April - Houston North Emmaus Community


April - Houston North Emmaus Community
Houston North Emmaus Community
Pilgrim’s Journey
Volume XI Issue I April 2015
s 2014
From the Community Chairman
De Colores! My name is Janel O'Shea and I attended HNEC
Walk #24 in October 2004 and I sat at the table of the
Healing Hands.
'Were not our hearts burning within us
while he was talking to us on the road,
while he was opening the scriptures to
The Gospel of Luke 24:32
Community Chairman
Community Chairman, Forms on
Website and Paypal,
3 Agape Needs Your Help
4 Pilgrim Applications, Walk
Locations, and Community Related
5,6 Community Servanthood and
Descriptions of Areas of Service
7 Team Selections and
Communications information
8 HNEC Board members
9 Women’s Walk #83
10 Men’s Walk #82
11 Reunion and Gathering
I love springtime…I love to hear the birds sing and see the
wildflowers growing along the side of the road. I love the
rainstorms that creep up in the afternoons because I know
the flowers bloom brighter and fuller as a result. But the
number one reason I love springtime so much is because it
reminds me of the cycle of life and the hand God has in our
everyday. A verdant springtime always follows the barren
winter. We don’t see this as dramatically in Texas as do
people living in the north, but the cottonwood tree and the
oak tree in my backyard that currently sport beautiful green
leaves were stripped bare and gray just a few months ago. In
the song “Every Season” by Nichole Nordeman, she writes,
“And everything that’s new has bravely surfaced Teaching us
to breathe/ What was frozen through is newly purposed
Turning all things green/ So it is with You And how You
make me new With every season's change/ And so it will be
As You are re-creating me – Summer, autumn, winter,
This is why I love Spring, and this is why I love the Walk to
Emmaus. Every pilgrim walks into the weekend in some
season of their life. They may be in summer days and things
are going along just fine and life is good. They may be in
autumn where things are okay but a chill creeps in on a brisk
wind every now and then. Or they may be in the winter –
bleak and gray with heavy clouds surrounding them. But
through the three-day process of the Emmaus experience,
EVERYONE finishes Sunday in the Spring. We are reminded
through agape love that God created us and He recreates us
daily. Participating in Emmaus doesn’t mean we will live
perpetually in the “springtime” of life, but it does remind us
that they will come – and soon – when we live as He asks
and walk with Him in our 4th Day.
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6942 FM 1960 East, #207,
Humble, TX 77346
Continued from page 1 Community Chairman
I ask you to consider what Emmaus has meant to you. What did your three-day experience mean? How have
you changed in your 4th Day? And now…? What are you going to DO about it? Consider becoming a sponsor.
Join a reunion group. Serve on an Emmaus Walk team to serve new pilgrims. Volunteer your service on the
Saturday of a Walk – there are always PLENTY of spots for willing hands. Come out on the Sunday of a Walk
(especially if you have a truck – but even if you don’t) at 1:30 and help us pack up and store all of our
property until the next Walk. Join the musicians at Candlelight services, closings, and gatherings to share
your musical gifts in worship. The purpose of Emmaus is not to serve Emmaus, but we do need some hands
and feet (and voices) to continue in this ministry. Our website (www.hnec.org) has many links for team
service, sponsoring pilgrims, and community servanthood opportunities and it is updated frequently.
It is my prayer that the Walk to Emmaus three-day experience is such an important part of your faith journey
that you can’t hide it under a bushel, but let it shine for all of your 4th Day!
Janel O'Shea
HNEC Community Lay Director
All of the forms below on the website?
HNEC Pilgrim Application
HNEC Sponsor Form
His, HNEC – Sponsor Checklist
Janel O'Shea
HNEC - Sponsor Request for Pilgrim Letters
Lay Director
- Information
Sheet for Sponsors
HNEC Team Service Interest Form
HNEC Day Servant Application
Remember !
We now offer the capability to pay for walk fees for Team Members, Pilgrims, and
Day Servants online via PayPal!
Agape Needs Your Help !
Reunion Groups + Agape needs = Blessed Pilgrims and Team!
How can your Reunion Group be a blessing? One way is by providing needed
Walk Agape. Some items are needed for this year (2015) and some for next
(2016). Please see indicated items. Contact Dona Angell, Agape Coordinator
at [email protected] if you’re able to help out.
Here’s what’s needed:
Cross Lanyards – 2015 & 2016 (40 per walk) Most immediate need
Created using a machine that is available at JoAnn’s fabrics – Embellish-Knit
Machine (under $20) with multi-color yarn.
Butterflies – 2015 & 2016 (40 per walk) *Women’s Walk Only
Crocheted with multi-colored string – pattern available
Halos – 2015 & 2016 (40 per walk) *Women’s Walk Only
Wire garland with curly ribbons – pattern available
Covers for Service Sheets – 2016 (40 per walk)
Pattern available – plastic grid with multi-color yarn
Butterflies – 2015 & 2016 (40 per walk) *Women’s Walk Only
Crocheted with multi-colored string – pattern available
Covers for Service Sheets – 2016 (40 per walk)
Pattern available – plastic grid with multi-color yarn.
Always make a few extra in case items are misplaced or broken.
1. 50 pieces — Pilgrims & table leaders
2. 60 pieces — Pilgrims & conference room team
3. 75 pieces — All pilgrims and team
LOVE an Agape Servant. Please label your bags, sacks, containers, etc. with:
# of pieces; Preferred time to distribute; Intended recipients.
Pilgrim Applications
Community Related Sites
Please make sure you are using the
2014+ forms for pilgrim applications.
Houston West Emmaus Community
Houston Bay Area Emmaus Community
Cradle of Texas Emmaus Community
Houston West Chrysalis Community - Newly
Cradle of Texas Chrysalis Community
Kairos Prison Ministry
Texas Epiphany Ministry
Application forms should always be
submitted in a timely manner and
keeping the following in mind:
 The maximum number of Pilgrims
per walk is 36.
 Walk registrations can be accepted
up until the beginning Walk date
provided openings are still
 Applications are considered
received in the order of their
postmark date.
 For questions about pilgrim
applications, status, etc., contact
registrar Tom Hollis at:
[email protected]
 For financial assistance on Walk
fees, please indicate this need on
the Sponsor’s form.
Go to the “Applications and
Documents” link on the web.
All HNEC Emmaus Walks are held at
the beautiful Kaiserhof Retreat Center.
Looking for a way to participate on a Walk Weekend without serving on a team or
even as a day servant?? Consider volunteering for 1 of the 5 or 6 options which
fall under the "Community Servanthood" area! These are the "behind the
scenes" activities that add another special layer to the pilgrims' Walk
experience . . . Remember yours?!
Listed below are the Areas of Service:
Thursday Snack Supper
Requirement: 6-8 people
Arrival time: 5:00 pm
Task: Provide light supper for team and arriving pilgrims and sponsors
Saturday Agape Dinner
Requirement: 6-12 people
Arrival time: 3:30 for decorations; 4:30 for food preparation, serving, and cleanup
Task: Provide special Agape Dinner for pilgrims and team. Fourth Day persons from multiple
churches can join together. If you want to serve, let us know and we will put you together with
Saturday Candlelight Parking Attendants
Requirement: 4-6 people
Arrival time: 7:15 pm
Task: Direct traffic to designated parking areas.
Saturday Candlelight Luminary Team
Requirement: 6-8 people
Arrival time: 7:00 pm
Task: Set up luminaries for pilgrim arrival and take down after Candlelight is finished.
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Continued from page 6 Community Servanthood
Saturday Candlelight Service Team
Requirement: 6-8 people
Arrival time: 6:30 pm
Tasks: Set up the Fourth Day service area in the Dining Hall; serve as ushers; hand out candles and
then collect them; assist in taking down chairs in the Dining Hall after the Fourth Day service.
Sunday Moving Cleanup
Requirement: 4-5 people
Arrival time: 1:30 pm
Task: Move furniture from cabins to the conference room; move kitchen supplies from the dining
hall to the property room; move agape supplies from the inn to property room; and to assist the
servant team in the cleanup of Kaiserhof.
Rose Providers
Requirement: Individual or small groupArrival time: Saturday night or early Sunday morning
Task: Bring 4 dozen (48) roses to Kaiserhof to be handed out to pilgrims, table leaders, and
assistant table leaders in their rooms prior to breakfast on Sunday morning.
To volunteer for any area of service or if you have any questions, contact HNEC Board
Leslie Townsend (281.381.5496- [email protected])
Gary Laugharn (832.693.9272 – [email protected]).
***To see what opportunities are still available check the Signup Genius website at ***
Team Selection
Dear Fourth Day,
Team Selection again thanks you so much for your willingness to serve.
We have already had two mighty walks this year. The July women’s team has been selected, but we
will still need the fall teams.
Please continue to be in prayer for the teams that God is calling and for the pilgrims God is calling to
these walks.
If you would like to serve on a team, please let us know if you have not already done so. You may
register your desire to serve on a team by going to the HNEC website, and selecting “Team Service”
under Fourth Day Community on the Left side. Read through if you have any questions and then look
for the “Team Service Interest” link which will take you to the page to actually notify Team Selection of
your interest. Names that are submitted through the website or any Fourth Day activity are brought
to each Team Selection meeting to be considered for appropriate positions.
Please help us honor your offering of service if you presented your name this year but did not get a
call to work a walk. Please re-submit your name and give us a note that you submitted your name
but did not receive a call in 2014. We will try and give you priority for next year.
Please also help us to spread the word among our clergy! Remind them how the walk to Emmaus has
deepened your faith and prompted you to serve in your local church. Encourage them to talk to the
congregation about the Walk to Emmaus opportunity and, if appropriate, ask if they would be willing
to serve as a clergy for a day or for the weekend.
Remember, Christ is counting on each of us!!
Cindy Van Rensburg or Paul Decker
Note from Communications If you have not received any emails from HNEC yet this year
(and haven't opted out of our email system) please let us
know at [email protected] so we can check on the
problem. If you're not sure, we can send you a test email to
check and see if our system can reach your email address.
You can find lots of information about handling your HNEC
email at www.hnec.org/email, including changing your email
options and changing your contact information in the HNEC
data base.
Houston North Emmaus Community Board Meetings
Board meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at The Woodlands
United Methodist Church from 7:00-9:00 pm.
Fourth Day members are welcome to attend as guests. If you have concerns that
you would like to address with the HNEC Board, you may contact Janel O'Shea,
Community Lay Director ([email protected]) at least 48 hours prior to the
meeting, and you will be added to the meeting agenda.
Community Chairperson
Janel O'Shea
713.299.4557 [email protected]
Assistant Community Chair
Bobby Hantelman
281.744.2253 [email protected]
Past Community Chair
Jeff Mueller
713.301.7525 [email protected]
Secretary & Gatherings
Kelly Freeman
281.734.1998 [email protected]
Robin Collier
713.305.6323 [email protected]
Community Spiritual Director
Robyn Bishop
281.734.1979 [email protected]
Agape - Internal
Dona Angell
713.824.4776 [email protected]
Clergy Community Growth
LeRoy Fronk
281.684.5194 [email protected]
Community Servanthood
Leslie Townsend
281.381.5496 [email protected]
Community Servanthood
Gary Laugharn
832.693.9272 [email protected]
Community Development
Peter Eckdahl
936.597.8799 [email protected]
Community Development
Sheridan Sanders
832.651.8123 [email protected]
Community Development – Belize Gerald Pommier
713.894.2835 [email protected]
Database Manager
Tim Ben-Schoter
281.222.2419 [email protected]
Brad Brown
713.816.9657 [email protected]
Dan Spencer
713.416.6389 [email protected]
Pilgrim Sponsorship Growth
Morris Davidson
936.697.2355 [email protected]
Randy Jones
214.212.7793 [email protected]
Dona Angell
713.824.4776 [email protected]
Marty Cox
281.454.6074 [email protected]
Tom Hollis
281.584.5139 [email protected]
Team Selection
Paul Decker
281.772.5685 [email protected]
Team Selection
Cindy Van Rensburg 832.599.5697 [email protected]
Training and Documentation
Becky Burks
Training and Documentation
Mary Szilagyi-Ovaitt 713.502.0889 [email protected]
Walk Set-Up Coordinator
Bud Simmons
713.349.4971 [email protected]
Walk AV Equipment / Website
Ray Cox
281.454.6074 [email protected]
713.202.0040 [email protected]
Katina Atkeson, Staci Brady, Hannah Bretting, Suszanne Briseno, Crystal Brown, Marie Caldwell, Sherrie
Johnson, Judy Champange, Gina Donaldson, Regina Durante, Heidi Fenn, Paulette Frank, Lajean
Fredrickson, Elizabeth Gibson, Vickie Griffith, Shannon Guiterrez, Kendra Harlan, Nina Hedrick,
Berniece Ischy, Melissa Johnson, Jessica Jones, Ellen Kent, Cheryl Litherland, Kelly Lockey, Dora
Marquez, Karen Mashburn, Lauri Meeler, Judy Monaghan, Rebecca Mueller, Anne Peel, Andrea
Pennington, Lorri Petrauskas, Cindy Rivera, Abby Salazar, Meredith Sharp, Debra Shoyket, Carrie Viada
Team Members
Lay Director: Tami Denton
Assist Lay Directors: Kristy Spencer, Angie McKinnon, Vicki Dimmitt
Board Rep: Kelly Freeman
Spiritual Director: (Head) Sandy Burley, Mariann Rayne
Musicians: (Head) LoraKay Gianardi, Liz Williams, Tedi Armet
Table Leaders and Assistants: (Head ) Dale Mefford, Jodi Lee, Cynthia Adams, Sharon Heald, Zoeieann
Townsend, Judy Hampshire, Abby Fisher, Dena Hickey, Karen Nelson, Beverly Casey, Terri Cook, Patricia
Servant Team Coordinator: Marlene Fletcher
Chapel Servants: (Head) Ann Whittington, Ashley Denton, Maria Zamora
Agape: (Head) Robin Castro, Sarah Bowden, Eileen Tanner, Yolanda Henry, Gaye Lang
Kitchen: (Head) Carol Bodin, Rene Miller, Melinda Dodd, Geni Garrison, Catalina Gonzales
Chris Bodin, Darrell Boyer, Roger Brady, John Breidenthal, Roger Brown, John Buckley, Michael
Caldwell, Terry Cargill, James Grinnan, Steven Gutierrez, Frank Hicks, Steven Hoyt, Scott
Hughes, Ernest Hurley, Steve Litherland, Jeff Marsh, David McGuire, Peter Schreiber, Preston
Shuford, Frank Toms, Glenn Wharton, Jordan Whitehead, FC Wood, Joseph Zettlemoyer,
Team Members
Lay Director: Goran Haag
Assist Lay Directors: Michael Griffith, Russ Spiller, TomWanamaker
Board Rep: Paul Decker
Spiritual Director: Karl Decker
Visiting Clergy: Kathy Richardson, Greg Smith, Larry Smith, Marilyn Wadkins
Musicians: (Head) Doug Cherry, Robert Lee, Mario Valadez
Table Leaders and Assistants: (Head) Walter Balderach, Chip Barth, Cliff Bodin, John Follis,
Kris Tesh, Larry Thieme, Dale England, Steven Johnson, Edward Kelly, Chris Knight, Cliff
Rampy, James Smith
Servant Team Coordinator: Kevin Kyle
Chapel Servants: (Head) Frank Davis, Paul Fortner, Jeron Furbee
Agape: (Head) Phil Henderson, Gary Cook, LeRoy Fronk, Phil Palmer, Ron Villarreal
Kitchen: (Head) Jeff Lovett, Rick Bruce, Rodney Canizaro, Christopher Schreiber, Scotty Scott
Is Your 4th Day
Reunion Group
Listing Up-to-Date?
HNEC strives to maintain a
comprehensive listing of Reunion
Groups on our web site (Reunion Groups is the first item listed in the Stay
Connected section of the menu). This information includes the day, time, and
place when/where the group meets as well as contact information.
We need your help to keep this information current! Recently a 4th day
moved into our area and attempted to contact some 4th day groups. There was
some discouragement when calling the contact phone numbers resulted in “no
longer in service” messages and emails were not returned.
If you are a member of an active 4th day group, please check our Reunion Groups
page for the accuracy of the information about your group. If your group isn’t
listed, please forward the information about your group as seen on the page for
other groups to [email protected] and your group will be immediately
added to the page.
When? May 2, 2015
Where? Good Shepherd UMC
Time? 4:00 pm – Walks 82/83 Follow-up
5:15 pm – Sponsorship Orientation
6:00 pm – Community Gathering
Last name A through L – bring salad, side dish, or dessert
Last name M through Z – bring main dish or casserole
Beverages will be provided