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IBBA Leaflet_2015_v8 - CUHK Business School
Integrated BBA Program
2016 / 17
offers comprehensive exposure
to all aspects of business
administration, which enables
you to succeed in a wide range
of professions. The Program is
distinctive in that it equips
students with both broad-based
knowledge and specialized
your own interest and
choose your own concentrations
career prospects
Enrich your study with
potential through
interdisciplinary studies
Discover Your Own Interest
Building a solid foundation
The Integrated BBA Program provides you with a series of business foundation courses during your first
two years of study. These courses, ranging from management, finance to marketing and more, allow you
to discover and explore your own interests among various business areas.
Faculty Package Courses
Required Courses
Economics for Business Studies I
Economics for Business Studies II
Principles of Management
Introductory Financial Accounting
Introductory Management Accounting
Statistical Analysis for Business Decisions
Operations Management
Business Information Systems
Financial Management
Introduction to International Business
Legal Environment, Corporate Social Responsibility
and Business Ethics
Business Policy and Strategy
Marketing Management
Choose Your Own Concentrations
Concentrating on specialized areas
We offer 10 concentration areas. You can choose up to two concentrations and need to take at least five
courses in each chosen area. The concentrations provided are:
Business Analytics
Business Economics
Modern businesses need to make managerial decisions in the presence of vast
amount of information. This concentration will equip students with knowledge
and tools that can help them derive useful information from business data, and
utilize the information intelligently in making effective business decisions.
Designed for those seeking to apply
managerial economics to solving
problems and understanding the
business environments.
General Finance
Financial Engineering
Insurance and Risk Management
Covers corporate finance, financial
engineering, financial institutions,
and related subjects such as
insurance and real estate.
Consists of financial markets,
investments, derivatives, fixed
income securities, and other
quantitative finance courses.
Offers a range of courses from concept
of insurance and risk management to
management of insurance and related
Human Resource Management
Management of International Business
Instills in students systematical approach to
managing organizations through the
functions of planning, organizing, leading,
communicating and controlling.
Aims at developing innovative managers and leaders for the global
world. Courses include Global Enterprise Management, China Business,
Asian Business, European Business, Global Entrepreneurship, and
Advanced Analysis of International Business.
Quantitative Marketing
Provides students with solid training pertaining to the
strategic fundamentals of the discipline in general and
also allows them to become versed in specific area of
interest such as multi-cultural marketing, cyber
marketing and services marketing.
Prepares students to be well-versed in data analytics,
mathematical modeling and database technology, to work
as database marketers, marketing analysts, internet
marketers, and managers of Business Intelligence Unit in
various industries.
General Business
Covers a wider scope of management and business issues. It offers great
flexibility to students to tailor-make their studies to suit their individual interests.
Read more about
these concentrations
Go Beyond Business!
Maximizing potential through interdisciplinary studies
Expand your studies beyond business administration through double majors, double degrees or minors,
based on your personal interests and capabilities.
Double Majors
Double Degrees
You can pursue double majors if you fulfill the
respective requirements of two majors within the
normative period of study, including attaining the
required cumulative grade point average (GPA). A
double major student will be awarded a single
degree with two majors, e.g. Bachelor of Business
Administration (BBA) in Integrated BBA and
Professional Accountancy.
You can also pursue a second degree program
offered by the Faculty of Engineering or the School
of Journalism and Communication, with an
additional year of study on a self-financing basis.
Possible combinations for Integrated BBA students
Integrated BBA and Professional Accountancy (PACC)
Integrated BBA and Insurance, Financial and Actuarial
Analysis (IFAA)*
Integrated BBA and Quantitative Finance (QFIN)*
* Not applicable for student specializing in General Finance /
Financial Engineering / Insurance and Risk Management
BBA-BEng in Biomedical Engineering
BBA-BEng in Computer Engineering
BBA-BSc in Computer Science
BBA-BEng in Electronic Engineering
BBA-BEng in Energy Engineering
BBA-BEng in Information Engineering
BBA-BEng in Mechanical and Automation Engineering
BBA-BEng in Systems Engineering and Engineering
BBA-BSSc in Journalism and Communication
You can choose to declare up to two minors. Each
minor requires 18 to 30 units of courses.
Recommended Study Path
Year 1
Year 2
Faculty Package courses
(9 units)
Required courses
(31 units)
Year 3
Year 4
Concentration courses (15-36 units)
Minor (optional) (18-30 units)
University Core courses (39 units)
Second Degree courses (optional)*
Second Major courses (optional)
Minimum number of units to graduate: 123 units
* To acquire a second degree, students will have to take an additional year of study on a self-financing basis.
Enrich Your University Life
Enriching your study with co-curricular activities
The Integrated BBA program is not just about classroom learning. Learn about other cultures and bolster
your independence and self-confidence by joining our overseas exchange programs. Our personal
development and career planning workshops can also provide you with all-rounded skills essential to
working in the real business world.
92% of business students took on internship
before graduation
Overseas exchange
50% business students go for exchange
Year-round experiential learning opportunities
Mentorship Program
Career-related and soft skills enhancement workshops
Local and international case competitions with coaching
Company visits
E-Learning with career planning and personal
development modules
Student activities
11 student organizations at the CUHK
Business School
A Diversified Career Path
Career Prospects
Other career fields include:
Graduates of 2014 mainly specialized in:
Customer Service
Our Integrated BBA graduates are employed by
premier companies such as
Bain & Company
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Big Four International CPA Firms
Leo Burnett
Procter & Gamble
And more
Architecture/ Surveying/ Construction
Business Consultant
Data Communications & Network/ Internet
Disciplined Service
Financial & Quantitative Analysis/ Engineering
Hotel Management/ Tourism/ Catering Services
Logistics/ Shipping
Multimedia & Digital Entertainment
Public Relations/ Mass Communication
Purchasing/ Trading
Retail Management
Scientific/ Research Work
Software Design & Development
Statistical/ Actuarial Work
System Solution & Services
Divya Prem Kumar Verma (Integrated BBA, Year 3)
The program provides students with a holistic learning of different business
aspects and offers numerous initiatives. Having participated in the EYAcademy
CSR Challenge, I had the opportunity to apply the skills learnt to a real-life case
and I am very glad to be named as the Top Performing Cadet Champion.
This summer, I interned as a Global Corporate Banking Summer Analyst in Bank
of America Merrill Lynch, where I was able to understand the various financial
instruments and got to work with a diverse team. I am thrilled to have received
the return offer from the bank to work as a full-time analyst upon graduation!
Edison Tam (Integrated BBA, Year 4)
The Integrated BBA program allows considerable flexibility with regards
to my study scheme. Not only could I enjoy complete freedom in
choosing Marketing and Management in International Business as my
concentrations, but I could also pursue double minors in Spanish and
French. Besides, the most rewarding part of my course was the
opportunity to go on an exchange program in Barcelona for a year,
during which my linguistic knowledge was significantly enriched.
Admission Requirements
JUPAS Admission (JUPAS Code: JS4202)
JUPAS applicants seeking admission on the strength of their Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education
(HKDSE) examination results can find the relevant information below:
Level 3
Level 3
Subject 1
Subject 2
or M1/M2
Level 2
Level 2
Level 3
Level 3
You can also apply through the JUPAS Sub-systems, including
School Principal’s Nomination Scheme
Other Experiences and Achievements in Competitions / Activities
Sports Scholarship Scheme
Non-JUPAS (Local) and International Admission
International and Non-JUPAS (Local) applications will be considered on a case by case basis. For details on
admission channels and admission requirements for international students, mainland students and
Non-JUPAS (Local) students, please contact the University’s Office of Admissions and Financial Aid.
Office of Admissions and Financial Aid: http://www.oafa.cuhk.edu.hk
About CUHK Business School
CUHK Business School is a leading business school and a pioneer in business education in Hong Kong. Established
in Hong Kong in 1963, it is the first business school to offer BBA, MBA and Executive MBA programs in the region.
The School has over 4,600 full-time and part-time students and has the largest business school alumni network in
Hong Kong, with over 30,000 alumni worldwide.
Undergraduate Office
CUHK Business School
Room 616, Cheng Yu Tung Building
12 Chak Cheung Street
Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong
(852) 3943 7746
(852) 2603 5181
[email protected]
f www.facebook.com/CUHKBusinessUG
The University reserves the right to amend its rules, regulations, and procedures at any time without prior notice.
The information presented in this leaflet was accurate as of September 1, 2015.

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