Seafood and Sandals



Seafood and Sandals
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Seafood and Sandals
goes to the Mexican Riviera
Please JOin us!
Hola, mis amigos! It’s springtime again
and the Epilepsy Foundation is inviting its friends
to celebrate el sol with fun and with style,
with great food, a fiesta, and a cause that's worthwhile!
The “Mexican Riviera” is this year’s destination,
so gather your sandals and appetites for some tasty crustaceans.
Yes, it’s “Seafood and Sandals,” our annual soiree,
so let’s salt up some rims and drink some José!
Come in Chacos, in Tevas, in Merrills, in Crocs,
open-toed, velcroed, or in Birkenstocks.
Get ready for fun, for cerveza, comida
a great time, a great cause, and un dia bonita!
Friday, June 6, 2008, 5:30 - 9:30pm
Denver Botanic Gardens
1005 York Street
Denver, Colorado
$85 per person
After June 1, $95 per person
Whatever goes with
your Sandals
Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado
234 Columbine St, Denver, CO 80206
Phone reservations: 303.377.9774
Email inquiries: [email protected]
On-line reservations:
Invitation:Layout 1
11:31 AM
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We are most grateful
for sponsorship
Here are the sponsorship opportunities designed to offer an
exceptional evening for you and your guests, while raising funds to
support the Jason Fleishman Summer Camp for youth and the
education and training programs provided by the
Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado:
$5,000 Yacht Table Sponsorship
Casual table of 10 with a picnic atmosphere; one personal table
attendant and select wines for tasting; personalized reserved table
sign with your message of hope for people with epilepsy;
full-page ad in the evening program.
$2,500 Catamarann Table Sponsorship
Casual table of 10; personalized reserved table sign;
half-page ad in the evening program.
$1,250 Sailboat Table
Casual table of 10; reserved table sign; listing in
the evening program.
**All sponsor seating is reserved. All other seating is open.
Tickets are $85 per person ($95 per person after June 1)
Event Committee
Carol Ciluffo, CHAIRWOMAN, Anita Budraitis, Kim Franzen,
Brooke Gordon, Liz Kaufman, Dana Keating, Peret Martellini,
Candy Palazzo, Kate Petrocco, Gail Pundsack,
Kathy Welker and Sara Yerkey

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