CSM - SIMS, Inc.


CSM - SIMS, Inc.
Central Station Manager
2003 SIMS Users Conference
by Susie Stringer, SIMS Inc.
Email: [email protected]
What CSM Is……...
Purchased from TAMCO in 1993.
 For small to medium sized central stations.
 UL 1981 Classified, UL 879 & ULC Listed.
 Many advanced features.
 Alpha
Paging, Remote Logger, Service
Manager, Email, Faxing, Radish Board.
What CSM is Not…….
NOT as powerful as SIMS II.
 NOT complete support for newer formats
such as Contact ID and SIA fully.
 NOT robust enough for large centrals.
 NOT actively being upgraded by SIMS
beyond the current version.
How CSM has evolved…...
Five new versions of CSM have been
released since SIMS bought TAMCO.
 v5.21
(aka 5.31) in 1994
 v5.22 released in 1995
 v6.00 released in 1996
 v6.01 released in 1997
 Current v6.02 released in 1999
CSM v6.02 added…..
Full Screen traffic display.
 Better multi-language support.
 Y2k patches and corrections.
 Room for new receiver interfaces.
 QuickHist is now color coded by event.
Where does CSM go from here ?
SIMS continues to sell CSM.
 SIMS will continue to make program
corrections to the program as we have with
SIMS I but there will be no enhancements
made beyond current features.
 CSM sites can upgrade to SIMS II for the
cost difference.
New Colors, New Look……..
Different but similar to older versions….
Full Screen Traffic keeps operators informed….
More room, more information while dispatching…..
More signals for the account ? CSM tells you….
Current Account Information and more…..
New Supervisor Functionality…...
Easier Language Configuration….
More control over signal handling…..
Any Questions ?
Files to download from Web Site for CSM:
• 602SYSM.EXE - System Maintenance Program
• 602BATCH.EXE - CSMBATCH Report Program
• CSM-ENG.EXE - English Language Overlays
• CSM-SPA.EXE - Spanish Language Overlays
• KEYxxxx.EXE - Your keyfile (xxx=serial number)

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