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Education Updates Young Nails mani•Q
For our professional nail enhancement specailists
September - October 2012
Young Nails
Warm Hearts, Warming Lives
2012 hands that care Campaign
Nail Technician’s
Warm Hearts, Warm Hands
It’s fall, the childen are going back to school
and that familiar chill is creeping into the
mornings. Too quickly that chill will transform into frost and it will be time to prepare
for winter.
We pull out our mittens, scarves and hats to
warm us from the elements, taking for granted the inventory of winter accessories we
pick through. There are many families that
do not have a mitten box to sort through,
they struggle to outfit their children as
well as themselves during our harsh winter
Sabrina Courtoreille , Education Leader with
nailbasics and salon owner of Dynamic
Beauty in Spruce Grove, Alberta, came to
nailbasics with her vision of an annual campaign that would help families in need by collecting mittens and gloves to donate to local charities.
In 2011, participating Nail Technicians and salons were able to collect 1,626 pairs of mittens
and gloves that were donated to 18 different charities across our province! Each year the participation of nailbasics Nail Technicians and salons grows and we are able to help more charities!
This years Hands that Care campaign will begin on Tuesday, October 9, 2012 and run until
Friday, December 7, 2012.
All participants receive one of our Hands that Care tote bag that you collect your donations in,
posters for the salon environment that explain the campaign and Client Reminder cards to use
while the event runs!
The campaign is open to all nailbasics technicians and salons. You can participate by contacting your Education Leader or by requesting a Hands that Care campaign kit via e-mail to Joy at
[email protected]
We look forward to seeing what we will collect this year!
Follow us on Facebook at facebook/ for updates
on our Hands that Care campaign!
Behind the Desk
by Kathi
To Soak or Not to Soak?
n July Tim, Tessa and I attended the
CosmoProf North America Show. As I
walked the floor it was obvious the new
trend is the “soak off” gel polish.
nailbasics has always been known for
keeping up with the trends of today’s market. Yet, we do not carry a line of “soak
off” gels at this time.
Why doesn’t nailbasics carry a “soak off”
gel polish?
We acknowledge the gel polished nail is
what everyone is looking for. What we
have been looking for is a gel polish that
does not need to be soaked off in acetone.
The soak off process is done by wrapping
the fingernail and tips in acetone saturated sleeves or directly soaking the nail
and fingertip in acetone, this procedure
takes 10 to 15 minutes. This process is
usually done every week or two, leaving
the fingernail and surrounding tissue
environment susceptible to severe dehydration, the loss of the ph balance causing
the cuticle and hyponycium to become
susceptible to infection (paronychia) and
separation of the nail bed (onycolisis).
At nailbasics we have always promoted the
health of the natural nail and caring for the
surrounding tissue, fingertips and hands.
As far as keeping up with the gel polish trend, we have been busy for the past
several months testing various gel polish
Our criteria, first and foremost is to have a
product that has the option of easily filing
off without gumming up your bit and possibly damaging the natural nail. The product must not contain any nitroceluos, it
must be colored with pigment powder, not
polish. Using the pigment powder to create the color ensures that there will not be
separation in the bottle. We are looking for
a one coat coverage and most importantly,
the product must have the ability to cure in
an Ultra Violet light as opposed to an LED
light. LED lights are most often required to
cure soak off gel polish, they are quick (1030 seconds) yet very expensive.
We are excited to announce that there is a
gel polish line that meets all of our
criteria.... Young Nails mani•Q is our
“hands down” gel polish that does everything we want it to and best of all cures
in your ultra violet light! Look for it on
our shelves in-store or purchase on-line
through our web store at
Fall/Winter 2012 Education Schedule
Prices do not include GST.
Dates and prices are subject to change.
Young Nails
at nailbasics
Intro to Waxing (8hrs) - $299
November 28
Pedicure Program (1 month*)
December 2 & 3 Exam: January 7, 2013
Tuition is $595
Level I - Mix It Up With Color
(1 day) - $199
October 15
Level II - Let’s Decorate
(1 day) - $199
October 29
Level III - Dimensional Nail Art
(1 day) - $199
December 10
Pre-R y &
for 3
Profe classes fro r
m ou
Series ional Deve
and N
ail Ar
t Clas t
Professional Development Series
Speed & Quality (1 day) - $199
October 1
Advanced Level 2 (1 day) - $199
It is recommended that you take this class 6-12 months after
completing our one on one portion of the Professional Nail Technician Program.
September 16, November 26
Health & Safety (1 day) -$199
September 17, November 19
Visit to see the
26 mani•Q Shades available
September 15, 2012.
Business Building (1 day) - $199
September 15, November 5
N.A.S.P Level I Advanced Pedicure
(4 days, 8 hrs/day)
Tuition is $595
+ NASP $50 Certificate Fee
September 8—11
N.A.S.P Level 2 Infection Control
(1 day/8 hrs)*
Tuition is $175
September 12
*This class can also be used as credit for Health & Safety towards the nailbasics
Nail Therapist Certificate
N.A.S.P. Enhancing Your Pedicure, Advanced Massage Techniques
for Pedicures (2 days/8hrs)
Tuition is $375
September 24
Call us at 780-490-6720 to register for any of our Fall/Winter 2012
Follow us on Facebook to learn more about our classes!
Prince Albert
Thank you for a great summer! We want
to remind our customers in Saskatchewan
that would like to place orders that they
can call in orders through our Prince Albert
If you are struggling in any areas of your
nail service and would like to improve
those areas, you can book one on one
time with a nailbasics Education Leader.
Please check the nailbasics website,, for an Education
Leader close to you.
581 28 Street West
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
[email protected]
204, 5009 48 Street
Lloydminster, Alberta
October is...
All Pro
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Fall 2012
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