PBS – TV Special - Barbara McVicker


PBS – TV Special - Barbara McVicker
PBS – TV Special
Today, 75 million Americans are caring for an elderly parent, many while working full time and caring for their own
family. Barbara McVicker is a leading elder care expert, award winning author, national speaker for some of the largest
organizations, including financial, insurance and healthcare institutions. She draws from her personal experience to be
a source of support and essential information to help the caregiving generation.
For 10 years, she was a caregiver to her parents while raising two children of her own, and struggling to maintain her
career. Since then, Barbara has dedicated her life toward helping the adult child caregiver and their elderly parents to
become better educated and empowered.
Barbara delivers essential content and emotional support in a practical, poignant and powerful manner for overworked,
stressed-out members of the “sandwich generation” — people “sandwiched” between raising children while caring for
elderly parents. Sharing her personal story and caregiving tips, Barbara has:
• Hosted the national Public Television special: Stuck in the Middle: Caring for Mom and Dad
• Authored two books and a workbook about caregiving:
- Stuck in the Middle: Shared Stories and Tips on Caring for Mom and Dad
- Before Things Fall Apart: Preparing to Care for Mom and Dad
- Before Things Fall Apart: The Essential Workbook on Caring for Mom and Dad
• Been featured by national media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, NBC, CNN,
NPR and others.
Based in Columbus, Ohio, with operations in Roanoke, Va., Madison, Wis. and San Francisco, Calif., Barbara is available
for interviews, speaking engagements and media appearances recorded or live upon request.
Enclosed you will find program information, media clips, Barbara’s biography, testimonials, client listings and book
overviews. Barbara can offer your audience, whether they are your employees, clients or colleagues, a lifeline of support.
To schedule an interview with Barbara, call (614) 893-6467 or email [email protected]
Barbara McVicker, eldercare expert, national speaker and author, and host of Stuck in the
Middle, a public television pledge special, knows firsthand the benefits and challenges of
being a caregiver. Widely sought after, Barbara’s commentary is frequently featured by local
and national media organizations including CNN, NPR, NBC, The Wall Street Journal and
USA Today.
For 10 years, Barbara looked after her aging parents while raising two children and struggling
to maintain her career as a high-level development director. She mirrored the typical caregiver
in the United States – mid-forties, married and employed. Overwhelmed and feeling isolated, she
eventually quit her job to care for her parents full time.
It was this decade-long struggle that inspired her to write her first book, Stuck in the Middle:
Shared Stories and Tips for Caregiving Your Elderly Parents. Since then, she has written, Before
Things Fall Apart: Preparing to Care for Mom and Dad and the companion workbook, Before Things
Fall Apart: The Essential Workbook on Caring for Mom and Dad.
As an elder care expert and corporate consultant, she works with healthcare professionals, caregivers,
financial institutions, human resource work-life balance departments, and Fortune 500 companies
such as Anthem, Nationwide Insurance, Ameriprise, Met Life and many more.
Barbara offers emotional support and essential information to adult caregivers through
keynote speeches, lunch and learns, webinars, workshops and corporate training.
She shares key information on caring for elderly parents, addressing the
emotional, financial, medical and housing aspects of caregiving, and
directs employees to resources to balance work and home life.
Her resume includes being a Robert Wood Johnson researcher at
Case Western Reserve Medical School, and more recently raising
millions of dollars for nonprofit organizations such as Habitat
for Humanity. Barbara’s degrees and graduate courses are from
Wittenberg University, University of Vienna (Austria) and Case
Western Reserve University.
In her free time, Barbara is an avid traveler and has visited all
seven continents. She enjoys SCUBA diving and is an aspiring
pilot. She is the mother of two grown children, and resides in
Columbus, Ohio, with her husband Bob.
For more information on Barbara McVicker,
her speaking engagements, books, and DVDs,
please visit www.BarbaraMcVicker.com
Popular Speaking Topics:
Are you looking for an eldercare expert who provides a lifeline to the caregiver? More than 75 million people are “stuck
in the middle” of kids, career, and caring for elderly parents. Barbara McVicker will provide your employees, clients, and
guests with essential information, Eldercare Checklists, and emotional support for the overwhelmed adult child care giver
experiencing caregiver burnout.
In workshops and as a keynote speaker addressing corporations, organizations, and health care institutions, Barbara
delivers the important content that both professionals and caregivers who need to know. Through humor, tears and
inspiring caregiving stories, Barbara gives hope with her passionate advice. With her help, audiences are armed with the
information and tools they need to navigate caregiving and move from crisis to planning.
Barbara’s speeches qualify for CEU’s in most fields. She is also a National Speakers Association trained speaker.
F Caregiver Challenge
F Maneuvering the 10 Speed Bumps of Caregiving
F Family Dynamics: Sibling Headaches
F Long Distance Caregiving
F Rewards of Caregiving
F Cures for the Overwhelmed Caregiver
F Caring for the Caregiver
F The Family Meeting
F Needs Assessment Checklist
Financial Advisors/Attorneys
F 3 Generations Of Preparedness: Planning Across
The Ages
F No Plan + No Action = Conflict
F Crucial Conversations: Communication
F Action Plan: Checklist
F Legacy Matters: Ethical Wills
F 15 Actions to Take When a Crisis Hits
F Financial Burdens: Money Matters
F 6 Douments You and Your Parents Must Have
F Long-Term Life Insurance
F The High cost of Waiting
F Soon or Than Later: Are You Ready?
F Financial and Emotional Burdens of Caregiving
F Nationwide
Health Care Industry
F Hospice and Dying
F Recognizing Alzheimer’s & Other Dementias
F Ways to Age Well
F Life After caregiving: Coping with the Loss
F Mourning: No Correct Way to Grieve
F Questions to Ask a Possible Stroke Victim
F Vascular Events - Stroke and Heart Attack
F Caregivers In the Workforce: Balancing Work
and Care
F HR Departments/Benefits/EAP
F The Overwhelmed Caregiver - Time Management
Service Providers
F 9 Tips for Helping Mom Decide to Move
F Hiring a Care Manager and Other Helpers
F Housing Options
Nationwide Insurance, Ameriprise, The Joseph Group, MetLife, National Association of Insurance and Financial
Advisors (NAIFA), Columbus Financial, International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC),
National Association of Reverse Mortgage Professionals, others.
Health Care:
Carilion Hospitals, Anthem, Sunrise, Westminster Thurber Retirement Center, Trillium, Friendship Village, First
Community Village, First Ohio Health.
Human Resource:
LifeCare, Nationwide Insurance, Society of Human Resource Managers (SHRM), Human Resource Association of
Central Ohio (HRACO).
Area of Aging, The Virginia Governor’s Conference, National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO),
National Association of Business and Professional Women (NABPW), Ohio Academy of Nursing Homes (OANH),
Grove City Chamber of Commerce, Advocate of Not-for-Profit Services for Older Ohioans (AOPHA), Rotary.
Who Hires Her:
Marketing Directors, Financial Advisors, Banks, HR Directors, Association Directors, Health Care Professionals,
Retirement Communities, and In-home Care Providers
Books and DVDs
One day most of us will have to face many hard issues regarding the care of our aging parents. For some, that day comes
gradually. For others, it comes without a moment’s notice. In either case the big question is, “Are you ready?”
Stuck in the Middle: Caring for Mom and Dad (DVD–PBS Special)
In this engaging video, eldercare expert Barbara McVicker speaks on the questions you need to ask, the information you
need to gather, and the signs to watch for as you begin to assume the role of caregiver. Most importantly, she provides
essential information and tools needed to navigate adult care giving and move from crisis to planning.
Stuck in the Middle: Shared Stories and Tips on Caring for Mom and Dad (Book or eBook)
Written for the more than 75 million people in the United States who are caring for their aging parents, Stuck in the
Middle provides emotional support and essential information to caregivers, through poignant stories and useful tips.
Based on interviews with healthcare professionals and real-life caregivers, Stuck in the Middle offers a much-needed
lifeline to stressed-out adults caught between the needs of their families, their careers and their parents.
Before Things Fall Apart: Preparing to Care for Mom and Dad (Book)
Before Things Fall Apart contains all the essential information that you need during this stressful time. Friendly and easyto-understand, Before Things Fall Apart guides you through challenges like talking to your parents, gathering important
documents, assessing Mom and Dad’s capabilities, dealing with doctors and hospitals, holding a family meeting and
more. Whether you are starting in crisis, or beginning in calmness, Before Things Fall Apart can help.
Before Things Fall Apart: The Essential Workbook on Caring for Mom and Dad (Workbook)
Every caregiver needs this workbook. It is loaded with useful checklists and helpful tips. It streamlines caregiving tasks
– organization, assessments, appointments, family meetings, and more.
Media Mentions:
Barbara in the News
Barbara, a sought after elder care expert, provides insight to journalists, writers and bloggers on caregiving issues to
provide resources and insight.
She is often requested to host events or be a keystone speaker for a community, organization and company events.
Featured in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, AARP, CNN, NBC, Fox, NPR and a PBS Special on caregiving,
Barbara discusses the plight of caregiving in America and provides tips for adult children of elderly parents. She shares
key information on resources to help balance work and home life. Media mentions are listed on the following pages.
Print Media Mentions
Radio Media Mentions
“When Siblings Step Up” ~Anne Tergesen; “e Wall Street Journal”
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“A Time to Talk: How to Discuss Care Options with Elderly
Parents” ~Beth Macy; “Roanoke Times”
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~Gabrielle Antononidis; “Wittenberg Magazine”
“Who cares for the caregivers?”
~Jennifer L. Boen; “Fort Wayne News-Sentinel”
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Television Interviews
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