Shamaley Chime N` Rhyme Making Music


Shamaley Chime N` Rhyme Making Music
Shamaley Chime N’ Rhyme Making Music
El Paso, Texas – With over
80 video entries and more than
20,000 You Tube views, the
Chime N’ Rhyme contest has
had an explosive amount of talent sing the praises of Shamaley
Auto Group.
For the past eight weeks, the
Marketing Team at Shamaley
Auto Group has had the pleasure of viewing new video submissions, friending over 1000
fans on Facebook, and even
going as far as helping entrants
submit video jingles by offering
to record them on-site at either
of the Shamaley dealerships.
"We know that not everyone
can create a video,” says Jim
Davis, Shamaley Auto Group
Internet and Social Media Director. “To assist, Shamaley will
help record and upload anyone
that has lyrics and is willing to
sing it for us.”
The contest comes to an end
on December 17th when the
grand prize winner will be announced and a prize of $2500
will be awarded. Jennifer
Cedillo, Marketing Director for
the Shamaley Auto Group says
that this is just one of the many
marketing promotions the dealerships will offer.
“Look for more exciting
things to come from the Shamaley Auto Group. We have our
finger on the pulse when it
comes to social media and community involvement. Our goal is
to have fun and that is exactly
what we did hosting the Chime
N’ Rhyme contest. We were all
so honored to have people participate in our contest.”
Every week, local radio stations played the top three
most liked songs on the
air. The range in jingle
parodies varied from
Vanilla Ice, Village
People, M.I.A, Elvis,
Bon Jovi and Pink
Floyd. Participants also
wrote original songs, as
sung by week two
winner Ruby
Guerra who entered the
hearing about it on 92.3 KOFX
"I thought it was a good opportunity to make a little extra
cash. I like to sing and though it
would be fun to try so I figured
I’d give it a whirl. There is a lot
of good talent out there, but I
like what I entered. It is a
simple, quick little jingle, but I think it is
Ruby is one of
eight weekly winners competing for
the grand prize of
$2500. “If I win, I
know exactly what
I’d spend my
money on, a down payment for
my next car!”
Contest rules, entry form, and
additional information about the
Shamaley Chime N’ Rhyme
contest can be found at
Photo of Jennifer
Cedillo, Marketing Director and Jim Davis, Internet
& Social Media Director courtesy of
Janelle Ayala.