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International Newspaper
The First
International Newspaper
from India
About Us
• On January 1, 2016, we launched Daily World, India’s first
International newspaper in Chandigarh. It is the only global newspaper
that brings you news from around the world and the world around us. • We present our readers with a holistic pack which, besides the main
newspaper, comprises a daily lifestyle newspaper –
. Because
of the Internet age and IT revolution, the world has shrunk and, in
fact, it is now a global village. Thus, we decided to launch this truly
international newspaper to meet these needs.
• Within a few months, Daily World has caught the fancy of thousands
of readers. It has something for every member of the family, young
and old, men and women, forward-looking as well as those rooted in
tradition. Our content influences policy-makers.
Daily World Communications Pvt Ltd. | email: [email protected]
About Us
• Daily World is truly world class, as its lay-out and design matches
some of the best publications in the world. Our imported super white
newsprint, superior printing and attractive-looking fonts, styles and
sizes, make the paper easy on the eyes of the readers and pleasant to
• Daily World does in-depth and incisive coverage of the entire world, you
won’t miss out on anything happening across the globe.
• We engage our readers and they engage us.
Daily World Communications Pvt Ltd. | email: [email protected]
The Paper
Daily World Communications Pvt Ltd. | email: [email protected]
• The multi-coloured
Daily World is published
by Daily World
Communications Pvt.
• Manish Tiwari, who
has over 21 years of
experience in journalism
and media business,
including Hindustan
Times and Indian
Express; is the Owner,
Managing Director and
Editor-in-Chief of the
newspaper. The other
Director is Karandeep
Singh Suri.
Daily World Communications Pvt Ltd. | email: [email protected]
Daily World is run by a team of highly skilled,
competent and experience professionals.
The Management comprises:
Manish Tiwari
: Editor-in-Chief Karandeep Singh Suri
: Executive Director
The managerial and administrative operations are led by
Ashpinder Singh Sehgal : Global CEO
H S Gujral
: CEO (India operations)
The Editorial department
Tushaar Kuthiala
Ajit Chak
Ashish Kumar Jha
: Deputy Resident Editor
: Senior Editor
: Chief Designer
Day-to-day operations are conducted by dedicated teams
of employees, headed by experienced, forward thinking
and visionary professionals.
Daily World Communications Pvt Ltd. | email: [email protected]
• Our vision is to connect our readers
with the world by bringing news from
around the world and the world around
• Management aims to take the newspaper
to every home and family and stands by
them through thick and thin.
• The voice of our community should
reach the right forum and we are just
the right channel for it.
Daily World Communications Pvt Ltd. | email: [email protected]
• Ingenious and vibrant, Daily World adheres to the highest standards of
professional news presentation. We report the truth — ours is factual and accurate
reporting, we believe in presenting facts to the readers whatever they are.
• We do not dish out “Opinionated News”. Opinions are confined to the Editorial
page. We act independently, and believe in the fact that accountability of our news
content to our readership is sacred.
Daily World Communications Pvt Ltd. | email: [email protected]
Circulation and Depth • Through our print and world
class on-line editions, we enjoy a
daily readership base of more than
50,000 people in Punjab, Haryana,
Himachal, Delhi and the tricity,
comprising Chandigarh, Panchkula
and Mohali.
• People who count read our
• We circulate our copies to all
mandarins in government circles as
well as the “movers and shakers” in
the corporate sectors.
Daily World Communications Pvt Ltd. | email: [email protected]
• Daily World alone gives the readers a wholesome package on world
• The newspaper brings complete and in-depth news from across the
region, nation as well the globe.
Benefits of advertising in
• Because of our world-class newsprint, superior
design and printing, the ads in Daily World come
out in true colours, strike an instant chord with
readers, and leaves a telling effect on their minds.
• Since the objective of giving an ad is to impact
and influence people into buying products, we
serve this purpose well.
• We value and honour our advertising patrons
by freezing the ad rates for them even after our
circulation grows, as is happening now each
• We supply complimentary copies of the
newspaper in the pockets and regions identified
by our advertisers.
Benefits of advertising in
• Attractive, flexible, innovative and customised ad
packages are possible with Daily World.
• We extend the frontiers of advertising to
include brand building by lending in-depth and
comprehensive editorial support to our advertisers
in the form of exclusive interviews, feature articles
and write-ups.
• We can also feature your content on our website,
Facebook and Twitter pages. With more than 1.25
lakh hits on our website every day, we offer great
potential to our advertisers.
• People who read Daily World are active buyers
Our Valuable Clients
Daily World Communications Pvt Ltd. | email: [email protected]
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*Front Page Solus (min size 400 sq. cms)
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Connecting with the world
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Mr. Ashish Kumar Jha
Landline: 0172-4650244
Mobile: 9041428544
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Corporate Office: Daily World Communications Pvt Ltd. | SCO 123-24, IInd floor, Sector-17 C, Chandigarh