Filters, chemicals,
vibration.........What’s missing?
That’s why you need a Kamco
power flushing pump.
Single source supplier of power flushing
pumps, chemicals, and accessories
Clearflow CF210
Titan Commercial.
The Kamco range of market leading
power flushing pumps, made in the UK
Power flushing accessories...
Fits on circulator pump body after removal of
the motor. Reduces set-up time and enables
thorough flushing of combination boiler
CombiMag power flushing filter.
Reduces the time taken for a power flush by
purging the water of debris immediately the
power flush commences. Increases flushing
efficiency and saves water. Householders can
see debris that has been removed.
CombiHeat power flushing heater.
Used to check water purity after a power
flush by comparison with mains water supply.
Can also be used to check inhibitor level of a
system when inhibitor brand is known.
ecoTestr electronic pH meter.
Used to check that system water has
a neutral pH, and to ensure complete
removal of acidic flushing chemicals.
Turbidity tube.
Used to check clarity of water after a
power flush. More accurate and consistent
than a visual check.
Heats system water to boost flushing
chemical efficiency when the boiler cannot
be used.
ecoTestr electronic TDS meter.
CP2 Circulator pump head adaptor.
CombiMag Dual combination filter and
Infra-Red laser spot thermometer.
CombiMag Twin high capacity magnetic
Water analysis kit.
CombiMag filter and CombiHeat heater in a
convenient twin cylinder unit so that water
can be heated whilst water is being filtered.
Twin cylinder CombiMag for high performance
power flushing pumps such as the Clearflow
CF210 when used on large systems.
Pipestopper plugs.
Loosens compacted radiator debris by
vibrating radiators at high frequency. An SDS
electric drill is required.
Enables expansion and cold feed pipes to be
quickly isolated without tools. Will handle
pressures generated by a power flushing
Systemsure IK6 injector unit.
Electric syphon pump.
Plate Heat Exchanger Adaptor Set.
Enables both primary and secondary
water sides of plate heat exchangers to be
thoroughly flushed after removal from the
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Enables system water to be checked for
corrosion and contaminants, and to determine
reasons for system failure resulting from
corrosion or inadequate inhibitor treatment.
RadHammer vibrator tool.
Enables chemicals to be added to systems
through radiator air bleed valves or the
filling loop of sealed systems. For both
vented and unvented systems.
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The engineer’s ‘eye’ inside a heating
system. Used to check temperature
gradients across a radiator during a flush.
Power flushing completion certificates.
Pads of 30 certificates, with a carbon copy for
retention as a record of work carried out.
Saves time and mess when emptying feed
and expansion tanks. Also used to fully
empty pump tanks. Battery operated.
Waterproof Maintenance Mat.
Prevents accidental water damage to floors
and carpets. Machine washable.
power flushing pumps you get:
Clearflow CF40 Evolution and
CF90 Quantum2
- more power, more capacity
• Ultra high flow rates to drive debris out of
heavily fouled heating systems.
• Free training course with every pump.
• Kamco helpline support, service workshop.
• Instantaneous flow reverser.
• Reversible dumping facility.
• Acid proof - can be used to descale
combination boilers and water heaters.
• 7 part hose set and fittings ready assembled.
• Extreme portability - wheel, or carry.
• Run dry capability; 75oC operation.
ultimate p
flushing pu
Clearflow CF90
Clearflow CF40
• Starter pack of chemicals for 2+ jobs.
• Waterproof hose carry container.
• Free mainland delivery.
• Promotional leaflets.
• Link to your website.
Which pump do you need?
The CF40 Evolution’s high flow rate handles systems up to 20-25 radiators over 2/3 floors. The CF90 Quantum2
does this and more, tackling even larger systems, or just simply finishing any job quicker.
For any given system, the higher the flow rate, more debris will be removed,
making the CF90 Quantum2 the ultimate in power flushing pumps.
All Kamco pumps come with a full starter kit, ready to go to work
CF40 EVOLUTION starter kit
CF90 QUANTUM2 starter kit
Don’t just flush it...............Kamco it!
CF210 TITAN starter kit
PowerFlush FX2
One-shot power flushing
and descaling chemical
most powerfuical
flushing ch uy!
you can b
A very powerful flushing chemical that enables
heating engineers to thoroughly cleanse a heating
system in one visit.
It is for use with power flushing pumps, and is the
flushing liquid to choose for the most rapid and
effective results.
System-Hush Concentrate
Boiler noise cure
Solubilises baked on corrosion and limescale
deposits which can accumulate on boiler heat
exchangers, causing kettling and other boiler
System-Hush Concentrate is added to the
system water and functions during normal
system operation. It is not necessary to drain
System-Hush Concentrate from the system.
System Pre-Clean
PowerFlush FX2 rapidly dissolves and mobilises rust,
sludge, and corrosion and hard water deposits.
It may be used with steel, cast iron, stainless steel,
copper, brass, bronze and plastics, but not aluminium.
....Power flushing and water treatment chemicals from Kamco
Neutralising Crystals
Used in conjunction with PowerFlush FX2 to
ensure neutralisation of any acidic residues
left after PowerFlush FX2 has been flushed to
Hyper-Flush Concentrate
Pre-commission cleaner
Used to remove installation debris and foulants
such as flux, jointing compounds, copper swarf,
oil, grease and casting sand from new and modified heating systems.
It neutralises aggressive flux residues to prevent
pinholing of radiators, and conditions and prepares metal surfaces of heating systems in order
that corrosion inhibitors work to the best effect.
Neutral pH power flushing liquid
Hyper-Flush Concentrate has extra solvency power to
penetrate, loosen and dissolve rust, sludge, corrosion
and scale deposits during normal operation of the
Hyper-Flush Concentrate may be used on systems
which have boilers with aluminium heat exchangers, or have aluminium radiators. It is suitable for
use on older systems showing signs of neglect (when
PowerFlush FX2 may be considerd too powerful),
and as a pre-treatment for systems with severe flow
problems, prior to power flushing.
Suitable for use with all metals and plastics commonly used in heating systems.
Corrosion and scale inhibitor
Systemsafe-DM Concentrate is a high quality inhibitor which gives long term protection to central
heating systems, and prevents internal corrosion,
scale deposition and boiler noises. It extends the
life of systems and maintains operational efficiency.
Systemsafe-DM Concentrate carries the Buildcert/
DWTA logo, proof that it has passed a tough
performance test in a laboratory independently
monitored by Buildcert.
Non-toxic antifreeze
Low toxicity antifreeze additive to protect
heating and cooling systems from freezing at
sub-zero temperatures. Depending on dosage
rate, Freezbreaker can give protection as low
as -32oC.
Suitable for use with all materials used in
heating and cooling systems, including aluminium.
Leak sealer
Cures leaks in both vented and sealed central
heating systems. System-Seal is dispersed
by the system water and will seal leaks and
weeps even in difficult to reach areas.
Doesn’t block pumps, valves, or air vents, and
is effective in maintaining pressure in sealed
Suitable for use with all metals and plastics
commonly used in heating systems.