Colored Craft Stick Spatial Patterns


Colored Craft Stick Spatial Patterns
Colored Craft Stick
Spatial Patterns
Craft sticks are a wonderful tool for a number of activities.
They can be sourced on Amazon (a variety of brands will
come up if you search “colored craft sticks”). Your local
craft/hobby/art store is also likely to stock them.
If you prefer, you can make your own colored sticks. We
have made a template with two of each color stick. Print this
out and paste it on thick cardboard, then cut the sticks out.
We have designed 40 FREE cards to use for this activity.
Here are a few examples of the cards:
Visual Perceptual Skills Addressed In This Activity:
Spatial Relationships
Spatial Relationships perception is the ability to identify the position of two or
more visual stimuli in relation to oneself and/or in relation to each other.
Print out the free Colored Craft Stick Spatial Patterns Cards. You may want to
laminate them to protect them from any sticky or grubby fingers that may be
handling them.
The cards have been graded from simple to more complex. Start with the cards
that don’t have overlapping sticks - these will be easier than the cards where
the sticks lie on top of or underneath another stick. Also, start with the cards
with larger sticks and grade to the cards with smaller sticks.
Place a card in front of the child and have them copy the
design. Encourge the child to identify the positions of the
sticks, for example, “the red stick is next to the blue stick”
or “the green stick is on top of the purple stick”.
Colored Sticks Template
Print this page out. Paste it on a piece of thick cardboard then each of the sticks out.
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