curriculum - sarah daeleman


curriculum - sarah daeleman
I currently work as a coördinator at the Plantin Institute of Typography.
I combine this part time job with freelance work as an illustrator and artistic
EDUCATION | I have studied graphic design and anthropology. Afterwards
I followed courses in analogue printing techniques such as etching and monotype.
• 1997 - 1999 | K.A.S.K. Antwerp, Graphic design
• 1999 - 2001 | Sint-Lukas Brussels, master Graphic design
• 2001 - 2003 | K.U.Leuven, postgraduate Social and cultural anthropology
• 2005 - 2011 | RHoK Academy, Printing techniques
Teachers: Hans van Dijck, Tom Boiy and Rudolf Broulim
Specialization: hard ground, spit bite and monotype
> Graduation project at Sint Lukas: ‘Naardemaan’, imaginary Moon atlas
PARTTIME COÖRDINATOR | My part time job as a coördinator of the
Plantin Institute of Typography consists of the following tasks:
• Coördination of expert classes on Typography, Type design and Book design
• Conceptual development and organisation of events such as ‘Vormgeven doe
je niet alleen’ and ‘Wij boeken succes’
• Coördination of expositions in coöperation with Museum Plantin-Moretus,
such as ‘De magie van het letterontwerpen’ and ‘Inside/Outside’
• Coördination of the promotion and communication of the institute:
update of the website, the e-flyers and newsletter
• Communication: sending TypoCards, e-flyers and newsletters
> Illustration for Plantin Institute of Typography: ‘Interface’, series of TypoCards
FREELANCE ILLUSTRATOR | I did a lot of freelance work as an illustrator.
I recently designed some book illustrations and pictograms:
> Book illustrations for Literarte: ‘Leeuwenkoning’, Patricia De Maertelaere
• Illustration for a magazine ‘Time to B’ | NMBS (National Railway Company of Belgium)
• Illustration for a TypoCard | Plantin Institute of Typography
• Illustration for a book | Literarte
• Pictograms as friendly reminders | Museum Plantin-Moretus
• Logo and visual concept of the website | Architects De Clercq & Declercq
WORKSHOPS | I held many workshops for children and teenagers in different
fields, such as etching, C-print, painting and collage. Or a mixture of them.
• Tinkering for children | Cultural Centres De Kriekelaer, De Markten
• Graphic design and Multimedia for children and teenagers | Imagica
• Graphic design for children and teenagers | Arts Basics for Children
• Etching for children | Museum Plantin-Moretus
• Mixed media for children, related to an exhibition or an event |
Museum Plantin-Moretus
• Mobile printing | Interactive demo at fairs and workshops on demand
Pictures of the workshops are available on flickr.
> Workshop ‘Gouden beestjes’ in Museum Plantin-Moretus
EXHIBITIONS | I am elaborating my artistic work in the field of etching, drawing,
painting and mixed media. I participated to a few group exhibitions:
• 2007 | Passchendaele 1917 Remembered, Zonnebeke
• 2009 | Cultural Centre Etterbeek
• 2010 | Prints in relation to poems of Steven Graauwmans, bookshop Passa Porta
• 2011 | Exhibition ‘Grafische kamers’ in Museum Plantin-Moretus
• 2014 | Series of TypoCards in Museum Plantin-Moretus
> ‘The light in the Printroom’, Grafische kamers
• 2012 | Tijdschrift De Gulden Passer, ‘Grafische kamers in het Museum Plantin-Moretus’, article by Marcus de Schepper
CONTACT | [email protected],

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