Unlock the POTENTIAL of your guitar.



Unlock the POTENTIAL of your guitar.
Unlock the POTENTIAL
of your guitar.
Simply put, there is a lot of unused potential in your guitar tone
and ultimately your guitar performance. The TUSQ® saddle and
bridge pins in our Acoustic Supercharger Kits are specifically
designed to unlock the harmonics and tone hidden in your guitar.
The Acoustic Supercharger Kit provides a complete solution to
improve any guitar’s performance. Imagine each note you play
being supercharged with sustain and harmonics. Having your
guitar perform to its maximum potential lets you perform to your
maximum potential.
Included in each kit is:
1 TUSQ® Compensated Saddle
6 TUSQ® Bridge Pins
1 Sheet of 240 grit adhesive-backed sandpaper
1 Sheet of 600 grit adhesive-backed sandpaper
1 Graph Tech pick
Installation instructions
“The difference that TUSQ® makes is
astounding. More low end, more high end,
more sustain, more clarity, more punch”
Mitch Malloy - Singer, Songwriter, RCA Recording Artist,
Nashville TN
The Evolution of Guitar Performance.
The TUSQ® Saddle and Bridge Pins included in the Graph Tech
Acoustic Supercharger Kit are designed to create absolutely the
best link between your guitar strings’ vibration and your guitar top.
TUSQ® is made under high heat and pressure and, unlike bone
or ivory, each saddle is consistent from piece to piece and within
each piece. There are no dead spots.
Graph Tech precision engineered components are used by
many of the world's leading guitar manufacturers including
Taylor®, Martin®, Gibson®, Godin®, Carvin®, Schecter®,
Morris®, Fender®, Ibanez® and many more.
Three kits to fit most acoustic guitars requiring an 1/8” or 3/32”
Price USD MSRP $29.95
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or phone 001.604.940.5353.