I. Do you think Social Media Can Influence Eating Disorders? III


I. Do you think Social Media Can Influence Eating Disorders? III
I. Do you think Social Media Can Influence Eating Disorders?
-Pro Anorexia refers to large web-base of individuals who promote the maintenance of anorexia (Bates
- This is often done via social media which is less restricted then other websites online.
III. Thinspiration
thinspiration describes images or content that promotes disordered eating and obsessive exercise habits to
facilitate rapid weight loss
-find more research for this section.
-discuss rules on websites and social media about getting rid of these images?
IV. Is "Fitspiration" any better?
Include Image of "fitspiration" which is rising in popularity
-What is Fitspiration?
Large negative response and concern over "thinspiration"resulted in a new trend toward "fitspiration"
which emphasizes weight loss through exercise and "healthy" eating.
Messages used do not always promote health and can lead to obsessive dieting and exercise and can be
just as detrimental as "thinspiration"
- Use Article:
A Critical Analysis of Media Images Depicting the New Athletic Body Ideal and One Woman’s
Experience with Them (Mischke)
VI. What components of social media might negatively
influence individuals with eating disorders?
Small positive correlation between hours on facebook and disordered eating
Mabe, A. G., Forney, K. J., & Keel, P. K. (2014). Do you "like" my photo? Facebook use
maintains eating disorder risk. Int J Eat Disord, 47(5), 516-523
maladaptive Facebook use predicted increase in participants reporting bulimic symptoms. The
cause of this correlation was found to be participant’s body dissatisfaction
Smith, A. R., Hames, J. L., & Joiner, T. E., Jr. (2013). Status update: maladaptive Facebook usage
predicts increases in body dissatisfaction and bulimic Hummel, A. C., & Smith, A. R. (2014). Ask and you shall receive: Desire and receipt of feedback
via Facebook predicts disordered eating concerns. Int J Eat Disord. doi: 10.1002/eat.22336
Individuals compare themselves to friends and untag themselves from photos. page 1 / 3
V. How "Pro Anorexia" Blog Actively Encourage Eating
The use of social media to promote anorexia and disordered eating go beyond sharing images. Pro-Ana
and Pro-Mia blogs are created by users encouraging anorexia and include tips and advice to lose weight,
often in unhealthy ways
As shown below, these blogs contain information about current weight and a goal or "ideal weight"
VII. Are there any positive effects social media can have for
individuals with eating disorders?
. Social Support
Juarascio, A. S., Shoaib, A., & Timko, C. A. (2010). Pro-eating disorder communities on social
networking sites: a content analysis. Eat Disord, 18(5), 393-407. doi:
Common feeling of isolation and lack of support in ED victims
Social media may provide avenue for social and emotional support between individuals sharing
similar experience of ED
Some view blogs as "catharsis" for expressing feelings
Arguments that censorship alienates individuals struggling with ED rather than providing support
Censoring Thinspiration: The Debate Over Pro-Anorexic Web Sites - chat rooms, discussion
boards, interactive psychological support.
VIII. Should Pro-ED Sites be taken down?
Searching for Thinspiration: The Nature of Internet Searches for Pro-Eating Disorder Websites
page 2 / 3
Does the good out weigh the bad?
Doesn't the media already promote unrealistic ideals of thinness regardless of social media
Future Directions: look at whether social media has a greater or equal effect than other sources
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