Did You Know? - Southeastern Oklahoma State University


Did You Know? - Southeastern Oklahoma State University
Did You Know?-
Pi Kappa Sigma haa announced the
following pledges: Lucille Boling,
Eulea Johns, Rosallelle White, Ber·
neice Eakin, Dorrell Condor, Ruth
Mary Pierce, and Ruth
· ,
• 81~•
Alpha St~a
Bub.arlptton Price FtttY·Centa a Year
Tau pledges are
Kathryn Scott, Ruth Jobn.10n, La.imie
Freeman, Merle -:J.ane Robertson,
Charlotte Alllbur.D,
cllle Go~. J:ane
Anderson, •'L\.ttpanme Dobb4, and
Jo~nte . ~.mlth. · · ·
. '.
at the post office at
· . • . Sllitua Ta~ l"nltlatl~
.. . , .
~ '
Stgnfa Tau Gamma annouqcee the
fol~ow'illg' me~~rl..!ntt!ated J'an).lill'Y,
20: ·Ben' Shelby, Vernon··Poe; 'Grover
Hrl!LIC.ner, ·c oyle Maples,
·+ +
-Sivells, · .Morris· Webb; and
- - ' - - - - - • JHershel Tree.
rramw. . .
CharJes F . M~m·e M.D.
Again it· iB necessary ·to .ask that students respect those traditions
ud customs of Southeastern which . has been 'deemed necessary in
~e ;paat oo- e&tabli&h. .
Ooellionally, some one i.a seen ~oat on th~ steps of. one of the buildOeea,.HmallT, some one is seen almost oa..the steps o fnne of the bnildtnp .with &•cigarette, whicb is flung down when _finished to litter up
Ule 'trmrt of the- building. Not much self-restraint is exercised on.. the
· pa~f BQme students ls far as. traditions are concerned.
Ga'!ou illia~e how·the"halls, the front steps, and campus would
hmt -1titJl.a tbiclt ·coat o ctgifrette liutts on them Can yo u imagine
tbe"'dbpfeasantnese of the sittiation if every student that smokes wel'e
.nnmi'nd\lnl erumgh of traditions· to smoke on the campus or in and
abottt 1llil buildings. · You., as a loyal, seJ1,.re pecting Savaj!'e d{l not
w.mt' a situatiotl such as this. yet a few persist in paving the way for
-it. U~e(IB the s~uden~ taR:e the no-smoking tradition seriously, it is
evidentith.at the administration will It seems that any :tradJtion of
-aiudent oody 's own making would be mueh. bettet• than a hard
anct fast Tille -of ·the administration.
· · It!& dwbtf.ul if there is one student on the c-ampus that'-wnnts to se·e
the ir~ smoking traditio~ did awa~ ~t~, b~t .a few ar'e P~r;>istent in
'brellking it. If you are mterested JW"tnamtammg om traditiOns, 'l"hY
DOtlmake au. effort to keep !rpm breaking tl1em' ad,d to keep others
breaking them.
l i ...,.
Shoe Shop
flloe B.epair-
103 North crn! r:l
121 N. Third
Phone tZ·
Phone 6!)
What. .do _you.' net!d {or to- .morrow that you forgot to
get today t
Underwear •.. lots of it· L~
small nrices
n · beec aut. ~ - oLihem
' O I
Let flo,vers bear Valentine
Greetings to the ''girl of
rour hea,rt" whether sweetheartl wife or mo~r.
an~ .. 50c
Work· clothes, . • .you see
our custom·ersi'8.l,'e not lazy .: •
Stunning mUfflers tha.t some
one could have given you for
· Christmas but didn't:
· siioP
Leib' BeaVert Mat · 1
Phone 999
' :U1 N.Srd
For Further Information See Uncle
... 1
't"' ... : ....
. - ....
e4 , JdDda Dice; · there'• BW 110-arul-
That crook! They
.J: ci lilaake h1Di Stay in the hou.ie dw;tng
-t ~ -of ,they hope to get any pledge.•
....etc. etc. etC. mto the night. .
8oelie Two ;
~ At a · .orority hol,Uie. A. · tea 18 iii
.MI. tl.!.e memben . ~ in
tbllr llellt ~ aDCl someone. furs.
......_ Jar'ge, prosperous. w~-~en '&lt
at a.·ablM; -~uriDg ea and beii.inlng.
lA JDNn'ber is ·t&J.klng to a pledp:
....... : We'd just love to have >:<>U
' Ill...--· IJDIOrlty. Do you. ~nk you'd
joU1 Ule Keows?
l ~ : I know I'd like Y9U very
- - ilut it'a hard to dedde. I waa
.ta;J:Il..a·.o nlcely by the gtrf8 .ln Beta
I ~·n Neva. . .
• ·..
·~ . . . . . . .: (aweetly) Yee, .rve not·
' laid Uley ~ve - awfully nice· ~ part. , . tNt, .~ are .still gettfiig
. . _ . tbey liad la8t year.
B Q : Do you kftoW D&llly
• ari, .i!aelr pre.sdeqt'?> -She
Keep Your
. .
W'mter takes a let out of a car. lf you've been
. ·driving' right through· th.ls ilifficll\t weatHer ~YGttr
car undoubtedly needs plenty of atben~ion ot ell!e
. it's gOing tQ~ cost you., lots of lnpney later• .Better
fix it up now and enjoy .safe, t;e~able .driving for
the r~ ot' the seaspn.
.- ,-
[email protected] Overhauling.
For A
This year- Prin~ leaii .'the way tfi ~
·new aDd - distinctive
'. ·-
. ~-t $a:5o-
In Special·
• .o u..recognize [email protected].!!.IY' as' the
neweat bY thelr tlever neckline- treat.
Hosiery , .. your feef.arC' our
forte ...
• t • ·.'<~
. ilem-.:
.. Oh,Well,
you. seen
aome :::::::!:::::!:======-==================~.
j altboeli
just 8\lvell,
l'ouW' It· ~·bft,~I won't even have ~-. .••••••••••••ill•••~---'!1~-~~
fb ~ you_to Jit&Y out of that KaiJlK- ' 1··•
The eoldet· _tlie day, tl\e
wal'mer the reception you'll
give this stock ... that can
take a man. out of a snowdrift, thaw laim out and place
his thoughts in a hammock.
..Flown~ For ~ale~n~ .
f F1r~t Auf To Caprd
Special arrangements and
original suggestions by us
will con:vey the thought you
wish e;xpressed.
'WOtMn pt ahead and the men a beauty shOJ,l a~d get their face studying to catch up with, after onbeautified with a lllilr-set." The
ly three weeks of schoo~----'
~ AriO; Why It might be better .author conffde& further:-that some
'1o iiiid~ the #omen·· to ·W&r and let boys go to lieauty shops· too, but it
tile uiu.~_.tay bouie aild <a<! .tM dishes. ain't normaL ___ Add public enemies ~
' SCeae Oae
Albert Ruther-ford, who keeps. asking
Leading .
At·-a fratemity boiise !Suring a 'i'ua!l .people impertinent questions about
)IU'C7. A. member .U talk1ng to a their private lives ____ The debaters
oliahoma ........
conailitently refused all the irrever.ent
Kember: Y.-h, thla 18 the only frat etudes who wanted to use the shiny
~ woulct join.
new trophy q_a drlnlt11lg cup ____ The
Rveee: But rve aeen some f~WB library · wqen 8l1., the erlenstve re·
Dumnt, OklahOillR
1D tbi otber one, too, so I guess peo• pairs ~e comp~~ttd, will have I} full. . . do join, lf. ·
··· sized kitchen in the basement. In
... _... ........
Eye, Ear. Nose ' and Thro.at ·
GL.-..s:; ~s tr: t tcd ·
U:u-a:1t, Olll~> un~n
DR. J•. A. ,CLAY.
Sigma Tau Pledges
Sigma Tau · Gamma pledged Sim ;::==::=:=:=:=:==::=::::=:=~
Traw, Alton Price, Clark Bl8lllns,
u You Can't See,
Burl Midgley, Lawrence ~amen, ·By·
See Us:
ron Savage, Roy Hedrick, Marcue
Smith, Charles Brady and Goodlow
S~ed .
• •
Light and' Slibt ·s,;ee.l.J.n
Durant, Oklahoma
.. This is 'lllmoying to those who are in assembly f>Or the pro<>rams to
· u:r ·...othing' of t'h08e· who_are presenting the progra.m. Guest -speak-:. ttH are ·annoyed at· times l)y lo\ld laUghing and tal'\ting Ot!t in the
~- ThiS me&nll that those speakefs are going a.way w:ith a poor
opi!libn of this student body. ·
l'twe'-ei'e oheo'tlf thOI!e· who i!l not interested in the assembly profrdia, l~'a ' malte it a point tQ l eave the halls or at least refrain from
loud' lP.lrghing and talking through assembly hour.
. ANDFf;ET . · ··
• • •
Have y~m ever~oticed the unusual n:moun~ o_F noi. e in_ th e h ~ ll s
lately ' thr 0 ugh th e assembly hour. At t1mes, 1t 1s ahno. t nnp o ~s1ble
t.o s!t as far back as half way in the auditorium and hea r th e pro-
. ·,.
'. PI Kappa' lnltlatJon
Pi Kappa . Sigma liorortty held In·
itlation Tuesday, January 20. 'J'he of·
fi'chitJng- l)fficers were Laura Louise
Duncan, Sarfl-li Olli.yton, and ,CIInta
Johe&. The iniUates were ·:l!:laine Mot·
ter, LaVerne Zimmerman, Nathlee
Cook, and Mary Jane Jones.
~BA~.D~ '-
Here In Arwil
. Ted ~wn and hla , eight young
To'Be Full Musicians
. from Rigit &lhool
And Coll~_ge Take Part
Schedule Fro
. m TUesday
. On Strenuous
M' 1as J 0 s ephtn e H oggard a1 rec t e d
To Bre~ ·Cage
Losing·St.reak_ Interviews
· NY'A fieg h;l a,tion
the musical program of RU88~U. htgh
assembly last Thursday. H~h .
a th1etea wW demonstrate, in Southschool and colle~e students particl'
eutem•a auditortU!ll during April,
Of the hundreds of school .teach- pate'd In tbe- Jlh>gram.
The program was ·u folio""'_:
out _of t!t_e Inter.collegiate
. tJiat me;. _are u proficient m_ the an- .
era and executives who -will attend Dedication -----<--- Frariz-Daggett
- conference- basketball)'llce, the South....J.. t
d h
.,.n_· an on_ora.ble. art ,pf dancln.ir as. the teachers' . ~eeting In Oklahoma
, ... . .
. ,i;tl.!ss'ei!_'htghs~ool ~!.rls ·a~~e ~up eastern~ l¥-Vf'ges.. play tJ:le· Northeast' Th .
• . .
~ty;' this we_e k<enc;l, probably·n~ne Will JTha.ck and _Jil! __ .!____ :_ ___- ,- ~ettere, r· ern ,Redl{len from Tn"'equa_h fn ·t h·e
, . e athl,
e tlcism 9f the, S!}aw.n
dane·- ..,~. busie~ ·than PrJ)aidimt· Kate ' Galt !l B.uc k!hg p ony - - - - - ----- Rogers ;. 1 ·
1o_ c~ · ~111 -~ t >Sa t._urd_a,y . Jl i ~ht .
eh 11 th~n'C)ir.
tfle aerialli!t or.tlie' gym- 25 anel~ of Soutlleasterh ,Teachers_
,P 1111
!!qt. IN.1111rectecHn·
acoordance With
Altegto , Con. M:o~q No.' 22--Baismanil.
h ps -.untverl! ty ,o·~ ~~ defeat•
. ..alptural ·an!! · d~ce" concepts.
· lylot;clay inorriif!g President Zanet~
: · Cltntan Shaw
· · · ed. · the Soutbeastetn · Savages . ill lhe
. .Uae Tesf ~h~w.ii. ·is an a~tlst. a.nu weot to Oklahoma .City in ,order that ,Sphon Rosmarln '--- ~ .. ~.:: --- Krelsl~~ lo):~ g~ Febl'l}ary 1, .by ,a :scqre ff
dan. cer11 ..,a perfectly routlned she might . IJe· res_ted_· _for. t he· st_r·enu.·.
ae·n •H ' k.
' ·
· · 37;25; Altnough - oul:classed b<• tne
!lnsa er
Dan~;e "T.Qe Waltresa · ~d · the · Chef>• . ~rlll1.14nt l'hll!lps ~.the bo;ys ·put
·poup ,Qf 11peclallsts in thel.r particUr ?Uil work : of the f~loWing aay.
1"-' fleld,.',tbelr. prese.n
. taUori: is ai.Ways ... Mrs. ·Zaneta att~nd~d · the. meeting
Dorothy Mllea~Polly· B'a sa t . up · a ·11tubborn battle. l!!.c ore at l!lalf""'
f th
~t6reatlng. · . ·.
e council. of colleg~ presld~nts· .Claflnet Duet ."Allegretto· No. 29.._ was 2Q-9, Ph1UiPil· . • -·
· • Tbe name of Ted Shawn, usually
Tuesday .m orfl!Ilg, In this meeting Laz!ll'us.
ill an intercollegiate _.conference
Joe Ben .'HunsaRer.,-Cil~ton ,S'h"aw game, _the ~or. thweiltem R lingerliJ de&flociaUon '\.t.th ~at of his c_harming; ~any P1'0blems In_commop. confront•
and ~ ·Wif
, e, · Ruth St. Denis, h1111 mg qte_ colleges of the state were dis- Romance. __ .:_ ____:______:. ___ La Forge fea
_ ted the South~as.tem qUintet- pn the
cusse"' ~d h , ...... 1
·f ·· ,
- ~ • · ·
• -: eJ~ ah4 so .favorably known
. " a.•"
e ..-u suggestions were
Bllly Ectwards
. orme~ s court by a 1core 36-21. The
offe red b 'th
t t
· ,
' •
to-tbe. pqbllc ln the Untted · States ·
e sa.e colege pres!- Blue Danube · Wa.l~Straues. : Eiver g~e - wasp _ yedJanuary 2.9· •
tt.,.~ 'ODe •·naturally expects a. l!atis- dents..
_ ·
· and Cbassurs.
, South~tem Savagea were subdued
·= r y height of excellence In any
Durmg t he night seBSion with the
Mr8 • Howard Holmes, first 'piano. ~y the Ceritral .BronchOll In a confero~ce with which he Ia . con- s~m e group, the college :Chief execuMts. .Arthur Hewett, second plano. Ience game played at Eamond, Janun · ed.
hves considered the l'evision of col- On the Lagoon
. Brahn:)s-Tlllotson ary 28. 'rhe score was 32-37.
~ Shawn's dance emeJJI.ble 1s de- lege curriculum for the schools of Russell highs~h~~l mixed chorus.
The Northw:eetern Rangers of Alva
·c lf«uy worth seeing. Their p_resent- higher learning in Oklahoma. For the
-T-c "
were vlcto~lous by a score of 38-27
a.cjne n~t only afford pleasing en- ps.s t _semesber, Southeastern has been
over the Southeastem Savages in a
~ent for the public but sup- offermg revised courses· in education
conference"'gllme held lrt the S. T. c.
lll¥r a definitely valuable cultural which will later be offered In all of
· • gym, January 11.'
. •
the colleges· in the s!ate. The state
~ Southeastem 1.1 next fu the cellar
bo a_r~ of education will sponsor the
the intercoffilglat'e co11ference, win·Houston-Reports
nmg one game and toeing five.
Today, Mrs. Zaneis will attend the
---., ·
·'• ..
1 lltOry
ODVenbon , meeting of the state board of edu- Southeastero 's Faculty Has 1'RUSSELL IDOB SCHOOL BAS
High IdealS: and Purposes
:E!resident Zane!$ will address the
T . A. Hot!_stoil~ was select~d as deans of women of all the state colDr. '9. •F. Daily, spo~e from KVSO ' The student coun~lt'of Jiussell high
a delegate from the Phi Alpha Theta leges at the Biltmore hOtel tomol'- Thursday aftl!'rnool!, ' January 16, on school gave an all-school party F'ri·
Jli!IUonal ..btstoey fraternity to. a con- row at 2 p. m . Her subject will be the opportunities found !LJ; Southeast- day evening, Jan. 24. Th4( 60 students
v~tion of . th~ American National "Deans ·From a President's View- ern. · . , ··
· ·. - · · · ..
.!?resent play~ ping pong, bowling,
HfstoJ:ical society at Chattanooga, point." At 6 p. m. she Is 'to meet
''A faculty Is to be foun(l at &outh-1 and relay basketball.
T4\llbe.uee, during the Christmas hol- with the executive· commanders of eal!tern of 'consecrated men and woThe popular s!:>pgs p14yed by John
ldf.JI, spoke Monday evening, Janu- the southeastern district of tlte Okla- men," said Dr. Dally; "whose ideaisj Roach added .zest to the parfy. Plenty
aa$-f18, to the ~ A,lpha Theta mem- homa Education association at the and highest purposes ·are the guidance 1of cookies and pop completed the
~ of b1a trip.
•. ·
. Huckins hotel.
and tr.a.lning of ·each student · who evening's en'jslym!lnt.
iJ.te meeting Wl!-8 hefd in tbe home Friday morning Mrs. Zanels will
to grow Ln wisdom and. human ;
ot1 11ra. A . .N. Wllcox who gave
preside over the morning session of understanding.'• ·
IIJIIIII8]. banqilet t for .thls. li<R:Iety. . Fol- the OEA at the Sl:Irine auditorium.
Over 200 students have been gtveri
~ Mr. Houston'~ PepoPt ~ere the During the evening she will attend part-time jobs at the college or have
•• •
biltja.Uon services. Miss Anne Cam· a buffet supper at the YWCA
been aided in securing work of var• • •
·£011. ILfacult~ber, and -Finis lng:._giv.en...b~ Delta .Gamma,
Ibus !lEe!! in J:>ilr !Uit , PL. Dail;y_ atat•. -,
Sanallni a studenf from HartShorne, society of recognized women educa- ed. Becalllle llvlng- tondlttorla are not
w~ Jnlijated into the fraternity.
the bel!t, four full-time faculty mmn. y.cco~ to Dl'. W. B. Morrison
Saturday morning President Z.ane-. bers-one of them the school nurse
t1Jie aoctety hall plann!ld some very Is will conclude a busy week by hav- ~evoted their tune to physi~al edu~tereitfnl: prqgrams for this term. ing breakfast with Kappa Delta Pi, cation and health work.
· i , ' , " , . S-T-C.
national honor society in education.
South..eastem can boast 'o t '""'ITin.,.
During all of the meetings arid good departments of agrlcul't ure, arts,
busines8 sessions that Mrs. ZaneiiJ busi)less, educatlo_n and psycology, ecwill attend, she said, she will t ell of onomics, English, geography, govCo~ng the work that southeastern _is,.ac- ~~-~mt. t:lome e'conolnic.s, history, tn• •-'
complisb\Jlg and wUl seek better edu- dustrtal art!!, language, mathemat1c11.
"Don't drive your car to Dallas . cationai methods so that the stand- and science.
Wilen Ulere til~ golhg to be • a snow· In~ ot ·· ~he school may be c~nstantly
Dr. DJ!.ilY aiso ~ke oi ihe iphin·
.term," was the MVice submitted l?Y lmprov.ed.
did churc)Jes in Durant and ot tbe
thl : ~ Hallie McKinney, Lucy
organizations on the campu11 that
IAqiiU'd, Harton Seve~ce, Rosa Lee ·Present Student Payroll
a feelii)g of fellow-llhlp and
!Iammond, and Ellza~th McKinney,
seek to encourage spiritual relatlonu tbey stepped from the door ' of the - . as Q ore
aces ow shipjJ. . -): .
119t8d rece~tly.
All available
. ·positions .••for both
In concludlng,1 Dr. D-"y
· -No- long line of -friends waited to federal' and state student work during the faculty, and our kind and sympa. .........
tbe thtravele~'
for - th~.I simple ·•--J.S
h • fri
semes t er a t th e co-11ege are f 111• thetlc president-"are interested llt you,
ds ..,.pcct peo- ed according to John. W. Patterson, the youth"of Southeas\ern, who must
p.,_ to come back
a~tomobiles buslnel!s manager. If a , student drops face the problems that this ,,.,.,,.,.,,_
w~n they start ou that way. .
from the pay roll it will be a matter tion has failed to solve ...
. S~urday
the last day to
'Jhelr reason for rfdlng 'l:he train
s-T-C---, . . tbat the snow made the road of absorption instead of a vacancy;
of Staton's
both students and
meeting ..
work or f9r Increased hours of serv- He introduced to the club L. P. BenIce.
ezet's Ideas' on.. how to teach mathe-
Taf).gle With Trailing
Re dmen atur day
' ·
o·,; o-:n_··bo'RTUNITIES
,Alpha Theta
Sou~as tern.
• .•
Beauty ·Parlor.
Presadent Zaneas·. Goes
T N t" . a} Ed ·· l
· 0
~ JOn , . ycat~op , .
Meebng February 21-22
President Kate Galt Zaneis wll1 attend the · department of superlntendents division ot the National Education ·association In St. Louis February 2·1 -to 22.
:President Zaneis will be accompanied to the meeting by M4ss Hallie
McKinney, deah 'of women.
AU kinds of
Beauty _Work
Rose Beauty Sltoppe
118 North Tlilid
~ --
lltJRRy -
Plwue 1'76
.A Pic:
- ttrre
Of ·co:n·terHment
Bungalow Deutal otnce
201 North F1ttb Ave.
. Donat, Okla.
-o .
-~ ·. ?.:. r• ~-••
•!t • •
r oa Go Shopping
Jbi · the Weather .Man
. 11. A Snow Is.
Everyone dreams of p. home of his own. Make
your dt:ea~ a reality. It 's not at ~ll difficult!
if you take advantag13 of the Building and
Loan. Whether your idea if a ·perfect home ·
is a. cottage or a ca-stle we are .able to make '
arrangements whereby that home -- will be
.yours. Come in and ask us- for Cl.etails. .
Our Many Years of 13nsiness
Experience Is Your GuaYantee
of Service and Integrity
PJ ·
In the memory of three- sfudents of
Cecil Barn~tt, CaLvin
Bryant, and Adolphus Holt, who died
All ~YA work at Southeastern in the world .~. three elm t reM
was called to a halt at 2 o'clock .last
were planted In 1919 on our campus.
R?d .
Friday afternoon when pictures were There three tre~s ~e ~ted west
taken of NVA
on the front of tl\e walk
the' ..t\dminis.
· Admlni,stration buUding. t ra
- tlon bu ud 1ng. '
steps of the
E ;" JW'rl s I n - ·
F ·
1 t'
This. was fulfilli.ng. •part of the"re- . our serv ce rees.• also e _ms, wer~ Photic 70
quest C1f »ous~on' A: Wright:, 'Dir'e ttor palit~~d ab9ut 1~20 ; a ir·ea fo~ the . ~;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;~~;;
bt: natlonat youth administration for
.., .. ' tHe
. ·n avy. ' tbe Red· Cross·' and
Okl a.h'o..ua
..., ·.1n· a t elegram
, · t"nat ·...;:-st'
rn: - " I . , ·
· ·we~e
·· !.glveri . by -th.e
• .
• · • -s; ~ses ·11.t Southeastern. TWo ·~ are
den~ K~t~ Zan~ls receJV,ed Thursday. placed on each &Ide of the center walk
_T he -~ect Is . to il)ffll~nce cohgress t1> nl!{lr: the' sout)< end ·of t he . ~dlmD,is"'
contmue .the l)atioJtal YO':'th Jlrogram. tratlon •grounds. .
Not only pictutes .were taken, but · ·
. '~
·. ·
a l'eport wa mad 0 f
0.·d ', t- ·' In1914·an .elm _w aspl antedin.bon· t · • · : is . •h e t eac · epar . o~ of the sister. of t l:abe Parker. ""'e
men exp1a1n ng • e na ure arid
• r.
• • +-." •
. tree Is Joca{ed 100 feet southwest of ·
~! ~e work ·Willen be~: done.
·the Adml,nistration ·building.
e . ews ~ere rna e Y/I
many .0 .. Acco:ri:Ung to E . B. Robbins, prothe sttutdelnli ts byh the publhlc!~.,.dep~:: fe11110r of agriculture, these elm trees
men -e ng ow muc ~· ... -A ,.....,
t t ' th
All th
' 1 • ~ - ._.._1 ,.. a e 's ymbpls of strength. .
l ....IDIIIIIIII!alilllll[]••~llllll,!llllllll!l•f
mean o em,
s was ...,se... ., eu
• ,,
. ·
1 ·
LnabookletandsenttoMr Wright
southeastern Readers
tong's Drug Store,
$3~95 .
Peacock Shoel----
Damnt; Oklahoma
Main at Second
Phone 146
We have' 'met many· of you 'duiing our one
montJ1 of bu·s iness in Durant, and to· you, we extend ~ur sincere' thanks for your patronage.
m eet more of you
.- __, _ - ...::;
in · the
. oDherr --;;,.ti.~lii~tif.vtn --1
· ~nd you'll want_tllem ... ·
Ptmne 6
W18 DeiJver
. %OS
West Main
' : · - 'in; tlriir .cu$1aio.ned com-for:t
.ontl. ~~·u ~ar them.alwa's..
~- teonird Fior~i
~ ·Cc))npaQy
.. · ···
_ ~~WEB$ OF! QU~I.TY
• 11~
case • ~ ·• typ.ing
: ,~, FREE
course · ~
try it for yourself
• · • Oomplete-'!el'!u $3.00 Per Month
' QUAlTET REtuRN;;;IN:;G' 11.7
- .en
--!--.u~~·~-r._~~~~~~~::-::-=-r"" - -:H
.. t-er-.-f---GR{nJ.P-1;-BR;GAI)ENFROM EURQPE HERE
--- Emollmen.t
. s,t .Thur.sday Total Semester
Rush p·artt"es Detcrwi~c Who honld Havo·Jobs
'Beit Ensemble o'f Its Kind:
of 203
Ooming March 31 ·.
, . . Kaull&ttan Strtnr Quartet,
trblcll ia, coming . to Southeastern
Karch 81~ ... eatabUahed a record of
_.,.,_~ trlum~ that baa DOt The psyshQlQgtcaJ teste given 't he
11Mb IUrpueed by any string q~ freshmen last .Thureday afternoon In
tet. P~aYtDC ..tocs&Y.
: · the ~brary vvere the .nrst . l!tep of . a
·.. The arlis~ Raclunael ~el.pto_ck, vocation~ . guldance ,Program wlllc]\
~· Dantzljir,_ .J.ullus $h&lei',
is .~1-ng !et ·up In the college; FolOUftl! ·<IDclel, .~ve · n·~med· .~heir .<iuar· lqw~g the ·t'e$~, ~ch student filled
• • 1
, tel- attei' .lbe · .Part
of· New York out Jnterest' qu~suonnalres. · • · . ,,
'. : ·............. the1' live. ·: · .
A 'vcic,:uonal guidance ·. cor:unittee:·
' ·
'n...1.i.- th
' ·. · th
cpm]lOS«l of··h..ead&·of .t he va-'o"·m'col·
• . ·.. •
' Af,..~, e jl
8e&80nB, 0 e
" IU~
toured I!Xtenatvely,' m~Ung every· de~entil, bas 'chil.rg~ · r;~f· this
w11ere With 'Outstandi~g 11ucs_e8!1 .. ~e work. Every ·tacUlty·. member, wtll
.. . bllb order ol m\18[~ JtJept o~ the h!\Ve .some ~t iii the guldMce pro·~et. torether .'wi~ th~ir . ·~hor:
ouah mutery of eM!Cmble. playll'lg; . Freahme.p stud~ts ot this year
••e juatly won for ,the quartet the were· ~uired tci fill out persbnnel
dlltlftctive 'poatUon which it holdl. , canJa when they eltl'olled. This source
- Whee tie llanhatt&Yl St1'1ng . QUal'- and·the teets· and . queatlonnatr.ee 'Will
tilt ,toured·
appearing , In Lon- fUJ'Jllah lnf<!nn&tion on the lnt.e reata,
clali, Budapeat, Paris, stoekbolm, apUtudea, and ci.~cliies of the stuOIDin, Zurich, Copenhagen, and dents.
otblr linportant cltlea, their audi·
Faculty members and deans will
.C. could not restrain their enthus- have personal Interviews with each
SUm tor the technical and artiSUc freshman ~ a6on as the Information
~Uee of th- Amen~ musicians, hi compiled and tabulated. Results of
~vely and Individually.
theee procedures will be filed In the
Tbe tact that the Manhattans play offices of the Dean of Women and
wttllout mu81e, entirety from memory, the dean of ~·
dMpJy lmprerur all who bear them.
By UU.. method of studying each
With: the rare perfection of ensemble freshman, trltormation will be aecu~
.which ·ctvee the Impression of a .one: on molit of the students In Southman. Interpretation, they win unl- eastern In the years to come. N~w
~ reoosmUon lUI one of the fore- classes mB.y be added to the currtcu~ quartets In the country.
lum. it the voci.tional prorram re.
veala a need for them.
The vocaUonal guidance commit~
t~ urges students other than treahmen to call at the otfioe of one of be
deans and take one or more of the8e
prognoaUc or ' other type teats. To
studeftta who have choeen their · profeasions u well as thoee who have not
these teat& wlll be of great lntorma·
tiona! value,
The guidance program enlarges the
aerviefl of the college and is another
step toward m•ki ng Southeastern a
IChool of liberal arts.
rst Step . To Direct
Students Taken _,
' .. . .
First semester e.xtension . work
closed with a totli.l enrollment of 203,
according to R. w. Frazler, exten•
sion instructor of Southeastern .
He also reported that over his t er·
ritory sohoolactlv1tles are ·on the lli·crease as compared with the last few
yean.' Most of the counties In hiS
_eectll?n . Mile' alli~d · them's clves .. with,
the ~umnl assaclatlon of Southetast7
ern. ·
. •
• .
: . !'-: number of• ilchO(lln~y.steh' clubs
_ye ·l?een organl;!,!!d whicl! .se~e as
• t
gre.a past. me as .well as· an_'opP.ortun-.
tty · for tmp01:tant ~tscusaio~· by the
'< • . "
w~A.. ~t_;-llP. is .dofug . some .t~
work ~ remodellng, and . repahing
scb~I bUildings · and beautifying
groun~s _fo~ .those dis~rlcts that are
not able· ~o have the~ork ~one bebaU8e bog,decl Indebt dneas and preael'lt fln.anclal condiU
'l'be farm-to-market · ada are being built and Improved w · cb aid materlally In transportation of school
to and from cpnaolidatea
p "d
art real en
(iovernment C.lub Head
The futu re program of tJie stuf01' dru1t welfa re groups Is to be broadened considerably, accofdlng to Dr: E.
H. F.ixlcy, dean of the colhige and
Th~ four nafional_ ~oelal fratPrn!.:_ Eugene E, Slaughter chatrman ~f the
on this ca mpus had rush T hurs- , ups:
day and Friday.
Sponsoi'S of the v~rious groups are
: . PI Knr>pa Signt:l.
.t o provide a- ""nference rooix! toz: each
PI Kappa Sigma rush st nrt d g::oup where students may. come any
Thursday ~o l'rvng a,t
o't!loelc .. 'i'hc float p riog t o get h elp- or advice on
program· for 1'1.1$h was a. t el,l fi-om 4' problems.
. •· . ·
until 5:l!O' ~t ~he· horne of Mrs. · . t orge : • upetv.lsors Will be . re~J>!>n!ible for
Pendlqt~n •.p alrd'ness "'o f the .SOI'Or!t;y; lhe d.clermlnation' of'l.l;le -elatlye needa line ppty. at · t he M t;!tr Thcat'i·e; . l.l'l c~s of '1\ppllclll)~~ t9r jobs, Inves~I­
Mlclnlght ·, MW1Ch1and a 1slu •bcr party. ga llons ~f .a.ll apphclints WI~ · be ·made
at tile 86'fortty 1house; anti ii b'<'Pak.- a mi a l'ecor I of findliigll will be- kept
fast given by ·~rs. !<' rank Hynds , and on tile,
· ·
Mr11. ~oward" Holmes·, pnt; oncsses of
&bout 1036' ·hlgh
the sorority, at the- ho)lle or lli'ts. school graduates ·will. · be obtained
Hynds. ·They enlertaineil. nlne rush ees. lhrdugh contac't wbeqeve"i- PosSible.
rlii · lDa 'EpsUo•l
A r ecord ls also to· be k filpt ,of the
Phi ~lgma Epspo~ el'\t ertaincd wit)l Pluu~e!' t s w~o· dJ:PP ? t of ilchi?Ol ' and
a smoker at t.he hol'I)C Of Mrs. Hai·ry lhelr rettson- for . drOpping out of
Neely, 50t Wcs tE,lm, and a line pa rty chool. .
at the theater Thursday..
" Most especially are the freshmen
Alpha Sigma Tau
to be given special attention and
Alpha Slgtna Tau r ush began Fri· help," stated Dr. Flxley.
day mortling a t 8 o'cloclc. The t·u sh
l'rogram Incl uded a line ')larly al the
theater; buff<!t supper and a b1·ictg c
party at the home of Miss Kathleen
· ~
K41.lehner; slumber party and a mid·
... .
night supper at the sorori ty house; I
and: a southern breakfast given by
. .. ~ ,\
.:i \
Mrir. J. P. Bass, patr oness of the
~ :;-t
sorority, at the country cl ub. They
entertained fifteen rushees.
Sl:ma Tau u::mmta
Sigma Tau Gamma entertained ;
with a sm!>ker at the fraternity house I
Friday night. They had eightee n rus h- I
- -- S·T· C-- --
. -.
Electric Co . ·
~ ..
Louls McGraw, senior· of Durant,
Ia president of the Government club,
The Rev. ·c. A. Denney, pastor of
the First Christian church, talkea to
j.he YMCA yesterday on the s ignifi·
cance of Jesus.
Last Tile.&day Edward Sholl revi ew·
ed: hie tl'ip-ta l(1dianapolia which was
finan ced by the YMCA and tfre stu·
dent council.
';The orga11lzations feel that th ey
have been more than repaid by Ed·
ward's repor t, " st ated R. C. Dragoo,
sponsor. · ·
and a member of the History club. Mr.
McGraw's activities have · been confined largely to
·M. Cc A. and
church work. He is a member of the
- - --S·T· C
former organization and has held JNT,Il:REST IN 'l'UE STARS
moat ot th~ executive offices of !t.
He hall served as President of the
Because of the intp:·est of 1\Irs.
Young Men's College c<laas of the First
Dorothy Lea ke and R. C.
BapUat Sunday school.
~ng made to order .;.\ tele-scope wl:Iere'b y students may obset:.ve
t he heavenly bodies .
Pttl . . Harold L110l
· . Will
location ·a t
127' WEST K.Atlf · ·.
. '
· ··tor '.
' •
' ·
I •,•
. ..
·Piione ·1'1 ·
Special PUl"ehase.
~ of lt! A really -u mMe, -n-.
tailored, perfectly fttuq' ~p tlllat you
will find replarly eold 11ft leo · to lllodurln&' this Special 8&le
With the first b.reath' ,of
comes the ga~ colOl'- ful Silk Prints. These are ·
the cream of the manufac;urer 's crop. P ersonally se,ected. Sizes 14 to 18.
TliMe are the popaJar earlcoca stY1e
with tbe wide 1aoe bottom · aad Uaped
lace yoke. .Full body Jeart~ _. .,_. ·
crously proporUoaed . tbroqla t1ae Ill.- .
Guaran*d dp pNOf . . _.
erat at . this price •to lut you
tbe IHIIDIDer!
SHop·· .
. , ~
Rl -%
.$25.00 Libtary For''All
- --
uary jl. The charter members are
Allee Ann .Allen, president; Martha
ButtoD," High . Hottentot; and Betty
Cluareb. Little Big Shot.- ·
~ other memberi. are Kitbryn
Brya:ilt, Nathlee Cook, Lucille BolJng,
and Wanda Moberly, soap bolt orator
of the club. The .~edg- to thla cnat
ll.wterbQod are Helm Lowry, BlanqUlta Rapdafe, Kary Jo Fi'eDcb,
Cllnta J~ Carol Damon, aad
llu7 Jane Jonee.
'nle l:lub meets ev~ eecond ......~-·
day .in the week at 1:30 o'clock. At
the uekt meeUng Hll.fold Lyaol and
1U disinfectants are acheauled to play.
'rhe club colors are . grass green and
Frank JohnsOn, senior student. from ..
cherry red.' The .password· ta .."P.i-8.tse' Cor'!>ln,. Kentucky, is an active· and
~-·- >
Be 'l'o Allah," and thie must be· re- thorough student on the Southeastern
peated and a ceremony of great cllg- campus. lie .is prNldent Ot the lnetory
Dity takes place when one aister n1Rts club, sub-chief Areopagite · of the
.. ' another. The theme song is ''The Nit· Boule, member of the Gov.ermnent
wit Serenade." The purpose and true "club. He ia ·an bonor student. He is
-n!ng of this organization is s-se- a member ot Sigma ·Tau GalllJila. Socret.
- ... _
cial fraternity.
February 20 Ia the tentative date
for presentation, -according to George
F. Totten. director of dramatic!l.
- Four inen and four women com•
the cast of the comedy which
promisee .hilarious entertainment.
Those who liave been aelec~ed · for
~ . are Cllnta Jones; aa.Ma Bence;
Hobart McDonald as Pai. Bence; Anna
Jlm Holman u Kate ·Bence; Clark
,as Kempy; HoWard CUdd as
Ben Wade; Nathlee Cook as Jane
Wade, Mary.. Jonea as Ruth Bence;
and Willie NelSon R~ as . Duke
Merrill. .
I.•·-------------.. ..,.------------...-:•
Below are 38 tjtles that m'a ke ~excellent ~rade library where only $25.00 ia to be spent on Ii- .
· bt·at·y books. · This is a good selection of · modern and clallilical liter.a ture, covering a variety
· D~ - subje.cts ~f interest to the &chool child;·
"" .
IU!de.rson, Topsy Tur.ve.y and the
Tin' cr
· · .80 '
LltUe Brownies -~--- .88 ~.
Banta, Busy
. Banta, Brownies and the GobUns-- -Brandeis, Little Swiss Wood Carver-· ~ry, White otter' ____ ..:_ ___ ~~~-Falkner, Tal_C!~ ot' Many fplks____
Grov,er, Sun,b onnet Babiee ~c Book
·L aRue, Little Indiana __ .;. __ _:_______
Roe-Lee, An ~glne Story --------~mi~, Clitmren'a IF~vortte stories..:_
Steve'?l'on, Child& Garden of Verses__
· Studebak~ and Others, Number Stor.
les, ;Book 1 --~:_______:______ _:_ _
• .88
.88 ·
.eo ·
Hawthorne, Wonder Book --~--..:._- .11 .
l{lpllng, Stories lind Poems -------- M
MacDonald, At ~ . BaCk ot1 the
North Wind , - - - - - - - - - - .eo
Meeker, Tales. from the Far East..-~- .88
stef'an.uon-scnwartz, Northward llo- .ao·
Tarking, PW,.. and Sam __,_ .____ ~'115
Willston, Japanese Fairy 'Talea.......... .80
Waldo, ·safety Firat for tittle Folkil .64
Faahloned Fa17 Tale1 .-so·..
W~hburne, . Old
·.~lcoit, Eight Cousinl _______ : ______ , .80
Fairy Tales from the
• .AD'VAH~I)
criug, Naturai Science. Grade 7..:_._ __. .sa
. .Our Bird Friend& and Foea __ .80
Millera, True Bear Storiea --~--- oliO • .
Smith, Our' Nelghbol'll .
Stryk~r1 The VsuiiJ!Ing Tent ------- .'JJ
Terhune, Heart "ot 1a ~g - __....:__.....__ 1M
Tracy, Wlnp of tbe lKol'1lln&'----Wiggin, .Rebeeca of S~kl"Farm
.. · •
. ' . ---. ..:.---------:--Wilson, Everyday :Manners -,----Wyaa, Sw!U
Far North - - - - - - - - - - - .80
Boys and Olfls of Pl<¥~-eer Day •'18
~ea. Peter Pan and ·wendy___ _:__ 1.00
q~, ;Nature S~udy tor Boys and Gir~ ,'12
Dodge, Hans Bl'lilker· --------~· .'JG -11-'-:~ullll'--l:'ll'lee
Fmt, Little Bear
~ishes you' a J>leaa,~nt · an\1; profitable Uip to 0. B...A.. ... .
and e~te:n!la .. you an: 'hlvi~tion to· Yilit fu JlfW· · ·
·On YMCA ~rog-rams
Heads Hiitory.
• p·
Ent er·t am
. fOsp· CtS
-..,. . 'Two Day .
The Rev. C. A. Denney
And: Edward Sholl
time for an. Pittsburg counstudents to start attending · uieetlnp, &~;cording to sponsors R. C.
Dragoo and R. L. McPheron. ·
A program· consisUng of a rea(!ing by George F. Totten and a talk
l:..!.~ lellior, whoee home is on 'the old age pension .Plan by Walter Lavend\l.lky ia plarmecl. ·
t, il lmown u a leader
tile . campua. He Is President of Blue
Key,l D&Uonal leaderabip fraternity, served," said !lr. Dragoo.
- - - - i S · T-C-- - mNDber of Boule, member of the
Government club, .and past student
couDau ~ber. H~ is a · four year
Tentative Production Date Set
Jett.IJman in tennis. Hili IOClal fraFor Februa.r y 20
~~ Ia PJd .Bli'in& li:pef,lon.
1t .
-T-01----.Kempy Under Production Pge. 1· __ _
With the cast of "Kempy" comple'te
and the rehearsals underway, the
draxnatic department is launched on
the Initial full-length producUon for
. .,. _,. _
Pitbbart-~GrOUp- --~----IA)UIIi!~-Mo4:lRAlfN~~
To Have leadiaa,, Talk,
Re&eah;meats Nest Time
o~"~eeJu from tomorrow Will
Give Cotms~l
storte8 ------- .eo
· .811 '