7 - 90323 LCN Acrylic Nail Extension Products



7 - 90323 LCN Acrylic Nail Extension Products
LCN Acrylic Nail Extension Product Package
Value of Products - over £169
Earning You - over £1,475
All the essential products required to set up your nail desk when you begin to learn LCN Ultima
Acrylic nails.
There are lots of lovely products in our catalogue that you may wish to add and we are delighted offer
you a 10% discount when you purchase goods on your training seminar. Your trainer will assist you
with your choices and ensure your order is processed correctly.
Liquid & Powder
Liquid, 150ml
Powder, 60g, Extra White
Powder, 60g, Soft Pink
Flexible Tips, 150pcs.
Brush Glue, 10g
Purzellin Swabs, 500pcs
Bond Acid Free, 10ml
Primer, 10ml
Double Dappen Dish
Dappen Dish with Lid for Liquid
Buffers and Files
Profi File, Thin, 100/100
Zebra Jumbo File, 100/180
Acrylic Polish Buffer, 220/280
Polish File, 3-sided
Liquids and Hygiene
Loosener, 100ml.
Non-Acetone Polish Remover, 100ml
Cleaner, 500ml
Kodan Wipes, 90pcs.
Kolinsky Modelling Brush, pointed
Rosewood Sticks, Long, 10pcs.
Connex Brush for Bonder application
Nail Forms, 500pcs.
Nail Clippers
Cuticle Nipper
Dust Brush
Cuticle Pusher
Professional Hand and Nail Care
Hand Cream, 50ml
Nail Oil, 16ml
7in1 Wonder Nail Recovery, 16ml
Polish, 16ml, Red
LCN Car Sticker

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