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of Summer Swim
Saturday, September 7, 2013
Kennedy Outdoor Aquatic Center - 3101 West Rd., Trenton, MI
Canine Swim Session - noon-3 p.m.
• Best swim suit (for your dog)
• People pet look alike
• Smoochy Poochy
• Fetch in the water
• Jump the farthest & more!
• Pet friendly vendors on site
beginning at 11 a.m.
$5 per dog, spectators free with their pet!
Each dog must have its own handler
$5 per spectator without pet
On-Site Registration 11:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
Proof of vaccination required - Rabies vaccine mandatory, Bordetella Vaccine recommended
Sponsored by: Trenton Parks and Recreation
Great Dane Sponsor: Bull Dog Sponsor: On-Site Vet Sponsor:
Retriever Sponsor: Riverview Animal Hospital
Information: (734) 675-7300
2013 Dog Days of Summer Dog Swim—Pre-Registration Form
Owner Name
Phone __________________ email ____________________________________________
(Help us reduce mailing costs by providing email address.)
Dog’s Name
______________________________ Birthdate _____________________
_____Paid Fee _____ Proof of Rabies Vaccine (Please complete reverse side)
Return registration form along with proof of vaccination to: Trenton Parks and Recreation, Dog Days of Summer Swim
2800 Third Street
Trenton, MI 48183
Each dog must have its own handler
Puppies must be old enough to have had required
vaccinations to participate. For the health and safety
of all participants we reserve the right to deny any
animal admittance based on assessment of staff
THIS RELEASE & HOLD HARMLESS AND INDEMNIFICATION AGREEMENT, (“Release”) is made this ________, day of September 2013, by the undersigned participant (“Participant”).
WHEREAS, the City of Trenton (“City”), is offering a Competitive Aquatic Event for pets and pet owners at the Kennedy Aquatic Center on September 7, 2013 (“Program”); and
WHEREAS, the Participant is the owner of a registered pet; and
WHEREAS, the Participant wishes to participate in the Aquatic Program and, hereby consents to, and authorized such participation by his/her pet; and
WHEREAS, Participant certifies that his/her pet has been properly vaccinated; and
WHEREAS, Participant acknowledges that participation in the Program may require strenuous physical exertion, bodily contact with other animals and, the possibility of biting, scratching
and other trauma or diseases to individual or pets; and
WHEREAS, despite these risks and warnings, Participant wishes to enter the Program and participate in such activities of the Program.
NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of permitting participation in the Program, it is agreed:
1. Participant, and for his/her/pets, executors and administrators, heirs, assigns, successors, next-of-kin and personal representatives, jointly and severally, do hereby expressly and
forever waive, release, discharge and indemnify the City of Trenton, its elected officials, officers, agents, employees, representatives and volunteers (“Releasees”), from and against any
liability for injury, illness, death, or damages whatsoever, including without limitation, claims, demands, injuries or damages resulting from acts or omissions, of passive or active negligence, on the part of its City and its representatives, which may result from Participant’s participation in the Program, including, but not limited to, assistants, Parents and volunteers, who
may otherwise participate in the Program, and further indemnify such Releasees from any third party claims arising out of such participation.
2. Further, Participant, does hereby specifically acknowledge the risks of injury associated with participation and that they have sought and rely upon independent medical advice as
to Participant’s and his/her pet’s fitness and the suitability of such activities for Participant and further assume all risks associated therewith and specifically authorize and consent to
Participant’s participation.
3. The parties to this Release, do further warrant and represent that they have fully read the Agreement, understand its contents and meaning, that they have had every opportunity to
consult with advisors and counselors of their own selection regarding the advisability of entering into such an Agreement, and that they are otherwise fully satisfied with the terms and
conditions of participation in the Program, as well as the limitations and waivers of rights that they are entering into through the execution of this Agreement.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this Agreement on the date first written above.
_____________________________________ __________________________________________________
Participant Signature

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