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Conscious Connection is the
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We're developing an Acoustic
Guitar Report to run alongside
our upcoming interview
feature with Jason Mraz and
would like to invite Taylor to
be the exclusive partner.
Creative Lifestyle Series
Acoustic Guitar Report
The Conscious Connection team of skilled editors and digital
marketers will produce a custom 1,200 word editorial piece
on the new Taylor 600 Maple Series cutaway exploring the
environmental story behind it.
Special Editorial Feature / Product Review
1,200 Word Article on a Taylor Acoustic Guitar
Includes Content On Taylor's Environmental Initiatives
SEO Keyphrase & Anchor Text Article Integration
Article Featured in Creative Lifestyle Column
Includes High-Res Featured Photographs
Can produce as valuable consideration for a guitar of
commensurate value for our team to review.
Jason Mraz Influencer Alignment
Above Article Featured on Conscious Connection Homepage
Influencer Alignment w/ Jason Mraz Interview
Appears in Home Page Editorial Well Next to Interview
SEO Link Blurb at End of Mraz Interview: "Sponsored by Taylor
Digital Marketing Promotion
Article Social Media Promotion / Ad Buy (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
Boosted Posts Estimated Reach: 60,000 - 100,000 people
Can Develop Ad Based on Taylor's Target Demographic
Email Newsletter Promotion Included (10,000 Subscribers)
Taylor Guitar Logo in Jason Mraz Social Media Cover Photos
co-branded facebook cover photo
Display Ad Website Takeover
Website Display Ad Takeover for Seven (7) Days
Includes All Ad Units on Conscious Connection
Site Takeover Timed w/ Launch of Mraz Interview
Banner sizes:
Leaderboard: 970 x 90 or 728x90
Top and Mid Box Units: 300x250
Skyscraper Ad Unit: 160x600
Mobile Ad Unit: 320x50
Investment Summary
Special Editorial Feature
Influencer Alignment
Digital Marketing
Display Ad Takeover
Total Package Rate: $1,995
+ Taylor 600 Series for Review
Thank You
[email protected]