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Vol. 2 - McClure Middle School
The Love Edition
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A True Love Story
Vol. 1- Issue 2
February 2011
An Editorial of Our Generation
“Five Are Shot After Game at Brooklyn School,” “Shooting in Arizona
Grocery Store – 20 Shot, 6 Killed.” Teens come on; these are kids in
our generation carrying out these shootings! Do we want the lives of
those innocent people staining our reputation as a whole, or do we
want to put an end to this right here and right now. We‟re the only
people who can do it, and we‟re the ones who
ultimately have to pay the price if we can‟t. The
only people who can change our generation for
the better, is us.
I mean really though, the shooting at Bishop
Loughlin Memorial High School in Brooklyn,
NY could have been prevented. You know what
it was over? It all started, stupidly, over a designer hat. Because of that hat four young men and women obtained
injuries. While these injuries did not happen to be life-threatening,
what about next time? What excuse will pop up then? What are WE
going to do to make sure there isn’t a next time?
We‟ve spoken about this with some other teens (of a range of ages),
and most have agreed that there is too much anger and not enough
love and human compassion in this lifetime. We‟re not trying hard
enough to help those who are troubled enough that they feel the need
to lash out at themselves and others to get attention. We should be
taking action, reaching out to these people, and showing them the
compassionate people that we can be so that they don‟t react violently
and the outcome doesn‟t rest on our consciences.
We‟re not saying that you need to jump in front of a bullet to save our
generation, but if you know someone that has made a threat or said
something that scares you, don‟t keep quiet, say something. You
pointing out that seemingly insignificant detail could be the life or
death of a stranger, a friend, or even family.
This is happening now, and it‟s not a joke; it could be people‟s lives. I
want to know that teens, kids, and adults alike will be safe going into
grocery stores, safe going to school, and safe walking around downtown. Right now it feels like we always have to be on guard, knowing
that something could always break out. That‟s not a world that I want
to grow up in, and you shouldn‟t want to have to put up with it either.
Shootings like this have been going on for years, such as the Columbine shooting, and many others. What have we done to stop it, put
metal detectors in schools, making it an “official rule” that there‟s no
firearms allowed at school? I think rather than just the authorities and
adults stepping in, our generation needs to grab hold of the situation
and help to settle it down to the extent that we safely can. Think about
it, are you more likely to listen to an adult on something you‟re upset
about, something secret and important to you? Or would you listen to
a peer, your best friend for example? If we can keep other students
and young adults our age from feeling isolated, I think we can greatly
improve our safety everywhere. Do we want this to end up being our
future, to have people shot up every time there‟s a disagreement?
Chaos and madness would ensue, and I don‟t know about
you, but that‟s not what I want for our adult years. It‟s time
to start growing up, and taking responsibility for our actions.
Maybe you didn‟t shoot anyone, but in the future could you
help stop it? Give it a try sometime, reach out and help. Let‟s
be the best generation yet!
Kelley Fagan
On January 25th, 2011 at 4:32 p.m. 35 people lost their
lives and another 168 were injured when a suicide
bomber attacked one of Moscow‟s busiest airports,
Domodedovo. “They pushed them away on baggage
carts,” said a witness Aleksei Spiridonov, who worked
at an auto rental booth which was only a few yards
away from the site of the blast, “They were wheeling
them out on whatever they could find.”
But this hasn‟t been the first terrorist attack on Domodedovo, in
August of 2004 two Chechen suicide bombers killed 88 people and
themselves in midair.
A former official with the Department of Homeland Security,
Stephan A. Baker said “They‟d like to be bombing planes and they
can‟t, so they‟re bombing airports.”
Also the latest attack on Russia made people wonder whether Russia's ability to safely host major international sports events like the
2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi or the 2018 World Cup.
President Obama offered assistance to what he condemned to be an
“outrageous act of terrorism”.
No Love from Mubarak
By Isabel Crane-Doty
Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Cairo, Egypt to protest for one thing - freedom. It
all started on Monday, January 24th 2011, when some groups of activists started a day of online
protest to voice their lack of trust in the government. The next day, thousands of people showed
up, protesting in the streets of Cairo. As the week continued, more and more people started to
Have you ever played a game where you start and
then about, say, three hours later you are still playing it, unable to be drawn way from the screen.
Well this is one of those games, if not better. The
main character is Sora. He is on a dangerous quest
to regain his memories, as well as save the worlds
from creatures called Heartless. The game takes
place in the universes of Disney. Rather than staying in one simple world, you travel through all the
greatest Disney worlds [Alice in Wonderland the
original, Aladdin, Tron, Beauty & the Beast, Lion
King, Mulan, Ariel, etc.]. Sora works hard to save
these worlds from the Nobodies.
The Nobodies are a form of people who have no
hearts. They are shadows, shadows of people who
have either been captured and killed by the
Heartless and did not escape, or they are just others. Their Someones are still up and fighting however they do not have their hearts with them. On
top of that, they only have half of their memories.
They are neither good or bad, they simply wish to
regain their hearts and they will let nothing stand
in their way. Although because they have no
hearts, they can let themselves be completely immerged into the darkness, meaning that they can
control the Heartless that live in the world that
never was.
The Heartless are monsters that have no hearts;
they are controlled by the upper Nobodies, such as
Demyx. Demyx is my personal favorite; he plays a
sitar and is extremely lazy. And on top of all that,
he has the most awesome hair ever! Although
some say he is simply useless, his optimism, cheekiness, and overall joy is just what has kept the Organization 13 going for as long as it has. Demyx
controls the Dancer Nobodies. Dancer Nobodies
are a form of lower Nobodies; they are controlled
by the upper Nobodies.
Overall, Kingdom hearts is the most amazing, interactive, entertaining, and crazy game I have ever
played! I highly recommend it to all of my fellow
game lovers.
Why did this happen? Some people have different definitions, but what I‟ve heard, and maybe
you too, is that it is all about having a voice. Their leader, or president, Hosni Mubarak, has been
in power for 30 years. He has been president for so long that he has just started to act like he is a
dictator; and Egyptians won‟t take it.
President Obama has a big problem with how he should respond to the rapidly changing events
in Egypt. The United States has been supporting the Mubarak leadership by giving 1.7 billion
dollars to Egypt per year. He wants to
support the new movement towards Democracy and freedom, but he has to be
very careful of how he does this. He does
not want to offend his long time ally,
President Mubarak, yet he doesn‟t want
the world to think that the United States
will not put their power behind a movement towards increased Democracy
and freedom for the Egyptian people.
Cairo, Egypt
Loveless in Tucson, Arizona
By Kristin Snow
On January 8, 2011 Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords held a friendly town meeting at a local
Safeway parking lot in Tucson, Arizona. She had been there to just meet with
the locals and talk with them for a “Congress on Your Corner” event. Then a
man by the name of Jared Lee Loughner, age 22, proceeded to shoot Congresswoman Giffords in the head. He then opened fire on the crowd. Six people were killed in the gunfire; all but 9-year-old Christina-Taylor Greene, died
at the scene. Nineteen others were injured by.
No one yet knows what exactly caused Loughner to do what he did, but
he is in custody. Witnesses on the
Congresswoman Giffords before shooting scene report that he did not even try
to escape or struggle, but accepted
what he had done. Youtube and MySpace messages Loughner posted before the shooting give the police some insight
into what lead up to the shooting.
Giffords, miraculously survived the incident, even though
she took a bullet straight in the head. She was rushed immediately to a hospital and given emergency brain surgery. She is now in a stable condition and
working on rehabilitation.
By Kimi Rutledge
-love [luhv]
noun, verb, love, loved, loving
1. a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.
2. a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent,
child, or friend.
3. sexual passion or desire.
ove, a word of various definitions, continues to be one of the most complex, even glorious
emotions in existence. The concept of love is seen and heard everywhere in today’s society.. Songs,
television shows, even compatibility websites surrounding love are thriving in this current technological
age. The exhilarating, even stimulating emotion has a huge effect on pop-culture and the human
species. But what causes the irresistibly intoxicating feeling that is love?
3 Stages of Love
According to Helen Fisher of Rutgers University, there are three stages in the love process,
each stage driven by different hormones and chemicals.
Sex hormones, in both men and women—testosterone and estrogen—drive the initial stage of love. When
someone you find physically attractive catches your eye, then your hormones are released, and you feel a
strong attraction called lust.
Attraction, the second stage in the 3-stage process, is the love-struck, falling in love phase. This is when we
begin thinking obsessively of our partner. We even begin thinking that we couldn’t live without them. This
stage is often called the craziest, because of the chemical and hormonal release of adrenaline, dopamine,
and serotonin. Adrenaline speeds up our heartbeat and causes excitement, while dopamine is released
when one is infatuated, the same chemical that is released when on drugs. Serotonin is the obsessive element, and although levels of it are typically low in a new relationship, the same patterns are found in a brain in
love as in people with obsessive compulsive disorder.
After 6 months to a year in a relationship, our brain chemistry begins to regulate. Some couples mistakenly
think their love is fading, but you should know it's normal for things to cool off and it isn't bad!
This stage determines whether you and your partner’s love will evolve into a more mature level, or if things
will cool off once chemistry’s gone. Emotional attachment begins to dominate, and we love our partners on a
deeper level. This stage involves emotional commitment, intimacy, and trust. It fades from a crazy obsession
to a strong friendship.
Physical Contact
Oxytocin and Vasopressin are two chemicals that are released in the
human brain when one is physically intimate with another. Holding
hands, touching, cuddling, etc. can deepen bonds and create a
feeling of emotional attachment.
Lovesick Symptoms
Are you lovesick? Lovesickness is a short-term mental illness
brought on by intense psychological/physical changes associated with
love. A few of the symptoms include:
 Mania or hypomania – abnormally elevated mood, inflated self esteem, extrava
Dr. Loooovvveee
gant gift giving. Nothing can bring you down.
Depression – tearfulness, insomnia, loss of concentration, lack of appetite. Simple tasks can be difficult, even a hazard.
Stress - high blood pressure, pain in chest and heart, acute insomnia; sometimes brought on by a "crush".
.com minutes en
azing a mere 5 like so ’t a
d is
g to hat it ta ecide if t is sai
Acc ists sa entall s that w
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Psyc secon search r comp
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a n In f a c
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thro ne and ey say
the t h what t
 5
8% hroug
 3
% is
 7
By Kylie Elliot
Here are a few of the upcoming concerts featuring popular artists of the era in the Seattle area!
Katy Perry
Pop legend Katy Perry is making her
way to Seattle on her 2011 California
Dreams Tour. Everyone, grab your glow
sticks and get ready to party like a California girl! You can get your tickets at
keyarena.com/tickets. The concert will be
held at the Key Arena Wednesday July
20th, 2011 at 7:30.
Black Veil Brides
Taylor Swift
The ever so popular Black Veil Brides
are making an appearance here in Seattle! So get going to elcorazonseattle.com to get your tickets now. The
concert will be held at the Elcorazon
Wednesday March 30th, 2011.
Country star Taylor Swift will be going on tour
with opening acts Kelli Pickler and Gloriana!
Have a blast and go on down to get your tickets at
keyarena.com/tickets. For more information go to
countrymusicontour.com, there you can see updates and much more! The concert will be held at
the Key Arena Wednesday September 7th, 2011.
Cut hearts out. You will need 1 large heart and 4
small hearts Learn to make hearts in by reading
the butterfly cards instructions.
Cut yarn into two 2.5 inch and two 3.5 inch piece
Now take the large heart and draw a silly face.
On the end of each string tape a
small heart.
Now tape the strings and hearts onto the
back of the large heart as seen in the picture. you’re done! Tape them on
pencils or give it to
-4 different colored papers
-glue stick
Take your 1st color paper and
fold it into fourths.
With this, cut out half a heart. When unfolded you should have 2 hearts.
(Symmetrical to each other!)
Now follow steps 1 and 2 but with the
2nd color paper. Also, the 2nd color paper should be smaller hearts.
Next, you cut a thin strip of paper and
round the edges.
Similar to this >
Finally, it’s time to start the butterfly
construction! Position the shapes
like the picture. Glue the butterfly
onto the 4th paper. Use a marker to
draw antennas and a note and
you’re finished!
For more Valentine gift ideas go to these cool
 http://www.allcrafts.net/valentines.htm
 http://www.allfreecrafts.com/valentine
- markers
- scissors
- 1 sheet of paper
- decorations
-(optional) tape
Fold the
sheet of paper in
half. Open and fold the
ends in towards the center. Fold it so it‟s like an
Or will look like a W on it‟s side
Now ,cut the sheet in
It should
look like you have 8
rectangles. Decorate and
write on each rectangle.
You can attach the ends
(picture) of the paper or have 2 separate
accordion cards!
Enjoy your new creation
Lunar New Year
By Theresa Le
One special day in the year that noYear. According to tradition,
body can forget is New Year’s. New Year’s
families gather and enjoy a
marks the beginning of a
large meal together. Worshipnew year with new possibiliing and praying to ancestors
ties, new opportunities, and
to invite them to join in Banh Chung, Banh Tet
a new start for another step
one’s meal is also part of preparations to
in life. The New Year’s Day
celebrate. There are different foods dethat one would always refer
pending on culture. Some foods are:
to is January 1st, the first
Banh Chung, Banh Tet (Vietnamese), Egg
day of the first month. But
Foo Yung II, Chicken Lo
for some, that
Mein, Pork Dumplings
isn’t the case. For those who
(Chinese), Bak Kwa, Yu
celebrate Lunar New Year,
Sheng (Singapore), etc…
New Year’s Day changes
Afterwards younger relaevery year, depending on
tives wish older relatives
Pork Dumplings
the moon and when it is
luck for the New Year and
brightest, as well as its dischildren are given “LUCKY MONEY” in red
tance between Earth and
envelopes. Some people wear red or new
the sun. And with a whole
clothing and decorate their homes with
different New
plants suitable to the occasion,
Year’s Day comes a differsuch as the Vietent way of celebration to acnamese “Cay Mai”,
knowledge the event.
a tree that blooms
Lunar New Year follows a
bright yellow flowcalendar based on the
ers. As a commumoon, and is celebrated by
nity, many will celemany Asian countries. Each
brate with a per- Lucky Money Envelopes
month begins on the darkformance of lion
est day. Lunar New Year
or dragon dancing, as well as
also marks the beginning of
firecrackers, special poems writa new year with a new aniten on red paper, and lanterns,
Chinese Zodiac Chart
mal representing it, based
lit and shining. Lunar New Year
on zodiacs. There is a variis a special occasion for those
ety of zodiacs depending on the country.
who celebrate it, as others would celeFor example, acbrate for regular New
cording to the ChiYear’s. Though the ocnese zodiac, the
casion marks the
year of 2011 is repsame thing- a New
resented by the rabYear, the difference in
bit, while according
culture and celebra“Cay Mai” Flowers tion shows how diverse
to the Vietnamese
zodiac, 2011 is reprethis world really is, and how there is much
Dragon Dancing
sented by the cat. There are many activito learn about each other.
ties that take place during Lunar New
Love Story
By Kimi Rutledge &
Molly Longmire
After the article “Gay: Yay or Nay?” was published, our editor and advisor contacted a lesbian couple who agreed
to be interviewed with their son and daughter. Karen, 51, was previously in a gay
relationship, after being married to a man for thirty years. She and her previous partner had a
daughter - Claire, 18 - and separated when their daughter was five. Gail, 46, and Karen met at
work and became close friends after training for a marathon together. They later became a couple and had a son Luke, 8.
(Left to right) Karen, Gail, Luke, Claire.
“When did you realize you were a lesbian?”
“How did you decide on a sperm donor?”
Karen answered that she had understood that she liked girls but thought it
was a common occurrence. After finding out it was not common she denied
it, trying to conform. It was much the same for Gail who grew up in New
Karen and Gail tried to get the same sperm donor that Karen and her previous partner had when they were trying to conceive Luke, but when they contacted him, he refused.
“How did you transition with your realization?”
They both moved to Seattle, hoping for a more liberal set of people. Their
families were both very supportive of them, though a little bewildered.
“My brother said, „That‟s fine for now, but you‟re gonna go back to dating
guys, right?‟” said Karen, laughing at the memory.
“How did you meet each other?”
“We met through work initially,” Gail said, “and then we trained together for
a marathon and that kinda developed our friendship.”
“How did you get together?”
“Well, as Gail said, we were training for this marathon as friends and, um,
never thought it would turn into anything more than that because we have an
“Was it harder when you were younger to come to terms or be comfortage difference of fourteen years. But we really enjoyed running together and,
able with your sexuality?”
you know, it was very fun to hang out and then, just after a while, we just
“When I was a kid, I just thought all other girls felt the same way as I did. I
kind of realized that there wasn‟t that big of a difference anymore. We had
mean, I just felt like I was always attracted to my female teachers, my girl
developed feelings for each other and before you knew it is like, „Okay let‟s
friends, all my girl friends. I just figured that‟s how they felt, too. You know, see how it goes,‟” Karen said. “It‟s been good ever since. We‟ll see how it is
it wasn‟t until I was a teenager that I realized that is wasn‟t how everyone
when I‟m like 84 and she‟s 70.”
else felt and that‟s when I kind of, you jump into conformity and you wanna
“What made you know that you were homosexual?”
be like everybody else, at least I did. So that‟s when I kind of started pushing
Karen says she thinks it‟s mostly because she thought about women, sexuall that stuff away and just doing the dating thing, y‟know, so…” Karen inally, much more and all the time. “I was never really satisfied with men.”
formed us.
Once she was with a woman, it was solidified. “Just the way some people are
“Do you get harattracted to men, I was attracted to women.”
assed for your orientation and raising a
“Once I acknowledged it to the person I was attracted to at the time, I think I
son between you
was more stunned than she was,” Gail chuckles, “and that was just a pretty
big „Ah-ha‟ moment. It just felt right.”
Both weren‟t really
ever harassed. However, in an indirect
form of harassment,
Karen‟s dentist
asked, “What
are you gonna do if she has a boy?” She was at Luke and Gail
first confused, and asked what he meant. He
replied, “Who‟s going to take him to games and stuff?”
“[Gail] kinda grew up to be a sports fanatic, I guess, and I‟ve always
followed her,” said Luke when asked what he thought of that. Gail is
his coach for basketball and baseball.
“Why do you think people are opposed to same-sex marriage?” In part,
they say, is lack of exposure to homosexuality or common misconceptions.
The basis of it, according to them, is religion.
“It‟s mostly fear and ignorance. It‟s not knowing and being scared of the
unknown,” says Claire. “As people come to understand it more, people realize that there wasn‟t anything to be afraid of. One of my aunts on my other
mom‟s side back in, it was probably like twenty years ago, Anna and Colleen, my cousins, she didn‟t want them to be around my mom because she
was afraid that they were going to „catch‟ being gay. That was obviously a
couple decades ago and she‟s much more excepting and understanding because of it.”
cause of it.”
“How would you respond to those who say that your feelings are
yourselves with very loving,
accepting people and I went to a
school when I was in grade
school through middle school. It
was a very accepting school in
Fremont, it‟s called Pacific Crest.
I never really faced harassment;
there was a lot of misconception;
kind of ignorance,” Claire said.
“I just try to live my life and be honest with myself. If they don‟t like it, too
bad,” says Gail. Karen adds, “I still would have my feelings hurt if someone
came up to me and was blatantly homophobic and was out there with those
feelings. It would still hurt me. But what I think that I would do is just ignore
them, and smile at them and walk away and not associate with them. Those
Karen and Claire
are the types of people you won‟t really ever change. And that‟s gonna take
Karen, Gail, Claire, and Luke are content with their lives, going through the
maybe 25 more years in this country, maybe gay marriage will be okay, but
small dramas of everyday life, like all people do.
we need all the young people coming through that are for it.”
“Do you have any advice for young gays and lesbians?”
The interview shined light on the hardship that couples like Karen and Gail
“I would say, connect with other young gays and lesbians
have to suffer through, but also showed how family values and love don‟t
right away so that you don‟t feel alone. That would be
differ as a result of sexual orientation. Whether you‟re homosexual, heteromy big piece of advice, because there‟s nothing lonelier
sexual, or even metrosexual, love is love, family is family.
than feeling like you‟re not connecting with someone,”
says Karen, “The tragedy behind teenage suicides associated with being out-ed or being gay, that‟s gotta stop.
There‟s this whole video movement that Dan Savage
started, he‟s a writer for The Stranger, called It Gets Better, where all these
well-known people are coming out as couples on YouTube, and talking about
their lives. There are more celebrities coming out, like Ellen. I‟m sorry, but
she‟s changed things radically for gay people because everyone loves Ellen.
[laughter] And how can you not be okay with gay people if you watch Ellen
every day?”
“What do you think about the stereotype that children raised by gay
couples will be gay themselves?”
“I don‟t really understand where that idea comes from because most of the
gay people I know have straight parents [laughter]. If you really think it‟s a
genetic thing how do you think that happened? I just try to explain to people,
like I said lots of people don‟t intend to be malicious it‟s just ignorance,”
Claire said.
“The few times that we‟ve told Luke‟s friends, or Claire‟s friends even, that
they have two moms a lot of times the kids‟ll kinda think for a second and
then go, „That‟s cool, you have two moms?‟” Gail said.
“Or one of Luke‟s friends was like, „No fair!‟” Karen added.
“What do you think about having two moms?”
“Well it‟s kind of nice, uh, I don‟t know, it‟s… fun.”
“What do you think about being the only boy?”
“It‟s not so great, I wish there was another boy about my age.”
Karen also adds about potential teasing towards Luke because of the fact he
has lesbian moms. “With Claire, we can see she‟s 18 now, she‟s doing great,
she‟s happy, she‟s okay with it all. But we keep checking in with Luke, because I know that at some point he‟s gonna get teased, and it‟s gonna be one
of those things that‟s gonna hurt.”
“Do you get teased for your parents?”
“No. I think that part of it is that you guys have always chosen to surround
The best music of 2010!
Find your favorites!
We went through our playlists and found you the best of 2010 music playlist
By Kelley Fagan
Girls With Accents - Fences
Firework – Katy Perry Like We Used to - A Rocket to the Moon
Forget You – Cee Lo
Not Afraid – Eminem
Replay - Iyaz
Secrets - OneRepublic F***in Perfect – P!nk
OMG - Usher
Like a G6 - Far east movement
Ridin‟ Solo – Jason Derulo
Dog Days Are Over - Florence + The Machines
Hard – Rihanna
Bad Romance – Lady GaGa Cooler Than Me – Mike Posner
All the Right Moves – OneRepublic I Like It - Enrique Iglesias
Rude Boy – Rihanna
Alejandro – Lady GaGa
Magic – B.O.B.
Telephone - Lady GaGa ft. Beyonce Tie Me Down – New Boyz
We R Who We R – Ke$ha
Only Girl In The World – Rihanna
California Gurls – Katy Perry
Please Don‟t Go – Mike Posner
Billionaire - Travie McCoy ft. Bruno Mars
Mine – Taylor Swift
La La La – Auburn
Baby – Justin Bieber Dead and Gone – T.I.
Take it off – Ke$ha
Love the Way You Lie - Eminem ft. Rihanna
Airplanes - B. O. B. ft Hayley Williams
Ignorance – Paramore
Eenie Meenie - Justin Bieber ft. Sean Kingston
No Love - Eminem ft. Lil Wayne Follow Me Down – 3OH!3
King of Anything – Sara Bareilles
Dynamite – Taio Cruz
If I Had You – Adam Lambert
Hey Soul Sister - Train
So Obvious – Runner Runner Weightless – All Time Low
Animal - Neon Trees
Your Love Is My Drug – Ke$ha
Love Like Woe – The Ready Set
Just a Dream – Nelly
Whip My Hair – Willow Smith
Teenage Dream – Katy Perry
Ankle boots are the style right
now. Boots can turn an ugly shirt, pair
of jeans, or a simple jacket into an
amazing outfit.
They might seem like they are hard
to walk in but really they’re actually
comfortable and they go great with
almost any outfit. Right now boots
are the center of attention because of
the cold winter.
Boots can be very expensive but
they’re most of the time worth it depending on the look. Boots are more
than just how much they cost, they’re
about how you’re able to match them
with your clothes and accessories.
Every boot has a different style. There
are ankle boots, Uggs, cowboy, heel
boots, combat boots and classic knee
boots. These are just common ones.
You buy boots at the mall and they
can vary between $30 to $300 but
designer boots can usually vary between $300 to $3000 . Designer boots
are commonly the originals which
mean that those are the ones made
first by the designer, but some boots
you bought at the mall are just replicas of the originals.
Now for matching. Depending on the
type of boot you have is the way you
wear it. Like Uggs, those are layback
boots for tired days. Ankle boots are
good for casual days, but they can
always match with a flashy outfit.
Knee length boots are good to match
with skinny jeans, tights or jeggings.
Club Can‟t Handle Me – Flo Rida
Raise Your Glass – P!nk
If We Ever Meet Again - Timbaland ft. Katy Perry
My first kiss - 3OH!3 ft. Ke$ha Just The Way You Are – Bruno Mars
DJ Got Us Fallin In Love– Usher ft. Pitbull Grenade– Bruno Mars
More small tips next time~ Thanks!
Today Was A Fairytale– Taylor Swift Find Your Love– Drake
By Vidi
What‟s My Name?- Rihanna Heaven Can Wait– We The Kings
Bulletproof– La Roux Only Exception– Paramore
What Do You Want From Me?- Adam Lambert
Back To December– Taylor Swift
What animal would you be?
Would people say you
are aggressive?
Would you defend
your friends?
Of course!
Do you feel like
Not really
How often do you eat
Do you like
You love being in
the water and you
can work easily
alone or in a group.
You’re a hungry person and are most of the
time loyal to your family and friends.
Love to swim?
You can adjust to any
season and you can be
aggressive when it’s
This section is dedicated to countries
that are barely known! So we decided to teach our readers about these countries.
Learn about Argentina and share it with you‟re friends!
-by Catalina
Buenos Aires
A lot of people know of Argentina but
2010 census– 40,091,359
do you really know all the facts? Do you know population
Argentina has one of the largest waterfalls in
the world and that you can visit penguin colonies on its eastern coast?
Where is Argentina? The beautiful country is
located in South America. The capital is Buenos
Aries which translated means good air. Argentina
has a lot of amazing and exotic places to visit.
One of them is Iguazu Falls. If you simply
look for a picture of the falls on the
internet you will see the magnificent
1.7 miles that make Iguazu one of the largest waterfalls in the
world. The grand Iguazu is located on the border of Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina.
Another fun place to visit is Patagonia. Patagonia is a tourist
must-see. Patagonia is an assortment of beautiful places all in one
area. One great spot is the Chubut. The Chubut is an area of penguin colonies. The Magellanic penguins at Punta Tombo are a
Okay now for the coolest part of Argentina: the Yerba Maté.
It’s a traditional drink made by the people in Argentina. The tea is
made from the Yerba Maté plant. This
drink is extremely common in Argentina. People traditionally drink it out of
a gourd with a metal straw such as in the
picture to the left.
So be sure you visit, the amazing
Iguazu Falls, the beautiful Patagonia,
and try the traditional Yerba Maté.