Summer 2011 - Holy Family Catholic School


Summer 2011 - Holy Family Catholic School
Summer 2011
Our Mission
Holy Family Catholic School is a regional
school that works with parents to nurture
the growth of the whole child - spiritually,
intellectually, socially, emotionally and
physically. Our school is Catholic - promoting
the teachings of the Church and inclusive
of diverse cultures and socioeconomic
backgrounds. We seek to promote the
development of these values by:
• Fostering a commitment to know, love and
serve God and one another (spiritual)
• Encouraging each child to attain his or her
fullest potential (intellectual)
• Guiding students to become conscientious,
successful members of a global community
• Respecting and celebrating each child’s
individuality (emotional)
• Promoting a positive attitude towards a
healthy lifestyle (physical)
Our Core Values
Holy Family Catholic School holds
firm to our four core values which
define our identity and culture and are
fundamental beliefs that guide the daily
life of the school.
We are committed to:
…a strong Catholic Identity which
integrates Catholic teachings and
values into our own lives and the
experience of the school community.
…the Faith Formation of all in our
community, as we participate in the
evangelizing mission of our Church,
and experience catechesis and
sacramental life.
…providing Academic Excellence that
challenges the mind and engages
the student in learning from a
comprehensive curriculum.
…promoting an understanding of the
need for Stewardship as a means to
recognize and use our gifts from God
to serve the needs of others.
Table of Contents
1. From the Principal’s Desk
9. 1st Communion
2. Board of Directors
10. Fine Acts at HFCS
3. Choir of Angels
4. Parent Association
12. Campus Highlights
5. Mission Alive!
14. Paving the way at HFCS
6. Run With The Angels
15. Hearts for Haiti
7. Hawaiian Night
16. 8th Grade Graduates
8. The Beatification of Blessed
John Paul II
From the Principal’s Desk
What does it mean to live the mission? We’re often reminded of our
call to educate the whole child – spiritually, intellectually, socially,
emotionally and physically. That statement, said so quickly, is
a comprehensive view of the life of a Catholic school. Catholic
schools are long known for preparing children academically and
spiritually. In this ever changing cultural environment, the added
elements of social, emotional and physical development are
clearly necessary. One unique feature in many Catholic schools
is the combination of elementary and middle school programs in
one school. While it can often seem a long time to be in one place,
this time is needed for the careful nurturing of the many skills
necessary to succeed in high school and beyond. We willingly
share our mission with school parents – each of us contributes to
the faith development and education of the children. We share
the work to develop well –educated and adjusted children, so
let’s share in the celebration of a school year well lived. Take this time to enjoy a restful and
much deserved summer break!
Joan Wagner, Ph. D.
Blessings to all,
We welcome two new
members to our Board
Dr. Shane Daigle grew up in Sulpher, LA. He graduated from
Louisiana State University and then attended veterinary school where
he met his wife Jenise. Both Shane and Jenise Daigle are veterinarians. They moved to Austin shortly after they completed veterinary school
and opened Premier Animal Hospital. They have two daughters Avery,
7, and Alexa, 5. They are active members in the St. Vincent de Paul
Michelle Kologinczak
grew up in the Houston area.
She attended the University of Houston and obtained her BBA in
Management. Michelle has worked at State Farm Insurance for 22
years and is currently the Process Manager where she works on large
scale projects. She is married to Patrick and they have two children,
Cameron, 12, and Andrew, 6. Michelle has served as the Parent
Association Treasurer for the past two years.
We would like to extend our gratitude to our outgoing member, Steve Musil,
for his dedication to Holy Family.
Choir of Angels
We thank everyone who donated to Choir of Angels,
we currently gave gifts and pledges of $203,400!
As our second and last graduation at Holy Family has come and gone, we find many
memories to reflect back on over the last 11 years. Now that we have a son (and HF
grad) at Savio, and see how really fast the high school years fly by, we realize how
fortunate we have been to have had all this time with our Holy Family family. Many
of us are transplants to Austin, with grandparents and other family members that
don’t live in the immediate area . . . and so our school becomes our extended family.
We found that by getting involved, by giving of our time and treasure to various
school events and activities, and even just by making the commitment to invest
in our children’s futures by giving them a Catholic education, we have received
more blessings and graces than we can begin to count. Our boys have learned and
experienced things that have helped them grow into great young men. Many of our
best friends and relationships have developed over the years from our school family.
And most especially, our Catholic faith has been lived daily in many facets of our lives.
We stepped into a caretaker role as chairpersons of this year’s Choir of Angels annual
appeal at the very end; Chris & Debbie Schell did all the hard work and deserve all
the credit for their efforts. But the Choir of Angels annual appeal is not about who chairs the campaign or makes
the calls or organizes the events. It is about the connection and commitment each family has to our school. Is Holy
Family Catholic School a living, active part of your holy family? If so, then supporting our school through the Choir
of Angels appeal is a natural outgrowth of that relationship and we thank the many families that did participate in
the appeal this year - that shared of their gifts and blessings with our larger Holy Family. Those who were unable to
participate this year, for whatever reason, we hope in the coming year that you will prayerfully consider if you are
able to nurture and support the holy family of Holy Family Catholic School with a pledge to the 2012 appeal.
Thanks again to all who contributed any amount to this year’s campaign. You are the angels that make Holy Family a
blessing to all of us every year. And thank you for being our holy family all these years.
Emily & Dan Hurlimann
We invite you to welcome Jon and Danielle White, the
Choir of Angels Chairs for 2011-2012. Jon works for
Apple and Danielle is the Sunday School Coordinator
at St. Thomas More. We look forward to a successful
Choir of Angels appeal for the upcoming year.
Parent Association
Wow, this school year amazingly zipped by! At the end of a school year it
is easy to see change and growth in our children and our campus. I’d like
to take this time to review some of the PA contributions to Holy Family
that go beyond the volunteer recruitment and events. Across campus you
can witness the impact of the PA from school Masses (shipping costs for
the new hymnal cart), physical education and athletic events (contributed
funds to the new ice machine), the playground area for the Faith building
(contributed funds towards the sustainable turf ) and quiet prayer areas
(contributed funds for an Eagle Scout project next to the Hope Building). None of this would be possible if not for the membership dues paid by
Holy Family Catholic School families. Thank you for your membership. It
allows the PA to support efforts that make a difference to our students. We
anticipate discovering new opportunities to support our school next year.
Be safe and have a fun summer!
acey Sherman
PA President
Meet your 2011-2012 PA Executives
Stacey Sherman
Joanie Butler
Michelle Lillie
Tana Reeve
Mission Alive!
We live our mission by nurturing the growth of the
whole child – spiritually, intellectually, socially,
emotionally, and physically.
Philosophy and Goals
We foster a commitment
to know, love and serve
God and one another
We encourage each
child to attain his or
her fullest potential
We guide students to
become conscientious,
successful members of a
global community
We respect and celebrate
each child’s individuality
We promote a positive attitude
towards a healthy lifestyle
Run With The Angels
The sun came out and the weather was
beautiful for the 8th annual Run With
The Angels event. Students, parents,
priests and friends enjoyed running,
laughing and cheering on the fellow
runners as they completed their laps. We
thank all of our community members for
helping us raise $38,176.60.
A special thanks to our sponsors:
Third Base Sports Bar
Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry
finelineSPORTSWEAR Inc.
Austin Sports Center- Cedar Park
St. Mary, Our Lady of the Lake Women’s Guild
St. Mary Men’s Club
RWTA wrist bands were donated by the
Parent Association. They were a hit!
At this year’s gala everyone discovered what makes Hawaii such a special destination. With Hula
dancers swinging their hips and Tahitian drummers keeping the beat, the enthusiasm at this year’s
gala was immeasurable! Thank you to our chair, Wendy Rogers, and all the volunteers, who helped
make our Hawaiian Night a night to remember!
Thank you to our sponsors
Brath Inc.
Premier Animal Hospital
The Butler Family
Advance Landscape Design
Wyoming Springs Pediatric
Parent Association
Urgent and Family Care- Avery Ranch
Dr. Gabriel Millar
Ellen Grett
Karl & Jo Ann Hagemeier
Dennis & Sandra Jones
Jon & Danielle White
The Beatification of Blessed
John Paul II
We all celebrated as our Beloved Pope John Paul II was beatified on May 1, 2011. In celebration of Pope John
Paul II’s beatification, the Hope hallway was transformed into a memorial for the late Pope, with a timeline of his
extraordinary life.
Pope John Paul II was one of the youngest elected Popes at 58 years of age, was the 264th Pope and the first nonItalian Pope in 455 years. John Paul II wrote 14 Papal Encyclicals and taught about “The Theology of the Body”.
Pope John Paul II traveled to 129 countries, logged more than 750,000 miles and met with leaders from many
diverse faiths.
On May 12, 1981, John Paul II was shot and critically wounded by a Turkish member of the militant fascist group
Grey Wolves. Even through his trials and tribulations, Pope John Paul II found the courage to visit his assassin in
prison and forgive him.
On April 2, 2005, Pope John Paul II spoke his final words, “Let me depart to the house of the Father”. John Paul
II’s funeral was the largest gathering of heads of state in history. The crowds cheered “Santo Subito!” (“Saint
Immediately”) at his funeral and his successor, Pope Benedict XVI began the beatification process in 2006.
1 Communion
Moved by the spirit of God, our 2nd graders received
their First Communion this spring!
Fine Acts at HFCS
Congratulations to the students who
participated in the Solo and Ensemble Festival. Students were awarded ratings of 1st Division
Superior, 2nd Division Excellent and 3rd Division Good! McCarty Academy of Music also attended Sound Waves Music Festival in May. The beginning
& intermediate band scored straight one’s and were awarded Best In Class. The Advanced
Band also scored straight one’s. God is good!
Congratulations to the 85 students who
participated in soccer, tennis and track!
Here are some of the accomplishments of this Spring
Congratulations to the 7/8 AA soccer team for an
undefeated season!
At the AIPL Track Meet, congrats to:
Jessica Giraldo - 2nd place in the softball throw
BriAna Davison - 2nd place in the 100M and 200M
Matthew Bianchi - 3rd in the softball throw
AIPL Tennis League Championship:
Jacob Mink - 1st Place 7/8 Boys Advanced Singles Nicky Butler - 2nd Place 5/6 Boys Intermediate
Calvin Nazareth - Consolation 7/8 Boys Intermediate Singles
Campus Highlights
Duke University TIP Program
Each year, seventh grade
students who score in
the 95 percentile or
above in at least one
major subtest of the
ITBS achievement tests
are eligible for Duke
University’s TIP (Talent
Identification Program).
This program allows
the students to take the
SAT or ACT as seventh
graders and also
provides opportunities
for further study in their area of strength. This year, 18 students chose to take the SAT or ACT. Nine
of those students scored high enough to be recognized at the state level: Ivan Carvallo-Roy, Sean
Halligan, Jacob Kilburn, Brittney Maddox, Shawn Murray, Kendall Prossner, Emma Russell, Cecilia
Schroeder, and Daniel Warfield. Congratulations to all!
Congratulations to our students for a job well done!
On Saturday, April 2nd,
students participated
in the District Private
School Interscholastic
Association (PSIA)
competition at Austin
Regents School. William
Smylie, Connor Neill,
Briana Hubiera, Abby
Schell, George Hinkel,
Max Forbes and Allison
McCain qualified to
compete at the State
PSIA Contest at TCU in
Fort Worth.
Campus Highlights
Congratulations to Mrs. Bernhard, Mrs. Lyman and the
students who participated in the PSIA One Act Play
competition. This is the first time to compete and they
took home 3rd place!
Emma Russell and Jordan Brannam made All Star Cast and
David Gregorio and Catherine Caprio made Honorable
Mention All Star Cast.
HFCS was given an opportunity to improve the
Faith playground area by installing a “green”
playground turf at a significant savings! Families
donated over $10,000 to purchase and install the
turf! Thank you to all those who answered our call.
We thank Sister
Thomas Aquinas
for her service at
Holy Family. She
has asked us to
express her deepest
gratitude for your
loving support.
Sister has been
transferred to
Marin High School in California. We
wish her luck and the grace of God as
she continues her vocational duties to
touch the lives of children.
When I grow up…
The 7th grade took an online career test
where they were given a list of careers that
met their personality. Students interviewed
radio personalities, new reporters,
veterinarians, fashion designers, and many
Jared visited the Bobby Bones
Show with 96.7FM.
Logan visited KVUE News
Paving the way at HFCS
Leadership & Service Awards
Congratulations to Jordan Brannam, George Hinkel, Jacob Mink, Calvin
Nazareth and Kendall Prossner for being recognized as
Leadership & Service Award recipients!
Catholic Daughters of America
Congratulations to the following Catholic Daughters of Americas 2011 Education Contest winners.
Division I
First Place: Reid Roberts
Second Place: Sebastian Hubiera
Third Place: Jenna Warfield
Division II
First Place: Chami Millar
Second Place: Kendra Sherman
Third Place: Suzie Enloe
First Place: Elodia Perez
Second Place: Jenna Warfield
Third Place: Isabella Young
First Place: Jennifer Sanchez
Second Place: Trent Riek
Third Place: Allison McCain
First Place: Kraig Riek
Second Place: Kyle Champion
Third Place: Lily Nash
First Place: Catherine Caprio
Second Place: Suzie Enloe
Third Place: Khoa Pham Computer Art
First Place: Kaitlyn Hunt
Second Place: Andrea Nguyen
Third Place: Natalie McCain
Computer Art
First Place: Kendra Sherman
First Place: Bryan Giraldo
Second Place: Kendra Sherman
Third Place: Brianna Hubiera
First Place: Matthew Bianchi
Second Place: Allison Millar State Winners
Matthew Bianchi Division II - Music First Place
Kraig Riek Division I - Poetry First Place
Reid Roberts Division I - Art Third Place
Hearts for Haiti
As a part of Legacy of Giving and our religious teaching to help others, Holy Family students
participated in The Hearts for Haiti Lenten Service Project. Students raised money by
babysitting, cleaning their room, spreading mulch and holding a bake sale to donate to their
Haitian project.
The students of Holy Family Catholic School raised over $5,000! This money will be sent to
Food for the Poor, our partner organization, for the people of Haiti. The Faith students assisted
in purchasing 5 goats and
500 chickens to help feed
people and provide income
for Haitians.
Charity students raised
enough money to purchase
four water pumps to provide
clean water for some villagers.
The Hope classes were able to collect
enough money to give hope to a family in
Haiti by being able to sponsor the building
of a house complete with a latrine!
We are so proud of our students and children for following the calling of Christ to assist those in need!
8 Grade Graduates
Congratulations to the Holy Family Catholic School
Graduating Class of 2011!
Justin Allan
Patrick Allen
Porsche Amaya
Joaquin Batista
Jordan Brannam
Mary-Kate Brown
Catherine Caprio
Cherokee Chatterton
Aleia Cooke
Cristian Cowley
BriAna Davison
Michelle Dinh
Justin Dsouza
Michael Edenhoffer
Carmen Fumagalli
David Gregorio
Schyler Hallberg
Matt Heiken
Briannah Hunt
Thomas Hurlimann
Jake Kress
Zachary Larson
Tiffany Masias
Brian McNaughton
Allison Millar
Jacob Mink
Nicholas Mun
Bradley Musabika
Joseph Nash
Calvin Nazareth
Helen Nicholson
Perry Protzmann
Andrea Ramirez
Lee Reese
Lloyd Robbins
Sarah Santiago
Perry Schell
Lauren Schmelzer
Kendra Sherman
Mia Viccinelli
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