Billionaire Boys Club



Billionaire Boys Club
Billionaire Boys Club
The Man, The Myth, The Legend
Our Mission.
Be rich! Be Powerful! BE FAMOUS! You can have it all. You just need to walk
through the door and sign that dotted line. You don’t want to be left among
the poor and unwanted do you??? NO!!! Become one of the many who have
already found salvation in our teachings. Leave your simple lives behind and
become a member of the Billionaire Boys Club, the place where all your
dreams can come true!!
Our Fearless Leader.
Join Donald Trump and his thousands of faithful followers! Who better to
trust than the world’s leader of profit and wealth?? A man who can turn dirt
into GOLD!!! Donald’s teachings will change your life forever. Come join
our cause to separate ourselves from the rest of this cruel world filled with
sadness and hate. Join us as we step over into a utopia filled with wealth,
glamour and fame!!!

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