Batangas State University


Batangas State University
14 March 2016
Environmental Awareness
Seminar towards a sustainable
and eco-friendly school and
environment was held on 14
March 2016 at Batangas State
University-Main Campus located
at Rizal Ave., Batangas City,
Batangas which was
The College students participants of
Batangas State University-Main
Campus during the Environmental
Awareness Seminar
attended by more than eighty
(80) students, and thirty (30)
Faculty members.
Republic Act No. 9512
otherwise known as an Act
to promote environmental
awareness through
concepts and
principles, environmental laws, the
state of international and local
environment, local environmental
best practices, the threats of
environmental degradation and its
impact on human well-being and
the responsibility of the citizenry to
the environment.
Ms. Rysa Deron, Chief-EEIS during her lecture on Climate Change
Ms. Faina Ifurung during her lecture on R.A. 9003 or the Solid Waste Management Act
EMB CALABARZON through the Environmental Education and Information
Section, institutionalised the implementation of public education and awareness
program on environmental protection and conservation to the different schools
and universities within CALABARZON Region. As a public servant and
environmental enforcers and
educators, the need to mold the
hearts and minds of the youth
became a challenge into
becoming the future stewards of
our environment and caretakers
of the Earth.
Students and Faculty members were asked on what they can still be done to prevent or reduce Climate Change
and how to manage their wastes at home and at school
This event has been successful
with the support of our
external partners First Gen
Clean Energy Complex and
P.A. Alvarez Property and
Development Corporation.
Students who joined the Poster Making Contest were given the chance to
explain what were the meaning of the
drawings /entries with given them “Climate Change and Me.”
Winners of the Essay Writing
Contest, from left First Prize Maria Charina Boongaling,
3rd year B.S. Psychology
student, Second Prize - Engr.
Lovely C. Anonuevo, CE/SE
Instructor, and Third Prize Shaira Mae J. De Joya, BSBA
Major in Human Resource
Devt. & Mgmt Student
Winners of the Poster Making Contest, from left Third Prize - R-Jay D. Valencia,
Second Prize - Gilbert Solis, and First Prize - Kenneth A. Rodriguez
“Climate Change and Me”
Change is inevitable. It is unstoppable just like what is happening to the
world today. The world is undeniably affected by climate change and the people
from different countries are suffering from this phenomenon. Those people,
including me, should be the catalyst for change. Climate change and me has an
invisible relationship that establishes a “give and take” commitment. The things
I do the environment will also be the result of its present condition in return.
As a student, who is truly concerned with the environment, I must be the
number one agent for change. These changes must be beneficial to all mankind
in a better way. There are a lot of ways and activities which result to global
warming but there are many ways to prevent this kind of change. We can save
the world from our on little ways like increasing the people’s awareness about
environment though seminars, training and workshop. The best way to save the
world from climate is to start within yourself. Promote the ecological solid waste
management act, maintain the cleanliness campaign in your own area, be an
advocate of environmental implementation of best practices to prevent global
It is a matter is showing concerns to our environment for the welfare of
the present and future generation. There is no turning back to our past
generation. Therefore, people should be responsible to our mother nature and
focus to our present conditions for a better future. If there would be no
corrective actions today, people will be continuously suffering someday. Always
instil in our minds that the future relies in our hand. Me and you can save the
world because we know how.
Maria Charina Boongaling
3rd Yr. B.S. Psychology Student
Batangas State University-Malvar
First Prize-Essay Writing Contest
BSU Main Campus, 03/14/2016