the new Keytar flyer


the new Keytar flyer
"The KEYTAR™ has
opened up new avenues for me not only in
songwriting but also in live performance!”
With this unique combination of two
instruments, guitar and keyboard, KEYTAR™
enhances the distinct qualities of all styles
of music. From Country Western, Jazz,
Blue Grass, Classical, Pop, Rock, Metal or
Funk, KEYTAR™ places artistic proficiency at
your fingertips.
Eric Ragno,
Sales Reps and Dealers wanted.
Keytar Inc.
P.O. Box 11547
Fort Smith, Arkansas 72917
Sales (479) 478-8500 • Fax (479) 478-8502
Customer Service (479) 478-6700
Email: [email protected]
Patent No. 7,075,001 and D523,465
KEYTAR is a registered trademark.
Finally, an instrument for anyone that’s ever dreamed
of playing the guitar. KEYTAR™ inventor Vinson
Williams, made an instrument that anyone can
begin making music almost immediately.
The KEYTAR™ is a real guitar. It has guitar strings
vibrating over a pickup, producing a real guitar
sound. Plug it into a guitar amp, throw in some
effects and stand back. The KEYTAR™ can go from
crystal clear to screaming wild in a heartbeat.
The KEYTAR™ is made of high grade pre-coated
aluminum and weighs only seven pounds. It has
12 chromatically tuned strings, C3 - B3. The neck
is played with full sized piano keys in place of frets.
Whether you are a novice musician or veteran
keyboard player wanting to double on guitar, the
KEYTAR™ is for you. For more information, visit our
website at
Vinson Williams
Inventor of the
The Fun Pack includes:
The Pro Pack includes:
Roland Micro Cube Amplifier • TKL Gig Bag Case
Chromatic Tuner • Demonstration CD
Strap • Cord • Picks
Roland Cube - 30 Amplifier • TKL Hard Shell Case
Chromatic Tuner • Heavy Duty Double KEYTAR™ Stand
Demonstration CD • Strap • Cord • Picks

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