neurotransmitters seminar_inv


neurotransmitters seminar_inv
Conference on Mental Health in October 2015
Learn Beyond The Lab Numbers
Testing and Treatment
''The introduction to HPAT Axis Function & Integrative Case Presentation''
Identify The Major 6 Neurotransmitters And Their
Value In Today's Clinical Practice
Replenish & Balance: Serotonin,
Dopamine, Adrenaline,Noradrenaline,
Glutamate, GABA using the CSM model
Don’t miss out on learning from one the best minds
in the field of Nutritional Medicine in Mental Health,
with WKHUHWXUQRIour international guest speaker
Dr R.W. “Chip” Watkins, courtesy of Sanesco, USA.
Develop an overview of the interconnectedness of the
neuroendocrine communication system within the context of
case presentations.
Learn and understand how the Neurotransmitter Profile CSM
model can revolutionize your success in treating patients with
neuropsychological and hormonal disorders.
Explore strategies to replenish and balance the neuroendocrine
system to improve patient outcomes and quality of life.
Laboratory Diagnostics for
Mental Health Practitioners
Seminar October 2015
This Seminar has been specifically
designed to teach you how to
uncover and deal with some of the
underlying biological disturbances
characterized by Clinical conditions
• Addictions, ADHD
• Anxiety and Depression
• Stress-related disorders
• Brain fog and glutaminergic dysfunction
• Gut-related brain disorders
• Thyroid Hormones & Cortisol
Topics will include
The major Neurotransmitters
Real case study scenarios
Utilising the test as a valuable tool
Neurotransmitter balancing &
replenishing using the right protocol
• Natural targeted nutritional
approaches to the management of
these conditions
Enroll on the day of the seminar for our
latest accredited Neuroendocrine
Clinical Analysis Program (NCAP)
• Become a registered NCAP practitioner
• Discover the CSM - Communications
Systems Model - Providing a rDnge of
effective treatment protocols to support
your PHQWDOKHDOWKpractice.
Dr R.W. “Chip” Watkins, MD, MPH, FAAFP
Medical Doctor - Chief Medical Officer,
Sanesco International, Inc.
Dr. Watkins earned his medical degree at
East Carolina School of Medicine, and
completed his internship and residency in
Family Medicine at Florida Hospital, Orlando
in 1989. He has a Masters in Public Health in Health
Promotion and Nutrition from Loma
Linda University in Loma Linda, California,
with experience in both academic and
corporate medicine. Dr. Watkins joined
Sanesco’s Medical Board in 2005 later
becoming Medical Director and is currently
serving as Sanesco’s Chief Medical Officer
and President and Laboratory Director of
NeuroLab, Inc.
Seminar October 2015
Sunday 25th October 2015
9.00am - 12.30pm
Pullman & Mercure Albert Park
65 Queens Road
Melbourne VIC 3004
Tel: +61 (3) 8554 2851
* Includes Lunch Post Seminar
Tuesday 27th October 2015
7.00pm - 9.00pm
Hilton Brisbane
190 Elizabeth Street
Brisbane QLD 4000
Tel: +61 ( 7) 3231 3246
* Meal will be provided
Wednesday 28th October 2015
Hilton Sydney
488 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Tel: +61 (2) 9266 2087
* Meal will be provided
Seminar October 2015
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