IT`S NOT ABOUT ME! - Hoosier Hills Emmaus


IT`S NOT ABOUT ME! - Hoosier Hills Emmaus
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March 2015
“Were not our hearts burning within us…” ~Luke 24:32
Published by the Hoosier Hills Emmaus Community
It’s not about me! That statement is very familiar with those of you who have attended team meetings,
because this is the Emmaus Team Canon. It reminds us that the main this as we prepare for and serve on
an Emmaus Walk are the pilgrims God will send to us. The canon says:
“I am here only by God’s grace and so only the Holy Spirit might work through me. I will remember the pilgrims are the main reason for my presence and my prayers.”
Our responsibility and privilege is to serve and minister to the pilgrims. However, during the Walk, as
member of the team, we too will be greatly blessed as we see lives touched and changed by the power of
the Holy Spirit.
There are always opportunities to serve on a walk for both lay and clergy. I would encourage you to
prayerfully consider serving God through the ministry of Emmaus.
It’s not about me! While those words are a part of our Emmaus Team Canon, they are also an important
part of our own faith journey. We cannot be a faithful follower of Christ, if He is not he first priority in our
life. It cannot be about ME and a faithful disciple at the same time. We cannot serve two masters.
(Matthew 6:24)
Sometime we find we are in a difficult circumstance. Bad health, financial difficulties, family issues, employment issues often come upon us. These are real problems that must be faced. I’ve had my share of
these and often have made the mistake of facing them alone, not depending upon God. It’s not until we
turn to God that we find peace in the midst of the struggle. Some issues my pass, others linger, but God
has promised to walk through the valley with us, to never leave or forsake us.
It’s not about me!
Alvin McFadden, Community Spiritual Director
Hoosier Hills
Community Gathering
Friday, March 13 @ 6:30 PM
Dive Christian Church
892 Peerless Rd
Bedford, IN
Phone: 812-279-3963
Who? Emmaus and Chrysalis
alumni, family, friends, and
potential pilgrims.
6:30 PM—Snack fellowship. We will enjoy fel-
lowshipping with each other while enjoying the
What do we bring? Please snacks that we brought. Drinks and tableware
bring a snack to share with
7:00 PM—Praise & worship. If snack time is too
the group!
early, join us by 7:30 pm for singing, worship,
Don’t forget! Wear your name training, the fourth day talk, and receiving Holy
tags, but DO NOT wear your Emmaus crosses.
Last month we learned a little bit more about three of our newest board members, Steve Boyer, Leon Ernisse,
and Becky Russell. This month we’ve provided a little bit of information about the final two “new” board
members for 2015, Pat and Jeanine! Please keep all the board members in your prayers! Pray that God’s will
be done through the work of this board!
Pat Marvin
CHURCH: First United Methodist Church, Bloomington
WALK: #96A
BOARD DUTIES: Assistant Quartermaster, Assistant Community Events
A LITTLE ABOUT PAT: The Emmaus Community has been
an integral part of my life for over a decade. I am honored to serve on the board and to help wherever I can!
Jeanine Burge
CHURCH: Mt. Olive United Methodist Church, Pastor
WALK: Greensburg Area Emmaus
BOARD DUTIES: Team Selection
A LITTLE ABOUT JEANINE: Jeanine loves to read, garden,
and spend time with family!
Many of you may not be aware of the financial struggles the community is facing. The board has
discussed some ways we’re hoping the Reunion Groups can help! There are many ways in which your reunion group can help! These include:
buying books for the book table during the Walk weekend,
supplying agape,
paying a full or partial scholarship for a pilgrim (or three or four),
sponsoring a pilgrim (Many teams have not been full the past few years with pilgrims and
team members and the cost of the campground stays the same.),
purchasing any supplies that are used during the Walks, or
any other way in which your reunion group feels they can help!
If you would just like to make donations of money, that would gladly be excepted as well. The
board is working hard not to raise the team and pilgrim fees, but with the increasing costs of everything
involved from pens and paper to the food we all love to eat, it's just getting more difficult to pay for the
weekends. Please consider helping out any way you or your group can. What seems like a small donation to you can make a difference in a big way.
Jacque Powers,
Reunion Groups Coordinator
What does your church look like? If it is like mine, and some I know, there are dedicated, Godly individuals
there that make it great. These people also drive the church's influence for good in the community, or perhaps
even have direct influence for good in their community because of their faith. They are the Body of Christ! Hopefully you fit into this group.
Unfortunately, this does not describe all churches. If it does not describe yours, would you like to do
something very easy to begin to change that situation? Sponsor someone for this spring’s Walk to Emmaus!
I suspect a very thoughtful and caring person, perhaps from your church, sponsored you on a Walk. That
gift probably changed your life, your family's and possibly, that of your friends. Passing that gift on to another,
through sponsorship, not only helps our community continue to grow, but it builds a vibrant and growing Body of
Christ. This is the mission of The Walk to Emmaus!
So, why would you not do everything possible to find a brother or sister in Christ to sponsor for this coming spring’s Emmaus walks? The effort you put into giving the gift of Emmaus to the right Christian individual will
pay dividends for a lifetime in your church, your community and your friendship. Your pilgrim will have the benefit
of a well trained and experienced team that have invested their time, money, prayers, talk preparation, interaction and much more; all for the pilgrim's benefit. I cannot think of a greater gift!
What keeps you from sponsoring someone? Think about it! I would like to know! We have openings and
Christ is counting on you!
Mark Cary,
Team Selection
Date: Saturday, March 28, 2015
Location: Camp Indi-Co-So
Time: 8:30 AM—1:00 PM
Fellow Hoosier Hills Emmaus Community Members: You have an opportunity to give of yourself in
a very special way! Our community has planned for a work day to help spruce up Camp Indi-Co-So, just in
time for the upcoming April Walks!
If you are a new Pilgrim, eager to pay it forward or a seasoned member looking for other ways to contribute anonymously for the good of your Emmaus Community. Please consider spending an enjoyable
morning of light physical activity surrounded by others in Christian fellowship.
Any reunion and/or Chrysalis groups are highly encouraged to join us Saturday; it’s a great way to reconnect with each other outside of your normal meetings. Please bring a sack lunch if you wish to stay
over and share a meal at noon with others. We will have cases of bottled water available throughout the
Activities planned dependent on weather conditions & amount of volunteer support that’s willing
to give of their time Saturday morning.
Clean Pilgrim dorm rooms (vacuum, bathrooms, light dusting).
Sweep out a few of the smaller cabins used by kitchen workers on the walks.
Pick up fallen branches that are in the way of lawnmowers.
Armstrong- Dismantling of office furniture in Chapel room near kitchen.
Clean and mop old shower house area.
Whatever Randy Martin, the camp’s grounds keeper can think of if we run out of things to
7. If grass is up and long enough to cut, bring your rider or weed eater to camp.
A turnout of thirty or more people would insure a successful day for
Camp Indi-Co-So!
RSVP Optional: [email protected]
Roger Herrington
Girls’ Chrysalis Flight #34, Journey #28
April 9-12, 2015
Men’s Walk # 99
April 23-26, 2015
Lay Director: Dave Welch
Women’s Walk # 100
April 30-May 3, 2015
Lay Director: Marla Fredrick
Men’s Walk # 101
September 10-13
Women’s Walk # 102
September 17-20
Girls’ Chrysalis Flight #35, Journey #29
October 23-25, 2015
Boys’ Chrysalis Flight #35, Journey #29
November 6-8, 2015
Save these dates and come to the gatherings! They’re
always a great time filled with fellowship, worship, and of
course, food! We’ll announce locations for each
gathering as the dates approach!
March 13 Dive Christian Church, 6:30 PM
May 8 Bloomfield First Baptist Church, 6:30 PM
August, Date TBD (will be at Camp InDiCoSo)
October 9
November 13
Make sure to visit our website for all the latest
news and information! You can also find all the
application forms to print and download!
To find out more about the Walk to Emmaus, to
keep up-to-date on Emmaus events throughout
the world, or to shop their bookstore, visit the
Upper Room’s website.
Dave Arnold
Training/Team Selection
[email protected]
Mark Cary
Team Selection
[email protected]
Stephen Boyer
[email protected]
Laurie Eynon
Community Events/Chrysalis Liaison
[email protected]
Rita Klingelhoffer
Community Lay Director
[email protected]
Jeanine Burge
Clergy/Team Selection
[email protected]
Roger Herrington
[email protected]
Kimberly Porter
[email protected]
Leon Ernisse
[email protected]
Jacque Powers
Bill “Catfish” Wilson
Asst. Facilities
[email protected]
Pat Marvin
Reunion Groups/Team Selection/
Community Data
[email protected]
Alvin McFadden
Community Spiritual Director
[email protected]
Asst. Quartermaster/Asst. Community
[email protected]
Evie Stuard
Clergy/Team Selection
[email protected]
Becky Russell
[email protected]
Aaron Johnson
[email protected]
Dave & Nancy Trammell
Registrars/Community Data
[email protected]
Travis Wease
Past Community Lay Director/Webmaster
[email protected]
Nathan Pratt
Chrysalis Community Lay Director
[email protected]

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