Solar Wax Melter - Brushy Mountain Bee Farm



Solar Wax Melter - Brushy Mountain Bee Farm
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620 Old Route 15
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Solar Wax Melter
Beveled Top
Glue and nail the pieces of the main box
together. Match the beveled top of the
thinner end with the side pieces. Edges
should be flush before nailing down.
Measure down 4” from top of box, then glue
and nail the thin supports on the larger back
end piece and two side pieces. Nail the final
support to the two side supports.
Glue and nail the bottom plywood pieces to the frame
of the box. Measure 1” down from the top edge of the
side pieces and screw in legs on each corner (shorter
legs on front and longer legs at the back).
Place in metal tray and nail
down back edge to the support
bars. Insert pan below the tray
so the wax flows into the pan.
Lid Assembly
Glue and nail the lid pieces together so that the rabbeted
edges will align along the bottom edge of all pieces and
the groove aligns with the back and side pieces.
Remove plastic coating on the Therma-Clear and slide
along the grooves to the back of the lid. Place on top of
melter body so that the rabbeted edges fall over body
of melter.

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