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Just Tell It! - Hoosier Hills Emmaus
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May 2014
“Were not our hearts burning within us…” ~Luke 24:32
Published by the Hoosier Hills Emmaus Community
Just Tell It!
Years ago in VBS when my daughters were very young, we sang a little song called, If You Got
Good News, with a catchy tune (Never mind the grammar!): “If you got good news, tell it brother! If you
got good news, tell it sister! If you got good news, tell it brother! Don't keep it to yourself!" The song
encouraged the kids to share the good news of Jesus Christ with their friends.
That little song still rings true today. Taking the lead from Jesus (Matthew 28:18-20) we too are
to share the Good News with a world that so desperately needs it. It seems daily I am in contact with
people whose lives are in shambles. They just can't seem to get out of the rut. It's one disaster after
another. While they seem to have reasons why their life is this way, and can often point to some person
or event to blame, most of us understand that bad choices are often the real cause. How often have I
listened to their stories and realized that what they really need is to hear and respond to the Good
News? Only with God's help can lives and situations be changed. Sometimes sharing the Good News
means being the hands and feet of Jesus and responding by sharing needed resources and services. We
have good news to share. Don't keep it to yourself!
There is no greater news to share than the Good News of the Gospel: "Amazing grace how
sweet the sound. That saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now I'm found. Was blind but now I
see." There is no greater joy than to help lead a person to Christ. To hear them speak to the joy of
forgiveness, new-found hope and a changed life. I know many of you have been blessed as you shared
your faith. Since we know the joy that Christ can give, how can we help but share it?
There is another joy that many of you reading this have experienced: Your walk. Sponsorship.
Working a walk. As you reflect on the joy of your walk, think of that person you know who would also
be blessed and drawn closer to Christ and the church by attending a walk. Remember, you may be the
one person that friend would say yes to. Pray that God directs you to that relative, friend, or co-worker
whose time has come to experience a walk. God can use you to change a life! The Emmaus experience
is too good not to share. Share the good news!
Alvin McFadden, Community Spiritual Director
On behalf of the Hoosier Hills Emmaus Board, I would like to welcome all our newest pilgrims! As Hoosier Hills Emmaus Community members, you are invited to continue
your Walk to Emmaus experience by participating in future community events. Most of
these were mentioned to you on your walk, so let these ideas serve as reminders to
ways in which you can participate. Whether you’ve been a community member many
years or just a few days, everyone has the opportunity to participate in some way!
 Emmaus Gatherings—With the exception of the summer Gathering, all other Gatherings are held
the 2nd Friday of every odd numbered months. Gatherings begin at 6:30 PM. May and November
Gatherings are pitch-in dinners to welcome all of our newest pilgrims. An announcement will be
made as to location about a month prior to the Gathering, so make sure to watch the website for
that and all other Gathering-related information.
 Send-Offs, Candlelights, Closings—As community members you can participate in future walks
by coming to any or all of these walk weekend events. Usually send-off begins around 7:15 PM Thursday evening. For candlelight, the community gathers at 8:00 PM for a time of worship, fellowship,
and communion, and the pilgrims begin to walk around 9:00 PM. (You can buy your own candle at
the next candlelight for $5.oo.) Finally, closing begins around 5:00 PM Sunday evening.
 Serve on an Emmaus Team—Consider volunteering to be on a future team! You can serve in the
conference room or as a member of the go-for or kitchen team. Every team has a series of meetings
in order to prepare you for the role in which God has selected you to serve.
 Make or Supply Agape for Walks—Express yourself with some “crafty” items that help show
God’s agape love for the pilgrims and team members. Agape gifts do not have to be expensive.
Think back to your walk and what you received that made you special. Maybe God is calling you to
provide an agape gift similar to that!
 Reunion Groups—Reunion groups are an excellent way for pilgrims to hold each other accountable. Find a reunion group to join or start your own! Use the Reunion group card as your group meets.
 Sponsorship—Encourage others to attend a Walk to Emmaus. Help others to learn about God’s
love and ways to serve Him. Before approaching anyone to attend, pray about who it is God is leading you to approach about attending.
 Pray and Write—Sign up to pray on the 72-hour prayer chart. You can also write letters of agape to individual
pilgrims attending the walk.
The Hoosier Hills Emmaus website
(www.hoosierhillsemmaus.com) is an excellent
source of information! If you have any questions
regarding any of these ideas, make sure to consult
the website. You may find your answer there! If
not, feel free to contact one of the board members on the last page of this newsletter.
As part of your fourth day requirements, you should be involved in a Reunion group. Some of
you have just been a pilgrim on the Spring Walks, so now is the time to find just the right Reunion
Group for you! You could also gather friends and/or church members and start your own group. Find a
time, date and place that is convenient for everyone involved. Every reunion group is different and
meets at different times. The important thing to remember is to keep your meetings regular and your
numbers low. Always remember, what happens at Emmaus, stays at Emmaus. Reunion groups are the
same way!
You were all given a Reunion card during your own Walk to Emmaus. Use this card as a guideline to lead your meeting. Start with the Prayer to the Holy Spirit, have a short devotional, try to address a couple of the eight questions on the Reunion card, ask for prayers for those whom you know
are in need of prayers, and close the meeting with prayer. You can have one person lead the meetings
or you can take turns. It is up to the group if you meet with refreshments, dinner, snacks… Maybe going out to breakfast, lunch or dinner a few times a year can improve conversations during your group
time. Getting to know someone in a more casual setting can sometimes break down barriers put up
when you don’t know one another. Making agape for the pilgrims and teams for up-coming walks during your meetings is also another fun activity your Reunion group can do together!
Commit not only to God but to one another. Be regular in your attendance and participation. If
you invite people you know and enjoy being with to join your Reunion group, you will find it easy to attend the meetings. Don’t let just one person do all the talking. Remember, this is your group too. When
you feel like you need it the least, you need it the most! Bring something to share with your group and
enter the meetings ready to be a friend to everyone there. Be serious about what the group represents, living in grace through the practice of piety, study and action. Be accountable to members of
your group for your Christian practice and growth. Always be there for every member of your group to
support them. Be Christ for one another. Try to keep your meetings around an hour in length. If meetings are too long, members will not want to attend. Just remember: the Reunion group you attend, is
your Reunion group!
If you have any questions or would like to start your own Reunion group, please feel free to
contact me and I will do everything I can to help get you started.
Jacque Powers, Reunion Group Chairperson
Do you have items laying around the house no longer being used?
Could one table’s artistic response benefit from your small act of agape?
If you can say “yes” to these two questions, then you should consider donating to the prop boxes! The prop
boxes that our community uses during the weekend for our skits and other artistic responses are in great need
of a makeover! Wigs, bicycle horns, blow-up guitars, dresses or suit jackets no longer being worn, and eyeglasses are all great examples of items that could be added to the prop boxes. What types of items did your table use
when you created your artistic responses? May you could donate an item similar to that.
Bring your new or gently used prop items to any upcoming Gathering! Our quartermasters will see to it that your
items are added to the prop boxes! This is just another form of agape love!
Are you considering or do you have a desire to work an upcoming Emmaus walk?
Great! The HHE Community is always seeking willing members to fulfill that role. But,
whether you’re a veteran or working your very first time, before you fill out that volunteer form you need to honestly answer the following questions listed below.
The Walk to Emmaus is a structured, disciplined experience and because of its lifetransforming potential, Emmaus calls for your very best effort during team meetings
and the Walk weekend. Can you be committed to give your very best? Are you ready to
be a team member?
Are you aware that team fees are $120.00 and are due prior to the start of the walk?
Are you aware that team meetings begin approximately three months prior to the actual walk
Do you know that the team meetings last approximately 5 hours with as much as an additional two
hours travel time and are usually held on Saturday mornings with an 8:00 AM start time?
Are you committed to attending an average of 5 team meetings and participating in all the team
activities, include providing food for the meeting, actively participating in an assigned prayer
group, previewing talks, being prayer support of speakers and providing daily prayer support between meetings through the use of a prayer calendar?
If asked, are you willing to give one of the talks?
Are you fully committed to the time requirements of the weekend, which may include taking time
off from work or your family? You may be required to arrive at the campground as early as 1:00 PM
Thursday and stay as late as 7:00 PM Sunday.
Are you aware that your sleeping arrangements may not be quite as inviting as they were when
you were a pilgrim?
Are you aware that you may be sleep deprived during the weekend as time for sleep is determined
greatly by your role during the weekend?
Are you aware that you’ll be asked to attend (especially conference room workers) an informal 4th
Day meeting usually held at the Gathering immediately following the Walk to share information
concerning the Walk (what went right, what went wrong and suggestions for improvement)?
(Continued on Next Page)
Team member discipline is critical to the success of an Emmaus weekend. It calls for
obedience to the process, procedures, dynamics and the spirit of the Walk to Emmaus.
It goes far beyond the adherence to the schedule and calls for each team member to
firmly commit themselves to the higher purpose of the entire weekend.
Team members need to realize that their role is not to relive their Emmaus weekend but
to serve the Pilgrims with a servant’s heart. As the team cannon states:
“It’s not about me!”
We don’t want to discourage anyone from serving, but a member of an Emmaus Team
must have a servant’s heart. Being a team member is a very humbling, rewarding and
spiritually uplifting experience. The Board strongly encourages every member of the
Hoosier Hills Emmaus Community to serve on an Emmaus Team.
Dave Arnold, Training Chairperson
SOULfeast is The Upper Room’s spiritual formation event for children, youth, and
adults who seek deepening spirituality across a spectrum of experiences that nourish
the soul. Many training sessions are being offered! Descriptions of the sessions, as well
as other sessions and a schedule, can be found online. Registration is also available
Visit http://soulfeast.upperroom.org/ to register and read more about the event!
(Early bird registration ends June 1!)
Men's Walk 95 was the weekend of April 10 through April 14. While the number
of pilgrims was a bit lower than usual the enthusiasm and praise was not. We could
feel the Holy Spirit working in all our lives. The pilgrims started right out from the beginning praising God in a mighty way. Some of the men gave up baggage that they
had been carrying around for years. At the closing every man came to the microphone to tell how their life had been changed just from this one weekend. All in all,
I believe this was a Holy Spirit filled, God praising weekend.
Darrel Fleener
As St. Teresa of Avila so beautifully wrote, “Christ has no body on earth but
ours, no hands but ours, no feet but ours..” and HHE Walk 96 was proof that God is
alive and lives at camp Indi-Co-So!
God gifted us with beautiful weather which allowed everyone to fully enjoy the
campgrounds through walks and outdoor activities. The pilgrims grew in their love for
Christ and team members were authentic examples of humility and servitude.
God was truly the leader this weekend and his presence was felt throughout
the campground. It was a most blessed experience for me and an honor to serve as
Lay Director for HHE Walk 96. To God be the glory!
Your Sister in Christ,
Bonnie Arnold
Community Gathering
Friday, May 9 @ 6:30 PM
Sherwood Oaks Christian Church
2700 East Rogers Road,
Contact: Rita Klingelhoffer (812) 369-8099
Who? Emmaus and Chrysalis alumni, family, friends, and potential
pilgrims. This is the first gathering after the recent walks, so recent
sponsors are encouraged to bring their pilgrims!
What do we bring? Bring a covered dish for the pitch-in dinner.
Please wear name tags but NOT crosses.
From Hwy 37 turn east on W. Tapp Road (1st intersection south of
Hwy 45). Proceed 2 miles to Walnut Street where W. Tapp Road
becomes E. Winslow Road. Continue 1.2 miles to next roundabout
Dave Arnold, Training Chairperson for the Hoosier Hills Emmaus Board, will be presenting a special session to all community members and attendees. Learn some historical facts
about the HHE Community and why quality sponsorship is
JOB NUMBER ONE for a healthy and vibrant community.
Men’s Walk # 97
September 11-14, 2014
Lay Director: Phil Padgett
Women’s Walk # 98
September 18-21, 2014
Lay Director: Julie Parmenter
Girls’ Chrysalis Flight #33, Journey #27
October 31 - November 2, 2014
Lay Director: Joanna Anderson
Boys’ Chrysalis Flight #34, Journey #28
November 7-9, 2014
Lay Director: Lucas Klipsch
Girls’ Chrysalis Flight #34, Journey #28
April 9-12, 2015
Men’s Walk # 99
April 16-19, 2015
Women’s Walk # 100
April 23-26, 2015
Save these dates and come to the gatherings! They’re always a
great time filled with fellowship, worship, and of course, food!
We’ll announce locations for each gathering as the dates
May 9—Sherwood Oarks
August 8/9 (TBD)
October 10
November 14 (Sponsored by Chrysalis)
Make sure to visit our website for all the latest
news and information! You can also find all the
application forms to print and download!
To find out more about the Walk to Emmaus, to
keep up-to-date on Emmaus events throughout
the world, or to shop their bookstore, visit the
Upper Room’s website.
Aaron Johnson
[email protected]
Dave Arnold
Training/Team Selection
[email protected]
Mark Cary
Team Selection
[email protected]
Janice Pickens
[email protected]
Laurie Eynon
Community Events/Chrysalis Liaison
[email protected]
Rita Klingelhoffer
Agape/Asst. Quartermaster
[email protected]
Cheryl Snooks
[email protected]
Roger Herrington
Facilities/Team Selection
[email protected]
Kimberly Porter
[email protected]
Travis Wease
Community Lay Director/
[email protected]
Jacque Powers
Reunion Groups/Team Selection
[email protected]
Bill “Catfish” Wilson
Asst. Facilities
[email protected]
Alvin McFadden
Community Spiritual Director
[email protected]
Evie Stuard
Clergy/Team Selection
[email protected]
Diane Wells
Clergy/Community Events
[email protected]
Dave & Nancy Trammell
Registrars/Community Data
[email protected]
Jason King
Chrysalis Community Lay Director
[email protected]

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