Volume 150 Index


Volume 150 Index
:-;U PPI.EliiRNT TO " 'l'll r.; £:\GINEER," ,JANO.\RY 23 IO!ll
StrPPLR\11('1'1' TO
"THE E)lC:l NEErt ..
23, 1931.
VoL. CL.
~ lln.str ation.s.
.flamts .
A.'E.G. COMPANY Heavy-duty Butt Flash
Welding Machines, 540
A.F..C:. 62,500-kVA Turbo-generatot's, 144;
at Goldenburg Power Station, Genno.ny, 148
A-1 Ell'etrio Welding Applio.noes Company,
Resistance Butt W elding in Shipyo.rds, 7HI
Adomson, Dnnicl, o.nd Co., Ltd ., "Super
Lancn.shii'O " BoiiM, 321
Adamson, J ., nnd Co .. IS-Ton Overhead TTnvelling Crane with Ball Bearings, 236
Artcock, F., Mnnuro.cturo of S.A.A. Cartridge
Co.ses, 668, 700
Ailsa Cro.ig Motor Company, Ltd., 42 B.H.P.,
" Acro " H cavy Oil Enginr, 452, 464
Alfn-Lavo.l Company, Ltd., New Milking Plo.nt,
AI vis Company, " Silver Engle "Car, 4 79
Alvis Compnny, 12-60 H.P. Four-cylinrll'r Cat',
Amalgamated Co.rbureti'A>r11, Ltd ., Mechanically
Operated Pump, 482
Arc hi bald, R. D ouglo.a, Cohesion, I 7 9
A rdington, Jnterno.tiont~.l Aj!ri('lllturnl Tro.C'tor
Trit\ls at, 308, 309, 337
Argentine No.vy, New Ocoo.n-going Destroye•·s,
J. Samuel White and Co., Ltd., 94, 99
Asakuro., Dr. I<., Duplex Chimnry Locomot-ive,
Ash Company (London), Ltd., Ash-handling
Plnnt •~t Brighton, 604
Associ~ted Eq11ipment Con•pany, Ltd.. 96
D.H.P. High-speed Oil Engine for Road
Transport \Vork, 507
A11sociated Equipment Company, Ltd., and
English Electric Company, Ltd., T rolley
Omnibuses, I 52
Austin Gilbert, Ltd., Constant Current Electric Driving on tho Austin Sy11tem, 704
Austin Mot or Company, 20 H.P. Car, 428;
" RanelaAh " L imo,•sine, Alterations to, 433
Aveling o.nd P orter, Ltd., Four-cylinder Vertical
Oil Engine, 86
Avonside Engine Company. Ltcl ., H eavy Oil
EnginPd Loc·omotivl' for Plantation Service,
flrett'11 Patent Lirtor Compnny. Ltd., 1-Ton
Petrol-d-riven F actory Truck, 182
Brittmnio. ·works, HudderRfi.:lld, H opl<insonP,
Ltd., 58, 66, 82 (Supplement, .July 18th, I 930)
British Insulated Co.bl<>l!, Ltd., N(ltwo rk Boxes,
British l\ferc6d~s-Bonz Compan y, Supercho.rg·
ing Adopted on Each Engine, 4. 79
Brooke, J. W., and Co., Ltd., G B.H.P. Twocylinder Engine, 463; 19ft. Colonial R\tn·
about Boat, 462, 463; 28 H.P. Six-rylinder
Engine, R~de11ignod, 462, 463
Brotherhood, Peter, Ltd., Brotherhood-Ricardo
Diesel Engine, 10
Bruckmann, Dip.-Jng., Hecent Drag-line Excavator Practice in G!'rmany, 38 3!l l
Budenburg Gauge Company, Ltd., Precision
Measurement or Liquid Pressure, 116
Bull Motors, Ltd ., Eddy·Nirr<~nt. .Rrake for
Trolley Omnibuses, :122
CALIBA N H ydraulic Ram, W. H . Bail<•y and
Co., Ltd., 62
Canadian Pacific Li n(lr "Emprrsa of Japan.''
Fairflold Shipbuilding and l·~nginNwing Company, Ltd., 166, 174,.206
Co.terpillar 'frnctor Compo.ny, 60 H .V. 1'etrol
TTactor, 338, 339
Cau very-Met.tur Dam Works, Progress of, 262
Chantarella-Corviglia Cable Railwo.y at St.
Moritz, 676, 677, 680, 712.
Churchill Machine Loo) Company, Ltd., Doubleended Axle Journal Hogrinding Machine, 169
Clayton and Shuttleworth, Ltd., Harvester
Thrasher 1\Iachino, 34
Collis, J ., and Sons, Ltd., 6-'fon \Vnrehouso
1'ruck, 715
Corner Brook Paper Works, Newfoundland, 171
Coventry Victor Motor Comfany, Ltd.,
Opposed-piston Twin-cylinder Engine, 464 ;
Weaver Patented Four-stroke Outboard
Engine, 454
Cracroft, P. G., Endy Day>< of OM Lighting,
6 16, 642
Creed and Co., Ltd., L.M.S. Railway Toll'graphs,
Crompton-Po.rkinson, Ltd., Past and Present
Electrical Work at Cholmsford, 434
Crossley Brothers, Ltd., B y-po.ss for 1\Iotor
Vehicles, 34 ; Crude Oil Engine, 33; 60-kW
T hree-cylinder Oil Engine, 33; Vc>rtical
Two-stroke Engine, 33
BABCOCK o.nd Wil<'ox, Ltd .. High-pressure Crossley Motors, Six-wheeled J,imouaine, 428,
Water-tube Boiler D(lv(')opm<>nts at Renfrew,
nabcock and \Vilcox, J~td.. S1tper-pressu.re
Boiler at Bmdford P ower Station, 2•a. 254,
278, 279 (SuJ>plement, September 6111, 1930)
Dailey, W. H ., and Co., Ud., Cn.liban H ydraulic
Hl\m, 62
DAIMLER Company, D ouble-Six 40- 60 H .P.
Btunfot·ds, Ltd., A o·tiflcial Mo.n\ll'e Distrihutor,
Chassis, 479; Fluid Fly-whool nnd Si'Jf.
34 ; Expnnding 1forso .Ro.l<o. 34
changing Gear-box, 470 ; N<~w 'J'ro.nsmiRRion
Bn.rford and Pt'rkins, Ltd., 4-T on Petrol Hoad
System for Car11, 479
Hollrr, 10; :Motor Hood Hollt'rl4 with DieSl'l Dnvey, Paxman nnd Co., Ltd., 70- 77 B.H .P .
Engine Power Unit, 10 : 32-35 :R.H.P. TwoTwin-cylinder VortiC'al .H l'avy Fuel Oil
<·ylindN· Oil-cmginrd ROl\d Holl<'r, 88
Engine, 87
Battersea Power Station, 560, 692
Digges, T. G., Cutting Tef4t.J! with C(lmentl'd
n eccari PrOC<'!!'l or H!'rU'IO Disposal in Franco, 6
Tungsten-carbide Lathe 'J'ools, 247
llendix-Perrot Brakef4, Ltd.. Bendix Brakes, Dorman, W . H., and Co., Ltd., 34 B.H.P.,
481 ; Brake Testing ?.lachinc, 649 ; DuoP etrol-paraffin Marine Engine, 608
servo Brake, 48 1
"Dragon " Self-lift Tractor C'ultivo.tor, J,
Dengal Smoke Nuisances Commission, Annual
nnd F. Howard, Ltd., 10
Report, 199
Benni11, Edward, and Co., J,td., Air-cooled
1\!echanicn.l Stok(lr, 57 (I
Dlaekstono ard Co., J,td., l i li.P. Petrol
Engine, 648
Dluckstone 1\nd C:o., Ltd .. 21} H.P. TraC'tor, 339
Blackstone and Co .• J.td., Vortical H igh-speed EARLF.'R Shipbuilding nnd Engin<'Pring ComSpring-injection Oil Engines, :13
pany, Ltd.. The ,Jorf.{(lnl:l('ll 21-10 H. H .P.
Booth, J oseph, on cl 13J'OII •• Ltcl., 6-Ton P ortal
Doubll'-ncting 'J'wo-str·ok<~ i\lnrin11 Oil F.ngin<1,
C:ro.ne Operated hy an Oil Engine, 44. 45
232, 23:3
B ordeaux, P ort or, Jmprov<•m(lnts at, 270, 282 Elgood, W. N(IJson, JE><tlwtif•l4 in l\ltllt\1 Hriclgo
lloulton and Pnul, Ltd.. Automatic Elrctrio
D l'signs, 256
Lighting St•t11, 622 ; 1-k W Light.ing Set, ll08 ; Elgood, W. Nt•lso n. Enginee•·ing l)l•grro
Self-rontained Electric Power Unit, 62
Co\IJ'Sl'S, Suggost(lcl lllocJi fl<-ations, 160
Bradford Power Station, Supor-prNlsuro Boiler "Empresjj of Jnpnn," Now Cano.clian Pacific
!or, 244, 254, 278, 279 (Supplement, September
Liner, Fairfiold Shipbuilding o.ud EnginOCIJ'·
6th , 1 n:lO)
u1g Company, Ltd ., 166, 17•J., 206
Englesson, Elov,Pit.ting in Wo.tor Turbines, 4 I 8 Hopkinsons, Ltd., The Britannia Works of, 68,
English Electric Company, Ltd., Three Wind6(1, 82 (Sitpplement, July 18th, 19:10)
ing Transformers, 100
Howard, J. and F., Lt,d., "Dragon" Self-lift
Estlor Brot.herR, Ltd., Armouring for R oad
Tra-ctor Cultivator, 10 ; 3-Ton Petrol LoooSurfaces, 660
motivo, 10
Huddo.rt, A. H., Faih•re of Flat-bottom Stool
Rnils, 660
Hudson River Bridge, The, 11 0, 122
Hull, Alfred-streot Hydraulic Pumping Station,
Pulsometer Engineering Company, Ltd., 89,
90, 91
FAIRBANKS, ~Iorso and Co., Electric Light
Hulse and Co.: Ltd., Railway Carriage and
and Power Plant, 87
Wagon Wheel Lathe, 198
F erranti, Ltd., Summation Metering Eq\•ipHumber Company, 16-50 H.P. Car, Sertional
ment, 628
Views of Engine, Gear-box, Front and Back
F odens, Ltd., 6-Ton Steam Wagon, 62 ; SixAxles, 432, 433
wheel~>d Steam Wagon, 648
F olkestone H arbour Swing Bridge, Renewal of,
614, 624 (Supplement, Dtctmher 6th, 1930)
Foster, \ Vm., and Co., Ltd., and Gwynnes
Pumps, Ltd., Three-stage Motor-driven
Pump, 33
F owler, J ohn, and Co. (Leeds), Ltd., Soarifier INVI CTA Company. 30 H.P. Chassis, 480
on a Road Roller, Improved, 87 ; " Tracktrailer " Fitted with ' Orolo " Track Units,
Frnnoe, General Electrification of, 246
" GAMMA II.," R e-engined Thames Fire
Float, 172
Garrott, Richard, and Sons, Ltd., " Suffolk
Punch " Heavy Duty Steam T ractor, 63 ;
Thrashing Machines, 34
Gear Grinding Company, Ltd ., Ac(luraoy of
Gear Teeth, 616, 6 17
Gilbert, W., H eating and Drying of Grnnulo.r
Materials by Convection, 600, 530, 674, 687,
617, 640
Gleniffer Engines, Ltd., 60- 80 H .P. Fourcylinder H eavy Oil Engioo, 609
Globe Pneumatic Engineering Company, Ltd.,
Four-cylinder Rotary Pneumatic Drill, 632
Goldenburg Power Station, Oennony, 62,600kVA Turbo-generators at, 144, 148
Good, E. T., on Rail Hates on Iron and Steel, 7
Groat Western Ho.ilway 120-Ton Railway
Trolley. 48
Great \Vestern Railway Com pany, Two New
B y-po.sses at Westbury and From e, 441l
Great Yarmouth, Now Bascule Bridge at, 668,
Greenwich, Fuel Research Station at, 376
Grice, ·wro., and Sons, Ltd., Concreto Pipo
T esting Machine, 323
Gwynnes Pumps, Ltd., and Wm. F oster and
Co., Ltd., Three-stage Motor-driven Pump, 33
JUNKERS-WERKE Opposed-piston Heavy
Oil Engines, 268
KERR, Stuart and Co., L td., H c.>nvy Oilengioed Lorry, 9
Kingston Dy-pas11, Road Surface E xperimentll
on, 451
Knooko-sur-Mer, Sewage Pumping Equipmrnt
at, 74
]'rupp-Grusonwerk, Sheet Bar Rolling Mill for
Japan, 510, 6 12
LACEY, J. M., Flowing Water, 21 8
Lauronco, Scott and Eleotromotors, Ltd., Electric Control Gears, 714
Liefrinck, F. A., Water Supply Problems in
Holland, 63 1
" Lion " Locomotive, Liverpool and Manchest er Railway, 1838, 535
Lister, R. A., and Co., Ltd., 6-kW Automatic
Lighting Sot, 87 ; Small H eavy Oil EngiM,
L .M.S. Hnilway, Roilway Telegraphs, 224
L.M.S. Railway, 20-Ton Steol Hopper Coke
·wagon, 49 1
L.M.S. Railway, Twin " Royal Soot "Expressos,
London and North-Eastern Railway Company,
Alfred-street Hydraulic P umping Station,
HALIFAX, Aerial View of Port or, 3!16
Hull, 8!1, 90, 91
Hall, B. J., and Co., Ltd., Photo-electric London and North-Eastern Hailway Company,
Bitumen Estimating Apparatus, 668
L ight Locomotive Grab Crane, 102
Hankins, G. A., Stress Strnin R elationships in London and North-Eastern Railway, ThreeSpring Steels, 17 8
cylinder Side-tank L ocomotive, 466
Harland and Wolff, Ltd., Union-Castle Motor London a nd North-Ea.qtern Railway, Signalling
Liner " Winchester Castle," 424
School at York, 488
Barrison, 1\1cC:regor and Co., Ltd., Expnnding
H orse R ake, 34
Hoarn, Colonel • ir Cordon, "H 101 " nnd the
Altimeter, 689
H oonan and Froude, Ltd., Testin g Pla nt for
Aoro-engines, 130
Heenan and Froude, Ltd., Water Cooling in MARCONI Company Broadcasting Station for
\\'nrsaw, 406
Printing Trade, 129
H t!rbert, Alfred, L td .• ~ow Design of Combina- i\lo.rshall. C. F . Dondy, on Links in the Hi11tory
tion Turret Lathl', 698, 602, 603
of tho Locomotive, 56
Hethorington, J., and SonR, L tcl., Largo Boring 1\iarshall, Sons and Co., Ltd., Hoavy Oil·
ongined Tra:-tor, 9 ; Oil Engine Agricultural
and Turning Mill, 20
Tractor, 64!1; Vertical Water-tube .Roilor, 9
H owittio Electric Company, Ltd., Mercury A:J·c
Rectifier Equipment fo•· the J\1olbourno MI\Ssoy-Ho.rris Grinding Machine Driven from
a Tractor, 87 ; Tractor B inder, 87
Tro.mways, 655
Jliggs J\1otoo· Works, Singlo-phnso Hopulsion l\IcGeo, Waiter, and Son, Ltd., 100 H .P. Threephase T otally Enclosed Induction Motor, 67 8
Stat·t Induction Motors, 649
Hillman Compllny, 19·7 H.P. Engine, " Vortio" 1\1cLnron, J. nnd H., Ltd., F uel Oil Trnctor, 3:19,
Car, 481
Holroyd, J ohn, and Co., Ltd., Super High- Mc Laren, J. and H., Ltd., M'cLaren Bonz Oil
En((ino, 649
speed Lo.tho, 684, 685
Merryweather and fion"'· Ltd .. Three New Fire
Fighting A pplianel'!l, 98 ; l\Jotor Fire Float
for Port udan, 656 ; 36-40 H .P. Motor Fire
Engine, 88
M~tropolitan.Cammell Carriage, \\'ogon and
Finanee Company, Ltd., and 'entinel Waggon
Work11, Uti., 200 II.P. St<'am Rail Coo.cb,
li94, 595
:\f1•t ropolitan -YicJ..~>r,. Elrrtrieo.l ('ompo.ny. Ltrl.,
:\I inin~ J.: tl'ct riral Control C~>ar, 54G
>.lirrlees Wo.tson Company, Ltd ., l nl'lint>d
C'alondria VMuum Pans, 410
Morris l l!iil" iX-C)linder Saloon Car. 481
" MorriA " o.jor" Car with ::lix-oylinclt>r EngiM,
4!1 1
NATIONAL GM Enl(ino ('ompat'Y· T--td .•
6i Ir.P. Fnl'l Oil F:n~;ine. 8
Noill, J amrs, aJld Go. (Sheffi«ld), L td .. l\fnnufMttll'o or .. l~rlipAC' .. HMk RI\W Hlndl·~. ::!12,
3 1tl
't\W Brighton Promcmn.d11 P icw, Hcronstn.totion
or, 262
Niobolson, \V. N., and 'onl!, Ltd., Sido ))l'livc•rv
Rake nnd Swath Turner, 34
Norris, H f'nty ond GnrdnN'!I, Ltd., 57 ll.H .P .
Marine Engine, 452, 463 ; :!5 H. H . P. Cc>n<'rator et, 4a2, 453
Nottin~hom, N1•w Enginrerin~ Lnhoratorics
nt llnivl'n<it y <'ollcgr. 70, 71
" Su.fJolk Punch " H eavy-duty team Trnctor,
R . Garrett and Sons, Ltd .• 60
Sukkur Barrage and Sind I rrigation, 169
ulzer Brothers, ovon.stog<> 01\8 C'omprc:>~qor,
- . Rnrhour Hridj:(l',
- 10, 12, ·HI, 17
TANNA 'l'unncl, ,Jnpnn, 2M
Thamt>s Fire Flont " Gnmmn JT. ," RO·<'nginrd,
'rhomns, Gcorgo, und Co .. T..td., Six-11pcNl Jlnncl
Tachometer, 492
Thomycroft, J . I .. nod Co .• Ltd., 48ft. E~p•·ef18
Cnrisor , 453; 9 B.H .P. Marino Oil l~nginCI,
452, 45:1; 75 H. H .P. l\f1niM Oil l•:n~ino,
452, 453
" 'rhorold," Now Pnpor·-C'arrying Vesfllll. l•:nrle 's
Shipbuilding ond Jo:ngin011ring Complln~· . Ltd .,
Tilbury Passonger Landing Stn~:o, 28
Tilghman's Patent Sand BII\St Compnny, Ltd .,
New Dust Arrcst()r, 7lli
" Transit" Air Bro.ko for Rnilway VQhich's, 41\0
Transporting l\faehinor·y Compan~. Ltd.,
Devices for Handling Awkward Hcnvy
Articles, 261
Triumph Comoany, 11 ·8 H.P. Six-oylindt'r Cor
" Scorpion,'1 481
Trojan, Ltd., Further Dcvolopmonts in Snloon
Car, 480
Tuplin, W . A., Shaft StrossNI Du<' to ToNionnl
Jmpaet, 112
Turner, E. R . nnd F .. T.hl., ( 'nm ll•·ic·•, :!li
OIL l\loton<, L td .. J.o\\ -prt't<l!UIO H igh-spet>d
Oil Engin<', 4G
" Orolo " Trark Unit>~. " 1'rMktn\iler " :Fitted
with, .John ]''o'' h'r nud C'o. ( [.('Nis). Ltd ., 87
Ow!'n!l Doil<'l' ('irculntor, Ltd ., Boiler Cu·culntnr. r.7 r.
VARIABL I•; Powlll' TramnniwHiOull.
l.ld .,
"Varatio" Vnrit~blo-RprMI <:<'tll' in 'I'<'Xt.ill'
PANN I~LL, E. V., l\fodCirn DiCI-costing Pro.c11'1ills, 520
tico, 168, 193
Vimax Machinery Com pnny, Ltd ...\utoull\tic
Parsons Oil F.n~ilw Company, L td., 24-45
High-speed Brick-making Prnc·NI~. :170, 37!1
B.H .P ., Fonr-<'ylindt>r P etrol-paraffin F:n~in<', Vitko\rice Steel \VorkR, ViRi1 of 1 rc•n nnd Rt<>l'l
l n11titnto, 40·1
P!'rok Riv(lr H yct.•o-lo'lcctric PowM Sdwmt•.
100, 19 1, 202, :!20, 2211, 2!i0. 26 1 (SII]J]llf'mrnt,
Auau.'t 22nd, 1930)
Pct~I'S<'n Aro
upprt>ssor. ll i~h-t~nHion Lin,;
Protl'f't 100 by the, 120
P etters. Ltd., 80 B.H .P. Twin-<'vlioder lm- WAD LOW, K C.•. piwl Sprm~ r01· Rp•ingproved Two-stroko " AtomiC' .,· Righ-comdriven MotorH, 4 i I
prcs.~ion Airless-injection 0•1 lo:nginC', 62; \\rbito ..J . Somm•l. 1\llcl Co .. Ltd., Now O<·<.>nn2 H.H.P. Li17hting Plant, 62
going ))t•xtroyerH for tlw Arge-ntine- "NM·y. 94,
Platt BrothcrH oncl Co., Ltd., Plntt-Toyodo.
Automotic J.oom , 644, 645, 652
White, R., nnd Sons, Ropewoy Plnnt 1\t ''
Platt-Toyoda Automatic L oom, OH. 64.5, G52
Large Oil Wor~. 696, 708
Prl'mier 0118 Engine Company, Ltd ., 1000 " \V idia" Tools, Cutting Prc. !lllr<'>l ontl Po111>r
B .H .P . Vi"·~-\'is Bori7.ontnl Otl En$Cinl.' Cor
Con911mption or, G90
F t>n Pumping, 620, 62 1
Wimbledon, Elt'ctri<> ~C'nre>hu11rtlR nt, Holwrt
Principality Wagon Company, Lt!l., Lorry
A. , mith, 145
with Moving 'Platform, 6 10
W i~man, Al£rC'd,
Ltd ., 40 H. II . P.. Jo'nurPullin, Dr. V. E., X-rays CryBlt\l Analysis in
oylinder Henvy Oil En~iot>, 50!l
Engineering, 2 (Sttppltme~Jt, Jul!l 4th, 1930)
\Vood, \V. A., Comp~tny, Ltd .. Nml'-til't' ('llltiPlllsometer EngiMering Company Ltd., Alfredvo.tor, :H
strt>et Hydraulic Pnmping Station, Hull, 89,
90, 01
Pulsomet.er EngineMing Company, I .. td., Se~vago
Pumping F.qnipm<'nt t\t l\ nocko-llur-Me•·, 74
YARROW tmd C'o., Ltd ., Rivor (:uuhnMH r01·
tho Coin m hit\11 (;nvtwnmnnt, 31iU
Magn C~Uing Mnc·hinn Company, Ltd ..
~fagneti<' S"parntion and Ri oving o£ Jo'oundry
Sand, 6:lo
JWyrolle, A ., ancl C<1., Ltd .. Moth•rn ~witchgcar,
Riley Company, lm pro'\'C'nwnts t o Standard
Typc11 of <:ars, 179
R oUs-Royoo, 40-50 Jl.P . Cnr , PhAntom U .,
428, 431 ; 20-25 lf .P . Chns'liS, Various Now
Features, 431
R omac Motor Acce99orics, Ltd., Air-cooled Air
Compreasing Plant, 482
Roeenthal, Ph., and Co., A.G ., High-tension ACCURACY or GC>ar T oot h, 516, 517
T esting Laboratory, 16
R o99, Courtney and Co., L td., Thief·proof AERONAUTICS :
" P otromnp; " Lock Tap, 482
Aerial View or Part of Por t of Halifax, 396
Rothwoll Urhnn Di~:~trict Council, Nrw <~wage
A(\rial View or Tilbury Lnndin~ Rtlls,:o,
Disposal Works, 444
(...'ustoms Rouso ond Railway, tnt1on, 28
R over Company, Ltd., 10 H .P. Cu•·. 48 1
Aero·cmgino 'rosling Plo.nt, An, 130
" R oyal Scot," Now Twin Expresses, 43
Air-cooiCicl Ac:oro-ongini.'H, A Rtwic•w or Dt•volRuahton Tractor Compo.ny, Ltd ., 22 H .P.
opment!'4 in tho Pt\qt 'J'on Yoa•·ot, .\ . J I. H.
Pnraffin Trootor, 8
F odden on. 18
Ruaton nnd R orn sby, J..td., Airl1'SS JnjeC"tion,
Aircraft in Puris, A•ulu t~l Exluhitiou, fl2!l
Cold -stnr'tin~. fforizontnl Oil Engine, :12;
Air Ports. Oii·JI!W(Id HlltlWOYII rcu-, ,J. J\.
Hoppor -coolnd Pot•·ol Engi ne, 648
.Hel'lilly, 260
"R. 101 "nnd thu J\ltimot<'r, C'olonol Sir C:ordon
Alt.imotor, " R I 0 I " t\IHI tho. ('olorwl Ri •.
H !'arn, fi89
Cordon H oarn, 580
" R I 0 l " DiRO'Iter, :l!lri, 4.00, 40 I
AlR Brake, Tho " T ranait ," fot· Hl\ilway
Vehicles, 460
Air-cooled Meobanicnl Stok<'r, Edword Bennis
and Co., Ltd., 576
ST. LAWRENCE Waterway Project, Report Arbitration, The Costs of on, 124
on Intemationnl Ropi cls Section, 300, 301
Army Demonstration l\t. Alder>~bot. of Fis.:ht.ing
St. Moritz, Chantarella-Corviglia Cable Raillllotor Vohicle11, 4 64
way at, 670, 677, 680, 7 12
Artificial :Monuro Di~:~tributor, Bamfor<L., l.td.,
S.U. Company, Elcctricl\lly O~rntrd P etrol
Pump, 482
Ash, The Redu ction or, Disch ru~<'tl hy Smoke·
Sontinel Wa~gon Work!!. Ltd ., Eight-wheeled
staeks, 125
Four Stot>rmg Vehicle, 200
.\sh Handling Plant. at. Brighton, .\sh ( 'omShishko!T H vdro-thl'rml\1 Tidal Powor Scheme,
pany (London), Ltd., 50 1
330, 358 •
Automatic Lift Operation, 68G
Siemens and llul!lko, ~lulti Lnnguage Interpre- Automatic T olephonl' System, London, 461
tat ion System, 154
Singer Company, 10 H.P. Car, 481
Skoda Works , New System o£ Riveting, 276
Skoda Works, Pilsen, Visit of Iron and Steel
Institute, 362
Smith, Frank, ond Co., Air Filter Md Air BOILERS :
Si h.mcor, 4 82
Boiler, High-prl'H.'! Uro \ \' nlt•r-t u be, DC'volop ·
Standard Compo.ny, 16 li.T'. Cnr, Six-cylinder
ments 1\t Hcnfrcw, Rt\l>coc·k and \Vil c·ox,
Saloon, Improvemt'nt~ tu, 428, 434
Ltd., 36tl
Stnroturnl Service Company, Drilling Machine
Boiler, Super Pressure, for Dro.dford l'owor
for Steel Columns tmd Girders, 642, 548
Station, 244, 254, 278, 279 (Suppleme11t,
Stubbs, J osoph, Ltd ., 26 B.H.P., Outboard
Stptember 5th, 1030)
Motor , 608
BOILERS (continued) :
ENGINEER, Futuro Responsibilities or tht'
Boiler, Verticol " 'ater-tubo, Marshal! , Sons
Engineering Degree Courses, Suggested Modinnd Co., Ltd., 9
fications, W. Nelson Elgood, 150
Boiler Circulator, Owens Boilor Cirl'ulator,
Ltd., 575
B oiler Scalo, ThCI l<'ormntion nnd Prop<'rlil's ENGINES AND MOTORS :
C'nulr Oil EnginE>. Crossley Brot hcrl!, Ltd. 3:l
or, ISO
J)i<'~t'l Bogint', Brotherh'ood-Ric·nrclo, l'~t rr
AH _.\In~~
Test in_g :\lnl'hin<', R c•ncllx-PMrol
Hroth!'rhood, Ltd.. J()
Brakoq, Ltd., a<l!l
Diesol Engine Power Unit on Rond RoliM,
Barford nnd Pcrkins, Ltd .. 10
H ca,·y Oil Engi no, moll, .R. •\ . List or nnd
i Eslhotics in Me tol Drid~c' Dt'~ign~. W .
l'o.• Ltd., 86
Nelson Elgood. 266
H(tavy Oil P.nginod Locomotive ror J>h\nt •\HudRon Ri\•er Bridge. The, 110, 122
tion Service, Avonside Engino Compmn,
Hailway Brid~CI Roplnct'rnonL 1\t t'nrr.Jnn<',
Ud., 223
Lh·<'rpool, 491
11 oavy Oil Engined TrMI or, MnNhnll, ~nnH
Sydney Hnrhour Bridg!', 10, 12, 1JO, 47
and C'o., Ltd., 9
I IOtwy Oil EugiucR, The JunkMs ])<'>~ign
RlUTI~J( Engineering Incluqt ry, HMlitiNI nncl
Opposod-piston, 258, 288
Problems. 6::12
Tl oppor Cooled Petrol Engine, Ruston nncl
By-pn911 for· i\lotor V<'hicll'R, Cc·or.~lry Ht•othMs,
Hor1111by, Ltd., 648
l.tcl ., :11
Horizontal Oil Engioo, Airless-i njcc·tion ColdBtartin~ . Rustou nnd Hornsby, Ltd .. 32
:\lnrine Orl Enginrs, .Jorgonsen, 2140 ll.H.I'.•
Doublo-acting, Two-stroko, 2:12, 23:l
;\I r l.Mc-n -Bonz Oi ll~ngi ne, J. aud H. ;\I c Lnr!'n,
l.td .• 649
Otl Engine, SO B.l·LP. 'l'win-cylindt>r I mCnrtridg(l Co.sos, ~[nnufoctun• of ~ .. \ .. \ ., F.
proved 'l'wo.stroke " Atomic " H i,:!h-comAdcock, 668, 700
prcssion, Airless-injection, P otterR. Ltd., G:!
Cnstle Nut, Novel, 577
0•1 Engine, 50-k\V, Three-cylinclrr. <'ros..'lloy
Broth()r~. Ltd., 33
Oil En~inl', Four·<'ylindcr Yertirol, Avclin~
Hoppt'r Coko \\'a~ollll, 1•. :\r.,.. Rnih1 ny, I !l I
unct Porter, l..td .. 86
S&rety in Mini's Rr•NUC'h, l•:ight h Annunl
()11 Engine, J.oll-prl'ss uro H il!.h-'lp(led, Oil
R eport. 17G
:\f otoril, Ltd .. 46
COHESION. R. Dougla..'! Archihnlcl, I ill
Otl l!:ngine. 95 B.H .P . High-spocd, for Ron<l
('oncr.>te Roacls. Joints in, 115
Transport \\' ork, Associated Equipm<'nL
( 'om Drier, E. R. and }.', 'rumor. Ltd., :!5
Company, Ltd., 607
Oil Engin<', 1000 B.H .P . ViR-A-ViR Horizonf11l.
Costs or an Arbitration, Tht', 124
('rano, 5-Ton Overhead Trn,·rlling. 11 it h Rt\11
for }•(In Pumping. Premi<'r Cas Engin,,
Bearings, J ..\damson and Co., 2:111
Company, Ltd., 620. 621; (Errntwn), 6i8
<.:rano, 6-Ton Portal, Opomtc>d hy an Oil
Oil J~ngi1w, 7()....77 H.H.P. '1'11 in-oylindor.
Engine, Jos. B ooth nnd nro-.., l.ld., •ltl, 45
V<' rli<'nl ll !'avy Fuel, Da.vey, ]',~,man nnd
C'rl\no, J,ight L ocomot.i, e, ror A"h Hnndlin~ on
C'o .. J..t.d., 87
Lho L . and N.K Hailwav, 102
Oil J•:nginn, 6~ )f.P. Fuol, Nntional C: n.-1
Cultivator, Nine-tin<>, \V. ·A. \Voocl ('owpt\ny.
L~ n~:ino Company. L td., ll
Ltd., 34
Oil Jo:ngi no, V l> rLic·l\1 Two-st mko. ( 'rogsll'y
Rrot lwr11, I.! cl ., 3:J
Cn ttin~ PrCS8UI'C'S a nd P owOl' Consmnpt iou or
Oil-Cingined Lort•y, HNwy, K en , Slul\l't. nncl
" '"'rdio. " Tools, 690
Cut.ting Tests with CC>ment ed Tun.;;~ Ion C'nrbidC'
C:o.. J.ld., 9
l.nt.he T ools, T. (:. Diggt'q, 24 7
Oil t·:ngines, Vortical H igh-spcC>d, SpriuginjCiotion, Ble.C'kstono and Co., Ltd., 3:1
Pnmmn T raetor, 22 H .P., RliRhton 'rr1wt M
Compony, Ltd., 9
I•~ XCAVATOH Praot.ico in <:ermnnv. TIPC'''"'
D rng -lin11, Uip.-I n g. n,., wl- m1•nn, ':INR :i!11
l>I•;VI C.:E:-i ror Hnndlin~ Awkwnrcl HPa\ y E~pnnding R or11o Rnkt'"• ::1 t
Articles. 'l'rnnsp orlinj! Mn<•ltinory ( 'oml)lilly,
Lt d .• 9-61
Dio C.:nsting PriiCt i<-o, i\lo<l"rn. K \'. Pt\nnf'll.
Air<'rart Exhibition in P aris, 62!)
168. 19:i
llrit ish J nd11~tri!'s Ft\ir, Rcrommondot ion11
l)uqt A•-rP><Il'r, Xt•\1, 71.>
or the Co•nmill<'<' Appointed hy tho Board
or Trade, Gi
Building Exhibition at Olympia, 347, 378
Congrc!l!l and Exhibition o£ Sonitnry li:nj!iE
neering nt ~Jilon, April, 193 I, 52:!
C'ongrt•AA for Mech&uicol Enginccrin,_:, !i37
lntl'rnl\t io1u\l Jllumint\tion Congrrllil, I !l:ll .
AccidontR, Eleotricnl, 1!li
JniMnatioual )fetor Exhibition ut Olympin,
A luu1i nium C'onrl11ctors, J oi ulin~ or St!'ol121!. 4 :ll, 41'i2. 4i!l, :JtlS
<'Orod, 688
Plty>!it·tll und Opli<·ul Soc:ioti<'!l Exhibit ion,
Automatic Electril• Lij!'bl i ~~~ ~t•t><, Boulton
.Jt\nuory, J!l:ll, (i78
and Paul, Ltd., !.i22
H oyal Agricultuml Show ot i\fl\nC'hORtN·, n.
Antomatio Light.ing , ot, 6-k\\' , H. A. l.ister
:J2, 6:.!, 86
and Co., Ltd., 87
Smit.h(i old ()lub , how, 648
Bottersea P ower Rto£ion, r,r,o, 692
S!t'<'l SII'IH'tur<'s RE'RC'I\r(·l• ( 'oufC~n••w~. <I riS
Rrndford Power Stntiou, RnpCir-prei!SII ro
Boiler at, 244, 264, 2i8, 279 (Supplrmrnt,
SPptember 5tl~. 1930)
('ublos, \Vat.e t· P<~netrotion EfTocl11 in l.oncJ .
weathed P owor, I 15
C'onstant-currcnt Electric D riviug on the
Austin Systom, 704
Control Gear, ElectriC', L 1\uronc·o ScotL nnc l FELLI Nr: 1\ D am in Cnnndn. 6-t!l
J•'i~htin~ ~lotor Vohiclc>H, Army Dcmonst.m Eloct.romotors, Ltd .. 7 I I
1ion nt Aldershot of, 46<1
Electric Control Gear, J.nurenc·u Scott ond
Firo Engine, 36-40 H .P. Motor, 1\lcrrywcnthor
Eloctromotorl!, Ltd., 714
nnd Sons, Ltd., 88
Electric J. ight nnd Power )'lnnt, }'airhnnlcR,
Firo-fightin_g Appliances, Three Ne", 1\ror ry1\rorse nnd to., 87
WC'O.tht>r and RoW!, Ltd., 98
Electric P ower on t ho Rnncl, 10 I
Electric Scoreboards ot Wimblodon, Rob('rl Fir(' Float " (:o.mma H.," Ho·lo'ngincd. Thl\mo'l,
A. , mith, 145
Firo Flont, Motor, for Port • udan, MerryE lectrical Accidont.s, 197
weat her and ons, Ltd., 656
E lectrical Control Genr, ~fining, Metropolitan-Vickers EIC>ctrical Company, Ltd., Firing o Boiler, 576
Flooring for Workshops, New Type or, 577
Electrically Operated Pot rol P11mp, !-:.U. Flowing Water, J. M. LMey, 218
Foundry Sand, Magnetic • eparati on ancl Ri ovCompl\ny, 482
ing or, Hapid ~lognC>tting lllMhino CompMy,
General Electrification o£ Franco, 2,16
Ltd., tl:lO
Gonorntion o£ Electricity, 492
H eavy Duty Butt Flt\.ih \Vcldin~ 1\rn('hin o'l, Fron<>h Holling Stock Industry, Ill 1
Fut urCI Ht'~poMihilit ics or t ht' Bngin('l'r, ~22
A.E.G., 540
High -tellBion Lino Protection by I ho PotorwN1
Arc Suppressor, I 26
Induction Motor, T otally F.nf'los(•d Squirr(ll cngo, \Vl\lter 1\lcGee and :-iou, Ltcl., li7S
Lighting Plant, 2 B.H.P., tl2
Lighting Sot, G-kW Automatic·, .R. A. Lillt()r CAS Compressor, Sovon-stnBc, Sulzor Drot hors,
and Co., Ltd., 87
11 8
Magnetic Separation nnd Silwing or Foundry Gns Lighting, Enrly Dl\ys or, P. 0. C•·nrrort,
Sl\nd, 630
0 16, 642
Morcmy Arc R ectifier Equipmont for t.ho Coar T ooth, Accuracy or, 516, 517
Melbourne Tramways, 61i!.i
Cermon Loromotivo Industry, 478
Mining Electrical Control Coor, 1\letro- German 1\ln.chino Tools in tho World J\fnrkots,
politon-Viclcers Electrical Compa11y, Ltd.,
Orindinq Machine Driven from n Trnctor,
Modern Switchgear, A. R eyrollo ond Co.,
M fU<HI'Y-HMriH, 87
Ud., 676
Network Boxes, British Inaulat.od ('ablt'il,
Ltd., 622
Power Stntions on Swedish Rivers, 575
Protection or Altemating·CIItront. (lcnorntore,
t:}s. 164, 194
. . . .
Rcsrstanc~ Butt,Wol~m~ m Sh•py~rdt~, 716
1fTARROUR F.quipmcnt at Dllfbnn, 205
Sel£-contamed ElectriC l'owor Un•t, l:Joulton Harvester Thri\Shcr :\£1\c· hint> t'lavton and
and Paul, Ltd., 62
Shuttleworth, Ltd., 3-t
Single-phase R epulsion Start Induction H eating and Drying of Granular MatQrials hy
Motors, 649
Convection, W. Gilbert, 500, 530, 574, liRi,
Summation Metering Equipment, F erre.nti,
6 17, 640
Ltd., 628
Heavy-duty Butt Flash Welding Machines,
Totally -enclosed Squirrel -cage Inducti on
A.E.G., 540
Motor, Waiter McGeo and Son, Ltd., 578
High-tension Testing I-aborntory nt SC'Ih,
Transformers, Three-winding, l~ngli Bh BlocJiavnria, 1G
lric Company, Ltd., 100
H opper Coko Wa~ons, I •. M .•. Rnilwl\y, 491
Turbo-generators, 62,600-kVA Goldenlwrg H yd rnuli o Pumpmg ~to.tion o.t Alfred-Bt I'<'<'L,
Power Station, 144, 148
1 full, Pulsometer J~ngineering Componv, Lt cl.,
Welding Resistance, Butt, in Shipynrdt~, 716
89, 90, 91
Welding Machines, lTMvy-duty Butt Fln.qh, Ilydrauli o Ho.m, Tho Calibnn, W. IT. Bl\ilt'y
A.E.O., 640
o.nd Co., Ltd., 62
Tu~; J.;x•lt.'~•!t.tl I~J,L''·
' ' •••' t"U'
"'" r, J AN • •93
: , 19''1
;, . ---1v
---, OJ,,
H y dru-cloctric Pl3nl, U mtata I!"ails 226
U yd ro -('loctrie Powor Schomo, P~rak Hivcr.
190, 19 1, 202, 220, 228
lNTERPRETA'l'ION Syl!tcm, A ;\lulti-J.alll·
guage, 15!
Iron tmd Rtccl lndut;lry for Briti:<lr ('olu111bh1,
2 10
!J·on and ::it.collndul!ti'Y on the Coni i111'1\t, J 7
Iron rmd t)t.oel, Rail Hu.t('~ on, E. '1'. C:oocl, 7
NEWS I'HlN'l' Mill
Nt)\'l\ :-io·oLit\, 140
OlL \Vork.., Hopi.'\H~Y Ph\u l al, H. 'Vhite and
Sons, 696, 708
Omnibus<'!!, Trolloy. l ;):!
. \ nuunl H<•port, 466
l nlt~nd 'twig,,tion in tho United !0\tall.''i, :!00
J nto••nu~t iunal Hlt>ct rical Or~nni.mt ion11 I Discus·
~•on at ~t Of'ld1olm on, 2 111
lntc rn t\l.•onal Elt•clrot!'dlllical l'ouun it~~iu11, 1:1
LABORATORIES, 'ow .Eugwcoriug, ut Uuiversity College, N ottinghnm, 70, 7 1
L11nd ReclamM ion oud I rrigat,ion " ' <trkM i 11
lh\ly, 18:!
INTERNATIONAL MOTOR E XHIBITION AT Ltmfling Stugc u.t 'filbur.} , Pt\SSOIIgur, 28
Lighting i:)ots, Automnt.ic J~l octric, Boulton tllld
Pau l, L td., 622
428, 431 , 452, 47!), 608
Liquid Pressure, l'rocision MoO.SUJ'OlllOilt or,
, \h i11 Company. "Silvo1· Et\glo" l'M, 47U
Budenburg Gaugo Company, Ltd., 11 6
. \l vi~:~ CompGny, 12-60 H .P . J<'OIIl'·Cylindor Lloyd 's R egister Scholarship and Stud,,nt
('ur, 479
Graduate Examinations, 18 t
•\u!ltin Motor Company, :!0 H .P. Cu.r, Lloyd's R egister of Shipping, Annual Report,
" Ranolagh " Limousine, Altorl\tions to,
I 28. •1:1:3
Lloy d 's Hegister Shipbuilding Returns, 69
British . i\lerced()s.Uenz Cornpuu,\', ~uper­
c hargmg Adopted ou Ench J~ ugiuu. •l 79
( 'rot~t~lt'y Motor:>, ~i,..wheolod Liuauusinc, 428,
D11plox Chimney LocomoLiH, Ur. 1-\.
I3 J
. \ !ink lU'a, 200
D ninlJt•r l'umpt\ny, DouiJlc-~i x 40 - 6U l Ll'.
Ul•t'lnllll Locomotive I ndustry, 478
<.:hos;;i~:~, 470
H eavy Oil -onginod Locomotive for Pluut.nIJt\unlcr Cow pauy, ~uw Trt\tll!tlUt;:~iun ~y>~tem
tion Sot·vico, 1\\·onsido Engine Coruptmy,
Ior Cars, 479
Ltd., 223
Hillman Company, 19·7 Jl.l'. l •: ugine,
Links in tho Hi t~tory o( ~ho L ocuiJiotivo, C. l!'.
" Vorti9 " Car, 481
Dond y Ma1·shall, 56
Humber· Company, 16 60 IJ.l'. ('m·, Soc" Lion " Locomotive. Live1·pool 11nd i\lau1 ionul \"iews of Engine, Gt•M·box, F ront
chcsl or R ailway, 1838, 535
nnd Back Axles, 432. 433
London and North -Eastern Railway, Side·
lnvich\ Company, 30 H .P. ChMSis, 480
lank l .ocomotive, 466
" Morris Isis " Six-cylinder Saloon , 481
" Morris Major " <.:or with Six-cylinder LONDON Automatic T elephone System, 4.6 t
London \\rators, Report on, 195, 230
l!:nginc, 481
Biloy Company, 1ruprove mont ~ to l)tnndard Loom, Plt~tt-Toyoda Automatic, 644, 645, 652
Lorry with Moving Platform, Principolity
Tyw~:~ or Cnrs. 479
" '•'gon Company, Ltd., !HO
Holls-.Royco, 40-50 H . P. Cnr, " Phtmtom
H .," 428, 4:H
Rolls-Hoyce, 20 25 H . L'. Clm;;'!is, Vurious
Now Fcnturos, 431
Hovor Compnny, Ltd., 10 I I. L'. Ut\t', 48 1
Singt'r Company, 10 H .J'. ()M, 481
Rltmdt~rd Company. J 6 11. P. Car, Sixcylinder· Saloon, lmprovNnonl~ to, 428, MACHINE TOOLS :
D rill, Four-cylinder, Rot.ary, Pnoumati c,
Glouo Pneumotic Engineering Cotnpt\ny,
Triu10ph Co111po.ny, ll · 8 H . P. Six-cylinder
Ltd., 6:32
('ar, "Hcor pion." 481
Drilling Machi ne for ~tcol Colu mn.; t\IH I
Trojan, Lt d., Further Dt'vcl oplllt'nl~ in
Gi rder~:~, Structural Son·ico Compnny, ;, 12.
Hnloon Cnr, 480
L'Al'.EH · CARKY'lN<..:
Bnrlo '~:t :::ihipbuild ing and Engineering Com·
pany, Ltd., 64
Paper 'Vorks, Corner Brook. Newfoundland, 171
Photo-printing iu Hot ' Vot\tber, B . J. H all and
Co., L td., 490
l'ipo Joint, High-pressure Steam, 73
.Pinotation 'orvico, H eavy Oil Bngined L oco•notive for , .-h ·onsido lO:ngino Company, Ltd.,
Power Consumption nnd Cu tting Pressures of
" \V idia" Tools, 699
Printing Trade, ' Voter Cooliog uJ the, 129
l'rofit-sharing in 1929, R eport by Ministry of
L obour, 96
Pulverised Fuel at f:ieo., 'l 'ho " IJ•ceworo "
I nstallo.tion, 181
C:ermau Mnchino T ools in tho \\' orld l\fnrketx,
Largo B orin~ and Turning Mill, John H olher'
ington and Sons, Ltd., 20
L athe, New D el!ign of Combinatiou 't:l•rrol,
Alfred Horbort, L td., 598, 602, 603
Rni lwo.y Carrit\ge nnd ·wagon ' .Yhcol Lt~tho,
Rulse and Co., Ltd., 198
Hegrinding lllnchino, Doublo-oudcd, AxJo
Jow·nol, 169
Super High·spccd Lath(', John Holroyd aud
Co., Ltd., 68 J, 685
MACHINERY, Tho Hltt!sian Market. for , 23.3
1\Iagnotic epnration nnd Sicving of :Foundry
Sand, 630
1\fanufaoturo of :::i.A.A. Ct1rtridgo C~c:-J, .F.
Adcock, 668, 700
Bondix-l>onot Brake!!, Ltd., 1 >uo :::iervo
Brt\l<c, 4 8 1
Boulton and 1)t\Ul, Ltc.l., I -k W Lightiug Sot,
l>t1imlor Company, :Fluid Fly-wlwclund Self·
changing Gea r-box, 479
Homac Motor Accessories . Ltd., Air-cooled
Air Compressing Plant, 482
Ho~<s . Courtney ond Co.. J.td ., 'l'hid ·proof
" P ct.romag" Lock Tap, <1 82
S. U. Compnny, Eloctri cnlly Opemtcd P etrol
Pump. 482
Smith, Frnnk, and Co., Air Filter tmd .'\ .ir MAPS :
~i lcnet•t·, 482
B ordonux, <..:ity P ortion of the Rivor Gllronnc,
Homo Othe r Exhibit s, Ii l O
Bordct\ux, Skotch i\lt~p of tbo Port of, 270
Motor Boats :
B ritannia W ork~:t, .Huddersfield, General l~lt~u
of If opkinsons, Ltd., 68
Brooke, .J. \\'., and Co., Ltc.l., 19ft. <.:olouial
Chantarello.-Corviglin Cablo Railway nt Ht.
Rum\bont Boat, 452, 4 53
Moritz, 677
Thornyeroft. J. J.• nnd Co., Ltd., .48ft.
Great W estem Hailway, P rop osed New J3y.
J~xpress Cruise!:', 4.}3
passes at W cstbury and Frome, 4 4!l
Hudson R iver Bridge, Map howing Position
Marine Oil Engine Section :
of, 110
Ail;;a Crai17 1\fotor Company, L td., 42 B. H.P. l :\l op of Franco Showing Electric Tmnsrni'!·
"Aero ' Heavy Oil Jo:ngine , 452, 464
s•on Linos, 24 7
Broolm, J. \\'.,and Co., J,td., 6 B.H . P. TwoMap of H olland Showing D istribution of
cylinder E ngino, 45:3
Water Supply Undertakings, 631
Bro~Jko, J. W., and Co. , Ltd., 28 11.1'. ~ix­
Porak and ltinto Rivers, 191 ; R eproduced ,
rylinder Engine, R e-designed, 452. 453
26 1
Coventry Victor Motor Cotnpuny, Ltd.,
::it. Lawrouco ' Votcrway P roject, Propo110d
Opposed-piston TwitH·yli ndcr Eugino, 454
\\' ork~:~ in I ntomational Rapids Seot.ion, :lOO
Covoutry Victor Motor Company, Ltd ..
Section of Dunos, nonr Schoorl, Hollm1d, 631
' Voil\ or Palenled Four-st t·oko Out. board
T<>st Section.'! of Kingston By-pass R oad, 46 I
)~ngiuc, 454
Tilbury Dockt~, General !>tan of New \Vork11,
Dorman, \\'. H., nnd Co., Ltd., :H B. H . P .
Petrol-paraffin Marine J~ngi ne, 508
<:leni/Tor ].;ngines, Ltd., 60 80 H .P . F our- MEAS . R C:ME~T. Precision, of Liquid l'rc~:t·
cylinder H eavy Oil Engin!', 509
s ure, Budenburg Gaugo Company, Ltd., 116
Norris, H cnty and Gardners. Ltd., 57 B.H.P. Mechanical Stoker , Air-cooled, Edward B ennis
Murine l~ogi ne, 452, 453
and Co., Ltd., 576
No rris, Renty and Gardncrs, Ltd., 35 ll.H . P. Metropolitan \Vnter Board, Annual R e port, 5:!6
Uonorator Sot., 452, 453
~1ilking Plant, Now, Alfo.-Lnvnl Company, Ltd.,
l't~r-iOII!! Oil Engine Compn11y, Ltd., 24 45
l'eti'Ol·ptm\llin 1\lining Co11t;s, Koc.luciug, 711
.C:ngiue, 50V
Mining Elo<· tr·ical Control Gear, Me t r·opoliLau Vickors ~loctrical Company, Lttl., 54ti
Stubbs, Jos<' ph, Lld., 2~ ll.J l.P. Outl>otml
Motor, 508
Motor Fire Float for Port Sudan Merrywcullwr
T ho t-nrcroft, J. I ., and Co., Ltd., 9 ll.H.P.
and Son~:~, Ltd., 656
)flume Oil Engine, 452, 45:3
Motor V'-'hi<"le!l, Fighting, An Army DumouMlrnThoruycroft, J. 1., nnd ('o., Ltd., iS B.H.P.
tion nt Altlorshot, 4tH
i\Iarioo Oil Engiuo, 4.32, 4ri3
Motors, Spring-d ri ven, , 'piral Hpring:'l for, .E. C.
" 'ii:I6Jlll\JJ, Alfred, Ltd., 40 H. H .l'. Fo\H'·
" ' udlow, 474
C) lindor H eavy Oil lO:IIgiltl', 509
~Iulti -languugo l ntorprolati on Systom, I:H
General Matter s (c~mtinued}:
l'u h·erisod l<'uel t\t Sol\, 'L'ho " l u··~~rno ro '
l nstall tltiou, 181
H ot<ista.nco B utt Wolc.ling in Suipyal'Ull, 7 111
" \Vinchestor Vast!~," Union Castle Motor
Liner, Horland oncl " 'olff, L td., 424
Miscellaneous Vessels :
48ft. Express Cruiser, J. I. '.fhoruycroft t\ud
Co., Ltd., 452
i\lotor Fire F loat for P or t , ' ud au, :Merryweather and ons, L t.d., 656
19ft. Colonio1 Runabout B oat, J. \V. Brooko
nnd Co., L td., 452, 463
" Tborold '' P apE<r Cnl'l·yio!! ' ?essol, Etlrlo's
:-Jhipbuililing and Engineo1·ing Com pany ,
Ltc.l., 64
HK YSCl{AJ>BH::i, 226
SmokoRtacks, The R eduction of Ash Di schurg~o~d
by, 125
Spiral Spr ingo for Spring-driven ~lotors, E. C .
' Vadlow, 474
Spring Stools. Stress Strain Relationships in,
G. A. Hankiu.s, 178
Steel Arch, I 652ft. , 'pan of, K ill van Kull
Bridge, 650
Ht op Valvo. Sol£ -draining, 49 1
~tros!! Strain Relationships in Spring l:iteclt;,
<..:. A. Hankin~<, 178
:::iwath Tumor·, Ride D elivery Hako and , " '· 1\.
Nicholl:lOH Ond Sous, L td., 3·1
)'ump, Electr ically Opero.ted Petrol, S.U.
Company, 482
TAVH OMETER, Six-speed 1l11nd, G. Thomas
Pump, Three-stago Motor-driven, G'vyunes
and Co., L td .• 492
and F osters, 33
Telegraphs, L .l\1. . R ailwRy, 224
Pumps, Sewngo, at J{nocke-sur -l.\Ior , 74
Telephone System, London Automatic, 464
Testrng Machi ne, Brake, Bendix-Porrot B rakes,
Ltd., 649
'fl'sting Plant for Aoro-engines, I 30
ToxtiJe Mills, " Varatio " Varinble l:ipocc.l Cct11'
in, Variable P ower Transmissions, L td., 620
HAlL Holf•s un Iron un~l :-ilt,l•l, J•:. T. (:ood ou . 7 Thmshing Mt\Ch..inos, Rd. Garrott un d Son;o,
Ltd., 34
Ti m bor Research, GL7
Chantarella.-Cor·viglit\ {.;t~blo Huihmy at St. Tors ionnl I m pact, Shoft Stresses Duo to, W. A.
~foritz, 676, 677, 680, 712
Taplin, 112
Foiluro of Flat-bottoro St.eel Hails, A. H . Tmctor Bindor. Massey-H arris, 87
H uddart, 650
T ractor, "Suffolk Punch " H eavy Duty Steam,
London, ~tidland and 'cotti11h Hailway ComR. Garrott and Sons, L td., 63
pany, Hopper Coko Wagons. 491
"Tracktrailer " Fitted with " Orolo '' T ruck
L .M.S. Railway 'l'olographs, 224
Un its, .John Fowler and Co. (Leeds}, Ltd .. 87
L .l\l.S. Railway, Nt>w ' .Royal ::icol. " Ex- T rolley Omnib uses, 152
p ress Train, 43
Trolley, 120-T on Rai.lway, for t.ho Grout
Rail Rates on I ron und l:iteol, E. 'l'. Good, 7
\Vestem Railway Company, 48
Railway Corriage and \Va.gon ' Vheel Lathe, 'l'ruck, l ·Ton PE>trol-driven Factory, 182
H ulse and Co., Ltd., 198
Turbine Failures, Steam "Vulcan," 0<1
Rai lway Veh icles, Tho " Transit " Air Brake
for, 460
Ht•ssion Roilwa.y Equip•nout, ti40
Signalling School o.t York, London and
Nor th-Eastern R ai lway, 484, 488
HAKb: Side Delivery nnd Swath Turoor, ,V. K. VALVE, Self -dt·nining Stop, 49 1
" Varatio " Variable-speed Goar in 'L'oxtile
Nicbolson and Sons, Ltd., 34
Rakes, Expanding Horso, 34
Mills, Var iable Power Transmissions, L td.,
Hnnd 'Vater Board, Atmual R ep o1·t, 139
Reconstruction of Now Brighton Promeu!ldo
Pier, 262
Reducing Mining Cost:~, 7 11
Refuse Disposal in F rnnce nnd the Beccari
Process, 6
H onewal of F oll<estono H a r bou r Swing Bridge, WAUON, 6-Ton Steam, F odens, Ltd., 6!.!
6 14, 624 (Supplement, December 5th, 1930}
'.Yagon, Six-wh eeled Steam, Fodens, Ltd., ti48
Research, S\tbterranean vVo.ter, 606
' .Ynrehouse Truck, A 5-Ton, J. Collis ond Sous,
Road Roller, 32-35 B .H .P. Two-cylinder, OilLtd., 715
engined, Barford nod P orkins, Ltd., 88
Water Cooling in the Printinl? Tmdo, 129
Roads. Joints in Concreto, 11 6
\Voter Penetration E ffects m Leoo-sheatbed
R olling Mill, Shoot Bar, for J t\pau, Krupp·
Power Cables, 115
Grusonwerk, 510, 612
Water Research, Subterranean, 506
R opewoy Plant at a L argo Oil Workt~, H. \\' hitc W 1\ters, London, Report. on , 195, 230
and Sons, 696, 708
W orkshops, New Type of Floor inr; for, 577
R ussian Mt\rket for 1\lachiuory, 23.3
I :\ I> L• ~'I'H LAL J kalll• Hcst'"''<·h Ho•ml, 'J'I'nlh
Accessories :
Air Compressors for· ;\lotor C~~r t:nmgos, 482
Amalgamated Co.rbu retter~;~, Ltd., Mcch.
anicully Operated Pump, 482
B onclix-P orrot B rakos, Ltd., Bendix Brakes,
,'(.;AHIFIER on t\ Hot~d l{ollor, Improved,
John Fowler and C'o. (J,eot.la}, Ltd., 87
X -HAY Crystal AUt\lysis in Engineering, Dr. V.
E. Pullin on, 2 (SupplemCilt, July 4t/o, 1930}
JJiquid Pressure, Precision 1\Ioasuromeot of,
Budenberj:( Gauge Company. Ltd., 11 6
Tnchometer , Six-speed Jland, <..:.Thomas and
Co., Ltd., 492
SEWAGE Pumping J~quipmont at Knocke-sur~uppltmtnfs.
1\Ier , 74
Sewage \Vorks, Disposul, Hothwoll U r ban BRA UFOltD Power Station, Supor-prcll!l\lt'e
District Council, 444
Boiler for (T wo-page Supplement, Soptorober
~~~It S.tress~~ Duo to 'l'orsionul Impact, W. A.
6th, 1930)
Iuplrn, 11Bl'iLann.ia W orks of H opki.nsons, Llc.l., H uddorsSHIPS AND SHIPPING :
1 field (Supplement, July 18t h , 1930)
J1'oll<o!ltone Hnrbour Swing Bridgo, R enewul of
General Matters :
(Supplomont, D ecember 5th, 1930)
" Empress of Japt~n," Fairfield :::iltipbuilding J?orok Rivor H ydro-electr ic Po"or Sehcmo
tmd Engineering Company, Ltd., 166, 174,
(T wo-page Supplement, August 22nd, 1030}
THe llrKT~LtmOIST, July 25th, Auf(ltSt 20th,
"c:nmrna 11.." 'fhl\lnt's Firo J?Joat, H o:-Joptombor 26th, October 31ol, November
e ngined, 172
!!8th, Doc!'mbcr 26th
l'crformlln<:e of Two Vo::~lool;; with Electric X -ray Crystal Analysis in Engincerit1~,l>r. V. E.
1'rao 11mi~~t~ion <.:car, " '· J. llclsoy, 154
PuUin (Su pplement, July 4.lh, 1930}
Tm: Et>OINt:HK
1:.11.:.~ SU J'l•L&Mt:N 'I', ,JAN. :!3, 1!131.- ( VOL.
Jlti.sttllanton.s J\,rtitlt.s.
.\CCUH •\ CY of C<>or T c<> th, 516, 5 17
(continued) :
Institution of Mechanical Engineers :
lnstitute of Fuel :
" Charter " Dinner, 469
Annunl Dinner, 460
Coefficients of H ollt Tran.'lror from Tube to
Conforonco, Economicnl U~:~o of lruol in J,argo
Aerial \ ' tew o£ Part of tho Port of HCIIH&~. 396
Water, A . Englo and R. 111. Forguson. 605
Power tations, 373, 377
Aonal \'iow of T ilbury Landing Stago,
EfToct. of 1\let.allic Coating upon Fatiguo,
Industriol Uses of F\lol Oil, I Lubbock, 490
CW!tom~J H oll!le, and Railway tatt oo, 28
R. H. D. Barklie and H . J. Davios, 670
Presidential AddreAS,
ir Dnvid ~filne­
Aero-cn~tnos ,
.\ir-cooled, A Renew of
E~corpts from the Address by the President,
Watson, 675
Don•lopmonts in the Past T on Yt>MS,
L oughnnn St. L. P ondred , 447
ymposium, Papers on Fuel Probleml! in the
A . H . R . Feddon, I
Hawks1oy, Thomns, l.ccturo, Machinery of thr
~lorcnnt.ile Marino, by terry B. Freeman,
Aircrl\ft E'hibttton in Paris, 629
Earth, Professor J . W . Cregory , 632
D r. W. M. i\Ioijor, nnd Mr. W. J.l\lullor, 521
Airpluno Factory in CtHtt<do, 5 10
H eat Transfer from Tube to Water, Albort
Air P ort'!, Oil-paved R unways for, .J. A.
Eagle and R. i\£. Ferguson, 696
H orlthy, 260
Barkine: Power Sto.t.ion, 373
i\Ianufacturo or hoot Class, Professor \V. E .
" R 101 " D•saster, 395, 400, 401
Greenwich Fuel Research Station, 376
. Turner, 667
"R 101 " nod the Altimeter, Colonel Sir
X -Rays in Engineering Proctico, Dr. V. E.
NonTn-W&sT&nN S&CTION:
Gord on Heam, 589
Pullin, 682, 686
Sampling and Annlysis or Coal, Discussion on
AN ApoloJ(y, 678
Proposod British Sto.ndo.rd Spot'ification,
SUMAI:Eit M .!!:ETJNO A'J.' illiiS TOL :
Analy11iH, X -ray Cl'ystnl, in Engineering, 2
Air-cooled Aero -engin es: A Hoviow of Devo·
lopmonts in lho Past. Ton Yoarl!, A. H. R.
Institute, Iron and Steel :
F ecldon, 18
AUTUMN i\1Et;TIM.l AT l' R.\CUt: :
117, H5, 2 19, 275,534, 629,703
VI SI TS TO \\'om.:s :
Cold Storugo at. Coke Work '!, 629
306, 34 l , 360, 408
Clovoland'H Now Joint. Station, 145
Bristol Aeroplane Company, Filton, 5
Analysis of Basic Sing ond the Hoprosonlu·
Concreto Crib Rutaining WILlis, 629
Bristol Corporation Elect ric Uenoratlllg
Lion of their Composition in a Triangular
Concreto Ji&uled to Plueo of Use, 275
Station, P ortis1lcad, 31
D iogram, Profos11or Atkar Quadrat., 360
Droinngo \ Vater fol' Irrigntion, 249
Bristol, P or t. of, Authority, 6
H eterogeneity or Ml I ngot i\lado by the
Eng1ncertog in the Theatre, 534
Bristol \Vaterworks Company, 6
H ormot ProcoHS, Dr. A. Kriz, 306
CM Bngtnes of 6000 kW at South Chicago,
H igh -frequency S teel FUI'D3Ces, D . 1-' . CampFry, .]. S., and , Ol\8, Somerdalo, 5
bell, 362
Cloucostor Rntlway Carriage and Wagon
Cas and Otl Pipe Line>~, 275
Open-hearth I•'urnnco Steel \\' ork~, H . C.
Company, Ltd .. Gloucest er , 6
H eat Resistant Cast. Iron, 703
Groat 'Vest ern Rnilway Compnny, LocoWood, 360
High-pressure Locomotives, 249
Permanence of Dimon11ious Uudor Stress nt
motive, Carriage and 'Vagon \Vorks,
Hopper Drodgor with Screening Plant, 634.
Swindon, 31
E levated T emperatures, Dr. ' "· H .
Hydro-elect r ic Generat ors fol' Ru!!<!ta, 629
Lis tor. R . A., and Co. , Ltd. , Du rl!loy, 6
Hat.field, 345
H ydro.clectric Power Station, New, 629
Pottol'9 Ltd., Wcs tland \\'orkl!, Y1.1ovil, 32
Porfol'mance of Dimensions Undor .'tress at.
Xow P ortland Cement Works in To~as, 146
E levated Temperature>~, Dr. \\' . H .
Sisson, '"" and Co.. Glouc~ster, :n
Power-operated "Tod~tt>~ for Coal :.\fining, 275
~pence!' (:.\Jclkshnm I, Ltd., lltclkt~h l\ll'l, 31
Hatfield, 408
Pulvoril.ied Pitch for .Fuel, I 17
Rtothert and Pit.t, Ltd., Bath, G
'Vhat. Reasons Coll\pellod tho Prn~otul\ I ron ·
Railway Eleclriflcalion, 703
Westinghouse Brnko and Saxby :)ignal Com works to lnt.roduco Thin-wallod HI M t·
Rurol Blectr ificat.ion, 14 G
pany, Chipponham , 6
furnaces ? In g. Dr. J. Sarok, 34<1
Salt Wells and iUinos, 275
Wills, W. D . and H. 0 . , 5
A u T Ui\IN 1\rt:&Tl ~o tl{ PnM:ut:, V L!ll r s :
Self-unloading Sto~~omerll on the Groat. Lukos,
NonTB·,V.Es T Ba.t.NO.Il :
Hkodl~ Works, P il!ll'n, 302
Annual Dinner, 663
Steel Arch Bridge, 1652ft. Span, 275
Trint'C " 'orks of the Czecho<~lovt.~k Miniug
Some Coll.flidorat.ions Afiecting Futuro Dcn·o ·
Testmg Welds, 703
and Ironworks Company, 345
loproent. of the Steam Cycle, K . Baumann,
Use or T rcotod Timber, 63 1
Vitkovice Mines, Stool and Ironworks Cor ·
618, 638, 544.
Vont•IM,ion for Roilway Corll, 703
poration, Vitkovico W orks, 404
W elded Stool Buildings, 629
Institu te of Marine Engineers :
Chairman's Addre1111, Obsolescence and
' urfuccs, B i!tler
Tubes for H igh-prol!ljuro 'Vater-tub(• Botlerl!,
Organisation, Major F. L. Watsoo, 71 0
Brothers, Ltd .• 660
S. 1-'. Doroy, 660, 672, 600
Ash-hondling Plant at Brighton, A<.b l'om pany
Institution of Mining Engineers :
(London), l.td., 504.
lnstitute of Metals :
Ninety-first. Cenerol Meeting at Birmingham,
Autumn Meot.inf( nt Southamptou anti in
Programme, 10
F mnce, Pro~rammo, 88
Association of Engineers, Manchester :
Autumn Mcotmg o.t. Sout.hampton, :!8<1, 291, Institution ol Naval Architects :
Prcs1dential .\ddrcs~. G. E. \\'indcler,
3 17, 336
Performance of Two \'essels with Electric
Thermul Progress, 136
Aorona\ttico.l Indut~try, Tho U~:<o of Non Transmission Gear, W . J. Belsoy, 154
Selection und 'frcntm(•nt or Gear Mot edol~J,
ferrous ~fetAlis 111 t ho, Profes,or D . HaMon,
Summe<r 1\Ieetin~ at Liverpool, 59, 84
Rowo, 6:!2
Cargo Ships and Dock Equipment, R. T .
Storod Energy, Julius .F rith and}?. Bucking·
Artificiol Ageing of Dural\uuin and HuperWilton, 85
hum, <178
Duralumin, Dr·. 11:. J,, i\Joissnor. :119
:Economics oC ('orgo Liners, H on. J,. H .
Visit. to tho BriLi11h O~ygon Company's
l•:fToctll of Two Yoarl!' Atmospheric B:..posuro
Cripps, 60, 72
W orks at. TrafTord J.>urk, 398
on Breaking Load of Hard -drawn Non·
Mechanisation of Airship Handling, i\Jajor
frrrous Wires, Dr. J . C. Hudson, 335
G. H. Scott, 61
Association, British, for the Advancement of
Gu11 Ht>moval and Groin Rofinomont. of
Ship Performance and Ruddel' EfToct, W . H .
Aluminium Alloys, Dr. ,V. Ro8Qnhl\in,
Woolnough and Dr. A. M. Robb, 84
J . D . Grogan and T. H. Schofiold, 317
15RCTJO' F, B co'o'uo Scu.. ~ct: AND
Virtual Mass or Ship Models, Professor T. B.
J~atti('o Distort ion as a Factor in the lla r·donAholl, 85
iug of !\lotals , W. L. Jo'ink and K . R . Von
Cos tin,l! m lndustry and A(?ricultun, , R eWind Resistance of Ships, C . Hughos, 85
H orn, 319
marks of Mr. A. Cathles durmg Di scut;~~ion,
Visits and Social Events, 86
Prr"Suro Dio-ca.'lt. Aluminium Alloy Te11t
J>ic<·es, J. D. Groi(On, 318
' tliton-coppcr All oys nnd Siticon-munguno.;;o- Institution, Nor th-East Coast, ol E ngineers a nd
XM:'I'IO~ C, E:.m,~J:.RJMJ:
Shipbuilders :
273, 286, 286
Prt~sidontial Address, J. ~IcC ovorn, The Ship·
Sili<·on-7inc Alloy, .No", E. Yadcrs . 335
Open m~ Meotin~, I nterdopondonco of Scionco
building I ndust ry, 4 92
Study of the R elation Botweon 1\lacro o.nd
and J'~ngmoormg, Prl'sident.ial Address, Sir
l\1 icros lructurll of 11omo ~on -ferrous Alloys,
Ernost :-.roir, 273, 285, 302
I nstitution of Structural Engineers :
Dr. Marie Gaylor, 319
Air-rooled Aero·ongmes , Mr. C. F. Auoll, 285
Pres idential Address, R. H. Harry Stanger,
Use of Non-ferrous Metals in the .\ero·
Con!lumplton of Fuol 1n Lot' omotive PrtiCttt'O,
The Art of Concret~ Making, 491
1\l\ultcal Industry, Prore>:tSor D . Hal\llon,
::itr llonry .Fowler, 2i7, 333
29 1
Design ond Conatructton of JI..~l.A. " R I 00,"
\'tsi ts to Ordnonco Survey Office, SO\tth· Society, American, of Civil Engineers :
~Jr. B. ~- Wallis, 303
1\mpton, Portsmouth Dockyard, and Super·
Civil Engineering, Now Journnl, 568
Earth Pressures and Stres.~Cil in Ovorstroincd
ml\rino Aviat.ion \\'orks 1\t Hythe and
Materials, In terim Hoports Presented by
Society, American, or Mechanical Engineers :
W oolston, 3 19
Profot~-~or \V. Cramp, 365
Cemented T ungsten Carbide as Applied to
High·l!pccd H eavy 01l Engine, Dr. S. J.
Cutting Tools, L. J. St. Clair, 7 15
Danes und r,[r, l::. GifTon, 286
Transport. Problems, Pre ~idcntial Addrc:ls,
Obscured Jo' undamonlals tn Electricity Supply,
The H on. Sir Arthur Stanley, 423
Society, Newcomen :
A. L . !)tanton and T. Slovens , 333
Fire. sxti nguishiug Engines in England ,
Roport of Committee on Elcct.rical Terms and
Doliuit.ions, Presented by Profcsl!or .F. Cl.
1626-1726, Rhrs Jenkins, 686
Summer Visit, 23
Old Cornish i\Iinmg Torms, A . Tilley, 713
Bn1ly , 365
Sta'\lctural Steel D os tgn and R egulations,
Institution of Chemical Engineers :
Society, Royal Aeronautical :
J. S. Wilson, 36 J
Tht'ory and Exporamont. in Structural
H igh-pressure Reactions, Profcl!hor \\'. A.
Akroyd.Stuart Memorial Lecture, Origin and
Do11ign, Professor C. Botho, 364
Bono, 537
Development of Heavy Oil Aoro -ongines,
Trend or Airship Construction, Disculll!ion,
D. R. Pyo, 705
Institution ol Civil Engineers :
Prosidential Address, Sir Georgo W. Hum- AUST RALIAN-BUILT Floating Dock, 449,
'J'urbulonco in Petrol Engines, 1\lossrs. T. F.
phroys, London's Engineering Problems,
H urley and R Cook, 285
Uso of .lilgh Steam Pres~uros and T omporaAutomatic Loom, Platt-Toyodo, 644, 646, 662
Opening Out of Coflon Tunnel, London, :\l id·
turo 10 the Goncratton of Power, G. A.
land and cottash Railway, R. T . McCallum,
Orrok, 333, 3!0
O ctober Examinations, 1930, l'oRs List
(Interim ), 568
D isculll!ion, Air Prolll!uro Variations l•:n.
countQrcd in .Engineering Works and thoir
BA'l TE lt ' l•:A P owea· ::it ation, 550, u92
Ph ystolog•cal Bflocts , 302
Batt <'rsM P ower Stat1on and Sulphur, 592
Presidential Address, C. C. Paterson, 171>
Bonrd or Educator, Sc1ence Awards , 660
St;(.'1'10' J, Pi>Y<'UOLOOY :
J3otlor Circulation, Owena Botlor Ci rculator,
I ndUlltrtal P11yc holog~, Dr. C. ::;. M~·or11,
Ltd., 575
Scotland (Incorporated ) :
!?.H.X., 366
Bro.dford Power Station, Supor-pr(IS!Iure B oiler
Industrial Conditions, Col. Sir Jnmos Lith·
for, 244, 254, 278, 279 (Svpplcmcnt, Sep·
Association, British Engineers ' :
gow, 398
tcmbcr 5th, 1930)
Current Alluirs, ."ir Utlbort C. \ 'ylo, 45 1
High-pressure Water-tube Boiler D evelopments
Institution, J unior, of Engineers :
at. ltenfre w W orka of Babcock and Wilcox,
Association, Canadian Good Roads :
Development of the Bridge, S. J . C'rispin, 106
Ltd., 366
" ::>upor L ancashire " Hotler, D . Adoma~on and
Annuol ('onve ntion, 3U5
I nstitution of Locomotive Engineers :
Co. , Ltd., 321
Association or Diesel Engine Users :
R oad Transport., .Presidential Adclrol!tl, H. lloiler1:1 of the " King Ueorge V.," 367
Books of R eference, 183, 619
Kolway Bamber, 377
Award for Best. Papea· .Presented, 23
Uoo!ltor Pum~>~ for Oil Gas, Cen<' ral Oil Gas Cor.
poration, :Now Yo!'k City, 568
Brnke Testing ~lachine, Bendix-Perrot Brakes,
Ltd., 549
Hnck -mo.king Process, Automatic High-speed,
Vimax Machinery Compnny, Ltd., 370, 379
1E st hetics in 1\fotal Bridge De'ligns, W.
Nelson Elgood, 256
Bascule Bridgo at Great Yarmouth, 558, 570
Halifa~ Harbour Bridge, 310
Hudson River Bridge, Tho, 11 0, 122
Railway Bridge, Quick Replacement. of, ot
Carr -lano, Liverpool, 491
Honewal of Folkest one H arb our Swing
Bridge, 614 , 624
St. Lawrence Bridge, Now, 131
Shifting Bridge Piel's in the U.S.A ., 307
S teel Arch, ! 652ft. Span, of J'ill vau 1\:ull
Bridge , 650
Sydney IIarbo\tr, I 0, 12, 4(1, 17
BRTTI 'H Ch(lmacnl S tand tml " Bronw"
(B rass) " B," 293
Bri ttsh Engi necri ng Ind ust.ry, Heal it io.ll u nd
Problems, 632
ChNnica.l S tandnrd
" Bronzo "
(Brass) " B," 203
llr1tish tandard Conversion 'fable,., 4 7
Hat ionalisation in the Iron and Steel
I ndWILry, Appointment of C01nmittco, 622
Specifications :
Allachtnout of Ctr<,uJar Mctul Uuttiug Sa\\H,
Bronzo \\' in.1 nnd ('t,omium CoppM \\'i re, OU3
Carbon Filawl•nt Glow Lamp!!, 88
{'olours for Roady-mi xod Pmut H, r.:11
Derrick aud 'fnwolling Jib <.:a'l\110><, I H3
Blectric Cahlo ·oldori ng 'ock(lt ,., 133
Lrclancbo T,vpo Primary Coil.~, 3!i l
N on-rerrou" M<'tals, 88
Pe rformance of Desk T ype Bh•ctm: .1-'an!!, 17
Porcelain Tns ulators for Power Lmos, 635
Hoofin~ Tilos, 717
:-ihort-hnJ< 'VrouKht I rou Cmuo Chu.in. 2t!O
1'\tcol Forging11, Blooms auo Ca stings, 289
Hteol Gas Cylinders, 537
Symmetrical Li~ht Distributions from Ligltl·
ing Fit ting" (B.S.S. No. 398, 1930). 42:1
T ungsten FJlamout. Elcctno Lall)pll, 46:1
Wheel Run>< ond T iro B and:! for AulomobiJol!, 67 8
Wrought L ight. Ahun.iuium Alloy Hltoot::1 und
'fubes, 289
BHIT I SH and A11iutic l::ugi uoors, C. A. :\l iddlc•·
ton Smith, 391
Broadcasting !)talion for \\'ar ...~w. Poland, 4(16
llruckmann, Dipl.-lng., R ece nt. D rog-lino .Ex·
ctwator rmctico in Gemlany, 388-391
3<17. 378
.Builders' H oist., S t othort. uml P itt, Ltd., 370
Chain and Chil!Ol Mortising i\lochino, WIM.Ikin
and Co., 378
'ombined Planing uud T hickno11~ing Machi Ill',
Wadkin nod Co., 278
Concreto Mixot·, Avoliug mad l'orlut·, l~td .. 37tl
Concreto Mi xer, Morshall,, 'ol\ll ond Co., Ltd.,
Concreto Mi xc>r, )1 i llnn~' Machtn(•ry Compouy,
Ltd., 348
Concrete Mi xer , Honl!omos und Ht\pier, Ltd .,
Cross-cutting and 'fl'6nclting Mncltine, 'Vt\d·
l<in e.nd Co., 378
E lectric Drive T enon ing i\fodnuo, \Yad kin
and Co., 37
Electrica.By Dri ven Yert icol-spindlo Moulder,
F enci ng Wire, l'onfold }'onc·ing, Ltd., :147
Models of Cmnt's, Hutter11 .Hrothorl! nnd t'u. ,
Mortising Mucltinl', J. Sagt\1' 11nd Co., Ltd.,
l )uint-mixing ontl Grinding ~l aeltinos, Grind·
ang, ~l ixing lUld 'epara.t mg 'ompony, Ltd.,
Pug MilJ for .Ha·ick works, 11. l\nd R Liutott,
Pump, Portable, for Liftin~ und F orcing
Purposes, 'Vingot, Ltd., 317
St\w, Cant.ing-spindlo D i mon11ion, \\' odk.in
and Co., 378
Other Exhibit ~:~, 379
C. \LA~ DRIA \ "tLCttum Pan~:~, lnclmQd, )lirrlces
\Vatson Compnny, Ltd., 410
19, I 02, 130, :.!:15, 289, 310, !i Ill, 578, tiUO
Atds for Coal Inllul!try, 13 1
Alberta Bituminous ~and-., Gi 9
.\lcoo Po''l' r l'lon t , 6611
.\mm ont \111\ Xulpht\lt', :J ltl
Anot her Nickd Plant. 5i9
AtlbOl!l OS, 310
A\ttomotic Troin Line Couplin.,;s, (itlO
J3ig Barking Plant, 5 10
Big Flot ation )Iill, 235
Big caboord P ower Plant, Ill:!
B ounty on Iron Oro, 19
Hriquetting Plont, 6i8
Building l ll8ulation, 510
Co.nada.'s Fiscol P olicy, 130
Canada's Now :Seaport City, 6 10
'J'ug };SOINEER INDEX 8UI'l'L£MEliT1 JAN. 23, 19:H.-{\'OL. CL.)
Canadian Machinery, 103
Canal, Work on the Beauharnois. I 03
Chemical Industry Progress, 102
Chemists to Join Forces, 131
Coal, 454
Coking Plant, 19
Creosoting Plant to be Incroa>~t•d, 578
Electricity on Prairies, 289
Experiment with Cobalt Ores, 2 9
Fertiliser Plant, New, 103
Fertilisor Plants, Advanced, 19
Flin Flon Starts Production, 5 10
Cas P roject for South. Western Ontario, 660
Halifax Harbour Bridge, 310
Huge Natural 01\9 Projects, 289
Improvement of Montreal \Vatorworks, 310
I ncreased 0 rain Storage, I 31
International Nickel Operations, 310
Labour Problems, 578
Largo Airplane F actory, 510
Lignite Coal Developments, 102
MichiEicoten Coal Dock, 19
M.ine Head Electric Plant, 103
Mining Laboratory, 579
New Aid to Navigation, 310
Now Dock and Fertiliser Plant, 131
New Means of Communication, <154
New Reaper T hresher. 13 1
New St. Lawrence Bridge, 131
New T ube Mill, 660
Ontario's Iron Deposits, 289
Ontario's J:\'lineral Output, 102
Onttuio R~\dium Deposit, 660
P etrol, New Soux·ce of, 103
Petroleum, 660
Plans for Stebl Plant, 131
Power Plant Planned for T o ronto, 235
Progress at Churchill, 578
P roposed Big Smelter , 131
Railway Cnr H eating, 454
Railway Extensions, 19
Railway Linlt in British Columbia nt::nring
Completion, 5 10
"R l OO's" Visit to Canarln, 19
Rubber Industry, 235
Sod.ium Sulphate, 660
Ton Engines for the C.P.R, 131
Timber , Tl'enting 100ft. , 102
T rain T elephone Service, 660
T ransmission Lines, 578
Transportation, 510
Tube Mill at New Toronto, 60U
Uso for Cedar \\' &Hte, 45 I
V•mcouvor's Municipal A.irport Opt•nocl, 578
\ Vestom Peat, Resources, 3JU
( '.\NA L , J'roposod Chignoct.o, 28U
Ct\rtridf:to <:uses, Manufacture of ::i.. \ . .1\., :F.
.i\ tko<"l<. 668
Ua'ltlo N\•t, Novol, 577
Ct\tnlo~ue~. 23, ~ l, 77, I 05, 133, 159, 265, 325,
464, 55:1, 691, 717
<.'t'ntono.•·y of Li verpool and Manchester Rail.
Wt\y, 3 15
l'itrotln l <egrosse Petrol 'l'rn.ctor, :l39
<:oncroto, Bonding Now Concroto to 01<.1, :HJ:J
{'orwroto P i pc. testing Mo.chi no. 32:1
Con!!LI\11\.-curront Electric Driving on the
Austin System, 704
Contracts, 26. 77, 105, I :J3, 150, 185, 213, 2:39,
295, 325, 38:3, 4 I 3, 139, 472, 495, 525, 553,
584. suo, 635, 663, 680, 710
('on t rol Gear, Electric. Lauronco Scott and
l!:loctromotors, Ltd., 714
t'oppor l:>moltin~t Practice, 394.
Crane, 5-Ton Overhead Travelling, ,\ith B1\ll
Bot~ rings, J. Adamson and Go., 236
Cmne, 6·'1'on P ortal. Operated by on Oil Engine,
.roll . .Booth nod Bros., Ltd., 4.4, 45
Cmno, Light Locomotive, for Ash H andling,
C\trror\t Aflt\irs, Address by Sir (.lilbe r·t C. Vyle
to t.ho British Engineer!!' Association, 45 1
Current }>rice>~ for l\Iotals and Fuels. 24, 52, 78,
J 06, 135, 160, I 86, 214, 240, 266, 296, 326,
354., 384,414, 44.0, 470, 4.96, 526,554, 582,
tl l 0, 636, 664. 692, 720
Uutt.in~ T ests with
Cemented T un~tstcn­
curb•do l .atiro Tool8, T . 0. Diggcs, 24 7
J)i\ VJT,
Tho Bnrclay, Union.(;a;stlo ?l'lotot·
Liner "\\ iochester Castle," 425
Demonstmtions of Rifle P erformance, 320
Depth Soundin~ Recorder on Union·Co.stlo
Motor Liner ' \Vinchester Castle," 425
Dorl\ilments of Express I .-ocomotives, 307
D etroit River Tunnel, Oponinf! in November ,
Devices for Handling Awkward H eavy Artic·les,
T ransporting Machinery Company, Ltd., 261
Dio CMting Practice, Modem, E. V . .PnnneU,
J68, 193
Dionic Water Tester, 'h:vershed and Viguoles,
Ltd., 350
DiHposal of Refuse in Franco by tho Beccari
Procost~, 6
Drill, ]•'our-cylinder Rotary Pneumatic, Globe
Pneumatic Engineering Company, Ltd., 632
))nnstou "B" Power Station, Equipment of,
D\tranty, 'V utter, Notel! on a Tour in Turkestan,
Dust Arrester, New, 7 15
Oynnmometor Cars at t he In ternational Agricultural Tractor Trials at Ardington, 308, 309
E l"l<'EC'l'S o( Phosphorus on the l:ltrongth of
Admiro.lty Oun-metal, H . C. Dows, 336
'h:lt><·tric Control Ooar, Lauronco Scott nod
Eloctromotors, Ltd., 714
l::lcctrical Control Gear, ;\! ining, Metropolitan.Yickcrs Ele<"trical Company, Ltd.,
Elo<'tri<' Scoreboards at Wirnbh•don, HobE>rt
A. Smith, 145
Electricity Supply and Fluo 0t\HCil, 394
General Electrification of France, 246
Uonoration of Eloct.ricity, 492
Hcav~ Duty Butt FIR.Sh Welding !lft\chinos,
A.l!:.C, 540
OLYMPIA (continued) :
High-tension Lino Protection by the P etorson
Public Wor~. 53,527,611
ll· 8 lT.P. .'ix-cylinder Car, "Scorpion "
Arc Suppressor, 126
Railway Accident, 415
Triumph Com}?any, 481
Magnetic SopMatioo and Sieving of Found•'Y
Railway Accidents, 527
40-50 B . P. Car , 'Phantom H .," .Rolla· L~oyco,
Sand, Rapid Magnetting Ma.chino Com·
Railway Deficits, 25, 497
428, 431
pany, Ltd., 630
Railway Disasters, 6 11
l •'urthor Developments in Saloon Car, Trojan,
Melbourne Tramways, Mercurv Arc Ro<'tiRor
Railway Enterprise, 497
Ltd., 480
Equipment for tbo, 656
Ro.ilway SignallinR, 355
Improvements to Standard Types of Cnr11,
Modem Switchgoar. A. Reyrolle and (.'o..
Hl\ilway Speeds, 53
Riloy Company, 479
Ltd., 675
ReCuse Disposal, 187, 327
New Trsnsnussion System for Cnra, 01\imlor
Network Boxes, British Insulntod Cables,
Reinforcement Tubes, 24 1
Company, 479
Ltd., 622
Road Construction, 356
19 ·7 H . P . .Engine, " Vortic" Car, H illrnnn
New Type of Terminal Bushing for Extm
Road En,ltineering, 216
Company, 481
High Ten11ion, 407
Rollin~ Stock, 79
"Silver Eagle" Car, Alvis Cornpl\ny, 470
P&st and Present Electrical Work at Chelmll·
Rolling Stock Costs, 135
Six-cylinder Eogino, " :\forris 1\Injor," 48 1
ford, Crompton Parkinson, Ltd., 434.
Rnrnl Electrification, 721
Six.cylinder Saloon, "Morris I sis," 48 1
Prott~ction of Altornnting.current Generator>!,
R~sian Anthracite, 79
Six.whoelod LimoUBine, Crossley Motors,
138, 1B4., 194
Snutot Dam, 327
428, 434
Resistance Butt W olding in Shipyards, 716
Sea Water Power, 471, 655
16 H.P. Car, Six.cyli nder Saloon, I mprove
Single.phnso Repulsion Start Induction
Sevonteenth-centut·y Ship, 38G
ments to, Standard Company, 4 28, 434
Motors, B49
Shipbuilders' Union, 637
16-50 H .P. Car, Sectional Viows of E ngine.
62,500-kVA TurbO·jlOnorators at Goldenburg
Shipbuilding, 25, 107. 187, 583, 6115
Cear.box, F ront. and Back Axles, H umbor
Power Station, Oerruany, 144, 148
Shiphuilding Jllntorial, 267
Company, 432, 433
Summation Metering Equipwont, Ferranti,
Smoke Consumpt-ion, 41 5
Supercharging Adopted on Each Bngino,
Ltd., 628
Social Charges, 63
British 1\Iorc6dt\s.Benz Company, 479
Terminal Bushin~ for l<~xtra High T ension,
Htcol Cartel, 297, 441, 497
10 H .P . Car, Rover Company, Ltd., 481
Now Type of, <107
.'tedl Comptoir, 53, I 07
30 H.P. Chassis, I nvictn Company, 480
Turbo.gonorators, 62,500-kVA, Ooldenburg
Strol Consu mption, 4 11
20 H.P. Car, "Ranelagh " LimoUBine, AlteraPower Station, (;ormnny, 14.4, 14 8
Slet>l Price", 79
tions to, AUBtin Motor Company, 428, 4 33
Steol Production, 355, 01)3
20- 25 H .P . Cho.sais, VarioUB New F onturos,
Steel Trade, 161
RoUs· l'toyce, •at
Stool and Engineerin~ Trades, 327
Oil Engine, Airless Injection Cold Starting
10 H.P. Car, Singer Company, 481
Steel Trndo Disor~~:anrsotion, 4 I 6
H orizontal, Ruston and H ornsby, Ltd., 32
l Z-50 H .P. lfour·cylinder Car, Alvis CornTrade Reforms, 555
Oil Enain{l, Four-cylinder Vertical, Aveling
Trndo Situation, 24 1, 385, 665
and Porter, Ltd., 86
T rade Tendencies, 721
Heavy Oil.engined Locomotive for Planto.·
Accessories :
Trans.P yrenees Railwl\y, 107
tion St)rvice, Avonside Engine Company,
Air C'ompros~ors for Motor Car GnrnC(oS, 482
Tro.ns.Saharl\ll Railway, 637
Ltd., 223
Air·cooled Air Compressing Plunt, R omuo
Wages, 471
Oil Engine , L ow-pressure High·spood, Oil
1\lotor Accessories, Ltd., 482
Wages Reduction, 583
Motors, Ltd., 45
Air Filter and A.ir Silencer, Smith, Franlt und
Wagon Builders' Union, 297
1\Iarine Oil Engine, 2 1<10 B .H.P. Doubleeo., 482
Wagon Cartel, 385
acting Two·stroko, The Jorgensen, 232,
Bendix Brake!!, Bendix-Perrot Brake!!, Ltd.,
Water Congress, 53
Wreck Explosion, 603
96 B .H.P. Hi~h ·spced Oil Engine for Road
Duo Servo Brakes, Bonru.x.Perrot Brukos,
Transport \Vork, Associated Equjpmont FUEL Oil Tractor, 1\!arshtlll, Horll! tmll Co., Ltd.,
Ltd., 481
Company, Ltd., 507
Fluid F 1y.whool o.nd Self ·changing Gunr.box,
Oil Engine, 1000 B.H.P. Vis·A-Vis Hori· t<usion Wcld.in~ of ProtsSuro Vo!!sull!, 393
Daimler Cornpany, 479
zontal for Fen Pumping, Premier Gas
).J<W Lighting Set, Boulton and Paul, Ltd.,
Engine Company, Ltd., 620, 621 ; (Erm
turn), 678
Pump, Elootrically Operated Petrol, H. V.
Oil Engine, 70-77 B.H.P. Twin.oylindor
Company, 482
Vortical Henvy, Davey, Paxman and Go.,
Pump, Mochnni cnlly OperaLcd, Arnnlgmnatod
Ltd., 87
Carl>urottor'i, Ltd., 482
Oil EngineR, Junkers Design Opposod·piRton (:A~ Compressor, SovOJHiltlgil, Sul:wr Hrothor,;,
'l'hit•f .proof " Petromag " Lock Tup, H.oss.
Honvy, 258, 288
11 8
<.:ourtney and Co., Ltd., 4.82
En~losson, Elov, Pitting in \Vater Turl>i11c:>s, Ut'" Lighting, Eu rly Dl.\yll of. 1'. C. C•·ocroft,
Somo other Exhibihs, 510
616, 64 2
EXCAVATOR Prnctico in Germany, Hocent
Motor Boats :
Drag·lino, Dipl.-lng. Bruckmann, 388-31) I
48ft. E:~.pr!'-.!:1 <:ruisbr, Tbomycroft, J. 1. , tuul
Co., Ltd., •I G3
19ft. Colon.itlll{unabout Boo.t, Brool<e, J. W.,
Aircraft Exhihition in Paris, 629
and Go .. Ltd., 452, 453
International Motor J!;xhibition at Olym pio, l(ACKSAW Bludos, i\fut~uft1ctvre of "Eclipso,"
3 12, 3 1()
Marine Oil Engine Section :
Marine Exhibition i11 Puri;s, :396
H'onrn, Colo•wl Hi t· Cordon, '' R 10 1 " anu
()1 13.1 LP. Marine IO:ngino, Norris, Jionty (uod
Model Engiu cer Exh.ibition, 277
the Altimeter, G89
GMd.uers, L td., 462, 453
Phyilical nnd Optical Sociotios' Exhibition, H eating and Dryu11:; of Crl\nular Muloria.ls by
5 ll.H.P. Two.cylindor Engino, llrooko, J. W.,
Jon\tl\ry, 1931 , 678
Convection, W. Gilbert, 500, 530, 674, o87,
and Go., Ltd., 453
Wireless Exhihition nt Olympia, 33•1
617, 640
40 B .H.P. Four·cylinder H eavy Oil Eogino,
Jligh ·prosOiure Water.tuho Boiler DevelopWiseman , Alfred, Ltd., 509
ments at Renfrew Works of Babcock and
42 B.lLP. "Acro" Heavy Oil Engine, Aill!a
Wilcox, Ltd., 366
Craig Motor Company, Ltd., 452, 454
9 B .R .P. Marine Oil Engino, 'l'hornycroft,
H .P. Tract or, 339
J. J ., and Co., Ltd., 452, 453
Op~osod - piston Twin - cylinder Engino,
FERRANTI, Lt.d., Summation Motoring Equip190,
Coventry Victor Motor Company, Ltd., 454
ment, 628
Outbot\rd Engine, '\.Voaver Patented F ow··
Fire E ngine, 36-40 lLP. Motor, Merryweo.thor
strolco, Coventry Victor Motor Coropnny,
and Sons, Ltd., 88
Lt,d., 454
Fire FiJZhting Applinncos, Three Now, Mol'l'y75 B ..H.P. Marino Oil Engino, 'fLornyor oft,
weather and Sons, Ltd., 98
J. 1., and Co., Ltd., 452, 453
Floating Docl<, An Austre.linn·buil t, 449, 456
60-80 H .P. Four.cylinder H e11vy Oil Engiuc,
Flowing \Vater , J. M. Lacey, 218
Cloni ITllr Engines, Ltd., 509
Flue Gasos, Electric S\tpply and Cleansing of.
34 B.H .P . Petrol.pnrallin l\11.\rino Bnginc,
IN'fEI'tN ATI ON A L Agriculturul True tor T rials
Dorman, W. H., ancl Co., Ltd .• 508
Forthcomin~ Enga~omonts, 2~. 54, 80, 108, 13(1,
at Artlington, 308, 309, :}37
35 B.H .P. Conorator Sot, Norr is, Henly ouu
111?, 188, 2 1B, 24 2, 268, 297, 328, :\56, 3~11.
Gnrdncrll, Ltd., 452, 453
416, 442, 472, 498, 528, 556, 584, IH2, 638, INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS FOR CON28 H. P. Six·cylinder Engino, Ro·dosigncd,
666, 694, 722
Brooko, .J. W., and ('o., Ltd., 452, 4 53
F ou1 -wheel.dri,·on T ractor, Lntil Indu11trinl
24-45 B.Il.P. ~'our-cylinder Petrol·pnraUiu
Vehicles, L td., 339
A Study of P lain and Rein(orcod Concrete
Engine, Parsons Oil Engino Company,
Ltd. , 609
Architecture of Concrete, Professor Beresford
2! B .H .P. Outboard Motor, ~tubbs, Jolloph,
25, 63, 79, 107, 135, 16 1, 187,215, 2ll, 267,
Pi to, 397
Ltd., 508
297,327, 356, 385,4 16,441,471,497,527,
Colonial Uses of Concreto, 397
555, 583, Bl l, 637, ~65, 09:3, 721
Composition, Mixing, Methods of Application IRON AND STEEL :
Aeroplane Accidents, 267
of Concrete nod R ei nforced Concreto as
Iron and Steel Industry fol' British Colwnbia,
African Railway Col\tltructioo, 637
Used in tho Yards and t he Control of Same,
Airship Disaster, 441
Major T. R. Gregson, 397
Iron nod ~tool IildUBtry on the Continent,
Alsace Canal, The, 135
l':floct. o£ Temperature on Flat Arches Con·
Report Prepared by Kationo.l Federation
Claude Power Schomo, 25, 187, 415
structed of Reinforced Concreto, C. S.
of Iron and Steelllanufacturers, 17
Coni, 6:37
Gray, 397
National Federation of lron and Steel Ma nu Colonial Anthracite, 693
Bxl?erimonts on Anchoring Hooks at the
fncturt>rs, Report on Iron and • teel
Colonial Exhibition, 267
:bncls of Reinforced Bars for Concrete, Dr.
Ind ustry on tbo Continent, 17
Concorde Bridge, Tho, 161
Wyss, 397
I ron and Stool, Itnil Rates on, by E. T. Coou,
Continental Combine, 4.71
Noteil on tho T ests 'Mndo on tho Reiniorced
Costs, 216
Concrete Bridge in Rue In F nzette in Par is,
Cruiser, " Duplei x," 4.41
Monsieur Lanos, 397
Electrical Distribution, 327
Piles, J. :McCarthy, 397
Energy from tho Rhine, 583
.Reinforced Concrete in Groat Britain, Kirk·
Engineers' Status, 297
wood Dodds, 397
Falling Prices, 135
Results of Measurements of Deformation and
Flood Protection, 161, 037
Tensions of l\'lUBhroom Floor Slabs, Pro· LABORATORIES, New EngirtOoring, at. Uni.
Flood Reservoi rs , 611
fossor Ros anrl Dr. Eichingor, 397
versity College, Nottingham, 70. 7 1
Foreign C'apital, 24 1
Some Notes on the C'omposition, :llixing and Lanz ' 1 Bulldog" Tractor, Hcinrich Lt\n~
Foreign Trade, 107
Application of Concreto in J::ngineering
Alttiengesellschaft, 338, 34 2
Fr6mont, Chsrles, Tho Late, 241
Works, C. S. J&kamnn, 397
Lnunchos and Trial Trips, 23, 54, 108, 185, 26:i,
Oerme.n Coal, 385
, 'tresses in Dams, S. D. Ctnotbers, 397
325, 410,436,469,495, 625,58 1, 635,663,7 19
Harbour \Vorks, 441
Structural Tests on Modols by B egg's
I nland Waterways, 527
Method, J. Blazek, 397
International Unions, 527
Temperature and Cement, Dr. O~car Fnber,
Akroyd-Diesel Engines, 681
Iron e.nd Steel Production, 187, 556
An Avoidable Railway Accident, 13
I rrigation and Power, 107
T est 1\IeasuremontR on the Arlington MemoAutomatic Train Control, 626
Labour A~titation, 187
rial Bridge at W o.shi ngton, D.C., Mr.
British Economic Mission to the Far Eu:~t, :l:!U
Labour 1'1ouhles, 267
~'ishburn, 397
British Engineering Industries, 625
Lille e.n Inland l~ort,, 721
Work of the Building Research ::ito.tion on
City Noises, 653
Local Railways, 583
Small Movements in Concreto, O r . W. H.
Commercial P ossibilities of tho Airship, 17G
Lyons .A.ir Port,, 693
Granville, 397
Contlitions of Contract, 13
Miners' Strilco, 355
Visits e.nd Entertainments, 397
Continental Msrltots, 514
Motor Barges, 665
I~TERNATIONAL Congresq of :.\fines, Molal.
"Creep " Desrgning, 6 13
l\lotor Car Industry, 555
Dnlmuir, 281
lurgy and App,lied Ooofo¥y nt Lj~ge, 10
l\lotor Cars, 25, 187
Destruction of the" R 101," 401
I nterMotor Coaches, 6 ll
national Harvester ('OIII1Hmy, or Great
Diosol, 21i6
Savy, Tho, 47 1, 666
l~lcctricity TMiiT!l, 123
Britain, Ltd., 337
New J.inor, 297
EnginoerinFC in Germany, 5i I
New Paris T orminuH, 79
F.B.l. and Tariff Re Corm, 4 30
Nord Terminus, 136
Fixation of Carbon Dioxirle, 95
Northern Cans!, 297
Flowers in tho Boiler Shop, 41
4.28, 431, 452, 479, 508
Omnibuses o.nd Trumwt\yH, 41)7
Foreign '!'onguos, 95
D ouble Six 40-50 H.P. Chu~is,DuimJer ComParls Sow&Jle, 215
Foreign 'fl·ado nod Costs, 203
pany, 479
Plougastol Bridge, 41 5
J.'utu r<> of Hr1ti"h Rnihll\.}tl, 1:10
· (;rod.. ,'' iO!l
(:ro\\tll of ( '11 ol \\ n•twu, lll!'i
lli~o~h · Jlf('~ -1111'\• llvolt•r Tulw>~, li!IU
lli~h - prt·~uro Ht('tlln nt Un\dfonl, 2:;:;
11 iJ:hl.'r 'l'cdmit·ol J.: dncutaon an Euaopt·. t :!:J
Jl ~·tl raulw 1-:nJ: ollf'l'lnog l'1 og r·cq-. 111 Europt•,
31 :l
J IIIJX'riol L'onfl•n •nt•t•, a; I
Ju.otplrot.IOil or Trnllil ion , 11
I .t'itturo, :H 3
l.ocoauotivoNu " 10,0011," 1 1!1
\ lnduocrl of I ho 1~1\rt.h , GI :1
)[Ot\llllroilll'llt. of N 0181', :17 I
\ lotor Cnr 'l'ondo•lll'io•>~ ,\hrooul, J :!!l
Obttolollt:OIIt't', 7tl0
or Mu110um .. , 6S1
Powoa· from \\1nrm \\'1\lt•r, ·l:'i7
Hailwny AcddNII M, 4811
Hnilwny Jo;toctrili(•nt.inn in h o•ly, !i7 1
Ht\ilwny P osition. 17Ci
Hnilwt\ynwn'M Poy, 000
R oporL 011 L ondon 'Vt~t ortl, :W I
Hi1 ol Hyt!tOIIIH of Puh orisNl ( \llll UurninJ::,
·• ·•9
HtllnplmA u£ L'o11l, a43
H111oll \\'ork.t 1111d LnrA<', 3 1J
'l'l'chuolog1cal l'twmploymout, 6 lJ
Tho L111Ut. to Stl.'um 'fomp<>rt•turo, :! 3
Trudo ProblomH Ahrooo, 6i
' l'wo-fiuid Cyd1•s for PO\\Pr Pln11t~. IG!I
W nges and Prict•!!, 1 I!l
\\' ngcs nnd S holtl•rl.'d lnllu'!IJ'il•~. •IH:!
W1~l<' iu Jndw!tr,,•, OG3
\\'orhl'oJ 1-~ll.'<'lrwot y ~uppl~, tli
LET1'ERS TO THE EDITOR (rtmtllllltd):
LITERATURE (t'tmt i nut•/) :
LITERATURE (nmti11tu:d) :
'l'iclo Pn\\o:r St·hl.'llll'<'. (.:('Cl. T . l'lu iiiH 1 • 111:1
Unomployml.'nt, H. J>ouj!lu" ,\rdnht\1.1 , Ill
\\'ood l'H Briul' l'ap<'~, ~t•lt. l'uuut, 1.1 11, Ill
l. IJo:J.'HJNCK , V \ ., \\'u11.•r S uppl) l'ruhlp an,
an J l olln111l. 631
Li nko T rtwk·l&) Ill)! Tn•cl or. Loukt• Jl oiTm~n ·
Bus<'lm <>rk<>··\klo<'llgf'~<elt.w hnft, :138, 3 12
Books Received (rtmliull(:d):
Books R eceived (rn11tin11r<l) :
J :,,)QrJII\('IIIal Mt•clu\IIICq
~l .. to•nul~. I r.
('t\rriUgtun, 487
lo; 'I; J>t•r imoutal Ht• ..onrch••, 011 'fnJIIIII" l'uuo p• •
Ht•port. N n. I ur t ho ) cokolttllllll 'l'oI h ·
m1l0~1cUI t'o!legt', )(t\.>;~;\JIOU \'C'lltlu. !17
1111d Faj!nr•'i of thu ,\lltumooho lt•
l1111u,..t r.'' • 1930, 16
F oolun'" of Huil" t•y M11f t• •a nl!<, l>enln al!
('hil'fly 1-itlt F orrous ~lolol~, 1-:. A. \\' migh t
1111d !'. J Lindo, 69
F iv(1 Yt•III'>J or HcSt•lUt'h in l udllloetry,
I 921'o- l 930 : •\ Heading J.i.-t. uf Hd<1cl o•tl
1\rticlett from t ho 'J'I.'<'hni<·lll l'r"""• l'lllll·
piled hl <•.•1. WP~t. ·J 87
l•'luod Flow!!: .\ Study o( 1•'rNI'Ii'ou 11'11 1111ol
Mni.(Hitudel!, .\ . Ilt\l';ou , 1)7
l•'urest Products Rosl.'arc h Bulloti11, Xn. (i : .
T ho 'fimbor of Corsicnn Pino. 20G
F orm of Coupliug for Goared Die><l'l Jo;HKi•u·~
for 1.1\nd and Mnrino Purposl.'~, \V. l3 rosu,
Fur~<>hun$.( \11\CI 'l'ochnik: ion i\u(tmgt• d1 •r
,\ IIF(l'lllt'ia
l~l <'k t rit·i tuts . I : O~<~>l t.~<·ln•ft ,
l'rofcK~ur D r.· I n,~ \V. P ott•ftlrn. till
Furty YN~r,.. ur l!:loctrictll P ro~rl'><~ · ' l' lu•
Hlor) ur lh t• <:.E.C., A. G. Whyl"'• H."e ..
l :?G
Fn rtl11•r J~'l'l' riiiiCIIt:' on t.ho Dischnrgl• 11f
l\1odt•li! of Sluict>~, H . E. Hur:<t, 627
<:nrcko's Mnnunl or Elel.'tricol U nd<·a·tuki n ~:'!
llnd Direct ory of O fficinls, 1!l3 1, l.'tlit •••l
by F.<:. t:arrott, 68a
t:t~Sfernvt>rt~orgune:, A. ]\:,•JOj)\•r . 97
( :n.... Lift. ~l cot hod of Flowi nli( Oil \\'oil'!
(Co hfor nin ]>ro<'tico), .H. C. lll ill<>r, 5 1G
Uutes of Light, lloatrico Irwin, GO 1
(:<•odcsy, includ ing Al!tronom ical Obsorvt\·
tion~:~, G rtwi t y ~fe t\Surements, and Mctho1l
or Lcost. 'qutlr('S, G. J,. liosmor, 07
(: mohn.'!
Huudbuch d er
( 'hemio, 8 AuOo;o, Sy11l em-Nu ma n"r 511,
l~ison 16
(: ,., Uld !ugcu, J\1 i ttol u nd .Uoi11piolc z 11 l•t·l< ·
Jomssii(OI' " ' orkstuttml'Sl:IVCrfnhren, OhN··
] ng. 'l'h. Dam m. 710
t:uido t.o Sixth " A~Jbemu " hxhibition nl
Frank fort, with Addreas~>s of .Ml\nufnctuJ'I'rl:l
I)( C'homic11l Plant and Mnchinory , 22ll
(has ..oit~on Ei g<1nschl~fton uud P r01vel'fnh ron ,
R eviews :
An l~tlrll Jh pt•l'inwul i u llldll><l oml Uq(tlllit>ll·
tion: Bt'i ng o\ IJ i,.lory of ""' l •'i rm nf
Uuullona\1111 \\',.11 , 1776 lllllu, t•:w·h Holl,
lll t\Sl·flu·ou~«.·l) l'r·awl ico, l •'•cd Clt•n•Pnl K, DO
.J:hat<iOell.>< (.'hnat:t, '1'. G. R ul!O, O!'i I
<..'oko rC l' .BLIISt·fU r iiiiCCl!, H . •\ . 1\1 ot.t 11 ntl
R. V. Whcolor. 68:3
t'ondon11od Outl int• of ~ l odt• rn PhyMicnl
11'. H . (;onllh\blo, :!G7
l•:iniOhrunp. in die J•; •·dbild mc"~lllllt (Torre·
l!l r icho ]>h otogrt\mmet rie ). Hnns Lu!ichnt:w,
Electri cnl )}il!t r ibution l~ ngi nccril tl(, J IU\1 """
P. ~cobyo, 3 16
Elect ri t•l\1 P owt>r ' l'tliiU!nlibSion nml l lllN'·
<'OtlJICct ioo, ( ', I>nnnl\ll nml .I . \\'. D11l·
glei«h, 710
E lectricity on Gasworkw. l l. ( '. W1dlukl•, 664
l~ngi ueeriJJJZ E conomics, '1'. 11 . .Uurnhnm, -I S7
J~lood Flo\1 11: A Studv of F N•quon<'it•,. nutl
Mt~gnit utles, A lion Hoz.)n, 4!1U
<:eode>~y, Goorge L . H osmor , 487
~Jcasurt'ment. of .Hydrogon I on Corwcu tm·
t ion, J uliua Grant., 20 I
llletalliferoua i\lino Sun oy mg, 'l'homt~ t:.
Hanlon, 07
l\lino Atmospheres, Dr. \\' ilhom Psymon nnd
Professor !. C. l '. Stnthom, 6£H
Modom Bridgo ('oMl roct.ion , ]•'. Johnst ono
'faylor. 97
i>earsoo. \\'ectmo11 , Fir11t. Vii!t'to\1111. (;owdn\y,
J. A. ::ipondM, 68
Principlo~ of , truct.w·ul Mechuui(•s : Tl'<'utod
Without tho Ut!o or Highor Mnth<'IIHit.iC's,
Percy J . W nldrtllll, 627
!':clonium (;ell, G. P . Baml\rc.J, •HiS
Silk and the Silk Jndu11try, .Joscph tic hobco·,
'l'rilOBlated by R. Cuthill, 5 1 •~
Spirit of Chcoul!try, Alexander :Fimllo.y . •187
Stoddurt, W .: A Biogrnphict•l Hke tch, J..
Hanhidllo, 6 15
Theory or H eot. .BIII(ii\NI, includillg the At•I illll
o£ Muscles, J . S. H11ldane, Gl •l
'Vster Su pply and Ut.ilisati ou , Vonuld ;\I.
Bni<OI' ~~nd Horold Conkl iug , 026
Noalh ur. 22, GO, 70, lO t , 132, 158,
1St, :!1 2, 23S, :!04, 294, a24, 3.;2, 3S2, 412,
<I 3 , HI , HH, 52 1, GG:!, 680, 608, 034, 662,
tl90, 718
J.uueu-.hir,,, :! 1, Ill, 7ri. IO:J. Ja l . 167, 183,
:HI, 237,263, :!93, 3:!3, :l5 1, 3Sl , 411, 4a7,
46i, 403, 523, 66 1, 679, 607, 633, 061, 089,
7 17
J\licUtmdt~ out.l l:ilaiTord>!hirl.', 21, 19, iG, 103,
t :H, 11)7, 18:l, 21 1, 237, 263, 203, 323, 35 1,
:181, Ill , 1:}7. 4Ui. 49:1, li:!:l, 551, 5 79, 607,
u:J:l, 1101, 6S!I. 717
H•·ullnncl. :!3, 1) 1, 7i, lOG, 13:), 158, 186, :! 13,
:!:J!), :!llli, :!llt;, :1:!5, a53, :JS3, 11 :), 4:)9, 169,
10(), t;:!li. 552. 5S I, 1109, 634, 06:!, U91, 7 18
Hltelli!•ld. :!:!, /ill, ill, 10 1, 13:!, ISS, 18 1, :!12,
:!38. :!6 1. :!94, :J:! I , :)5:!, 38:!, oll2, 4.38, ·lfJ,
19 1. G:! l . li5 1, r.sn. t\118. 6:N, 661, 690, 718
\\'nlog uod Arljuullnl( ('ounta,.... :!3, 5 1, 77,
11)5, 1:n I 59, I tlii, :! I :1, 239, 265, 296, 325, Short Notices :
:Jr,:l, 38:1, 11:), 13!!, 469, 496, ii:!5, 553, 581,
A usgowi!.hlto •cbwl•isskon11t nactioncu, \' ol. I.,
UO!l, 63'>. Ull:l, Ufl I . i 19
tahlbuu, Dip..J njl. Olt o Hondy, 5 16
Autobiographical nnd Other Wri ting..., Alon
A. Camp boil •· ,,in t on, 07
.\or..lupg nnc.J Tropical CltnHill.'t!, H . ~.
Buildert~' l\Iatcrials , R . F. t:rundy, 02i
BootduJr , 637
Catalogue of British 'cicntific ond 'l'C'c hnicul
Brat 1sh Euginee nng lnduslrJI.'S, ('. )I.
B ooks (British l:icionco Guild), Daphno
Doul(las, 64 7
S haw, 627
<'luoa 'frndo, Chinn H nml, 506
Criticol Rovie\\ of Li teraturo oo ,\mplifiC'rtl
('uhol!aoo, 'fhow. ll. Web11t<>r, :!6ll
for Radi o Recep tion, 60
( 'otnmerd&\ l'Og~abi l itiOIJ of tho ,\ir<~hip,
l>csign of );;ll'C'Lricul A J>J.Il\rul ll 'i, John Jl .
X. Y. 7.., 200
Kuhlmaun, 69
Concreto Rooos uml their J oinll!, H . <.;. John·
m ect.ric 'l'eslaug Simplified , Jl. Jl . l.'. Cros..~,
son, 349
('oHt. of Ht>lium, R . V. Southwoll, 3·JO
Engincoriug IW!urnnco, H . R . ' l<otch, 6:!7
"(;reop " Designang, A. C. Vivian, G37
Heoley'a 'fwontioth Contury J<'ormulo\101,
Curse of <.'ompotit.ivo Soiling, A. F . Swl\ino,
R ecipes &nd Proco!llle8, 0. D . li.ia<'ox, 97
G9 1
HiRtory of the Canter bury and Wh it.st,oblo
])ulmuir, Vistu, 307
Railway, Rev . .Ro~iuald B . ..(<'oll o w:,~, 97
l)io!:IOI, ,John D. 'froup, :!7:i
Mochunical Engineer 8 Handbook, P1'0pnrod
Vivid i11g tho C1rclu, lxion, tl<J 7, 703 : .f.
by a Stall of Speoialista, Liont•l S. l\l'nrl<s,
Horton , 074 ; Dulgian, 67 4, 703 ; .'\. L .
6 16
Hynea11, OH ; K A. G. S., 67 1
Piping Hanc.Jbook, J. H . W11ll<or nnd ::inbin
)•:loctricity 'l'llrifTt~, C. D. N., l OS
Crocker, 487
Jo:ugiu coring Aitl to 1nd\lt!try, Lconnrd
Principles o£ Elect r ic Powl'r TrnnsUli~~:~i o11 by
Anc.JrowM, 56•1
Altcrnlltiu$ Currants, H . Wllddicor, :!Il l
l•'orl•il(ll 'J'ougul's, M. C. Uutl('r. 606 ; M.
Rural Elcct.r16cntion Sofoty Devices in (;o n.
G oS<~iel\u:. , 478; E. S. H odgson, 180, 395,
n e ction with Low-toosion Distribution,
606; 'l'nft'rril', 1•13; B. L. Voskuil , 478 ;
Alfred Ekstroom ond Vidar F.k~lroom ,
I.. A. \\' aro, 3 l S
WlV!S .Mukin~t, W. E . S. Turner, 619
.'tat.e o£ Voluano of Oxygen at. L ow 'fcmHigb·prosauro Locomoti1 C'fl, Dr. ·Ing. Opitz,
poraturos, Dr.·lng. Frit~; chmidl, 627
462: W . A. Tuplin, 47S
Study of tho I nduction ~fotor, F . T . Chnp·
Inferi ority Complex, Carhonizor, 647 ; Arthur
man, 5 15
Duckbam, fl47 : W. W . S., 674
'l'esting Rndio Sots, J . H . Hoyuo r, 627
Land Marling MBChincs, Goorgo MucGrogor ,
Tbo Bnrris tor, Sir lit\rold l\Iorri '!, K .C., O!l
Theory of Elcctricl\l Art.ifi C'iul L ino!! nnd
l.ciaun, , Artbur \\'allium~ton, 34S
Filtert~, A. C. Dnrtlcott, 97
Link.~ in tho His tory of tho Locomoth c,
Books Received :
C. R K, G~
L1vcrpool nud Mtloche!ltl.'r Htlilwt\), 11.
A<'ousti<·s of Bwlding~, F. H. \\'utt~on, :!84
Holcroft, 673
.\dministrati on H<'port. of th o Commat<~ion<>rll
LocolllOt.ho No. " 123," 1'. A. H y de , 260
for lho P ort o( Ht.mgoon , Apra l, 1029, to
) {arch, 1930, GI 6
Locomotive No. " 10,000," C. 1<'. D endy
1\lnrghall, ISO
.\ dvcrtisor11' AB<.;, 1030, 16
Afrikoanl! Self.tuught, L . \\'. \'tin Os, Edited
J.o~s of t bo "Co\ptain ," Octogeuurilm, 260
" llfiss Englomd '~" nnd Other High -~p<>ed
by H . J. L . Van Os. 6S3
Propollors, 1<'. Bumford, 42
.\ g ra('u lturol H el!onrt'h in 1929 : 'l'ho Hoyol
!ll otor <.'yclo lO.:n~-ti ncorinA , W. K Alcock, G3U
Ag ri<·ulturul Society of .Bn((hmd, 6:!7
.1.\lotor l:ilaip " Thurold," Chicogo J•:nginoer,
Air Atwutll of the Bt·itish Hmpiro, 1930,
Edited by ::!quaclron Londor C. 0. Bw·go,
Power f a·on1 \V ur111 W !\tor, t:eorgos Claude,
Al~obmic Cltl\rls, D esigned by Edgur Dol111,
60 1
l 'rcnt icl.'ll uml (;o ll<1go \\' orkshop!l, n. '"·
\\'1llia1n,.., 7
A Itcrnnting·currcut F.l<•ctl'it· nl Engineer ing •
Hmh,lly P•·ogres'!, ,J. c:. t:. Muh•11, 478
W. 'l'olm6 Mooeoll, 6 16
Hon•nt. llullor Stop ,\ <·cidt•llt 11 ut. Euf!tou ,
. \mcricnn P et rolcum R ell ning, lf. S. lloll, 60
.\mericun Ruilwuy S igonlling Principles l\nd
H . .\:.ou, 617
Hul:k Drilling 111 Coloonbo lllll'hour, (: . W .
J>mctice11 : Chupter 8, F.lcctro-puoumutic
!ntorlock.ing ; <.'hupter 9, R ectiliori!, 627
Doddt!, 180
ltural EIC'ctritlcllllon, J umea Sh~Uai<M, :Hio
•\n l!:urly E xperiment inlndustrial Orf>aniam·
::!11~ und :itroN~Cs in Q,•erhotld Wires, A. L.
I ion : Being 11 History of tho F1rm of
Boullon uud Wutt, 1775- 1805, Erich Roll,
Ualbmith, 663
Su~t~t ond 'l'l' JUIIUQ!j in 01 orhl.'ucl \\'ire:~, C. G.
•\ncion t System of J rtJ~ntaou m Bougal, Sir
Wat11on, 702
Wm. W illcocks, KC. M.G. , 627
Snlvago of Waste, Bomn, 61
.\nnali dei Lnvori Pubbhci (llill. Giornalo dd
t;umpling of Cool, Georgo H . Walloek, 3i7
Gonio Civilo), ~linistc.>ro dei Lavori Pub·
Hhishkolt Jlydro-themu:~l Storage Schomc,
0. E . llader, 673
blici, Consigho Suporiore, Anno LXVTII.,
l<'asc. No. 5, Maggio, 1930
15 1; Fm:~<·.
S1do Wmd ond R osi11lonce of Trnins, F . E.
No. 6, Oiugno, 193ll, 20G; }rl\8c. No. ,
J.inwny, 610
Al(o:Jto, 1930, 51 6 ; F osc. !1, SI.' Hem bJ'<',
S1du \\ ind und tho H <•s istouco of Twno,..,
(', Jo'. VNtd y Mol'l!holl, 047
1930, 627
,\nnules dos l>onta et. Chl\111•~61.',;, I U30,
I::! ado \\' md und I lot• Jtl'>lltlli\IICll Of 'l'ru111,..,
F asc. a, Mni.Juin, 487, l<~as1·. 4 , J1ull ol ·
F. };. L111dssy, 619; ('. Jo'. D endy .Murshull,
Acut, 604
Annates des Travoux Publics d o .Uolgiquo,
Hlecl.fn\med .UuildJnl(l!, ,J. A . t:. Smith, 42
1930, Fasc. 3, ,Juin, 284
Sydnoy H arbour Bridge, A. J. D ormao, 200 ;
Applied Mat.hemi\Lics for l~uginol.'rtl: Volume
.Hugh Hell, 200
1, Oraphicnl Statics ; Volwno 2, D ynn1nics,
Tcchnologicul Unomploymont., Hllgh P.
with an Introduction to tbo Difforontinl
Vowloa, 664
and Integral Calculus, T. Hodgson, 487
'foOBilo Strongt.h in B olts,}{. P. Spratt, 260
,\u ~ge11illalt <• Hclll\l'lo.~kon~trukl illlll'll,
\ ul. I,
Xtahlbou, DipJ..Ing. 0 . Uondy, 07
•\ utubicgrophit•lll ouuJ Ollat'r 'Vrlllll j.(><. \ , \ .
(;nmplx•ll S\\ intou. lli
.\ut omuhih• mul •\ir<·mrt 1-:uganl',., \ . \\
. lud ~<'. i IU
,\ut umuhalt• Hll•l'l-', Ui r. Dr.· lng. ,\ . )lltllt•r
ll nuiT nnc.J Dr.. J nJ:. 1-i:tlrl Sh•in , ' l'mu>!lnl•••l
hv H . Goldtwhmi<lt. 31 ii
.U·( T .;\1. Hh\odnrd>!, 19311, l'nrt J. , ~l o • l nl>~:
Pari li., Non·motollic Mntcoriol>l, 7 1H
.U~ .'J'. )f. T entative S tumlMds. 19aO, 00 I
Holti11g nml it s AJ'plit·11tio11, .1. Dlni ~I HI, jo111 ..
.B1•rich l t• tic>' .\u~;~t· hu><~t"! fUr Yt•l'>llll'lu• ion
:)tuhllm u , P tu·t 1 V., Vor~<ll<'ho ~U l' .Br lllill ·
lunj.( d<'l' l~uiclt~<punuungl.'n fUr vo ro~i t'hio "
d ontl lll~lllllil.W{,, , V. H tJi n , 083
B oric hi o
botritlb!lwit~~enst'lmrt li t· ll(l
Arboi ten, V cl. 5, Ahn\lt~unJ: \'CII M<'lt\lh•n
\Ill tot· bo:tondl.'r{'r BorUd1sidtt igung d t>r
llfcssOU.chcn von l..ohren , l)r.. I n g. 0 .
Nioberdiug, 083
Uert.riig<' ~~~~· c .. ~c·hic ht ~> d .. r T t•d mik n tHI
Jndus tril', I!latt, Jo:dit t'tl hy (\onmd Mill ·
t~<·hoss, 6U l
Ht>I\\ Cl'n T" o Ol'l'llll>~ : H"piol t'lailli n~o: nntl
Froc~iug Sysll'm-,s for J;'i~<h nnrl ll lf'ot, l\1. '1'.
Zurotsche11U'IT, HI
Builer H ow•o Muuu ol, H . Jo'ro .. h~. ;j I /j
Bol<'t im d11 A~t ri culluru, (;outt•aeau<' lnti U>ill lt>
( Publi\·uo Ollicil\1 do B!ltMio d" .Uulu u),
Nos. 1 113, Junoiro a lllurco do 192ll, 177
British Hailway11 and Unemploymeut, K H.
B. Roberts, 126
Bui lder<~' Materiuls. R. F . 13. t:rundy. GIG
Hullotin o( the Brit iHIJ (;a...,I. rrun Hl.'o;curc h
Assocint.ioo . Jul y, 193(), 226
Bus iness C horts, T. t:. R os<>, ,; l!i
<.'t~lvert.'s Mecha n i{·l!' A lmnmwk, 111:11, l'l lot NI
by J. Brookli, OS:J
<.'nnal Irrigat.ion in tlu• l'unjnh, P noo l \\'.
Pauatian, 16
Carnegio l:ich olt\ndai p l\l"•1nui r11, \ ' ol. X I X ., fi l G
<:t\taloguo of Brit.i«h St·iontilic 1\nd ' l'l•l'l mi col
.Uool<s, D nph11 o, how, G15
(;cyton Govorumont Ra\ilwoy: Ad auiniHtrt•·
1 ioo R eport of the Generul Mnnnge1· fur
I !)29. Pnrt rr., R OI'OIIUO ( D.). fi l G
<'h ari11g Cross Brid~t<'. A. Ku.,u, Gl 6
Chel:~et~ School of l\lelallurjly :
for the Session I 930 31, l!S l
City of Liverpool : Roport. of the 'V11tcr
Engineer for th o 'l'welvo l\lout.h11 t•ndl.'d
l\[arcb a 1st, 1930, with w hich is incor·
poro.ted a Brief Dc<~cription o£ tho Wnlt•r
Undertnkiug, 6 15
City o£ $hl"llielcl, Cit y Engineer tllltl Sur·
vcyor's Department, Hcport. of th e Haf<,h ·
wav and Seworuge Com mittee fort he Ycor
i'ndcd Mnr<'h 3l.d, I 030. 4 q;
( 'oko for Blast.furno<'<>,., H . A. :.\loll l\llll H.
Y. W beelo!', 604
Colliery Monogcr 's J>ockct· book. .\lutoauw
and Diory, 19:Jl, cdit.-d by Jl. t:rcenwoll,
7 10
('omno odity :1\ll\rkct'i, t•ompilt~d 1\lld ibSIICd
b y tbe SwiSli Bank Corporat.ioo, 226
C'cmprohoosive 'frcat.iso on !norgl\nit· nnd
'l'heoretical Cbomistry, Volumo X.: l:i.So,
,f. W . Melior , 69
Compressed .tir Plunt. : Tho Product ion,
Transmission and U so of Comprossod Air,
R. P celo, 627
Concreto Products nnd t'o~ l Hl on eo, lJ . L.
Child t', 627
C'unclon.sed Outline of l\rod<•ru Ph yt~icnl
Chomistry, 1''. H . (;on.stnhlo, 16
Copyl'ight. in lndut~triol D l•Hign.., A. U.
l~ussoii -Cint·ko, 45S
Cours d ' Optiq uc, 0 . Bruhot. 6:!7
(;rartsrnon's Measure~ in Prchi ;:~torio Time'~.
L . MucLoU1m l\lnnn, 710
Dl\8 Trocknon der lioble, l\l. \\'eiss, 15S
D efiniti ons ond ~'ormulro for Students :
};;tec trical lnatollnt.ion W ork , J.o'. 1'. So:.t on,
D or Einkauf in dcr l\Ictolli ndu~:~tril•, J)r.. J ng.
B orlh old Buxbaum, GS:J
Der Graphit, 0. KnWJch, :J 11
D ovelopm<>nt of the Federal Progrommo of
Flood Cont rol on tho :1\lisaissipp• Ha wr,
Dio EleklrizitiHsg~sel zpebung dor Kult ut ·
lundor der F.rde. Vol. I., Uou tHchl ond :
Ycl. ll., " 'egt cu ropa; Vol. UI., Nonl ·und
O:sleuropa, I GI
Dio uatllrlichen tmd kons tlichen A'lphult<•,
Profe1111or Dr. J. l\larcusson , lV!Sist.cd by
Professor H . Burchartr; uod J."rorc ~Mor
P. Wilke, 604
J)i o Zustnudgr ossen dos tHn·gt oiJg b ei t it•f <'ll
T cm pcraturon mit. Dillgramcu, l.)a·. . J np..
Fritz Sehroidt , 604
Di NIOI .En~ine Opomtion, l\ lninton•1nco und
Hopoir, {), H . Buchawll, atG
l •:osy Los!lons in 'J'olovit~ion, H.. '\V. llutdtin·
son, 616
l~<·onomi c Y ugol'IOI iu, r tlil\•tl by t he Onico
for F oroign Trod<>, ut. tlao Mi11is t ry or
(;oao mcrco nnd l nduKtry. Bclgrndc, ~2U
.Bicell·ical P ower 1'1'llll'llllits'•ion nnd l ntor·
c·onncction, C. Dl\ n11nt t, n11tl J . '"· J)aJ .
gloish. 46S
]~lectricity on <..:us \\ urks, 11. '. W ic.Jiakc, 604
l~ll.'ctrolyt.ic Conduet10n , 1•'. Jl. ~o,~ mon , 60 I
Elomont.s of .Ft•rrouH Mot.11lurgy, J. L .
l~o11onholz, 281
Engincol'int:t. A . l'un e>1 ( :e>~t , cdit01.l by
G. D opuo H ac.Jzei t11 l\nd D . .Mooro Hobinson,
li S7
Engineering Econ oulict~, T. H . J3urnlu~m, l :J I
Engineering Insurance, H . R. Sketch, 054
l;;np,inecr iug Scienco : A 'econd Y ea1'11
Course, W. W ard, 487
J~ngli11h Do. rat. in~ Appcols botlrd u11dor tho
Rati.uF( a nd Valuation (A pport.i onmout )
Act, 1928, April 4th t o July lltla, 19au.
edited by l\1. E. R o11c oud J. Stl\nton, 60 I
l!:sso.yll o£ t\ J.oco1uoth·e Mun, K A. PhillipRon ,
5 15
Evolution of !nduslraul 0l'gt\n illatiun, .U. F .
Shields, 487
Examples in Engineer ing Design, 0 . W. Bird,
Expo1·imont.nl :Moch anicul Engin oori ng, Vo:.
I., Engineering I AAt.rumonts, H. Diedoriohs
and W. C. Andra.c, 3 16
<1 87
Uyp11um J111lusl ry of <.'tmodn, L . .1:-lt•IJor ('oi l•,
}f ondb ouk of Enli(lil!h in Engiueo t•i ug UHt~l!<',
A . <.;. liowoll, 4S7
H tlndbook on Nickel.(;oppor Alloy Con~l uouw o·
T ube!!. 604
l lnody Hotol G uide, 1930-3 1, 69
}l ol\t. 'froatmoot in F orgi ng Stcol, 13.
Sn\mdors, 6S3
Jlonll.'y 11 Twentio~h Century Book of '1'1•11
T bou.snnc.J R ecipt's, F ormulas ond l'ru cosse", G. D . lliscos, 69
Hl'rmann':t PockE't. Technical J>il'l iomu y.
t:orm11n - Engli:~h -Italian. English - Ul.'r
Hllln- Ilalian, und Itolian-Gerlllan-Bngla~<lt,
Engi n '>I
lligh ·power H ctwy·duty
Dovelop meut. und Exporionccs, G. .\.
Melior, 206
J\gricult.ural lmplemonts a nd Mnchiul•ry,
A. J. Spencor and J . .B. Pass moro, a I G
UritiRh RninfaU, 1929, U8:l
C'oncrl.'t<' ,Joints in Conc re to : B ondi ng Nt•\\
('onn<1t o t u O ld, N orm•m Uuv<~y, US:l
( 'ondit iunH ond Pros1-1ect,. of B ritil!h Tmd o
in J ndin, 1!!29 30, T. M. Aincough, Gl li
( 'o·it if'ul R eview of Lilornturo on Amplili<1r11
for Hodio H crcp t ion, , 'pcci11l Hopur~
~o. !l, 16, 3 15
Ol.'.purlmcont of l';rient ific tlnd tndustrit~l
Rcsoarch , F ut'l Resl.'orC'h. 'l'cC'h ni<'nl
P aper No. 26 : '.rho InOuonco of Hizo or
Coal during Gas 1\lanufncturc, 2:!6
EconomiC' Conditions in Com•dt• to l\hl).
1930, R<1port. by F . W . F i<>ld , 15 1
E <'onomi c Cond itions in lloly . .Ho port by
1~. C. l>onnldson and H . C. A. Cor.
ponter, 15 1
Economic Contlitions in tho Ncthorlund,..,
Hoport. by R . V. Lamin~. 1U
E1·onomie ('ouditions in P ortu!(tll , Ht,port
by A. H . W . King, 97
Economic Conditions in Roumuniu, Hopo11
by H. ,J. 1~. Humphreyt~, 22U
E<'onon•i<' Conditions in Sweden, H1•port
hy w . J. t:lennr. 16
E<·onomio Conditions in T1arkt'y, He port
by Colonel H . W oods, 1ii
Flome·proof F.lectrical Apporut.u'! for 'L'Ktt
in Coni Min<'s, Summnriginp: l t<>pOJ'I.
1. F . C. Stnl hnm nnd H.. V. Whc<>lt•r. 117
l•'ood Inv<>sligation l3ol\rd for tllll YN•r
1929, 10
Jo'11ol R oscurch T oc:hn it'lll P t•por· Nu. 2Ci :
'l'ho .Ronotivit.y of Coi<Q: 3, 'l'ho J aillu~'" ''''
of Iron (;ompcundtl, J. H . Jonotl, .). (: .
King, ond 1~. S. SiJ\HIIlt. 16
Jl ome-grown Timbers: 'l 'lwir Auutoanit·nl
Ht rut·turo and its H{llt\t.iual to l'lt •y,..i<·lll
l'rope rt iel!- l~l m, 004
Iuc.Jox to tho L itoratu ru of Jt'ond Jnvest i·
.((lltion . \ 'olumo 1 L., S<,plt•mbl'l', I ti:JO ,
'" ''0\11111'\'IIIOn t of 11 H npi tll .} Fhtt't.ullt "'!-:
Flo\1 o£ Gl\"'• )."uol Hc:l('llat'la '1\·chni•·ol
Pnpcr No. :!7, 515
.Minometer of lligb 'on><itilll~, E . 0\1 er ,
•) t ..
ut aonnl Phyt~ical Labomtor.} : HI.'port on
tho Engi neering D l.'pl\rtnwnt. for tilt~
Ycor 1029, !)7
OI'N'St roin of Metals und itt~ ,\p ph<'lllion
I o t ho Auto-Frot.tl\g<' PrO<'('"" nf Cyhndl.'r
nnd t<uu Conlll m t•tion, ,l,~jm· .\ . E.
MtiCroo, 17i
Ht•p oa·t of tho llualtl uog Ht''t'art·lt Bt>tlrd fuo·
tl1o Yellf 19:!U, 60 4
H I.' port ou ( 'onstrucllow; u£ \\ drlt•tl ( '""
t ninors, 369
Htllling Shi ps : Thei r lla t~lo•·y nml V o1 dup·
m ont. o.s lllul!trated by the Collection of
S hip 1\lodels in tho Seionce l\ltat~oum,
Port. I., R ist orical N oles. 6S:}
Sign.ificl\nco of Sporos in t he Corn•lnLion ur
Coal Heoml!, Pt\rt. I ., t he PMiq~t\lo Hcnou,
South Yorkshiro Aroa, 34 i
LITERATURE (rontinuC(/):
LITERATURE (ro11timwl) :
Books Received (rontinucd) :
Book s Received (rontimurl) :
H.llf. XT.\TIONimY o~'l'H' I•: I'UB I .Il' \'liO'>S
l'h1iu nncl Or•n'"'"''"lnl Forging. Ern Hl
( r·•ml i 11 u.ed) :
Sc-11\\ or~kupr. !i I ii
l'ortmit nf 1'\'lc•c· l'c•lt nnd lh<l Hovl'l'l'ign of
:-ilt'<'><.~l'-< in t\ H otliully :-:pok1•1l \\'ir1' \\'h1•c•l
t lu• Xt•t\1<, Oll:l
lfnul•r Londs Applic!l lo the l{im. l'ru·
J'o..,hll Hrfm111, Eel" in \\'plls, 5 1;;
f1•~o•· A ..J. :-;\tHou l'ipp6rtl t~nd " '· 1·:.
" J'rncllcul J~ng111cor " Elrclri<·al J'u(·k!'l ·
FmiH·iR, 3i~
book nud IJtory , 1931, C<litcd h) ('numcl
:-;t u~oli()~ in Heinforc<'u l'llut:rol<' : J, llo"'l
. \l'Dold, 7 w
H1•t<i.. t MWO ; ~. Shrinkllj.:tl i'\t r<'~'~~'"~ : :1.
" l'rncticul En).tlltrrr" )f<orlttllli<·tll Pcwlwt'l'hl' ( 't'f'<'Jl or Flo" of ( 'lllll'f<'l!• l' ntl••r
buok nncl ))11\r), 1!)31 , <•ditNl by K <:.
l.u11d, ;;1;;
1Jeck. 7 I0
\\'n14lll).tO m Itnportctl Ft·~ul : J_t-. ~.ntu~··
l't·oclirol 'J'rcl\ltbO 1111 • ingl.• !loci .\llllli -Htogc•
l·:,tl•n><ion ontl J'ri'\ C•ntHm. 1,. 11\j.! XJX'l'llll
Cl.'nlnfu,:col J'urnp><. H.. ] )ddd, tron~<latru
Foml lm Cl!tis.:nt ion Hc•pnrl ~o. :18 of lhn
h\• C. W . Ollivt•s·. 4 7
l )l' PilrllOCIIt. of ::icionl ifi1· 111111 J ntlut~tril\l
l'ri,;c-iplt•>~ of JO:Irctri c J>ower 'l'n~nt<mi:::l!ion by
Hl'llNWt:h, ~:!6
.\l h•rnoting C'unontll, H . \\\\ddieor, 487
\\'i nd T\lluwl 'l'csl>! 011 t:!o>~ll'r 111111 Rttp(lr ·
Pri nci pieR of Engi nct'ri n~ Thormodynnm ics,
IIHI.l'illl\ "'inp:}h~tlialor~. ))1•. lt . t:. Jl orri!'<,
P. J. Kiof11r nnd i\f. C. Stuart, 710
).. 1~. Cnygill, nnd R. A. FlliJ·thorrw, 3i2
l?rir1eiple~:~ of Struetuml Mechanics, 1'. J.
11 O\\ to F orm a C'omponv, H. \\'. ,J ordt\n, 6!)
Wsldram, 344.
J1 ydmulirs for l•:n~nl'<;"" nnu J~ngincrring
" Proccownga" of lho Institution of Civil
:-;tudc11t "• F . C. Lrn, G I:;
F.ng:inCOft!, \' ol. 22 • ii I G
J mpurit irs in Molllls : TIH•ir J nll\INH'<) un
" P roccrdinJtS " of the HtniTorcl~hin• lnm tiiHl
Xt nH'llll\'
on cl l 'roprrt 11.'~, ('olin .1.
l';tN'I In,.tll\ltc.', 1 9~0-30, 6 :1
:-itnit hl'll:<, ·I 7
l'u blic " ' orks 1>cpnrt ment, ~lnclro.~
I n<lPxin).t of Books tuul l'~.•rimltl·nl-., .J. \\' . '1'.
sidency : Adntinist rnt ion Ht'port., I 02g :!!1,
\\'ttl"h, ;; Hi
P nrt, J l., I rrigtltiou, fi9
Jn,.litulo of ('hemit~Lry of (:r1·•1t. llntuiu tlnll
Quonhtllt t'hrmi~:~try, ,\ . }hw:<, trun:<loh·d
J reluml : ,/ o•unal nn•l " l'rOt'\'t'tllllgs,''
br L. \\'. ('odd, r.1.;
1930, PtlrllV., 37:!
Ht\IJid i\1('thods for thc Anolyt~il:! of l:lJ•N·itll
J 11!1Ulo.t.ion onu l!'i t.t.itl).tl'( \Jf H t•h·i gem tod
Steel!<, St<'lll-tnn king Alloys , th<.'i t• Or•t•><,
:-ipo.cc~ on Shipboard, H.. 1\1. Hm·lmnon, 683
C: n1phiti.'t1. nnd HoMing 1\loh\ls, C. Monis
l"lluin~-t lloose Ycor Hook 1111(1 l•'inllncial
JobnSOII, 372
A H <.', 1930, Compih'd hy th11 lnHlilt!te of
R crhmrng.. wr~Wn im Ml\ilchinl.'nbnt•. Gcn(lrlll·
('ommerciol Roscar(·h. Ltd .. llll
dit-cktor Horbert P oisrr, 545
In troduction to 'tntcluml Thcory and
Regions! ancl Town Plnnning in Principle
Dt'~ign, H. 'uthcrlnnd nml 11 . L . Ho" llll\ll,
t\nd Praetict'. \\'. H . McLean, 226
Report of thl' British Acetylono Al!Sociation
)nHstigtllions in Ore 0f<'l>!>i ll~ nml ~l etnl­
to thr Tenth International Act't.ylcn{'
lurAY (Testing ~:~nrl Hr-.<''\rt:h J,tlbomlorie~),
Con!frCRI! hl'lfl nt ZUrich, July 9th to 12th,
10 28.~~~~
1 Q30, on t hi> J>rogrel'S of Oxy-ncotylrne
I nVt'~!l igst ion of Millcml Hcsourrrll and t ho
\\'{'lding und Cutting in tho 'British ]o;rnpirc,
1\lini s t~ l nduslry, l'ublicntio11 _l 8Sltcd hy
I ho Mines Brunch of tho C'onudmn Dl'pnrt ·
Hopo•·t on th<~ Jnflucncl.' of tho Pannm11
mont of Mines, 205
Cannl on tlw Tr·r\<I O wi th \Ve13tom Conodo,
Jo lmson'tJ l\Jatorials of <.;onst rurtion, l\1. 0 .
JtUl(), l fl30, 177
Witltl'Y nnd Jam\}!! Ali i on, Edited l.!y Y . E.
Hichtlinjou fur go~:~chweill8te Ga&olu:loitw,gcn
'l'urnoauro, 5 15
von ml:'hr nit~ 200 mm. Durcluncr<scr \tnd
Jt~ttmul of tho Boston l'ocirty of ( 'i' il En~i·
mohr 611! 1 l\tm B<ltt·iebRdntck, no
nct'r-., Vol. XVII., 51G
Hi \'('r l'ynr : Tll! 'J'rudc l\nd Facilitit•s, odited
Journal of the l ron ami 'li.'1•ll11:1lilull•, I 030,
hy lt. W . JoiHuiOll anti H .•\ughton, 125
Vol. CXXL. 5\.)
Houlc:> 'urv<~y"'K• (:. \\'t.'lli ogton Pickt'lt:! ond
J our11al of t ho Jnsl i l uto of )Jt•t ,,h,, \' ol.
C. Lorilon W1lry, 604
X IJ 1[, Edit('d by(:. Slmw-Scolt, 284
Hubb<>r : ' '" Economio ontl Statistical Study.
JQIIrllal Of tho }nslit.ution of _t:nginCO~
J os6 C11rlos do l\Jocedo owrcs. 97
( ludia). Moy, 1930. 16
Hu bbcr Information, edited by H . B . Cron·
Journal of tho. Worcest er Polylt'chtllc Inslt·
shaw, I 25
llHt', W orcest er, Massocbusotts, July, 1930
coi ng uy Wirol css (1'olovision ), Hnlph
Stran ge r. 372
E olly's Diroctory of tho Enp;int'o rinct. I [urd(•Ionium Coli : Ttl! Propcrt1os tmd Apphrswnr<~, Motnl o.nd Mot.os· Trl\dos, I !):JrJ, 5 1G
tions, C. P. Bnrnnrd. whh o }'oroword by
Kin11mnt.ics of Machiuos, CJ. L. <.:uillol, 07
John W. 'l'. Wt~lt~h, 226
J{ohlcnwal!Sergi\S, J. Gwosd:t, 458
Silk l\nd th11 Silk I ndustt·y, J. Schobor,
Limo>~toncl!: Their Origins, Distribution and
trsns iMod by It. Cuthill, 3 15
ll::~es, F . ,J. North, 187
• ind t~nd the Lloyd Barrngc, third edition (ns
Li\ t' rpool and Manchester Shipping, Wh o's
revi~<cd up to Juno 30th, 1930). 177
Who f 627
ir John Cass Tcchnicol lnl!ti t.uto : Syllol.!u~
J.ondon and Southampton Shipping, Who' s
of Classes for tho l'ssion 1930-31, 2 4
Who! 627
kaodinaviska ]{red itaktiebolag()t : CotlwnLondon
nivel'l:!ity Cuido and U nivcrsity
burg, Stockl1olm, ~Jolmo Quarterly ll<>port,
Correspondeneo Collogo Calondar, 193 1-32,
No. 4, October, 1930, 515
'outh American H andbook, 1931, 654
Mnchino Dceign Problems, S. J. Berard and
o.:pc<'ificntions in Detail, F. W . Mncey, F ourth
J·:. 0. Wat.Qrs, 5 15
Edition rovil!od bv D. Brooko Wld J. W.
)lt~gneto i\lnnuol, H. H... Longuhlll, 69
ummrrfiold. 683 •
l\f:\nuflwLuring l ndustr10s of tho ll rtllsh
Spirit of Chemistry. A. F indlay. 97
l•:mpire Ovorsoas, Part I., Canndt\, 683
prings and Suspon11ion, T. H . Sondors, 604
l\lt~rino Aircro.ft: Elomeot,ary Nuv11l Arc·ht ·
S torrpun kt lend Viskositiit Bitununoser
tccL. Cnptain P . H . Sumoer, 604
Stofle. }:1. Motzgor, 97
Mou..•mromont of H ydrogen Ion Conccnt.mtion,
'tcsm P ropulsion, a seril's or nrti clcs reprinted
J ulius Crnnt, 16
I rom t ho J ottrnal of Commerce, 5 16
.1/echanical ll'orld Year Book, 1031.710
Study of the Induction Motor, F. T . Cho.pMorhtmics of Buildings, .\. D. Turner. I ~.3
man. 60
.i\Iochat1ism of Nat.ure, Profc88or .E. N. Da ~·.
'upport of Undlo'rground Workinp:s in the
Andrade, 16
Coalficlds of th<~ • orth of England. 451!
Motallurlly of \\1tite )rE'tal Sero.p and Hesi ·
urface \\'otor , upply of Canada: .t\ rctic
dues, E . R. Thews, 487
and \\'ostern Hudson Bay Drninago (and
)Jetropolitan \ Vater Board, Tw<~nt.y-fourth
Mississippi Drainago in Canada.) in Alberta,
Arulunl Report on. the . .Ri.'s~ltl! ~f ~ho
Saskat<'howan, ~J anitoba. and ' Vcstorn
Cbomienl and Bact(molog•r nl Exammat1on
Ontario for tho Climntic Year 1927-28, 604
of tl•o London Wat.ors for tho Twelvo
Surveyin.g for Schools, S. right P orrott, 604
~'lout hs l~ndod D ecember 31!!t, I 029, Rir
Tocbn.icnl Dato on Fuel, edit od by E. 111
Aloxl\ndor Houston, 20:)
Spiors, 07
?llotropolihm \Vater
lloord :
Twonly Tecs-sitlo 'hnmbt'r of Commot·co l\loothly
ROven th Ammal R eport. fo•· t h o Y Nlr Ended
Journal. 177
)[un·h 31st, 1930, 604
T olevision for All, Charles G. Philp. 226
)uno Almosphert., W. Puyrnnn and I. C. F.
T esting Had•o, ?Ill, J. li. Hoynor , 51_6
• tothllm, U9
T t'x t il<~ )lrcht\lllt'il ond H eat Engmcs, . \ .
)Jint'rul R csour<'t'S of the vrutrd l:itntcs, 1927,
Riloy and Jo~. nunkl'rlt'y, 515
Ptlrt I .• Metals; Part. 11., Non-metnl'l,
'J'hcory anti lksign of Illuminating Engine('r·
}~..1. l~ntz, 487
ing Equipmrnt, L. n. \\'. Jollo)', J . ~1.
) lodrrn llridgo ColiJ!truct ion, F . .1oh n~l ouc
\\'sldrum. and G. B . \\' ilson, 487
Tuylor, 60
Throry of Jl t'at J~ugi nei<, including lhl' Action
)!odcrn Dowser: A Pruc li<·nl Guide to
of l\luscloll, J . H. H oldano. 226
Divining, Lo Vioomt o th•nry do J•' rance,
T ownrd tl (.;ivilistltion, cditod by C. A. Bcurd ,
Trl\ll81o.t ed l'>y .\.H. Boil. 60 1
Modorn :-;l"' ago Dispo&ll nud H ygi<~n ks,
Tmdo i\hwk Low t>nd Pnlcticc, A. ·w.
::;, H . Adt1ms, 34.<1
(:f'itJitiU!, 16
.Modrrn i)toam Turbine, Ur. -Iug. R A. Krart,
Tmdc:> SutH'r: ' '" lnh•rnt\tiont\l ::>tud) uf
'l'rudo Contlit1on~. prepared by tho E rono·
)lodom Work~:~hop Pmctict', E . Pull, 6 15
micnl tlnd ,'tnl i~<tirnl Department o f till'
blot or J.aw: An . \l phabcticul Di~r .. t. of tl w
B.E .• \ . ~J . A., :?211
Stotutcs und R egulatiorus AITt•N in~ t ho
" of lh<' Jn:<titulion of ('lwuuo,, 11<'11:1 of Privoto 1\Iotor Cnrx nnd Mot or ·• Trnn><M'liOllt:!
c.·al l~ngin~·~·r"l. \'ol. 7. 192\l•. 46 .
( 'ycl('!-1, iududing tho R oad 'l'rallir A<·t,
" Tnutsuctionx " of tlw lno~l1tutwn (•f ( '"''
1030, ('ompili.'d by tho .\ .•\ . L<•gtll D<'Jlllrt ·
:Engim'l'fl! of Jrclnnd, \ 'ol. !-"·:~~I}
1110111. 17 7
" Tran~<acliOIIS" C\( lho JnHtttullou <I( Nnn1l
,\lutor Hepuir Mtlllllt\1, 9i
.\rthitect><, 1930, 60 t
~lv Frit•nc l . .tllr. Edison, H l'lll') Jo'o1u 111th
Twenty-fourth Annau1l Jh-po•:t of the• B1• 1!~"~
:-)nllluel l'r·o'' l U!.'r, ()Hi
Smokl· N uit~onCI.'l! Commu!l!tun for t ho ~Nil
:\<•w Huulh \\'t•k•o~, Hopor~ of lho t>cptlrtuu•ul
1029 ~0()
of P ublic Works for Lilo Yl•tlr J•:ndod Juuo
Ul:'bor 'dir l •'ol!tigk<>it obt•nN· ~okrcmpll'l'
30th, 19~0. 226
K cssdbi>dt·n ohno und mit J.iingsnnkl'l·
:\on·m<llllllic I nclll8ions in l ron ~~ud l:>tcel, Dr.
oder Hauchrohr, Dr. c. Tccl111. U. A .
Carl Boncdicks ond H olgo Lofquit~l, 604
Huggc.m lwrgrr, :JIG
Organisation in tho Cotton Tn\dr, Jo'. tlrcl'n·
Unti.'fl!Uclmnlo(cn tlbor <h•n Lu!t\\ tdcrt~tond,
halgb, :!Sl
Or.-lug:. J\url Sutter, 6 3
Jlo.racbutinl!. ('. ])i:-on. 1;, ·
\ ' oh I'll 111\tl \{(•\ l'rl<lll~ c:eur::<. BPI\l>iCIII
l'tl(('nt,., l>t•>t tj.:ll~ 1111d 'l'rudc • ,\ l,u·k \t·t "· I I.
J lul C'l 111\t!OII, ll\7
Fh•tchcr bluullun tlllll .1. 11 . E\1111'>·
\\•c:tl•wll\k<·hnrm·><, l.t""" UH\JHI , tiO I
.Jtu kbou, .; I !i
\ \•dc••al XululiOllllf ·' t'. ('•n·tutt<, ,\ , t:LIIIIPLl,
l'l.mHtOJ\ unci :-iutx•rl\111111111 tun F111ul ~. H.
:! l
.Robortsou ar1d •\ . Xoni\1\'L~. Uti I
\'ollstuuiligQ Zal1k•ntafdn wad lJ1ogrnmwc
l'hy icoJ MetaUur~y Laboratory l\lunuol, X.
• H\r das spt'zifischo Volume~ ell's \\'asJ!I:'r·
.K W oldmnn, 515
druupfPfl bri J)rnrkt'n zwtRI'hl'n l ~1ml
l'hyf!ikalieehe Stt\u hi)('Hl i nllll\lltgc•n, 0. l\f.
:!70 utm. , Dr.- In~. Jl . XfWYt'n·r and Dtpl.·
J<'abor, 28 l
]Jtg. (:. l)nun•r, 7 JO
l 'looe of Engint'cring Scil•nc~.• in Llm' n~<it)
Water Po\\<lr Around tbo \\' otld, l' ornLm, Ut
S tud•ce, H . V. outbwell, 611
LITERATURE (rontinu«l):
Books Received (co111 i nrwl) :
Wnter :-;upply and \'t ih>~nliou, 1>. 1\l. Unker
a\nd J L Co11klin!;, ~8 1
\\'hih\kc., r's Ahm1or10k. I 0:11, .1. \\'hittlk~,•,·, 6$:1
Wind Strr~<.-;cl! in lluildiug-., Hohins Flomiog,
2 1
Tcehnollll!.' :
Mt'ta.~urt'mi.'nt ruHI \pplrrotwu" o( X-rn)"·
JJ. ) J. 'l't'rrill nml C. '1'. Ulrt'), -1 7
Zmt Smelting from t\ l 'h1•micnl und Thornlll·
(I) numi(· \ 'il' \1 pmn t , ('. (:. )lllil• r, 51;)
Zur J!'rogl' dcr Br nnSJII' III'hung bo1m Duurrl'lllag\'<'rsuch (:-;1 f<'"~ tit Jt<'P<'IIh•d J mpo(·t
'l'l'><t:<), Dr.-) "K· S. HN·g, 1111
z\\ <'1\Uitl?." tmzig!ill• lll'rl(• h t fo! I>(I' c)(';< Koh ltl 11.
~:~ to 11 Ul\ll&~c· hus..~<'i:l de•>~ H 1'1(' IIHkuh I<IIIJ'll tcs.
Ll \ ' E H POOL nnd ~lunrh~•sll'l' Hllilwt\y, Cen·
l 011tHV of, 3 J G
Lloyd 's· I~ogister or Shipping, Allll\IU! Heport,
London W ut crs, Hoport. on. 195, 230 . .
Lorry with Movin.,: J>Jntform, Prut(•tptlltl~·
Wngon Cornpnny. l.td., G10
l'utt.in)! '1'1•:<1:< with ( 't•nt\•Ut.·d Ttnl}l>!l\•tt·
tMIJicl1• Lut he Tool::c, 'J'. U . J>it:!-:1'8, :l l7
J)1•illing ) fnchintl ror :-:tcl•l ('oltantnS 1\llcl
(:irtlors, Stntchtml 'or\ i(·O (.;ompt\ny, ii 12,
,) 18
Ll\thc, ::\e" Dl't~ign of ( 'omiJint\Lion ' t'urrol,
.\trf<'d H t'rt)('rt. U d .. 50 . 602, U03
Supt'r HigiH•pcl'd Lntho, John H olroyd und
I i mtrl/) :
?llotur t't\N n11d Hul\tl Tmlli<•, 4 1.;, 5.36. tlGtl,
7 •) •)
tlltd Blo" ing .M tll'hint'r~, tW, I :HI,
''8" t"l-v • ~ ''· •· f
Slup~ 1111d llotll><. 1118. :l:!i. (i:jl!
~11•11111 (;I' IICI'tllllr><, ~;;, :! 11 , :!lii, :J:!i, 171,
IO i 6 3 7:! 1
S\1 it<·i•gct•;, I :1.1. lli I. :J .;, 115, Ill , ti l l, tili.i.
T<•lp~mph'! oml 'l'l'll'tlhotw~. :!.i. 7!1. I :Jti. 10 I .
•.,-I • 6'1,,,,, t l•
~). 1"tr I, •J• I
I -( • 3""
'l'rlltiiWtl\'1< nnd Btlil\\ r\y>l, ~:; •.; I, I tl:!. ~I ti,
~07. :lilli, Gfl:l
'J'rn ""f1>rn u•r.. "''tl ('t>n vt• rl <'I"><, .i:l. I o i. I :1.;,
I Si. 2 1.;. :J:ifi, :lS.;, G27
'J'l'llll"lllirc.~ion of Po" i.'r, i9. I U7, ~I H, :!tli!, ~117.
:327. :lfi6. <1<11 , 471 , 58:1
l'EAH(;t·:, Ur. :-:. 1. .. Ar•·tut~c·rnl!nl ror ('h•tlll!!ing
I"Iuc G a>~N•. :l !l l
Pt'r:<onnl nnd Bll,.in('~>i Announcc111<1nl8, 26, 5 1,
77, I :J:J. IG!I, I r,, 2 13. ~39, 265, 29ii, :125, :1;;:1,
:} :1, <I 13. l :l!). 172, 495, G~S • .";G3, () I , 6U!l,
t;:J;;. tlt;:l, tlO I , 7 10
l'hoto-clcclrio Bit umcn Estimol ing ,\ ppnrut u~.
H.. 1. IJ niiMd C'o.• J.tu .. 568
I''IX' Tl•-"tllll! ~hwlune. Con~·roto. :J~3
I'll ling i11 \\'tlh•r 'l' urhinl·s, El11\ . Ent.:l"~""'·
ll~ J ~ I
Port l mpn" I'IIH·ut, ut Jl nlift•:-.. ~ .~., :19tl
l'ort (t( llaH'cll'lll"• I "'l"'ovc.•m('nt" 111 tIll', :!ill,
o •I
l'rrmi J I' (:t\tl l•:ugimt ('omptuly, IA <I .. I OUt!
B. I I. I'· Vi11-t.- ' ' i:< R orizontnl Oil J•: uAi" l' fo•·
.Fon l' umpinj.:. tl2ll, 6:? 1 ; (Ermlum ), (liS
(.'o., Ltd., O!l.t. 0 G
:'ll11~nrtir Rcparolion nnd Xi"' 1111-( of Foundry
~11nd, H t~pid ~logtwtting .\lot hin o Com-
Ql',\HTEH.' S
H t'~tHslor of
'luppin~. 42ti
Hchlnll!, Lloyd ·,.
pnny, Ltd., 6:Jn
~lt1nufucturo of " .!!:cl ipso " J l nckt~t\W Bludes,
:312, 316
:\I ;\~ l ' l<'ACTU1U:: of H.A ..\ . CllrLridge Ct\SO><,
1•'. Atlcock, 668, 7 00
i\lorlcet <.:ardon (.;ult-ivt~lor~<, <.:oo. Monro, Ltd.,
Molropoli tnn \\'l\tor llol\rd, A nnut\1 Hoport, 5:l6 RAILWAYS AND RAn.WAY MATTERS :
EuHtOI\ BuiTor
'lop Collil!ion, t'oloud
Modi.'\ or Bnush-Ljttnl(~<lrorn Slotun Turhine,
'french '~:~ Hoporl. 54i
Hoynl ::icotthsb l\J usoum, (.1 lus~ow, J 2tl
Flliluro of Jo'h\t-botlom Stcel HoilR, .\ . J I.
Munktelll! i\Jek-Yl•r"''lllldl! Aktii.'bolog, Fu<•l Oil
Ji uddnrt, 6SO
Tractor , 338, 3:39
Great " '('stern Hailway Compnn~'" :\<1"
120-Ton .RnihH\y Trolley. 48
L.)l. ·. Hnilwu~·. Now ·• Royal Scot " Expr·t'~S
'l'min, <13
L.)l.S. Hllllwny Telegraphs, 22 1
L.N.E. Roilwoy, Wireless on T rain><, 59~
X ,\'l' J ON. \ I. t'crtifical e>< in :;\IIJc ltOnit•r\1 Engi ·
Hail HI\! NI on l ron ond Steel, by 1~. 'J'. Good. 7
nooring, 37i
Honcwnl of F olke!!Lone .H orbo\•r Swin~
Ntll\lrt\1 Cns, Propo><od Long Pipo Lin{'s for, 311)
13ridR(•, Sout.h orn Railwny, 6 l 4, 6~ I
Nt'w>'print. Mill in Novn Hcotitl, 140
Hide " ' ind and tho Resistance o( 'l' rt\111'<,
C. F. l)endy i\Jn~hnll, 560
Null' Oil thr Constilut.ioJ\ of Clltltnium·:tiue
Alloys, D. Xto<·kdt~lo, 337
Ht en m Ht~il C'onch, A 200 H .P . "'Jot rop olitan Cornuwll Corriogo " 'ogon nud Finont:\'
Complmy, Ltd., and Sentinel " ' nggon
\Vork>i, J .td., 604, o95
T" o ~t'w Hy·J)Bl ~;es on tbo Great \\'t'xlcm
Hailway nt \\'estbury and l<'romo, 119
Adtlllh!On, Utmiul (l'orlmit ), 12:!
Dl•milmcnls of :Express Locomoti\'C><, 3U7
(' lnrk. J. P .. G9
11Nwy Oil J~ngincd Locomotive for JiluntnCorcke, Emilo, 57:1
tion Son it:o, . \,·ons ide Engine Compony,
<:rogory, John Pugh, 17 ~
l.td., 22:J
)lnrl\'lly, .H onry :;lhutyn. G·l ii
" Lion " Lot'omot.ivo, Liverpool and l\hm ~~~~tth('WI!, Erncst R on111<lY, ;;4 !)
<"heutor B t\i lwny, 1838, 535
) Juirhcad, Richord, by Colonl'l H. E.
l.o<"omotivt', Links in tho H istory of tho,
Crornplon, 287
C. l~. J)ondy Marshall, 56
Xorton-Uriffith::~, :ir John. :n:!
Side Tonk Locomotive, 466
Pht'lp, Wo\t{'r Bernard, 2115
Rul!Sinn L ocomotive Problom 4~~
Rees . E. S. G., 151
HATE , Hail, on Tron and.._ lcol, E. T. Good, 7
Scut on, Albert Ed" Md (Port rtllt ), 1 7~
in tho Iron and
Smith, ir Willinm .t:dwi\J'd ( l'or(rl\tt), 31 4
I ndust ry, 622
\Vharton, Charles Courl<>nay. I i~
Recent. Drog-line Excavstor Proct ire in (:erWi\i!on, ,John Williom. 240
mnny, Dipi.-In~. :Br\lckmann. 3 8-391
Victims of the .\irship " l-t IOI " J)i,tt:!Ler,
R ofuso J)ispo!.!al in France, Tho Boccari ProOfficers, 402
Ct'IIS Of, 6
At herstono, J.ii.'ut. -Conununtlt•r X. G., -l03
R osenn·h, 'l'illlbl•r, 5 17
Giblott.. M. A. , 403
R cservoirR (Hofoty Provi11ions) ..).c·t, 1930, 506
lrwin. Flight Liout cnont 1:-1 . ('., 10~
Hiflo Per£orml\nc<~. Dernol\lltrotion<t of, 320
,J ohnsl on, Squadron-L NidOI' K L.. 4 (I:!
Ri,•oting, A Nl'w HyRl!'m of, ~76
StofT, Flyin~t Olncor b!. H., 40:!
Ho(ld Holll••·, 4-T on l'ctrol-drivon, Horford l\ncl
P t\.'!S()ngers. 1103
Pi.'rkirus, Ltd .. Ill
Broncker, Sir 'efton, 4tJ:l
R ond Rollt'r, 3:? 35 13.H .P . Two-t•ylindcr OilCohoore, Wing Commnn<lor H . B. U., til l
on~inetl, 8
R iehmond. Lieul.·Col. V. ('., lll:l
Rond ·ur·fnro l~'<porimonts on Kingston ll) ·
cot.t, Major C. H., lO:l
pa<t<t, 460, 4:>1
Thomson, Lord, 103
Rood urfnct'~, Armouring for, l~,t Ier 13rot hrrtl,
O il.- " ' orkR, Ropcwoy J'lont nt, H. \\'luH' 1111d
Ltd., 660
!'ions, 696, 70
Rolling ) Jill ' hcet Bnr ror Japan, GI O, 5 12
Hopowoy l'll\llt. t\t n Lnrgo Oil Worlcs, H . " rhito
nnd on>~, 606, 708
H1ll hwoU llrbou Di Rtrict Count:il, Nl•W Howngo
l>itopOt<tll Work;~, t 14
Hoylll Agricul~urnl Society of Jo.:ugll\lltl Kho"
tit )\tw<·hr~l <'r, 8, 3:!, G~. 8ti
Ru,..sion J.o<>omotivo Probll'm, 1~:!
!?5, 5:1,79, 107, 135, JUJ, 187, :?15, ~ t I , ~6i, " H 10 I " l>ist\~lor, 305, 400
. 7 1, 1!)7, 5:?7, " H. 10 l " and t ho Altimotor, ('oloJil'l Srr
~97, 3~7, 355,385,416, I l l, 1
555, 583, 611. tl37. 66!l, 693, i ~I
{:ordon ll<•nrn. 5 9
.\ crorll\utit:<, 1 7, 407
Ht~lloric>~ nnd ,\r<·umllllltor,., 6!):1
('oncll•nxt•ft! und l•'l'rd-wtlt!•r llc•t~h'N, t I 1
( 'rushiJl~ nml <: ritulm,:.:, I g, :1~11. ti\J:l
J)vm\lllOl! und ~ltllUfl!, :!;), 71), 1117, 1:1:), 1$1.
·~ I G, ~11. :W7, 29i, :l~7. 197, Gr;5, !i 3, 011.
tlUG,093, 721
ST. 1..\ \\"I< 1•::-\('1-: \\'t~ll'r"ny l'rojc•l'l: H••ptll't
J•:loctrica.~l .\ppli,,lll'es, 5 1, l i I
on Jull•rrll\lloru\1 J{t\pids ::icct ion, :Juu, 3tll
J•:u~incR, lnt<~rnal CombiiHl ion, :!5, 53, 135, Hc•tlrifit'r on t> Hoc\d Holler, lmpr·u, ell, ,I ohu
215,~67, 355, 471,637,606
Fowlrr· nnd Co. (Leeds), Ltd., 1!7
E11giuos, Stt'urn, 53, :155, iJ 11
Scientific <.'onsul t nnl, 448
}'~1rnnccs, 80, LOS, 161, 187, I ll, 171, .3~i,
Helf ·COnlt\i ncd l~loctric Power \:nit, Hoult on
nod l'tlul, Ltd., 62
Go..-. P roduceft!, I 7, 2 16, 356, .I ll, J i I, 583. 'c" t\I'!:U DrHpo~al \\' orks of H utll\1 c•ll l ' rhan
l>iHt rte•t ( 'IIIIIIC'JI, I 11
l.tghl ing uncllh•t\tut~, 1!11, llli, tl!l:l
Lucomot ivc~. 112
~lll<'hiuu Tool' und :-il101p \ppht"" r~. I Oil, I :lli,
•), ''"
.,.,-, , 'l"i
'' 5'-1 7 , 555' General Matters .
16 ...
-v , ·•!)-,
, .,.
• " ' • ll'l
• • 17 .,
fill3, 61~, 7:! I
l'lu1fl SlH'~'"" lhw to 'l'o r><Htlllll IIIIJIIH t, 11.!
~h•asw-ing nnd Tcsltng l •u.lrutuuut><, 5 1, ltll,
J'uh or1~cd ~\ll•l t~t , 'eo, 1'1so •· lntemoro '
Installation, I l
242, 207,327,356,498,11!13
M11tnll111'j::Y, :?97, 328
H,·~ •Ritlll<'l\ B11ll \\'l'lding in Hlcip~nnt~. 7 11\
MiHeCIII\IlOOU~. ~11. (i I, 811, 11111, I :ltl, ~~~~. I il!l.
TurbO·<•h•c•t 1·iu l.inpr:< fort ho Dolltu· l.wt•, 0:!:!
~16, 242, 268, ~!)7, :1~8. :1511, 386, 416, 4 12,
l ' nion·Ciitctll' !\lot or L11t1'r " \\'i 1wl tl'~lcor
408,628,555,5 1, 6l~,U38,666,69 1 ,7~~
(.;a"'t h•," Ht~rlt\nd und \\'olll, Ltd., <I ~ I
Fall in Foreign Trade, 263
Gold R ecovery from DumpH, 129
Hydraulic Engineering Schemes, 323
Industrial ~nsus, 550
Inyaminga Petroleum, 1 I
Irrigation in Northem Zululond, 577
Irrigation Projects, Bir.t, 236
Johannesburg's Now Plant, 157
Joint Sewera~e Scheme, 688
Life of the :Mmes, 688
1\Iadingushy Falls Power Schomo, 353
}fonganese for Export, 129
Manganese Shipments Begin, 236
1\farine Engineers Busy, 550
~1ineral Output, 550
J\'[inerol Production in South Africt\, 647
Mining Expenditure, 156
Motor Cars in tho Union, 550
New Air Service, 647
New l!,ord F actory, 677
New Mining Device, 156
Ne'v Railway Lino, 688
New RaiJway Works, 322
New South African Industry, I 81
Nyasaland Railway • ystorn, 263
Port of Durban and Manganose Ora, I G6
Powor Supply to lllines, 677
Powerful Coastal Light, 130
RadclitJe Observatory, 650
Rail Cars on tho S.A.R., 181
Railway WorkRhops, 181
Record Gold Output, 181
Rhodesia.,Yalvis Bay Railway, HI, 677, 681!
Rhodesian Railways , 4 , 237
Rich Torbanite and Cot\l Seams, 577
Roan Antelope Mine, 322
~Scrapping Branch Lines, 49
Sheffield Steel to be 1\lado, 5i7
oan Wire Pack, 237
South African Invont•on, A, 4!)
South African Move ment to ·• JJuy ll•·•tit;h,"
Dutch Motor Lmer, A Noteworthy, " Balooran," 119
Liner, A Notoworty Dutch :\[otor, "Halooran," 119
Paper-carrying Vos>~ol "Tharold " Earle's
Shipbuilding and Engmooring 'company,
Ltd., 64
Turbo-electric Linors !or the Dollar Line, 622
Naval Ships:
Destroyers, Argentine Navy Ocean-going, J.
Samuel White and Co., Ltd., 94, 99
River Gtmboats for the Colombian Government, Yarrow and Co., Ltd., 360
SIXTY Years Ago, 10. 47, 64, 101, 116, 16 1,
171, 200, 223, 257' 2trl, 316, 350, 368, 395,
430, 451, 482, 607, 649, 665, 596, 627, 646,
683, 711
Small R eo.vy Oil Engine, R. A . Lister and Co.,
Ltd., 86
48, 129, 156, 180, 263, 322, 353
Air Survey in Rbodosia, 577
An Industrial Contre, 156
Atmoqpboric Nitrogen, 353
Automatic Telephones in Johannesburg, 157
Black Labour in Industries, 263
Bloomfontein Wate rworks, 689
BuJJalo Harbour Works, 181
HuiJdiug TramCMI!, 353
Cape Town Aerial Railway, 181
Cape Tom1 C1ty Engineer, 353
Cape Town Harbour, 689
Coal in Northem Rhodesit~. 6 9
Congella Power Station, 130
Copper Mine, Rich Big, 236
Durban's Electrical Consumption, 688
Electric Trolley Omrubuses, 577
Electricity Devetor.ment, 688
Elec tricity Supply Commi~ion, 560
(continued) :
(continued) :
Mercantile and Miscellaneous Venels :
·rus l::NOINl!t:tt INoEx S uP.PLl<Mt:NT, JAN.
South African Oil Industry, 322
State Steel and Union Steel, l 29
T olescopo, Third Largest, 1 L
Tenders for Steel 'Vorks Plant, 157
Trackless Tram T ests in Cope 'fawn, lll7
Turning Railways into Tramways , 550
Victoria FaUs Bridge, 237
Union Steel Corporation, 577
Vereeniging Power Station, 236
'Vitwatersrand Factories, 181
SPIRAL Springs for Spring-driven )[otors,
E. C. Wadlow, 474
Stool and Iron, Rail Rntes on, E. 1'. <.:oocl, 7
Subterranean 'Vater R~searoh, 506
"Supor Lancashire " B oiler, Danie l Adurnson
and Co., Ltd., 321
~Sydney HarbO\It Bridge, I 0, 12, 40, <J 7
23, 1931.-(V<n.
Union-Castle )lot or Liner, " 'Vi nchostcr Castle,"
Harland and WolfJ, Ltd., 42!
V.E HICLE. An Hight-wheeled .FouJ'·Stvoring ,
Sentinel 'Vas:~on \\'orks, Ltd., 290
"Vita" Glass, Report on Ultra.violot. Tranl!·
mission of, 666
WAGON, 6-Ton Steam, F odons , Ltd., 62
·w arehotrse Truck, A 5·Ton, J . Collis e.nd Song,
Ltd., 715
Water Supply Problems in Holland, F. A.
Liefrinok, 63l
Water Turbines, Pitting in, Elov Englosson.
Welding of Pressure Vessels, Fu.t~ion, 393
Welding with Covered Electrodes, 692
TAR tmd the Hood!!, 398
Telephone System, Automl\tic, Tho London, WIRELESS :
Broadcasting Station for Warsaw, P olt\nd,
Testing Machine, Brake, B endix-Pe rrot Hrakcs,
Ltd., 549
D evelopments in Canada, 561
T esting Machine, Concreto Pipe, 323
Direction-find~ Stations in Canada, 662
Tests of R oad Surfaces on Kingston By- pn.. ~.
Installation for Tanks and Armoured Vehicles,
450, 461
Tidal Power Scheme, Shi.:shkofT H ydro The rmal,
Wireless on Trnins, 592
330, 358
'rractor, "Sufiullc Punch," HN~' y- duty l:itoum, WOR J, O Agricultural Tra<:tor 'I 'r iall! ot.
R . C:arrott t~nd Hons, Ltd., 63
Ardington, 6, 8
'l't•rkestan, \Valle r Duranty, 450
\Vorld Powe r Confe renco, 'ccond l'lonur) ,
Berlin, 1930, 14-16, 35-3
ULTRA -VIOLET 'l'tal ll:llll i~~iou
<.:loss, ReporL on, 6G6
" \'itt1"
X -H.A 'i Vrystol .\rmlysis in Engineering, :l
~tbtn lla11 Journal.
AC'(.'J DEN'fH in In.tu~:~try, I :J7
Additional Water l:iupply for Ht,rry, 357
Air Disaster over Moophnm, 1<ent, 81, 4!HI
Air .Man<rUVI'(\14, 16:l
Air-propelled Roil Cnr, 443
Air Secretary, Now, 417
Aircraft Display at. Croydon, 47:!
Airlines, WoRSO' A1rcraft fot· .Belgiun, 27
Airship" R 100," H .M ., 109, 137
Airship" R 10 1," hnprovomonts t o the, 2\JII
Airship Schema, An, 163
Altimeters iu. Aircraft, 417
An Electrically Propollod Comont Carrying
Motor Ship, 109
An. Outstanding Moto r P~nger J,ino•·. 357
Assistod Wiring Schoroot~, 109
Assoointion of Scientific Societies, 557
At~suon Dam, 329, :JG7, 613
Atlantic Liner !ot· J."rGnce, 667
BALLOT uf Imlustry, 27
Hanks and Empire Trade, 27
Belgian Airline!!, WcRSOx Aircraft fur, 27
normond8Cy , Electricity in 27
Blake, Tho late :F redorick John, 109
Blue }'unncl Motor Liner " Polyphemus," 409
Blue Funnel Motor · hiJ> "Ajax," 695
Boiler Explosiolll!, A Yl'ar's, 163
British Association, 329
British A!!Sociation Bri~:~tol Meeting. 81, 329
nritish and F rench IShipbuildort~, 586
British Broadcasting Corporation, Now Headquartors, .F:rection of, 55
British Destroyers, Now, 329
British Destroyerd t o bo Sold, 243
British Electrical and Allied 1\lanu(ncturors'
Association, 667
British ll£achino T oolll for R\lll.':fia, 667
B ritish Motor Industry, 217
Broadcasting Corporation, Third Report, I
Broadcasting Station , J\ Now, 217
Buildings, Steel-framed. 65
Building Trade!!, Cmnes in th o, 27
Cunard Liner,, New, 1:11, 32!!. 557
Cunarder, Preparing for tho N<·w. 21:1
Cutler~· l··c~t ut ' hefficld, 52U
UALMU Ut Shipyur<l, 26!!
Depth Sow1ding at Son, 667
Detroit-Windsor 'l'wmol, 40!J
Dry-docking Accommodation at. Orccnocl<, 695
Dry-clocking tho Now CtmOI'd l.inor, 387
Duko o{ Northumberland, tho Lute, 217
Dunston P ower Station, Equipment for, 387
DI.Ul.Ston l>owm· St11tion, Now, 243
Dutch Dot~troyor l 'rogrurnmo Completed, 567
HAH'A-BAGHDAD Railway Surv~y. 320
Harland and W oltJ, Ltd., 163
H eadq uarters o£ British Broadcasting Corporation, Progress in Erection of, 56
High-pressure Salesmanship, 47:3
High-tension Transmission Li no in New
England, 499
" Hiudenburg" Re6oated, Ex-Gerrmm Battle·
cruiser, 8 1
" Hindenburg " Safely Borthod at Hosyth, 217
H .l\:1. Airship "R 100," 180
H .l\1.S. " Dorset shire," Trials of, 137
Humber Bridge, Proposed, 24-:3
Humber Bridge Scheme Condemned, 329
Hurnphreys, Sir George, 686
H ydro-electric Work in Spain, 499
" ILLUSTHATED Onicial Journal (P~teonts),
ECONO.M W 1\l it>-~inn t o th o l ;ur E~t. :WU
Electric Lamp11, ~cluctlon in Price of, 217
Important Coal-oil Experiment. 357
Electrical Supply Co-ordination , 5G7
I mprovements to the Airship " n I 0 I," 299
ElectricaUy Operated Motor Tanker, 387
I ndustry, A Ballot of, 27
Electricity in Great Britain, 443
Industry, German Locomotive, 55, 163
Electricity in the Irish Freo Stato, 667
Institute o£ Marine En~eers, 329
Electricity in South· '\'est Midland!!, 65
Institute of Transports New President, 417
Electricity Supply at Dunoon, 299
Electrification Extensions, Southern Ht,ilway, Institution of ·Mechanical Engineers, Mjdland
Branch Dinner, 585
I nternational Trade Conditions, 137
Empire Broadcasting. 1
Empire Possibiliticl!, ir Emctlt .Poth•r ou, 55
Empire 1.'rado, 269
Empire Trado and tho Books, 27
Engineering Unions nnd tho CovN·nmeut, 520
L ow-t<'mpcruturl' Carhonisation, fi95
L ow-temperature Coal C:arbouill•~tiuu ,
AI!So<'iation F ol'tuc!l, 81
J UC:OSLA V I AN Flotill~ Leudl' r, <199
K!NGSWAY Tw1nel Enlargcmont, 299
LA SOUR'S Distrust o£ Science, :.!G9
Large Oil Tanker Orders Placed Abrond, 2 I 7
L arge Wireless Receiver, 299
Last Voyage or the" R 101," 3 7
L i.ster, R. A., and Ruston and liorn<Jby
Amalgamation, 1
Li verpool Oil Cake E~-plosion , 357
L oad Line Conference, 27
Lochaber Hydro-electric Power Undertaking,
L ocomotive, A Famou.t~, 217
Locomotive Industry of Germany, 55, 163
L.M.S. EJCporimcntal Road Tractor, 613
London, .Midland and Scottiah Railway
I mprovoments. 189
L .N.E. Railway Dismissals , 269
T.ondon and North-Easte rn Raihva) New
Rolling Stock, 163
London Passen~er Transport, 387
London Tube Improvements, 243
Loss of tho Salvago Vcsaol "Artiglio," U39
MADS EN l:w•. 'l'h<J, I !17
Manchostcr 'R D<'puty El(l<·t.ri cnl Engiucllr, 2GU
Manrhct~ter··~~ Water Supply, H:l
l\lurc·oni 's Wireless To le graph Cowpany l\kot ·
ing, GG
Murine Ait·po•·t at Groonoek, 269
.l\lecbanict~l En~rineer!l' Charter Dinner, 44:1
Moopham J\ir Di>~o.ster, 81, 499
l\1ims t•·y of Lubour's Returns of Unomploy
mont, 56
Mici -Scotland C•)nal Scheme, 243
Moro Shipyards to be Uisrnantlod, 586
M.otors u.nd Locomotiv('s, 529
1\Iunicipal Electricity, 26\J
NA<.: llAl\lMAD J Barmw·· Opening of, 61Ja
National Experimental rank, 667
National Pbysi <'nl Laboratory, 1
Naval Co ntrac ts Placed ; 667
Navnl Items, I 63
Ne w British D estroyers, 329
Now Naval D eop Diving Ratings, 299
N ottingham University College, 27
l!'ARADAY C{ll1t.ono•·> , 'l'ho, I :]7
Federation o£ British Induetrie11 und l' Hu.llot o£
Industry, 27
Federation of Britillh lndu~:~trios and Fiscal
Policy, 417, 473
Fires in Bunker and Cargo Coal, 81
Floating Dock for Now Zealand, 189
Floating Power Station, 189
Ford Works at. Dagenbam, 387
Fowler, Sir H enry, 499
French Railway ~ntenary, 27
CAMP'S System of hip Construction, 55
Canadian .Pacific Railway Liner " Empres.ot o£ Frequency Standardisation, 529
Fuel Research Board Annual Report, 695
Britain," 81
Fulham Power Station Ext~·ntliOn, 417, 685,
Canal Improveroont Scheme, 81
667, 696
Cast Iron Research, 473
('erti6catcs of Atrworthincss, 557
Channel Tunnel, 1
Cbarmg Cross Bridge, I, 1011
Coal in Europe in 1929, 109
Coal ~lioing Industry in 1929, 243
Conciliation in tho Shipbuilding Indu.t~try, I 63
CAIRNS, The Lato ~lr. J. F., llll7
Concrete Roods, Joints in, 137
German Locomotive I ndustry, 65, I 6:J
Conference on • tet-1 tructures Research, 269
Giant Flying Bol\t, 299
Conte11t for the • ohnoidcr Trophy, 1931, 56
Glasgow Harbour, Improvement~ 1\t, 137
Continental Motor Cnr Trade, 109
Co-oporo.tion between Technical TntlLitutions, Gold Mining in C:r<•at Britain, 329
Grampian Rydro -olcotri c Schenw, 6 I 3
Grants for I mp•·ovements of lio.rbours and
Co-operative Profit-shnring, 667
Cranes io the Building T rades, 27
Docks, 269
Graving Dock for Southampton, Ul :J
Cunard Linor Begun, 6 13
Cunard Liner, Proboblo Second, 2 L7
Gyro Compass, 639
U l L -l~ LBC"l'H1C
'l'ruc tion, 63U
Oxygon and Acotylono, 585
PARSON IS l\huino Steam Tnrbi_no, 387
Payment. by Rellults and Rate Fixing, 417
P . & 0. Liners , The N o,v, 109
Potter, Sir Ernest, on Empire Possibilities, 55
Posts for Students, 585
P ower from the Sea, 299
Power Plant for Holland, 613
Pretoria Steelworks, Tenders Accepted for, 529
P roblem in E conomics, A, 695
.Problems or Ship Des ign, 639
l'roposcd Atlantic Liners, 217
"R 101 " INQUIRY, 473, 529, Gl 3, 6:1\l
Railplane Syatem of Transp ortation, 473
Railway Accidents in 1929, 417
Railway, Centenary of the French, 27
Railway Wages, 557
Rationalisa tion in' Shipyards, 629
Rationalisation in tho Coal Industry, 473
R eclaiming the Zuider Zee, 357
R eorganising the Coal Mines, 639
R oplnoing the Lost s.s. " Tahiti," 329
Hesenrch in tho Printing Industry, 695
lwtiromout of l\Ir. Edwnrd H. Parker, 417
Hetiremont of l\J;r. 'l'. E. Thirlnwa.y, 695
Royal Air Forco Displny , 1
Hoyo.l Socioty nud 'cientifio Re;;onrch, 613
Rural Electrificntion, 269
Rural Electrification Scheme for Norfolk, 189
Russian Orders (or the Clyde, 329
Ruston nnd Horn.'lby and R. A. Li11tor Amo.lgn·
mation, 1
ST. J'AUL'l>. 143
So.lford Electricity U ndt•rtaking, 189
Salvage Opot·ationl! o.t Scapa Flow. 631)
Salving the P. & 0. Liner "Egypt," 243
:So.nto.ndor-Moditorranoan Ro.ilway, 585
Schueidor 'l't·ophy Contests, 1931, 66
Science MUBOum, 243, 613
Scottish Engineering Doni, 417
Scottish Stool Wor·ks Fusion, 585
Shipbuilding Employers' .Now Proflidont, 41Jil
Ship Construction, A Now System of, G5
Shipping Conteoary, 189
Sim, Mr. G. G., The Late, 189
killed Employment and Appronticr11hip Association. 357
Slaithwaite, North Regional Broo.doo.sti ng
to.tion o.t, 1
Society of Consulting lllarino Engineers ond
Ship Surveyors and a Now System of Ship
Construction, 55
South-West l\1i.dlands, Electricity in, 55
Southern Railway Eleotri6oation, New Extensions, 27
Speculation on tbo Ca\lSO of the Disaster to the
"R 101," 387
Steel-framed Buildings, 55
Sutherland, John R., 'T'ho Luto Mr.• 639
Sydney Harbour Bridgo, 189
Thomes Floods, 8 1
Thames Oil Storage 'obomo. A Lt\rgo, 443
Torpedo-boat Destroyer11, Two Now, 8 L
Trade, Empire, and the Banks, 27
Trade with tho Far East, lOll, 2 17
Transport and Electricity Devclopmon141, 557
Travelling Electrical Showroom, 613
UNEMPLOYMENT, An Important Hoport on,
Unemployment Problem, Tho, 55
Unemployment Situation, Tho, 137
Uniformity of Voltage, 473
United States No.val Economy, 217
United States Navy, 639
H ondon, :J29
Wallor, 'l'ho L ate John Edward, 27
\Voided Contoiners, 299
W olland Ship Co.no.l Opening Po~:~tponcd, 243
Wossex Aircraft for Bolgian Airline11, 27
Windmills, 443
Wireless Pictures o.t Sea, 443
\Virolcss Receiver, L arge, 29!1
Wireless Telephony, 357
Wreck of the" R 101," 443
Y AltltO W
Co., Ltd., 667
ZAl\l.BESl Bt·idgo nod R ailway Schomc, 473
WAGES Heduotion in C.:ut•trutny, G2U
Alll>OJU>'1'10N uf Ach.l Ut~.~;us by TriolhunoltHltiuo, 9:!
A byssiuit\u <.: uvurnmont to Constt'U(•t tt Dum
Across tho Outlet of L•~ke T stmt\, 11
Accident to Stcam 'l'urbine Rotor Noo.t· Tuckor,
<.:a.. U6
Acetyloue 'l'or·olt ('uls Tltruugh lron llutgo from
~~ Disttmco of :!5ft. in Now York, :!81
Acid 1\Jixor, U:l:l
Advtultagos of \VQltlNI 13od-plutoll Over l'ttSL·
. ,.till{ u f 'J' \tngt~len '.
•··d e 'I' ooIs,
on '•
i\01·ial Utthlo 'l'ron.'!pOrLt•r o.t ilt\r(·olont\, \\'ork
Cornmoncod on, 173
At>roplano Ho11u for S\ti'"O) in~ 1'urpol!O at.
Fort. Hesulut.ion, N. l'~tnl\dB, lO
Aerophme Landing F ield b<>ing t'oMt.ructcd
nt N o.ukin~. 51 1
Aoroploncs, Dovico t o Pro,ont.. 'tailing, 7
Air Force, .Flight Codot ships and Scholot··
!!hips Awnrda, 237
Aircrnft Appt'Outicol:l, 4!1
Aircr&ft Cst·rier to bo Sent to Buenos Aires
for tho British Empiro Trade l~xhibition,
Air Liue~:~ Audod to Jtussian Not.work this
Summer, 697
Air Mail Sorvico Uarrioa 20 Tous of Mail
DuJ•ing J uno, Tho llriti11h, 93
Ai r Port o.t :St. PMtl • .l\1 i nnesot.a, 281
Air :Servico for t.he J<:nginoer from Hutli!Oll t.o
Hod Lako (:oldfiold, Canadian N ationl\1
nailways, 39
Air· Pot•t Boaoon ttt U"lgary, Albert.n, to bo
Equipped with Neon Lamps. 147
llombay, Finding a Site for an AorodrolllO
1\t, 65
llusk Studontship in Aeronttutics E~:~tablished
in lllemory of Mr. E. T . Busl,, 77 · Awo.rdod
toR. H . Francis, 398
Canada Airways, Ltd., l"ormed QS Complementary to the Rail Services, 575
('~tpe T own Aerodrome,"' ork Commenced on,
Negotiations for F ormation of Dominion Air
Sorvico in Cantlda Nearing Completion, 623
Photographin$ the Country by tho Royal
Canadian A1r F orco for tho Department of
the Interior, 31lll
Proposed At'rial Servico from Canton to
' Vuchow, watow and Hainan, 569
Proposed urvoy of Mongolia. and Tibet by
Aer oplanes, 39
:Stolling of Aeroplanes, D evi<·o to Provont, 7
Visual Signal JJ1dicat.iug Dovico to Guido
Mail Aeroplt.\nes Ovor tho Appalachian
Mountains, 227
Al!'!•'ORESTAT lON Sch~mo in South Africa,
African Cop~Ol' 1\lino, Union Mini~re Haut
l{ato.ugt\, Now ~ocond Largest in the World, 1'
Agricult\u·ttl Traclor·l! T rinls o.L Ardington, ,
Mo.rshnll Tractor, Addendwn, 383
Air Compressors for tho Victorin Falls Power
Company Said to be the Lo.rgest l\1o.de, 227
Alkali Indus~ry, Official Annual Survey, 97
Alloy of Lithium and Beryllium Discovered by
German Chemist, 227
AJloy \Vorks o.t Pontardo.wo, Swansea, Restart
Work, 569
Aluminium F actory in I .eningrad, 92
.\Juminium Industry, Development of, Competition Open to l u,·entors, 549, 630
.\luminium Stearate and ita Uses in lllo.nufacture of Paint, 483
. \Jumiuium Sulpht\to in Waters of Lnko
~:licltigtlll, 369
.\merican Motorist11 t\ud Au1ount of l~uol Consumption, 311
. \mmonia, Apparatus for Dissociation of, for
Use with Atomic Hydrogen Welding Equipment, 483
Ammonium Sulphnto, Product.ion of, in Canada.,
Androo E'-pl•dition, K oh-i-noor P enci l Discovered Besiclo Body of t.ho EXJ>lorer, 597
Application ol Anhydrous Ammonin to Filtered
W nter Priot· to Chlorination in Cleveland
(Ohio), 39
Appointment of 1\lr·. J\louo.t J oucts to Act. us ASSOCIATIONS, INSTITUTIONS & SOCIETIES
Advisor on Technical Educat.ion to Soviet.
(continued) :
Covorumont, 707
Appointment of Mr. 'r. P cirson Fn\nk as Chiof
Annut~ol Dinner, 581
En~inoer to tho London County Council, d7
Training of Young Automobile Engit~oot·s,
Appomtmeot of Sir Ral.ph Wedgwood to
Central Eloctrioity Boo.rd, 671)
Appointment of Two Sub-committoos to
I nquire into tho Possibilities of Dovolopirtg
E11ccts o£ Slt rfaco Uonditions 0 11 11 t'tiL
or of Heviviug t.ho \\rorl<ing of Motnlliforous
TI'O.usmission, Dr. , . J. Kohli, 427
nnd .Associuted Deposits il\ <.:rettt Britain, 541
Arc \ Velding Prot'eR~ Usod in Ninetooo-storoy
High Building at Dallas, Toxos, 65
Indian Promium Awards, 421
Artificial F ertiliser P lant ut H amilton, Onto.rio,
Asbestos l\J i.uing l ndwtry in Cnnada, Report of
R elations
Commit lt>o
Now High R ecord in Production in, 227
Appointed, 427
Artificial 'ilk Factory at Douco.stor, to Start,
Organisation of tho Eloctricallndustry in
·work in Docombor, 253
Great Britain, Pamphlet by P. Cood, 472
.\rti6cinl Silk Fll<'tory t o bo l~roctod nt Burgos,
l >tlmphlet, D escription of tho Or~anittaLion
Spain, 697
of the Etectncal J nduslry 1n Great
llritain, P. Good, 597
l 'rosonto.tion of Oil Painting of Amp~ro on
B ehalf of Mr. E. Gnrcko, 541!
.'cholo.rsbip Awards for 1930, :353
l\1r. William Roavell Rloct.ed P rcsidont,
Vacancies on tbo Uouncil n ow Fi llod, 77
Transvaal, Local Advisory Uummit.tco
AssociATION, llmTtsu: \VATEnwonKs:
Constituted, 93
AfToresto.tion of Wate rs heds, Mr. R. L.
Hobinson, 39
Annual D inner, 653
AssOOlATlON OF UoNsu.u rnw .ENOtNJO:.e:ns
Twenty-first Annivorsm·y Dinner, 592
J(olvin T heory in J!motico, '1'. <..l. N.
AssociATION, DmsNL ENOTNE Ust:ns:
Hnldano, 553
Vi8it to Basiugstoko, 133
! NSTlTUTlON, J UN10Jt, Ok' J~NO LNEI-lll!::l :
AssociATION, l~LNCTJtJCAL PowJ·:tt l!:NCT.
Annual Ceueml Mooting, E1octiou of
Offlcers, 568
GROU'I') :
Awards of Medals und J?riz<'>~ fo1· 11!30, 35:J
Progress and Devt'lopml'llt of Modern
Bngine, 'l'wo-atroko, K '1'. Wo~:~tbury, 611
Steam Generators, <.:. A. l'lwnmer, 5U9
J,uminou" Electric Tu I>Cs, H . 1\tt\rryttl, G11
Hapid Exposu.ro for Photogro.pby, 051
AssoCIATION Ol' l:Norn.:~::xs, l\IANCut:RTEn :
President's Evening Entortnimnent, 678
Visit to Works of HMS Ronold, Ltd., I 05
Award:> to <.:ruduutcs, 490
North-Western Branch , Graduates' •'t>o·
tion, Annual Dinner, 678
Address by 1\Ir. Vi rgil Jordan, nn American
Economist, 54 1
Conference ut Oxford, 93
l::stablishmen t of Panel of J~:-. pert Translators, 1 J, 341
Need for More Co-op eration B etween the
China Clay l nd\tstry and the Institute of
Engineers, 57
I NS'.rJTUTE OF CosT ANO \VOHKtl AocouN'l'·
Costing, o.n Aiel to Management. 4 16
Programme for Autumn 1\looting at
Prague, 2 13
Torsional EfTect of 'l'ransvor11o B endmg
Loads on Channel Beams, 597
.Annual Dinner, 1031, 413
lNSl'l'l UTI:: OF
l\lliTA LS :
Autumn lllcotiug H old ttt ::>oulhn111pton,
Autumn i\leeting Progrmmno, 88
Awards of Maintenance Scholarships in
Arcltitecturo, 146
A ward of the Railway Cowptmiell' As.'loc·it\·
tion's Cold Modal11, 116
Presidential Acldross, Sir Arthur Stt\nley,
Proposed CQntinento.l T our in 1931, 398
Annual ~[cetings, lllo.rch 26th, 1931. 51 1
A ward of " Y arrow " cholarship, 495
Duke of Northumberlo.nd Prize Awarded,
Scholar!lhips (1930) Awurds, 230
Scholarship:> in 1931, 635
I NSTITO'l'lON O.t' l't:THOLt:VM 'l'~('IINOLO·
Fellowship AwMclod to Dr. H . 1{. Ll\ng,
133, 147
( continutd) :
Socn:TY Ol•' ENOINElms, "J ou 1t AL: "
T ho Spectl\oulnr l llulninatod Jo'ountnin of
Dal'celont\, A. S. E. AckermallJl, 4.27
Anlltml Conference o.t Leicester, 14.7, 2()1
'""' Xpectropbotomelor, l>o><cl'it.NI l>y 11.
Huckley o.nd l!'. J. C. Brookc~:~, 597
Summer l\lcoting at Crowo, 162
SoCtl-lTY Ot' Cn.t;allOAL l~o~ous'J'RY (LJvJ,JtJ•ooL
l ..oCAL S.t:O'rrON) :
Chemistry in the Service o£ tho lhLih' uy,
Dr. J-ewis Dale, 651
EfTcct of H o-meltinp: on t.ho Propl•rl il•ll of
Glo.ss, Professor \V. E. :S. Turner, 54 1
Twenty-first Annual Exhibition, 398
A, Y. UT Barrl\go, Remodelling Postponed, r; 1
Award to Dr. G. D. Bengough and 1\It•. Ulick
Hichardson Ev t\ns ft·om tho Sir C.:oorgo
Boilby Memorial Fund, 39
Awned!$ o.t University College, Loadon, 73
BAMBOO for J?uper Pulp h·om Et~.~;t Aft•h:u, :JIJ
Barcelon&, T enders Invited for Now Docks tLl,
Belchet· I sland oli fiud..,on .Hay l\fay J:Jocomo
Importa nt Iron Field, 31)!1
Bt'lf&st Corporation and Dovl'lopmont of 'l'ro.nb·
port in Suburban Areas, 341
Belfast Harbour to Rave New Dock and Turning Basin, 121
B em:ol o.nd Coal Distillation, I>rogress Heport
of the B r itish B enzol and C'oal Distillation,
L td., 173
B enzol Recovery Plant at B ecklou U~work1:1,
B eryl Crystals from ihe Somerset Mint', South
A!rica, Average \Veekly Output of, 93
Beryllium, T he Price of, 281
Bitumen Imported into England in Mollou
State, 707
Board or T rade Engineer and Ship S\tt'V(IyOr:;,
Examination for Appointments, 719
}~I} .IHHat
( BmML~OliloAt AND DtSTIUO'.r l>KcTION) :
Development of the Wheel, J. Wright, 661!
Solution for Removing Scalo from Chromenickel Steel, C. C. Hall, 707
.Annual Dinner, l\Ir. A. F. Bound on
American Signal Engineers, 669
Ro.ilway Signalling in H olland, <.:. J . do
Vos. 541
The Thorrowgood cholursltip, 651
General Meeting, Elc:.ction of Chuirmun, 635
General 1\Ieeting, Election of 1\lembors, 607
Grant from Pilgrim Trust. Towards R eeonstruction Fund, 691
Programme for Novomoor uud Docombor,
SouTu AnnCAN, OF
1\fr. W. S. Car-r, Hotiring l 'rol!ideut Volo·
dictory Addre1<s, I 73
Autumn Meeting o.t Burh ill, 328, 383
Babcock Boiler at. Government ]'uol Testing
Laboratory, Ottawa., 369
Boilor Explosion in Alo.bo.mo. Plnuing Mill,
America., Curious, 456
Boiler, Lo.ncashire, Explosion nnd RoporL,
Collapse of Combnstion Chamber of a Boiler
on o. Steam Drifter, 39
Collapse of a Furnace Crown on o. Sto&m
Trawler, 39
Explosion, Boiler, on SmaU Cargo Vessel,
Engineer Surveyor-in-Chief's Report, 511
Explosion Caused by Failure of Blow -down
Cock on Vortical Dock Cmne B oiler, Comments by Enginee r Surveyor-in-Chief,
Board of Trade, 623
Explosion of o. Boiler Blow-down Pipe at
\Vinsford, Board of Tro.do I nspector's
Report on, 281
Explosions, Boiler, Failuro of Solid·drtt\\ l l
Copper team Pipes, Engineer Survoyorin-Cbief's Report, 697
Lurge-cnpacity Babcock Boiler for Protorit\
Power Station, 341
Pulverised Coni Boilers at N'Kana, Northern
Rhodesia, R eady for Service, 597
BORDEAUX Landing Stage, New Stago Constructed by the M.A.N., 265
Boric Acid Discovorod in Water of 'l't~chokro.lt
Lake near J o.lto. in the Cri moo., 483
Bouldor Creek Dam in Colorado, 121
Boulogno, l>ort of, Dill for lmprovomouts
Approved, 65
Hm.. ~ and ('utltK•r Tuh(l )1111 t o bo B1111t for Cent rol lndu~trtol Lnborl~tor) for 'l'r~t in~ nnd
•\ llll<'omh~ . \ nwru·nn Bn\...... Ltd., l 3
Pn'!Sm~ Incht~l riul ;\lnc·hinrs nt ~nnking. :l!l
('ht~in. J.ank or. from l'ort~moulh Jl nrbour
l)pfl•nrt" l'rt•-«•111t•cl to tlw Hoyul
l ' nilc•d Xcr•
'I('(' ;\hN'\1111, lJl'j
HruiJ,:o• .\c•ru,, ll t~ft(ll'\. llollh11111, Eslillllllc·-<
('lmnnl'l Fl.'rry, l'ropo~ul h) S tr Eu ... l!wo• 'l't'llll\.
rur ''· 117
11011 d ' t-:yll('llllrl. 117
BrtdJ.!" •~I htnc·olnfllll ', l't~rlmuwnltlr~· J>lnn -.
('lu~n·onl fnun Brat ish Otuntla l'~c·c l n~ Fut·l fur
I>PJHI,tlt•cJ fur, j(lj
~lot or L<lrr"'"· :lfl
Ba·ad~c··hlllltlml( J'ru~"'"' " '"' uf Qctt·l>~•c·. Pro('l111rltou, ~Lr. H . C., .\ro\CII the \rldt'UII:I from
" " ' ' ' " ' (lU\1'1'111\11'111. 11 :J
t hi' 1 [ou:.t• or l'ollltnllllll 011 H<'OJINl ing or
lhul~ot•• 11\c•r l>o~nuiH•, t>o•t'hltlll In Cunslnu·t,
l'urliunwul, JS:l
('h<'llclc•roh Dum, OpNIIII~ nf. 11
Br11l~•· 0\l'r F11~"'' ' H
,,,.,.. l'mpu...••ll. U~ :l
llt·ulj.!t' ""' r the• Ottll\\l~ HtH•r, J'h1us Xcm ('hi nt\ J nqtitutCI uf l"<·if'llllfk ~~~~111\l;<'lllt•nl
lnllllj.!Urtltt'lllll Shl\llf;lllli, :?:!7
('omplo•lo•tl fut ''· I I 7
llndJ.(C' tu l11• Built .\ l'lu,.,. )lout h or (:thpi• Chiii('M' (:o,•erHIIH'IIt 1\ncl Sun <'YI! rot• 'l'\1 0 x...,,
P ort ... :1!1
Bt\'(111, Q1H'I wr. I :!7
" BrtdJ.(c• ... " A Ft'" l·:.,,.mph"! or tho• \\'ork ur ( 'hill<l-'>tl t:ovMnttlCIIII· Orj.!l\tu"t' Fudoa·ieH I o
Dove lop D otMst it· l ndulSl ry. •18:1
1\ J>iono•<'r Firm 111 I hp Mmnthtc·l ur<' of
Uhinollo Minist.ry or Commu.nic~tion.~ Pr·opot!Ot!
~l••c•l und ~l<'t•lwork, 5!11
AboHt.ion or Shipping Pri,•il<"g<'s to Foroignort!,
Ba·idJ.(t ~ ~~ r!'lll(lftt••l•'d on thc• 1.-innnh('r
.Jun<'lion 1\ntl 1\bc•a·dc•l'n ~oction, J73
B a·id!:I'H, T" eJtty -<•ij::hl Nc•w, to "'' t'on- Ch romito, Importation of. into th o
'lutes, 12 1
structt'd ll<' t"<'''" Blo<•mfonl t'in und Bll•n·
('ity t\nd Cuild~ or London l nHitlnlt'. Ft•llowlwiu1, Ornn~t' Fn•c• Slutc•, fill
ships C'onfMrNI on Promi n1'11l P<'opl<'. 14 7
<'hnrinll <:ans .. Hrul~c· . . \ppomtm<'nl nr ) Jr.
\\'. \\'. (:ric•t·,.on unci ~!r. Jo:. F. ('. 'l'N•awh ( 'II'V<'lond Oo<'kyo rd, M idcllt•Khrou~h. Closed,
on J..('.('. .\ eh t~llr) ('c•uonull••c•, :111
t ' lll',.,t\)ll'lll-c• Ho1~, 1-:•lllnttl<'ll <'ost eo£ lit iclJ.!••
.\t·ro"'. :!1!1
('lo~\11'1' )ltulo• cm llo:i.!h. 1.;,11 \'1111 '""11 ~lt·o·l
.\tut•ritnn C:oko O n• auo f11r Hu ...... m, :I ll
.\N·It. r.:;a
Hrown ( 'o11l Bri(Jtu•tl o'H ) Joy J{eJ>lllt'l' Bluc·k
C'o,..L or l'ropu~Ptl Brnlgl• .\ttl>. ~ 1lw T•J!ris
<'ool in \'iclorit~ for ull Purpoq<'~ 1-:'-<'<'Jll.
ot Ht\!(huod, :?5:l
Cas :\lukin~. 67!1
l'trst ~pon or Huth\l\) Bnd~·· OH•r Gourilt.
CnrdafT and .Forest of Dc•tln Al'\'tl, Frt'('(lom
Hl\ t-r, l"outh .\frt('t\ , 1.1\tiiH'ht>d. 623
from A('t•idt.'nt. whoru :St<'t"l H in~"' oro l:H<'d
Fort Lt'o Stt~pNu;ion UrtdJ,:e. ::\'ow .)en«'y.
for ~upporl , In<'rNht'd l" ~ of SI c~ l Props,
Ncarang ('omplt'taon. :?(;3
(!o\ Cmnwnt of Jlrilt!!h ('ohunhH\ t'Oill!IU<'f
Co!ll Dhwovercd by Borin~ nl t'onlbrook,
Eno<'l 111~ Hrad,::o Acro Frosc•r Hi' <'r, 45.i
oul h .\fri<'a, 707
Ho\\Tah BridAl' Commtllt'<' Appointl'd, 161
Coal Gas Plant in \ ' uncouver, Ord<'r!l Ploccd
I nt ernntionnl T oll Brad~<' t o ho Pl(IC<'d ,\ cro:-s
in Or<'nl Oritnin for, 11
t h(\ H io (: rondo Bot \1 et'n T ""' " nnd ) £~'' i<'o,
Coul Mcnsuf'<'~ Nl'nr lny11ntu<', Rt'sult or Pro:! I
specting Ope rat ions H!'\'l'nls. 63
1.-ltnj.!t'nhurJ!. l>t•Hirul'lton of Spun of Old
Cotll Min<'s at, H cigon. 1\fnnchurin. Estiml\lod
llrid,::u nl, I I
to Conloi n 150 Million Too." or Coal. 2G:J
~<'"' Bridge• 0\(•r llw PNarl Hivor nL ('union
Coal Output nt. t.ho i\lin<'~ in C rN~t 13ritnin for
to lw OpN\N.I in Fc•l>ruary, 19:l2, 281
Wcl'k gndin~ July 26th, 1930. 177
~ ''" Bridj.!<' 1o bfl t'on!ilruclNI ov('r t lto C:lyd<·
l'onl Pier Complol ed ot. l"l~ncltingt!lu (or
t\\ .Jnmos-Rt r('ot, <.: lo<~gow, :?81
South i\lunrhurit\ Railw11y Compnny, 560
::\'c•w l t hino Dridflll t\t Wi<":<dorr. for Fol'!t
Coal Production in Now Mexico, 1929, 341
Htailwt\y Tr11flic IJ<'I weNt Cologno and
CoAl ~ hipping Plnnt at Algoma, Conndn, 17:1
Huhr. 117
Cool :'itt~ilht'!l t o bo Errctcd nt. Aylton to
Xtlw Thom<'s Briii!(•'H •\l Jl t\IIIJ>Ion ('ourt ond
H t\ndlo Output from l111wo rth Colhory. 427
ChaRwH·k. OrdM.c l'l ncNI for. I:! l
Coni Cuttor.c and Limit. or IiordMSS or MotoXipt\\\ '" B rtd~.!l', Compll't ion of, for Conudion
rial thnt can bo (;ut, 6:!3
I'Mtlic I't11tlwny, 8 1
Coolllt.'ld Discov<"rod in 'outht.'rn 'ftllt~tU\·
No' el Cois....olli:l used ror Pier,; o£ J3ridgo •\ t·ross
yikt\, 541
t hi' lirn~o ... R iv!'r in Tt'Xt\S, 121
Coke, Th<' Dry Qu<'•whing or, W. 0 . Ht•llkin.
Pl'nob~cot Hi"<'r. Su;,pconsion Bridge to be
Built. (h t'r, 3 1 I
Collrclin~ Coni Dn11l in H i<'kiNon ) Join
l'ropol!<'d H('('On>llrll<'ltOn or .'winj:( Bridgl'
Colliery. , outh Yorkshif't', Xew Plnnt.
0\t'r ~l tll\\ nil Doc•k Ent rt\n('o at a DifTort"nl
I IUilnllcd, I 2 l
P oml, 6:?:!
Lorgo Coul \\'nslun~: Plant ot the Clnirton
Propo"t•d StiSJX'II"ton llridj:(c• . \ cro.--. 1he
By-product!! Coke \\' ork'!. 3111
Hl\t'r Tnmnr 1\l Torpoint. 121
Li~tQ Cool Ncnr E>~tovon. So...kutchcwun,
Huinhall Sk<'" .\rd1 Brtdgo Built In C..:corgl'
0\'t"rburdon to bo Stripped by Jo:x~:avalon<,
Jo'mdl<'y. :HI
Stm Frnnl't~c·o , Hrtd!-!O tu be.• Built .\<·ro~s t lw
)lino 'l\foly R<'St'Ur<'h, Co-operation lletwct.'n
(:oldNJ (:ato, :lll
Cl'l.'nt. Britnin and Bl'lgiwn, 11
•• Sth l'r" Bridge>~ Across the .\llogh!'ny Riv<'r
~Linimising .\ c<'idonls in :\lin('s Due to Ovor·
at Pttt~hurg. 2l'i:l
windinA. 399
Siusum Bay Rnth\1\) llrid~c. Opening in
Ouqmt. of Opt•n-cut C'onl )lin<'s '"the H eigt~n
Novt'mhor. 311
Dastri<'t or l\Jnnchuraa, 455
~llfYC')'Ors ror 1\('\\ Bridgt' (h•t•r llw St.
R<'corcl Cloimt'd by tho i>Niltlt n Colliery in
Luws•cnro ut Cornwoll. Ot\lnrao. 12 1
Rnitoing G532 T Otlll or Cool in Ono Shift. 281
Sych1o~· H arbour Bradg<' Cro~t'd by Lortl
He<'ot:d P roduction or llll6:! T onq or Coni from
.M urton Colliery II<'M , Ol\hnm Horbour, 5 1 I
nnd Lndy Xtonoh•~' ""· 17 3
\'111\l Hiv!'r B ridj:\O Opl'tWd ~;t Christittllll on
Resumption o£ Oporntions in Ch(lltmor Cot~l
tlw ('t\JW .)ohnnn<'Hhur~~; Hou te, 227, 341
)lint'l, ChitW>'!O .!!:a.~ I Mn H11ih11\y, <I 27
Wubt~.sh Ht vo r Bridgo to be Ht'plut"cd by
S t el.'l P rop Support., for Hoofing in Cot~l
HcinforcNI ('oncrolo Br·i d~c. 670
)lines, 597
\\'idot\ing t)ntl St rN•g t honing of Xcol!!\\ ood
T reatment or Coni with Ul'll'l.l•no t"11dor·
Bridge, I:? I
Pressure. 311
World Production or Briqu<'llt'd Fuel, 360
DHITlSH -A FH H.'.\ I ndUJit.riul Do"olopmcnt
Exped1t1on. .M ot or ing ]<;xpl'dition PlanMd COBALT, Prodnt·lion or, in Cnnndu. 166
for 1:!,000 :\l tl<'s' 'l'rt•k an Africn. 216
Cobf\1 t · t ungsLen · <'nrbidl' .\ lloys l'sed in
Drita11h J.tght ('nr !nd\llltry 1\ml the Sponil'h
)fachinin~ Molnls nl Ji i~h SpN•d. 39
Car Market , ,\th·antoi.!<'S or, 253
Collapse of Steel Frameworlt or C:ymnMium ut
Dritish-mado :\lot or \ 'nu Run.J Exhaustive
\Vest Chester, Pa., 321
TrioiA Under Load, I:! l
Colombian Co,•ornmNlt to Complete lhl' Hol'o.s
Briti&h Polar Explorataoo Holit· 011 Exhibition
do Coni~& Project, 651
at Control H oll, \\'cstminst!'r, 39
Columbium, Properties or, 51 1
Buildrn,:: ~loved Bodily 300ft. m P•tt-.burf!. 227 Commercial :\liRSion t o 1 ho }'or Bnst, The
Duildmg Rl'lil'Orch Honrd, Tc<"hntcal Pn,wr on
Co"ernment Sending a, 165
Hydrated nnd l ' nhydrntcd J.nnt> in Concreto Commercial Uses for Anhydritc, :?Ol
~lilrtures, 21i3
Commission Appoint ed to Re,·il>O C'nnudt\'>4
Butlding, The ~rarshaU F~eld, (;tanned to be tbo
Patent l\nd Tmd(\ Mark nnd D<sign .\ et, 399
J.orgl'st Building in the World. 93
Coml?osition o£ Anli&'ptic \\'nsh for Otl Dl'rmtt·
Buildings, ' l'ho lJbO or Hollo" Tile'i in J.ondtitas, 253
b<'orin~ Wnlb or, Protest by tho BrickJaycrs' Congello Power Stution or tho Durbnn CorpomUnion •n Chicngo, 20 I
tion to bo Extended, 6G
Ht•reau lntt.'rnntional do l'Alummaum. Inter- Coal81ruction o£ Olympic S tndi\tll\ nt Los Anj.!t' lel'
national Compt"lition to J.::ncourago IJ\\'Nitors
for 'I'ent h Olympind, 36!)
to Study Aluminium nnd Light Alum inium Conver11ion T t\bles. Useful to Ex<·nvatinj.! Engi ,\Jl oys, 427
neers, •l4:!
Buri'ILitt$: or n ) Jonhol<' Uoor uf a Xtt.'aut Digester Copper Added I o Hupidly (.'ooll'd 1A't\tl fIll ·
in u ).' orltshiro Fol'tory, Oflicil•l HoporL,:! l
prove!! Hc·~ishmco to ('orro>~ion by Xttlphuril·
Acid, 3 11
Copper, B:~.tmction or, from J.t.•uc:l~t\hlc• Oa\•>4,
l~xperimools ut 'L'uct~on. Ari7.ont~, <J :!7
Coppor Proport.ics in Northor11 Hhodesiu to bl'
Developed, 483
CoruwuU ns o. Tin-prodnc·in!: ('ounty. 679
CA D~lll' :tl l'rmlttl'l ion 1\l Tmil, Hrtl ish
Cost o£ • tt"am. Jo:lc<'lric nnd Otl Vt''"'' " Pump!!
Coh1111lun, :lll9
at i'\It'nickvillo Low-ll'\' l'l J>utnping Slt\1 io11.
('ulcium )Julybdl\IC, 'flw l'rl•ptll'lllion n11d l"so
.\ ustrulin, 541
of, 281
Crml(', Nou-propclli11g Floutmg. fur 'ft\lJic Huy
( 'nlc·ult t~ Tt•t htut·•tl St·hool, ~umlx.•r of :)tudl•nts
li urbour, 3 11
I JO l\1, :lfl
('nrmdll, ('ltr•uut·nl J'roduc·l'! Vuri111,: J!l:?!l, 11
t'tmt\tln, (:t.'olo~ical Sur\c•yinf!l'urtics iu, Hili
(.'unud~ HC'II\tni )Jen "ith Sp<'•·iul Scientifil·
Trnimnc, (i,j
('anuda, 'fht• l'niH.'I"l!ltll'S or, und tho Export or
Tnll•nt, 65
t'unndaan Centrtll Po\\cr Stations, lnvt'stmt>nh; D.DI .\ cro.,..'i the North St\8katcho'H"' Hi' er,
Proposal t o Build, 117
an, 1:!1
('nnadinn <.: OH•rnmcnt't~ Out Ill) r or l" ncruploy- Dam, Owyhl'o, Concreto Arch 'l'ype, 227
Death or :\lr. )lnx W ail!>!, CH I
m!'nt l{t•lie£ nml n <'li<>£ Work'!, 651
('unul .\<'rO~ U11• Stmit l't•tlinl!ul,,, Propol!<•tl, 11 Dcop Oil \\"ells an lho, unta F6 ~prings Oilficltl,
( 'unol, l'l11p. l'it•hPtiiO for, Bc•l\11.'<'11 Nrwct~'illc·
Dl•moutiuu nml Ht•c·m,,.tt'lll'ltuu uf lhulllin~ in
nwl ('na h .. J.,, J I 7
~ow Yt•rk Only t-\1'\. 'l'l•ar.;, 3Gl
(,',..,tJt-forcl, Norumul11n nutl Dt><tnd :\li11111j! t~~nl
'l'cchurcnl 111 ... tatull' Opt•llcd l\L Wltit,,ooll, l)opogils or ::iolubl•• )'olo..o;lt l)a,l'll\ l'n·d in
•'cveml Di11tri cts of Hu.c.~iun l'<•ntrol AHtt~, :Ju()
l'austio Sodu I o bo Mun\lftl<:lurcd on lhe Krebs Dctactiou or Dofocls in W eld.-! with Proctitioner's SI nndard , Lethoscopfl, 451;
SyRlf\lll at. ll nlclc•n, N orwny, 48:1
( 't•nl l'nna) of ll olllUVt•r Tc•c·hn ic·nl Jl iJ.(lt :-it·hnul, Orw<'lopmt'11L o£ T ul icori n H 11rhour. Tc•nrl<' ''"
Cut· No11 D rotlgor Called fo•· in l~n{{l t~ntl, 3!Hl
l\•ntml (; Utll01118 Aclminil!tl'U.tiun or Chi nu. nncl Duvi<-e for Dii!covoring nnd HoiHmg :)unkl•ll
Submarines, 341
12 -~1ilo Li:n it on l'orriloriol W t\tCl'd, 39
'l'm: 1•::-.ul!>t.t-tl hilt,;\ Ml'l't.t.'ll"1, .J \:0. :!:l, l!l;lf, ( \
l)i uauood Die. C..: rl'at He~•stunt'tl to \\'onr or,
Dtamond or 133! carnts rouud m tlt1• Oru11~t'
Riv<'r Oij:tgit\S"· 9:l
D111mond Out put lncn•t\'<('d 111 t h1• .\ n~olt~
Fi<"lds, :399
I> it· h luro .J)illuttro . .\lc•t htult• Smtl\l•lt• rua 1·:' ·
ttnguishi ng i\h•t h11no Flttn1<'... 17:1
J>t,.<'O\'t•ry in ~orth c•f ~~~""' or Jo:\.1 t·n~" o llo•d,.
vr Pot•~~h, :1 11
l>i><CO\'('I'Y or ,. l>t•po.sit of Lit hill m Oxilh• Ht>·
port <'d from Houth-\\'t•st. Arri<'tl, :?ii3
Dc\'l'rtinf( lhCI }iogut.'nny Hi,l'r t\t ('hu iP·I\·
('nron, Quoh<'C, (or I ho All-Ot\ l'owl'r ( '0111 pnny,
:!8 1
Dyke Ut•l!l roycd hy :Storm nl \'t•ml (~·. r.:l l
l11lt•rnnt iotml l'ltll i,..trc,; ur Elc<·t rw l"upply
I :;.i
Fl y-,dt<'<>l Motor <.l t~~tl'mt or Ordl•fl•cl
hy tltu I llinms l"tel•l Coutpnn.>. :!:!7
) (ulur (:oncrotur fur Xuppl) in~
l'o" <'r for ;\lutur" Drh·iug u Uluo111ing Mtll,
5 11
) Judru>< l'ru\ utt·c lu~" J·: i~ht('OH Tcm ' "' Pru.
'idt>d "ith J.:lt'c:t ri<-i ty :Sllpply, 6:?3
.\1 onchcsl P r
('orporut ion {'ublo ( '11rr~ "'J.!
J•:lt'ct ric· Bull <'ry Yt• hi<"lo, I •J7
X o\!'1 l\f!'t hucl or Y<• ntiluling 11 C11hlt1 .J 11111··
ltOil \'ttult. il\ (.;),~~j:!O\\, :!.j:J
l'npulo~rity or l' ~<<' uf El!'l'l ri<-it.v i u llll' , \J.(rt .
c·ullurnl Aro•t\ll in M •V>~OI'\', :?5:J
l'rupn~>nl ltl El<"cl rify I h(l Hu.tlwt\y llo•t "l'l'll
Bal hnu n.utl Portugsll•l o, 3!19
Prnpostld Elect ric P o" e r Gcn<'rt\1 icm l'htll t.
in ::>outltc t·n Ji' iang:!\1, 541
H t•<·on~t rue! ion of l!:lccl ri c l'ower Plnnls o t.
~prill!(l! nnd llt"noni, South Afri<'n. 341
EC..:ONO:tl!(' (;ri><os or tho Futuro Folio" inj:( n
Huhbor \' ulrnni~Wd by )ll'nn>l or 'l'rinit rvPeriod or Ovc·r-production. 217
bcnzill() for Etcrtricnl Pu rpo~<'S, 569
Economir Dovolopnwnt or Trnnsporl nnd l~lt•<··
~Oit• or Northsll!'rton .Elcclririt y \\'orks t o
1ric Supply, ~I r. i\lorriRo11's ~hi I <'IIWnL in 111(1
t lw Clo\'colund snd South Durhntn El rc-t rtc·
H ou.so or Commons, 57:!
L il.!hl tllld J'O\\ (' r ('ompony ror 1:16,51111. :; ll
·~d iiC!Ition for Qunrry Bn~inN• r,c ot t h•• ltllJIIIrilll
Sc•c·tmd 'l'rua L~flli.-<><ion Lino £ro111 l'o\\ t'r J'lnnl
('oll<'J::e or 'r<'chnolog:y, J.onc lt•n Lllll\'!'n<il y ..i I
nt PUII!:l\n, Qut' l)('l', P ht<'<'<l in l l""· l l'il'i
gdword>< . .Jotn cs Han•oy, lh<' l.ttlt•, or tl11•
~lmlum Po"cr Pluut. Supply o£ ('urro•ul
Americ·an Bridt,:() t'oanplilly. 2u:l
clurin~ April. 19:111. 9:1
EfTect of Ri,;in~ 'l'l'lliJ>t'rtlLun• on ln!!ulnllll~
~' ul'11rOIIOU.S Ell'clrit· ('lo(·k,. I o lw ~lnllll·
Qualities o£ Cor~mic MatoritllH, 455
. fncturecl in Cu.nsdo, 63:?
'l'un~<ttNI - Iilnul('nl
Ltuups in the l'nil<'tl
~tnl<'s. S~;lc or. 11
Art" Ltunp Not ~UJX'l'l>CU<'d hy :'oitta·u~t•n·
l' riiJ.tlltlyttn C..: on•rnm('n l ConsidM,. li t it il!t~filled 'funj!Sl('ll Lomp. 5 11
1 ion or \\·utcr R t'SOllfC('S t o Pro\ ido El<'<'·
Automotic Arc \\'eldin~ in tlw Botll'r lndui·
I ri c 'u rrQnt. :u I
try, G. H. Koch, 5115
l 'ttlisution or tht" DifTor<'nl Trmp<>ratur()" or
.\ verugc Co!4t. of Electricity Supplit"d 111
St"l\ \\' l\l t"r 1\t Diffof'<'n t D<~ pths for thl•
'outh Africa. 25:l
Production or El<'ctricitv. :Hl
Bedford Corporttlion Proposo t o l'ro,•td<'
\\'ork Comm!'ncod on 't:rid ~ub-sltl.tion
to \'illug<'~ by llnd!'rj:(rouncl
Adjocont t o Hibblo Power Htution. <1 5ii
i\[ains. :390
Contrt\l l!:loctr icity lloard, Sir H11lph \\'l· d ~t>· l•:l\<..:1 N l·~ t::Hl:'oi'G );;xperts and Prop O~>NI 'l'un11ol
tmdt'r Strnits or C..:ibrultor. I :1
wood 's Appoint.mcn L lo. 427
Company F ormed in Conod11 to i\lonuft\t'l \11'(1 Equiptnont. of D11iopcr Ri\'l'r H ydru-<'11'1'1 rw
J>h\nl, 4 8:l
Synchronous Eloct.ric Clockti tmd Allied
Eroc tion or Hoi nfor<·cd t;onc: rotc l'ipl' Plonl
Productt:~, 632
nt Monti'<'Ol, 48:J
Completion o£ 'l'opu.xlt,po<· Dnm t\nd Powor
Houso. Moxico. '~27
Contro.ct P laced for t.I\O C'onstr1wt.ion or t.ho EXHIBITIONS :
British Empire Tn~d<' Exhibition nt Bn<'nvs
Abitibi Power Pltutt, :?81
Airc~. 19:ll, 147, 21i:l, :!!):J. -1:?7: l'rol <'l' ·
Cccdil on LT rbt\n Cot•n<·i l's Appli<·llt ion I o tiH•
I ion or aJI Putonl:l, 'l'rudc• MttrkH. &c· ..
].;I!'Clricity Commis.<;iOilt.'l'l! ror 1\ Stwc·it\l
4:!7; Shipping Jns tru ('lions to Exhthitcm•.
Ordor, 1n
Decline of Electri c Tnamwnys in South
Briti~<h J ndustriel' li'oir, 193 1, :19, 3•11 , (i!l7;
Africa, 1:? 1
Enlurj.!NI Floor Spuco ot. Olympiu. :l!l :
D csign or P ole Liill'S to Curry El<"rtric Wir<·"
Birmin(.(hnm ChamlJt'r of Com nw rct' Oror Cables. 707
~unisin~ H eavy
ection. 39 ; Brolld~<ho<'l
D o,·er Town Council .Hojecls n Propo~ul to
of Pict urcs with T t"xl in Appropriul<'
Draw upplil's o£ Elcctri cit y from tlw
J.nnguogo Issued to ){ost. COtmtr il's
Contra! Elcctricit,y Board, 253
.\hroad, 597; Lnrgc Numoor or ::\'ew Jo:, .
Dry Batteries to bo Manuft\t'lured by Dutch
hibitors at lJirminEtham, 34.1 ; P rospcclu11
Firm in )lelbourno, 623
for Intending Exhibitors. 39
Eost England Electr icity Sl'11omt.' Adopted
Cnnndinn Nut iouul Exhibition, Building to
by the Central Electricity Board, I i3
I><' Constructed for Displny or Colli:ltn•l··
Economic Averl\go tllltain t.'d or tho Po,~or­
lion Mnl<'riuls, 311
t on Power Station of the Super Power
CordifT Engineering .Exhibition, Prof(rtunmo
Company, Illinois, 65
for Opc11ing Events. 5 11
l!:dmonton Council Hands o, or its Pow!'rs
J~x hibitt Oil or Chemi cul l ndul!try to be Jl cld
for Electricity upply to tho London t\nd
ut T okyo, 369
Homo Counties Joint Electri city Auth<'·
J~:.J1ibiLion or Mc<'hunical .\ids to .Edu('l\lion
rit.y, 2ii3
l•t the London School of Eco11om.ic>!, :!0 L
Electric .\re W elding Process Usod to Con·
C..: r()nt Britain )AJnds the W orld in Chomi ct~l
t>tr.Jct Large Swimming 'l'l\nk, :!53
Ex hi bi tions, I 21
Electric Batter ies, Tho ManuiacLuro of. 80
Intern t\tionul Exhibition to bo t-l !'ld in
Electric Cookers, Lurge Increase in U11o or,
Elizabotlwillc, B elginn Congo, in Mt~y.
at Bulawayo, Southern Rhode'lin. ()69
1931, 173
Electric }'urnu.ce~. Wild· Bllrfil'ld 1'yvo or,
luternntionnl Rhipping and Fi t<hing F.xhibiLttrgest in )t;uglt\nd, 560
tion at Sun 'obustitm , 2:.!7
Eloctl'ic H l'adlignts on all Indian LocomoLund J mprovomonL Exhi bilion in Czodto·
tives. 147
slovokia, t 9:H, 188
Electric Hoatin~. \\' hen, is on E conomi t
Model J•~nginl'<•r Exhibition at W ostao.inRt<•r,
PrO{>Osition, 651
:?53; Gold liit'dul Awarded to ~fr. G. Ji'. G.
J~leetr•c Traction Ex,orimon t.s '' ith Bnttory
D csvign<'s, 360
Invented by Dr. Drumm, 707
~l'lhorl ands Indust ries F t\i r, TwN\I y- thinl
Electric Wire and Cablo Factory at BrockDutch Jndus trii.'S Fair ot Ut recht, 436
ville, Ontario, to bo Extended, 5 11
l 'hysical ond Optical Societies' Twent y-fir,.t
Electrical D evelopments in Ceylon, 679
Annual Exhibition, 398
Electrical tatioi'IS in tho U .. '.R., (;96
R oyal Agricultural ociety of Englnnd, 1931
Electrically Operl\tcd Plant. for Cleaning
l'ihow to be Held at \ \'arwick, :?:?7
1200 Borrels a Dav at Purflt'ol, 511
R oynl Socioty o£ Art'!, Exhtl>ition o£ Work ..
Electricity Comm issioners' Official R e turns,
l'iubmittcd for Competiti on or lndu>~triol
93, 20 1, 476, 597, 679
Designs, 14 i
Electricity Commissioners' Returns Pro,·c
Crcat Increase in Amow1t or Jo: lc<· tric ity EX PERIM.ENT.\L Tank )(uy be Butlt 111
Gonorntcd, 20 I , 341
)Jadrid by lht" Rpunish <.:o,•crnm('nt, lli
Elect ricity Commissioners. Public Inquiry J·~xpert, Tr&ll81ulors, 11, 3 U, :; 1
into tho App11cotion of the ~letropolltt\n Exploston o£ •~ lloiler Blow-down Pt Jll' ut
Borough of Fulham to Extond Ccnornting
\\' ans ford , Bou rd or Trod<' Inspector's H<'port
Station, 651
on. :!81
Electricity • upply Commission or 'outh Jo:x t,>lo:~ion. Boill'r , on Small Cnrgo Y <'SSQI,
Afri<'l\, Annual Report, 281
:Engineer urvoyor-in-Chie£ R e port , 511
Exports and Import,s or Electri cal ApparnLus , E xplosio n Causing Failure o{ toum-ju.ckoted
~[achinory and Material rrom tho U t\1 tod
Copper Pan, 707
Kingdom d\tring July, 1930, compared with l!:xplosion o£ Economieor, Engi ncor-in-Chior,
July, 1929. :.!01
Hoard or 'l'rooe, R oport, 483
Exporl!4 of Electric Gonorl\lol"l! e~nd )loLor~ J~xplosiou o£ l:>t~fot.y Vnlvo Fitting or a };<·otti11h
from ltu.ly thwin g Firs t T hr<•o )lonlh!! or
l:l op.(lor Hnrge. 651
1930, 17:l
l!:xplostou 011 llourd ::icotLish H opper llM(.(•' •
Ell'ctro-deposition of Load-'l 'ht\llium Alloy11,
Olncial H op ort, ·l55
Explos ion, Boilor, J."ailuro o£ :)olid-clmwn
Electro-tcchnical Industry of I he U.::i.~.R.,
Copper tiLe(lm Pipes, Enginee r S un•oyor-in·
('haef's Roport, 597
ElccLro-weldin~ )Lnchi•w ry in l htssitl, Poi!i·
lion or, 651
J·:loctrolytir Copper Ht"fi nury nl s, urdlt.I\'Hk,
Lt~rgo-capucily, :l<l 1
J.;liminutioll or J:'olo 'fop or Cro:>S·lUIII Jo'ir<'s
on Transmission Linos, .; 11
1-'ivo Turbo-genemtors o{ 77,GUO k\\' for F .\( 'T O it \" fur ~ltutufa~:luro of PaiJ1I >~ cuul
Doiopor Powor Station, 623
Ea1111nt'ls l o be Erected ~l·ur Duono~ ,\tn.'~.
(.;oraoan Electrical ~ lnndards nud ]{ ult•>~, :?:?1.1
Gmb or Clalllllhcll B\lckot, Opooed and Ft·rl th~>er ~lt:o..tiiJ! Plonl t o oo Erect ed ut, (;JmrClosed by an Electric Motor Mounted
lottclo" n, Priilcl• Edwurd bland, 5U9
Directly on tbe Crab (Erie), 93
Ftrt's, Loss Through, in Great Brttuin and IroGrompiun Electricity Schemo, Init,ial \\'orkt~
ll\nd, 11
Arranged, 564
Flitch Frumeg for \ '('hicl('s Out of Fo.:.ltion, hut
{:uildford Electricity l "udertnkang Acl'ount.c,
t~li!O ·sed i u Con.. tnLcl ion or B1tilding$, 5 11
Fluo l>ust Di~t~po.~it•on. Engli~oh t~nd .\mc rit•tln
l•: nJ.(in('C'r><' J\tlf'nti un IO tlw J>rohl"lll u£, :!Ill
11 l't\''Y"iuo Layer 011cl Othe r l.tt)· ••r>~ ( ·,~Jitlhl u
of H oOoctiug ~>nd Hl'fm!'liiiJ.( Jo:lo•c•lrtt' l.-11!(. S11u" "'"' In •, L'>o~• uf Dotunalvh 111ttl ~~~l t
\\'twcs uL Diff~rt•nl Ht·i~ltls, :Ill
Dua·i n~, (i:?:l
J ltg h -powet· Tmu!!tllission """' Jlt•l " 0'"' lo'o und t~l•un ,. ur Fon l F ttdo t·.)· ut, l>ugl' lllmttt,
T oronto. Ohio. und .l!:u~l .\kron , 1 u lit•
Colll:ltructed, 45(;
Four .Power :Stutaons Hot we en ::>hunglmi tllltl
H.ydo Corporation Rocoivod .1: I UtlU out o£
Nanking, Proposnl to Build, 121
ProfiiH (a·om lho .foint EIN•tric·ity BoMcl, "''"' ' HcSt•aa·•·lt Bonrd ('unstit ut.od in 1-iout h
,\Ct·i<'l~, G97
l nstrwnont Cluitucd to .l!::.p~·d•lo lnnu ll\t.iun Fuol Hoij()l\l'uh !till I itulo ~nuctiouod by Lhu
Tests 011 Electric Cabled, I:? I
Go,•cmment o£ South .Vriea, 39
Ul'PL'&HEST, JAS. 23, 1931.-{VOL. CL.)
IRON AND: STEEL (continued):
(:AJ .1 ,J UM, The Properties·of, 707
}JolderR, Tnvestigat.ion liR to Whether lA~rge
<:onaumnra iu Bir-mingham should I nsto.ll, 6G
Uo.R Ontptlt in Grco.t Britain Durin~ l!l2!l, 26 1
(!MC0\111 l~xplosions, R<'soo.rrh hy Mr. H. J.owi~
into, 399
<:nt int>l\\1 11 yclro-t>lectrio Pow!'r l>lnnl , Con·
sth1ction of R!'n•nt h Unit Comm!'nt'NI, '107
(!O.\IIl:ing Flow of C'olumbit~ Hiv!'r m America,
<:cevor Tin )fine. St. J uAl, to he Glo'!cd Down,
;; I I
( !~>noratinll: Costs at Hudson, l\fn'!s(l.('h\1Aotts,
Uic>R<'l Enll:in!'l-drivC'n Plant. 14 7
(!ln..qs Silk for H eat Insulatiou, Chanr() Br·othN-s
t\nd ('o., Ltd., 4!l0
C!I uc>
Pr·Morvati vo Dovc>lopC'cl i 11 •\ tn!'riro.,
"Orthophor'\ylphC'nol," 227
Gold 1\fino Disroverod NN\l' 1\(ustnnl<iang
Stnt.ion, Chi nese Eostcrn Railway. 4 27
(:old :Mincs, Six Ncw, to Start Produc·tion on
Ht\nd Botwccn 1935-1941), 434
(!old )fining I ndustry of M<>rion!'th<~hir(',
HC'vivol of the, 121
(!old OrC's Concentration, New , chcmc to be
Tri~.>d at thC' PorC'upine Mines in Onturio. M
Cold Out put. from the Transvaal, 281
Gold Output of Canada, l::stimo.tl'd, 14 7
Govt'rnmcnt und Prices. Commitlro Appointcd
by Federation o{ British Industries. 51
<:rnin Stom~<' Elt>\?ntor nt. Lethlwid~~>. Alh!'rlrt,
C": r·o.ud Union Cam•l Compnny, llropoRMI Jmprovt'menls, 619
C:r·o.nd Union Canal Compl\ny, Propo~al to
lnsto.ll 1\'lolor·-prop~:"llcd Bar:.t<'>~. :l!)!)
(:rl\ml Union C'nnnl C'onlptmy'M D!'\ l'lopmrnt
Sl'll<'rnl', t> I!\
HA HVESTlO:R Thro!'!hin~ Machines ml\y he
l.IRNI iu CrN\t Bri h\in. Combirwd, 227
·1loli\lm J>lnnt n.t Amarillo, T<'Xr\..'1, Tho YC'M':>
l'rochrotion at the, 2/:;:l
:H elium, ProthH~ tion During i\lo.y at lho Sonoy,
TexnR, Plnnt., 147
Hrnt Insulnting ll£1\t<>rinl, A Nrw Mt•lnlli<', 169
}l~>rbort.. F.. G., on ~itridntion Pro<'<'R~ for· Surfacing St<'ol, 11
llorsC'h<.-1, The L nte G1om~:"nt. L<'nvcH ;\fonry for
Sl'ic>nl ifiC' Purposes. ();;
J I i~hest. A l mospboric ShMI<' 'l'Ptol(ll'rnt Hr(',
Hcwordod at. Tripoli, 3:!2
J hrdson·I\V('Il\le st.ation, T wo ~(\\\' St!'am
'l' urho-generators for, 11
J Iycl ro-cll'ctric DovE>lopmont nt. N or·ton l:lt-idgo,
HiemonR-Schuckort Compnny to •'upply
::>urvoy to the Coyl on Government, :109
Hydro-oleotric Plant, 'Vork Start ed on the
Abitibi Canyon Dnm for, 25:1
] rydro-electric Plants to be ('on~<t I'IIC'tod nt.
Sanhsien and Lungmc>n, :169
Hydro-<'l<'C'trio Power Dovelopmrnt. in <.'ant\C.IIt,
H ydro-elC'ct ric P owC'r Devt'lopmcnts ~orth of
\'an<'onvCir, 3!)9
H ydro-CIIectrio Power Plant nt Hapido Dlnnr,
Quebec, 6G
H ydro-C'Iectric P ower Planl, Proposed on t lw
J,iovre River, Quebec, 341
Hydro-electric Power Project. in. :Uolivit\, 201
Hydro-el~:"etric Power Hosources of Sweden,
Ho.pid D evelopment of, 28 1
Hydro-olectric .Power SchC'Im<' at Aro.runi, New
Zentnnd, Professor P. C. Hornelt s R eport,
H ydro-eloctrio Power Stntion nt Ponnti, Jtnl y,
niL of 45,000 H .P. l'ndl'r ('on~ll'llrtion, :l!l!)
F ord Motor Company Orders 400-Ton Tiltin~
Open-hearth Fumn.ce, 537
Covorn.mont Stl'cl 'Vorkl'l o.t Yawato. RNIU<'·
ing Output of H eo.vy Rail!<, 679
CrPok Iron IncluRtry to bo Reorganised, G69
Iron Industry of .Tapar\ 'l'hreo.lonod hy C'hoap
Pig Iron from Indit\, 4·83
Iron Ore Company Rrgist<>rPd in Swcdrn to
Work Vahll\hlc Pepogits, 253
Iron Oro DisC'ovt-rcd Xro.r Dundee. Xatal. 399
)[nlleable Tron in X!'w Form, " J>romnl,"
Claims for. 3<1 I
)fill _fo~ Produ!'in~ StC'C'I , 'trip SIMtNI hy
Dlmors Stc>rt Compnny, :l:l;;
X nt ions\ Fed!'rat ion of Iron and St C'<"l )h\nufnC'turorR' Hc>por·tR :
Furnaces in BIMt, Pig I ron nnd SI <'!'I Pr·o·
duction 1\1 Jo:nd of :.ray and June, 1930,
65 ; July, 20 I ; A\Jgust, 311 ; Soplombt'r, 4:!7 ; October, 697; Nov~:"mbr~r,
Xitridation Pr·occss for •'urfocing Steel, 11
Observnt ions of Changes in >\Iecho.nicut Proper ties of H cmntite Iron from Tapping and
Pouring into ~l oulds After Pa.ssin~ through,
Product ion o£ l ron t\nd Sloe! and their )[anufn.cturcs in Canada for 1929, 455
Pretor·iu. ~Heel \Yorks Contract, Brit oin to
havo Lar~o Share, 707
Rolling 1\lill of Exceptional Size being Construotrd in America, 707
Stool CM!ting~, American BureM• of Standarus Study of tho Strongt h, Du<'tility o.ncl
So\llldneRs of, :1!)9
Stool Ca11tings, 1-:IToct of L ow Tomperaturo on
R e.'listo.nco of, to lmpnct, 399
Steel Deoxidiser "Alsifor" Placed on 1\Iarkot
by Vnnadium Corporation of Ameril'a. G41
, leel, Prrtorit\ to Rhut R olling H ollow Dr·ill,
!;;t eel Tnr>'R of G ro>lt W Cligh t J nst nllcd in
Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, Now York, 3-1.1
Stool U~ed in 8G-."tor~>y Empire Slut(' Buildin~, Now Y ork, :!53
Testmg Ht'lr\t.ivo Str<•ngths of Ir-on Or'l'll:!,
Methotl Adopted hy Arn('rieo.n llur•en11 of
~fines, 670
Time Required to Rodll(·o L1rmps of Iron Or·o
lo Metnllio Iron, 20 I
Use of Bent-edged Plate11 in Constru<·tion of
Ships' Hulls, 455
IRRIGATION SchCim<' HurvCiyE>d Along Pon.
gotn Rivor. Northern 7.ululnnct. :J.It
Trrig.ttion SchemNI hoing l'nt Forw11rd iu t lrr
'J'I'IIns\' AAI, !l:l
JAPANESE Wiro Rod Works CapaoiLy, 227
.Jeppo S~reet P ow<>r Slat ion nt J ohannosburg,
JO::..:tensions to, !l:l
.Tubilet' DinnN', Mntth.-w T.l'hnw nnd ('o., Ltd.,
KELP Industr·y. lo bo Do,·cloped in W<>stcrn
Ireland, 3 11
Kirkcaldy (las Dopnrtmont, Annual R eport on
Working of, 201
'' Koool," t\n Alloy of Forrotitanjum, Cobalt
and Nirkel, l?rov<'R \'('ry T o\lgh at. High
Tompt'r>lt Ul'l'>!, !i 11
D otcC'tor to be Thoroughly TI'Rtcd
by Dr. H ownrd T. Barnes, 281
I mproved Reflector for !lO in H o>lpitnls and
Opernting T heatres, 651
Incandescent Electric Lamps on l~xhibition at
R oyal Scottish Museum, 11
Industriousness and Good Temper of Chinese
Workmen, 317
Instrument for Detecting Temporaturo DifforenC'es as Small as One-miltiont h of a :Degree
Cen tigrade, 121
Intomntional Aluminium ComJ)<It.ilion, Address
for Communications for, 630
IntCirnntionnl Congress of i\frPhaniC'R nt Slo<'khotrn, Tho Third, 227
Inlrrno.Lionnl l\fotor Boat Re~atta at Buenos
Aires During British Empire Exhibition, 455
Int ornnt ional Tr·ials of 'l'rMtors a ud othor Agri.
C'ultun\1 Mnchinery at Kra~tujova!', 121
Iodine from Kelp to be Produced in t ho Jr·ish
Fre11 ~to.to, 483
I odino Production of, from lho \\'>\l!'rs of Bo.ku
Oil Wt'IIR, 427
Algorna Steel Corporat ion, Proposed ~ew
.Rolling Plant for Rails, 39
Annual Statistical Report of the American
Iron a nd Steel Institute, 281
Rlast-(urnaces at K orch St<'ol Works in the
Crimea, New, 121
City of London College, Lc<'turcs on " I ron
and Steel," 265
Completion o£ the New 500-Ton .BlAst-furn ace
nt tho Anshan Steel 'Vorl<s, China, 281
Construction 'tart.ed on Steel ·w orks of
Dorman, Long and Co., nt Cermiston. S.
Af1·ica, 679
Deposit of Iron Ore in U ral 1\lountains to be
Exploited by Russian Government, 685
Deterioration in Manufacture of Wrought
Iron, )[r. H. J .• kelton in tho lronmonyer,
5 11
Equipment of -xew Steel Works in Pretoria
South Africa, 569
Bxprndituro on ReSt'nrch in tho United
States for Rolling )lilt~:~ and Stcd J>lonts
gxpor t or Cah•ll.nised Sheets from .Japan 173
Ft\bricl\lod Structural ::>tool W or Its t ~ hi'
J~rect~d in Gonniston, S. Africa, 59 1
LAKE , 'out Storage Hoservoir, LargeML .,.\ rt ificial Lnke in Am erica, 31 I
Land Leased in Corm any to Amoricnn C'ompnny
with Object of Drillin~ for Oil, 369
Lan.tem Slides. Marshall, Sons and Co., J.t.rl.,
Cainsborough, 660
Lnntern S lide~ of Crushing and Convoying
Mn.chinery, BriLish Joffrey-Diamond, Ltd.,
Gl 2
Lar~e Benzol Plant in Budapest, 121
Large H otCII 1\l :Marble ArC'h, Work Prorcoding
on, 679
Large Installation of Vertical Steam Turbogonerntor nt Ford \\1orks, America, 569
Largest Drop Hnmmer in t he \\'orld )fade by
the Erie Foundry Company, 201
Lo.xey 'Vater \\' heel, Islo of 1\fan, Struc·ttu'O
Dnmagod hy Jlravy Floods. 383
Loot\li'OS on" Ir·on an cl Stool " by Mr. 'f. HMI On
Kelly at tho City of London College, 281
Leicester Collogo of Teehnotogy, D epartment. of
J~ngiuooring, has LOO-Ton Universnl TosLiu~
Machine lnstu.llod, 121
Levant Tin 111ino, Cornwnll, Shut Down, 5 11
Libraries, Control of the Electric Lighting
Switches in, 201
Light Stations, Four Small, for
Moroccan ConsUino, 660
Lighthouses, Fivo ~ew, for Spanish )[oroccnn
Coasttine, 569
Linking North and Sot~th Shields, Proposed
Tunnel for, 427
Lithium to be Used iu New Aluminium Alloy,
Lithopooo F o.otory to bo Constructed nt l" td ni!l,
Russia, 227
Lloyd's Register S<·holo.rship, Awarded, 23
Loading Plant for ;\h\ngan<'so Ore at C:ougella,
Durban, 623
London Chamoor of Commerce SC'bolar::~hip
Awards, 186
London County Council, ..\wards of the Rob<ort
Dlair Fellowships, 186
London County Council not Seeking Powers for
New Tramwo.ys, 39
London County Counril Tramway!i )Joko a
Profit, J 21
London. and Home Counties Trnffic !Advisory
Coounit t ro, l~o\rrth Annual Report, 93
Lubricant Ropor·ted Not Affected by Hont or
Cold, Diacovorod by Am<>rican Lubricating
Engineer, 483
1\fADRASJ:Iarbour Improvement Fithrmo, 39
l\fnngano11e Ore, Faci lit t>l ing lho F.xport of, from
Hoosth r·ock, S.A., 93
ManganCISO OrCI Minin{( nt l)oompul SL\icl to
Conto.in G6 P !'r C:t'nl. l\!l'lnllic· ;\fangnur~~e,
)famrfn<'turo o£ P c:>rsimmon Ln<'qupr, ·15;)
l\£anufncture of Pyrophoric Alloys, 369
Mnrking of Imported Too\11, Boorcl of Trade
Dir(lction, 472
:\f~:"c-hnnical EngineerR for the Army. 622
l\follon In11t.itute of Jndustrinl Hcse>\rc·h, Considerabl<' Extcmsions to h<' ('nrrird Out at
t-he, 12l
Morchandiso )fnrks Att. l !lZG. I 05
i\fcrcur·y, Out put of. at Haq·t'I-Nila, Algeria, !)3
Merrury to he Prodt~cod frorll Ores at Narn\H'·
Hainaut, 311
Motnlli<' Cadmium in tho UnitNI Fitl\leR in 1929,
Production of, 6G
;\feto.ltic l\£agnesi\un, Output in the tlnitcd
St aloR, 65
;\{ethods of P ai nt ing Xow (!nlvnni~ed Iron nnd
Brickwork, 281
)folybdonite Output in Canada for 1929, 569
Molybdenum in a, amplc, Dctrrtion of, 399
;\lonths of the Year, 263
Montreal Harbour I mprovements to Cost
2,000,000 Dollar~, 483
)fosquitoes J.-ept undoJ· Control in South
Carolina by Sprnying f)hnllow Wl\lc>r with
Oil, 147
i\fot or Omnibus Fitted with liigh.qpN•d Diesel
Engine, Leeds Corpomtion, 341
;\h•kdon Power Plant, 1\lt\IWhurin, NCiw Station
of the, 311
Munil'ipo.l T rnmwny and TrnnRporl .\ M.qoriat ion,
Annual )JE>otiug, :3!\!l
Pipes Manufo.ctured by Centrifugal Proccs'l
Using Sand-lined Moulds. 341
Plans for Dock at Peel now Drawn Up. 311
Plating of Iron with Aluminium, H . .J ohonll'lon'"
Invention, 651
Plo.t.im1m Out put in Transvno.l in 1029, 360
Platininm, Present Price of, Very NeM ('o~t of
Production, 227
Plymouth'A Embankment "Rond Improvomrnt
Snnotioned, 34 I
Poland's Zinc Industry. 11
P ortland Ccrucnl Clinker, Borir. Aricl l' s!'d n~
a Flux in Burning, 151
Potasb, Two Now J mportnnt D~>posit ~ in I h<'
U ppPr lthino Di;~t rict, 65
Power J~nginecring Conference nt. ChiC'ngo, SR
Pritchurd 'H Apparl\tul' for D etP<'tion of PrN!NlNI
of Var·iouA Gnfi<'R. 11
Procodurt' for ;\(al<ing Prints on Copper, 14 7
Production of Liqnicl Hydrog<>n in Smo.ll
Quantities, 65 1
Production of Sulphur h'om )fl\in Prod ucing
Counlri<>R in 1929, 427
Production of Cold and Iron Throughout t hc>
World. Sir Roh~:"rt. Hadfielcl Before the Old
Industries Club, 427
Production of Synthetic Bitum!'n from Combinnlion of Cit nrs Fruits and Powdcrrd Coni.
Progress and Development of :\fodcrn :->team
OonerntorR, )[r. C. A. Plummr r , 569
Progrcs.cc of Construction for 200,000 H .P .
Initial JnAtnllation of Dcnu harnois PowN'
Corporo.ti on, 679
Propeller, A Large Cast Iron, 159
Pt~bli c Light Control Sysl('m in Operation nt
Cnlgo.ry, Cl\no.da, 281
Public Works Congress, 1931 , Prizes for Paprrs.
Pulveri~ed Coat Burning, Record Cr·ontNl in
Power l'lnnl of \\'c>st Virginit\ Pulp t\IICI l'npN·
('ompnny·.. ;\I ill I\I 'fyrono. PI\., r, 11
NANKIN<.: RN•onst rue Lion ('orn•ni:L..ion Starts
Survoy of Site for Propo~<ocl ('~>nt rl\1 Railway RA l)llli\r nt Osl rov, DiRc·ovN·y of 'ft'llC'<'Il of,
!'itQtion, :109
N t\tional Physical Ln horat ory ';c Annual Rop or·t
Now Published in Soparl\lo P Mis by H .l\1. RAILWAY AND ROAD MATTERS :
Stationery Office, 65
Accidents :
N 1\tionnl Research Council of Cl\nt\da, Ur·. A. S.
Aroidrnt Sti\Listics for 1929, G97
lO:vo AppointE>d Chnirman of As~ociMe Coln..\ccidoot lo Locomotivt Through Rmok~>­
mitiE'<', 5 11
box Door Projecting over 6ft. Spnc-o, i\l1·.
N1\t urnl GM nnd t ho Produc·l ion of Fortnald<'·
.T. T,. Mooro'A R oport, ;;97
hydl:', !):3
Arcid!'nts 1\t l.!'V('I Cro&'!ings in lh!' l 'nit('ll
~1\lurnl Cas, ('o.~l of S<·hNIII'S for Providin~
Rnslmtoon, Hl•gina, i\foo~o .J.\w, ami Swift
Sta.to~. <1 :;.;
AC'cidCinl!l in 192!l, Li<>ut.-Colonol ~\fount's
Currc>nt. 14 7
:\ntural Un.s-llrt:~d :-;t irling Boilt•r:t nt El Pn.so,
HCiport, 4 27
.\('(·id('niA, Inq uiriCis by Assistant. lu~:~pt'Ot­
'J'OXM, 93
illj:( Olftcort~ during First 'fhroo M on th~
Nnturo.l Gns irom the Turner Vnll<>y of Alberln
to Supply Reginn, 450 l\1 ilN! Uisll\nt, 93
of I 030, 541
to Passengers l~1~lling from
N at. mal Gas Industry o( U oilod St L\los, 511
Nat\ll'al Gas Linos Lt\id to Supply Chi<'ngo and
Pa~ongor Trains, 65
AC'C'ident.s "Ropor·t, Progressive U ocronso of
Or•Cio.t Lakes Hegion, :369
Broken Hnils nnd Axles Mainto.inod, 541
Natural Cas Supply for H oginn, Snsk., from
Accidents to Rni lway Servants. i\linistry
Alherta Fields, 707
of 'frnnaport Inquiries into, I\
Nr\\rtirnl Surveyot'f!, Appointments for. 162
A<·cidllnls to Rnilway 'orvant .., NC'gli.:l'nt
Now Crucibles lluilt by Bo.brock nnd Wilcox
Protect ion of a Gang or .PI\i ntl'r:~ by
C'ompany, New Yor·k, 641
Kl'w Mnchi no for Conrontrntion of H N\\'Y
Look·out :MtLn, 65
.\cC'i donts to Rnilway
ervanls whNl
1\'finorl\ls in a Dry , tl\t<', 121
'l'rapp<'d B etween Locomotive nnd Old
Now mall Car for G~:"nnnny, The Opal 1\folors
l~ngino Shed Doors, 173
Comrany's. 281
.\ c·cidonts t,o Railway Servants, l~ <1lurns
New York Initiates m ovated Highway with
for Last Qt1arter, 1929, 227
F aci lities for Adding Srcond. Storoy, 70i
Accidents to 'J'rnins Running on Loop
New York's New ·west Sido Elevatcd Highway,
LinE's, Through )'listaken Signals, 4 27
Nearly Ready for Serviro. 121
Anniversary of Willesden Hnilwt~y AN·iNewsprint, Cnnadn Exports 6G per CPnt.. of
dont which 0CC'\rr red Tw~•ly Yoi\1'~
World's, in 1929, 65
Ago, 623
Nitr ogen Fixat ion Ph\1\L, ('onstruct ion ComBuffer Stop Collision nt. El\!11 bo\u'n<',
menced on Second Li111h at Ruhr, 4.8:3
Colonel 'l'ronoh 's Repo•·t, 48:J
NoiRo, The Evil Effects of, on Humnn Beings.
Uuffor Stop Colljs ion at Euston, 281
BuiTor Stop CoWsion at Li,·orpool -~t rc!'t
Noles on Screw Gauges, Nationl\l Physical
:>tation. Lieut.-Cotonel Andt>rson'~:~ HrLaboratory, l\('W Edition or, !l3
porl, 201
<.'olli Hion Between a Tramcar and 01nnibtr~
>Lt P onders End, Report. by L iout.Colonel Anderson, 39
('ollision at Grimsby Town Station, 93
Colli t~ion at Grimsby Station, Licut.-Colonol
OFFICE Machinery Uset·s' Association, •· '!'ransAnderson'A Report, 455
notions," 159
Collision nt Preston Station, Liout.-C'olono I
Oil Extraction Plnnt at Now Clnsgow, Novn
A nde rson' s Report, 541
Scotia, 147, 173
Collision nt Ruthere:Jen, Lieut.-Colonel
Oil from Coal in the Trans,·o.BI, New Company
Moun t's Report, 9:3
Formed to Make, 121
Collision near Preston Stt\lion. J..1'\L .
Oil Production from Deepor 'Veils Requires
Railway, 20 1
Casing :Material Capable of R esisting High
Collision near Stnpleton-rond, HriHI ol,
Pressures, :\I r. F. '"· llremmor, 569
Crent \Yostern Railway, Roport, 11
Oil Product ion in AJberta During April, 1930, 93
Collision on Itatinn State Hailways at
Oil Transport by a 760-l\lile .Pipo Line from
l\8.'10, 3!)
Toxas, Panhnndle, to St. L ouis, 6G I
D erailment at Sheet Stor('s Junction,
Oil, Presence of, nt .Leeuwhock iu the. l\liddlc·
T ront, I3Citweon D erby and Nottinghnm
burg District o£ the Cape, 173
Oilfield Discovered. Mnr I.-ulont i, on Chinese
Dornilmont. of Leading Bogio of Ronr
l~astem Railway, 707
Conch h1rt One of "!~ lyin g Scotsman,"
Oil "C\lsher " with }'low of 600 Tons a Day,
Colonel Mount's Report, 6G1
Brought in near Kokund, Contrnl Asia, 5 11
Fatl\1 Collision in Tunnel noar Culgnith
Oldest Producing Oil Wf\11 in Californin, Drilled
St.ation, Colonel Trench 's Report, 6G
Fifty-four Years Ago, 511
First Fatal Accident to Railwoy P assenger
Omnibus Designed to bo Oporo.tcd Either as
on Liverpool and Manchester Raihvoy
a P etrol Vehiclo, u. Datlery Electri c Yehicle,
28 1
or 1\ Troll<'y Omnibus, Belgian, 20 1
J..cods Collision Fifty Years Ago. 707
Nort.on Fitzwarren Accident, Forty Yonrs
Ago, 6 1 l
Railway Accident R eturns fot• 1929 3!)
Railway Accident R eturns, Reduction in
Price of, 39
Railway Accidents. Annunl Report, Lieut.PANAMA Canal, Roturl\i! of C'emmercinl
Colonel Mount, 51 1
Trnllic Through t he, 281
Ro.ilway 1-;ervo.nts, Analysis of AN·ichmls
Pond Oreille River, Plans for Harnessing the,
to, ir\ 1029, 707
20 1
RepOt'\. on Fatal Injuries to Platelo.yer· by
P ersia. Report on Economic C'onditionR in,
Jo'iro from Naphtha. Lamp, Mr. J. 1.. )1.
E . .R. Lingeman, 227
i\looro, 6i9
P etroleum Coke o.s a By-product, 39
Amt\lgamt\t.ion of the Railway Compani(''!
Petroleum Experiment l:itation Carries Out. n
to Reduce Expenditure, Question .\ dSeries of Observationa on Bulk Storage Tanks
drossod to Minister of Transport, 679
for, Evaporation Losses, 253
Appointments and Staff Change~ 173 253
Phos-Copper W elding Alloys, Production of,
281, 341
by the W estingbouse Electric and )lanuA utoml\tic Train Control Committre's Hefacturing Company at East Pittsbmg, 93
port, 64.9
Phosphate D eposits Doing Opened Up ncnr
Automatic Train Control Commiltt'o's RCIKruger Natio~l Park, 'i'ran.avno.l, 12 ~
port, Analysis o£ Signal tntisticfl, 079
Pilobards, Canadran. Productron of Oil, Fish
Brook of J oumey at Stations. JncreMNI
1\feal, nnd FertilisN' from, 427
Fo.cilities for, 173
Pipe Systems Installed by tho Romans DisBrit i10h .Rnilwnys Stnndarcl Dlo<'k ('oclc, 311
covered near Cologne, 20G
Canadi&n National Railways :
Indian Railways :
Fire DestrOf8 New Dock at Vancouver, 173
Aasam Bon~al Railway and the Expiring
C:ross Eammgs for July, 1930, Compared
Contract with t he Indian Govomment,
With July, 1929, 281
I ndian Railway B oard, Aru1ual R ep ort,
" H udson Locomotiva 6700 " Srud to be
the FMtost. I.ocomotivo in Canada, 399
I ndian Railway Report on Standard Loco·
"'orkm~ F.xpenso~ Cor Sevon ::\Cont hs End.
ing .July. 1930, Comparccl '''th Sonw
motiHs and Fittmgs, 65
Poriocl, I !'121), 28 I
I ndian Hailway Board, A nnunl Hoport,
Value or Railway Mt\lorinl P url'ha~~>d,
Canadian Pacific Railway :
T imber Cor S lt>opM nnll C't\rringo Bui lclin~
<: ro"4 J~nming~t for ,July, 1930, Compared
in Tndiu, I 73
with .I uly, 11)29, Workin~ l~xpon.q<''~
<'ompnrl'd Cor :)nmo J>oriocl, 211 1
Koys and T rl.'nt\il-. \TMcl on Brit i11h R nilwnyH,
W orking Jhponso11 Cor Sovon Month11,
' \Jmbor or, G:!:J
,J nly, I 0:30, t'Ompnrt'ld "it h Snmo Period
Lawsttils whi <' h T ook l'laco tl.!'l t o P ot ont.
i 11 I !12!.1, 28 1
l{ights in Sundry Dott\il~t or the I ntorl oc·lcC'lo~ing of moro B ran ch T,i noR, 263
ing in t.ho J.ovor Frnmo for J>ointA and
l'oMoronC'o of All Htnto H a il wtLY CommiASignt\IR, 623
Hion<•rs or Stl\le'l o( AnHirnlitL ILIHI or lho
T.oromotiV<'II Cor Rn.ok Hailwny11, Dc•H<'ription
('Oil\lllOIIW('Illt h, 6(, 1
o£ .'yt~toHn l nvcntod hy Wc1tli, 571
De• lay in J)uhli<· Obtaining Wint or TiulO·
t nhles, 3!)!1
London, Midland and Scottish Railway :
l>iAcovory or t ho Ot.her ('ylind<' r or lh!l
Ay r H arbour Dovfllopmon t.. 1169
" ' ovol tv
• •" 4 66
L.M. nod S. H ailwny J~ugi no No. 61 23
l>i'4 tant Signals , Corroct Nt\mo Cor, 48:1
" Royal I rish Fusilier," PreSI'ntod with
D"•idcndt1 or British .Railwayt~, 121
Pluquo'l Bc•nring ('rest or t ho Ht>gim<>nt,
F.loct rio Traction for Main Lino .Railways
('onverging on London, 147
F.xperiment11 with Railroad CoMhcs which
I~trt~t. Motor T rain Operated Hot weon tht'
can Run on Either Railway or R oad , 641
Atlantic and P acific Oc<.'aM, !'1:}
Liverpool a nd Man<'he ~t<'r Railway t'elebrations, Final Lund1oon, 34 1
Foreign Railways :
J.ocomotive B ui lding nt H arwich t o Stop
•\or ial R ailway Acros11 Hnrcolona Harbour,
ACtor 1931 , 20 1
Hapid Progress in Construction, 427
Locomotive Build ing at Horwich, F i£t con
Ai r -<'onditioning System, E :\.-periments by
Light Tank Engin~>~ t o bo Const ru ct ed
:Baltimore and Ohio and tho Atcbison,
I nstead o£ Twelve 'ow E ngine8, 253
Topoka nnd SantA F6 Railways with an,
Locomotive Exhibition at .Manchester, 341
Locomotives from \Vavortreo Exhibited at
American Banker11 T ako Over and Operate
Manchest er, 34 1
the Pacific R t\th•ay or Nicara!?un, 121
Painting Bridges in Dorhytlhiro in B t\ttlo·
Hran<'h Lino on tho Azul-Bahta B lanca
ship Grey, 311
Hailway P rovidf.1s ::>ocond Line Between
P roposod Bxtension or Flcetwood't~ Docks,
L n Pinta and Bahia Blanca , 20 1
Vhiliun D epartment or Puhlio Works and
Proposod Rni lway 2A Milos J.ong B oLWO(ln
Con.stnJct.ion or FirM!-elMs Honds in
Two P oints on Chondlo Brntwh, 707
Ch ili, 6 11
Reason Cor Spodal T rain Loav in~ JO:uston
Colour B lindness , }'lnshligh t Signals at
for Bedford with Victim"' or ' .R 101 "
Rai lwa y CroBI!ing at Stottin, 341
ror Burial , 427
" D rumm" SoU-propelled R ailway Coo.oh
R ed uction of Locomotive T ypes OL\ the
Runs T ests, 147
London, l\fidland and Scottish Rl\i lway,
Egyptian State R ailways, Tenders for
Electric P owor Station at Cairo, 11
" R oyal Soot " Train Stops to ChtLngo
Eleotr ification or Mai n Lines and SubEngines, 143
ur ban Linos in America, 465
Sand D rag I ntroduced at Euston Station,
J~rio R a ilway Plo.ce in Ser vice Oil·olectric
Cars, 483
Great Southern R ailways of I reland,
London and North-Eastern Railway :
Abolition of Socond.cltl.S8 Travel, 39
J nt <.'m ationa1 System or R a ilways or
L ondon and North-Eastern Railway B ill
Cen tral Amer ica, Propo11a1 to Adopt
Pnssed Selo<'t Committet>, H ouse of
(:as-powered Mot or Rail Cura for Service
Lords, 39
Betw<><'n Atlantic and P acific Oceans,
Closing or Stations Botwee n York a nd
D urham, 369
I rish F ree State Gover nment Grant. Cor
Closing or Stations when Wi nter Pro- .
Electr ical Oporatton or Trains by
gramme Starts, 93
D rurom Storage B at-Wir y System, 511
Dismissal or 400 Railwaymen, 173
L a1?land Ore-car ryin g Rolling Stock t o be
D ismissals or R ailwaymen from D on.1' it t ed with S.K. F. R oller Bearings, 427
co.ater, 227
Now York, New Havon a nd Hart ford RailElectric Colour I.igh t System or Signamng
way, Ten E lectric P tt.ssengor L ocomo
Adoption of, 399
tivos Ordorod, 369
" F lying Scotsman " a nd F reedom from
Rui l Coach Sh apocl Like a n Airsh ip
En~ne F ailure , 6 11
Equipped with a 600 H .P . Aeroplane
"Fly tng Scotsman," King's CroRS to E d inJo:ngino R um• a t. 96 Miles an H our a t
burgh Non -11t op, 11
H a nover, 455
I ssue o£ D ebent ure Stock, Hodomption
Ro.ilwo.y Ca r in Brazil R uns on New F uol
wi t hin F or ty Year11, 569
" Azuli na," 12 1
King 's Cross, Two Moch o.nioally Oporl\lod
R et iremen t. of Monsieu r A. 1\loutier from
Signal -bo"CeB a t, 20 1
F renc h Rail way Sorvit'o, 483
L ocomotives Under Hopa ir, N u mber or,
R oad Const ruction in J>roviuco or K wang1929 Compared with 1928, Sh ows
t \rng, 399
Reduction, 64.1
Hoadway Construct.iou in Sangamon
P roposed T ubo R nilwoy from J.ivorpool •
County, Illinois, Now Meth od, 341
street to Dford Undor Consideration , 669
Solvi ng t bu Problem o! J<;Joctrifica liou of
Super -elevation of Rails t o be Recorded on
Goodi:S Y Mdtl nncl Term ini on t he New
a Ch art, 311
Y ork Centra l Rt~i l wny, 661
Tube R a ilway Betw<>on Liverpool-strect
Un<klrg round Hailway o( B uenos Aires,
and DCord, Progross or Scheme, 227
Jt' irst oction Near ing Completion, 253
Two H undred i\fon Hodundant in Midd lesUso or Vorrugatcd Iron in Found ation." of
brough Distri<'t Owing t o .Rcorf(anitltL·
Roads in Amoru•a, 456
lion, 39
Two Now • looping Car~~, Eloctri<'it.y t1S<'d
GM-lighted J>t\ssongor Stock, P t•rcon tago
for J.ightiog and Hent.i n~ WaW~r, 399
in 1928, 11
Wodgowood, Sir Rl\lph, Not R etiring from
Glasgow Corporation nml Municipal Trnn~­
the Lond on and North-EMt€'m Rai lway,
port. Undertaking, 0:1
\ Vhi tomoor Gravitation Marsh alling Y tml,
Great Western Railway :
Ma rch, L. and N.E. Ratlwny, 11
Bri11tol, I mprovements at, Col3t E!!timntcd
Wirral Society Obtains Removal or Two
o.t £ 1,250,000, 227
HoardingA at D idKton nn<l Upton
Cab ignalling to bo Introduced Ovor Much
Stations, 569
Greater Area, 4 ~3
" ('heltenh am Flyer " Ot' " Choltenham
London, Jtlidland and Scottilh and London and
T ortoiso " f I •17
North-Eastern Railways :
Closing or Carri~:~ Branch for P o.ssongor
Rni lway R et u rns Cor 1021), ContnLat
'J'r atnc, 670
.Between " Ot.ho1·" Mileage or E ngi nes
Closing o! Valo or Rll(liclol Hailwn.y fol'
of London, Mid la nd nnd Scot.tiRh and
Goods 'l 'rnffic, 679
of t he T.onclon flnc l Not·th -l~nt~torn Hl\il·
Cogloo.d Ju ncti on, Taunton, Norton, Fitz.
wa y~:S, 65 1
war ren Widen ing, P articulars of, 1)41
<:orris Hnilwny. P owort'l Cl ranted (;, W.
!lfetropolitnn Railway ('ompuny, Appoint·
H ailwny t o T ake Over, 227
mont. or J oint At'c0111111\111 "• 5 11
H'toOJiion or Automatic 1'ram Control to
<'ost n Quar ter or a M1 llion, fill9
Ministry ol Transport :
Four Di fTeront Gaugt'l:l on t ho Cent ml
Wales Divi~:~ion, 341
Appointtneot of Lieut. ·Colonol EnleRt
<:oock Helic~:S in t he Crco.t. Western Musown,
Woodhouso tl8 Assistant ILU~po<'ting
Officer of R ailwny11, 569
I mprovornon ts at Stations, Additional
British Railways, 'J'otal Number of !>(1.8J.incd t o be Laid , 121
sengor Journeys during 1929, 311
120-T on Trolley Adapted t o Carry H eavy
D raft o£ Proposed R egula tions for Third
L oads othor t han Transfonnors, 3 11
P arty Risks u nder t he Road T raflic
P ro(>osal to Obtain P arliamentary Powe rs
Act, 1930, Published, 597
With R orerence to t he Privately Owned
);\1mber of P assengor.carrying Vehicles on
W agon on its Sr11tem, 65 1
B r itish Railways in 1929, 368
J> ull ma n Cars W1 thd rawn from Torq\Jay
Xumbor o{ Railway Servan ts Employt.cl
nnd P lymouth 'l'ruitllf h avi ng !'roved
Now and in 1913, Comparison of, 147
U nromunernti vo, 28 1
Programme Approved for W id onjng, He P nrclJ(I.80 of 162 Motor Vohicle!! and T racconstruction and Other Improvernon tt~
tor~~ for l<'reigh t Horvtco, 569
o£ Roads and .B rid~os, 623
Hodoct ion or H or!IOs Ut<ed in Ooods Sur.Railway Companios, Traffic R N•oipt ti or. 39
v•<'es, r,3c;
Railway R eturns £or 1929, 39, 2:.!7. 679
H oduction of W or king D ay11 for Shop St afT
Hnilway R otums for Ul29, Now T able
'fhrough ollt t he System, 3 11
Hhowing N\1mbor or l?I\SSOngo r.rarr~ing
Ton Year:~ of AITor~ll:1tntion on Tot-ritory
Voh.icles Light.od hy Ons and by Jo.lllC·
A djucunt to t ho G.W. Hailwny, 147
t.l'icit.y, 483
Rai lway RoturnA Cot· 1921), Nu rnbor of
H ealy , 1\lr. '!'. M., on Old H t\i l wayu~an, 39
W llgOOB Own ed by B ritish Ho.ilwny
H oy, Sir Wtllio.m, Tho L u.to, Chutrman or
CompaniPH 1 G07
1h o H hodOlli ~n Ha il way Comnus~ion, 227
Trr& ENOI!ffi&R I Nt>EX
RAILWAY AND ROAD MA'l"l'ERS (continuw) :
Ministry ot Transport (continued) :
Railway Statistic<J Cor l\Iarch nnd March
Quarter, 65; for April, 93; Cor May,
199 : for June and for H alf- year endm~t
J une, 341, 369 ; for July, 5 11 ; Cor
August, 697 ; Cor Septe mber, 679 ; for
First Nine Months or 1930, 707
Return o£ Number of Motor Vehicles
R ogi11tored c\uring April, 19:10, 39
Weekly Traffic R oturn"! for tho Thirty.
ninth \Veek or tho Y N W Show l)(:rrflii..'IO
on the F our Rnilwnyll, :39!'1
Warning to Local Authorities who 1\ro
Licensing Anthoritielf for .Mot o•· Olltllt ·
huses and Mot or C'on<'lws, 369
Montreal, P ropoRod R apid U ncl c•rgrtltuHl
Transportation System for, 07!1
National Union of Railwaymen :
Special Gonerl\l Mooting Cnllod to ( 'o n~icl c•r
Mi n imum Wage, 253
Pay and Cond itions or Service of Rni lwaymen , Question Likely t o J,o..qt, for fio111o
Time, 623
Railwaymen's R ed uction in \Vl\gos, ('onrerence B et.ween General ;\fanngers unci
J{opresentatives or T h rro Hntlwo.y ~tl(•n'H
. monR, 6G 1
Rai lwaymen'l! \ Vages, Conforonro on,
Hovi~i on or R a t <.'s or P t\Y 1\nd {'ondition!!
o£ Service, 5 11
Now Zealand, Closing Unprofitable Hrnn<'l1
Lin es in, 65
Nigh t Tra vel from the ContiMnt by thr
Longer Routes, 173
Northern Alberta Railways, Survrys for
Best R oute to the Pacific Coast. 20 I
Number o£ Steam, Electric and P otrol Locomotives on British Railways , in 1929, 29 1
Passing or a Famous Locomotivo, 25:1
Precautions Taken t o Guard Railway Truck!!
from Slips and Subsidencos, 623
Progress or E lectrificat.ion or Munc·lw!'ltM
South Junction a nd Altrincham Junction
R ailway, 679
P roposals for Reduction o{ \\ragi'R on tho
Rai lways, 569
Protect ion of Tra ins from F alling 1\ocks, 341
Rai lway Companies and th o Co-ordination
or L ond on Tro.ffic, 427
Hnilway Companies nnd R oad Transport
Organisations, 39
Rni lway E mployment (SI\fety A ppliances)
Committe., Constitution of the, 211 I
Railway Magazine, Special 400th Numhor,
Railway Material Exports, , tatistit's , 65,
121, 369, 597
Railway Rates Tribunal, Anmtal Hovic•w or
Standard R ates and Charge<~, 1 I
Railway Review, .Jubilee or the, 93
Railway Staff Census, 253
Recommendations Made by a Commission
Inqui ring in to the L osses I n curred in t he
Operation o( St ate-owned Railways of
New Zealand , 455
Reductions or Salaries and Wo.ges, 12 1
Road Traffic Bill Receives t he Royal Assont,
" R ocket," The, R obt. Stophonson and Co.,
Ltd., to Make Replica Cor l\:fusoum or t ho
Peaceful Arts, Now Y ork, 9:l
" Safet y on t bo Permanent \ Vo.y," J.>..:pondit ure by BritiAh R ailways . 7117
Shop Sites on t he Rai lwayl!, 12 1
Southern Railway :
Canter bury and vVhitstnhlo Rt\ilwny•
Centenary o( Open ing Not Commemorated , 511
Escalator for \ Vaterloo and City Rai lway
a t ' Bank Station, Pow(lrS to he Sought for,
65 1
Lo.ok of H ousing Accomm odation Cor R n.ilwaymen TransCe rrt-d from Ashford to
L ancing \tnder R eorganisation or Rt\ilway W or kshops, 66
Opening o£ H in chley W ood Station, 44 9
Punctual Running of Trains, 121
Southamp ton Dock Ext ens ion Schomf.1,
Grant l\Cado to Southern R nilway undt' t'
Develop m<'nt (Loan C\larantel's and
Grants) Act , 597
Sout hern Railway E l<>d riticat ion, l~xt !ln sions or, 11
" Sou t hsea," Now Boat for P ortsmouth
Rydo ervico, 66
" W h ippingh am," New Bout for P orts·
mouth- Rydo Service, 65
<poedomet ers on Locomotives, Sug~~> ~t.ion
by l\lr. C. F . D andy 1\larsho.ll, 569
St a ndardisation or R ailway Signals, 361)
T andy, T he Late Mr. J. 0 '.8., 281
T t\tlow, R. H., R etiremen t or, from South
African R ailways, 11
Tomisk am ing o.nd Northern Ontario RtLilwt\y,
ContrMt Lot Col' t he Lo.st Soct ion or, :11 L
300 B.R.P. Oil Engine D rivon Loc·omotivo,
H uclswoll , Clarko and Co. , l.t cl., 17:1
Underground Railways :
D ovor-streot Station nnd Down ·HI roN
Station to be Co111binod, 7()7
I mprovements at \VMron·str<>et, Ch l\nte• Y·
lnno, Edgwnre-rond, nml lftLlllpl!t ('t\(1
Stations, 20 1
::\fetropolitnn District R tLi lw•~Y, J'roposnl
to E nlarge the Ttmnels at Slonno-!lqunre
Station, 679
Piccadil ly Tube, \\'eslem Extension, 395
Underground Railways, R e<'onstruction or
St ations, 11
Utility or Motor Coaches to Railway rompanies, 427
Vict orian Governmen t Railways, Hotiromcmt
or i\fr. J;' . M. Caloutt, 31 1
W hitby and P i<'kering Railway, <'ontonnry or,
W inter T rl\in Ser vices Changes, 34 I
HAINFA L J,, Existing Meth odH or, to bo Hotaiucd by the Sub-Committee (Assessment. of
Compensation Wat.ot•, l\linititry or H ealth,
) 930), 93
R ate or Settle of L imo from a S\lspen!!ion in n
Liquid, 287
Heact ion Ch ambet' BltHt of Chrome Voot\dium
l'ltcel by W oldings l::itandfl Pr(lij!lu t•o or
10,000 lb. p or Square I nch, 93
JAN. 23, 1931.-{VOt. OI,.)
R ecen t Drng-lino Exca vator Prnc'ti<'o in C:orman y, 495
Re<'orci C reaW~d in Driving Wooden Piles in
Western Conada by Raymond Concrete Pilo
Company, 697
R ecord Dopth in t he Son or 800ft., W. Beebe, 20
Record Erection o£ a 420.T on !\forkham Hoi !l~
on th11 Rand, 46 1
He<'overy of 600 Tons Copper Ingots Crou1
W reek o£ E ldor D11mp11ter Li nor " Gnri hoo,"
Rolr, Cl<'orgo R., The Late, 227
Report of Atmosplwric PoUution ('ornlllitt N•
for Yoar E nding March, 1929, (,69
" .Ropl'rtoriu m 'I'echnictun," to ho J~~\tetl at
Early Date, I 16
R eAOl\I'Ch on th n H ..huviour or the (:lfi.C'•i <•l'l or
1\fouo t H epo. 281
HoRorvoi r t o bo ('onstruotod for Supply of
Potable W e.tot· to N nnlti ng, 227
Ric h Dl'pOHit o£ l?yTit.oR Disl'oVMPd n~ T olgl\,
Near Horos, Norway, 669
Rich Soam or White B arytes Discovered in
Force Cmg. Cumberland, 569 ; F aoto ry to ho
Erected on Norlh-East Coust for W orking \tp
Barytes, 697
Rio Orando in 'foxas, Changes it!! C'our110, 6fi
Robinson, Sir Horry Pe rry, The J .t~to, 707
Rocket. Propulsion to Extreme A ILitud ot~,
Exp<•ri m<.'nts h1, 14 7
Royal i\lotnl 'I'rndlls' Pension and Ronovolunt
Soci~>t.y, Annual Festival D inner, 596
Hoyol l)cot.tish ;\[usoum, Prosen totion by
Hruntons of Specimen or Ono of Lnrgi'Ht
Windin~t R opes Mado, 541
Rubbe r Industry, Tbe Governtn11nt or tho
F<.d11rated 1\Il\lay States and Exporimentnl
Work in the, 121
Rubber Latex, Proposal to Plant Ghondt·ilh\
Plants in Southom R ussia Cor P roduct ion of,
34 1
Russia t o Provide Suitable Livin~ A<'commodation ror .. F oreign Engince ril, F orN11Nl o.nd
Quolified Worktnon," 341
Russio.n Cntdo Oil Output from Octohor, 1!121),
to Mn:v,
1930, 9:l
ST . LAWRENCE Ri ver, The Navigation or, 65
St. Lowronco, 35ft. S hip Channel to bo Corn.
plet ed by End or 1934, 511
St . LMvren ce \ Vaterways Improvemen t Project, 679
l\8kntchewan's First H ydro-electric Plant. 11
Septic P oisoning in the Mo.chine , hop, 162
che mo for Towns of Uermiston,
B okesburg and Benoni, . Africa, 483
• hifllded Arc W<>lding, 694
Hoard of Trade Committee Appoint<>d t o
Consider E conomic Factors l nvolvt>d in
Sale o! Old hjps and their Replacemant by
New Vessels, 369
Bombay Port Trust New 45ft. Motor J~ifo­
boat, 65
Canadian Pacific L iner " Empress of Britain "
J>l\8sengors R each Now Yor k 1M Queh<><'
Quicker than by Direct Steamer, 390
Canadian Pacific Liner " Empress o£ B ritain "
Wireless Telephone Installations, 404
China Merchants' Steam Navigation Company, Proposed New Flee t for, 39
Construction Materials Coryoration's Stoaml!hip " J. R. Sonsibar ' will L oad and
Unload Sand, Coal an d Stone F.xpoditiously, 623
Cr uiNMS " Dartmouth," " B irmingham " and
" Lowest oft " Placed on Di11posa1 List, 171
m ect ri o Power Ship " J acona" Placed into
Sot·vice, 651
1~l ovon Ships or lho Anglo-Snxon P etroloum
Company, Ltd., to be Equipped wit h
.Marconi Wiroless Apparatus, 227
Hxtonsions of Berth at J ohn Brown and ( 'o.,
Ltd., at ('lydebank, for N€'w CunMd Linor,
Fifty Hhipti Leave England for Nort lwrn
HuJ~si a by Kara • ea R out<' with l'o' iot
Imports, 369
Fron<'ll Submarine " Prom6thoo " Laundl<>d
ut Cherbourg, 4 3
TI.M.S. "Scarborough," The New Sloop, 162
I cebreaker for Town of Gothonburg, 707
I cebreaker "St orebjoem " L aunclwd Cor
D anish Htato, 707
K eel Laid for Midsbip Section o£ An~lo­
American Oil Tanker "Sarana€'," 390
Largest Tug Built £or I nland , Mvi<·o t\t Nl.'w
Orleans, 253
" Mauretania " Adds Now Record to H er
Distinctions, 119
l\lothod o! Sol\ling LonkR on Ships by Forming Coating o( I ce on Metal Hull, 341
?~rotor Li ner " Georges Philippar " DMnngfld
by Fire l\b Snint-Nazaire, 623
Order Pll\C(I(\ for Construct.ion or an All·
woldod Steel Diesel-<>lectt·io Oil 'l'nnkcr in
United Ht ates. 711
l )roposcd LinorR (or Three-day Mt\il Ser vieo
Botweon L ondon o.nd New York, 1J nit NI
States J.jno's l' roposals , 597
JJroposed Now St eamer for t he \ Vflllinj:ti onLyttolton F erry Service, New ZolLla nd, 21:11
ShiP- Cl\nl\1 AcroAA tho l !!thnHts l\t Chignocto,
Canadian Governnu•n t Itwostigl\lo~ PoN~~i·
bility or, 65
Steamship ::>ervi<·es from Brindi11i to tho F nr
]~ML, 'I" o New, 147
Submari_n o Expedition Across tho Arct ic Sea,
"'f afelborg," Twin·screw \ Vbuling F l\etory
Steamer, J,cavcs tho Tyne on Tril\ls, 93
The Snlva~o o£ the "Hindcnburg," 121
Turbo-ol<><·tri c Cl\rgo and Passengrr St«.>t\lllM
" Pll\ttuao," 11
'l'wo Now 'f o rpodo-boat Dc~t royors to ho
LtLill D own at Portsmouth Doc·k) t\rd in
Octob<•r, 2G7
Whaling Fleet .ReCN\tly ilt Cape T o\\ 11 H t\1'·
!Jour Loavo11 Cor t.ho Antorctic, 65 1
\\'ru<·k o£ " Highland Hopo," Thirty-Mix
Htttiton Oil Engint•s may bo Ralvod a ne\
Shown ut B ritish Bmpire l~x hihit ion,
llueno>~ Air<.'s, 597
W t·ook or the s.s. '' Co.riboo," Attompt11 to
Ht~lvo {'oppor Abandoned, 651
23, 193].-(VOT,.
S~GNALS, Colour ~ight, in L\1dgate-circus, 39
Stlver Ore Lode D tscovery at Granville Lake
Manitoba., 183
Sil ver, World P roduction of from 1493-1927
Slate Quarrying Industry and the I ntroduction
of Wire, Saws, 93
" Solidend " T ool, Samuel Os born and Co., Ltd.,
• outhampton, Spiers and Pond, Ltd., and
•'outh:westenl Rote!, 39
Specific H eat. of Wat.er Vapot•r at Hig h Tempert\t.ures, Derived from Explosion Experiment-s, E. D. Ji:o..qtman , 42:3
Sltwo River liydro-elect. ri c P lallt, First Unit
P laced in , ervice, 707
::;te>\m Navvy Advances vVork on Digging
Trench in Chicago, 511
Steel P en, The I nvention of the, 3 11
Steel Ropes, when Now, Ab~orb R ea.vy Impact
Loads. 173
Stoppage of Lead Service Pipe U nder Pres.~uro
by Growth of Tree Roots, 679
Styria., Aust.rio., Proposed Four Hydro-electri c
Power P lants, 11
Submarine Cable being L a id Bat.ween Bo\1logne
and Folkestone, 173
Sul phuric Acid, T he World T otal Outp1.1t of, :311
S1.1p erph osphates to be Produced at Hamilton,
Ont11rio, 48:3
Survey o£ the Natural Resources of the Peate
River District or British Columbia, 281
Surve~ng fu<;trum ent of Great Accuracy
Des•gned and Constructed for United States
Geological Survey, 483
Swedish 1\'fo.gnet,ic Observatory, First R eport of
the, 147
Synthetic Camphor to be Mmwfactured in
Salti llo, Mexico, 483
TELEPHONY (conwnued):
Shanghai-NanJ<ing Long-distance Telephones
Improved by Installing Sound-magnifying
Vacuum Tubes Along the Line, 399
Telephone Communication from Ship to
Shore in Port of London, 623
Telephone Services in Great Britain and
Northern Ireland, Statistics of, 311
Telephones in New Zealand, 147
T elephonic Comnn;•n ica.tion Between the
Mainland and the I sland of Skye, 147
Tolepho11.ic Commu n ication in Sofia DistrictR,
Trans-<.:anadian T elephone Servico Nearing
Completion, 623
Wireless T elephony on Southern Rail way
Company's Steamer "Canterbury," 281
TELEPHOT OGRAPHIC Service Installed B e ·
tween Nanking and Berlin, 253
Television Tests in Germany, 1.1
Tests .on Composite B eams and Slabs of Hollow
Tile and Concrete, R eport, 117
The Welder Prize Competition, :325
Thermal Insulation Properties or Ait· in \ .Valls,
Investigations Ot\ t he, 147
Tin, H. Moissn er and Met.hod for t he Detett.ion
of, 223
Tin, Hardening and •'oftening of, 482
Tin-plate Mill to be Erected in Osaka, Japan,
5 11
Tin-plato vVorks at Gdingen, Poland, Proposed, 3 11
Titanium, Effect on Appearance when Heated,
University of London, Special Lectures in
Faculty of Engineer ing, King's College. 442
Utilisation of Euphorbia L atex Create!.' Now
Industry in South Africa, 399
Utilisation of Waste Sulphite LiquM from Paper
P\tlp Mi lis, 31 1
VALUE of Land per Squaro Foot for W iden ing
St-reets in the Cit.y of London, :399
Vancouver Creosoting Company Extending
P lan t, ·~ 83
Vancouver H a r·bour Contracts P laced fo r Construct.ion of a Now Pier in, 147
VMna, Hulgnria, to bo 1\[arlo a Fl'to P ol'l., 311
A I tnaheglish Dam to bo Constructed to
Supply LOJ.ldonderry w it h Water, 369
I mproved W ate•· Supply o[ t.ho HooghlyChinsurah Municipality in B engal, 455
'Nater Power D evelopments in Cant\da, 369
W'aterworl<s Opened at Chelmsford, N ew, 9:3
\ .V A'fERLESS Gas Holder Statistics from 1918
t o September , I 930, 541
Welder, T he, to be I ssued Monthly, 77
Titanium, T he Uses of, 679
·welding E lectrode, The "Crests.," 340
Titanium and Oxidation when Treated, 511
" Ti-Tone," a New Titan ium Lithopone Offered \Vhi te Spruce \<\'ood, Strength of, 253
·wind P ressure on Chimneys, Amel'ican Bureau
to the Rubber Industry, 227
of Standards Investigations on, 399
Tracldess T ram for South Africa, 483
Tractor Plants Used for T ransport o[ Sleepers Wind Tunnel, Largest Commer cially Operated ,
Completed at Dundalk, Maryland, U.S.A.,
and Logs in I ndia, 520
T ractor Trials at Brakpa.n, South Africa, 173
T rade of H ula.n, Manchuria, Agricultural W indsor-Detroit Vehicula r Tunnel Between
Canad a. a nd the United States Nearing ComImplements in Great Demand, 12 1
p letion, 20 1
T ANTALUM Used in Manufactu re of Spin- Train ing B oys for Technical Work in the Winnipeg to .Have a Steam H eating P lant, 20 l
Regul11.r Army, 3 11
nerets for Rayon Industry, 341
1Vi re and Wire Fc..ncing Production in Can ado.
T ar from Bitum.inous Sands in Northern Translators, Establishing a. Panel of, 11
during 1929, 511
Tube R eaches D epth of 2166ft. in Sea off
Alber ta, 39
Mataozas, Cuba., :369
Tar Sands of Athabasca to be ' Vorked by the
Tunnel, P roposed, B eneath Lachine Canal at WIRELESS :
McCiave Process, 20 l
Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Company, Ltd.,
\ N ell ington -street, Montreal, 4 27
Tees-side, Souvenir of a Royal Visit to, 23
to have E leven Ships Equipped with
Tunnel, The ·w indsor-Detroit, Now Nearing
Marconi Transmitting and Receiving
Completion, 147
Apparatus, 227
Twelve-storey Garage in Toronto, Proposal to
Arctic Cir cle, T ransatlantic T eleph one InBeam ' Vireless Service to Operate B etween
Build a., 28 1
vades t.he, 11
I ndia and Japan ~ext Year, 311
Automatic T elephones at Johannesburg,
Bristol Corporation nnd Unsightly Wi reless
First Section will Operate in About a. Year ,
Aerinl P oles, 11
Broadcasting from Trains in Canada, 11
Bell Telephone System of America., Proposal
B roadcasting Station of High Powe1· Starts
to Spend £420,000,000 in Construction
Work in Mexico, 569
D uring the Next Five Years, 20 1
Ut-.TEMPLOYMENT Figmes from Germany,
Broadcasting Station for Sao Paulo, 455
London the Most Dense Telephone Area in
Broadcasting Station to be E rected in Central
England, 147
University of Bristol, Prospectus, 23
Ireland, 427
l~ondon T elephone System, Programme for
University of J,ondon, Advanced J"ectures in
Canad a's Manufacture of Radio Sets Mrl
Conversion to At1tomatic ' Norking, 11
Mining, 522
Part.s, 227
WIRELESS (cont.inued) :
Colour Coding System of W ires for JI.M.V.
and Mo.rconip hone Receiving Sets, 3 11
Ge rman Broad casting Station a.t liiUlacher
Commences 'York, 577
Holland's E xports of Rad io 1.\ppara.tus nncl
Accessories Decline, 201
Italy an d Sardi nia, L inJ<ing Up by a \Vi•·oless
Telephone Service, 4
Knrolus Light Cell, P atent Rights Assigned
to the Radio Co rporation of Americ!l., 201
Manhn.tta.n, Construction of a T heatri('n.l
and Wi reless Broadcasting Centre in, 38
Radio I nstruction Clo.sses at t heNorth ampt,on
Polytechni c I nstitut.e, :31 l
Radio Station at Chenju, near Shangh ai,
now Completed, 369
Radio Stations to be erected a t K woiyang,
Pichiehhsien, and 'T'ungjen , in Kw(lichow,
China, 569
'transmission of W orking D rawings by Transatlantic Radio, 93
vVi reless an d High-frequency Bngineoring
I nstru ction Classe11 a.t the Polytechn ic, :3 11
Wireless G ramophone Working in Con junct ion wit h n. Foghorn Installed on a
Light house, :u 1
\ ¥ireloss 'l'elephono Service Between .Java
i.md Australia Opened, 707
·wireless Teleph one Ser vice Between Now
Zealand and Australia Opened, 623
WI T BANK Power -house o[ t he Victoria F a lls
and Transvaal Powe r Company, Capacity of
the, 93
vVonder Gold Mine, Northern Natal, to bo Restarted , 341
W ood D istillation Industry in Belgium, 623
W ood, S. P., Death of Mr., 569
'Workshops W ithou t Windows, Advocated by
Dr. E . E. Free, New York, l 73
W orld's Agricultural T ractor Trials at A rding ton, 6
World's Agricultural Tractor Trials at Ardington , Number of E ntries, 281
·world's Copper Foundry Production in Juno,
1930, 173
YELLOW Biroh Commerciall y the I mportan t.
Hardwood in Canada, 48:3
Yorke, Sir Arthur, Retirement ft·om Directorship of the Great \ .Vestorn Railway Company,
Yorke, Sir Arthur, The Late, 679
ZE OLITE W ater-softening Units in Municipal
\ ·V ater Treatment P lant at Spri ngvale, P a.,
Zon olite, Prod~1ction Added to Canada's Manu factures, 597
23, 1931.