Multiple Solutions Driving web traffic to


Multiple Solutions Driving web traffic to
Homepage Takeover and Targeted Search Solution.
Case Study:
Driving web traffic
for the Hyundai i10.
Reached 353,000 in-market
new car buyers.
Generating high response –
CTRs of up to 2.18%.
Resulting in a significant uplift
of traffic to the Hyundai website;
36% of all traffic to the Hyundai site
came from Auto Trader on the day
of the campaign.
The background
In early 2014, Hyundai launched the New Gen i10.
For many years, Hyundai have used Auto Trader to help drive brand awareness,
purchase intent and ultimately car sales. Choosing a flexible approach, they have
marketed across various parts of the site, targeting consumers who are actively
searching for their brand or similar brands.
Because 64% of all new car buyers visit Auto Trader during the purchase journey,
with many of them unsure of what their next car is going to be (60% consider 3+ brands),
Hyundai’s agency, Havas, approached Auto Trader to help plan the launch of the i10.
The challenge
The i10 was planned for launch in early 2014 and required bold
and creative new formats to reach new in-market car buyers.
Hyundai intended to ‘announce’ the launch, which meant reach
and engagement were critical to the objectives of the campaign.
Hyundai aimed to contact consumers at the start of the buying
cycle and influence their final purchase.
The solution
Hyundai wanted to reach in-market car buyers, so tapping into
Auto Trader’s already engaged audience made perfect sense.
The timing of the launch allowed Hyundai to fully utilise the new,
cleaner homepage redesign, and its three new HPTO offerings. It also
tied in well with Havas’ intent to offer Hyundai as many relevant media
firsts as possible.
The results
The new, bold formats delivered terrific engagement with consumers and achieved
an excellent average CTR of 1.9%.
Exposure to Auto Trader’s already active buying audience was also a great success,
with the campaign seen by 352,982 unique users in 24 hours.
Along with significant reach and response, there was an impressive increase in traffic
to Hyundai’s site on the campaign day. Auto Trader delivered 36% of all traffic to Hyundai an increase of 449% compared to an ordinary day and more traffic than Google!
And, with 35% of all new car leads on manufacturer websites coming from consumers
who have visited Auto Trader, the quality of this traffic was unquestionable.
■ Reach: 352,982 UU
■ Response: Billboard – 1.62% Skin – 2.18%
■ Reaction: 36% of all traffic to the Hyundai site on the day of the campaign
came from
Upstream traffic to
Hyundai chose the Tier 2 HPTO and became the first UK advertiser
to take advantage of the high impact billboard formats and skins. This
was supported by targeted search activity across the rest of the site.
Targeted search allowed Hyundai to sustain the customer conversation
with viewers who’d experienced the HPTO but decided to continue their
research on Auto Trader before visiting Hyundai’s site.
With this, Hyundai reinforced the message with potential customers
while also preventing competitors from reaching them on the Auto
Trader site. This significantly enhanced the impact of the HPTO.
of traffic to
Hyundai site
■ High Impact Formats: The brand new Tier 2 HPTO offers
the billboard and skin combination for the first time on the
Auto Trader HP
■ Relevance: 7/10 UK consumers think of Auto Trader when
looking to buy, sell or research cars
■ Influence: Consumers on Auto Trader’s Home Page are often
at the start of their car buying journey, giving Hyundai the
opportunity to influence their buying decision
Ebay UK
Google UK
■ Massive Reach: 85% of Auto Trader's visitors enter through
the HP, that’s 9.6m unique users every month
Auto Trader UK
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Auto Express
“AutoTrader is a great example of a forward
thinking media owner and one who has
become a really close and smart partner of
Scott Moorhead
Head of Digital Trading and Operations