all-new rapid rewards - Southwest Airlines One Report



all-new rapid rewards - Southwest Airlines One Report
2012 Southwest Airlines One Report // Feature Stories // All-New Rapid Rewards
Our award-winning,
frequent flyer program
enhances the Member
experience while
driving incremental
$!ƫ"%./0ƫ"1((ƫ(!* .ƫ5!.ƫ+"ƫ+1.ƫ((ġ!3ƫ,% ƫ!3. /ƫ".!-1!*0ƫ"(5!.ƫ,.+#.)ƫ!4!! ! ƫ
+1.ƫ !4,!00%+*/ċƫ !ƫ -1%.! ƫ .!+. ƫ *1)!./ƫ +"ƫ *!3ƫ ,% ƫ !3. /IJƫ !)!./ƫ * ƫ
.! %0ƫ . ƫ ,,(%0%+*/ƫ 5ƫ !%*#ƫ )+.!ƫ .!(!2*0ƫ 0+ƫ +1.ƫ 1/0+)!./ƫ 3%0$ƫ %),.+2! ƫ ,.+ġ
#.)ƫ "!01.!/Čƫ %*(1 %*#ƫ 1*(%)%0! ƫ .!3. ƫ /!0/Čƫ *+ƫ ('+10ƫ 0!/Čƫ ,+%*0/ƫ 0$0ƫ +*Ě0ƫ
!4,%.!Čāƫ,+%*0/ƫ!.*! ƫ"+.ƫ!2!.5ƫ +((.ƫ/,!*0Čƫ* ƫ0$!ƫ+,0%+*ƫ0+ƫ,1.$/!ƫ %0%+*(ƫ,+%*0/ċƫ
,% ƫ !3. /IJƫ !)!./ƫ "(!3ƫ )+.!ƫ "(%#$0/ƫ * ƫ +*ƫ 2!.#!ƫ ,% ƫ )+.!ƫ "+.ƫ ".!/Čƫ 0$1/Čƫ
!.*%*#ƫ)+.!ƫ,% ƫ!3. /IJƫ,+%*0/Čƫ%*ƫĂĀāĂċƫ$!ƫ*!3ƫ,.+#.)ƫ%/ƫ3!((ƫ+*ƫ%0/ƫ35ƫ0+ƫ .%2ġ
%*#ƫ$1* .! /ƫ+"ƫ)%((%+*/ƫ%*ƫ%*.!)!*0(ƫ**1(ƫ.!2!*1!/Čƫ*!0ƫ+"ƫ*5ƫ//+%0! ƫ,.+#.)ƫ
+/0/Čƫ5ƫĂĀāąċƫ+.ƫ0$!ƫ0$%. ƫ5!.ƫ%*ƫƫ.+3Čƫ !+.'/+),*5ċ+)ƫ.*'! ƫ+10$3!/0ƫ/ƫ
$2%*#ƫ0$!ƫ!/0ƫ!3. ƫ!0ƫ2%(%(%05ƫ+"ƫ*5ƫċċƫ +)!/0%ƫ..%!.ƫ%*ƫ%0/ƫĂĀāĂƫ+.( 3% !ƫ
!,+.0ƫ+"ƫ!3. /ƫ2%(%(%05ċ
$!ƫ*!3ƫ,+%*0/ƫ/0.101.!ƫ(/+ƫ"%(%00! ƫ+*0%*1! ƫ#.+30$ƫ%*ƫ*!3ƫ,% ƫ!3. /IJƫ,.0ġ
*!./ƫ%*ƫĂĀāĂģ$/!ƫ+)!ƫ+.0##!Čƫ$/!ƫ(0%)0!ƫ!3. /Čƫ!ġ%(!/Čƫ4,!.%*Čƫ*01%0ĥ
1.+4Čƫ* ƫ0%+*(ƫ.ƫ!*0(ċƫ*ƫ %0%+*ƫ0+ƫ!%*#ƫ.!3. ! ƫ3%0$ƫ"(%#$0/Čƫ+10$3!/0ƫ
,% ƫ!3. /IJƫ.! %0ƫ. ƫ$+( !./ƫ$2!ƫ0$!ƫ+,,+.01*%05ƫ0+ƫ01.*ƫ,+%*0/ƫ%*0+ƫ%*0!.*0%+*(ƫ
"(%#$0/Čƫ$+0!(ƫ/05/Čƫ.ƫ.!*0(/Čƫ#%"0ƫ. /Čƫ* ƫ)+.!ċ
Designed for Relevance
*$*!)!*0/ƫ0+ƫ0$!ƫ,% ƫ!3. /IJƫ,.+#.)ƫ+"0!*ƫ+)!ƫ %.!0(5ƫ".+)ƫ!)!.ƫ"!! ġ
'ċƫ +ƫ ,.!,.!ƫ "+.ƫ 0$!ƫ !/%#*ƫ +"ƫ 0$!ƫ *!3ƫ ,.+#.)Čƫ 3!ƫ +((!0! ƫ %*/%#$0ƫ ".+)ƫ ,% ƫ
!3. /IJƫ !)!./ƫ * ƫ 0$!*ƫ 0++'ƫ 0$%/ƫ %*"+.)0%+*ƫ %*0+ƫ +*/% !.0%+*ƫ %*ƫ !/%#*%*#ƫ 0$!ƫ
*!3ƫ,.+#.)Čƫ/+ƫ,% ƫ!3. /IJƫ3+1( ƫ!ƫ)+.!ƫ.!(!2*0ƫ* ƫ.!3. %*#ƫ"+.ƫ+1.ƫ1/0+)!./ċ
,ċ āĀ
2012 Southwest Airlines One Report // Feature Stories // All-New Rapid Rewards
Read more about how
we gain Customer
Feedback in the
People section.
For instance, during this process, we discovered a significant percentage of Members in
the old program weren’t able to earn enough Rapid Rewards® credit to redeem a reward
flight. With this in mind, we designed the new program to have points that don’t expire,
so more Members can earn reward flights. Members now also earn Rapid Rewards® points
based on what they spend, rather than based on a set number of points per flight.
Through monthly e-mail surveys, social media, and departments that interact daily with
Customers, we discovered opportunities to make our web site navigation and other
­ ractices more Customer-friendly. We listened to our Customers and have since improved
in these areas.
Real Life Moments
Over the summer, we began asking our Rapid Rewards® Members for reward trip photographs and stories. We had a terrific response with more than 3,000 Members submitting
their vacation photos. We narrowed down the photos by validating Members’ trip destinations and the corresponding redemption of Rapid Rewards® points. Engaging our
Customers allows us to share their passion for Southwest and provide genuine endorsements of the program, as we didn’t offer any incentives—other than the oppor­tunity to
be featured in our advertisements—to participate. In reviewing Member ­submissions, we
also discovered heartfelt stories, which we began featuring in Rapid Rewards®
As a follow up to our Rapid Rewards® “no red tape” advertising campaign, in fall 2012 we
began a print and digital advertising campaign that offered proof of the program’s
­ enefits by featuring real Members’ vacation photographs and stories made possible
with their Rapid Rewards® points.
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