Veteran`s Day Presentation


Veteran`s Day Presentation
Winter 2013
Amery High School
Veteran’s Day Presentation
Homecoming Royalty
Crowned King for the 2013 Homecoming was Spencer Elwood.
Crowned Queen for the 2013 Homecoming was Molly Marko
Mrs. Rose
Mrs. Marek
Mrs. Prindle
Mrs. Dueholm
Above: Former Navy SEAL Chief Petty Officer John Breske, was the speaker
at the AHS Veteran’s Day Program November 11, 2013
Meet the New
Staff Members
Mr. Anderson
Mr. Schley
Mr. Marko
New Student Council Leader Texting in Class
by Riley Walz
Christian Hoyer
I wanted the cold hard facts about
By Devin Swager
Are you worried about
your school and what’s
going to happen to it?
Would you like to see
games during warrior
time? Well that is exactly
what our Student Council President wants to do
for us. Christian Hoyer
is our Student Council
In an interview with
Christian he said “I haven’t been president long enough
to assume full presidential duties, but in time I will work
alongside the student council to arrange fun activities for
AHS.” One of the “fun activities” is to have games set up
during warrior time. So far this is the only information he
has given out.
texting in class so I went out and asked people if they texted in class. I interviewed Brice
Kasdorf, he works at subway he is sandwich
maker and he is Native American. His background is that he is Native American and he
likes to make money.
I asked him if phones should be allowed in school and he said “yes.” He told
me that he has used his phone in class many
of times and I have witnessed it. Brice thinks
that you should not have your phone taken
away for using it that is his own opinion.
He thinks you should be able to use
to because he likes to “hit people up”. Another reason he thinks they should be used
in school is because you can call someone in
case of an emergency. He said his opinion
would probably never change.
Brice is a big fan of tweeting and
snapchatting in class just like all kids are.
He likes to text in all classes. He doesn’t like
to text in Mr. Scheiffer’s class, but he never
gave a reason why. Brice is a proud owner
of a very nice Galaxy S 4.
To get a more accurate read on this
I went around the school asking if they texted in class or not and the results aren’t
too shocking. I asked 59 students the same
question of do you text in class, it was very
heavily one sided. A whopping 52 said that
they did text in class and only a smidge 7
said that they didn’t. If I were to ask the entire school and the numbers stayed around
the same that would mean that around 88%
of Amery High School texts while in class.
How often do you text
in class?
Ivan Chuy: “Dude, like 24/7”
Molly Marko: “I don’t text in
Coco Chick: “Like every
Hailey Streich: “Some of
my classes”
Jeremiah Stringer:“Never”
John Marquand: Pretty
Student Opinions
Packers vs. Vikings
by Patrick Roling
The Green Bay Packers and
the Minnesota Vikings are one of the
biggest rivalries in history and our
school is loaded with die-hard fans for
both teams. We are all high-spirited
fans waiting for the day when we can
unleash our inner team spirit.
The way to help us with this
problem is having a Packer vs. Vikings day. The day would take place
the school day before the Green Bay
Packers and the Minnesota Vikings
play. They play two times per year so
that would equal two dress up days.
Students that favor their team would
dress up to support them before the
big game. Students look forward for
homecoming week and snow week to
dress up and show spirit.
We only dress up for a two
week the whole year so this could
bring some excitement between the
students and the teachers. Dress up
days in our school show our desire to
have fun. We lack enough fun days in
school and a Packers vs. Vikings dress
up competition is just what we need.
Both team supporters always state,
“Our team is better and our team has
more supporters.”
Now is a chance to prove the
other team wrong. The rivalry has
held since 1961 with the Packers leading the all-time series 55-49-1, a total
of 105 meeting. Now it’s time for our
generation to keep the rivalry spirits going!
Fantasy Football and You
Brendon Schultz
I play and enjoy fantasy football, so I went out and asked people
their opinions and ideas about fantasy football. I asked Elijah Newton
a couple of questions and sort made
an interview out of it. I asked him
if he had a job and he told me he
worked on a farm and his title was
His background includes playing
football, wrestling, and getting good
grades. He didn’t have any past jobs
and he’s overall, a good kid.
I asked him if he played fantasy football and how his team was
doing if he did play. He said that he
did play fantasy football and that he
only lost one game. I asked if he could
have any player and he said Jimmy
Graham and he said because he’s a
monster. I asked his opinion on Peyton Manning and he responded by
saying, he’s really good and he wants
him. I asked what he would do if
his team was all injured or just went
down the drain and he said he would
just pick up new players. I asked why
he plays fantasy football and he said
that it’s fun and that he gains bragging rights. He said he prefers fantasy football over fantasy baseball and
that his favorite player on his team
is Jimmy Graham. I asked if he regretted any draft choices he had and
he said that Montee Ball was a bust
and he thought that Drew Brees was
going to have a good game week 5
against Chicago. I asked Eli if he was
mad at anybody in his league and he
said he was mad at Riley Walz for being a smart (butt).
I also, went around surveying staff and students if they played
fantasy football and the turnout was
quite odd in my opinion. Guys of
Amery High School, you may want
to stop reading this if you don’t want
to know the cold, hard facts. The results showed that about 35 of those
surveyed did not play fantasy football and that only about 10 of those
surveyed DID play. I thought this was
very shocking but there is still some
hope, some male teachers DO play
fantasy football.
Summary is: most kids in the
school don’t play fantasy football,
some male teachers DO play, and Riley Walz is a smart (butt). Don’t worry kids there’s still some hope, no,
not everybody plays fantasy football
but, Mr. Doerfler does play fantasy
and that’s all that matters.
some male teachers DO play fantasy
Summary is: most kids in the
school don’t play fantasy football,
some male teachers DO play, and Riley Walz is a smart (butt). Don’t worry
kids there’s still some hope, no, not
everybody plays fantasy football but,
Mr. Doerfler does play fantasy and
that’s all that matters.
NFL’s New Rules
by Patrick Roling
The NFL used to be fun, entertaining,
and an everyday sellout game, until
the NFL started adding rule after rule.
Players and fans have agreed that it
isn’t even the same sport anymore
due to the rapid change of rules. Running backs can’t run with their head
down, which was taught to make it
safer for them. Defenders can’t hit up
high anymore which causes them to
hit lower in the legs which can create
new injuries.
Now, the NFL is pondering
whether or not to increase the number of playoff participants to 14 teams
instead of the already 12. This would
give your team a better chance of
making the playoffs but increase the
season so teams would have an increase in chance of receiving injuries.
A poll has been taken in the Amery
High School and the students have
spoken. A heavily favored vote of five
out of every six students wants to keep
the same number of NFL participants
to 12. The main reason being is that
teams who don’t even hold a record
over .500 , in other words having a
winning record, could make the playoffs and the students feel that it just
isn’t fair to the teams that deserve it.
But the result of this discussion is all
about how we fans feel about it. So…
How do you feel about it?
Stopping Bullying
by Terra Johnson
Although the prevention of
bullying is important, teaching children/teenagers how to stand up for
themselves and deal with bullies,of
ignoring the problem, can be a better
Signe Whitson, a writer for Psychology today, said, “While school
policies focus on zero-tolerance
and criminal penalties are wielded
for some of the most egregious
bullies, others know what coaches
have been saying for years: the best
offense is a good defense. Statistics
show that 58% of children admit to
telling an adult that they are being
bullied, which would mean that a
zero-tolerance for bullying policy
would not help a child who is too
scared to tell an adult. But if that
same child was taught how to stand
up for themselves, it might make
the bully think twice about bullying
the child.
Later in Whitson’s article
she says, “Kids can change their
own world by developing a set of
skills that makes bullying unrewarding.” Unfortunately, a lot of children
are taught that ignoring the bully or
telling on them will solve the problem, and although I agree the child
should tell an adult, the adult might
not always do something, or the
bully will continue. Ignoring the
bully could be the worst thing to do
because the tormentor might say
or do worse and worse things until
they get a reaction.
Therefore, I think that
schools or parents should teach
bully prevention and continue to
enforce the zero-tolerance policy.
Teaching the child to cope could
also improve their confidence,
knowing that they have the tools to
hopefully stop the bullying.
With teaching children
to cope, and enforcing the zerotolerance policy, schools and parents, have a better chance of stopping bullying, or at least changing
more kids’ lives. When children are
equipped with the knowledge or
how to prevent bullying, and knowing they have a safe place to turn
to, their chances of stopping a bully
are greatly improved.
If you would like to express your opinion regarding an appropriate topic for the school newspaper, please see Mrs. Lockwood.
Students may submit editorials or a letter to the editor for
Please note: the ideas/ opinions expressed here are from individual students and may not necessarily reflect the opinions of others in the district including the staff.
Hunter Marko Championship
by Patrick
“Here we are
folks! Hunter
Marko (46-2),
Amery Wisconsin, takes
on Taylor Elliott (37-2),
representing Prairie Du
Chien, for the
State Wrestling Championship here
at the Madison Kohl Center! Both men are
set. And here… we….go!
After an early lead, Taylor started up
by two points ahead of Hunter Marko. Both
players were plenty nervous starting off
while the fans just waited for the first person to let the nerves settle in. That person
would be Hunter Marko.
Hunter returned with a four point
sweep until he would eventually put Taylor
Elliott in trouble and pin him. A match that
took three minutes and 49 seconds held
quite a lot of excitement not only for the
fans, but for the players as well.
Marko stated that, “This was one of
the most pressured moments in my life, this
being my biggest match of my career and
representing Amery.” Despite the nerves
and all of the pressure, Hunter made Amery
proud. Not just winning the state championship but to even get to this extraordinary
event is all about hard work and putting in
your best effort.
When the question came on how
much effort and practice that Hunter put
in to his wrestling career, I couldn’t believe
what my ears heard! “I practice every day,
about six times a week,” says Hunter. “Out
of those six days, three of them include me
going into the cities and working out there.
The workouts include lifting and running
around.” Six times a week and half going to
the cities every day for hours!
Amery has much to thank for Hunter Marko putting all of his time into representing Amery. “I would like to thank my
parents, friends, coaches, and the fans for
supporting me,” stated Hunter. “You guys
are the reason that I wrestle. I’m definitely
not at my peek. There is a lot of room for
All I can do is work harder and put more
time in.” Dedication to the game he loves is what
got him where he is. Hunter Marko is an excellent
example of the saying, “If you believe in yourself
and put your time and effort in, your dreams can
come true.”
We in Amery would like to say thank you
to Hunter and praise him for his accomplishments. And we are all behind you as you take
on the path to defend your title!
Breast Cancer
In Men
It’s in your genes (family history)
Abnormal enlarge breasts
Klinefelter’s Syndrome
Severe liver disease
Diseases of the Testicles
Testicular Injury
There are several treatments for breast cancer
like surgery, Radiation therapy, Chemotherapy, Hormone therapy, and Biological therapy.
There are also a few ways that can help prevent breast cancer like Mammograms, Exercise (controlling your weight), Limiting alcohol
use, not smoking, and limiting your exposer to
by Heather Whitlock
October is Breast Cancer Awareness
Month. What is breast cancer?
“Breast Cancer is an uncontrolled growth of beast
“The term “Breast Cancer” refers to the malignant tumor that has developed from cells in the
Who can get breast cancer? Both Men and Women can get breast cancer. Breast cancer is more
common in women because when women undergo puberty their breast ducts begin to grow.
Breast Cancer is caused by genetic abnormality
or mistake in the genetic material. Only 5-10% of
cancers are from the abnormality inherited from
your mother and/or father. But 85-90% of Breast
Cancer is due to genetic abnormalities from the
aging process.
Breast cancer can be caused by several
different factors like:
In Women
It’s in your genes (if your mother, sister,
daughter has had breast cancer you are two to
three times more likely to develop the disease.)
Previously had ovaries cancer
Menstruating before 12 and stopping
after 55
First child after 30
Birth control pills
iPhone vs. Android?
by Jocelyn Berding
Chances are you or someone you know has an iPhone or Android (or some sort of smartphone).
Society today basically relies on technology to connect with others. Back in the day, it used to be letters, and then we evolved and kept getting more
and more advanced in our ways of communication.
Today you can by a device, push a few buttons, and
within seconds be connected to the person on the
other end of the line.
Statistics say that if you’re to buy a phone,
you most likely want a smartphone. Just think
about it. A touch screen, apps, a better camera, a
slick design, it all adds up. But just which smartphone do you want? There’s so many! Well most
people choose the iPhone or a type of Android
processed phone. They are the leading brands for
One big difference is the hardware. Apple is
the only company that offers the iPhone; therefore
it has complete control over how the software and
hardware work together. Google Android, however, is offered to many phone makers (example:
Samsung, Motorola, HTC, LG). With that being said,
Android may vary in many ways like the size of the
phone, the weight, different features, user experience, and the quality.
Regardless of the details, many people like
to choose half based on the look of the phone. It’s
all up to your personal preference. As for Amery
High School, the results were almost equal. 46% of
kids would prefer/had and Android and 54% of kids
would prefer/had an iPhone. That’s not to mention
the kids that had absolutely no preference!
Which is better?
iphone or android?
Jorgen Stevens- Iphone
Reece Vergin- Android
Christian Hoyer- Iphone
Caressa Forgner- Android
Maggie Armbrust- Android
For more information about creating a WISCareers
Account, stop in the guidance office.
Bailey Adams- Android
Amery FFA
by Riley Walz
Amery high school’s FFA
invited the elementary students
over so the FFA could teach them
what FFA does and help them understand it. I got a change to talk
to Eli Newton and Kellie about
some of the things they talk about
individually to the kids. They
both told me that FFA is very fun
and that they encourage anyone
to join if they are thinking about
it because anyone is more than
welcome to! Now there are many
kids in FFA but due to short notice I only got the chance to talk
to Eli and Kellie Kjeseth who both
really like FFA.
What Eli did at food for
America is he talk about cheese
and how it’s made and how farming plays a role in it like how
cheese has milk from cows. He
also talked about hay bailers,
how you put hay in and big round
hay bales come out. Eli told me
that he thinks it’s good that the
younger kids come and learn
about FFA because one it’s good
to learn about farming and everyone around here should
know a little about it and I agree
with that. The second reason
he thinks it’s good is because
the kids get out of school and
how doesn’t like getting out of
Kellie got to take pictures for FFA (that lucky dog).
She walked around to all the
stations where all the other FFA
members were explaining their
topics. She got good pictures
of FFA members teaching the
younger kids about it. I bet they
turned out very nice!
All in all everyone that
is in FFA seems to really enjoy it
and they recommended that you
go out for it! This is Riley Walz
signing out! Stay classy Amery!
Careers & Technology Fieldtrip
to WITC New Richmond
On Thursday, November
14, Careers students and
Lifeskills students ventured
to WITC in New Richmond
to get some hands-on experience in several program areas.
Some of the areas include:
Business, Manufacturing,
Health Care, and Criminal
Chaperones for the trip
were: Mrs. Ganje, Mrs.
Kuhl, and Mrs. Lockwood.
WESTconsin Credit
Union at AHS
WESTconsin Credit Union is a member owned financial institution that has 9 locations in Midwest Wisconsin. WESTconsin recently opened a bank inside of
Amery High School located next to the office.
There you can cash checks, withdrawal from
your accounts, and do pretty much anything else you
can do at the main branches. Amery joins New Richmond and Hudson in having a bank inside the school.
It will be a big help in teaching the students financial
literacy and responsibility. The AHS Credit Union is
open Monday, Tuesday, and Friday during both
AHS Credit Union Hours
During both lunches
From the Players
What is ONE word to describe
this season?
Girls Tennis
Ricci Maloney: New Experience
Terra Johnson: GREAT
Bekah Storm: Competitive
Boy’s Soccer
Tanner Dopkins: Dissapointing
Jacob Witz: Unexpected
Devin White: Gettin’
Cross Country
Trent Dado: Flamin’
Christian Hoyer: Successful
David Smith: Excellent
Sonny Anderson: Anticlimatic
Mitchel Meyer: Disapointing
Connor Wears: Rockin’
Emily Simonson: Improvement
Erica Elmer: Interesting
Sam Otis: Intense
The Amery Varsity Tennis team started their season out
strong and pulled off a fantastic record of five wins and
only two losses. Individually, every player had a very successful
season and worked extremely hard
towards their personal goal.
Our number one singles,
Molly Stewart, beat Altoona at
Sub-sectionals and also Unity in
sectionals and is currently going
to State. She finished her season
with a record of 13-8. Terra Johnson, the number
two singles, lost a
close match against
Ashland and finished her season
with a record of
13-8. Kayla Olson,
three singles, won
against Phillips and
Ashland in subs,
but unfortunately
lost to Altoona and
Regis in sectionals.
Her record this season was 16-7.
Bekah Storm, number
four singles, won against Ashland
in sub sectionals. In
Sectionals, she lost to Aquinas but
won against Baldwin
gaining her third place. Her overall record was 20-2. The number
one doubles team, Victoria Matter
and Hannah Julson, played a very
close match against Unity, but unfortunately lost. Their record this
season was 9-12. The number two
doubles team; Candace Slater and
Alicia Peterson won against Unity
and Phillips in Sub-sectionals but
lost to Altoona and Ashland in
Sectionals, placing them in fourth.
Their record for this season was
13-6 Third doubles; Lilly Soderberg
and Rosalie Wolff won against Barron and Ashland in Subs, but lost
to Regis and Altoona in Sectionals.
They finished their season with a
record of 12-7.
Every player worked very hard to
accomplish their goals this season. Even against teams that were
tougher they played their hardest
and didn’t give the other team an
easy win.
Girls Tennis
by Terra Johnson
Above: Miss Amery 2013-14 Allison
Miss Amery Competition
2012-13 Court: Megan Blair First Princess,
Ashley Doroff Third Princess, Leah Dix
Fourth Princess, Molly Marko Miss Congeniality and Miss Amery, and Anna Ruehlow
Second Princess
2013-14 Court: Cami Schafer Second Princess, Skye Schwartz First Princess, Allison
Schultz Miss Amery, Amy Johnson First
Princess, Bethany Dix Miss Congeniality
107 Power St.
Amery WI 54001
(715) 268-5250
[email protected]
New Teachers
Mrs. Dueholm
What college did you attend?
UW-River Falls
What made you want to be a teacher?
I’m a secretary now, but I was a sub teacher for 7
years and I enjoyed working with the kids.
Where have you taught other than Amery
High School?
Luck, St. Croix Falls, and Unity.
What are some of you hobbies?
Reading(If I ever have time!) and anything outside: Walking, snowmobiling, waterskiing, ice
fishing, gardening, landscaping, and swimming at
the lake.
What is your favorite thing about teaching
at Amery High School?
Every day is full of lots of variety!
What is one goal you have on you bucket
To visit our Compassion International sponsor
child in Guatemala
If you could travel anywhere in the world
where would you go?
What is your favorite part of the day?
Having my two kinds gun in from the bus and giving me hugs
What is your favorite sport/sports team?
The Badgers
Mrs. Marek
What college did you attend?
I attended St. Cloud State University for
B.S. in Art Education, and U.W. River Falls for
a M.S. in Education.
What made you want to be a teacher?
I enjoy helping people and I love the energy and imagination of kids. I get to have fun
at work and serve our children and community
as a teacher.
What are some of your hobbies?
I have three kids so I spend a lot of time
involved in their school and sports activities.
We love to travel as a family and usually take
at least one long road trip in the summer. Last
summer we went to Washington D.C. and Williamsburg, VA.
Mr. Anderson
What college did you attend?
WITC Rice Lake
What are some of you hobbies?
Hunting and Fishing and Sports
What is one goal you have on
you bucket list?
Moose hunting in Alaska
If you could travel anywhere in the
world where would you go?
Canada to go fishing again
What is your favorite part of the day?
When it’s time to go home
What is your favorite sport/sports team?
Mr. Marko
What college did you attend?
U.W. Stout
What made you want to be a teacher?
I wanted to be a teacher because I had
some great teachers that influenced me and I still
think about them to this day. I wanted to have the
same influence on kids that my teachers had on
Where have you taught other than Amery High
Somerset High School
What are some of your hobbies?
I enjoy hunting, movies, and weight lifting when I have time to do it.
What is your favorite thing about teaching at
Amery High School?
Honestly, the kids are my favorite thing
about being at the high school.
What is one goal you have on your bucket list?
To win a team state wrestling title.
If you could travel anywhere in the world where
would you go?
Europe, because once you are there, you
can visit so many different countries just by driving.
What is your favorite part of the day?
4th block
What is your favorite sport/sport team?
U of M Wrestling Team
Mrs. Rose
What college did you attend?
UW Stout – Go Blue Devils!
What made you want to be a teacher?
I was inspired by my own High School Biology
Where have you taught other than
Amery High School?
Student Taught at Hudson.
What are some of you hobbies?
Fishing, playing softball, volleyball, baking, being with family and friends, and basketball.
What is your favorite thing about teaching at Amery High School?
The awesome students and staff!
What is one goal you have on you
bucket list?
Run a marathon.
If you could travel anywhere in the
world where would you go?
What is your favorite part of the day?
Interacting my students and really getting to
know them.
What is your favorite sport/sports team?
Favorite sport- Fast pitch softball
Favorite team- Green Bay Packers
Where have you taught other than Amery High
I taught art at New Richmond and Unity. I
also taught 4th grade in Siren.
What is your favorite thing about teaching at Amery
High School?
Amery has the best Art Dept. team. The art
teachers have been so nice and helpful to me. The
students in my classes have been great so far too.
What is one goal you have on your bucket list?
I would like to travel to Europe to see some
of the art and architecture I haves studied.
If you could travel to anywhere in the world where
would you go?
While I was in Europe I would like to see
art, and the South of France to make art.
What is your favorite part of the day?
My favorite time of the day is probably
early morning when it is calm and quiet, or bedtime
when I read with my daughter.
What is your favorite sport/sport team?
I like watching all levels of soccer, especially the Amery and Osceola H.S. teams. I also like
watching professional soccer teams, Manchester
United and of course, the Green Bay Packers.
Mr. Schley
What college did you attend?
U.W. River Falls
What made you want to be a teacher?
The great teachers that I had in school inspired me.
Where have you taught other than Amery High
I was a substitute in Prescott, New Richmond, and Cornell. This is my first full-time teaching job
What are some of your hobbies?
Hanging out with my wife and three children, playing guitar and writing music, and I also
love to cook!!
What is your favorite think about teaching at Amery
High School?
The very friendly and the helpful staff have
helped make the transition for me a lot easier, and
the wonderful students.
What is one goal you have on your bucket list?
I like to think that I am too young to have a
bucket list. If I write one this weekend it will definitely have scuba diving on it.
If you could travel anywhere in the world where
would you go?
Probably either to Japan or Italy. I love
Italian food and I love to eat sushi!
What is your favorite part of the day?
I really enjoy my mornings. I have always
been a morning person, especially since I started
drinking coffee.
What is your favorite sport/sport team?
Football! Growing up I loved the Miami
Dolphins because all we got in was NBC (which
covered AFC football then.) Currently I enjoy
watching the Vikings, although my favorite team is
the Packers.
* Thanksgiving Dinner
& Gripes
* Hot and Cold Rooms
* Winter Sports
* Scraping Windshields
* Deer Hunting
* Homework
* Fantasy Football
* Short Days
* Homecoming Fun
* Cold Weather Coming
Get Involved
Art Club Advisor: Ms. Schmidt
This club is when students work on art projects to help the high
school environment. Some of the projects they have completed
include murals in classrooms and in the community.
Chess Club
Advisor: Mr. Buenzli
Students learn the game or play and practice if they already
know how to play. A future goal of this club is to travel to chess
FCCLA Advsior: Mrs. Larson
Students are involved in activities to help them learn about
careers in family and consumer areas.
Advisor: Mrs. Peterson
Students practice their speaking skills and compete against other
French Club
Advisor: Mrs. Rimestad
Students go on field trips to help them improve their language
and cultural skills, including a trip to France. French club gives
yearly donations to Médecins Sans Frontiéres (Doctors without
Advisor: Mrs. Lockwood
Students help run Worn Again, a local non-profit business.
Please submit your senior pictures to
Mrs. Lockwood before January 15.
Advisor: Mr. Meyer
Students build their leadership skills by competing with students
from other schools and by attending FFA Conferences.
National Honor Society
Advisor: Mrs. Kurtzhals
Students are elected to the society based on character,
scholarship, leadership and service. Members participate in
activities including helping the American Red Cross set up and
take down the local bloodmobile.
Advisor: Mr. Kellogg
Staff members organize activities throughout the year to help
students build assets needed for success. They are also available
to support students who need someone to talk to or ask
School Store
Advisor: Ms. Lockwood
Students manage and operate a school-based enterprise in the
concession stand. Profits from the store are used for scholarships
and school-wide events.
Spanish Club
Advisor: Mrs. Kube
Students go on field trips to help them improve their language
and cultural skills including a trip to Mexico/Costa Rica or a
Spanish speaking country.
Advisors: Mrs. Anich/Mrs.Ganje
Students who have chosen to become STARS make a
commitment to be positive role models, both in and out of
school. They have a vested interest in promoting healthy choices,
including, but not limited to, educating younger students on the
effects of unhealthy behavior.
Hot Rod
Student Council
Advisor: Mrs. Moreau
Students must apply and meet specific criteria to be appointed
to be positive role models, both in and out of school. These
students also promote and practice positive school pride,
community service and school service through various events
throughout the year.
VAC Advisor: Ms. Schmidt
Students create art projects and compete against other students.
Science Club
Students who are itersted in science outside of just regular
science classes can plan a Rube Goldberg Machine, this years
goal is to make one that wil inflate and pop a balloon in a six foot
square area. They meet Mondays at 7am.
Skills USA Advisor: Mr. Chelberg
Students participate in leadership activities and conferences
related to technology and industry.
Creative Corner
The creative corner shows
the student body what kind of talent that this school has. When
students make artwork such as
paintings, drawings, or even poetry, they have the chance to be put
into the creative corner to show
everybody the talent that these
people have. Most of the artwork can be
found in the glass case by the library and others can be found all
over the school. Artwork is all
about showing what hard work
you put in, so put in all of your
effort, and you can end up in the
Above Drawing by: Kaylie Johnson Below Painting By: Robbie Hodgson
By: Ivan Chuy, Reece Vergin, Austin Stern
Warrior Clothing available in the school store:
Sweatshirts, T-shirts, and Comfy Sweatpants.
Teachers Trivia Contest
Enter to win a prize!
1. Who was a camp counselor for 6 years?
A. Mr. Meyer
B. Mrs. Lockwood
C. Mr. Gould
D. Mr. Boyd
7. This teacher sold prescription drugs...
A. Mrs. Kube
B. Mr. Pickard
C. Mrs. Ruehlow
D. Mr. Schieffer
2. This teacher has been to Guam, Japan, and
A. Mr. Buenzli
B. Mr. Bielmeier
C. Mrs. Pabst
D. Mr. Chelberg
8. This teacher has four plates and 14
screws in his face...
A. Mr. Meyer
B. Mrs. Schmidt
C. Mrs. Larson
D. Mr. Kellogg
3. The best mario cart player in the school is...
A. Ms. Anich
B. Mr. Enslin
C. Mr. Gould
D. Mrs. Rose
9. This teacher went to college in Scotland
for a year...
A. Mr. Fitzgerald
B. Mrs. Rose
C. Mr. Doerfler
D. Mr. Meyer
4. This teacher had a mullet and was in a band
that toured Africa..
A. Mr. Enslin
B. Mr. Jenkins
C. Mr. Haakenson
D. Mr. Bosley
5. The nickname of this teacher is Fuzzy...
A. Mrs. Badman
B. Mr. Marko
C. Mrs. Coleman
D. Mr. Kellogg
6. This teacher sang barbershop..
A. Mrs. Kube
B. Mr. Pickard
C. Mrs. Ruehlow
D. Mr. Schieffer
Enter to win a Prize!!!!!! Entries can be dropped of in the
box in the office!!
Homecoming 2013
Teacher Photo Poll:
What is your favorite genre of music?
Mrs. Pabst: Country Mr. Buenzli:
Classic Rock
Mr. Schley: Folk
Mr. Jenkins: Folk
Mr. Chelberg: Rock
Mrs. Dueholm: Kids
Mr. Gould: Classic
Mr. Meyer: KS95
Mrs. Ruehlow:
Depending on the
mood. Jazz, classical, and cities 97
Mr. Enslin:
Photo Poll
What is your favorite thing about fall?
Brianna Wundrow:
Football season
Bella Byrnes:
Griffin Bryan: The
Ashley Simonson:
Pretty leaves
Austin Ziemann:
Hailey Streich: Volleyball
Patrick Roling: Basketball Starting
Mike Meinen: Hunting
Bethany Dix: The
Wesley Sigsworth:
The leaves Super
Cheyanne Sigsworth:
Bekah Storm: Tennis
Photo Poll
Molly Vincent:
Mckenna Jackson:
If you could travel anywhere in the world where
would it be?
Chloe Porter: Scotland
Felicia Jensen:
Elijah Sjogren: Minnesota
Brandon Johnson:
Maggie Armbrust:
Mitch Spafford:
Tyree Davis: Ireland
Spencer Elwood:
Parker Martinson:
Kelsi Root: Britian
Photo Poll
Kayla Olson: Super
Tanner Peterson:
Speed like Flash
If you could have any superpower what would it be?
Dillon Klein: Fly
Jorgen Stevens:
Shape Shifting
Photo Poll
Liz Monette:
Jack Ince: Imortality
Matt Goodrum:
Ashley Arianna
Colten F: SpiderMans
Trenton Harris:
Austin Stern: Flying
Kyle Anderson:
The Force
What is your favorite T.V. show?
Carl Oman: Gold
Kody Dudgeon:
Pawn Stars
Sam Black: Ridiculousness
Erika Heiden:
Grey’s Anatomy
Austin Von Doehren: Ridiculousness
Corey Moore:
Rylee Black: Big Bang
Jared Shelby: Two
and a Half Men
Ben Eastman:
Nick Carlson: The
Terra Johnson: Breaking Bad
Chandler Green:
The Mentalist
All AHS Juniors participated in the Mad City Money Personal Financial Literacy
Simulation on Wednesday, November 20.
Thank you to all of the
business sponsors Who
helped with
Mad City Money!
Mad City
For the latest in high
school sports and activities
read the . . .
215 S. Keller Ave., Amery, WI 54001
Phone 715-268-8101
Fax 715-268-5300
Email: [email protected]
Outside-In Gift Shop
Silver EArrings
Ladies Clothes
Yankee Candles
Christmas Ornaments
Kids Hats and Scarves
Unique Foods
Free Gift Wrapping
100 Keller Avenue, Amery, WI 54001
Amery Regional Medical Center, Amery, WI 54001
FCCLA officers (from left
to right) Leah Dix, Maggie
Armbrust, Samantha Sigsworth, Meredith Engman,
Mykaela Otto, Joe Gates,
and Maddy Armbrust
made dog treats to donate
to Arneel Memorial Humane Society.
The Dawg House, we all know that its the name
of our fan section during sporting events. But Sonny Anderson, one of the head cheerleaders of our fan section,
says its more than that. “The Dawg House gives us an
identity. As soon as you come into our school you become a Warrior, so why not give yourself a new name
at a sporting event and become a Dawg? A lot of people
ask the question, why do you call yourselves the Dawg
House, it doesn’t make sense!..It doesn’t need to make
sense, as long as your having fun.Thats what matters.
Caught at the Right Moment
Specializing in Old-Fashioned
Ice Cream Treats,
Fresh Ground Espresso Drinks
& Gourmet Coffee
Present this ad and receive a
with the purchase of a Large Hot Cocoa,
Cappuccino, Latte or Gourmet Coffee.
Monday – Saturday
In The Hall Homecoming
Color Day
Hick Day
Newspaper Staff
Heather Witlock
Ashley Ziemann
Harlee Schuldt
Zack Pittman
Zack Norlund
Mackenzie Martin
Morgan Marko
Luke Lovejoy
Randi Jo Kuettel
Editors: Patrick Roling and Hallie
Mrs. Lockwood
Other submissions from English
students and high school teachers.
Spirit Day
Staff Writers & Photographers
Patrick Roling
Hallie Krueger
Sam Otis
Parker Martenson
Wesley Sigsworth
Riley Walz
Brendon Shultz
Jocelyn Berding
Jared Shelby
Tyler Shepherd
Ben Eastman
Devin Swager
Mckenna Jackson
Terra Johnson
Melanie Holter
Sofia Montana
Cheyanne Sigsworth

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