How To Start a Fire:
Fatwood is safe, quick and easy to use. It’s 100% All Natural with no chemicals
or additives of any kind. Only 2 sticks are needed to start a fire.
Place 2 sticks crisscrossed on a grate so that the flame
will move up the sticks.
Place seasoned split firewood on top of the Fatwood
Firestarter sticks, trying to leave some room between
the Fatwood and firewood to allow for airflow.
Light one of the ends of each Fatwood stick.
Be sure to replace the screen in front of the fireplace.
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phone 912.231.0909 • fax 912.234.2575
[email protected]
CAUTION-FLAMMABLE: Be very careful when starting any fire. Keep out of reach of children. Never leave any fire unattended. When storing Fatwood, keep it away from fire
and open flame. Never cook over burning sticks; let them burn out first. Be sure chimney damper is open and ensure adequate air supply at all times. Always use fireplace screen.

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