2012 Annual Report


2012 Annual Report
CASA Board of Directors 2011-2012
Don Culpepper
Amanda Meadows
Ann Worthington
Trudy Howe
Amy Cuykendall
Immediate Past President
CASA Board Members 2011-2012
Bob Barnum
Major Phillip Beahn
Andrew S. Jacobsen
Sheila King
Jean Krause
Eric Ludin
Nicholas McDevitt
Patty Robinson
Tom Steck
Gaelynn Thurman
Marilyn Polson
Attorney of Record
Linda A. Osmundson
Executive Director
2011-2012 CASA Board of Trustees
Craig Sher
Jim Albright
Trustee Co-Chairs
Dick Crippen
Ford Kyes
Adam Curtis
Christina A. Mayer
Alison E. Curtis
Brittany Maxey
Amy Cuykendall
Rick McCollum
Leslie Daley
Sister Mary McNally
Mark Dawson
Ada Pagano
Kimberly Early
Marilyn Polson
Aila Erman
Sonia Raymond
Steve Geis
Patty Robinson
Berneida Hall
Covington Sharpe
Meredith Hoffman
Aaron Sharpe
Kevin Kelso
Chris Smaridge
Sheila King
Leroy Sullivan
Appreciation is a two way street!
A letter from CASA’s President and Executive Director
I visit a new dentist early one morning and after the paperwork was complete, a
dental assistant says, “I know your name! I was at CASA’s shelter about 10 years
ago and you saved my life! May I give you a hug?” What a great way to start the
While standing in line for groceries, a woman notices my name tag and says
proudly, “I donate to CASA’s Thrift Store all of the time!” I float out of the store.
A staff member reports a six year old at the shelter makes her day when he is
overheard saying, “We are safe and Daddy can’t find us!” Mom elaborates that
since they’ve left the abuser, the kids are happier and more animated because
they are not afraid.
A Board member reports that two friends move to a new street and the long-time
neighbors preserve confidentiality and never mention the building across the
street is CASA’s shelter!
It really does take a whole community to stop domestic violence. Our
community actively supports survivors of domestic violence and appreciates the
work we do. Our staff and Board actively support CASA and we appreciate our
volunteers, donors, and thrift shop customers!
Over 600 members of our community look forward to CASA’s Peace Breakfast
in December. We appreciate our volunteer leaders, Jim Albright and Craig Sher. It
is the event to celebrate CASA and to show how much you care about safety and
security for the families of women, children and men in our community. Led by
Board member, Gaelynn Thurman, 226 people attend the Good Night’s Sleep
lunch where Audrey Mabrey courageously describes her triumph over being terribly
burned by her husband.
CASA Board member, Eric Ludin, has an idea for a foundation and leads a small
group of involved individuals through the tedious process of writing bylaws, articles
of incorporation, and completing government paperwork for the CASA Foundation
that was incorporated on January 1 of this year.
Who knew that becoming the local charity for the Women’s Half Marathon,
could raise over $10,000 and involve more than 40 runners for CASA? The
leadership from Sheila King, CASA Board member, was responsible for this success!
Jean Krause, another CASA Board member, speaks passionately about CASA for
an event that raises nearly $14,000 to honor the short life of a Cody’s employee
whose life was snuffed out by her abusive boyfriend.
The Housing Committee, led by Amy Cuykendall, holds lively meetings with
volunteers to plan the details for a new 100-bed shelter for CASA to address the
reality that we turned away 622 women plus children last year who called for shelter
when we were full. Should we rehabilitate an existing building or buy land and
build new? Where should we locate the new shelter? What will the operating costs
be for a larger shelter?
The Emergency Response Team (ERT), a collaboration with four organizations
to divert abused children from foster care, ended this year due to funder changes
and a new partnership emerged led by Directions for Living. CASA was invited
again to provide a domestic violence expert to join the team in assessing the risk
of harm to children.
CASA Collection Thrift Shoppe holds a special sale during Domestic Violence
Awareness Month in appreciation of staff of organizations that partner with us to
help survivors of domestic violence and their children. Board member, Nick
McDevitt, is re-energizing our volunteer Thrift Shoppe Committee along with the
star volunteers who come every day to sort clothing and greet customers and
helped us increase our profit over last year.
Other organizations partnering with CASA like R’Club, Gulf Coast Legal
Services, Community Law, Directions for Living, Operation PAR, and The Haven of
RCS, to name a few, are important parts of the whole community that is working to
end Domestic Violence.
We appreciate our volunteers and donors who complete our CASA
community. They complete our circle that supports, protects and embraces
survivors and their children. Together we raise our voices against domestic violence
so that home is a safe place. Our children depend on this!
Trudy Howe,
Linda Osmundson
Executive Director
CASA Programs
CASA, Community Action Stops Abuse, has been providing lifesaving services to
women, men, and children living with domestic violence since 1977. Over the past
35 years, the community has relied on CASA to provide a safe refuge, crisis
intervention, advocacy, prevention, professional training, outreach, and community
education to end domestic violence and bring hope, independence and peace to
families in South Pinellas.
CASA’s residential programs provide a safe refuge for survivors and their children
when home is no longer safe. The 30 bed emergency shelter offers 45 days of
housing, referrals, advocacy and services, while the 14 unit transitional housing
program provides up to two years of safe apartmentstyle living for single mothers and
their children working or completing their educational goals.
202 adults and 95 children found refuge in the emergency shelter.
24 families lived in CASA’s Transitional Housing program.
A partnership with R’Club allows CASA’s Youth Center to provide licensed childcare
and a safe place for children to be kids again. Afterschool and summer programs are
provided at the youth center for school aged children.
CASA staffs the domestic violence helpline for South Pinellas County. Each call is
answered by a trained CASA advocate ready to provide safety planning,
intervention, referrals and information on programs that often change lives.
4,249 crisis calls for assistance were answered.
Support Groups and Outreach Advocacy
Not every survivor of domestic violence is in need of emergency shelter. Many
services CASA provides take place in our downtown community center, but many
more occur throughout South Pinellas. These services help survivors find the
resources they need to live a life free of abuse.
CASA also provides legal advocates to stand by the side of survivors and help them as
they navigate the often intimidating legal system.
2,330 survivors were helped through CASA’s Outreach Programs
Programs cont’d
Peacemakers Prevention Program
In collaboration with Operation PAR, The Haven of RCS, Community Pride Child
Care, Inc., and the City of St. Petersburg, team members work directly with Pinellas
County schools and pre-schools to present five to nine week programs focused on
diversity, peaceful communication, and to teach that violence is never the answer.
The young program graduates leave with a renewed sense of respect for themselves
and others. The teachers find that the program helps create a more peaceful learning
environment and better behavior.
3,300 school children participated in the Peacemakers Program
Supervised Visitation
CASA provides a secure environment for court ordered visitation and exchanges
between residential and non-residential parents. Each visit is personally monitored
by a CASA advocate, while an on-site Pinellas Park police officer protects children
and adults from the very real possibility of harm.
1,201 safe visits and 19 monitored exchanges were provided.
CASA provides professional domestic violence workplace training to local
businesses, because domestic violence affects many employees. By working within
the community, we are able to better serve those in need.
16,299 people attended CASA presentations.
Each gently used item donated to CASA supports families living with domestic
violence by going directly to them, or by earning revenue needed to fund our
$35,564 worth of merchandise provided free to survivor families
Generous families, companies and organizations adopt CASA families to ensure each
survivor and child has a wonderful season during a time when they may feel very little
120 families were adopted by our caring community
AUDITED FINANCIAL REPORT - July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012
SPECIAL EVENTS (net of costs)
THRIFT SHOPPE SALES (net of expenses)
CASA Volunteers
July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012
Jim Albright
Ahmad Allen
Stacy Ames
Lindsay Amos
Brian Atkins
James Bailey
Robert Barnum
Doug Bartley
Jina Baumgardner
Alexis Baylor
Phillip Beahn
Lakia Berrien
Janice Birch
Worth Blackwell
Lydia Boakye
James Bodson
Dawn Bohler
Denise Bovlai
Eva Bowman
Deandre Bradford
Carol Brown
Rachel Brown
Rebecca Brown
Johnnie Burrows
Cecilia Chambers
Thomas Chase
Hannah Christensen
Ryker Chute
Shannon Collins
Robert Coonrad
Keyaria Crider
Dick Crippen
Don Culpepper
Ana Cunningham
Amy Cuykendall
Leslie Daley
Mark Dawson
Emilie Derosier
Treaver Dietrich
Alexandra Early
Kimberly Early
Gwendolyn Elliott
Robin Ellis
Aila Erman
Christy Fernandez
Courtney Fish
Theresa Fisher
Erica Florence
Jeff Forbes
Lacole Foster Grant
Jeremy Fout
Heather Gallina
Shelley Gars
Steve Geis
Andrew Gleim
Claudia Graves
Laura Grimes
Zoee Grove
Alexandra Gulbis
Josette Gumbs
Alex s Hamilton
Heather Harkins
Katrinia Harris
Jean Hawkins
Ellana Hayes
Rosalind Heenan
Catherine Henry
Steven Hillman
Kathy Hobbs
Meredith Hoffman
Trudy Howe
Jasmine Hubbard
Chris Huber
Judith Hulvey
Sue Hupp
Rebecca Hutchinson
Sarah Irwin
Emily Isse
Virginia Jackson
Andrew Jacobsen
Destiny Jenkins
Ashley Johnson
Heather Johnson
Patty Jones
Melissa Judkins
Mark Kamleiter
Kevin Kelso
Brett Kennedy
Mary Kennedy
Belinda Kenyon
Sheila King
Lauren Klinger
Karin Kmetz
Susan Konscal
Jean Krause
Vanessa LaCava
Kristina Lamarche
Tracy Langer
Sue LaPlante
Marilyn Laughlin
Kimberly Lawson
Jazmine Lawton
John Leasure
Dorrie Lee
Amy Levine
Randolph Lewis
Eric Ludin
Stacy Lynch
Lisa Madry
Daniel Mageras
Elaine Martin
Yazmari Mas-Coll
Kimberly Matthews
Brittany Maxey
Angela Mazzarisi
Adria McAlonen
Pamela McCall
Rick McCollum
Nick McDevitt
Christopher McDonough
Tequila McElroy
Brian McGee
Faybian McGowan
Judith McLean
Cheri McNally
Sr. Mary McNally
Amanda Meadows
Dinah Metcalf
Chesley Mintah
Erica Moore
Lynda Morgan
Melissa Morris
Francis Murphy
Dona Murray
Tea Muslic
Edelmiro Nadal
Gary Najar
Nate Najar
Alena Nemeth
Zaylee Otero-Martinez
Shynice Parks
Trevor Parks
Ashakai Parris
Alison Payne
Meredith Peacock
Joseph Pearson
Sandra Perillo
Jonita Pickett
Amanda Pintaure
Kim Pippin
Rob Planinshek
Marilyn Polson
Tawana Pompey
Donna Porter
Meaghan Powell
Shelly Puckett
Sonia Raymund
Alesha Rescigno
Sharon Roberson
Patty Robinson
Carol Rockney
Ann Marie Rodriguez
Evelina Romero
Jamila Ross
Thomas Runyan
Robin Sams
Pamla Sansalone
Debbie Schmid
Daniel Schorb
Nancy Seigneur
Robert Sendio
Janis Sergeant
Covington Sharp
Craig Sher
May Shorr
Cassie Short
William Slicker
Elsa Sloss
Chris Smaridge
Brenda Smith
Donna Smith
Don Snyder
Joyce Soler
Marlene Springer
Tom Steck
Robin Sterling
Beverly Stevens
Suzanne Stokes
Genevieve Stout
Felicia Sutherland
Tracie Tartt
Lannette Thompson
Gaelynn Thurman
Joshua Trawinski
Phil Trezza
Marc Tummond
Denise Vartsakis
Vicky Ward
Julie Webster
Whit Webster
Lois Weissman
Nicole Wheeler
Cynthia White
Mia Whylly
Lena Wilfalk
Crystal Williams
Kathleen Williams
Ann Worthington
Donna Yanus
Thomas Zoellner
Good Night’s Sleep Lunch guest
speaker Audrey Mabrey with
Jamison Uhler and Lissette Campos
of ABC Action News in April.
Santa at the shelter!
...and they are off and running at the St. Petersburg Half Marathon.
CASA fielded a team of over 40 who raised funds for CASA!
Dan Mageras joins Board Members
Eric Ludin, Don Culpepper and
Amy Cuykendall at the
Peace Breakfast in December.
The Candle Light Vigil
remembers those who
have lost their lives due
to domestic violence
Some of the over 210 attendees of the 9th Annual Good Night’s Sleep Lunch held at the St. Petersburg Yacht Club
CASA Peacemaker Society
Peacemaker Society members are a select group of donors who have
committed to make a difference through a multi-year pledge of $1,000
or more per year for five years. Peacemaker Society gifts ensure the
longevity of CASA’s advocacy for survivors of domestic abuse.
($10,000/year for 5 years)
Mr. and Mrs. James MacDougald
St. Anthony's Health Care
($5,000+/year for 5 years)
Mrs. Maureen D. Donovan-Dobiesz
and Mr. Norman Dobiesz
Ms. Trudy Howe and Mr. John Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Sher
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sullivan
($1,000+/year for 5 years)
D & D Reporting Services, Inc.
Deeb Elder Law, P.A.
Executive Reporting Services, Inc.
RCH Capital, LLC
Strubbe Chiropractic Clinic
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Helene
Ms. Stacy Ames and Mr. David Fuller
Mr. Robert Barnum
Dr. Princess Benson
Dr. Teresa Bradley
Mr. Jeff Brandes
Ms. Marie-Beth Cheezem
Mr. Mark Chmielewski and Ms. Linda
Mr. Reuben Clarson
Ms. Sandra L. Clenney
Ms. Leslie D. Curran
Mr. and Mrs. Ward J. Curtis
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Dawson
Mr. Brent and Mrs. Tuesdi Dyer
Mr. G. David and Mrs. Astrid Ellis
Mr. W. A. Emerson
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard S. Englander
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Epstein
Ms. Aila Erman
Mr. Jason E. Green
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas B Harr
Mr. Dwayne Hawkins
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Heinkel
Dr. and Mrs. Bill Heller
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hilton
Mr. Will and Mrs. Suzanne Horn
Mr. Andrew Jacobsen
Mr. and Mrs. Shelly Kamins
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Kennedy, Jr.
Ms. Sheila King
Ms. Jean Krause
Mr. Jonathan B. Krause
Mr. and Mrs. Ford Kyes
Ms. Elaine Liles
Dr. Edward J. and Vivian E. Lurie
Mr. and Mrs. Joe MacDougald
Mrs. Elaine W. Martin
Mr. Al May
Mr. and Mrs. Doug J. Mayer
Dr. Celia Lopez McCormack
Mr. David McComas
Mr. Stanley McKenzie
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Miller
Ms. Susan Neustadt
Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Nanci Odom
Ms. Linda A. Osmundson
Mr. Rich and Mrs. Kathy Pegram
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Polson
Mr. Ross Preville
Mr. and Mrs. John Riley
Drs. Stacey and David Robinson
Ms. Eileen “Lena” Rogachevsky
Mr. Elliott M. Ross,CCIM
Mr. Dennis G. Ruppel
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Sembler
Ms. Mary L. Shuh
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Sjolund
Mr. Gene and Mrs. Julia Sorbo
Ms. Cynthia A. Stokes
Mr. John E. Stross
Mr. William and Mrs. Dyreese Sweeney
Mr. and Mrs. James Thurman
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Triol
Mr. Scott Wagman
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Wallace
Ms. Julie Webster
Mrs. Mary C. Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. Evan Whittle
Mr. Michael T. Zuravel
CASA Donor List
July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012
DIAMOND ($25,000+)
Estate of Meta Osborn
Estate of Pauline Seivert
Bon Secours Health System Inc
PLATINUM ($10,000+)
Community Foundation of
Tampa Bay
Cowles Charitable Trust
First Presbyterian Church
Linda Braun Foundation, Inc.
Pinellas Community Foundation
Pinellas County Sheriff's Office
Raymund Foundation, Inc.
Suzanne and James MacDougald
TJX Foundation, Inc.
Wells Fargo Bank NA
Cody’s Original Roadhouse
Dr. Edward J. and Vivian Lurie
Dyreese and William Sweeney
Garden Crest Presbyterian
Lewis G Schaeneman, Jr.
Foundation Inc.
Nanci and Jack Odom
Publix Super Markets
Charities, Inc.
Rich and Kathy Pegram
Shelia Reilly
Stephen and Helene Abelman
Sunshine Lady Foundation, Inc.
Susan Neustadt
Trudy E. Howe
Van Middlesworth and
Company, P.A.
BRONZE ($2,500+)
AEGON-Transamerica Foundation
Douglas E. Chronister
Francis and Gertrude Levett
Jean M. Krause
Mageras Financial Planning, Inc.
Brent and Susan McLean
Phoenix Venture Philanthropy
Pinellas County Clerk of
Circuit Court
Lynn McLean Pratt
Raymond James Financial Services
Patty and Mark Robinson
Craig and Jan Sher
Coleen Story
TECO Peoples Gas
Westminster Shores
Winn Dixie Stores Foundation
Karen and Mark Marder
Robert and Jean Markley
Elaine and Samuel Martin
Maxey Law Offices PLLC
Myrle W. McClelland
Mediation Managers, Inc.
Medication Technologies Systems
Ms. Molly Foundation
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
National Christian Foundation
CHAMPION ($1,000+)
Nelco of West Of Florida, Inc.
Albright & Associates LLC
Northern Trust Bank of Florida NA
Adams and Reese LLP
Linda Osmundson and
Robert E. Barnum
Maurice Kurtz
Stuart and Helene Berger
Linda Plaster
Bible Fellowship Church
Marilyn and Herbert Polson
C. W. Shaw, Inc.
Professional Bayway Management
Lissette Campos-Perez
Progress Energy Florida, Inc.
Ceridian Benefits Services
Regions Bank
Ward and Barbara Curtis
Drs. Stacey and David Robinson
Donna Daugherty
Rotary Club of Indian Rocks
Susan and Ronald Diner
Beach, Inc.
Eagle Asset Management
Royal Palms Natural Nail Spa
Englander & Fischer, P.A.
Sabal Trust Company
Aila Erman
Sam’s Club Foundation
Everett Financial Consulting
Screwy Louie's Porpoise Pub
Fisher & Sauls P.A.
Anthony Freedman
Shelter Alliance
Girlfriends of Isla Del Sol
John Stross
Windi and Roger Glogowski
Drs. Edwin and Dorothy Sved
Kenneth P. Gould
Talcott Family Foundation
James and Margie Green
The Paralegal Association of Florida
Gregory, Sharer & Stuart, CPAs
Thomas A. & Mary S. James
High Tech Crime Institute, Inc.
Suzanne and Will Horn
Gaelynn and James Thurman
Beth Houghton and Scott Wagman
Wells Fargo Bank NA
Jake and Jeanne Sweeney
Western Reserve Life AEGON USA
Westminster Presbyterian Church
Johnson Controls Blue Sky, Inc.
WFTS-TV Channel 28
Julie Weintraub’s Hands
Mary C. Wheeler
Across the Bay
Whitney National Bank
Sheila L. King
Dolores and A. J. King
Kiwanis Club of St Petersburg, Inc. HERO ($500+)
A Brighter Day Of Pinellas
Kyle Krueger
County, Inc.
Mary E. Kuehn
and Shawn Antonell
Scott Ledesma
Susan and John Arsenault
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
Estate of Mary Louise Bartlett
Employees’ Reaching Out
Bert Boksen
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
Elihu and Carolyn Brayboy
Eric and Judy Ludin
Elizabeth Bunbury
Mainlands Unit 3 Social Club
Donors cont’d
James and Mary Camp
Catalina Marketing Charitable
Joann and John Cunningham
Mark and Christine Dawson
W. Gray Dunlap, Jr.
Astrid and David Ellis
Michael and Sharna Epstein
Fidelity Information Services (FIS)
David Fischer
Mark Flock
Franklin Templeton Investments
Employee Giving Program
GE Aviation Systems LLC
Marlene S. George
Golden Glow Medical Spa
Habitat For Humanity Of
Pinellas County, Inc.
Ann R. Haendel
Hajek CPA's P.A.
Michael and Karen Hajek
Richard J. Hansen
Diane Hinckley
Kathleen and Jeffrey Jones
Karen Julien
Jon and Lori Lynn Kieffer
Patricia Klaskow
John Gee and Katherine
Barbara and Ford Kyes
Kevin A. Lane
Linda and Phillip Lerner
Stanley McKenzie
Todd D. Miller
Susan and Markus Mittermayr
Nancy and Raymond Murray
Jeffry Olseth
Proskauer Rose LLP
Kathy and John Ralph
Dr. Barbara Ray
Raymond James & Associates,
Inc., Equity Syndicate
Reingruber & Company
Jean Riccio
Natasha Schnitker
Marshall and Lea Seiden
Covington and Janice Sharp
Dr. and Mrs. Mandel Sher
Brenda and Earl Smith
Marlene Springer
Brian and Kimberly Straube
Symphony Salvage LLC
TD Bank
Rabbi Michael Torop
M. Burrage and Mary Lou Warner
Warrick Dunn Charities, Inc.
Womens Half Marathon LLC
Jane Burris
Sandra and Thomas Abbott
Action Coach Pinellas
Aetna Foundation
AKA Sorority Inc., Youth
Development Foundation, Inc.
Allstate Giving Campaign 15%
Alpha Chi Omega-Delta Sigma
Delta Chapter
Elizabeth Baldwin
Lyn Ballinger
Steven and Andrea Baum
Betty B. Benson
Arlene and Stanley Berger
Drs. Peter and Susan Betzer
Myron Blackmon
Dr. Cheryl M. Burbano
Sherri R. Burke
Joann Carbone
Center for Conscious
Living Church
Checkpoint Technologies, Inc.
Clearwater Traveling Turtles Club
Scott and Karen Clendening
Sally and Douglas Collins
Lori Collins
Donald Culpepper
Amy E. Cuykendall, Esq.
V. James and Diana Dickson
Kerri Dienhart
Diva Angels
Carol and Gary Dziubek
David and Josefa Eaton
ELWCC Women’s Golf
Executive Reporting Services, Inc.
Helen H. Feinberg
Thomas and Jeannie Findlay
Florence E. Molella Living Trust
Ben and Ruth Friedlander
Joan and David Fyvolent
Melissa Gallagher
Stephen and Jennifer Geis
Maryetta Geyer
Gloria L. Robinson Friendship
Barbara Gochnouer
Linda and Jack Goldfarb
Marcus and Jennifer Greene
Amy L. Harcar
Health & Wellness Network
Carolyn L. Hicks
Hodan Psychological Services
Honeywell Hometown Solutions
William and Hazel Hough
Barbara and Walter Inman
Camille Iurillo
Java Chi LLC
Pamela and Walter Johnson
Larry Jones
James Josephson
Dawn Lewellyn
Cathy Littlejohn
Wendy Loomas
Barbara and Jay Marshall
Bonnie Marshall
James and Nicole McCormick
Nicholas R. McDevitt
James and Deborah McGinty
Jay and Jan Miller
Mark Moore
Jessica G. Morales
Bridget Morello
Carl and Carol Ann Mostellar
Palm Lake Christian Church
Betty Pearson
Phi Epsilon Mu, The Central
Florida Chapter of Tri-Ess
Pinecrest Place
Pinellas Habitat for Humanity
Professional Women in
Health Care
Raymond James Employee
Charity Fund
Gladys L. Rock
Kimberly Rodgers, Esq.
Arlene F. Rothman
Anna and Julio Sandoval
Mark and Susan Santos
Isabel and William Schoenberg
Robert Sendio
Lucille M. Sheehan
Diane Shields
Todd and Nancy Simmons
William D. Slicker, Esq.
Christopher and Vicki Smaridge
Brenda Smith
Sally and William Snyder
Soroptimist Int'l Holiday Isle
St Petersburg College Police Academy
Joseph and Barbara Sterensis
The Daughters of Zion
The Don and Diane Fund of The
Erie Community Foundation
The Lewin Group, Inc.
Donors cont’d
The Michael G. Cousin
The Nielsen Company
Ruth F. Thurman
Loyd Tomlinson
Vitaline, Inc.
Betty C. Watson
Julie Webster
Yacht Club Estates Civic
DIPLOMAT ($100+)
Paul and Suzanne Cushman
A.O.R.N of The Gulf Coast
of Florida
Florije Ademovski
Gerald P. Ademy
Mary Wyatt Allen
Allstate Giving Campaign
Steve and Sue Althoff
Janis Altner
Stephenson and Kathryn
Shirley and Vern Andrews
Kathleen and Ray Arsenault
Marvin and Lois Atkins
Linda Auer
Alma Ayala
Barbara A. Baccari
Bank of America,
United Way Campaign
Jesse and Lenore Barton
Lynell M. Bell
David B. Bennett
Mary Berglund
Trudy and Ethan Bixby
Bill Blough
David and Nancy Blount
Kwame and Lydia Boakye
John Boardman
Juliene M. Bollaert
Douglas Bonar and Deborah
Susan and Thomas Bonin
Sharon Boulter
Clarissa Bradfield
Felicia Bradley
Ronald Brazeau
Rodney and Gail Brazzell
Jo Brower
Carol and Frank Brown
Victoria P. Brown
Alan and D.J. Brown
Celeste and Wayne Brozovich
Steven Burton
Michael R. Van Butsel
Lorraine B. Calleja
Dr. and Mrs. H. Charles Campbell
Dino Cappelli
CARA Sunday Night League
John Carlson
Carlton Fields, Attorneys at Law
Rev. Scotty F. and Jane Cassidy
Richard P. Caton
Dawn K. Cecil
CertainTeed Employees
Thomas and Indera Chandler
Lisa Charest
Carol T. Cheezem
James S. Chesnut
Steven and Edyta Chylinski
Theresa and Robert Clark
Linda W. Clark
Megan and Corry Clinton
Nancy and Myron Cohn
Dr. Berwin A. and Betty Cole
Congregation B’nai Israel
Katherine Connor-Dubina and
Mark Dubina
James and Emily Connors
Bruce and Sharon Cook
Melanie Cordier
Kathryn J. Cordier
Cosmetic Medicine
Enterprises, Inc.
Kathy and Daniel Couillard
Court St John Vianney #1944
Catholic Daughters of The
Edmund and Sheila Cowart
Michelle Crider
Jean Crommelin
Marion J. Cuykendall
Deborah Daigle
Robert M. Daniel, Jr.
Judith and Joseph Darweesh
Cheryl Davis
Anne Dawson
Janette G. Dean
Mr. Malcolm Deeley
Karen DeMilt
Patricia and Frank Deschepper
Joyce and Bobby Dollar
Domestic Abuse Intervention
Ann M. Donnelly
Julie Donovan
Teresa Downey
Jessica Downs
Jillian D. Doyle
Maria Drew
Duke’s Island Grill
Kimberly Early
Thomas A. Eckman
Jane and David Egbert
Jacquelyn and James Emaus
Sonya G Endicott
Engineering Matrix
Dr. Bobby L. Escoe, P.A.
Rebecca Falkenberry
Kristina Feher
Lois Ference
Debbie and Dale Fineran
First Church Of Christ Scientist
Fit for Life
David A. Fitz
Matthew Florell
Florida RV Net LLC,
Motorhome Rentals
Harvey and Kathleen Ford
Ms. Winifred Foster
Fr. Lopez Columbiettes #5737
Melanie Freeman
Matthew and Anne Reilly Frey
Steven A. Gallo
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Garritano
Cathy and Stephen Gayon
Mary-Lou George
Amanda Gerttula
GFWC St Petersburg Junior
Woman’s Club
James and Emily Gillespie
Donald and Lynda Glassman
Karen Goforth
Matt Gough
Kathlynn and Marvin Grant
Wendy S. Grassi
Lisa A. Grattan
Eileen Grove
Gulfport Merchants Association
Dr. Fred and Emily Gurtman
Alex and Gelisa Hagan
William R. and Nancy L. Hamilton
Joseph and Susan Harcar
Sharon Harris
Deborah Harris
Chris and Rachel Hatcher
Rosalind and James Heenan
Quinn and Manda Henderson
Mary Herman
Camille Herndon
Edwin Hightower
Meredith Hoffman
Ira Hoffman
Greg Holden
Mary Beth and Alan Horner
Paul Horowitz
Joanie and David Hosick
Donors cont’d
Frances and David Huey
Kristen and Daniel Hundley
Jean and Robert Hunter
Diane and Edwin Hussemann
Vicki Hyatt and Matthew Solan
Anne O’Dell and Ernest Hyslop
J. Emory Wood PA
Karilyn and Walter Jaap
Penny Jackson
Andrew S. Jacobsen
Jazzercise West St Pete
J.M.H. Partners LLP
Davida C. Johns
Jay S. Johnson
Chad Johnson
Judith Jourdan
Christine and Norman Joyal
Mark and Diane Kamleiter
Keystone Tile & Marble, Inc.
Donna L. King
Kirkland, Russ, Murphy & Tapp
William and Zola Kollock
Susan Konczal
Darlene Konz
Jeanne E. Koopman
Patrick and Deborah Kraujalis
Barbara H. Kurtz
Eric Lacker
Joyce LaFray
Felicity and Robert Lago
Rya Lauber
Nikola Legetic
Carol M. Leininger
John and Candy Lenderman
Katherine Lenel
Lynn and Thomas Lenihan
George and Deborah Lewis
Mimi Lima
Martha L. Lockhart
Dorothy Loeb
Janet and Richard Long
Rose E. Lucarell
Maryellen Lucas
Dr. Linda E. Lucas
Toni Lydecker
Judith Lynd
Michelle A. Lynn
Patsy MacLean
Cheryl and Mark MacNeill
Ellen Madden
D. Carlen and Martha Maddux
Marguerite F. Mahoney
Mainlands Woman's Club, Unit 3
Mary Maloof and Edward Maloof
Preston Manning
Marian H. McGrath, P.A.
John-Paul Mario
Kimberly Marshall
Rosalind Martin
Jasmin Matamoros
Bruce Mattern
Brittany Maxey-Fisher
Alfred T. May
Christina Mayer
Katherine and Donald McAlavy
Barbara McCall
Todd McCallister
Gene McDonald
Sherrie McGill
Michelle E. McGuire
Ann Drake McMullen
Ann and Allen McMullen
Kahtleen McPherson
Amanda Meadows
Christine Melecci
Brenda Mettetal
Walter E. Miller
Ronald and Sheila Miller
Howard and Janell Miller
Irwin and Sonya Miller
James M. Milne
Janice Montgomery
Burton Mulford
Fr. John W. Mullet
Elizabeth and Frank Murphy
Michael A. Murphy
Scott E. Murphy
Kathy Neumann
New Hope Missionary
Baptist Church
Sue Nichols
David Nichols
James H. Nichols
Sarah and Stephen Nohlgren
Shawn Northrup
Wayne and Linda Nundy
Dianne O'Brien
Rosarie O'Rourke
Kathy A. Ott
Cindy Parks
Elizabeth Pelletier
Linda Perrigoue
Dr. J. Wayne and Bridget Phillips
Pamela Pickard
Anthony and Betty Louise Pieper
Richard and Virginia Poffenberger
Joell Pollio
Ponce DeLeon Neighborhood
Jacqueline and James Price
Progress Energy Matching Gift
Scott Prosan
George Raffa
David Rahman
Omar Rahman
Edward and Kathryn Rawson
Janet M. Raymond
Darden Rice
Maria Riddle
Julie Robillard
Elizabeth Rogers
Carleda Ross
Richard and Diane Rossi
Willi Rudowsky and Hal Freedman
Patrick D. Ruta
Melissa Rutland
Christine W. Sabo
Shirley and General Leon Salomon
Pauline Salzman
Danielle Schaffer and
Frederick Bell
Gerard and Debby Schmid
Cynthia and David Schroeder
Joseph and Dorothy Schrage
James D. Sewell, Ph.D.
Nancy and Robert Shannon
Sydni Ann Shollenberger
Mary L. Shuh
Eric Siegel
Mary and Gary Sirmons
Karen and Benjamin Skinner
Robert Smith
Byron C. Smith, CPA
Diane and Michael Spinelli
St Pete Mad Dogs Triathlon Club
Tom Stanney
Thomas V. Steck
Kristin Steinfeld
Cynthia A. Stokes
Honorable Irene H. Sullivan
Andree Sunnerville
Tampa Bay Imprints, Inc.
Tampa Consistory No 1, AASR
Taylor Park Disc Golf Club
Joan Tellefsen
Melanie Thoenes
Stacey S. Thomas
Kenneth E. Thornton
Victoria K. Tolmie
Barry Torman
William Tourtelot
Salvatore Tramontano
Tru Essence Party & Event Planning
Merri K. Tully and Helen D. Levine
United for Christ Freewill Baptist
Church of Gulfport, FL
Donors cont’d
Dr. Ambrose and Ramona
Debbie and Dane Urie
John Vasko
Venue Theatre Collective
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Wallace
Marlene Ware
Miriam and Cameron Warwick
Scott and Lynda Webb
Julie Weintraub
Linda Weldon
Thomas and Diane Wellner
Noel Wells
Sidney and Phyllis Werner
Alexandria and Marc White
Brian V. Wilder
Lena L. Wilfalk
Eric and Jennifer Wilwant
Wine Madonna LLC
Beth and Joel Wonicker-Cook
Dr. Andrea Woods
Cecilia Yocum
Nance and Brian Young
Dr. Lane D. and Theresa M.
FRIEND ($25+)
A Guiding Light, Inc. dba
and Financial Planning Svcs.
A. Pagano Design, Inc.
Robin Allen
Debra Allen
Richard and Lee Althoff
Shahra Anderson
Sue M. Anderson
Ted Andresen
Answered Prayers Cross, Inc.
D. Michael Arendall
Helen Aruffo
Brian Atkins
Vicki Ayers
G. L. Badgley
Eleanor Bakalar
Mike Baldwin
Jane E. Bambace
Carol and Van Barnes
Gillian Barnes
Barnett, Wolfe, Rice &
Dabule, P.A.
Erin Barnett
Laura Barnett
Shelia Barry-Oliver
Brian Battaglia
Battaglia,Ross,Dicus & Wein
Pat Baznik
Phillip J. and Lea A. Beahn
Benjamin's Studios LLC
Sharon J. Benson
Robert Bernadino
Bill Beverly
Alice B. Billhimer
Jack Bissett
Gary L. Bogart
Michelle Boley
Robert Boos
Fred and Virginia Borgianini
Leslie Bouwman
Kevin T. Bowie
Elizabeth Bradley
Allan and Pamela Bradley
Keith A. Brady, M.D.
Carly Brand
Warren and Mirdza Breece
Kevin Brennan
Lisa and William Brown
Carolyn J. Brown
Margaret Brown
Susan Bruno
Patricia and Russell Buker
Collette Burgess
A. Mae Butler
Buttons Bangles & Beads
Helen and Arthur Camp
Lisa D. Campbell
Marjorie Carney
Barbara Carrington
Carrollwood Village
Counseling Associates
Sharon and Daniel Carron
Virginia Casanova
Jennifer Casanta
Frank and Dianne Casorio
Andrew Casper
Dianne and Mark Caton
Dawn Champ
Mooshi Chapel
Jacqueline M. Chapman
Doris Christman
Lynn and John Cissna
Clerk’s Office and Judicial Staff,
St. Pete Judicial Building
Renet Dennard Cole
Barbara and Nicholas Collins
Cassandra Collins
Laurel Comveau
Olivia Condon
Quincy Connolly
Christopher T. Cook
Helen Corona
Temple Corson
Ann Coryn
Tina M. Costa
Adam Curtis
Katherine E. Dadisman
Robert Daly, Jr.
Ronald and Pamela Damico
Charles Daye
Pamela Deemer
Evelyn Delgado
Jaeda DeWalt
Dolores Diamond
Daryl and Dale Didio
Chris Donnantuoni
Patsy Dow
Denise Dowling
Sylvia E. Doyle
Norma and Edward Dunn
Carl and Patricia Dygon
Philip Eastridge
Eckerd College
Donna M. Edwards
Carol and Michael Einstein
Elizabeth R. Elbert
Kathleen and Richard Ellis
Linda Ellis, L.M.T.
Kathryn J. Elston
Virginia G. England, CPA
Stacy Etchison
Penny Everhart
Andrew and M. Jayne Fafard
Faith Covenant Church
Tracy J. Ferring
Jaime Fiacco
Mary Fielder
Ronald L. Fields
Shirley Fleischhauer
Marcia Foster
G. and J. Custom Interiors
Dolores and Joseph Galvin
Laura Gamble
Jenifer and Gerardo Garcia
Marcelo and Paula Garcia
Gardening South, Inc.
Madonna Garrison
Sonia J. Geiger
Frank and Jeannette Giannotti
Mark Ginocchio
Carolyn Goodwin
Rebecca Graham
Amy M. Grashel
Francis and Angel Graziano
Greater Horizons Charity
Giving Card Fund
Arthur Greaver
Florence A. Guimond
Gulf Beach Lodge #291 F&AM
Gulfport Neighborhood
Donors cont’d
Gulfport Women's Club
Kimberly Gustafson
Barbara Haining
Mollie F. Halden
Mary B. Hale
Patricia and D. Eric Hamblen
Rachel and G. A. Hamilton
Evelyn and William Hamilton
Jeff Hamlin
Barbara and James Hand
Carol Harding
Cynthia Hardwick
Jane L. Harper
Rosemarie Harris
Margaret V. Harris
Patricia Harris
Miriam Hattori
Kiyoshi and Miriam Hattori
Amy Hawthorne
Eloise Hayes
Stephen R. Haynes
Jane L. Helinger
John and Christine Helinger
Bianca Hernandez
Helen Herrell
Rachel Hibbard
Peggy Higgins
Deborah J. Hill
Melinda Hodges
Vicki Honoski
Gabriella Horowitz
Susan Hotho
James A. Howell
Chris Huber
Timothy Hudson
Kyleen Hudson
Linda Humphers
Sheryl and Gabriel Hunter
Independent Financial
Services, Inc.
John Ingrassia
Insphere Insurance Solutions
Insurance Resources LLC
IT Interiors LLC
It’s Our Nature, Inc.
Monique Jackson
Verinda and Kenneth Jackson
Earl and Janet Jacob
Michelle Jervis
Gail A. Jewiss
John E. Tuthill, Attorney At Law
Marcia Johnson
Christina Johnson
Stephen Jones
Mark Jones
Norman E. Jones, II
Victoria Jourdenais
Stewart Kaplan
AnneMarie Keith
Kerry and Robert Kelly
James and Norma Kennedy
Allison J. Kibler
Camilla D. Kilgroe
Beverly Kist and Dean Sargeant
Elizabeth and William Knowles
Stephanie Z. Kosel
Linda Kuehnle
Cathy Kuhl
Emilie Kuperman
Catherine and John Kurant
Ford and Barbara Kyes
Mary E. K. Ladwig
Lakewood United Methodist
Robert M. Laman
Kimberly M. Lamb
Sue and Charles Langdon
Tomekia Lanier-Williams
Audrey Lanton
Suzanne R. Laurencell
Law Office of James R.
Kennedy, Jr.
Law Offices of Tara J. Scott P.A.
Annelore Lawrence
J. Mark Lawson
Sharon L. Lawson
Susan Lawton
Janet Ledford
Michael D. Lester
Frances Levy
Abbie Lewin
Susan Lewis
Harriett Lieberman
Gary Littrell
Agnes Llorens
Anna Lonas
Anne M. Long
Milica Lytell
Sandra G. Lyth
Kari C. Mainelli
Geoffrey Mann
Marci J. Anderson, PA
Sandy Marcoux
Diane Marino
Mary Marshall
James C. Marsh
Susan Martin
J R. McAnn
Kari McCamant
Virginia McCarthy
Jennifer R. McClintic
Joan W. McCreary
Renee M. McCurtain-Elliot
Steven and Brenda McElroy
Angelic McGarrity-Davis
J. McIngles
Kristen McKeague
Marilyn and John McKeague
Megan McKeague
Sylvia McKinney
Sister Mary McNally
Paul and Rita McPhee
Medicaid Planning and Filing
Shira Megerman
Mattan Melamed
Meliaroma, Inc. dba Solace Salon
& Spa
Dominique B. Mellow
Jeffrey and Jodie Miller
Carol and Barry Mishall
Mary Jo Mohalski
Sherry Moonen and Billy J. Connell
Robert Moore
Patricia and Billy Moreau
Lawrence and Debra Morrison
Carl and B.E. Moseley
Steve J. Moseley
Derek Moyer
Agnes Muhongerwa
Dorothy Myles
Valerie W. Napoli
National Research LLC
C. M. Nee
Kristy Neuenschwander
Jennifer R. Newsom
Robert and Shirley Newsom
John and Michelle Nicely
Donna Nixon
Col. and Mrs. Richard A.
Nonprofit Financial Management
Solutions, Inc.
Noordstar Enterprises II, Inc. dba
Tropical Smoothie Cafe
Northern Trust Company
Charitable Trust
Robert and Beverly Noun
Kristine Nowland
Thomas O’Connell
Ryan O’Connor
Kristi O’Connor
Candace M. Odierna
Erik Oij
Sharon J. Oliver
David J. Otto
Sheila Padgett-White
Kathleen W. Pagan
Gifts in Kind cont’d
Georgette Panagotacos
S. Parisi
Leah and Gary Lee Parks
Pass-A-Grille Community
Association, Inc.
Patrice Lewis-Street dba Tracy's
Kathy and Anthony Perna
Linda Perry
Beth A. Pettey
Michelle Phillips
Brittany Pierce
Charlotte Pileggi
JoAnn Pillar
Brad Pilot
Russell and Margaret Ploesser
T.J. Pompey
Donna Porter
Fiona Potter
Stephen Price
Carol R. Price
Dana Prieto
Barbara Proia
David and Linda Punzak
Cary Putrino
Puzzler Publications
Jeffrey E Raheb D.C. LLC dba
Raheb Family Chiropractic
Thomas and Angela Ramsberger
Diana R. Rankin
Connie Ratcliffe
Theresa J. Ray
David and Susan Ray
Nicholas Rea
Vicky and John Reed
Michael and Patricia Reed
Regency Dry Cleaners
Donald and Mary Remick
Dianne Reynolds
Kay D. Rhoades
Diane Richardson
Richmond Flowers
David Rife
Pamela Ripplinger
Russell and Sarah Rittenour
Caron J. Rivera
Margaret Roberts
Dr. James A. and Linda Roberts
Robert’s Red Hats
Katrina Roche
Gloria and John Rogers
Steven A. Romanoff
Gerard and Elizabeth Ruane
Joy and Robert Rudnicki
Carol Russell
Nancy E. Rutland, Esq.
Rev. John S. and Marjorie Rybka
Elizabeth and Ronald Salamone
Dann and Joan Sapp
Sarah M. Chaves, Attorney At Law
Tressa and J. Robert Saron
SB Recommend
Pamela Scalise
Julia and Richard Scanlon
Michele Schultz
Kima and Raymond Scott
Samuel Segal
Anne Shaughnessy
Shaybali LLC
Jessica and David Shellard
Robert and Pamela Sherman
Frank and Joan Shideler
Walter B. Shurden PL
Leopold and Ann Sicilia
Murray Silverstein
Denise Simmons
Robert Singer
Mary Beth Singh
Olivia Sloan
Emily Smith
Ms. Martha Smith, R.N.
Lisa Smith-Butler
Victoria Smith
Patricia A. Snyder
Mark and Debbie Sokolov
South Pinellas County Retired
Educators Association
Donn and Norma Spegal
St. Alban’s Episcopal Church
St. Pete Bike and Fitness
Dolores Stabile
J. T. Stacey
State Farm Insurance
Sharon and Kurt Steinmann
Abigail Sterensis
Bo Brault Stith
Dr. James D. and Laurie J. Stone
J. Susan Strom
Tiffany Stuart
Daniel Stubbolo
Linda and Joseph Stursberg
Catherine M. Sullivan
Averill Summer
Jane F. Summerson
David and Linda Swindall
Melissa Tapia
Kanithra Teal
Terry and Judy Thompson
James E. Thurman, Jr. C.S.
Suzanne Topping
Philip L. Trezza, Jr.
Ronica Tucker
Keith and Hugh Tulloch
Susan Ugan
United Way of Central Maryland
Upper Pinellas Singles Club
William Van Law
Anthony and Elaine Varrecchione
Kimberly and William Veres
Deborah Vincent
Jane F. Walker
Kip and Celene Wall
Susan and Thomas Wallace
Robin Walsh
Charles Walston
Nancy Walter
Sally Wambold
Marilyn and Michael Ward
Dr. Elizabeth Wardrum
Carolyn J. Warner
Barbara and Lucien Watkins
Charles W. Webster
Lois J. Weissman
Gerald B. Werner
Gayle and Steven Wetherell
Sally and Louis Wheeler
Ruth Whitney, Ph.D.
Elsbeth H. Willenbrock
Reginald Williams
Stephanie and Larry Williams
Dr. Keira Williams
Blake D. Williamson
Kathleen Wirth
Sally Wise
Erin Wolfe
Ellen Woll
Women’s Club of Kenneth
City, Inc.
Women’s Fellowship of Pilgrim
Congregational Church
Guy Woodward
Ann R. Worthington
Elaine Wright
Angela Wright
Tanya Yatsco
Kay D. Yearick
Mary Ann Young
John A. Zander
CASA Thanks
all their
generous donors.
“CASA’s VISION is a community without domestic
violence so that home is a safe place.”
“CASA’s MISSION is to raise our voices
against violence through advocacy,
empowerment and social change”
…because every home should be a safe place!
Community Action Stops Abuse
P.O. Box 414
St. Petersburg, FL 33731
Tel: 727.895.4912 • Fax: 727.821.7101
24 Hour Help Line 727-895-4912

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