.
Recorded on Memorial Day weekend, May 27-30, 2005. The centennial choir
of over 200 singers sang the responses to the Divine Liturgy under the direction of the V. Rev. Sergei Glagolev can be heard on this 2-CD recording.
"The central axis of his (Fr.
Sophrony's) living theology is his deep
investigation into the meaning of the
personal or hypostatic principle in
Divine Being and in humanity. St.
Silouan and his disciple and biographer Archimandrite Sophrony deserve
a place in the history of the Church.
The present study aims to establish
the spiritual experience of these two
men as a subject worthy of consideration in the academic circles of contemporary theology." —Archimandrite
Zacharias. Softcover. 275 pages.
*This title from STS Press
This two part Orthodox music is based primarily on Znamenny Chant and is
given as an offering to the Church in America with the hope that it will
transcend jurisdictional boundaries.
The 100th Anniversary of the Founding of Saint Tikhon of Zadonsk
Monastery (CD2005) $18.99
*Christ, Our Way and Our
Life: A Presentation of the
Theology of Archimandrite
Sophrony 9781878997746
Sacred Treasures III ~ Choral Masterworks from
Russia and Beyond 025041111423 $18.00
The Eyes of All Look to Thee With Hope
CD419 $15.00
Selections from Matins, Divine Liturgy and Great Vespers,
as well as Para-liturgical selections. Sung by the Monastery
Choir of Saint John of San Francisco in Manton, CA.
Sacred Treasures IV ~ Choral Masterworks:
Quiet Prayer 025041111621 $18.00
Sacred Treasures V ~ From a Russian Cathedral
025041111829 $18.00
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More Titles
Saint Gregory Palamaas
Sermon Series
The Homilies of Saint Gregory Palamas, Volume II
Mount Thabor Publishing PA560A $37.95
St. Gregory Palamas, the 14th century bishop/
hesychast, presents us with profound and insightful
homilies covering part of the Church year in volume
two of this second set of twenty-one sermons,
Homilies XXII - XLII of the surviving sixty-three,
(in liturgical sequence). Hardcover. 302 pages.
Sermons by Saint Gregory Palamas is the title of a new series,
in which many of St. Gregory's extant homilies are arranged
thematically, principally for the benefit of the layperson interested in the rich Biblical tradition of the Church Fathers.
Hand-dipped by the Monks of the Oldest Orthodox Monastery in North America!
Thank you for your continued prayers and support!
Mary the Mother of God
SB0012 $9.95
Marriage As A Path To Holiness ~ Lives of Married
Saints LS194 $27.95 by David and Mary Ford.
This book describes the lives of over 130 married
saints, using many quotations from various Saints,
which are brought together for the first time.
Softcover 398 pages.
O Full of Grace Glory to Thee 9780982250204 $11.95
by Igumen Gregory (Zaiens).
This publication gives to the reader a magnificent
portrayal of the holy Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary,
following a chronological path from the birth of the
holy Mother of God through her earthly life, and using
historic sources and services, bridges the three hundred year period wherein there was no New
Testament and proceeds down through the centuries
to the present day. Preface by Archpriest Chad
Hatfield. Softcover. 97 pages.
The Living Witness of the Holy Mountain: Contemporary
Voices from Mount Athos SP350 $24.95
From as early as the ninth century, Mount Athos has
been a monastic center and a spiritual beacon of the
Orthodox world. As the present collection of essays,
sermons and narratives shows, the significance of
the work of the monks who come to Athos to devote
themselves to God continues undiminished, as does
the vitality of their contribution to the spiritual life of
Orthodoxy worldwide. Softcover. 310 pages.
Women and Men in the Early Church: The Full Views
of St. John Chrysostom by Dr. David Ford PA359 $19.95
This book begins with a biographical sketch of
St. John Chrysostom's life, and then compares the
thinking of major Western and Eastern Church
Fathers before and during Chrysostom's time on
issues relating to human sexuality and Chrysostom’s
Pure, Delicious
Made by
by the
the Monks
Monks of
of St.
St. Tikhon's
The Saving Work of Christ
SB0015 $9.95
Candle Sizes
9/32 x 11"
3/8 x 9"
3/8 x 11"
3/4 x 5 1/2"
3/4 x 8 1/2"
7/8 x 11"
On the Saints
SB0016 $9.95
theology of sexuality and marriage, the ontological relationship between man and woman in general, and his views on
how this relationship is to be worked out in daily life, especially in the realms of the family, the society at large, and
the Church. Softcover. 246 pages.
Beyond the Grave: An Orthodox Theology of Eschatology
DT400 $18.95
A firm, persuasive answer to the question of the immortality of the soul and life beyond the grave; a fortified epistemological proof of the Resurrection, and a vivid and dynamic
picture of eternal life, as promised us by the Lord in His
Testament. Hardcover. 175 pp.
In the Footsteps of a Saint 9781878997760 $5.95
This is the first English translation of the life of St. Seraphim
along with a short collection of his spiritual instructions, as
they appear in the book entitled The Community of the
Sarov Hermitage and the Memorable Monks that Struggled
Therein, published in Russian in 1881 by the Sarov
Hermitage. This is the fourth edition of this work which is an
expansion and revision of earlier versions.
Passions and Virtues According to Saint Gregory Palamas
9781878997753 $16.95
The present study investigates the teachings of Palamas
on passions and virtues. The analysis of the different passions, which are “the multifaceted connections with the
earthly things of this life difficult to break,” their causes,
progress and forms will also be discussed. Softcover.
210 pages.
A History of the Church of Russia RH1100 $17.00
Originally published in 1842, this book consists of
a survey of the Russian Church, including concise
biographical sketches of the Primates of the
Russian Church from the beginnings to the
Synodal Period. Hardcover. 448 pages.
Burn Time
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Church Slavonic / Russian / English Dictionary
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The Door to Paradise EM1621 $3.00
An inspiring and easy-to-follow introduction to the Orthodox
Church, artistically designed with pictures on every page.
With its beautiful full-color cover, this large-format booklet
makes an excellent missionary tool to give to friends and
relatives, and even to people on the street who would want
to discover the fullness of the ancient Christian faith.
Softcover. 19 pages.
Monastery Honey
Our all-natural 100% beeswax candles burn clean, without any smoke or dripping. Since there is
no smoke, they will not darken nor damage the iconography in your church, as do candles made
from paraffin wax. Your purchase of our candles will help support the Orthodox Monastery of
Saint Tikhon of Zadonsk, while at the same time offering the finest things up to God.
Saint Gregory Palamas: The Homilies HB0046 $54.99
Mount Thabor Publishing
With sermons covering major feasts, parables and
miracles of the Lord, the Mother of God, the Cross,
the saints of the old and new dispensations, and on
the life in Christ, this magisterial work is an invaluable
addition to one’s personal library! Hardcover. 800 pp.
Orthodox Spirituality 9781878997661 $25.95
by Dumitru Staniloae – A practical guide for the faithful
and a definitive manual for the scholar. Softcover.
398 pages.
100% All-Natural
She Who is Quick to Hear
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6” x 11” - $25.00
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Charcoal for Church Use 725614001006 $20.00 (100 per box)
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Experiences During the Divine Liturgy SP97 $45.00 (POPULAR ITEM! Call for availability before ordering)
This book provides in-depth yet easy to understand commentary on the entire Divine Liturgy based on the
writings of the Holy Fathers along with actual events and experiences of holy priests, monks and lay people
of our times. This book will be of great interest to any priest or a lay person. Softcover. 557 pages.
An indepensible guide for all clergy!
Regarding Accidents and Defects Occurring During the Liturgy
and How to Proceed PM703 $8.00
A sound resource for finding reputable and reliable solutions to potential problems that may arise during
the service of the Divine Liturgy in the Orthodox Church. This cross-jurisdictional advice is indispensable
know-how for Orthodox clergy and laity alike. Although the author presupposes a degree of familiarity with
Orthodox liturgical customs and terminology, the material is easily approachable for an average reader.
This enlightening work will allow readers to deepen their knowledge of the Orthodox Liturgical tradition
and gain new found respect for its sacraments beyond the mere symbolism of the rituals. STS Press.
Booklet. 35 pages.
Beautifully Hand-Painted
Collectible Russian Laquer Boxes
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