fo Wasllllilton b. - Southeastern Oklahoma State University



fo Wasllllilton b. - Southeastern Oklahoma State University
out eastern
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Program Cited
SSC N,ws
Pianis·t · Visits Pre~Enr.ofment ,
·student Exhibit For · e·w'Te
Lee LUvisi's piano aoucert was
a memorable speri$ce, for maay people. But the
~ artist'a: Duraat vl8lt was
!*..,..,.. _
PNI4ebt ~recent-
. Eigbt hunared thirtY
jlarticularly signiftcaat for· one pre-enrolled · last· week far
SoUtheastern student.
- spring s mester, the ~­
Tim Danielson, gradUating art fice re.Ports. · .
major, was understandably proud · ·' W tth , 830. already regiatered.
when Luvisi visited Tim's exhibit regular enrolment Monday aDCl
which. is now on display in the Tuesday, Janua ry 29-30, lhoul4
~ment . of the administration progress smoothly.
During the regular eqrolmellt
r' ..
"He ·seemed interested. in my period juniors and ·seniors wm register January 29. Freshmen and ·
work," Tim said.
sbphomo{es · will regist er .January .
·, Although the Southeastern sen~
ior is known for his talent in music 30.
Underitaduate nigh t cla88 -eii=
a.S well a.9 · in art, mos t of their
conyersation. was about the latter . rolment is set for 7 p. m. .Janu&1'7
29_ Fifth-year . students wm regTim · also picked up some side- iSter
9 a. m . Saturday, Februligbts about the musician. H e ary 3,at and
at 6 p. m . :Monda;,~
learned, for instance, that Luvlsi
was .suffering from a severe cold l' ~bruary 5.
..A new feature of the ' ~d
when b e played his Sunday consemester schedule is the govcert.
ernment course, listed 313A, which.· He also .learned that the pianist the college will offer in conn~oh
is a native of Louisville, Ky., is with Continental Classroom.• .
manied to his childhood sweetThe instruction will be offered
hea.t1:, and -will give his next con- through TV lectures a nd wi11 be
::f'r t j n Mississippi.
presented in the local area over
LuviSi•s S~uhteastern concert Cbannel 12. Dr. Sever Eubank,
drew the highest praise from the history professor, is t -hi! college
d~ply responsive audience which coordinator of •the new f4udy._
represert~ the Texoma area. The
crowd was described aa the largest ~or ~Y Community Concert tndivtaual artist.
COIIU!IImd~ the,- - e a l fitnetiB
c;illl~ co~ttd - fn KUBkope
aty Bcboola, -the action bad speol" ~ interest for certain people on
6 the Southeastern campus.
The program cited for its ex.eellence by the President was that
-"'Qf a Southeastern graduate, Alph
- gtanfill, now coordinator of physic~
education in the Muskogee
Stanfill's achievement was particularly interesting to Dr. Dave
Stevens, Southeastern fa c u 1 t y
, The Muskogee educator was
Stevens' assistant when the Southeastern teacher was high school
football coach at Checotah.
When Stanfill later earned htS
degree at Southeastern, Stevens
recalls that he "awarded" the
With degree requirements com-.
plete, military aervice prevented
• Stu.fill from attending commence• ment_exercises.
"'But when s~ pa.aed
through Durant on a troop train,
.I got the diploma from Dr. Montgomery, who was president at the
time, and "presented" it to Stanftll through the window of the
Slaughter Called
Seiators Select . - f fo Wasllllilton b.(~'
"Most Valuable" For Natal·Servic-e•
. Stevens witnessed examples of
. be :Muskogee physical fttneu
1-rocram when he Vlslted Stanml
just before Chrl.ltmu.
Debate Tein1 Tratels.
To Allllllllo Toney
BOLLING IN 'ftiB SNOW eu be a very chmtnc ~ J(peDy
O.veaport ~ed tide fact last week wttb the belp of
Rboadee, Olemla Wldte 111111 UDda AileD.
'lbe debate teuR IIDd coach Plttaburc
~~ : :. J'ebruai.y wm
Dr. Eugene E. $_laughter, head
of the JCngUsh department, Ill
apendlng six weeks
active duty
Dale ..·· wood, aophomore trom In the n&'VY·
Fox, baa been aelected by hia felBe will serve as a member of
low senators as the most valuable · & naval reserve board lelect1Dg
·member-of thefr organiZation dur- oftlc:en for promotiao to comthe
on & lllmUar
. Wood'• work ' as ch&lrmaD of
1118 •eetpment ta ill the sm..u
tfle school spirit coDunlttee was of Naval Per8oDDel, WublDgton,
a Dlfojor ~actor 1D tnfluenctng the D. c.
choice, eeD&te pretddent Billy .Joe
About 40 omoen in the rep1ar
Taylor eltP~I
D&VJ' and the naval r111ne, of the
B:iJ:lceemg pep .ralllea ad Jtan· ruk of commander or captain,
niDg other "scbool .apirtt aetlvltles wm oompoee the board More thaD
were among -Wood's contributions. 10,000 lleateDallt eQmmanden wDl
He also cooperated with Charles be caulda'e4 tor pramotloll.
'llndrew8, speech 1D8tructor, 1D
Dr. Sl&uallter NCeDtly recelncl
planning th~ Frtendahtp Fire.
& promotion to captain tn the
:....:_.:..:.==~==-- naval rtl8erve. At present be ts
llellfor adv1aer to an air lDtelllgence unit.
South•stem Dean
Goes On Naval Tour ·~
be a bUlly month
for the
8qWUl. Toumamenta on 8Cbedule w1l1 be &t Norman, Arbdelpb!a, Ark.; Nacqdo·Dr. .John T. ltr&tttger, dean of
ches, Tau: and BattiellbUrg', .students, 18 on a two-week tour
of duty with the U. S. Navy.
Tradltton~. the Hattiesburg
Kr&Wger, & eomma.nder in the
• Sue receiftd a r&UDc of acel· trip Ill the Jdchlll'ht of the M&- Naval Reserve, went to the Naval
leltt 1D oratory, and SaJl7 and .oa.
- Air Station in Dallu for the flrat
.John Hawldlul ncelved n.dDp of
..Bxperleace i8 what the teams week of hill &SIIlgmnent.
excellent in poetry tnterpret&tlon. are a.tmtng at, ad next semseter's
Be was then llcheduled to fly
The nGt toumamat wm be &t toumament8 ahould provide it," to Alameda, cant. for the aecond
Ka.naa.• State Teachen College at said AndreW&
week of duty.
'""&"·.Johnny GDptn and Roy White
won their debate apiD8t Baylor
and Sally liUI'I'y and Sue
defetLtecl Tau Tech and Adamll
Wrighfs One Reason
Band Sounds So Good
the Lions All-State Band who
tr~veled to New York City.
Melbern NIXon, band director,
recognized Ronnie's outstanding
musical abilittes in high school
and offered him a BCholarshi~ to
Southeastern. It seems OU bad
the same Idea. But Ronnie chose
sse becaU8e ·-x just like it here,
and I heard So11theastem bad a
mwdc deputmat."
ence at the concert wm Nlll8lllbel' good
Tbe stage baud"• next performRonnie u one of the featured ance
wm be a concert February
trumpet pla:yent who played "'I'Ur9 when Romlle will be featured
1D a aolo, "Candftl of Venice."
B:y Sally llarr&J'
Those who attended the annual
Christmas concert this year were
excited about the vast Improvement the babd baa made.
' One of those people who helps
make the band and ttll performances thlll year a auccea Ill Ron·
nie Wright, Seminole frMJnnan,
wbo playa tbe trumpet. Tbe audi-
'lcl .,
oftea ........... tbe Nll-
... 0
be tnWeated
tdeata of Sbeuw llaD, and a- to lmOW that a MW 6-plece comdenta haft ....... tile name, bo. "'The Blue IIGDclcMt." .... been
...Johnny Trumpet... - ......
orpm.ed OD CM'pu Bomde 18 •
Bolmie'• ....... baclrpoand ..
ju8t . . bltDiaat . . Jda aoau.ut- the
~of the baDd are
em pe!l'formal:miL Be bepa tak- Boward Pam, .,; .nm GabID& comet hniiiUI Ia tbe llbEtb bard, drulu; lay Wllllam1, piano; 80 ·thla 18 .Ida etpt1a ,_.. and Dr. Larr7 Hafner, at.rlDg bass.
to be 1D ~ and concert
.T hey have JII&J8d for dances at
Seminole and DUncan, also apAt Seminole HIP 8c1aoo1, Where peared on TV.
Joe Reed Ill band director. Ronnie
When uked aboUt hia plans for
waa in the AD-State Baqd three the tutme. ~ replied, "Of
,_...., and wu &lit chair trum- course, my maiD IDtereltt- 111 muslc
peter 1n the AD-state Bl.1l4 hill .a I would lJke to pla:y the trumpet
after p-a4u&tlon."
.._ the ....,,It lte iMidecJ, "The
Allot~ teatll8r Ill Ida cap .. . . Blue ~ ue &ft~l&l~Je for
Ida plaOe .. ant-eMil' oarMt iD ICJiool ....,...
Theme Js Selected
For March Sc.dals
A meeting concerning the
March 29 production of the Sa' Scandals was held recentJ3r.
Thl8 years' theme for the ScaDdais, Adventures Through To7·
~and, was annoUDced.
AUditions will be held at a
'ater date for auyone wlllhiDc to
participate in the prodactlon.
Anyone wl8hfDc to audltloll •
work on any upect of Jlllltlq •
staging 18 uked to caatact !.-...
beDe Sandefur or '1'omiDy 'J'h«Mnu
directors of the BeeJidel•
In European
f'BB BOVf'BBABf'BRN. Drmutt. OlcitrAD11111
PBE88 ,
IUW.rll ~ september, lin .
Official organ of t!l.e Sou~em College uaoctauon publiallfld
weekly during every maetth of tile year except June, July and A1JKU8!
at Dunmt, Oklahoma. - the In~ of Southeastern · State CoUep.
Durant, Oklahoma, -.nd fill higher education.
Mokiilg Violins Lambda Psis Pick 'Paradise'
I~ Only One
As· Theme·For Annual Dance .
Of His Talents
a- are
Dyer, industrial arts
profe.s sor and tennis coach, would
SuNcrtp•OD Price ll'lfty cen~ a y-.r
probably be called a "tbinkplg
man" by the Viceroy advertisers.
At any rate his activities are q(rlte
diverse. In addition to coaching
anc,i teaching, he has made three
Editor •.. .... .........•........•............ .. .. . George Mot'I'OW
At an MENC meeting WednesBusiness Manager . . . . • . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sue Dyeon
Feature. . ......•......... ...•...•.. ....... .... •. .. Rita Payton day, ·Dyer gave a lecture on the
8oclety ....... ~ . . . . . • . • . . . . . . . . • . . • . . . . . . . . . . Ruth Ann WllUams making of violins. He said that
Sports ........ , . , ...•.•........ , .. , . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . Cbarles Lynch since he could not fulfill an ambiMailing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ty Collllltoek tion to becpme a concert violinist,
Advl&er . :. . . . . . . . , ...•.. : . . . . . • . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mary M. Frye he decided to make the instruments.
REPORTERS - Jue Jlunmen, ()arol Finney, Betty. Donn, Juanita . There are 45 parts to a violin.
Bailey, Stanley Hopper, landra MUier, cart Ann~trong, :ttat"Y Keith, The best type of wood for them l8
Margaret Ann Browa, Harold E. slanley, Paula ~perry, Dian Tbomp- spruce or maple and should be
son. Martha 1\lcCaner, Ialiy MQJT8y, Dessle Bretz. Jane New, Bob , aged at least 35 years.
Ledbetter, Stanley CUoD.
Practically all the carving l8
done by hand. Precision 1s tmportt. The more precise the carving
is, the better the sound will be.
Ebony is used for the bar and the
t uners.
Southeastern is primarily an institution dedicated to Dyer commented that a Stradivarius c'an now sell for $100,000.
the training of teachers.
His audience waa surprised to
The curriculum fer a student who plans to be a teacher learn that use by a good violinist
is designed to give that student not only a knowledge of will improve die sotmd of a. Yiofin.
A Need Ror Spee~h
his major and minot fields but a knowledge of education
and psychology.
As we know, a great deal of a teacher's ti.m e is spent
in spealQng directly to his class.
We also ~now that there are few thing& more disconcerting than a teacher who is constantly gropfng for
words or saying "uh" between words.
Yet when we consult the catalog about the Iequirements for a teaching degree we find that no course in
peech is required.
Spould a course in speech be required?
If a great deal of the teacher's time is spent in speaking, th nit mu t be agreed that at least one course in speech
should be required.
-G. M.
rJ'hey're Stitl Wise
''Paradiee" .,... the theme of
the recent IAI:Dbd& Pill 0mep.
nual eemt-formal_ dance helcl 1D
the ballroom.- MuSic wu tundlhed by The Shadows Flve from
All of the pledges of Lambda
Psi Omega recelve.d gift paddles,
which represented a parUal completlon of their pledp to tbe traternity.
There were 150 guests at tbe
dance. Honored gueata were
well Wright, former president, and
three members from other coiJepta
who plan to return to
Tbq 1
Jim C9X, Bob Stewart. Uld
Jerry Jo EWa.
Acting as sponsors were Proctor
Brown and Mrs. and Mr8. Ma.r9llV
Carrying out the Paradise
theme, real trees sprayed r.Uvea
and draped with angel hair were
ratnbowed by rotisserie Ughta.
English ivy clung to the walla. A
plaster of Parts island made a
realistic centerpiece for t be
punch table.
Stork Works Overtime At SSC
The stork has atopped at South-------....- _ _ _ _ __._
.Judging from the number of
new births, he may be worldJIC
1SC Senior Weds
Minnesota Man
TuJaa Public 8cbool8
WeatmiJulter School Dletrict
w~. California
PubUc ldlacU
.AlUoaa '
8. Civil Service
and J
· lead
ltligh And Low
tambda r Hold
Ifnr•fla.llon For 14
2 Chi
rlen 1
, All
• Kellu
. Bul
Ted Ci
IJdiGol or Jnchwtry ...........
Jeftereon County Pobllc Scboola
Lakewood. 001orado
Tul8a. Okl•boma
TV Ads Rate
J'ebrU&It 11-D .
The Placement Interview Calendar will be broug ht up-to-date and .
repeated each week 1n 'nle Southeastern. Your appointment for an
intervieW should pe made during the two weeks immediately preceding the date of the schedUled intetview ill Which you interested.
Please D~Ue that the calendar do•s not replace the bulletin board
located Ill front of. Ule presiden~s office. You should contillue to
cbeck thl8 bulletin board for placesnent notices received too late for
tbe caJeDdar. Spring and summer graduates should file appHcation
Placement BureaU at once.' Pl~ noWy the placement office
ately ~pon acoeptalhce of a ~tlo11.
'!llllnCiq aa4 fttdl,y
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert (Red)
Westmoreland, 215 W. Mulberry,
Wedding Vows were exchanged the proud parents of a aon,
Steven Odis, born January 8 at by Carol Roberts, Southeastern
1:30 a. m. in the Durant hospital. senior, and Roger Lutz of MillHe weighed 7 pounds and 5 ouncea. neapolis, Minn. Friday afternoon
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Heaa, lU tn the chapel of the F)rst Baptist •
Vet Village, have a. daughter, Sa- Church of Durant.
bra Ann, born January 8, 1n tbe
Dr. Leslie Dwight, head of the
Bryan Memorial Hospital. Sabra Southeastern mathematics departweighed 8 lbs' and 2 oz.
ment, gave carol in marriage
Mr. and Mrs. .John Massey, Joyce Oden was maid of honor
former sse students, have a boy, and Russel Thompson was best
John Michael,' who was born Jan- man.
uary 5 at 5:04 ~· m,. in the Durant
Glynda Cooper sang a solo acHospital, weighing 8 lbs.
companied by Clareece Sterling
A ChriBtmas gift for former. on the· organ.
By Rita Payton
SS"C students, Mr. and Mrs. Lynn
Immediately following the wed"I enjoy some television com- rrolman, was a son born Decem- ding there was a reception given
mercials mo·r e than the shows," a bar 24. :Hrs. Holman is the former by Mrs. Dwight.
local coed said.
1D · tty .Jo Brown of Talihina . .
Carol plans to continue her
When asked if they too ,liked
Other members of the "diaper studies at Southeastern and jotn
-commercials, several people an- drag" are Mr. and Mrs. Jolm Roger in August.
swered with the following re- Taylor (he is with the biology
m arks.
department) and Mr. and Mrs.
Sylvia Higgs- ..! like the 'l,"oot- C ecil Sullivan. Cecil_ works With
sie roll pop commercials where the Southeastern pnnting of~ice.
th re's a little boy named Faun- The Taylor daughter and Sulltvan
• •
tl roy or som~thing.~
. son both arrived December 27.
Pat Van Wtnkle- ''1 don't have
any favorites but there are plenty 1 NOTICE: Dr. E. ~· Slau~hterl. ·
The Lambda Psi Omega formal
l don 'L like.'..
Carolyn Sweeney 5 tardmess to initiation was Thursday.
Kay Lowry- "The Johnson . and I the fi~a.l ~ursday was due to. her · Fom·teen pledges who b ecame
J ohn on baby powder ones are ;,'llher .~ mlstake~ly 5 P r ~ Y 1 n g members are Phil Kennedy, Dick
LUte 'cause they ,don' t say much snow. on her wmdshield mstead Drake, Jerry Boyer; Robert Anin them. Just sor.1e cute babies of de-Icer.
derson, J erry Tripp, Gen e Griffin'.
' ;.icldng around~'..
Duane Jackson.
Kay Eubanks-"Yon know those (clap, clap) cigarette should."
Carl Houser, Troy Scoggins, Ron
De chnut peppermint gum things
Eddi~ Savages--''You know, that Hagg ard, Howard Penn, Butch
are pretty sharp. Interesting too." reminds me of .when I was in the Jackson, Harold Wright, and RonRoy McCutcheon "What's Navy."
nie Dodson.
wrong with you, are you ·crazy or
Kathleen Baggerly- "Silverkritt l
puts the OOO's in shampoos."
Wiley Rickerson, Durant student
Kay Pearce-"! .like the oldLarry Self- "I like Jax com- was named Top Teke Pledge fortimer, Winston tastes. good like a mercials because I like Jax."
the fall ,semester.
Very few people realize the universa l truth in the wisdom poken by the "old rna ters" of philo ophy. In reality,
very few people know of any philosophers save, perhaps,
Almost everyone bas heard of Sir Francis Bacon but
few recognize his abilities to analyze the problems of mankind. Of interest today, even though he was a sixteenthcentury figure, are hilS essays.
In an essay of studies he said "Read to weigh and
consider. Do not study all things with the same level of
intensity. Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready
man; and writing an exact man."
In another essayJte says, Milton, Shakespeare, or Pope
cannot be false to any man."
Any material by Bacon, Milton, Shakespeare, or Pope
is considered bf most as "hea~ reading." Light it,-may. not
be, but interestmg it ia. Force yoursel.f to ~ead a few ~rticles
by some really g = t e r s and you Will be surpn~ed at
the difference it
in your abilities to ~. wnte, o~
converse. You ma)*
surprised, too, at not having to'
"force" yourself to r.d for long.
- R. P.
"N~w. now Susan ..• everybody
oan't be the Homecoming Queen!"
· ~·
TBB BOU'l'BBABTBRN, Durtlllt, Oiddollia ·
Savages TomahaWk B;onchos
117 a.m..
fven ·
Phil ll'ree, biology major wbo
graduate. at mid-term, wm be
teacbtng at .Panama PhU did IIIII
practice teacblDg last PllleMer
at hia home ~. Red Oak.
During this time Southeastern
t()ok advantage of the situation
and pumped in 11 points with Mc~uire hitting 6 and Muldrew netting 5. This upped the Savages'
· lead to 19 points with the score
standing 41-23.
The last few minutes of the c~>n­
test were filled with fouls. Bill
Medley and Richard Muldrew hit
2 charity shots and Adams added
''; 'fl!il
Harold McDaniel wound up the
scoring for the night hitting on. a
•bc>rt jump shot.
Vemie Walker, (6-4) junior
from Welch, turned in a brilliant
....defensive performance in holding
Malone to 9 points.
Muldrew was high man for '·t ne
Sa vag es with 23 points. McGuire
followed with 18 tallies and Bear·1en hit 9.
·1l .i~J
points with 9 mmutea to play before McGuire hit on another I
point play.
Jim Southard and Bill Laird hit
a field goal apiece to pull the Bi8oD.
within 5 points of the Savagw
with 1:30 left.
Bearden and McDaniel hit 3 tree
Denver Bearden came ihrough w h i l e · ~uthe~tern scored . t throws between them to put the
with a free throw and Harold· Mc- points. . · . ·
game on lee.
The Savages posslb~y played
Daniel added 2 more to put the ' Gary . Ry~ hit 2 field goals to
cut Southeastern& lead tc;» 4 points their best game of the season In
game out of reach.
'with . the scor.e Standing 16-12.
·. defeating OBU. This marks the
Sixth WID
•. • · 8 Quick Pola~
second straight year the Savagee
When the buzzer sounded the
·MarVin Adams hit 6 points In a have downed the Bison on their
Savages owned their sixth confer- 2-minute span to keep the Savag~s home court.
ence win in seven starts. Thia-1 out in front. Bearden hit 2 long
Connie McGuire was higb for
leaves Southeastern in a first field g<)ais just before the half Southeastern with 17 points while
place tie with OBU, each sporting en4ed to give the Savages a com- Adams and Walker hit 12 and 10
a 6-1 record.
fortable 12 point lead. ·
points respectively.
OBU jumped to an early lead . McGUire .upped the lead to 15
Tbe Savages lake to the road
only to see it disappear when Ad- points when he hit a hook and ' this week-end tacklbQ Northeutams connected from the t.Qp ·of added a free throw jus.t after the em at Tahlequah Friday night,
the circle. The Savages defense. I s~ond J~alf got underway.
then back to Ada to test the East
held OBU scoreless f01: 3 minutes
The ~ pulled within 10 Central Tigers Saturday night.
811 Char~ Lpu:Ja
In an exciting finis)! Coach Bloomer Sulfivan's Savages
put down a last half OBU rally 1:9 clip the Bison 68-50.
The Savages had led most of the way and held a 13
point lead with 5 minutes rem~b;ling. ·They then elected to
go into the stall game and· it almost backfired on them.
The Bison found the range and wi~h 1 :30' left they had
pulled within 5 points with.the score s~nd~ng 55-50.
downed the highly rated Bronchoa
t:if · Central State here TUesday
night 85-38.
Tbia was the Savages fifth conference win in six starts.
The Bronehoa' offense was completely controlled as the Savages
turned in their best defensive performance of the year.
• After traUlng the Bronchoa 1n
the early minutes of the game,
Richard "Bubbles" Muldtew hit
two long set shots to put the Sav' agea ahead 17-14.
Marvin Adams, the Savages'
~-~r man hit a long shot from
the comer and McGuire added a
bucket and a free throw to pad
the lead. Denver Bearden, standout on defense, JUt a layup just
be{ore the half ~ give the Savages an eight-point lead.
In the first three minutes of
•he second half Thompson and
,tevenson each hit a bucket for
Central State. The Savages' defense then held the Bronchos for
fiv~ minutes before they scored
vages DoWn Bison
The Boutheutem Savages ell8ily
.\ ..
'ETTING UP A. Pf..AY that helped
3outheaatern defeat OBU ·53 to 60
:s Denver Bearden. Denver
::ontributed to the Savages' cause
Nlth a brlWant dlsplay of defen-
ow wotil~· you spend a $5000 inheritance?
;ive ablHty•
Former SSC student Carl Clark,
ow living in Oklahoma City,
visited the campus this weekend
t o attend the Teke initiation.
.ke: ~ ! ~e~ for Spring Term
Intramural basketball play will Third Team
start im m ediat ely second semes- ~ Ben Price, Jerry Marsh, Harry
, ,
Ochs, Butch Thomason, Jerry
All intramural teams are to be Warren.
d.trned into Dr. Don Parham no 1
late r than Friday.
H i g l:t est Team Score. Six B's,
Here are some of the statistics . . 91 points.
compiled from last year's intra- Highest Team Average: ~~ B's,
mural basketball tournament by
55 points per game.
Dr. Parham and his intramural Best DefeDBlve Average: Six B's,
33.1 points per game.
Individual Bigb, One Game: DalALL·INTRAMUBAL
ton Cavender, 34 points.
Flist Team
, Top Averages
Ray Hall, Jackie Curren Jerry 1. , Caver1der . . . . . . . ... . . . . . 20.2
Kellum, Mickey Linnlng, Jerry 2. Ochs
3. Hall • . . • . . . . . . . . • . • • • . . 19
4. KellUill • . • • • • . . • . • • • • . . 17.6
Second Team
5. KeUuQi . ................ 17.8
· Duke Christian, Charles Lynch, 15. Parbatn . . . • . • • • • . . • • . .• 15.6
Ted Oliphant, Kac Golden, Donald 6. ChNtfaD . . • . . . • . . . . . . . 15
Parham, Dalton cavender.
7.. Kennedy .•••.••...••••• 13.2
more education'
Euro'pean tour.
0 Should·the faculty·.
have ·the power to ·.
0 stocks
sports car
e What's your favorite
time for smQking?
ce~sor c~mpus
l· .. . . .. . . ... . .. .. .
newspapers·?_:~:. .
0 d1,1ring bull sessions
0 while studying
· oN~ .
There's actually more
rich-flavor leaf in l&M
than even in some !:!!!:
filtered cigarettes. You
pt more body in the
blendt more flavor in
the smoke, more taste
thnxlgh the filter. So
aet Lot'S> More from
fLJter with
the· cigarette
that smokes heartier
r •. • •
as ~1 draws freely
th-r-ough the purewhite, modern filter.
0 auring a date
......., ...
... .
%0['" """'"""""~
%LZ............ IU!Aplq$ •
%6 ""m'"JI:l.
%tZ...........___ ..._.
%I£"" ......... .
%9£" UOADPitJIIi
'l'BB SOU'l'IIBAS'l'BRN, Dl&rat, Oi,__a ·
Art GoeS Tril .
formal dlacuss1on on selling short
stories to Tile Ladlea Home loom·
Sigma Tau Delta met January
In the private dlDing room with
Murray presiding.
E. E. Slaughter, eponsor,
new members their eertiJtcatea, and the group had an In-
Refreshments were served, and
the meeting was adjourned to
meet again on February G when
Raymond P1ller, Ubrarlan, wUl tell
about his trip to New York.
SHEA Topic
..... purpoae. !t
aaed u an ouUet for either a parent or a teacher'• anpr.
"Don't oorrect a chil4 wJdJe )IOU
are angry . with him. You ~d
not allow your own emotlou to Interfere with your dlaclpliDID&'," Dr.
Sally said.
Prolonged punlahment cauees
a chlld to become resentfUl. Soon
after puntabment he should be accepted back IntO that person's
¥ethods for dlacipUnlng the
older child are scolding, deprivation of privileges, and tsolatloa
Discipline should be COD8Iatent
with age, experience. and the way
the child has been prevlou8ly
handled. Spanking a child ecmal8t.ently- Is not an effective W8¥ of
disciplinlng him.
When a alx or seven year old
chtld rebels, one way to dlaclpHDe
him Is to gtve him a eholee to
westem game aw
leaders in tlle1r new unllfol~
t he first time.
Everyone felt the
wer.e "real aharp." The
uniforms have just
a popular trend In college t1116ailllaout the nation. So sse cheerleaders are In "high style" now.
President A. E. Shearer gave Ida
personal stamp of approval at
hait-ttme when he told the a..rleaden, ''They look . Dice. Yaa're
doing a fine job."
The Baileya-Mike, Molly, Jllehael and Alice-were hack fnJm
~lsbad, N. Mmt. during the holldays. The elder Baileys aeem
pleased with their teaebtng Jo•
and the younger Baileys wttJi.
carlsbad In general._
~ Sigma
a soft,
in fresh air
·•~ke Salent!

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