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catholic church - Holy Trinity Church
Holy Trinity
In the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Spirit
we strive to create Family,
live the Word, and inspire Faith.
As a community,
we derive our values
from the rela onship
found in the Holy Trinity
- striving to live lives
full of compassion, sacrifice,
joy and charity
- while crea ng an environment
welcoming to all.
8:30 am
5:00 pm
8:30 am
10:30 am
5:30 pm
1600 Corporate Drive
Ladera Ranch, CA 92694
August 19, 2012
Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Mass Readings
Prv 9:1-6; Eph 5:15-20; Jn 6:51-58
Mass Readings for Sunday, August 19th
Jos 24:1-2a, 15-17, 18b; Eph 5:21-32; Jn 6:60-69
Email Addresses:
Pastor: Fr. Reynold Furrell
[email protected]
Deacon: Dcn. Randy McMahon
[email protected]
RCIA: Linda McMahon
[email protected]
Faith Formation: Lauren McCaul
[email protected]
Jr. High Ministry: Joe Schleicher
[email protected]
Youth Ministry: Patti Wieckert
[email protected]
Receptionist: Angela Johnson
[email protected]
Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Wise Fools
Back in high school, we learned that the word sophomore came from Greek words meaning
“wise fools.” The idea was that second-year students think they know it all now, but still have a lot
to learn. The first two readings describe wisdom versus foolishness. In Proverbs, Wisdom is a
woman who invites us to her banquet, telling us to “forsake foolishness.” St. Paul invites us to give
up our ignorance and to know the will of the Lord by filling ourselves with the Spirit. Jesus says he
himself is the way to understanding God’s will; he gives himself as food and drink for eternal life.
So how will we accept these invitations to partake of the Wisdom of God?
One way is to read the scriptures every day, even for only twenty or thirty minutes. Take
time to think and pray about what you read. Don’t do all the talking; give God the chance to be
heard. Read short passages and the footnotes; they can explain some of the obscure references.
The Gospels are especially good “food” because of all the examples Jesus gave in his sermons and
Listen to the readings and homily at Mass. The preacher may have some insights that make
you think. Receive Communion often to be fed with the living Bread. The Church has always taught
that we are fed with both the word and the Eucharist.
Athletes grow in strength by eating well, but they also have to exercise to tone and strengthen their muscles. If we want to grow in God’s wisdom, we have to exercise our faith. If you have a
friend or relative who is a good example of faith, talk with that person about how you experience
God or about your lack of such experiences. They may help you see God in ways that never occurred to you. You could offer to be a sponsor for someone in the RCIA, and help someone else’s
faith to grow. Your parish or diocese may also have on-line resources or discussions.
God never intrudes on anyone by force. To grow in God’s Wisdom, we have to accept it. Ask
God for real food and you won’t be disappointed. But be patient. God only gives what we are ready
to receive.
Tom Schmidt, Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.
Do you have questions about our Catholic
Faith? If you are inquiring about becoming
Catholic, we will begin a series of gatherings in
September. RCIA is the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, the Catholic Church’s process for
becoming Catholic. You may contact Linda for
further information on your specific spiritual
journey now (Parish office at 218-3131 or e-mail
[email protected]). Additional information
will be posted in late Summer.
Holy Trinity Weekly Offertory:
Each of us is called by God to give to the parish
in ways that are intentional, planned and proportionate. We express gratitude for the blessings we are given by sharing our financial and
spiritual treasure as well as our time and talent.
July 29, 2012
August 5, 2012
August 12, 2012
Credit Card Offerings for July:
Be a part of Holy Trinity’s Future…
We need the following:
Gift Procurement Coordinator
Ad/Sponsorship Sales Coordinator
Ticket Sales Volunteers
Event Volunteers
If you would like to participate
please contact
Angela Johnson at the parish office:
(949) 218-3131 or
[email protected]
Thank You to all these families that are participating in PSA this year. We
appreciate your generosity. To date we have 383 pledges totaling
$566,988. We are getting closer to our goal-THANK YOU!
Ammar & Mona Adra
Oscar & Rosie Aguayo
Erwin & Kate Allado
Milo & Sylvia Allado
Juan & Darlene Alvarez
Vincent Ambrosio
Lars Andersen
Sean & Jessica Andersen
Kerry & Chris Archbold
Jim & Marcia Archer
Dave & Dava Ashley
Marc & Samarah Averitt
Jason & Heather Baez
Michelle Bahash
Jason Bailey
Mauricio Bardales
Christopher Barys
Don & Lorraine Bautista
Ebrahim & Paula Baytieh
Thomas & Shawna Beadle
Robert Becker
Ted Biedryck
Arthur & Annette Blais
Ronald Blanc
Thomas & Joanne Blodgett
Jonathan & Cindy Bobruk
David & Bernadette Boenker
Emil Boncich
David & Nicole Brehmer
Kandi Brennan
Louie Broccardo
James & Denise Brockman
Rachelle & Trevor Brotman
James Brown
James Buchholz
Daniel & Kim Burke
Charlie & Melanie Bush
Samuel and Harriett Bussell
Tom Butkiewicz
Denis Cague
Sean & Michelle Calahan
John & Cindy Cannon
David & Jessica Capek
Charles & Margaret Carey
David Carlile
Dan Carmo
Angela Carpino
Peter Carpino
Arnold & Angela Carreon
A.J. and S.A. Caruso
Jon Casey
Michael Caspino
Rhonda Castillo
Steve Castillo
Hernan Castro-Rueda
Cynthia Cattern
Michael Furlong
Reynold Furrell
Robert Ciborowski
Richard & Reona Furrell
Jim & Kathy Clancy
Scott & Katie Gajda
Steven & Hilary Clark
John Gallivan
Don & Cheryl Coker
Steve & Lisa Garceau
Joann Conley
Robert & Linda Gattis
Kenneth & Barbara Conn
Karen Gauthier
Ronald & Barbara Conrad
Michael & Renee Genetti
Alfonso & Vianey Cortez
Mary Helen Gerken
Kathleen Corzine
Donald Giardini
Jeffrey Cova
Mark & Hilda Glenski
Eric & Jennifer Crocker
Mark Gonzales
Brian Cronk
Randy & Joan Gonzalez
Mark & Melanie Cummings John & Susan Gordon
Ed & Julie Cunningham
James & Diana Graves
Joseph & Cindy Custer
Larry & Deborah Greene
Michael Cutler
David & Suzy Griffin
Robert Daher
Patrick & Mimi Griffin
Rosemary David
Randy & Peggy Griffin
Gene Davio
Bill & Gerry Grimes
David & Theresa Dawson
Ronald Guerena
Timothy & Clare Dean
Brett & Carol Haas
Carlo & Colleen DeAtouguia George & Linda Haggarty
Daniel DeBlasio
Michael & Jennifer Hale
David DeFilippo
David Hanson
Matt Deheras
Douglas & Megan Hayden
Jerrold & Anna Deleget
Raymond & Penelope Hecker
Mike & Alecia Hedge
Anita Depauw
Stephan & Madge DeSales Richard & Jamie Heim
Paul Henderson
Amy & Robert Destefani
David Henriks
Jay & Heather Deubler
John & Kathleen Herman
Matthew Devine
Gina Hernandez
Chris Di Antonio
Michael & Mary Hernandez
Frank A. Di Ferdinando
Scott &Ruth Hernandez
Dina Dimler
James Herron
Daniel & Mary Dobon
Ed & Kay Hickey
Dan Domier
Duc & Mylinh Luu Ho
Michael Dowell
Steve and Lynn Ho
Daniel & Sarah Doyle
Coralyn Homan
Ken & Jen Doyle
Ronald & Marthanna Hopwood
Leo & Elizabeth Drew
Richard & Karen Drinkward Aaron & Susan Horvath
Tom & Karen Hughes
George & Eleanor Duncan
Thomas Hume
James Dunworth
William Iadarola
Tom & Rowena Duong
Annabelle Isky
Jeffrey Eittreim
Deborah Issa
Michael Ellzey
Jeff & Lori Jackson
Denise Fabbri
Tom & Robyn Jankovich
Arthur Faccini
Jeff & Anne Marie Jennison
Michael & Kristin Farris
Jeff & Loretta Johnson
John & Alexandra Fink
Ken & Debbie Kadziauskas
Matthew Fletcher
John & Jacqueline Kalinski
Ricardo & Neriza Flores
Richard & Robin Kaminski
Sean & Tracey Fort
Matthew & Stephanie Chung
Daniel & Beth Karcher
Bruce & Cora Karlan
Bill & Sandy Katafias
Donald Keena
Gina & Kevin Kerley
Bill & Melissa Keye
Jason & Raina Kezelman
Michael Kilander
Anthony & Tina King
Laura Klement
Gregg Kleminsky
Allan & Lisa Kopczynski
Brian & Tammy Kopiec
John Korajczyk
Joseph & Mary Lee Krochmalny
Kevin Kroes
Ronald Kuhn
Scott Kumamoto
Edward Lacour
Joe & Pauline Lacson
William & Toni Lakow
The Lansner Family
Tom & Janet Lauterjung
Lisa Lavanchy
Thomas & Diana Leary
Greg Leavey
Todd & Lori Leavey
Cristen & Alec Lebsack
Thomas Lee
Bill & Maureen Legg
Scott & Hilary Liegler
Krisanne Lightman
Liza & Michael Lim
Magnus Lindgren
Lolita Lizarraga
Paul & Teresa LoDuca
Donald Loessberg
David & Susan Lokietz
Oscar & Josefina Lopez-Dozal
Darren & Keri Lorenz
Huan Luu
Mylan Luu
Jay & Myla Macabale
Kevin & Laura MacCartie
Michael & Carol Madden
Steve & Luz Madril
Todd & Christina Maldonado
Ethel Mark
Jeffrey & Lisa Marquart
Sal & Jacoba Marquez
Brian & Courtney Martz
Larry & Giovanna Mastrovich
A.J. & Diane Matel
Genene Mathias
Ruben & Joy Mauricio
Fiona Mayes
Wayne McDonnell
Stephen & Patricia McGill
Elizabeth McKibbins
Andrew & Cori McMahon
Dcn Randy & Linda McMahon
Matt & Calee McManus
Robert & Laura McMillan
Daryl & Lisa Meddings
Laurie Mellott
Erin Mendez
Robert & Kristy Messer
Robert Metzger
Cesar & Autumn Meyer
Kris Mikus
Ivan & Ana Lucia Miletich
Jeffrey Miller
John & Susan Miller
Ken & Linda Miller
Ronald Miller
Michael Mitchell
Thomas Monge
Nick & Isabel Montes
Sean Montgomery
Katrina Moreno
Bill Moseid & Cecilia Burlingame
Mark Murphy
Jason Murray
Andy & Christine Nation
Jennifer Navarro-Yhap
Mark Nguyen
Tom Nguyen
Joyce O’Reilly
Cristin O’Connor
John & Leanne O’Connor
Mike & Shannon O’Connor
Manuel Ochoa
Leonard & Linda Odion
Calvin & Marie Okey
Loren & Sarah Ollenburger
Francisco & Margie Orellana
Johnny and Yvonne Ortiz
Keith & Sally Palmer
Thomas Parco
Marc & Jennifer Parrino
Leonard & Mayumi Pastick
Thomas Patrick
Willie Penalosa
J. Emmanuel & Avelina Perez
Mitchell & Terri Perez
Ed & Clayre Perrault
Raima Pert
Timothy & Pam Pert
Paul Peszt
Michael & Anna Petersen
Marc Pizzolo
Joe Plisinski
Thomas & Carissa Podesta
Mike Pollock
Gabriel Porchas
James & Tara Poth
Jacques & Heather Poujade
Rich & Michelle Ptak
Richard & Elaine Puccini
Scott & Rachel Puepke
Mark & Heather Redd
Timothy Redfern
Anthony & Kay Relvas
Trent & Maria Reutiman
Al & Karen Reyes
Allen Reyno
Anthony Rheault
Julie Richards
Ruth Robertson
Mark & Patricia Robinson
Richard & Carol Roger
Richard & Katrina Roldan
Donald & Kelly Rosenberry
Joseph & Marie Rossi
Betty Rote
Tim & Colleen Rozema
Eileen Rubens
Henry & Stephanie Salgado
Joseph Sanchez-Nunez
Richard Sawicky
Joanna Scheipe
David & Joanne Schleicher
Joseph & Kelly Schleicher
Herbert Schoenhoefer
Mike & Holly Schwartz
John Settineri
David & Beverly Shaw
Tom & Kim Shebel
Mike & Colleen Shepard
Ann Marie Sherman
Sora Shin
Eric & Karen Sievers
Michael Signorile
Jena Silva
Stephen & Sandy Silva
Dominique Simms
Justin & Arlene Simonds
Ed & Sheila Simone
Peter Smaldino
Andre & Jennifer Smith
Aaron & April Sonnenberg
Jay & Elizabeth Sorensen
Jeff & Rebecca Stora
Chris & Susan Strauss
Jurga & Tim Streit
Todd & Lori Szkotnicki
Philip & Cynthia Szuba
Teresa Tanner
John & Guille Taylor
Peter Taylor
Irwan Tedja
Steven & Tiann Thomas
Guy & Nellie Thomason
Vicki Thompson
Norman & Helen Tiller
John & Elizabeth Torphy
Tony & Jennifer Torres
Frank Torriero
Norman & Mary Towe
Mike & Sharon Tracy
Victor & Rita Traynor
Javier & Ann Turcios
John Tyler
Richard & Karen Unfried
Richard & Rose Unfried
Will Untalan
Margaret Valenti
Anthony Van Coutren
John & Danette Vanover
Kurt & Amy Varricchio
Joshua & Irene Vecchione
Nick & Fran Vecchione
Joebert & Hazel Villanueva
Anthony & Dawnell Viole
Rick & Lisa Volpo
Dolores Von Urff
Nada Vostmyer
Todd Vought
Peter & Gertrude Vukas
Paul & Sara Vuoso
Chuck & Annette Walker
Paul & Ellie Watkins
Chris & Paula Webb
Marilyn Wesseln
Raymond Wesseln
Mark and Christine Weyer
Greg & Patti Wieckert
Thomas & Diana Wilkinson
Randy and Myra Wood
Donald & Debbie Woods
Paul & Jean Wysocki
Richard Yannone
Paula Young
David & Patricia Zielinski
David & Denise Zimmerman
Robert & Petrina Zusy
Holy Trinity MOPS needs mentor moms!
If you are a mom who:
*has survived the preschool phase of motherhood…
*desires to share the challenges and joys of motherhood…
*wants opportunities for personal growth and to deepen
your faith…
*enjoys giving back to the community...
Consider sharing your experience and perspective on mothering, womanhood and relationships. Contact Emily Barton at [email protected] for more information. Meetings start
Sept. 21st and are held every other Friday 9:30 am-12pm.
TYM (Holy Trinity Youth Ministry)
What does the high school and young adults do every Wednesday night? Well we take the
Gospel message and break it down and make it REAL (Relevant, Emmanuel(God with us), Authentic and Life-giving) We also eat snacks, laugh, pray and draw closer to our Savior by
sharing our stories. So if you are ready to make new friends or just check us out! We begin
@ 7:30 p.m. in the big meeting room! Okay to bring a friend!
Save the date: Youth Ministries – Hawaiian night fundraiser! Saturday, September 22 – attend the 5:00 pm Mass & stay for dinner & entertainment! Details to follow! Aloha!
Confirmation Year 1 candidate mandatory welcome event –Saturday, Sept 15 – noon to
6p.m. Lunch will be served! Cost is $10 – We will be attending the 5pm Mass where Fr. Reynold will be recognizing the candidates in a special blessing – parents and sponsors are invited
to join us for this special moment and meet us at Mass!
All incoming 9th graders are welcome to join the high school youth in any of the
events! Contact Patti or Joe for additional information! 218-3131
Confirmation Year 1 for Incoming 9th Graders
Holy Trinity’s Confirmation journey for incoming 9th graders & others seeking the Sacrament of
Confirmation thru their high school years has begun! If your son/daughter is attending a
catholic high school – this Sacrament is NOT completed through their religion
class; it must be completed through their parish faith community! Incoming 9th
graders must attend a mandatory on-site retreat, Sat., Sept 15 @ Holy Trinity. A meeting with
the candidate and their parent is mandatory prior to the fall! There are meetings available
June, July & August! Day and evening! You may pick up the registration packet now before or
after any Mass time or office hours! Call to schedule your appointment:
Wednesday, (last available date) August 22 – 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm or 6pm
Sunday’s, August 19 and August 26 – 9:30 am or 10:30 am – after Mass
Contact Patti @ 218-3131 or [email protected]
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