Large User Interface



Large User Interface
Platform Catalogue
Catalogue Section 2
Product Bulletin LUI
Issue 07 2002
Large User Interface
I ntroduction
The Large User Interface (LUI) is a local display
for the FX10 and FX15 controller series.
It is designed for the end user, the operator or the
maintenance people who needs a straightforward
way to monitor and adjust controller points.
Information are presented in a textual format on
the 4x20 LCD backlit display. The display can be
used as a portable, hand-held unit, or permanently
mounted in a panel or on the wall.
LUI Display
Features and Benefits
Menu Operations
Provide easy / intuitive operation – select from a
list of functions to monitor and control the system
Alarm Summary
Provide a quick view of currently active or nonactive but not acknowledged alarm conditions
(up to 10 simultaneous alarms)
Password Access
Provides protection against unauthorised use
Shortcuts to Specific Pages
On the standard JCI front plate a number of
buttons have been chosen to allow direct access
to specific configuration pages
Hardware Customisation
Possibility to customise position, number and
associated icons of front-plate buttons / LEDs.
Software Customisation
Possibility to fully customise the display look and
feel through the UI-Maker of the FX-Tools
software package
© 2002 Johnson Controls, Inc.
Part No. DS 24.432 E Rev. A
P roduct Overview
The LUI display is a fully configurable user interface, both in terms of hardware (buttons and LEDs) and
software application. It is a slave display and loads its application from the FX controller it is connected to.
The display application is built on top of the control application by means of the FX-UIMaker software, part
of the FX-Tools package. The display comes with a standard JCI front plate with a fixed number of
buttons and associated icons, but its look can be fully customised (upon minimum order).
Alarm Indication
Independently from the software application, as
soon as an alarm condition is detected, the
ALARM SUMMARY page pops up, the buzzer will
be activated only for the alarms that require
The alarm summary page provides an overview of
all points currently in alarm (10 max).
The LUI display is programmed with the FXUIMaker software tool part of the standard FXTools package. You can select and name points
from the application program using the predefined
point description, or modify them as you see fit, in
terms familiar to the end user. You can define the
functions associated to each button and LED.
For more details please refer to the FX-UIMaker
product bulletin. The program is automatically
uploaded to the LUI once connected to a target
controller (FX10 or FX15).
Password Protection
The LUI display has a password system, definable
through the FX-UIMaker with three possible
security levels.
N2Open Communication
The LUI display can be connected to the FX10
“Standard”, the FX10 “Advanced” by means of the
DLI card or directly to the FX15 “Universal” and
FX15 “Classic” on the local N2Open port.
Catalogue Section 2
N avigation Buttons
The navigation keys
have specific functions that are independent from
the display application loaded and are related to the status of the page visualised.
The first page to be visualised is the Welcome Page, there are two possible status:
to visualise the cursor and enter ACTIVE mode.
buttons allow scrolling among the horizontal tag menus.
(Figure 1)
keys to move the cursor among the menu tags or among the parameter
values possibly present also in the welcome page.
to enter the page associated to the selected menu tag or to set the parameter in EDIT mode.
goes back to IDLE mode.
Once entered a page, either from a menu tag of the Welcome page or from a shortcut button of the front
plate, the possible actions are the following:
buttons allow scrolling within the page lines.
buttons allow changing pages within the same page group, see fig 2.
brings the page to the ACTIVE status.
goes back to the welcome page.
(Figure 2)
Catalogue Section 2
The cursor is now visible and with the
buttons it is possible to move among the
variable values. If the variable is READ ONLY it will not be possible to place the cursor on it.
Once the cursor is positioned over a variable, by pressing the
button, we enter the EDIT mode and
the value can now be modified.
goes back to the IDLE mode.
key to confirm the modified value.
to go back to the active mode without confirmation of the changes.
buttons to modify the value of the variable.
A larm Page
The alarm summary page automatically pops up as soon as an alarm is active. The buzzer sounds
intermittently and the active alarm is shown with a flash icon.
(Figure 3)
The status can be ACK or NACK or nothing, it’s the programmer that defines whether an alarm needs to be
acknowledged or not.
An alarm will show no flash icon and NACK status if it is no longer active but it has not been
acknowledged (and was required to).
key does the acknowledgement, tool dependent.
An alarm event will be removed from the list when the transition to the no alarm state is received from the
master and the alarm has been acknowledged (if necessary). The maximum alarm list depth is 10
simultaneous alarms. The Alarm Summary Page can be displayed automatically (on alarm event
reception) or on operator demand (pressing the alarm option when on the Welcome Page). If an editing
session is ongoing and an alarm event is received, display of the Alarm Summary page will be deferred till
the completion of the session. In the Alarm Summary page a blinking cursor will be displayed on the left
most position of the first displayed row.
Pressing the
Pressing the
key will return the visualisation to the Welcome Page if the user has directly accessed
keys run through the event list.
the alarm page. It will return the visualisation to the previous situation if the alarm page popped up
Pressing the
key enter the alarm detail page:
Name of the alarm: variable_name
Status: ACK, NACK
Priority level: defined by the program
Time: hour of the day when the alarm happened (for active alarms) or hour of the day when the alarm
became no longer active but not acknowledge (only if RTC installed). If the alarm is older than one
day it will show 24:00
User: who acknowledged the alarm if the password was required (tool dependent)
Catalogue Section 2
P assword management
The LUI display has a password system with up to 8 digits that can be defined, via tool to access a group
of pages or a data field. The modification of a parameter protected by password requires that a password
with the same or a higher priority of the one required is active. If the currently active password level is not
enough for the operation to be performed then the “Enter Password” page will automatically pop up.
Three fixed password levels are defined.
The Level 3 user has the privilege to change his password and any other password of the system.
The Level 2 user can change his password and the password of Level 1.
The Level 1 uses can only change his own password.
If no password is defined through the software tools then in the welcome page option bar no “Change
Password” option field will be present. The number of passwords defined in the database is tool
dependent. Once a password has been entered it remains valid for 15 minutes.
If no action is performed within this time a new password confirmation page will pop up.
Enter Password Procedure
When this page are displayed, the user is requested to select the user-id; the selection occur by
keys and
key=to confirm the selection. When the user-id is confirmed the user must insert his
password code; the password can be any sequence of alphanumeric characters (0-9/A-Z) and has a fixed
length defined in the factory calibration database. Passwords will be stored in the database in cryptic
format. To enter a password code only the following keys will be used:
used to increase/decrease the value of the selected digit.
used to select and confirm the actual value of the digit.
used to abort the enter password procedure.
When the Enter Password page is displayed, the blinking cursor will be automatically positioned on the
first digit to edit with a zero default value. The digit value can be selected in the range 0-9/A-Z. Upon
key the edited value will be confirmed and replaced with a character and the cursor
pressing the
moves to the next digit to enter. Either the entered password is wrong or the privileged level associated is
not sufficient an Access Denied page will be displayed.
Change Password Procedure
When the Change Password option is selected on the Welcome page, the Enter Password page is first
displayed. If the inserted password is correct the Change Password page is displayed listing all the users
that have a password level less or equal to the level associated to the inserted password. Each line has a
fixed format:
Catalogue Section 2
The navigation of this page follows these rules:
It is possible to scroll through the user list
It’s possible to select user-id, password code and password-level
Change the field selected
Back to Welcome Page
Pressing the
key will start the modifying session of the selected field as described in the Enter
password procedure. Once a new password has been entered, a Confirmation password page will be
displayed asking for the password confirmation.
After each changes the user interface will go back to the Default Page.
Catalogue Section 2
S tandard Front Plate
The front plate is fully customisable in terms of number of buttons and LEDs and their positions.
The one showed in the figure below is the standard JCI front plate with a choice of 15 buttons and 17
LEDs to generally cover the most common HVAC applications.
The pages associated to each button and the functions to each LED are fully programmable through the
FX-UIMaker. The suggestion is to use these buttons and LEDs for the functions hereafter explained.
All green LEDs could be programmed to light up when the relative button is pushed and the relative page
is displayed: useful to have an immediate idea of where we are with the navigation of the display
application. Red LEDs can be programmed to light up when there is a problem (maintenance button) or if
we are in a specific working mode (heating). The followings are the advised functions associated to each
buttons (programmable through the FX-UIMaker), JCI standard applications implemented most of these
functionality associated to these short-cuts (please refer to the specific application bulletin).
ON/OFF: to turn on and off the unit, the green LED on means that the unit is ON.
Information about the application. Application code, who developed it, version, etc.
ALARM: information about alarms, type, when it happened, acknowledged, not
ACKNOLWEDGE: this key can be used to acknowledge the active alarms present in the list
and silence the buzzer.
MAINTENANCE: maintenance key to display parameters about compressor run time counter,
threshold definitions, reset timers, manual override parameters, etc.
HOME: goes back to the welcome page
LOGGING: (functionality to be implemented) possibility to visualise acknowledged alarms no
longer active.
CLOCK: daytime visualisation, parameters for the setting up to the real time clock.
SCHEDULER: visualisation and set up of scheduler parameters.
PROG: shortcut to configuration parameter pages.
SET: shortcut to setpoint parameters
AI: it can be used to visualise the values relative to the analog inputs.
Catalogue Section 2
AO: it can be used to visualise the values relative to the analog outputs.
DI: it can be used to visualise the status of the digital inputs.
DO: it can be used to visualise the status of the digital outputs.
All these functions and visualisation modes can be easily implemented through the FX-UIMaker tools of
the FX Tools package.
C ustomisable Front Plate
For the standard JCI front-plate 15 buttons and 17 LEDs have been chosen to provide several application
short cuts. The possibility for the bottom part, as depicted in the figures above, is to choose among 23
buttons and 46 LEDs, and to commission to JCI a customised lay-out for the chosen keys. The front plate
can also be used to show the machine synoptic using the LEDs to evidence when for a example a
compressor has turned on, when the actuator is energised, etc. See example below.
Furthermore the LUI can be chosen between the flip cover model and the model without cover.
Catalogue Section 2
C onnections
The LUI display can be connected to the FX10 “Standard” on a single display configuration and to the
FX10 “Advanced” and FX15 on a dual display configuration. Dual display configuration being the
possibility to connect up to two displays to the same controller.
Connection to the FX10 “Standard”
First type of connection is the local one (see fig. 4), the DLI card has to be inserted to the FX10 board
and the LUI is connected through the flat cable provided. Maximum length of connection: 3 mt.
Power supply and data flow directly from the FX10.
max 3 mt
FX10 "Standard"
(Figure 4: local installation)
A second way to connect the LUI to the FX10 “Standard” is remotely, up to 300 mt, (see fig. 5).
LL+ LL- com
max 300 mt
FX10 "Standard"
RT+ RT- com
(Figure 5: remote installation)
Attention! Either one or the other configuration allowed not both at the same time.
Catalogue Section 2
Connection to the FX10 “Advanced”
The FX10 “Advanced” can support up to two display connected at the same time. The two display can be
one connected locally and one remotely (see figure 6) or two connected remotely (see fig. 7).
Both remote displays have to be independently powered through an AC/DC converter.
max 300 mt
FX10 "Advanced"
LL+ LL- com
RT+ RT- com
(Figure 6: one local + one remote installation)
max 300 mt, total lenght
FX10 "Advanced"
LL+ LL- com
RT+ RT- com
(Figure 7: two remote installations)
Catalogue Section 2
RT+ RT- com
Connection to the FX15 “Universal” and "Classic"
The FX15 “Universal” and "Classic" controllers can support up to 2 LUI displays at the same time.
The configuration is again local (up to 3 mt) or remote (up to 300 mt), the FX15 can support 1 local display
+ 1 remote display or 2 remote ones (see fig. 8 and 9, valid both for the 'Classic' and 'Universal' models).
For the local connection use the pre-cabled connection wire (LP-KIT007-000C), 3 mt long, with a phone
jack on the LUI side and a pre-assembled screw connector on the FX15 side.
max 3 mt
max 300 mt
FX15 "Universal"
LL+ LL- com
LL+ LL- com
LL+ LL- V+ com
(Figure 8: local + remote installation)
max 300 mt, total lenght
FX15 "Universal"
LL+ LL- V+ com
(not used)
LL+ LL- com
LL+ LL- com
(Figure 9: two remote installations)
The LUI, in the local configuration, requires a specific connection kit that brings both power supply and the
data flow directly from he FX15 (see ordering codes), the remote LUI needs independent power supply.
Attention! The integrated MUI display (LP-DIS60U00-C) cannot be used in conjunction with the LUI.
Catalogue Section 2
M ounting Options
How to mount the LUI on a wall
A separately available wall mounting kit is required to mount the LUI on a wall (see ordering
Codes on page 15).
1. Drill appropriate holes for the wall mounting bracket using the dimensions shown in the picture below.
Ø 6 x 30
2. Attach the wall mounting bracket to the wall using the screws provided in the wall mounting kit.
3. Connect the serial cable and power supply to the display. Refer to “Connections” on page 15.
4. Place the LUI on the bracket, as indicated by
The springs of the bracket fit into the rounded cavities in the back of the display. Align the slots in
the bracket and the slots in the sides of the display unit.
5. Secure the LUI to the bracket by inserting the locking tabs supplied with the wall mounting kit into the
corresponding slots at the sides of the LUI, as indicated by 2 and 3 .
Apply a slight pressure on the front of the display against the springs of the bracket while inserting
the tabs. Make sure to push the tabs all the way in so that they pass through the bracket and reenter the second slot in the back of the display unit.
6. Connect the serial cable and power supply to the display. Refer to “Connections” on page 15.
Catalogue Section 2
How to mount the LUI to a panel
The panel mounting kit, supplied as standard equipment with the LUI, is required to mount the display to a
panel or cabinet door:
1. Make an appropriate cut-out in the panel or cabinet door using the dimensions (in mm) shown in the
picture below (note the maximum panel thickness shown in the picture).
To assure IP54 protection make sure that:
Cut-out dimensions are respected within tolerances
The panel surface is clean and plane
The screws of the locking tabs are appropriately tightened.
If the panel thickness is greater than 5 mm, remove the flap on the back of the display covering
the terminals prior to mounting the display.
2. Insert the LUI into the cut-out as indicated in the picture.
3. From the rear of the panel, insert the locking tabs supplied with the panel mounting kit into the
corresponding slots ih the sides and back of the LUI.
4. Secure the LUI in the panel by tightening the screws of the locking tabs, as indicated.
5. From the rear of the panel, connect the serial cable between the LUI controller and the display unit,
and connect the power supply to the display. Refer to “Connections” on page 15.
Catalogue Section 2
D imensions (in mm)
O rdering Codes
Part Number
LUI display, JCI standard front-plate
LUI wall mounting kit
230Vac / 9Vdc converter, isolated
120Vac / 9Vdc converter, isolated
Display Link Interface for FX10
3 mt, pre-assembled, connection cable for FX15
Catalogue Section 2
N ote
Catalogue Section 2
S pecifications
Product LUI – Large User Interface
Power Requirements 9 - 12 Vdc from AC/DC converter or directly powered from FX10, FX15 for
local installations.
Power Consumption 2 W at 9 Vdc
Ambient Operating Conditions -20°C to +60°C 10 to 90%; RH (non-condensing)
Ambient Storage Conditions -20°C to +70°C10 to 90%; RH (non-condensing)
Display and Keypad LCD 4 x 20 alphanumerical, backlit Keypad with 21 buttons and 25 LEDs
Shipping Weight 740 gr
Housing Protection IP30 for hand-held and wall mounting applications
IP54 for panel mounting applications
Housing Material Polycarbonate + ABS (GE CYCOLOY),
self-extinguishing UL94V-0
Dimensions (H x W x D) 150 x 180 x 45 mm
Compliance 89/336 EEC directive: EN 50081-1, EN 50082-2
The performance specifications are nominal and conform to acceptable industry standards. For application at conditions beyond
these specifications, consult the local Johnson Controls office. Johnson Controls, Inc. shall not be liable for damages resulting from
misapplication or misuse of its products.
Johnson Controls Internationals, Inc
European Headquarters:
European Factories:
Branch Offices:
Milwaukee, WI, USA
Westendhof 8, 45143 Essen, Germany
Lomagna (Italy), Leeuwarden (The Netherlands) and Essen (Germany)
Principal European Cities.
This document is subject to change without notice
Catalogue Section 2
02-88509-177 Rev. A
Large User Interface
General Features
Allgemeine Merkmale
Mounting (Figure 1)
Assemblage (Figure 1)
Il peut être monté directement au mur ou en panneau (le kit de montage mural est
optionel, voir les codes de commande). Voir les dimensions du trou dans le
panneau de la fig. 1.
Pour garantir une protection IP54, s’assurer que:
• Les dimensions du trou dans le panneau rentrent dans les mesures de tolérance
• La surface du panneau est propre et plate
• Les vis de fixation sont bien vissées.
Montage (Abbildung 1)
Es eignet sich sowohl zur Wandmontage als auch zur Montage auf die
Bedientafel (das Montage-set für Wandmontage ist als Zubehör erhältlich, siehe
Bestellzeichen). Bitte das Lochmaß in der Tafel der Figur 1 überprüfen.
Um Schutzklasse IP54 zu gewährleisten, müssen Sie folgendes sicherstellen:
• Das Lochmaß in der Tafel muss mit dem Toleranzmaß übereinstimmen.
• Die Oberfläche der Tafel muss sauber und eben sein.
• Die Befestigungsschrauben müssen fest angezogen sein.
Connections (Figure 2)
Anschlüsse (Abbildung 2)
The LUI uploads its configuration from the connected controller.
About its fully programmability please refer to the LUI Product Bulletin.
The LUI display is part of the FX display range and can be connected to the FX10
and FX15 controllers.
Direct wall mount and panel mount kit. The wall mount kit is optional,
see ordering codes. See panel cut-out dimensions in fig. 1.
To assure IP54 protection make sure that:
• cut-out dimensions are respected within tolerances
• the panel surface is clean and plane
• Tighten the screws of the locking tabs.
Connections (Figure 2)
The LUI display can be installed locally (3 mt) or remotely (up to 300 mt) from the
1 = 3 pin serial connection for remote installations.
2 = power supply connector for the AC/DC adapter,for remote installations.
3 = telephone jack connection for local installations,
serial data + power supply directly from the controller.
For more information on how to connect the LUI to the FX controllers please refer
to the LUI Product Bulletin.
Power Consumption
Ambient Operating
Ambient Storage
and Keypad
Shipping Weight
Housing Material
Dimensions (H x W x D)
Figure 1: Panel mounting
Figure 2: Connections
L’afficheur LUI appartient à la famille des afficheurs FX et peut être connectée
aux cartes de contrôle FX10 et FX15.
L’afficheur LUI peut être installé localement (3 m) ou à distance (plus de 300 m)
par rapport à la carte de contrôle.
1 = connecteur série à 3 broches pour l’installation à distance.
2 = connecteur pour l’adaptateur CC/CA pour l’installation à distance.
3 = connecteur téléphonique pour l’installation locale,
connexion série + alimentation directement par le contrôle.
Pour tout autre renseignement sur la connexion de LUI aux contrôles FX, se
référer au Product Bulletin du LUI.
LUI charge directement sa configuration par le contrôle connecté. Se référer au
Product Bulletin du LUI pur une vision de sa programmation complète.
9 - 12 Vdc from AC/DC converter or directly powered
from FX10, FX15 for local installations.
2 W at 9 Vdc
-20°C to +60°C
10 to 90%; RH (non-condensing)
-20°C to +70°C
10 to 90%; RH (non-condensing)
LCD 4 x 20 alphanumerical, backlit
Keypad with 21 buttons and 25 LEDs
740 gr
IP30 for hand-held and wall mounting applications
IP54 for panel mounting applications
Polycarbonate + ABS (GE CYCOLOY),
self-extinguishing UL94V-0
150 x 180 x 45 mm
89/336 EEC directive: EN 50081-1, EN 50082-2
Das LUI Display gehört zur FX Display-Familie und kann mit der Kontrolle FX10
und FX15 verbunden werden.
Die Installation kann lokal (3 Meter) oder fern (mehr als 300 Meter) vom Regler
ausgeführt werden.
1 = serieller 3 Pin Verbinder für die Ferninstallation.
2 = Verbinder für das AC/DC Adapter für die Ferninstallation.
3 = Telefonverbinder für die lokale Installation,
serielle Verbindung + Zuführung direkt vom Regler.
Für weitere Informationen bezüglich Anschluss des LUI an die FX-Regler verweisen wir auf das LUI-Datenblatt.
LUI ladet seine Konfiguration direkt vom angeschlossenen Regler. Eine vollständige
Übersicht über die Programmierung können Sie dem LUI-Datenblatt entnehmen.
Technische Daten
Conditions ambientes de
Conditions ambientes de
et clavier
Poids d’expédition
Protection IP
Matériel enveloppe
Dimensions (H x L x P)
De 9 à 12 Vdc par adaptateur c.c./c.a. ou directement alimenté par l’FX10 ou par l’FX15 pour l’installations locale.
2 W à 9 Vdc
-20°C à +60°C
10 à 90%; RH (sans buée)
-20°C à +70°C
10 à 90%; RH (sans buée)
LCD 4 x 20 alphanumériques, rétroéclairé Clavier
avec 21 touches et 25 LEDs
740 g
IP30 pour le portable et l’application montée au mur
IP54 pour l’application sur le panneau
Polycarbonate + ABS (GE CYCOLOY),
auto-éteignant UL94V-0
150 x 180 x 45 mm
Norme 89/336 EEC: EN 50081-1, EN 50082-2
und Tastatur
Abmessungen (L x B x H)
Navigation buttons
Touches de navigation
Available Keys
Touches disponibles Action
Verfügbare Tasten Wirkung
Von 9 bis 12 Vdc vom AC/DC Adapter oder, für lokale
Installationen, direkt vom FX10 oder vom FX15
2 W bei 9 Vdc
-20°C bis +60°C
10 bis 90%; RH (nicht kondensierend)
-20°C bis +70°C
10 bis 90%; RH (nicht kondensierend)
LCD 4 x 20 alphanumerisch, hintergrundbeleuchtet
mit Tastatur mit 21 Tasten und 25 LEDs
740 gr
IP30 für die tragbare und für die wandmontage
IP54 für die Tafelverwendung Bedientafelmontage
Polykarbonat + ABS (GE CYCOLOY),
UL94V-0 selbstlöschend
150 x 180 x 45 mm
Richtlinie 89/336 EEC: EN 50081-1, EN 50082-2
• Scroll parameters
• Modify parameter value
• Sélection et modification des paramètres
• Lässt die Parameter ablaufen
• Ändert die Werte der Parameter
• Change page within the same group
• Change la page au-dedans du même groupe
• Seitenwechsel in derselben Gruppe
• Go back to the previous page/status
• Revient à la page/état précédent
• Geht auf die vorige Seite/Zustand zurück
• Change the page status into ACTIVE (cursor visible)
• Make a R/W parameter editable
• Confirm new parameter value.
• Change l’état de la page en ACTIF (curseur visible)
• Rend possible la modification des paramètres
• Confirme la valeur d’un nouveau paramètre
• Ändert den Zustand der ACTIVE Seite (der Cursor ist sichtbar)
• Ermöglicht die Änderung der schreibbaren Parametern
• Bestätigt den Wert eines neuen Parameters
Ordering Codes
Part Number
LUI display, JCI standard front plate
(For customised front plates contact the nearest JC branch)
Afficheur LUI, clavier standard JCI
(Pour personnaliser la façade, contacter la filiale JC la plus
LUI Display, JCI Standardtastatur
(Um das Frontalbild zu personalisieren muss man sich mit
der nächsten JC Geschäftsstelle in Verbindung setzen)
Wall mounting kit
Kit pour le montage mural
230 Vac / 9 Vdc converter, isolated
Convertisseur 230 Vac / 9 Vdc, isolé
230 Vac / 9 Vdc Umformer, isoliert
120 Vac / 9 Vdc converter, isolated
Convertisseur 120 Vac / 9 Vdc, isolé
120 Vac / 9 Vdc Umformer, isoliert
24 Vac / Vdc converter, not isolated
Covertisseur 24 Vac / Vdc, non isolé
24 Vac / Vdc Umformer, nicht isoliert
Display Link interface for FX10
Interface Afficheur Lien pour FX10
Display Link Interface für FX10
3 mt connection cable for FX15 “Universal”
3 m de câble de connexion pour FX15 “Universal”
Verbindungskabel, 3 Meter, für den FX15 “Universal”
This document is subject to change without notice
Document non contractuel pouvant être modifié sans préavis
Technische Änderungen vorbehalten
02-88509-177 Rev. A
Caratteristiche generali
Características Generales
Allmänna egenskaper
Montaggio (Figura 1)
Può essere montato direttamente a muro o a pannello (il kit di montaggio a muro
è opzionale, vedi i codici di ordinazione). Vedi le dimensioni del foro nel pannello
nella fig. 1.
Affinché sia assicurata una protezione IP54, assicurarsi che:
• Le dimensioni del foro nel pannello rientrino nelle misure di tolleranza
• La superficie del pannello sia pulita e piana
• Siano ben avvitate le viti di fissaggio.
Montaje (Figura 1)
Montering (Figuur 1)
Montering (Figur 1)
Connessioni (Figura 2)
Conexiones (Figura 2)
La instalación puede ser local (3 m) o remota (más de 300 m) con respecto al
1 = conector serial con 3 agujas de conección para la instalación remota.
2 = conector para el adaptador AC/DC para la instalación remota.
3 = conector telefónico para instalación local,
conección serial + alimentación directa del conector.
Para más información sobre como conectar el LUI a los controles FX, hacer
referencia al Product Bulletin de LUI.
Connections (Figuur 2)
De installatie kan plaatselijk zijn (3 m.) of afgelegen (verder dan 300 m.)
t.o.v. de controle.
1 = seriële connector met 3 pin voor de afgelegen installatie
2 = connector voor aanpasser AC/DC voor de afgelegen installatie
3 = Telefonische connector voor de plaatselijke installatie,
seriële connectie + voeding rechtstreeks vanaf de controle.
Voor verdere informaties hoe LUI aan de FX controlen te verbinden,verwijs naar
het Product Bulletin van LUI.
Il LUI carica direttamente la sua configurazione dal controllo connesso.
Fare riferimento al Product Bulletin del LUI per una visione della sua completa
El LUI carga directamente su configuración del control conexo.
Hacer referencia al Product Bulletin de LUI para una visión de su completa
LUI belast rechtstreeks zijn configuratie vanuit de aangesloten controle.
Verwijs naar het Product Bulletin van LUI voor een overzicht van zijn complete
Il display LUI appartiene alla famiglia dei display FX e può essere connesso con i
controlli FX10 e FX15.
L’installazione può essere locale (3 m) o remota (oltre i 300 m) rispetto al controllo.
1 = connettore seriale a 3 pin per l’installazione remota.
2 = connettore per l’adattatore AC/DC per l’installazione remota.
3 = connettore telefonico per installazione locale,
connessione seriale + alimentazione direttamente dal connettore.
Per ulteriori informazioni su come connettere il LUI ai controlli FX, fare riferimento
al Product Bulletin del LUI.
El mostrador visual pertenece a la familia de los mostradores FX y puede ser
conectado a los controles FX10 e FX15.
Se puede instalar directamente en la pared o sobre panel (la caja de montaje es
opcional, veanse los códigos de pedido). Ver el tamaño del agujero en el tablero
en la fig. 1.
A fin de que resulte garantizada una protección IP54, asegurarse de que:
• El tamaño del agujero en el tablero corresponda con las medidas de tolerancia.
• La superficie del tablero este limpia y lisa.
• Los tornillos de ajuste estén bien atornillados.
Alimentazione Da 9 a 12 Vdc da adattatore AC/DC o direttamente
alimentato dall’FX10 o dall’FX15 per installazioni locali.
Consumo 2 W a 9 Vdc
Condizioni ambientali di -20°C a +60°C
funzionamento 10 a 90%; RH (senza condensa)
Condizioni ambientali di -20°C a +70°C
immagazzinamento 10 a 90%; RH (senza condensa)
Display LCD 4 x 20 alfanumerici, retro-illuminato.
e tastiera Tastiera con 21 tasti e 25 LEDs
Peso di spedizione 740 gr
Protezione IP IP30 per il portatile e l’applicazione montata a muro
IP54 per l’applicazione sul pannello
Materiale involucro Policarbonato + ABS (GE CYCOLOY),
auto-estinguente UL94V-0
Dimensioni (H x L x P) 150 x 180 x 45 mm
Direttiva 89/336 EEC: EN 50081-1, EN 50082-2
Alimentación De 9 a 12 Vdc del adaptador AC/DC o directamente alimentado por el FX10 o por el FX15 para instalaciones locales.
Potencia absorbida
Condiciones de ambiente
de funcionamiento
Condiciones de ambiente
de almacenamiento
Mostrador visual
y teclado
Peso de envio
Protección IP
2 W a 9 Vdc
-20°C a +60°C
10 a 90%; RH (sin condensado)
-20°C a +70°C
10 a 90%; RH (sin condensado)
LCD 4 x 20 alfanuméricos, retro-iluminadoTeclado con
21 teclas y 25 LEDs
740 gr
IP30 para el portatil y la aplicación instalada a pared
IP54 para la aplicación sobre panel
Material envase Policarbonato + ABS (GE CYCOLOY),
auto-apagante UL94V-0
Dimensiones (H x W x D) 150 x 180 x 45 mm
Norma 89/336 EEC: EN 50081-1, EN 50082-2
Conformidad de la
De display LUI behoort tot de familie van de display FX en kan verbonden worden
met de controles FX10 en FX15.
Kan rechtstreeks tegen de muur of middels een paneel gemonteerd worden
(de monteringskit is optionaal, zie de bestellingscodes). Zie de afmetingen van
het gat in het paneel in fig.1.
Om een bescherming IP54 te garanderen zorg dat:
• de afmetingen van het gat in het paneel binnen de tolerantiematen vallen
• de oppervlakte van het paneel schoon en vlak is
• de bevestigingsschroeven goed vastgeschroefd zijn.
Displayen LUI tillhör displayserien FX ock kan anslutas till styrenheterna FX10
och FX15.
Kan monteras direkt på väggen eller en panel (monteringssatsen är ett tillval,
se Se måtten för hålet i panelen i fig. 1.
Se till följande för att garantera skyddsgrad IP54:
• Att måtten på hålet i panelen överensstämmer med toleransvärdena.
• Att panelens yta är ren och plan.
• Att fästskruvarna är ordentligt åtdragna.
Förhållanden (Figur 2)
Installationen kan vara lokal (max. avstånd 3 m) eller fjärransluten (över 300 m) i
förhållande till styrenheten.
1 = Seriellt 3-poligt kontaktdon för fjärransluten installation.
2 = Kontaktdon för AC/DC-adapter för fjärransluten installation.
3 = Telefonanslutning för lokal installation,
seriell anslutning och matning direkt från regulator.
För ytterligare information angående anslutning av LUI till styrenheterna FX, se
produktbulletinen för LUI.
LUI laddar ned sin konfiguration direkt från ansluten styrenhet.
Se produktbulletinen för LUI för en överblick över alla programmeringsmöjligheter.
Stroomvereisten Van 9 tot 12 Vdc vanuit adapter AC/DC of rechtstreeks
vanuit FX10 of FX15 voor plaatselijke installaties.
Stroomverbruik 2 W tot 9 Vdc
Omgevingstemperatuur -20°C tot +60°C
voor werking 10 tot 90%; RH (zonder condensatie)
Omgevingstemperatuur -20°C tot +70°C
voor opslag 10 tot 90%; RH (zonder condensatie)
Display toetsenbord LCD 4 x 20 alfanumerieken,achterverlicht toetsenbord met
21 toetsen en 25 LEDs.
Villkor för
och tangentbord
Verzendingsgewicht 740 gram
Bescherming IP IP30 voor het draagbaar en voor de plaatsing tegen de muur
IP54 voor plaatsing op paneel
Materiaal van het Polycarbonaat + ABS (GE CYCOLOY),
omhulsel zelfuitblussend UL94V-0
Afmetingen (H x B x D) 150 x 180 x 45 mm
Conformiteit Richtlijn 89/336 EEC: EN 50081-1, EN 50082-2
Höljets material
Dimensioner (H x B x D)
Tasti per la navigazione
Teclas para la navegación
Knoppen voor het varen
Tasti disponibili Azione
Teclas disponibles Acción
Ter beschikking
staande knoppen
Från 9 till 12 V dc från ac/dc-adapter eller strömförsörjd
direkt från FX10 eller FX15 för lokala installationer.
2 W vid 9 V dc.
-20°C till +60°C
10 till 90%; RH (utan kondens)
-20°C till +70°C
10 till 90%; RH (utan kondens)
Alfanumerisk bakgrundsbelyst LCD-skärm med 4 x 20
tecken, tangentbord med 21 tangenter och 25 lysdioder
740 g
IP30 för bärbar enhet och för väggmonterad enhet
IP54 för enhet för montering på panel
Polykarbonat + ABS (GE CYCOLOY),
självsläckande UL94V-0.
150 x 180 x 45 mm
EEC-direktiv 89/336: EN 50081-1, EN 50082-2
• Scorre i parametri
• Modifica il valore dei parametri
• Escurre los parámetros
• Modifica el valor de los parámetros
• Doorloopt de parameters
• Verandert de waarde van de parameters
• Rullar parametrarna.
• Ändrar parametervärdena.
• Cambia pagina all’interno dello stesso gruppo
• Cambia página al interior del mismo grupo
• Wisselt pagina binnenin dezelfde groep
• Bläddrar sida inuti samma enhet.
• Torna alla precedente pagina/status
• Vuelve a la página/status anterior
• Keert terug tot de voorgaande pagina/toestand
• Går tillbaka till föregående sida/status.
• Cambia lo stato della pagina in ACTIVE (cursore visibile)
• Rende possibile modificare i parametri scrivibili
• Conferma il valore di un nuovo parametro
• Cambia el estado de la página en ACTIVE (cursor visible)
• Permite modificar los parámetros escribibles
• Confirma el valor de un nuevo parámetro
• Verandert de toestand van de pagina in ACTIVE (zichtbare stelschroef)
• Staat toe de schrijfbare parameters te veranderen
• Bevestigt de waarde van een nieuwe parameter
• Ändrar sidans visningsfunktion till ACTIVE (synlig markör).
• Gör det möjligt att ändra de skrivbara parametrarna.
• Bekräftar värdet för en ny parameter.
Codici d’ordine
Converter 230 Vac / 9 Vdc, geïsoleerd
Strömriktare 230 V ac/9 V dc, isolerad.
Converter 120 Vac / 9 Vdc, geïsoleerd
Strömriktare 120 V ac/9 V dc, isolerad.
Coverter 24 Vac / Vdc, niet geïsoleerd
Strömriktare 24 V ac/V dc, ej isolerad.
Display Link interface for FX10
3 m verbindingskabel voor FX15 “Universal”
Display Link gränssnitt för FX10.
3 mt connection cable for FX15 “Universal”
Convertidor 230 Vac / 9 Vdc, aislado
Convertidor 120 Vac / 9 Vdc, aislado
Convertidor 24 Vac / Vdc, no aislado
Display Link interfaz para FX10
3 m de cable de conección para FX15 “Universal”
Mostrador visual LUI, teclado estándar JCI
(Para personalizar el frontal, contactar la branch JC más cercana)
Kit per montaggio a muro
Caja de montaje a pared
Converter 230 Vac / 9 Vdc, isolato
Converter 120 Vac / 9 Vdc, isolato
Coverter 24 Vac / Vdc, non isolato
Display Link interface for FX10
3 m di cavo di connessione per FX15 “Universal”
Este documento puede ser modificado sin previo aviso
Display LUI, standardtangenbord JCI
(kontakta närmaste JC återförsäljare för kundanpassning av
Sats för väggmontering
Display LUI,standaard toetsenbord JCI
(Om de voorkant te personifiëren,neem contact op met de
meest nabijstaande JC branche)
Kit voor montering tegen de muur
Display LUI, tastiera standard JCI
(Per personalizzare il frontale, contattare la branch JC più vicina)
Questo documento è soggetto a variazioni senza preavviso
Dit document kan zonder kennisgeving gewijzigd worden
Detta dokument kan ändras utan förhandsmeddelande