Naples Tango Tour


Naples Tango Tour
Would you like to improve your feeling of the tango-embrace
with the advice of the great teachers selected by us, or if you are
a beginner start with us your first steps ?
Would you like to experience the atmosphere of the Last Century in
a unique city , which gave birth to Argentinian Tango, with the
Artists and Composers of the early 20th century?
Would you like to enjoy the experience
and charm of the old Naples staying in
a B&B convent dating back to 1270?
Would you like to taste the
typical Neapolitan and
Italian cuisines with their
Mediterranean flavours ? ….
and maybe learn a few
…And if that isn’t enought ... a guided tour
of the city ( possibly a boat-trip in the Gulf
of Naples)?
All in the name of
Tango Music and
Neapolitan Songs that
will accompany us
throughout our tour..!
If all this appeals to you, let us explain our exclusive
project ... Tailored for you..
There are many ways to
experience tango ,but we aim
a sensitive and emotional
participation , so that
everyone will enjoy "his“ own
tango. An interpretation of
identity charged with
To lead the game a “double
shot” , namely an art teacher
and a "tanda.“ master,
which is like saying a
mysterious and magic game..
Domenic Mazzella called by his friends " professor," is the founder of the Cultural
Association Donna Regina . The organization aims to promote, disseminate and
propagate the Art culture and history of the Campania Region in the world ,
through a new way to discovering the city of Naples and its surroundings. It sets
out to highlighting the historical and artistic realities together with the
underrated environmental and musical traditions, folklore and gastronomy ,
through events, debates, seminars, meetings, symposia and exhibitions.
With "Naples Milonga Tour» the Donna Regina Association aims to highlight the
incredible cohesion that exists between the culture of Argentine Tango in Buenos
Aires and the Neapolitan one : between the sea of ​Rio de la Plata and the Gulf of
Naples, between the great Neapolitan songs and the classics played in the
milonga of Buenos Aires.
To move the project forward with good music and delight our guests the
association has collaborated with an expert, as we like to call him: the "Master of
Tanda," the international dj JeanPR de Tango
This collaboration has resulted in a program that combines the heart of the
capital of southern Italy with the melodious of the soul of Argentinian Tango in
Buenos Aires, a particularly intense weekend making ​incredible discoveries of
places, monuments, food , where the speaking order will be .. let’s embrace !!
Domenic & JeanPR
At B&B Donna Regina:
The spaces of the legendary monastery of the XIV
century. have been converted into B & B. The
rooms offer a warming welcome and are
comfortably equipped for complete relaxation
after a day touring the city.
The rooms of the house, have the flavor of the old
times, fine fabrics and furnishings supply a very
charming atmosphere. Donna Regina, one of the
very best B & B in Naples It offers different types of
accommodations to suit every need of the guests.
The location is in the old heart of Naples. To live at
man’s pace. Only here can you discover an
incoparable world .
Las Milongas ..
Naples offers at least 15 milonga , which they alternate throughout the
course of the week, sometimes overlapping, creating many choices for those
who whish to dance every night ..
some of the most famous :
Le storiche..
It was inaugurated on 15th November 1890 at the presence of the
Neapolitan Nobility , politicians and journalists as Matilde Serao.
The theatre soon became the top symbol of the Italian “Belle Epoque”.
Salone Margherita was the first one in Italy to introduce the can-can
dancers ...
After purchasing the property by private people, the theater reopened
and houses shows and tango evenings.
Le storiche..
La Milonga Portegna
…Its walls breath the history of the tango dancers
such as : Miguel Angel Zotto, Osvaldo Zotto,
Lorena Alejandra Ermocida Mantiñan, Gabriel and
Natalia, Nestor Rey and Patricia Garcia, and
then Fakundo and Kelly, Roberto Herrera and his
company, Soledad and Sergio Rivero Cortazzo,
Gabriel Missè , without fogetting the great masters
who have worked in Italy for years, as Anna and
Tobias, Luciano
Donda and Roberta, Mauro Barreras, Margaret
Bordóns, Adrian Aragon and Erica Boaglio ...
If the walls could speack ... They would speak about
not only of the great performances, but also about
passions which exploded as pure energy , circulated
free around the columns of the dancing hall.
Le storiche..
Salon Baires is a cultural association for almost 20 years it has
been responsible for the divulgation of this practice, especially
the tango and Argentinian culture. The "Saloon" is nothing more
than the room where people meet to dance, "Baires" is the
contraction of Buenos Aires the birthplace of the
Argentinian tango
Example of the all-inclusive weekend &
tango tour in Naples: Contribution per
person € 290 in double room:
Friday :
Arrival at the airport and transfer to the B & B
(for guests arriving before 3pm there will be an escort service free of charge)
Afternoon: a wellcome Aperitiv Tango , to meet each other with lots of fun..
Evening: A Traditional house made Neapolitan dinner
After dinner: Milonga night with transfer round trip
In the morning: Breakfast with typical Neapolitan produces
Lunch: learn to cook a typical Neapolitan meal
After lunch: Guided tours to explore Naples
Afternoon: Tango aperitif at Donna Regina
Dinner: Homemade Neapolitan pizza
After dinner: Milonga night with transfer round trip
After the milonga: croissant and cappuccino ..
In the morning: Breakfast with Typical Neapolitan produces
Lunch: Learn how to make the original "Neapolitan sauces” and
enjoy the originals..
Afternoon: A Panoramic walk on the sea front or aperi-tango at
Donna Regina
(* During the summer period an entrance fee of 30 euro per person
to organize a visit along the coast by boat until the sunset)
Evening: Dinner just pasta ... Only pasta .. Forever pasta !
After dinner: For those who leave transfer to the 'airport , for those
who stay Transfer to the Milonga..
Morning: Breakfast
For those who leave transfer to the airport
For those who stay: Free day ...
For those who arrive on Thursday and want to stay an extra day
departing on Monday will have to pay the full cost of the double
room ,that is - € 93 per room per night including breakfastTransfers to and from the milonga are always free , Whereas the
costs from and to the airport will be included only if you leave
within 3,00 pm
The costs for travelling from your country (or your home town) to
Italy are on your behalf
JeanPR deTango
is a popular tango-DJ in Europe. Thanks to his natural
talent of listening and memorizing, lots of experience "on the field"
matured in the Buenos Aires Milongas and Europeans Festivals, as well
as the thorough study and stages with the best experts, captures the
historical meaning .and importance of this cultural and traditional
phenomenon and is able to understand its meaning to the authors and
comprehends how they could have been inspired by it for recreate
towards harmonious and funny night passion and unity like that
special Golden Epoca.
Domenic Mazzella
Domenic, scion of an ancient Neapolitan family, is an art
historian and restorer by training and a food lover and chef by
inclination. He takes great pleasure in sharing his home, culture,
food and art of Naples and the Campania region. He graduated
from the University of Naples “Preservation and Cultural
Heritage”, with a specialization in “Restoration, Diagnostics, and
Conversation of Works of Art”. Since, he has pursued advanced
course in “Enhancement of Cultural Heritage and Landscape and
Environmental Archeology”. In 2004, he co-founded the “Cultural
Association Donna Regina”, which promotes the culture and
history of Naples and the Campania region throughout the world.
He has serves as president since the association’s inception.
[email protected]
Tel . 3397819225