December 2012



December 2012
Volume 17 Issue 3
December 2012
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Pema Chödrön
HC $34.95
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CLOSED from Tuesday 25th DeWhy, then, shouldcember through Tuesday 1st Janu- n’t we cling to the certainty of the
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2nd January, 2013.
habits? Pema Chödrön, the inspirPlease enjoy the reviews in this ing Buddhist nun, teaches us that
newsletter, and we look forward to fear-based clinging keeps us from
seeing you in the New Year.
the infinitely more satisfying experience of being fully alive. In
Living Beautifully she presents
teachings known as the “Three
Commitments”, loosely based on
the traditional Three Vows of a
Buddhist student: the Pratimoksha
Vow (committing to not cause
harm ), the Bodh isat tva Vow
(committing to take care of one an-
other), and the Samaya Vow
(committing to embrace the world
just as it is). Anyone of any religion - or no religion - can make
these “commitments” as a way of
relating to the impermanent, evershifting nature of our life experience. “Life doesn’t have to be one
way or the other. We don’t have to
jump back and forth. We can live
beautifully with whatever comes heartache and joy, success and failure, instability and change.”
A Story of Revelation
Deepak Chopra
HC $30.00
In Deepak Chopra’s
an d
work - a unique
blend of storytelling and teaching he explores the
evolution of God. “But to say that
T.S. Bookshop News
God evolves implies that he began
in an immature state and then grew
into fullness, when every faith
holds that God is infinite to begin
with. What actually evolved was
human understanding.” By capturing the lives of ten historical prophets, saints, mystics and martyrs who
are touched by a divine power,
Chopra reveals a riveting portrait of
a constantly changing God. Our
belief - and therefore God itself transforms with each passing century. In this new novel, Chopra
brings to life the defining moments
of our most influential sages, ultimately revealing universal lessons
about the true nature of God.
The Golden Louise L. Hay
Louise L. Hay HC & DVD $29.95
The Golden Louise L.
Hay Collection is a
beautiful hardcover
omnibus of her
most loved books You Can Heal Your
Life, Heal Your Body
and The Power is Within You - publish ed to commemora te Hay
House’s 25th Birthday. Louise L.
Hay is a metaphysical lecturer and
teacher with more than 50 million
books sold worldwide. For more
than 25 years, she has helped people throughout the world discover
and implement the full potential
for their own creative powers for
personal growth and self-healing.
This Golden Collection is the perfect
read for those seeking insights into
the mind-body connection, and the
miraculous benefits of this dynamic. A bonus copy of the DVD
You Can Heal Your Life Study Course
is included.
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December 2012
The Top Five Regrets of the Dying
A Life Transformed by the
Dearly Departing
Bronnie Ware
PB $17.95
This might seem
like an odd book to
include in a Christmas newsletter, but
it is one of those
grown in popularity by word of mouth: what began
as an Internet blog has become a
deeply inspiring book on how to
live our lives now, while we still
have the time. Interweaving her
own memoir with the stories of the
people she cared for as a palliative
carer, Bronnie Ware introduces the
top five regrets of the dying. By
applying the lessons of those nearing death to her own life, she discovered the essence of living simply in the present. “In the end,
what matters to people is how
much happiness they have brought
to those they love and how much
time they spent doing things they
themselves loved.” This courageous, life-affirming book will
leave you feeling more compassionate and inspired to live the life
you are truly here to live.
And Live Rejoicing
Chapters from a Charmed Life
Huston Smith with Phil Cousineau
PB $27.00
Huston Smith is
recognized and revered as the preeminent teacher of
world religions, and
as the author of
many books, including his remarkable The World’s
Religions. And Live Rejoicing is the
second volume of Huston Smith’s
memoirs, and to complement the
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first, Tales of Wonder, this book is a
mosaic of memories tied together
by the single sublime theme hinted
at in its title. “Smith’s life has been
inspired by the unswerving conviction that we are ‘in good hands’.
And because of that dazzling gift,
he has long believed that we
should live with ‘infinite gratitude’.” In this joyous volume, he
looks back on his extraordinary
life, describing riveting scenes and
personal encounters with remarkable people. You will be moved to
tears and laughter as you read
about this man whose life work
has been to “glean the winnowed
wisdom of the world”.
Miracles Happen
The Transformational Healing
Power of Past Life Memories
Dr. Brian Weiss and Amy E. Weiss
PB $19.95
In Miracles Happen,
psy chi atr ist
bestselling author,
Dr. Brian Weiss, delivers a powerful
teaching on the
physical, emotional
and spiritual healing available to
all through embracing the reality
of reincarnation. Together with his
daughter Amy, also an established
therapist, Weiss relates the stories
of his clients and readers as they
explain how the ‘space between
lives’ has profoundly improved
their experience of this life. Filled
with anecdotes, Miracles Happen
explores issues such as: how we
are all connected, freedom from
emotional pain, healing physical
symptoms and illnesses, and letting go of grief. “The techniques
and teachings can be used by all to
improve your lives, to endure
along your spiritual path, to experience more love and happiness
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December 2012
right now, and to understand that Isis Oracle
there is no need to fear, as we are Alanna Fairchild
all immortal. We are all souls.”
Illustrations by Jimmy Manton
guidebook & deck $34.95
Proof of Heaven
In this gorgeous new oracle deck, the High
A Neurosurgeon’s Near Death Experi- Priest or Priestess within you walks the
ence and Journey into the Afterlife
path of divine love, power and wisdom.
Alexander Eben
PB $25.00 This is the path of spiritual self-mastery
where we are initiated through the darkWe have been in- ness of struggle into the light of love. Use
undated with re- this beautifully illustrated oracle deck to
quests for this book learn how to apply the Ancient Mystery
since Dr. Alexander Teachings of Isis in practical ways which
Eben appeared on will help you navigate through the experiences and challenges in your
the ’Sunday Night’ daily life. Allow the Goddess, this sacred priestess, initiate, magician and
prog ra mm e
on healer, to help you reactivate your own soul talents of healing, magic and
Channel Seven. As a Harvard- more as you journey with her from darkness and uncertainty into light,
trained neurosurgeon, Eben would love and power.
have argued that near-death experiences (NDEs) are impossible. past and Interlife regression. In Rebook, The Journey,
Then, while in a week-long coma turn Again you can discover your
in sp ir ed
pe op le
due to a rare illness, he had a relig- true purpose in this life by explorworldwide to foliously transformative NDE of his ing your past lives. You will learn
low her teachings in
own. While his body lay in a about body and soul agreements,
an effort to achieve
coma, Eben journeyed beyond this planes of existence, soul mates and
healthful, more fulworld and encountered an angelic more, including the “Interlife”,
filling lives. Known
being who guided him into the where you meet those with whom for her radically transformative
deepest realms of super-physical you have a soul contract to plan work in the fields of cellular healexistence. There he met and spoke your next life. Cannon shows how ing, emotional well-being, and
with the Divine source of the uni- we can consciously influence our spiritual awakening, Bays offered
verse itself.
“My experience future by better understanding our powerful teachings born from her
showed me that the death of the past. She introduces lots of back- own direct experience. Now Living
body and the brain are not the end ground information, and then pro- the Journey is an opportunity for
of consciousness, that human ex- vides a step-by-step meditation those seeking wellness to learn
perience continues beyond the script for your own Interlife regres- from the many people who have
grave ... under the gaze of a God sion.
“Emotional and physical successfully integrated The Journey
who loves and cares about each challenges carried over from past into their lives. Sixteen contribuone of us …”
incarnations into the present life tors tell remarkable stories of procan be quickly and effectively re- found healing, all through the
Return Again
solved through past-life regression measured steps of The Journey
How to Do Your Own
Method. Bays includes a “Living
Past Life Regression
the Journey Process” at the end of
Georgina Cannon
PB $26.00 Living the Journey
the book, so that you can “open
Using the Journey Method to Heal
your heart, roll up your sleeves
Dr. Georgina Can- Your Life and Set Yourself Free
and begin your journey of a lifenon is a board certi- Brandon Bays
PB $23.95 time, and uncover the love and joy
fied hypnotherapist
that is your own essence”.
and founder of the Brandon Bays is an inspirational
Hypnosis and innovative teacher in the field
Centre, who special- of personal growth and consciousizes in hypnosis and ness training. Her bestselling
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3 7
T.S. Bookshop News
Seeing, Knowing, Being
A Guide to Sacred Awakenings
John Greer
PB $23.00
From ancient Taoist
sages and Sufi mystics, to Christian
contemplatives and
contemporary Zen
ma st er s,
Se ei ng ,
Knowing, Being explores the profound truth behind
all the world’s mystic traditions.
This intelligent book is divided
into two halves: “The Exile” and
“The Return”. The chapters in the
first half explore how we come to
forget what is real, and experience
life as if in exile from our true being. The second half of the book
begins with a look at the yearning
that arises from suffering and
transforms us into seekers, and
examines the range of paths that
seekers explore on their quest for
spiritual truth. The final chapters
look into the universal aspects of
spiritual transformation: insight,
awakening, selflessness, freedom
and finally, homecoming. “On the
mystical journey ... what is never
changes, only our perception of it
December 2012
Dreaming the Soul Back Home
Shamanic Dreaming for Healing
and Becoming Whole
Robert Moss
PB $23.95
Pop ular
aut hor ,
has written on just
about every subject
relating to the psychic world, and
now turns his attention to the soul - “the spiritual and
eternal part of each of us”. In his
friendly and accessible manner,
Webster explores beliefs and customs regarding the soul, past lives,
and reincarnation in cultures all
over the world. You will read true
accounts of near-death experiences, past-life memories, and encounters with soul mates. Living
in Your Soul’s Light also examines
the Seven Rays - powerful universal energies that have a profound
effect on the soul. Webster provides quizzes and exercises to determine which ray you are using
most, and the life purpose you are
here to fulfil.
Robert Moss is the
creator of “Active
Dreaming”, an original synthesis of
mo de rn
dr ea mwork and shamanism that he teaches
all over the world. “The shaman is
a spiritual practitioner who has
mastered the art of journeying beyond the body to communicate
with the spirits, to guide the souls
of both the living and the departed,
and to bring them healing ... First
and last, the shaman is a dreamer.”
The greatest contribution of the ancient shamans to modern healing is
the understanding that in the
course of any life we are liable to
suffer soul loss - the loss of parts of
our vital energy and identity - and
that in order to be whole and well,
we must find the means of soul recovery. Moss teaches us that our
dreams give us maps we can use to
travel to the places where we can Soul Centered
find and bring home our lost or Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks
stolen soul parts.
with Meditation
Sarah McLean
PB $19.95
Astrology Reading Cards
Your Personal Guidance from the Stars
Alison Chester-Lambert
Illustrations by Richard Crookes
36 cards & guidebook $25.00
These cards, which manifest the archetypal
energies of astrology are very easy to use.
Divided into Planet, Zodiac Sign and House
cards, you can use them as an oracle. The
Planet cards represent the part of your personality engaged in the issue, The Zodiac
cards represent the universal energy that colours the issue, and the House cards represent
the area of your life affected. “The magic of your unconscious connection
to the universal astral realms, will ‘lift’ intuitive feeling and thoughts from
deep within your mind, allowing you to instinctively choose the cards that
can best deliver the message from the divine Cosmos.”
page 4
Living in Your Soul’s Light
Understanding Your Eternal Self
Richard Webster
PB $23.95
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Sarah McLean has
lived in a Zen Buddhist
meditated in ashrams and temples
throughout India,
through the Far East. She has
worked with some of today’s great
teachers, including Deepak Chopra,
Byron Katie, Debbie Ford and Gary
Zukav, and is the founding director
of the Sedona Meditation Training
Company. So she seems eminently
qualified to present this contemporary, mainstream view of medita-
T.S. Bookshop News
tion. “There’s no need for anyone
to change their religion, adopt new
beliefs, spend time in some cloistered community, or even learn a
new vocabulary in order to understand and practice meditation.”
The theme of each of the eight
weeks of the programme reflects a
benefit derived from meditation:
awareness, peace, freedom, compassion, intimacy, authenticity, receptivity and nourishment.
Power Up Your Brain
The Neuroscience of Enlightenment
David Perlmutter, MD and
Albert Villoldo, PhD
PB $19.95
enlightenment has
occupied mankind
Rather than being
reserved for the
pr iv il eg ed
fe w,
neuroscientist David Perlmutter
and medical anthropologist and
shaman Albert Villoldo, have written this book with the aim of making enlightenment possible for anyone. “We believe that enlightenment is available to all those who
are willing to dedicate the time and
effort necessary to attain it.” Drawing the most powerful tools from
each discipline, Power Up Your
Brain guides you through this
groundbreaking five-week programme to help overcome toxic
emotions and awaken the power of
your higher brain. “Then, we can
bring forth the qualities attributed
to enlightened being: inner peace,
wisdom, compassion, joy, creativity, and a new vision of the future.”
December 2012
The Healing Power of the Breath
Simple Techniques to Reduce Stress
and Anxiety, Enhance Concentration,
and Balance Your Emotions
Richard P. Brown, MD &
Patricia L. Gerbarg, MD
PB & CD $28.95
Many of us are suffering the stresses
of modern-day society:
anxiety, depression, insomnia
and mood disorders
such as frustration,
anger, sadness and cynicism. Drs.
Richard Brown and Patricia Gerbarg provide a drug-free alternative that works through a range of
simple breathing techniques drawn
from yoga, Buddhist meditation,
the Chinese practice of qigong, Orthodox Christian monks, and other
sources. These methods have been
scientifically shown to be effective
in alleviating specific stress and
mood challenges, by activating
communication pathways between
the mind and the body. “The daily
use of breath practices can turn
back the tide of stress, counteract
disease progression, and improve
overall quality of life.” The accompanying CD guides you through
the techniques, and helps make
these breathing practices an ongoing part of daily life.
The Rumi Daybook
365 Poems and Teachings from the
Beloved Sufi Master
Selected and translated by Kabir and
Camille Helminski
PB $29.95
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When the words of
Rumi enter your
softens, breaks, and
is subtly reborn.
That he wrote the
words in Persian
seven hundred years ago in a cultural context so very different from
our own makes their uncanny resonance to us today that much more
remarkable. The Rumi Daybookis a
treasure of daily wisdom from this
most beloved of Sufi masters - both
his prose and his ecstatic poetry that you can use to start every day
for a year, or that you can dip into
for inspiration any time you need
to break through into your heart
space. The translators, Kabir and
Camille Helminski, have chosen
the exquisite poem You Are Joy to
open the book, “because the recognition of the joy that opens from
the speech of Love feels so needed
in our world at this time.”
Your True Home
The Everyday Wisdom of
Thich Nhat Hanh
Compiled & edited by Melvin McLeod
PB $28.95
“We have a lamp
inside us, the lamp
mind fulness ,
which we can light
anytime. The oil
of that lamp is our
br ea th in g,
ou r
steps, and our peaceful smile. We
have to light up that lamp of
mindfulness so the light will shine
out and the darkness will dissipate and cease. Our practice is to
light up the lamp.” This treasure
of 365 gems of daily wisdom from
Thich Nhat Hanh, one of the most
beloved Zen Buddhist teachers of
our age, is a help and support for
anyone who wants to train to meet
every moment of l ife with 100%
attention. He shows how practi cing mindfulness can transform
every area of our lives - and how
its benefits radiate beyond us to
affect others, and the whole larger
page 5
page 5
California based musician Craig Padilla has been creatMusic for the Mindful Brain
ing works in the mould of electronic music pioneers
Dr Jeffrey Thompson
Tangerine Dream, Jean Michelle Jarre and Klaus
6CD set $44.95
Schulze for a number of decades now. Co-produced
Jeffrey Thompson
with multi-instrumentalist Zero Ohms, When The Earth
has been at the
is Far Away (CD $21.95) is slow, ambient drift music. Gently undulatfore -front of br aining waves of Craig’s synthesizers combine with Zero’s various flutes
state research, reand other enhancements. This is perfect for a healing environment - the
lating parti cularly
pieces flow effortlessly together.
to brain waves. He has produced
Heart of The Soul (CD $21.95), another album by Craig a serie s of music recordings over
Padilla, is a great meeting between classic sequencer- the years that contain subliminal
driven electronica and contemplative new-age music. It pul ses tha t ena ble a semi offers a more varied and emotionally expressive musi- hypno tic sta te. Thi s state , in
cal voyage than the previously reviewed album and is turn, helps us to slide into med imore of a ‘listening experience’. Both of these albums are released tation more easily. Regular users
of this methodology gener ally
through leading ambient/space music label Spotted Peccary.
buy numero us discs to keep their
KIRTAN – the kirtan scene continues to maintain a strong following in practice interesting and varied.
Australia, recent tours from Dave Stringer, Krishna Das, Shantala, Sa- This set enabl es you to sampl e a
cred Earth and others confirming its popularity. Snatam Kaur has re- diver se range of brainwave fr eleased a trade-mark crystalline, gentle recitation of the quencies and in effect, level s of
Sikh evening prayer on Evening Prayer (CD $26.95). medit ation. Naturally, the best
Intended to eliminate negative energy within yourself resul ts and benefits for any reand your environment, it also tunes you into the earth laxation/medit ation practi ce are
element. Australian based Premananda is joined by achie ved through regula r practice. The music ranges throu gh
Allie Stringer on Love Bliss Joy (CD $24.95), a collection
new-age piano, synth drone s,
of kirtan featuring his gentle acoustic guitar, lending this
rainf orest and ocean sounds .
album a light acoustic feel that is an easy listening pleasure. One Shared Heart (CD $24.95) is the latest release
by Kristin Luna Ray: it features seven
mantras, each celebrating different aspects of the divine.
She is joined by Wah!, Girish, River Gueguerian and a
host of other musician friends.
Brian Eno
CD $25.95
It’s an ironic endorsement when a yoga studio owner
looking for some practice music for his students rejects
a soundtrack created for yoga practice and picks Brain
Eno’s latest creation instead, or is it? This album was initially commissioned to accompany a work held in the Great Gallery of the Palace of
Venaria in Turin, Italy and it shows. Elegance and grace, bathed in
light, are essential key-words here. This is music that enables you to
focus on where you are and enhance whatever you are doing in that
space. Similar to the ambient music explored in albums such as Thursday Afternoon, Neroli or Discreet Music, it features the violin and viola playing of Nell Catchpole and the moog guitar of Leo Abrahams.
It is an unobtrusive and elegant enhancement to any place or activity
involving quietude.
page 6
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Troubadours on the Rhine
Loreena McKennitt
CD $21.00
Everyone’s favourite Celtic siren returns with an intimate album of
song s,
reco rded
live in the radio studios of SWR1
in Maine, Germany, before an audience of 300 lucky people. Regular ensemble members, guitarist
Brain Hughes and cellist Caroline
Lavelle, feature as Loreena’s band.
With her refined harpestry, angelic
voice, melodous compositions,
and song selections largely taken
from The Wind that Shakes the Barley and a smattering of her other
most popular tunes, this was
bound to be a special occasion and it is.
T.S. Bookshop News
Two recent documentaries deal
with issues surrounding diets and
the consumption of food and their
implications for us as individuals
and as a society.
Hungry for Change
(DVD $29.95) looks
at the prevalence of
dieti ng
los e
weight in the face of
a glut of nutritionally
low food availability. The film
looks at the nature of addiction
too, and the phenomenon of consuming food as a product rather
than for nutritional sustenance.
Forks Over Knives
(DVD $29.95) looks
at the consumption
an im al- ba se d
meals and processed
food. Augmented by
research statistics, it offers solutions to our widespread dependence on these unsustainable dietary habits. Together, these films
offer a damning indictment on our
overfed and undernourished diets – and a way to empower ourselves to change. Remembering,
one small change by many creates
a big change.
August 1997
Sound Of The Soul:
The Fez Festival of World Sacred Music
Stephen Olsson (Director)
DVD & CD $39.95
This is by no means a new film, having been released in
2005, but its discovery by yours truly has prompted me
to share its existence with you. An ancient walled city,
Fez was founded in the 9 th century by the Sufi saint
Idris Muhummad. The Fez Festival of Sacred Music is
an annual event that has been in existence since 1994. It gathers musicians of all faiths to celebrate their spirituality through the medium of
music. Gnawa, gospel, Irish, Russian, Portuguese fado - all these traditions and more unite in the spirit of sharing for one week. The first disc
covers discussions of spirituality, in particular Sufism, and the place of
spirituality in a modern secular world. The second disc in the set contains performances of the artists from the chosen year’s festival. This is a
great discovery!
Finding Joe
Patrick Takaya Solomon
DVD $24.95
Joseph Campbell observed that many diverse cultures
share the idea of a heroic journey whereby an
‘ordinary’ person is transformed into a seer. This archetypal mythic journey entails many extraordinary
and fantastic encounters and trials. The protagonist
returns transformed, imbued with powers and knowledge that is used to change and improve the lives of her or his people.
Finding Joe looks at how this myth is relevant in our modern society and
as always, enables us to envision an external struggle using mythical language as a metaphor for our own personal journey.
Tales of Everyday Magic Series
Michael Goorjian (Director)
DVD $19.95 (each)
Tales of Everyday Magic is a new series of four DVDs
featuring stories inspired by the teachings of some of
the ‘New-Age’ movement’s most popular teachers.
All of the films in the series feature interviews with
the teachers who wrote or inspired the movie, along
with a raft of extra features. My Greatest Teacher is
based on the life of Dr Wayne W. Dyer, and explores themes of forgiveness and its power to transform our lives. Inspired by the writings of
Louise L. Hay, Painting the Future tells of a relationship between two
neighbours, and the power of our thoughts to be both our friends and
our enemies. In The Magic Hand of Chance, director Michael Goorjian
once more looks at the part our thoughts play in shaping our reality. Set in Vienna, Austria, this film is
based on the teachings of Dr Wayne W. Dyer and
Louise L. Hay. Finally, and possibly the most esoteric
of the series, is the Gregg Braden inspired Entanglement. In this film, an art student has a bad premonition
about his brother, a serving US Marine in Afghanistan,
and taps into the Divine Matrix to help avoid disaster.
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page 7
T.S. Bookshop News
Everyday Enlightenment
Walking the Path to Happiness
in the Modern World
His Holiness the Gyalwang
Drukpa with Kate Adams
PB $29.95
Everyday Enlightenment is an inspirational guide to
finding happiness
by taking in the
beauty right in
front of you now.
His Hol ine ss the Gya lwa ng
Drukpa is the spiritual head of the
Drukpa School of Buddhism, and
his core philosophy is to convert
compassion into action, and to help
others find concrete solutions to
today’s personal and global problems. Using a delightful, warm
tone, His Holiness brings ancient
wisdom into the modern world,
teaching through stories and example. He shows you how to let go of
your ego and stress, turn anger
into compassion, and transform
your fears into courage. “Because
everything in this life is connected what matters is how we see and appreciate those connections, how we
cherish them.”
The Way of Powerlessness
Advaita and the 12 Steps of Recovery
Wayne Liquorman
PB $23.70
“We suffer from the
most insidious kind
of addiction - one
we don’t even realize we have. It is
the addiction to
power itself.” The
Way of Powerlessness by Wayne Liquorman, brings together the Living Teaching of Advaita (or nondualism) and the 12 Step of Recovery, (which began with Alcoholics
Anonymous). Central to both dispage
December 2012
ciplines is the recognition that our
powerlessness is the secret to
genuine strength. The melding of
the two teachings presents practical areas to reflect on, and potent
anecdotes that help to reveal the
radical proposition that “whilst
complete personal powerlessness
may seem counterintuitive and ultimately ridiculous”, it is actually a
gateway to peace. Liquorman’s
loving heart acknowledges the suffering of our human condition and
nurtures the possibility for another
way of being.
Dreaming Yourself Awake
Lucid Dreaming and Tibetan Dream
Yoga for Insight and Transformation
B. Alan Wallace
PB $28.95
Some of the greatest of life’s adventures can happen
while you’re sound
asleep! That’s the
promise of lucid
“is simply being conscious that
you are dreaming.” Written from
the perspective of a scholar and
practitioner of Buddhism for more
than forty years, B. Alan Wallace,
provides instruction on a range of
techniques that anyone can learn in
order to become a lucid dreamer.
He shows how lucid dreaming can
be used to heighten creativity, to
solve problems, and to increase
self-knowledge. Dreaming Yourself
Awake then moves on to the methods of Tibetan Buddhist Dream
Yoga, comprising “a set of advanced spiritual practices that act
as a powerful aid to awakening
from samsara.” This is a book for
the serious practiti oner who
wishes to awaken from delusion.
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Yoga Cures
Simple Routines to Conquer
More Than 50 Common Ailments
and Live Pain-Free
Tara Stiles
PB $34.95
Do you have a
headache? PMS?
splints? A broken
heart? Or do you
just need to chill
There’s a
yoga cure for each of these things. In
Yoga Cures, Tara Stiles offers an Ato-Z guide of the poses you can do
to target specific problems in your
body and get you feeling better
right away. “If you can breathe,
you can do yoga.” Using the fun,
fresh approach to yoga she is
known for, Stiles provides a simple
sequence of poses for more than 50
common ailments ranging from
arthritis and fibromyalgia to jiggly
thighs and hangovers. “Yoga is a
moving meditation that unites the
inner and outer you … the practice
of yoga brings you back to remembering your true nature, back to
happiness, health, and joy.”
Mindfulness for Life
Dr Stephen McKenzie and
Dr Craig Hassed
PB $30.00
Described simply,
mindfulness is the
art of directing our
attention to what is
(reality) rather than
what isn’t (our ideas
of reality). Written
by two Australian experts with
many years of personal and clinical
experience, Mindfulness for Life is
designed to be your complete
guide to living a more mindful life.
McKenzie and Hassed present succinct and useful information about
mindfulness (what it is and how it
T.S. Bookshop News
can help us), medical and premedical conditions that mindfulness can help with, and using
mindfulness in personal and spiritual development. They cover topics such as stress, addiction, pain,
cancer, sporting performance, and
emoti onal intel ligence. “Being
mindful means simply being alive
to our infinite living potential,
which is available to us all - right
here, right now.”
The Channel’s Companion
A Guide for Connecting
with the Higher Realms
Amanda Guggenheimer PB $19.95
“Every person has
the ability to receive
information; that is,
with full awareness
to establish communication
the higher realms.” One of our favourite authors, Amanda Guggenheimer returns with a “part two”
to her best-selling book, The LightWorker’s Companion. The Channel’s
Companion offers instructions for
connecting with the higher realms
and one’s spiritual family. “This
book focuses primarily on receiving direct communication from
higher beings such as angels or
enlightened masters and less on
messages from people who have
passed over, for this is the role of a
medium.” Guggenheimer provides
important information, exercises,
techniques and meditations to develop your own connection in a
gentle, safe and loving way.
page 8
December 2012
The Mayan Ouroboros
The Cosmic Cycles Come Full Circle:
The True Positive Prophecy is Revealed
Drunvalo Melchizedek PB $29.95
The Secret Language of Your Name
Unlock the Mysteries of Your
Name and Birth Date Through
the Science of Numerology
Neil Koelmeyer & Ursula Kolecki
There have been
PB $29.95
interpretations and predicNeil Koelmeyer has
tions about the year
been a student and
2012, known as the
practitioner of the
del a
Mayan End Time.
science of numbers
thi s
muc hfor almost 40 years.
anticipated follow-up to his bestIntrigued by the
selling Serpent of Light, spiritual remathematics of the
searcher Drunvalo Melchizedek universe and the insights the study
explains how to prepare for this of numerology offers, he has spent
transition to a new 13,000 year cy- several decades researching and
cle by learning how to move out of wr it in g ab ou t Nu me ro lo gy .
our brains and into our hearts. Ex- Ursula Kolecki’s research indicated
ploring thousands of ancient co- that numerology character interpredexes that are currently being de- tations using only the birth date
coded by the Mayans, Melchizedek number were limited, and that an
shares their insights into the im- individual’s name contributed sigportance of our heart connection to nificantly. Together, they have creour survival and ability to thrive ated The Secret Language of Your
during these turbulent times. Name, a guide to unlocking the se“When a cycle of 25,625 years crets in the numbers of your name
comes to an end and a new begin- and birth date, in order to reveal
ning emerges, perhaps we should your unique personality traits and
see and know the sacredness in the your path to happiness and success.
moment of our everyday lives.”
They cover the strengths and chalThe Steampunk Tarot
Barbara Moore
Illustrated by Aly Fell
Book & Deck $39.95
Steampunk style seems to have become popular recently, and this new tarot deck draws
directly from it. Based on the idea of steam
machinery set against a post-apocalyptic or
fantasy future, the imaginative illustrations
here depict a scintillating fusion of man and
machine, nature and technology, science and
alchemy, romance and fashion. Created by
expert tarot reader Barbara Moore, The Steampunk Tarot offers a glimpse of the future
through a lens to the past. The deck remains true and close to the Rider
Waite tradition, and the included 300-page manual offers tips, original
spreads and guidance in card interpretation. “Go where the past and future converge, into a world of roaring engines and gleaming metal, top
hats and corseted silk gowns. … where alternate histories play out in a
film reel of fantasy, adventure, and magic."
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page 9
T.S. Bookshop News
lenges of each number, and also
consider compatibilities. A comprehensive list of names and their corresponding vibrations is included.
Stones of the Seven Rays
The Science of the Seven
Facets of the Soul
Michel Coquet
PB $37.95
December 2012
Exposed Uncovered & Declassified:
Lost Civilizations and Secrets
of the Past
Edited by Michael Pye
and Kirsten Dalley
PB $23.95
Were Atlantis and
Le mu ri a
fact ua l
places? Who built
the pyramids and
for what purpose?
Taught solely in
How advanced was
secret for millennia,
the technology of
the science of the
All this and more
seven rays was introduced outside of is covered in Exposed, Uncovered,
the ancient mystery and Declassified: Lost Civilizations
schools of Western and Secrets of the Past. The world is
and Hindu tradition by some of the forever and always changing great occultists of the late 19th and ocean levels have risen and fallen
early 20th centuries: H.P. Blavat- innumerable times over the millensky, Manly P. Hall, C.W. Lead- nia. So why is it so difficult to bebeater, and Alice Bailey. In this lieve that there once existed vast
wide-ranging book, Michel Coquet and glorious cultures that, along
lays out the key principles behind with their knowledge and histothis spiritual science, and explores ries, were lost to the sands of time
the seven sacred gemstones of the or the depthless waters of a great
seven rays - diamond, sapphire, flood? This fascinating collection
emerald, jasper, topaz, ruby and includes original essays by Erich
amethyst. He examines each sa- Von Dänike n, Fran k Jose ph,
cred gem’s effects on the seven fac- Freddy Silva, Adrian Gilbert and
ets of the soul, as well as their William Bramley, to name a few,
spiritual and therapeutic uses, the who address the issues of lost civimeaning of their colour, and their lizations, otherworldly inhabitants,
influences on the chakras. This contact with advanced beings and
scholarly work, while essentially aliens, and other lost knowledge
being about the seven precious from a past we all share. “With no
stones, is also a wide-ranging his- past, we can have no future … Let
these experts show you the way.”
tory of esoteric ideas.
1,001 Pearls of Life-Changing Wisdom
Insight on Identity, Truth, and Success
Elizabeth Venstra
HC $17.95
In this extensive collection of quotes to enlighten
your mind and uplift your spirit, you will find inspiration for living every day of your life to the
fullest. From the classic wisdom of thinkers such
as Winston Churchill, Henry David Thoreau to
the modern luminaries such as Maya Angelou, Carl Sagan and Gloria
Steinem, the wise words in this book will serve as a catalyst to change
your mind, your heart, and your choices. A perfect gift for that hard-tobuy-for person!
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Active Hope
How to Face the Mess We’re In
Without Going Crazy
Joanna Macy & Chris Johnstone
PB $25.00
Ecophilosopher Joanna Macy, is a
scholar of Buddhism,
general systems theory and deep ecology. Together with
Dr. Chris Johnstone,
a specialist in the psychology of resilience, happiness and positive
change, she considers how we can
best respond to the crisis of sustainability unfolding in our world. Active Hope begins by accepting that
the challenges we face can be difficult even to look at. The authors
then offer an approach that
strengthens our capacity to face disturbing information and respond
with resilience and creative power.
At the heart of this book is the idea
that when our responses are guided
by the intention to act for the healing of our world, the mess we’re in
not only becomes easier to face, but
our lives also become more meaningful and satisfying.
Wabi Sabi Love
The Ancient Art of Finding Perfect
Love in Imperfect Relationships
Arielle Ford
HC $29.95
In Wabi Sabi Love,
bestselling author
ex pe rt ,
Ar ie ll e
Ford, applies the
wisdom of Wabi
Sabi - the ancient
Japanese idea of illuminating the
beauty in imperfection - to love relationships. The truth is, you’re
not perfect, and neither is your
partner. But you can be perfectly
imperfect together. Wabi Sabi Love
T.S. Bookshop News
December 2012
is the practice of exploring, embracing, and cherishing the quirks, irritations and limitations that make
you and your partner unique, and
that form your shared history as a
couple. “Just imagine the possibilities that would open up in your relationship if you could learn to accept, embrace, and even find the
gift in your partner’s imperfections.
It is not just about tolerating our
partners’ so-called flaws, but actually finding the perfection in all that
is imperfect about them.” Ford provides the tools to see yourself, your
partner, and your partnership in an
entirely new light.
World Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards
Scott Alexander King
Illustrations by Karen Branchflower
deck & guidebook $34.95
Scott Alexander King is Australia’s lea ding expert and author on animal symbology and totemism. King is the author of
the best-selling Animal Dreaming book
and oracle cards. Now he has created
this beautiful deck of World Animal
Dreaming Oracle Cards, featuring 45 stunningly illustrated cards with an easy-tofollow guidebook. “We all belong to one
global tribe, making it possible for us to have totems, animal guides
and power animals from anywhere in the world.” The World Animal
Dreaming Oracle Cards can be selected individually on a daily basis for
meditation, affirmation or daily life lessons, or laid out in a spread to
determine the energies running through your life at any given time.
However you use this Oracle, you will receive a positive message from
Spirit and Mother Earth.
Pocket Guide to Spirit Animals
Understanding Messages from
Your Animal Spirit Guides
Dr. Steven Farmer
PB $9.95
Mermaids 101
Exploring the Magical Underwater
World of the Merpeople
Doreen Virtue
HC $19.95
Just as our ancestors
and indigenous peoples knew, when animals come to you in
an unusual or repeated way, whether
in physical or symbolic form, they
are serving as spirit guides attempting to get a message to you.
This convenient mini A-Z version
of Animal Spirit Guides by Dr. Steven Farmer, (designed to fit in a
big pocket), will help you understand and discern these messages
whenever this occurs by offering
several possible interpretations for
the animal you encounter. “Due to
the dramatic changes that are taking place on Earth and in human
consciousness, we need as much
help from Spirit as possible …
Amongst the many means of divination available, animal spirit
guides afford us one that’s among
the most accessible and accurate.”
Mermaids are powerful and graceful inhabitants of the waters who can teach us
about our connection
to the star system Sirius, the whales and dolphins, and
the future of our planet. In this latest “101” book from Doreen Virtue,
she provides a fascinating history
of mermaids and mermen from Atlantis and beyond. You’ll read
about people’s reported experiences with mermaids, and learn
about the Merperson Earth Angel
realm. You’ll also see images of
ancient and modern mermaids, including photos and descriptions of
people who wear neoprene mermaid tails, and swim alongside
whales, dolphins and other aquatic
life. “Although mermaids are considered beautiful fantasy images,
you may decide that they’re something more.”
page 8
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Planting Seeds
Practicing Mindfulness with Children
Thich Nhat Hanh
and the Plum Villave Community
PB & CD $29.95
“This delightful
book is a distillation of decades of
experience on the
part of Thich
Nhat Hanh’s International Buddhist community concerning practical ways to nurture a foundation
in mindfulness and heartfulness in
children and those who care for
them.” With beautiful coloured
illustrations, Planting Seeds is full of
hands-on activities to help children
and adults relieve stress, increase
concentration and confidence, deal
with difficult emotions, and improve communication. “Children
can benefit from learning to focus
their attention, becoming less reactive, and more compassionate with
themselves and others.” Included
is a CD with songs and easy-tofollow practices.
page 11

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