From the Principal... Martin`s Messages... EASTSIDE ELEMENTARY



From the Principal... Martin`s Messages... EASTSIDE ELEMENTARY
Important Dates
Black American
History Month
Feb. 3
Eastside Hosts
Academic Bowl
Feb. 4
PTO Valentine
“Sock Hop”
6:00-8:00 in Gym
February 1, 2011
From the Principal...
Groundhog Day Feb 2
We’ve had a chilly start to 2011, but the students and teachers are burning through the GPS
(Georgia Performance Standards). In grades 3-5, we are preparing for the CRCT with practice
drills at least once a week. Students in these grades continue to focus on mastering their
multiplication facts. As you run errands, please help your student by reviewing their facts with
them. In the upper elementary grades, every mathematical concept builds on the
basic multiplication facts.
I hope to see you dancing at the PTO-sponsored Valentine Dance on Friday, February 4.
Leigh Munson, Principal
2011 Eastside Academic Bowl Team
Eastside’s Academic Bowl Team had their first meet on
January 20th at Arbor Springs Elementary school.
Coaches Pauline Threlkeld and Chrystie Barrett were
proud to watch the team put forth their best effort in a
tough competition. Eastside competes against teams
from other Coweta County Elementary Schools.
Eastside will host the next meet on Feb. 3 @ 4:00.
Front row: Hannah Miller, Isaac Barnett, Nate Barnett,
Arianna Dennard, Dustin Camberos Back row: Carson
Pate, Abby Lackey, Sarah Allen, and Jenna White.
Feb. 8
GYSTC visits 2nd Gr.
Feb. 11
Drama Club
“The Princess and
the Porcupine”
@ 6:30 in GYM
Feb. 14
Valentines Day
Mentor Lunch
Progress Reports
Feb. 21-25
Student Holidays
Mid Winter Break
Spelling Bee Winner!!
Nate Barnett
Winning Word: Elite
See feature article
on page 2
Martin’s Messages...
CRCT Preparation for 3rd—5th Graders:
Parents, please visit this website:
Scroll down and look on the right hand side
This Study Guide focuses on the knowledge
and skills that are tested on the Georgia
Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests
(CRCT). It is designed for teachers to use
with their students and for parents to use
with their children. This test will be given to
3rd, 4th, & 5th grade students the week of
April 18, and more information will be given
at a later time.
As always, we welcome your input and
encourage you to stop by or call the school
if you have any concerns or questions.
Thank you for your continued support of
Eastside – the BEST side!
Jena Martin, Assistant Principal
1$ Hat Days benefit Jr. Beta, Drama
Club, Academic Bowl and Relay for Life
Each Friday
Community Assistance...
Support in Time of Grief
Camp STARS for Families (Sharing Together As
Real Support) will be offered March 11-13 at
Camp Twin Lakes in Rutledge, GA. Registration is
now open for this three-day bereavement camp.
Thanks to the generosity of The Billie S. Been
Foundation, Inc., it is offered free of charge, aside
from a small registration fee of $40 per family.
For more information, visit .
Camp Dogwood is a weekend summer grief camp
for children. Please call West Georgia Hospice at
706 845 3905 for more information.
This list is not inclusive. The Coweta County School System
does not endorse or recommend the individuals/agencies listed.
Consumers should contact state licensure boards for additional
information on the counselors listed.
Mark your calendars!!
Pre-K Registration Dates
March 7-18 8:00-4:00
March 17—8:00-6:00 pm
March 18—8:00-12:00 pm
Coweta County
Snow Day Make Up Plans
From Mary Provost...School Counselor
National Schools Counseling Week, sponsored by the American School Counselor
Association [ASCA], will be celebrated from February 7-11, to focus public attention
on the unique contribution of professional school counselors within U.S. school
systems. School counselors work with school counseling programs that address the
personal/social, academic and career needs of all students. Our counseling program
very much supports the Eastside school mission: Each student will be nurtured,
guided and challenged to become a caring, productive, responsible
Counselors work with teachers and other educators to provide an
educational system where students can realize their potential.
Counselors work with parents as they encounter the challenges of
raising children in today’s world.
I would like to thank parents and teachers for all you do to make
Eastside’s counseling program possible. Please feel free to call me at school if I can be
of assistance at the important task of raising children.
Mary Provost, School Counselor
In order to make up the
required time and in order to
minimize disruptions to
family schedules, we will add
5 minutes to the school day
beginning January 31, 2011.
The additional 5 minutes will
be added to the beginning of
the instructional day. Start
times for grade levels will be
7:55 a.m. for elementary
and 8:25 a.m. for middle and
high schools.
1st Place: Nate Barnett
Runner up: Alayna Eason
4th & 5th Gr. Spelling Bee Participants
Front row: Nate Barnett, Isaac Barnett, Matthew Allen,
Matthew McGregor, Abby Cuttle, Alexis Swaim, Makenzie Hicks, Hannah
Miller. Back row: Abby Lackey, Sydney Jones, Bryce Moore, Nick Daniel,
Audrey Ross, Jenna White, Zachary Miller, Nicki Fincher, and Alayna Eason.
Health Wise from Nurse Anne...
February is the month when we celebrate “Valentines
Day” and give special attention to those we love. That
is great because all of us need love and attention in
order to maintain good health! And, this is especially
important to our children. Daily, I have the opportunity
to observe that special love being shared with
students by their attentive teachers!
Parents, it is so very important to give close attention
to your child’s needs whether they are physical or
emotional. An extra hug, a word of praise, or special
time set aside for a parent/child event can be so very
rewarding………. and, this promotes good health!
Anne Padgett, School Nurse, LPN
Car riders are NOT to be
dropped off in the front of the
school building. Car rider drop
off is in the car loop in front of
the gym. If you want to walk
your child to class, please park in
a space out front and sign in at
the front desk.
Eastside Elementary 3rd Annual
Golf [email protected]
Orchard Hills Golf Course
March 26, 2011 @ 1:30
Contact Dee Sluk for more
Information—Call or email 770 599-6621
[email protected]

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