A Light Shining - Ashland Area Emmaus Community


A Light Shining - Ashland Area Emmaus Community
A Light Shining
News from the Ashland Area Emmaus Community
May 2012
A Note from the Community Lay Director
Time to Bloom
May Schedule
May Gathering
May 18
6:30 – Potluck dinner in
Fellowship Hall of church
7:30 – Worship in Sanctuary
Fourth Day Speaker
Melanie Herr
Dessert follows worship as
we return to the
Fellowship Hall.
Gatherings are open to any
guests you would like to
bring with you.
Childcare for children in
elementary school and
younger is provided for all
Community events,
including Gatherings
June Schedule
June Gathering will be on
June 15th
First of all, I want to praise God for the continuous outpouring of love and
the success of the Spring Emmaus Men’s Walk #29 and Women’s Walk
#35. Second, I want to express my gratitude to everyone who made these
walks a priority in their lives and gave of their time, talents, and spirit to
participate behind the scenes during these walks. Once again thanks to all
of the team members for their commitment to serving on these walks and
preparing for the Pilgrims to experience God in a special way. More
importantly, thank you to the Pilgrims who decided to accept the
invitation and participate during these 72 hours of leaving the world
behind and taking this time to enrich his/her relationship with God.
Once again, I want to welcome our newest members to the Ashland Area
Emmaus Community. You now have a larger circle of Christian brothers
and sisters.
On Tuesday evening approximately 50 of us gathered in Fellowship Hall
for Afterglow. Our newest members had an opportunity to share with the
community about their Fourth Days. What they shared is best described
in Luke 24:15: “While they were talking and discussing, Jesus himself
came near and walked with them.”
During the Walk to Emmaus, we learned about being a servant. The goal
of the Walk to Emmaus process cannot be attained in the 72 hours of the
weekend but it is completed in the Fourth Day. Now is the time to put this
to practice.
It is time for each of us to become the hands and feet of Christ in our
Emmaus Community and local church. I would encourage you to become
involved in the following areas:
 Join or start a Reunion Group as quickly as you can
 Attend the monthly Gatherings
 Sign up on the Emmaus Prayer Vigil to pray for other Emmaus
 Complete the Participation Sheet
 Sign up for upcoming events
 Bible Study
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Prayer Partner
Talk to your clergy to see what
opportunities are available for you to serve.
Take time to make Emmaus a priority and share
with others the enthusiasm you experienced on
your Emmaus Walk. I am looking forward to
serving with you!!
Donna Barber
Community Lay Director
Welcome to the Pilgrims
of the two spring walks!
Men’s Walk #29
Damola Asafa
Joshua Blevins
Bill Crabtree
Shane Craig
Bill Crank
Stu Gore
Dana Howard
John Hysell
John Long
Robert Newman
Dean Palmer
Ronald Spence
New to the Community?
Are you ready to get involved in the ministry of
the Ashland Area Emmaus Community? Here
are some ideas:
1. Join or start a reunion group. Reunion
groups will help you to stay connected to
God and to persevere.
2. Come to the Gatherings. These get
together are held on the third Fridays of
each month.
3. Read your newsletter – Hey! You are
already doing that one! The newsletter
is published once a month and is a great
way to stay connected to the
4. Make some agape. Looking for some
ideas? Google “Emmaus Agape” for lots
of ideas. Our community needs 55
pieces of each type of agape for a walk.
5. Pray about how God wants you to get
Women’s Walk #35
Kamilah Asafa
Pamela Clark
Christi Claxon
Bria Corriell
Megan Craig
Hollie Crank
Vanessa Dheel
Darris Duncan
Diane Feaganes
Laci Hart
Fox Hunt
Laura Justice
Robin Murdock
Miranda Opell
Lorene Palmer
Lisa Pruit
Jessica Schoppe
Natasha Sommer-Smith
Maya Unrue
Prayer Concerns
Offered by
Cindy Barker
Jerry & Bridge
JM Emmaus Friends
AAEC Community
Person (s)
Dreama Pritt
Mary Kathryn Motley
Father passed away in April
Diagnosed with bone cancer
Devon Wray and
Preschooler who had surgery this week
Spring Men’s and Women’s walks – team and pilgrims
Emmaus Agape Ideas
(from North Indiana)
Prayer for Walks
Have you considered sharing the gift of prayer with
other communities? You can go to
www.3dayol.org and look around. Walks all around
the world are open for prayer. Think how much a
pilgrim in New Zealand would experience the love
of God to know that someone half-way around the
world is praying for his or her walk experience.
Dates for Fall Walks
Men’s Walk #30 – October 11 - 14
Women’s Walk #36 – October 25 – 29
It’s not too soon to start thinking about who God
is calling you to invite to attend a walk.
The walk applications are located on the web at
Band aid on card: "Christ heals all."
Small jars or pots made from Play Dough and
hardened. "Put yourself in the potter's hands."
3. Finger traps: "Submit to Christ and be free."
You may want to explain on the card that the
finger trap will hold you as long as you struggle
and pull.
4. Hand held fans: cut a large heart from card
stock or other paper and tape this to a pencil.
Print on heart before cutting and taping: "Join
the Jesus fan club."
5. Golf tees taped to a card: "Jesus will always fit
your needs to a tee!"
6. Airhead candy: "Don't be an airhead! Listen to
7. Kool Aid packages: "Let Jesus be the cool aid
in your life."
8. Hershey kiss(es) on a card: "A good night kiss
for you. Sleep in peace as God watches over
you" or "An honest answer is like a kiss on the
lips." Proverbs 24:26 or with 2 kisses "Angel
9. A mint taped to a card: "Jesus is 'mint' for you."
10. Small piece of sponge attached to a card:
"Soak up God's love."
Lawn Crosses $5.00
12"x24" all-weather
[email protected]
No shipping fee if delivered
to the next Gathering!
(Paid Advertisement)
Online tools
To download a registration form for an Emmaus
Walk, go to www.ashlandemmaus.com
To sign up for the prayer vigil, go to
To send a prayer request out to the Community,
email it to [email protected]
To visit the Ashland Area Emmaus Community
web site and to learn more about the Community,
go to www.ashlandemmaus.com
To learn about the International Emmaus
Community, go to http://emmaus.upperroom.org/
(newly designed website).
As a community, we are currently exploring the
Ten Steps of Sponsorship. In previous newsletters
we have discussed the first three steps – we’ll take
a look at the fourth step in this issue.
Steps 1-3 in the process are to pray for God’s
guidance, to make an appointment to speak with
the person about the walk, and to extend an
The fourth step is to ask the person to make a
commitment by filling out the registration form.
Remember, a Walk to Emmaus is a commitment.
Be honest about the time and separation required
for the weekend. Explain how the commitment is
worth it, and the difference it has made in your
It is necessary for the pilgrim to complete the next
step and fill out an application. He or she will
then give the application to you; as the sponsor,
you will complete the back portion of the
application and mail it to the registrar. Half of the
registration fee is due with the form. If the
pilgrim is unable to pay for the walk, there are a
limited number of scholarships available. It is the
sponsor’s responsibility to communicate this need
with the registrar.
Emmaus encourages communities to approach
both members of a married couple when
presenting this opportunity for growth. As a
sponsor, please try to work with the couple as a
team, so that both spouses feel welcome and
encouraged to attend.

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