The Golden Label



The Golden Label
Volume 1, Issue 2
September 26 , 2011
The Golden Label
Phone (956)347-3909
Fax (956) 347-5034
PO Box 220 Lyford, TX 78569
A t t e n t i o n :
End of the world
And More
Football schedules
Jewell Ybarra
Katia Carrillo
Kassandra Carrillo
Pamela Chavez
Alyssa Coy
s i x
w e e k s
We start first with
the ELA and Math exams
on Tuesday. Wednesday
is the Science and Social
The online version
is the exact same copy, but
with less paper.
Come out and
support the JV and
Freshman football
Also, let’s not
forget about the Freshman football home game
at 5:00 PM Thursday.
The JV football game is
going to be home but at
N e w s
As of this week,
The Golden Label will be
posted online on the high
school website.
e x a m s !
7:00 PM against Rio
Hondo ,as well.
Don’t forget to
study for those exams.
Look at those notes and
ask your teacher if you
don’t get what he or she
is teaching you. A little
freshen up doesn’t hurt
The news just hit
the editors Wednesday
20, 2011. The six weeks
exams are this week
starting Tuesday up until
Mrs. Cathy Hernandez
Mr. John J. Villegas
Assistant Principal
History exams. On Thursday is the elective exams.
I S S U E :
6 weeks exams
U p d a t e !
The newspaper will
still be printed offline for
students, but the editors
feel this would be a much
better way of getting news
out to all students .
If you would like to
see the online version of
our newspaper, it can be
found on the high school
website under
Media > Newsletter
P a g e
T h e
I n t e r v i e w i n g
t h e
h e a d
s o c c e r
We interviewed the
head soccer coach and this
is what she responded.
What are your expectations?
and communication.
How do you feel about his
upcoming season?
My expectations are to be
undefeated and make
history for Lyford
We like to thank
Ms. Leal for taking
the time to be
I feel really confident and
enthusiastic about this season because I have amazing girls in the team. Our
bond and dedication is
T e n n i s
We interviewed
Dora Rivera on her
views on Tennis and the
season. This is what she
How do you feel about
this season?
I feel very confident
about this season.
What do you think makes
a good team?
G o l d e n
c o a c h :
A good team consists of
discipline, commitment,
I n t e r v i e w i n g :
What are your expectations?
D o r a
R i v e r a
Thank you Dora for taking the time to talk to us.
My expectations are to
win in our district.
What do you think
makes a good team?
I think leadership and
teamwork make a
S t u d e n t l i f e
I n t e r v i e w i n g : M i c h a e l D o m i n g u e z
What do you like
Pass High School; go to
college to be a chef.
year so far?
Have you thought
about this school
I'm enjoying it. There
are more activities and
it’s more fun.
What are your goals?
L a b e l
about what college
you want to attend?
Yes, the Culinary Institute of America also
known as CIA.
Are you nervous?
No, I'm looking forward to college.
V o l u m e
1 ,
I ss u e
P a g e
A s k t h e T e a c h e r
I n t e r v i e w i n g : M r s . V e l a
We interviewed our
We are learning computer
distinguished criteria.
sponsor for this newspaper and
repair., work ethic, job skills,
these were her responses:
cabling and troubleshooting.
What do you teach?
Do your classes offer certifica-
I teach the Information Tech-
nology pathway. Which consists
Telecommunications class
of Computer Maintenance,
offers fiber optic & copper ca-
Principles, Telecommunications
bling certification. All four
& Computer Technician.
classes are articulated so high
What do you do in the classes?
school students can fulfill
T h i s
w e e k
i n
Thank you Mrs. Vela for
your time.
h i s t o r y P r e s e n t e d
C a r r i l l o
September 28- 1961 -
b y
K a t i a
September 30- 1935 -
Walt Disney's movie
The Hoover Dam, astride
the border between the
U.S. states of Arizona and
Nevada, is dedicated.
"Grey Friars Bobby"
September 29- 1930 1st Canadian football
game played under
lights, Hamilton-UBC
Source from:
NHS– The End?
The killing spree has ended, but only one was left
Monday started with only a
small handful of the NHS
members left. Of the remaining few was Maria Mejorado,
Tara Pohlmeyer, and Andrea
victory Monday morning.
Her happiness ended
during fifth period when
the assassin struck.
Tara lasted longer, but
not by much. She kept
away from all NHS members. Sadly, she met the
assassin with only
Maria was enjoying her near Minutes left on the clock
before the “deadline”.
B y
A l y s s a
C o y
As the ghosts of assassinated NHS members gath- No new ghost
ered for their meeting,
news spread of who re-Ghosts aren’t really
cently died and how.
the in thing...yet.
Not wanting to join her
fellow members, Rene hid
in an abandoned classroom– and survived.
P a g e
T h e
G o l d e n
L a b e l
How is the world going to end? By: Kassandra Carrillo
A question has been
burning in everyone’s mind:
how is the world going to end?
Is it really going to end in
2012 as we are all expecting?
Well, most of us anyways.
We know the Mayan
calendar ends on December
21, 2012 but does that mean
our world, too? When asked if
the world is coming to an end
Dustin Sewell said,
The world will eventually die out possibly the ice
caps will melt and drown us all
or the sun will die out and all
plant and animal alike will die
too. Maybe it could be from
radiation when our ozone layers vanishes. No one is sure.
There have been
wrong predictions of the world
ending by Harold Camping and
both times he was wrong.
Many people gave up their
L i v i n g
earthly possessions and others made sure they were
with family and close ones.
There have been
earthquakes in Japan lately.
These earthquakes are
caused because of the grinding of plate tectonics against
each other. Not to mention
that the country is on the
Pacific Plate , which is on
the edge of the Pacific Ring
of Fire.
One of the reasons why one
should live under water is
because you can make your
own country. Wouldn’t that be
awesome. There would be
For more information please visit : http://
And : http://
Everyone has their
own opinion whether or not
the world will come to an
end on December 21, 2012.
If you wish to share your
opinions please feel free to
write a letter and drop it in
Mrs. Vela’s class or feel free
to personally hand your letters to the editors.
Note: Our names
are on the front page. If
you’re lucky your comment
can appear in the next issue.
u n d e r
Ever imagine having to live
with species we never really
interact with?
Stay tune for more stories on
the world. This has been your
reporter Kassandra Carrillo. I
hope you enjoyed this issue,
I’ll be back next week with
more interesting news.
t h e
s e a
food for life. We can also
make our own weather;
wake up in the morning
and see beautiful aquatic
life, coral reefs– all of this
in a perfected climate
within our dome.
We would also have more
B y :
K a t i a
appreciation for the
C a r r i l l o
For more information go to topic/ecology-and-theenvironment/10-reasonsconsider-livingundersea1.htm
V o l u m e
1 ,
I ss u e
P a g e
Varsity Football 2011Scedule
Friday Sept. 30
Friday October 7
Orange Grove/ away
Friday October 14
Raymondville/ home
Friday October 21
Corpus Christi Miller/
JV Football 2011 Schedule
September 29
Rio Hondo
Home/ 7:00 pm
October 6
Monte alto
Home/ 5:00 pm
October 13
Away/ 7:00 pm
October 20
Friday October 28
Corpus Christi West
Oso/ away
October 27
Santa Maria
Friday November 4
Robstown/ home
November 3
F r e s h m a n
F o o t b a l l
September 29
Rio Hondo
October 6
PSJA South West Home/ 5:00 pm
October 13
October 20
PSJA South West Away/ 5:00 pm
October 27
November 3
2 0 1 1
Home/ 6:00 pm
S c h e d u l e
Home/ 5:00pm
Away/ 5:00pm
Let’s go
Let’s Go!
Away/ TBA
Robotics Trip article
The STEM (Science,
Technology, Engineering,
Math) Club is participating in
the BEST (Boosting, Engineering Science Technology) Robotics competition on October
29, 2011. 20 students along
with the club’s two sponsors,
Mrs. Moore & Mrs. Vela, traveled to TSTC in Harlingen on
Saturday 17th. Some of
the competition areas
consist of Spirit, Marketing, The Robot, Interviews and Publicity. They
are the Bionic Bulldogs
and they invite all Lyford
campuses to support
them on GAME DAY.
The Flocking season
starts this Monday. Flamingos are known to flock the
rooms of teachers in large
These pink villains can
only be removed by an
NHS member.
C L A S S F L O C K I N G = $ 1 0
D E L U X E = $ 1 5
F L O C I K N G I N S U R A N C E = $ 2 0
N e e d
P l a c e
t o
a d v e r t i s e ?
Upcoming fundraiser?
Need to make announcements?
2”x2”-25 cents
4”x2”-50 cents
Are you looking for a
newer take on getting
your message out?
6”x2”-75 cents
8”x2”-$ 1.00
Have we got a deal for
you! We’ve got space all
you need is change.
Ad spaces start at 25

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