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The Vanguard Voice
Volume 17, Issue 5
In this Issue:
Vanguard Art Earns State Recognition…...…...1
Letter from the Executive Director……...…….2
Vanguard Art Students Earn
State Recognition
by Teacher Greg Custer
JH Black Forest League Champions……...…...4
5th Grade Matchwits Sweeps Competition...….5
Second Quarter Honor Roll……………………6
Second Quarter Principal’s List……...………..7
Vanguard Basketball Wins All Around…...…..8
Senior Shaving Head for a Cause………...…...8
Junior High Forensics……………...………….9
Students Achieve Honors in Swimming…..…10
Students Perform in Beauty & the Beast, Jr....10
Support our PTO………………………..……11
Dates to Remember:
February 7 Knowledge Bowl (5-6)
February 8 Knowledge Bowl (3-4)
February 9 Knowledge Bowl (1-2)
February 9 Junior High Sports Awards
February 14 PTO Meeting
February 15 Progress Reports
February 17-20 Presidents Day Break
February 27-March 2 JH Spirit Week
February 28-29 3rd Grade Reading
March 1 Progress Reports
March 1 Carrabba’s Night
March 6 Class Pictures
March 7 Board Meeting
The Vanguard School’s art students recently submitted works
into the annual Colorado Scholastics Art Competition. This
competition is a state wide contest that has entries that number
in the thousands.
I am proud to announce that our school’s art students received
some very high and worthy rewards in this contest. Our school
walked away with a total of six medals out of our allowed ten
entries. The exhibition that represents our state’s finest high
school artists will be at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and
Design in Denver. The show will run from February 11th
through March 2nd. Congratulations to all of our school’s
participating artists!
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From the Executive Director
Dear CMCA Friends and Families,
We deliberately planned not to squeeze a newsletter into the end of
December because there were so many activities occurring just before
our break, and now the events of last month seem like they happened a
year ago. Since our last newsletter, we’ve had our choir and band
performed in the Christmas Festival of the Arts; several of those
students then starred in the talent show last week. The impressive art
work of our students was on display at the Festival and has since won
multiple awards at the State level, with Karrissa Gonzalez winning three
gold medals. Our girls and boys basketball teams are racking up wins at every level. In junior
high, our girls’ team took second place in the Black Forest League Tournament, and our boys’
team took first.
We are more than half-way through the year now, and at the administrative level we are
already looking to next year. We’ve had a couple of information nights for our high school
and junior high, and in March we’ll have one for Kindergarten. Of course at each of those we
discuss how well our teachers instruct and the great achievements our students. These
things set our school apart. Even more unique is the way our students consistently interact
with one another in ways that are positive and respectful. Certainly there are times when
some of our students don’t achieve this expectation, and at these times our staff intervenes to
uphold the standard, to require respectful behavior, and to teach civility. There are many
other times, however, when our staff members can watch with great pride as our students
show tremendous character in the way they reach out to one another and even strangers with
support and compassion. Truly, our own students’ demonstrated character and respect
toward one another is one of the great selling points of our school and one of the things I’m
happiest about as a parent. Through a combined effort of our staff, parents, and our students
we have created and maintained a culture of excellence in character.
This point of the school year is a very busy time. I want to thank our parents for all of their
support and participation in the many different activities and events, from attending the Safety
Forum to supporting the Father / Daughter Dance. The volunteer efforts of our parents are an
enormous help to our school, from our crossing guards keeping our children safe to our PTO
raising money for many projects including our new fence and supporting staff salaries. This
work and the very important support you give by helping you child with homework in
preparation for school is what makes our school such a great place for our students.
Colin T. Mullaney
Executive Director
Vanguard Art Students Earn State Reognition
by Teacher Greg Custer
Silver Medal Winners
Kelsey Gloss – ―Peeping Tom‖-charcoal drawing
Melinda Huttl – ―Thomas‖-intaglio print
Gold Medal Winners
All gold medal winners
move on to a national
juried competition that is
celebrated at Carnegie
Hall in New York City.
Karissa Gonzales-Othon
– oil painting portfolio,
―Model 13‖-relief
sculpture, and ―Lady in
Red‖-oil painting
Junior High Black Forest League Champions
by Athletic Director Dina Fuqua
The boys and girls Jr. High basketball teams traveled to Kiowa this past weekend on January 27 th
and January 28th to compete in the Black Forest League Championships for the culmination of
their seasons.
Jr. High Girls The girls team only lost 1 game in the
regular season to Calhan. Their final record for this
season is 17-2. They beat many tough teams to end
up tied for 1st place at the end of the season in the
Black Forest League. They had an amazing run with
many veteran players including Brooke Sulski, Xavia
Wallace, April Eldridge and Shaye Kilimann. The
team was rounded out with new and talented players
including Nicole Defosses, Myranda Kephart, Madison
Smith, Jenny Smith, Aubrey Milroy and Rebecca
Hurlbert. The girls were awarded a #1 seed in the
tournament so that earned them a bye in the first
round of the tournament. In the semi-finals, the Lady Coursers played a young ECA team and
beat them handily 35-18 on Friday to ensure a birth in the finals against a tough, competitive rival
Calhan team on Saturday morning. The girls battled the entire game which seesawed back and
forth with each team taking the lead. In the end the Lady Coursers fought with everything they had
but fell just short of the championship, 31-28. Congratulations to all the girls on the team, Coach
Sulski, Coach Johnson, and Coach Wallace for a spectacular season and taking 2 nd place in the
BFL Championships.
Jr. High Boys The boys team had a charmed season and were 16-4 for the entire season. Their
4 losses came to only 2 teams, Calhan and Monument Academy. They lost to Calhan twice during
the regular season by 1 point and 9 points. Monument Academy was our very first game of the
season, and they towered over our boys and beat them by 20 points. At the end of the season the
boys played Monument Academy again in their best game of the regular season and lost by 3, 4744. Although they lost to Monument Academy the second time, they knew they had improved
The boys were seeded #2 in the season culminating with
BFL Tournament behind the tall and muscular Calhan team,
which was made up of all 8th graders. Our young 6th grader
starters, Seth Fuqua, Sam Kilimann and Luke Martin along
with our experienced 8th graders, Daniel Qureshi, Eli
Stauffer, Dominic Jackson and 7th graders, Brandon
Holmes and Tyler Cook were determined to ―leave it all on
the court‖ and let the chips fall for the Championship. We
received a bye in the first round and had to play the boys
from ECA in the next round. Our boys had beaten ECA handily both times during the season, but
the ECA boys did not go down without a valiant fight. With 7 seconds left in the game, it took a 27
footer by Seth Fuqua to beat ECA by a score of 39-36. The next morning our boys had to travel
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5th Grade Matchwits Sweeps Competition!
by Parent Lori Huthoefer
On Friday, January 13,
three 5th grade
Matchwits teams
traveled to Peyton and
competed against 5
other schools in their first
Matchwits competition.
Despite being nervous,
the three CMCA teams
swept the first, second,
and third place awards
after competing in three
increasingly harder rounds of matchwits quizzes. To get there, 5th grade homeroom teachers
nominated 16 students who tried out for 12 final positions. Once selected, the final 12 students spent
3 weeks preparing and learning all the rules of the matchwits game and practicing questions including
math, poetry, geography, and many other categories. The coaches, Jinna Kim and Lori Huthoefer, will
continue to work with the 3 teams to prepare them for 4 more competitions. The next one will be on
Monday, February 13—wish them luck!
Team A: Harrison Huthoefer, Konrad Ziegler, Leo Xiao, Hannah O’Dea
Team B: Grant Shandy (not pictured), Kaitlin DiMarino, Adam Novak, James Le
Team C: Alizabeth Clay, Duncan Lewis, Culin Peddada, Colin Park (not pictured), Alexandra Wolff
Junior High Basketball
(Continued from page 4)
back to Kiowa for the finals against our toughest opponents, Calhan. The boys were faced with more
size, strength and experience in the all 8th grade Calhan team. But our boys were bound and
determined to win and they did just that. The score was always within 1 or 2 points with the lead
changing over a dozen times during the game. When one of our most experienced 8 th grade
defenders and starter, Eli Stauffer, got seriously hurt in the second quarter not to return to the game, it
made the boys more determined to win the Championship. Later the boys said they knew they were
going to win after Eli got hurt. With Vanguard up only by 1 point and only 12 seconds to play, our
tallest and youngest player at 11 years old, Luke Martin hit a clutch 3 pointer to seal the
Championship 43-39. The boys all played their best game of the season, and each player contributed
in his own way, whether it was scoring, defending, stealing the ball or blocking, to capture the BFL
Tournament Championship. Congratulations to all the boys and Coach Fuqua for their hard work and
determination in this game.
2nd Quarter
Honor Roll
4th Grade
Mackenzie Burgoyne
Dane Campbell
Makaila Cardello
Logan Criswell
Aidan Hanson
Izaiah Hilbert
Amiya Jordan
Tylor Myrie
Jaelyn Wilson
Chance Shoemaker
Macynn Day
Mitchell Flores
Steven Heath
Ryan Kelepolo
Joseph Padilla
Rachel Rice
Loren Ruckmich
Clara Sage
Christopher LaLone
Luke Renfro
Jordyn Adkins
Manvir Dhillon
Kelsea Dye
Teague Hackenberg
Parker Heslin
Hsin-yi Hu
Bria Johnson
Audrey Safer
Vanessa Svihla
Sienna Adams
Samuel Ashby
Jordan Byrd
Jewelianna Casper
Dominique Clifford
Alyxa Davis
Alexis Duffy
Christian Goodenow
Raif Wolford
Elianna Morris
Guillermo Morales
Faith Humbert
5th Grade
Seth Adams
Raelynn Blair
Erika Chien
Ivy Clough
Hayden Frear
Alejandra Gutierrez
Leah Hagen
Preston Hartman
Brandon Herd
Aizana Hunt
HaLeye Intemann
Carolyn Jones
Alana Khederian
Caleb Knierim
Camryn LaCombe
Cameron Lang
James Le
Russell Lewellen
Joey Mathis
Maya Maxson
Mikaela McLean
Tyler Morris
Hans Mueh
Connor Nelson
Darian Nguyen
Vivian Nguyen
Adam Novak
Savanna Padilla
Colin Park
Culin Peddada
Molly Quesnell
Julia Romero
Mia Sells
Grant Shandy
Madison Smith
Max Stieglitz
Ariana Strong
Kayla Teel
Annalee TenBrink
Kirk Toland
Lilliana Tomanini
Tommy Walsh
Alix Walters
Lilly West
Korey Winter
6th Grade
7th Grade
Lola Agboola
Jordan Adams
Jessica Bye
Max Anderson
Madeline Campbell Elizabeth Campos
Mason Collier
Emma Card
Dylan Cross
Allison Defosses
Caleigh Daugherty
Kevin Duff
Jonathan Drosendahl Alexis Fetterhoff
Fletcher Erskine
Laura Green
Krysten Gard
Abigail Hayes
Drake Gray
Myranda Kephart
Julian Guerrero
Rachel Leasure
Idalia Jackson
Keoni LeBlanc
Marianna Jackson
Danielle Meuret
K.J. Kearns
Destiny Morgan
Samuel Kilimann
Keeley Nelson
Gina Kwak
Jia Peng
Eric Le
John Rawson
Veronica Malkin
Halle Schmitt
Shelby Mathis
Sullivan Shimek
Evan McConnell
Westin Stieglitz
Casey Meinert
Nichole Suarez
Evan Morgan
Gabriela Umana
Tristan Murphy
Juliana Wall
Kinsey Neuner
Tyler Northcutt
8th Grade
Amiya Peddada
Brittany Bargers
Lakia Rose-King
William Chaney
Beth Swartz
Lauren Clark
Eden Sykes
Katheryn Clifford
Michael Tromara
Alexis Haak
Jailynn Underwood
Miles Hatton
Kelsey Van Demarr
Rebecca Hurlbert
Mikayla Vasquez
Shaye Kilimann
Desi Ware
Matresa King
Sage LangstonStewart
Rafael Melgr
Samson Rao
Hannah Reed
Kaylah Samuelson
Jenny Smith
Brian Truong
Andrea Vasquez
Mikayla Williams
9th Grade
Joseph Adducci
Emma Barlow
Josh Becktold
Nour Ben Hmieida
Carrie Bieganek
Tayler Butler
Mariah Doom
Leslie Duggin
Danielle Herd
Rachel Hough
Alex Kimzey
Velmarie Kotwica
Susie Kwak
Josh Leasure
Andrew Lee
Kira Renfro
Julie Snively
Lilia Stingerie
Sophia Wilson
10th Grade
Larry Gill
Kory Hagen
Amanda Jesse
Erika Kazee
Chantel Ledbetter
Justin Luu
Angel McNulty
Anna Mohr
Perrin SwovelandBailey
Victor Torres
Mariya Vlasenko
Ashlyn Williams
The Honor Roll recognizes students who receive
an equal or greater number of A’s than B’s
11th Grade
Tim Alexander
Cooper Benson
Lydia Blondin
Austin Board
Austyn Callahan
Zach Doom
David Flack
Tim Force
Zaynib Hassan
Taylor Jones
Claris Park
Walter Prentice
Addy Reddish
Robert Stephens
Jessy Sweet
Peri Rose Sykes
Gracie Williams
12th Grade
Camilla Colombo
Kelsey Gloss
Andrea Kirkpatrick
Nate Lane
Emily Lathen
Madison Mathis
Patrick Murray
Carlo Sangalang
April Snively
2nd Quarter
Principal’s List
4th Grade
Shannon Campbell
Kayla Harris
Sydney Heffernan
Nicole Orphan
Marcus Pestcoe
Chloe Polette
Luke Sperber
Jack Henry Campbell
Tacey Davis
Bryce Tanner
Sydney Tanner
Patrick Sniezek
Robert Book
Victoria Clinger
Quinton Corry
Alexandra Hall
Joslyn Samuelson
William Smith
Kenton Vu
Victoria Hughes
Maya Kohlhepp
Rebekah Melgr
Madeline Moen
Ryland Morrissey
Lauren Nardi
5th Grade
Alizabeth Clay-Del Rio
Kaylee Cochran
Kaitlyn DiMarino
William Geoffroy
Harrison Huthoefer
Madison Jones
Hannah O'Dea
Alexandra Wolff
Leo Xiao
Konrad Ziegler
6th Grade
Nicole Alderman-Barba
Jeremy Allgood
Aspen Blair
Olivia Bolton
Ellie Clinger
Isabella Fincher
Seth Fuqua
Lydia Henline
Jared Kazee
Lauren Lee
Hannah McReavy
Tyler Wheeler-Temple
7th Grade
Alexander Cadman
Krista Davis
Megan Donovan
Katherine Hall
Jabarhi Hill
Jaymison Johnson
Valentyn Katsman
Lexie Kwak
Sydney Mobley
Harley Morgan
Angie Nguyen
Ethan Ratzlaff
Andrew Sintas
Mary Walsh
Tristan Ziegler
8th Grade
Logan Bye
Eoin Doherty
Jacquelyn Drosendahl
Ryan Hughes
Slade Kelling
Reilly Meinert
Aidan Mullaney
9th Grade
Alyx Callahan
Justin White
10th Grade
Madilyn Drosendahl
Maddison Ratzlaff
Hannah Yu
11th Grade
Savannah Baron
Allison Bieganek
12th Grade
Daniel Doherty
Thomas Luckett
Aaron Schreck
The Principal’s List recognizes students who receive all A’s.
Vanguard Basketball: Wins All Around
by Parent & Teacher Sheryl Blondin
The weekend of the 21st was an exciting one for Coursers
basketball. Friday night, the Lady Coursers won a hard fought
battle against Limon. This game was touted by the local media to
be one to watch, and the Lady Coursers shone with a score of 3528. Saturday night brought accolades all around as all four teams
won their games against local rival Fountain Valley. The Junior
Varsity Girls and Boys won with scores of 52-10 and 37-3
respectively. The Lady Coursers’ Varsity
team, feeling strong after their win against
Limon, dominated the court with a final
score of 65-29. The nail-biting, edge- ofyour-seat game was played last by our
Boys Varsity team. Knowing last year’s
game was lost by 27 points and knowing our Coursers are much stronger
this year, it was understood that a good game was coming. The fans were
not disappointed. The Danes had a strong defense and showed they were
ready to play. The leading score went back and forth. In the last minute of
the game, two three-point plays were made by the Coursers. The fans could
finally take a breath, and the home team crowd whooped and hollered as the
clock ran down with a final score of 47-39. To top off the evening, the teams
met at Qdoba restaurant where the owners congratulated the winning
players and coaches with a free dinner. Thanks Qdoba!
Shaving My Head for a Cause
by Senior Nate Lane
One year ago, I announced that I would participate in a bit of an unusual event.
I informed my peers that I would shave my head if they were able to raise $500
for Saint Baldrick’s, an organization devoted to helping end childhood cancers
such as leukemia. The Vanguard School student body met and exceeded this
goal, raising $587. This year, I intend to do the same. If the students of The
Vanguard School are able to raise $500 for Saint Baldrick’s by March 23, I will
yet again shave my head. Remember, it’s not about seeing me lose all my hair,
it’s about getting rid of childhood cancers!
Video of last year's shaving:
Click here to donate:
Vanguard Junior High Forensics Team
by Coach Bethany Drosendahl
This is a year of firsts for the Vanguard Junior Forensics Team. Now in our 5 th year of competition, we
have a new name (formerly, the CMCA Middle School Forensics Team). The name has been changed
in anticipation of starting a high school forensics team for the 2012-2013 school year.
This year the Junior Forensics team is being coached by two new teachers; Kathryn Boyce, 8 th grade
English aide, and Andrea McKinley, 4th grade teacher. In addition, this is the first year that the team
will be competing in all 12 events: Extemporaneous Speaking, Storytelling, Duet Acting – Serious,
Interpretation of Drama, Interpretation of Humor, Duet Acting – Humorous, Interpretation of Poetry,
Solo Acting, Original Oratory, Creative Storytelling, Reader’s Theater, and Impromptu Speaking.
The 30 member team completed the first of four scheduled tournaments for the 2011-2012 school year.
This year’s team members are: (top row) Andrea McKinley – coach, Kathryn Boyce – coach, Kellyn
Morrisey, Jenny Smith, Jacquelyn Drosendahl, Idalia Jackson, Bethany Swartz, Mia Jackson, Mikayla
Vasquez, Caolinn Mullaney, Kristen Gard, Emma Card, Isabella Finch, Bethany Drosendahl - coach
(middle row) Cami Tuchtengagen, Matresa King, Kaitlyn Dye, Mary Walsh, Reilly Meinert, Miramani
Lenzini, Casey Meinert, Lauren Lee, Elizabeth Anderson, Dylan Cross (bottom row) John Rawson,
Victoria Beutel, Eli Klassen, Evan Morgan, Rob Torka, Dominic Jackson (not pictured) Lauren Jones,
Tony Duffy and Ryan Hughes.
On 12/10/11, the team competed at Russell Middle School, against fourteen other schools, and took
home a total of twelve awards: Original Oratory, Lauren Lee – 5th place, Isabella Finch – 7th place,
Impromptu Speaking, Dominic Jackson – 4th place, Rob Torka – 5th place, Duet Acting Humor, Evan
Morgan and Eli Klasson – 3rd place, Lauren Lee and Isabella Finch – 4th place, Extemporaneous
Speaking, Matresa King – 6th place, Interpretation of Poetry, Emma Card – 1st place, Solo Acting, Mary
Walsh – 5th place, Creative Storytelling, Jacquelyn Drosendahl – 4th place. Thank you to all the parents
and staff who donated magazines, newspapers, and articles for our Extemporaneous Speaker,
Matresa King who is our first competitor in this category. In order to compete in this category, Matresa
created a file box of articles on 75 topics.
Speaking of help, thank you Conner Boyce – husband to coach Kathryn Boyce, Madilyn Drosendahl –
Vanguard sophomore, Elizabeth Schalchlin – 6th grade teacher, Patti Morrissey – mother to Kellyn
Morrissey, Kara Walsh – college senior and sister to Mary Walsh, and our own coaches, Kathryn
Boyce and Andrea McKinley for judging, aiding with practice, and helping at the tournament.
The remaining meets are scheduled for January 28, 2012 – Woodland Park Middle School, February
11, 2012 – Eagle View Middle School, and February 25, 2011 – Lewis Palmer Middle School. If you or
your students are interested in joining Forensics, being a judge, or helping to form the High School
team, please come and watch some of the events.
CMCA Students Achieve High Honors in Swimming
by Parent Jim Stieglitz
The Stieglitz boys (Maxwell & Westin) took first place in the open
swim meet on January 6-8th. This meet hosts hundreds of
swimmers from all over the state. The boys swam hard to come
out on top.
In addition, Westin Stieglitz was chosen to swim at the CSI AllStar meet on January 14-15th in Lawrence, KS, where he will
compete against the fastest swimmers from the Midwest and
Rockies areas, including Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota and
Kansas. The top 10 swimmers from each gender and age groups
10 & under, 11 & 12, and 13 & 14 are invited to represent their
state at this meet. We are proud that Westin was chosen to
represent Colorado at this meet. Let's cheer him on... Go Westin!
Students Perform in Beauty and the Beast, Jr.
by Teacher & Parent Lili Mueh
This December, five talented CMCA students starred in
Disney's Beauty and the Beast, Jr, a Center Stage musical
production featuring a cast of local 8-13 year olds. Rebecca
Lewis, Evelyn Lippard, Hans Mueh, Henri Mueh, and Tylor
Myrie performed together at various elementary schools in
the Colorado Springs area, and finished with two public
evening performances in front of packed audiences. To
prepare for the shows, these students put their CMCA
character lessons to the test. The many practices,
rehearsals, and performances required self-discipline,
courage, and excellence. The end result was a
resoundingly successful theater production that relied
heavily on the talents of our CMCA kids.
Mueh as
as Chip
& some
of the
other cast
Support our PTO
As many have probably noticed, the school has installed a fence around the Corona campus. On behalf of all the school families,
the PTO is proud to have been an instrumental part of this exciting improvement to the safety and appeal of CMCA/The Vanguard
School. As reported in December, the success of PTO fundraisers allowed the PTO to contribute $10,000 toward the fence,
which was approved at our December PTO General meeting, and announced at the December School Board meeting. In
response to our contribution to the fence, the school board approved the balance of $20,000 to complete the project, which was
immediately acted on and within a month, nearly completed. What a tremendous accomplishment, and what a great statement of
what we as an alliance of engaged parents, educators, and administrators can do. A sincere THANK YOU to all the families who
participated in the fundraisers and continue to support our ongoing mission and goal to "capture the positive spirit of parent
volunteering through engaging in meaningful fundraising and enrichment activities."
The 2nd Annual Lend-a-Hand Spring Benefit Bash is under full swing. One of the most exciting developments to report is that
the majority of the proceeds will be applied toward staff salaries. That should motivate everyone to get involved and to help make
this event a success! Also, we will be starting classroom art projects for K-5 grade and the gift baskets for 6-12 grade soon, so
please consider this a way that you can participate in the success of this event by helping with these activities, which will produce
amazing gifts for parents to bid on.
A big thank you to PTO board (Vice President Trudy Hackenberg, Secretary Taylor Fry Van-DeMarr and Brooke Bolton) and all
those parents who helped with the Father-Daughter Dance this past weekend. It was truly like stepping onto a Hawaiian island
complete with Polynesian dancers, volcanoes, waterfalls, and snow cones!
Fundraising and Enrichment Activity Updates:
SCRIP: Families can purchase gift cards from hundreds of stores, and a percentage of every card is profit for the PTO. Coming
this summer, all proceeds go towards staff salaries. Contact Brooke Bolton at (910) 273-8486 or [email protected] The next
order is due March 9th and will support 8th grade moving up.
Staff Appreciation: The January theme was POPCORN, and February will be celebrating Mardis Gras (that southern tradition of
total indulgence prior to Lent!). Thank you staff for all you do!
Eat & Greet: Come enjoy dinner at Red Robin on February 22 (4-8pm). Help the PTO earn a portion of your total bill.
BoxTops and Coke Rewards: Clip out your Box Tops and Coke Rewards and send in to your classroom parent! For questions,
please contact Brooke Bolton ([email protected]) or Trudy Hackenberg ([email protected]).
Knowledge Bowl – Our second round of Knowledge Bowl competitions is coming soon! February 7 (5th-6th grade), February 8
(3rd-4th grade), and February 9 (1st and 2nd grades). Contact Kathy Kilimann at 719.527.6376, or by E-Mail at
[email protected] for more information!
Uniform Resale/Spirit Wear Sale: Look for PTO members selling a wide variety of Spirit Wear at the schools. Contact Bobbi
Jones: 579-9347, [email protected] (Spirit wear), or Brooke Bolton at (910) 273-8486 or [email protected] (uniform
resale). Our next sale is February 10. There will not be a sale in March!
Book Covers: (1 for $1 or 12 for $10) Look for PTO members selling these custom white book covers with red lettering in the
front offices and at Uniform Resale.
Original Artworks: This family favorite project is kicking off soon—contact Alea Simmons or the PTO at [email protected]
Mother-Son Event: Skysox baseball game – May 5, 2012. Look for more information soon!
PTO website:
Facebook: Like ―Cheyenne Mountain Charter Academy PTO‖
Email: [email protected]
Lori Huthoefer
Trudy Hackenberg
[email protected] [email protected]
Class Volunteer Coordinator
Sylvia Eccles
[email protected]
Taylor Fry-Van DeMarr
[email protected]
Brooke Bolton
[email protected]
Booster Club
Lisa Villanueva and Terri Cain
[email protected]
Cheyenne Mountain Charter Academy
1605 S. Corona Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80905
Join us as we
celebrate & support
excellence in education at
the Briarhurst Manor!
April 26, 2012
Ticket sales will begin soon
for our 2nd annual silent auction
and social gathering!

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