How to run a Farm with iPad Air 2



How to run a Farm with iPad Air 2
How to run a Farm with iPad Air 2
Category: Food in a better, different way
Starring: A Farmer, Dog, Cows (to be cast)
Technique: Live-action
Tone: Old fashioned American
Apps: Alarm, Sleep Cycle, FatDog, Weather,
Sunrise, Calendar, DairyCents, MySoil,
GoHarvest, Notes, BASF, Epicurious,
iTunes, Netflix
Director: Max Winkler
Production Co: Furlined/Jefferson
Film Location: American Farm
Real Men Use iPads (Home On the Range)
We’ve all seen the Zooey Deschanel and Justin Long Apple commercials. For this ad we want to reimagine the target audience for the iPad. Not the tech-conscious
college kid or Brooklynite but a different perspective.
Open on a farm, reminiscent of Field Of Dreams. Inside the quaint farmhouse, before the sun rises, we watch a FARMER awake with the help of his alarm via his iPad.
Crickets, the gentle HOOT of an owl. They’re silenced when he shuts off his Sleep Cycle app. He rustles the covers off, his dog following him.
The gentle GURGLE of coffee as it trickles into his cup. A whimpering retriever is given a careful portion of food, measure by the farmer and dictated by his FatDog
app. He sips the coffee while looking at his Weather app, tracking the deliveries of livestock food from us USPS app, and checking on what time the sun rises via his
Sunrise Calander app. Time to get to work.
Home on the Range plays. The Roy Rogers version, State song of Kansas.
Exposition and app titles are delivered by a Cormac McCarthy-style voice over. Sam Elliot, Kevin Costner, Harrison Ford. This is the Promised Land. It’s the most
beautiful thing shot on an iPad. American vistas in cinema scope....John Ford... Days of Heaven...
We see shots of Farms that we’ve never seen before. Low angles, up close and personal, all through the incredible color and focus of the iPad’s camera.
It’s time to milk the cows. They heard around us, massive beasts, we’re right in their faces. Mothers and calves line up to be milked. His machinery is automatic, run off
the DairyCents app where he tracks how much milk is being pulled and processed. Same with food, as he herds the cows out toward the bails of hay he one-touches
a new order. The app CHA-CHINGS. Cows Moo. POV shots with a SNORRICAM, of the animals, the dog chasing their heels, BARKING, keeping them in line.
Our Farmer steps out into the mud, boots SUCKING in the soft ground. Punching in numbers and we realize he’s tracking the PH of the soil with his MySoil app, bends,
lets the dirt run through his fingers and nods. Perfect.
Out in the fields our Farmer uses his John Deere GoHarvest App to track the daily intake. We’re on the dashboard, a sea of corn sways in front of us. Deer jump through
in the distance. Our farmer writes himself a note on the iPad. “secure north fencing.”
He stops the combine, climbing out and examining the crop, holding up an ear to his iPad and using his BASF app can see this corn is clean. It’s twilight now, purple,
yellow, orange, and red. He checks the sunset time. Right on schedule. Herds the cattle back in, counting them using the iPad. All there.
Dinner time. Our farmer uses the ingredients we’ve seen him gather all day to create a fantastic meal. His secret? The Epicurious app that gives him recipes daily based
on the ingredients he has on hand. Hit sits down with his food, puts his feet up, and is joined on the couch by his dog. Double taps the iPad screen, stopping the song
from playing on iTunes. Goes to the second page and streams a classic western off Netflix.

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