What to do in Montreal.



What to do in Montreal.
Five things to visit; see map at the back for locations:
1. Mount Royal Lookout. Simply find your way to the top of the mountain, you will be greatly
rewarded with this grandiose view of Montreal toward the south.
2. St-Joseph oratory
This impressive looking monument is not very far from the conference location and definitely
worth a visit.
3. Old Port of Montreal; Lovely area for a leisurely walk
4. Olympic Stadium; yes - you can get to the top of the tower! Also in the immediate vicinity are
the botanic garden, planetarium and biodome.
5. The Biosphere. This intriguing looking structure hosts a small museum inside run by
Environment Canada.
Some ongoing events:
Montreal Jazz Festival; June 28 - July 7 www.montrealjazzfest.com
Just For Laughs Festival; July 10 - July 28 www.hahaha.com/en
Montreal Complètement Cirque*; July 3 - July 14 www.montrealcompletementcirque.com/en
Loto-Quebec Fireworks; www.internationaldesfeuxloto-quebec.com/en/
Some Food suggestions:
1. Schwartz’ Smoked Meat; Main’s Smoked Meat
Notice the line of tourists at Schwartz’s and lack thereof at Main’s (across the street). Choose
wisely. :)
2. La Banquise Poutine; Generally for poutine, see http://montrealpoutine.com/reviews.html (run
by prof. Bob Rutledge from McGill)
3. Chinatown
Some Beer suggestions:
All of the following have a great selection of their own craft of beer
1. Dieu du Ciel; group outing: Tuesday June 25 - 6PM in front of residences.
2. Benelux
3. Reservoir
Group Activities:
Tuesday June 25, 6PM - Beer tasting @ Brasserie Dieu du Ciel; meet-up in front of residences;
[back-up plan for large attendance: Foufounes Electriques]
Sunday June 30, 2PM (weather permitting) - Picnic at Mount Royal’s Tamtams, meet-up in front
of the statue:
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