About us
Modern school excels in the aura of academics as well as co-curricular activities with phenomenal results.
It has been developing as an educational institution since past 45 victorious years in Kota and now will be
pioneering the same in Baran. It is affiliated to C.B.S.E. Ajmer and functions on its guidelines.
Baran, where excellence is in search, where standard is scarce, where talent is being foraged, Modern
School has arrived as a harbinger of education, upbringing and enlightening knowledge. Having been
tremendously successful in bringing felicity and exuberance on the countenances of innumerable parents
and their wards in Kota, we now have entered Baran to expand the boon of literacy out of our confined
demarcations. The school will also be upgrading its standard till the class XII level in the succeeding years.
Founder’s Vision
Mrs. F.T. Singh
Founder Modern School
Our Vision
The motto of Modern School, Baran is a vivid reflection of the mettle and dedication that goes into
making of a noble institution with a noble mission.
Service towards an enlightened path has always been the bedrock of our school’s philosophy, a
philosophy that reflects a commitment to serve others willingly, graciously and selflessly. More stress
is given on inculcation of values, ethics, and love for the family as the promise of being a good
human being is of our utmost priority.
We, at Modern, sincerely believe that Human engineering is more important than Technical
engineering. Our commitment is to deliver superior education in a loving environment to enable
students to build successful and happy lives. Hundreds of Modernites are standouts in the top most
colleges and universities around the country. The alumni of our school make us proud by being
leaders in their professions, personal pursuits and community endeavors. We consider ourselves
lucky to be a part of this extended family, better known as Modernites!
The Founder of our
Mrs. F.T. Singh, visualized
self-directed and lifelong
learning process for the
students which would
make them free to think
clearly and creatively, to
discover and to challenge
or affirm cultural and
aesthetic values, to
respond reverently
and sensitively, and to
render competent and
compassionate service
in professional and
personal life.
The Introductory Note
Modern school, the name which has become a paragon in the field of education, caters to the development of contours of a
student’s personality. School has taken initiative to keep academics in a high zone of focus. We strongly believe that a strong base
of academics goes a long way in initiating a strong fundamental base in children. Keeping in sync with this, we have a team of
eminent professionals who work round the clock to deliver the teaching modules in the most effective ways.
Mrs. F.T. Singh laid the foundation stone of this ‘Alma Mater’ in the year 1973. Today, under the combined administration of her son,
Dr. Deepak Singh and grandson, Mr. Vaibhav Singh, it has become an institution to be reckoned with.
Year on year, we have a track record of producing excellent results, whether it is selection in IIT colleges or making it to the best
management and medical institutes. Our students have always excelled in the most prestigious placements all across the globe.
Our school’s performance in the public examinations since 1983 has been commendable and has also been accorded a letter of
appreciation by the Central Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan (Ajmer).
At present the school is a full-fledged Co-educational English medium Senior- Secondary school which is affiliated to the CBSE. The
qualified and assiduous staff has worked with dedication and co-operation to give a practical touch to the dreams of Dr. Deepak
Singh. Modern school is now one of the best public educational institution in the state of Rajasthan.
S John S
97.4% Dixita Gupta
Sejal Sinha
95.6% Sandeep Sharma
Sonakshi Pariyani
Class XII Results
Total No. of Students
Class X Results
Total No. of Students
Students scored above 90 % 42
Students with 10 CGPA 19
Students scored above 80 % 115
Students with 9 CGPA
A glimpse of the merit positions of the competitive
exams held speak laurels about out Young
Achievers (Class II – X).
NSO 11 gold medals, 10 silver, 10 bronze
11 gold medal, 10 silver, 10 bronze
10 gold medal, 10 silver, 10 bronze
Achievements in Sports
Yashraj Yadav
Nationals 2014, 2015
Medansh Vats
Shivangi Sethi
Nationals 2014, 2015
Raghav Khandelwal
Table Tennis Nationals
Aayush Jain
Nationals 2013
Aditya Chaudhary
Ritvika Singh Rathore Basketball
Nationals 2013, 2014, 2015
Kundan Chaudhary
Kalika Singh Hada
Nationals 2014
Nationals 2014
Our Core Values
Our motto captures the essence of what we wish to develop in the child; the freedom of thought and self-expression,
so that he/she becomes a real seeker of TRUTH, and is able to DEVOTE his/her skills whole heartedly to the service
of mankind, and DEDICATE his/her whole being to the greater glory of the nation.
“Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity!”
Realizing this, we, at Modern School emphasize on providing value based education. We strive to develop in each
student – mastery of fundamentals, intellectual discipline and self-reliance which provides the foundation for
achieving professional success.
“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire with knowledge!”
We provide perspective teaching that awakens the creative and leadership skills present in
every individual. The academic integrity, excellence and accountability pictured here
propels up the unfettered spirit of learning by doing, rationality and enterprise.
“Education makes people easy to lead but difficult to
drive, easy to govern but impossible to enslave.”
“There is nothing more important in education
than the development of character, because intellect
without character is a disaster.”
Our Mission
Dear all,
“Great dreams of dreamers are always transcended.”
Curiosity, passion and self-education are the key factors that determine a person’s personality
and lifelong success. We, at Modern School, understand the need for integrated classroom
learning that assists children out in the real world. The goal of education is to teach people to
think for themselves, so as to enable fruitful contributions to the society at large.
With newly arrived paradigm shifts in the education scenario, the management of Modern
School believes in a holistic approach to education.
Modern School stands as a trendsetter for knowledge enhancement programs where young
learners are offered a unique synchronization of the best in contemporary education and value
based personal enrichment programs. The ingraining of our motto ‘Truth, Devote and Dedicate’
enables the learners to live a worthy life through application of intellectual riches and ethical
The management of Modern School is proud to advent into the Baran region so that children
are provided with a dedicated approach to education with a world class infrastructure and highly
experienced staff.
Dr. Deepak Singh, Principal
Administrators at Modern School believe that education wins against special
challenges in today’s highly technological and competitive world. We ensure that
students zealously prove their mettle in all spheres of their life. Modern School, Baran
stands proud on an unparalleled knowledge base, a vibrant dynamism, an acute
consciousness and a sustained commitment.
With a deep sense of self confidence, Modernites outshine and prove themselves
as competitive professionals. Administration at Modern school serves ethical support
and provides legitimate environment for students to excel in every aspect of their life.
It has always been our conscious, concentrated and coordinated efforts to nurture
global citizens by providing wholesome learning opportunities to students at our
The faculty of Modern School, Baran has an ebullient qualitative score. We are bringing
our ingenious and experienced teachers to provide children with the best standard
education available in the region. Our dexterous faculty has inculcated bearing, ethics
and innumerable other righteous etiquettes in thousands of pupils in Modern School,
Kota. The same is brought to Baran for the evolution of our students as a whole.
Founded in 1973, the institution has been successful in gifting the society with
citizens who are not only academically intelligent but also have the keen insight and
vision to work to spearhead our society as world class citizens under an all-inclusive
environment provided by our distinguished faculty.
Where creativity meets excellence and excellence meets ecstasy. In keeping with
global educational trends, Modern School, Baran has ergonomically designed buildings so that students can panoply their concealed endowments. With well-ventilated
and cheerfully colored SMART Classes, the school also possesses an inimitable field
for athletics, an internationally equipped football stadium, an outdoor basketball court
and a spacious auditorium. The callow learners are enabled to face the combative
world with courage and fortitude as we provide them the magic of our great, big,
exquisite world .The school will also be contriving a residential facility next year for our
experienced and proficient faculties where they would be procurable 24X7 to cherish
our young developing minds.
Modern school offers a preparatory curriculum of diverse courses which are designed keeping in mind the changing trends of the modern
world. We impart education that is in character with the age old human values and professional ethics. The curriculum provides a rich mix
of electives which caters to the holistic environment of the subjects.
Medium : The medium of instruction is English but the school lays an equally strong emphasis on Hindi.
Subject : Up to the VIII standard, all the compulsory subjects are taught as prescribed by the CBSE.
Laboratories at Modern School, Baran are designed to encourage and kindle the inquisitiveness of students. They assist in nurturing the
curiosity and kindling well catered concepts of young minds with the help of our highly experienced faculty.
Science lab: Experimental science is entirely based on accurate observations recorded in laboratories using proper tools. We have a welldesigned science laboratory which functions under the guidance of our highly experienced faculty to ensure growth of scientific knowledge
among the students.
Mathematics lab: In order to develop a better approach towards mathematics, stress is laid on creativity and developing new methodologies.
Modern School has introduced a Mathematics lab which is unique in its segment. Tests and trials are conducted here with perfection using
modern instruments.
Language lab: For the development of language
skills among young generation, Modern School
provides a highly sophisticated language laboratory
which improvises pupil’s language skills and the
level of their day to day discourse.
‘A library is the delivery room for the birth of ideas, a place where history comes to life…’
The huge and well stocked library of Modern School makes this great adage come alive. This spacious orderly room is standardized
for Senior and Junior students of our campus. It helps in feeding the mind of young learners by giving them a wide variety of
encyclopedias, classics, journals, reference books and latest periodical to choose from. The objective of our librarians, has always
been to inculcate and enhance the reading habit among the students. This treasure of knowledge thus offers NUTRIMENTUM
SPIRITUS- food for the soul.
The school buildings are unique examples of the state of the art with their lush green playgrounds exuding a kind of warmth that you can
generally feel only in the reveries of your own childhood. The space in and around the schools is designed creatively to foster learning not
only through academics but through a variety of activities as well. The reception area as you enter is welcoming and bright. The warm and
cheerful air that greets you at the door stays with you throughout your tour of the school campus. The environment is at once stimulating
and nurturing – where latent talents are nurtured and allowed to blossom while young, curious minds are stimulated to question, be curious,
think differently and voice their original views with confidence.
IT Lab
Junior & Senior
Modern School offers Information Technology across the gamut of
its activity, from hard ware to software, information management
to multimedia design and sound to video systems. It also has well
networked computers, integrating sound animation, texts and
graphics for the learning empowerment of every student. It is well
established for Primary and Secondary level students. The fully airconditioned labs that offer the latest technology system are always
buzzing with activity. This mini multimedia universe makes the
students computer savvy; right from their kindergarten strata and
teaches them the skills that are a must in this generation.
Basketball Court
The basketball court of Modern School, Baran transcends the rest in
its genre. Its quality maintenance makes it even more captivating, the
outdoor basketball court has best-in-class instructors to coach our
young generation for extreme basketball competitions. It is capacious
enough to seat huge audiences. The sports instructors emphasize on
unity and bring out every drop of talent from the students.
Football Stadium
Keeping in mind the potential and competency of students, Modern
School, Baran is well accoutered with a football stadium of an
international standard. The maneuver of the stadium is such that it
stands tall in its genre. The young learners here are trained by our
highly experienced coaches. The well-equipped stadium makes the
sport even more enjoyable.
Track and field
Modern School, Baran is also endowed with a tremendous Track and
Field surrounding the stadium to ensure active participation of the
students towards health and fitness and its prolongation is suitable for
numerous athletic events.
Volleyball court Another uniqueness of Modern School, Baran is the presence of a
well deliberated volleyball court. The emphasis on teamwork and unity
strives to teach the ethics of playing with others towards a common
goal. It demonstrates the rewards of supporting one another through
both triumphs and defeats.
An Auditorium is constructed in the school for the benefit of our pupils. All kinds of feasibilities open up when you behold our enthralling and
avant-grade auditorium. It is an acknowledgement of the destitution of space to seat students, teachers and parents alike. Not a single pillar
obstructs the panoramic view of the centre screen. It is used in a multi-dimensional manner –
As a theatre - to present educational movies to our Modernites.
As a Lecture room - to provide access to global speakers and various society heads to address the students.
As a Communication platform - to lodge open-house interactive sessions for parents and teachers.
House System
To build up the feeling of a healthy competitive spirit, Modern School follows the house system. A separate and different colored
collared t-shirts, to enable the feeling of oneness, are given as per the house allotted. Regular competitions in sports, literary
dramatics and music bring in the charm of doing better for the house, then in the turn for the school and finally to do well in life
thereafter. There are as many precious stones which inspire us in one way or another. Bearing in the mind the appreciation these
gemstones receive from the world, four of our houses have been named after them.
| Emerald House | Pearl House | Diamond House | Ruby House |
Emerald House
Green is the color of prosperity and varied potential. Emerald house tries to take the hard work, strength and determination of the children
to the zenith. We take up activities with all zeal and enthusiasm, leaving no stone unturned; this house strives for the best. ‘We believe a
battle is half won if fought with unity.’
Pearl House
Pearl defines eternal peace and beauty. Pearl is the purest and most divine character of the sea and its infinity. We, at Pearl house, show our
hard work through everything we do. We try and bring out the zeal and meticulous attitude in our Moderintes!
‘Passion is a keyboard that drives every human’ and we show our belief in this saying by our own way.
Diamond House
A carbon that goes through pressure of mammoth proportions over eons is a resplendent diamond; yielding positive energy with its sheer
presence. Blue is the diamond that shines within us. Blue and diamond are two such forces that take away the negativity by their mention.
So we bring to you these positive forces to excel in all we take up.
Ruby House
Love, power, energy, passion, confidence, leadership, encouragement, aggression….. These feelings capture the spirit of Ruby House. With
the kind of monitoring and responsible management of the teachers, office bearers and students, Ruby House always attempts to live up to
the expectations behind the creation of their house.
Modern school fosters aspiring individuals who have the zeal to learn and
excel. The concept of societies seek to further this mission by imbibing the
presentation skills and channelizing the pupil’s energy in right direction.
There are a wide range of co-curricular activities like sports, music, drama,
extempore/debates, cultural, social service excursions and visits to place of
interest and historical importance.
Photography Society - Call it views, imagination or seeing, it all comes down to the same thing;
the ability to envision a final result in your mind and then to make it so with your tools at hand.
The Photography Society of Modern School captures those live and joyful moments which are to be
cherished forever.
Debating Society - Debating and discussion society provides a supporting pillar to students. We walk
the talk by practicing the right to speech and expression in real sense. Our debates and discussions are
the lamps that illuminate and enlighten the minds and discard the darkness of ignorance through logic
and reasoning. Winning, for us, is too shallow an aim. Our aims stretch further beyond what meets the
Cultural Group - The great law of culture is : Let each become all that he is capable of being; expand
to his full growth and show himself at length in his own shape !
The Cultural Group aims at synchronizing and coordinating the various events and activities carried out
all round the year. We assist all the societies and foster in the students, a keen sense of participation in
the activities under the auspices of our revered mentors.
Entertainment Society - ‘Music expresses that which can not be said and that which cannot remain
Music Society provides the students with a stage to showcase their musical talents. Be it singing, playing
musical instruments or even writing songs, talent is always welcomed and nourished here. Musically, we
make the performances captivating and enthralling.
Trips and Tours
“The road of life has twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.”
Providing Academic Education is not the sole purpose of Modern School. The prime objective of the institute revolves around the overall
personality development of the student along with the education being imparted in the campus, the school organizes tours to various places
annually The tours organized are a complete blend of various experience. In the absence of the parents, the children learn to become
independent, disciplined and values like coordination, management, helping each other etc., are imbibed in them. The tours provide
recreation to the students and ensures that they are not subjected to mere bookish knowledge. Children get a space to learn and explore
nature through all practical means. Modern School thrives for Excellence by working hard with the students and polishing their personality
so that they never lack in any aspect of life.
Recreation - Nature’s most valued need
To cater to this requisite and to uphold principles of caring, sharing, discipline and to
foster in young minds, dignity of labour and team spirit, Modern School organises trips
and tours every year.
On the national front, we organised 2 tours, with one set of children rediscovering,
South in all its splendour, and the other set that sought to experience the riches of states
of Rajasthan and Gujarat.
Not only Nationally, but Internationally
also, Modern School, made its presence
felt when Modernites flew across oceans
and landed on the soil of AMERICA.
First School of Kota
Modern School is the first school to have
sent its children to an educational tour
to NASA-USA where they had a hands
on experience with Rockets, Rocket
launchers, space shuttles and shuttle
simulation designs. A life time experience
awaited them as they shared activities with senior astronauts
as they visited Kennedy space centre before going to the main
building of NASA. Our Modernites visited the biggest amusement
centre of the world. The Disney Land and Universal Studios in
Orelando. 3D experiences were shared with friends as they
entered into the Harry Potter land and Jurassic park and in the
Magic Kingdom all fairy tale characters - Mickey, Minnie ,Goofy,
Donald became alive and took them all in a world of virtual make
believe. The water rides were thrilling and scintillating. Modernites
were present in the world’s most sought after cities. If one day,
they were on Brooklyn Bridge, enduring the statue of Liberty, the
next day they were at ground zero, seeing the Phoenix rise from
ashes. They were in Washington DC to witness Lincoln Memorial,
Capitol Building and White House.
School Newspaper
Our School fortnightly brings
forth the happenings, news
and current events from round
the campus to the students.
“Neums’’ is created, visualized
and published through the
active involvement of students.
This provides the students
with a medium to express
their thoughts on paper and
additionally develop confidence
in the young learners.
As per Supreme Court directions, the primary education is of 2 years now.
The Child should be of 3 years to seek admission in LKG and will be
admitted accordingly.
Std. I-VIII - No written test as per direction of the government.
Orange T-Shirt / Sweat Shirt.
Birth Certificate - If a child hasn’t had any schooling prior to seeking
admission to this institute; the birth certificate has to be attached to the
admission form.
Transfer Certificate - If the child attended class I in any school prior to
admission to this institution, the transfer certificate has to be attached to
the admission form.
Mark Sheet - Mark sheet has to be attached to the admission form in all
classes except those starting at this institution.
Boys & Girls: Light Brown Shorts/Pants &
Boys: Grey halfpants for classes I to V, full pants for classes VI
to VIII, white shirt, navy blue blazer with crest.
Girls: Grey skirt, white blouse with pleats, red ribbon/band,
navy blue blazer with crest.
Black shoes (not pointed), tie, belt.
 Wednesday uniform for all cIasses -
school T-shirt, Jeans and sport shoes.
Children have to follow the following rules strictly inside and outside the school campus.
 Students
have to follow the following rules strictly outside and inside the school campus:-
 He/she
shall reach the school in time.
 He/she
should be in the prescribed uniform.
 He/she
shall behave decently towards other students.
 Leave
column in the diary should be duly filled and signed by the parents when the child comes to school the next day.
 He/she
shall pay due respect to all teachers within and outside the school premises whether they teach him/her or not.
 The
school is responsible for the well-being of the students only within the campus and is not to be held responsible for his/her
well-being and behavior outside the campus.
 The
school reserves the right to suspend, expel and rusticate any child.
Malekhedi Byepass, College Road, Baran (Rajasthan) 325 205 India
Mobile: +91 800 399 0290, 800 399 0271, 800 349 4703
Head office Kota
Sector ‘A’ Talwandi, Kota (Rajasthan) 324 005 India
Tel : 0744 2421116, 2411116, 2411117 Fax: 0744 2438185
e-mail: [email protected]
Founded 1973
Affiliated to C.B.S.E., New Delhi