Beauty - Danielle Fox


Beauty - Danielle Fox
Fashion’s skinny silhouette has been replaced by a
sexier form this season. The Edit tests out the latest
shape-shifters guaranteed to complement SS14’s
new feminine dressing. By DANIELLE FOX
Lamé fabrics that cling to every
curve are key to this season’s
luxe metallic trend, so you’ll
need an impressive rear view.
THE EXERCISE: “Your bottom
is the hardest body part to work
out because your glutes are the
largest muscles in the body,”
says Justin Gelband, the
Victoria’s Secret Angels’ go-to
trainer. “Make sure you always
use your core when working the
butt,” he advises. “To target the
soft area where the bottom and
thighs meet, try balancing on
one leg when doing squats, and
lean forward over your knee.”
favorite with the VS Angels,
NY-based aesthetician IIdi
Pekar is always fully booked in
the run up to the Victoria’s
Secret show for her renowned
Trio Lift fat-busting treatment.
Using radio-frequency, the
treatment transfers heat to
fat-storing cells, accelerating
natural metabolism and
shrinking the fat cells. Pekar
follows this with her ‘secret’ cream,
which heats up and continues to
burn fat even after you leave.
THE PRO TIP: “Any exercise that
involves climbing works,” says
Gelband. “Use a cross trainer at an
incline of 15 or above, keeping
strides long and deep. Stairs work,
too – just make sure you place your
heel down fully on each step.”
THE CHEAT: “Balance out a bigger
bottom by opting for a smaller cut
brief,” says swimwear designer
Melissa Odabash. “Larger briefs will
make your bottom look bigger.”
extend the arms straight out at
shoulder height. Keep a bend in the
elbows and draw small circles going
backwards and forwards for 20
seconds each way.” (
Semonin Firming Silhouette
Décolleté Treatment at the Sofitel
Dubai The Palm Resort and Spa
focuses on the décolleté and bust
“TOO MANY push ups
can make your
shoulders TILT forward,
causing bad POSTURE”
Strapless styles and delicate straps
call for a flawless décolletage.
THE EXERCISE: “Stay clear of
push-ups,” says James Duigan,
founder of A-list favorite, Bodyism
gym. “Too many can lead to bulky
arms and make shoulders tilt
forward, causing bad posture. Try
arm circles instead: grab 1kg
weights or 1-liter water bottles in
each hand, bend your legs slightly,
keeping your core locked, and
contour. The gentle cleansing
treatment includes a light
exfoliation and soothing massage,
to leave skin looking plumper and
less crepey.
THE PRO TIP: “Massage is key to
glowing skin,” says in-demand
facialist Alexandra Soveral.
“Stimulating the delicate bust area
with massage really helps to firm it
up.” Soveral recommends
massaging with light circular
movements, from below the chin to
the neckline, in the shower each
day. “And don’t forget to take your
moisturizer past your chin for
much-needed moisture.”
THE CHEAT: “Bronzing is the
quickest way to make the cleavage
appear bigger,” says NARS
International Makeup Artist, Jane
Richardson. “The trick is to
accentuate the cleavage shadow
– take bronzing powder down the
center, where the shadow would
naturally be.” An adjustable,
padded halter-neck style bikini will
also enhance the bust area. “Bend
over when tying it around the neck
to achieve the right lift,” says
designer Odabash.
Anne Semonin
Nude Scrub
James Read
Legology Air-Lite
Daily Lift For Legs
Bliss Super
Slough Scrub
Dr Dennis
Gross Alpha
Beta Smoothing
Body Towels
Complement backless gowns with a
toned back and flawless skin.
THE EXERCISE: “Getting a sexy,
strong back doesn’t require lifting
heavy weights,” says Duigan. “To
tone the whole of your back and
your arms, grab an exercise band
and tie it around a pole. Lean back
with your arms straight and your
Charlotte Tilbury
Magic Cream
ESPA Soothing
Body Oil
The new feminine
fashion is made for a
sensual silhouette
core strong, then pull yourself
forward, raising your elbows up
high. Slowly lean back again, and
repeat 20 times.”
‘backcial’ at a Bliss Spa to give
lackluster skin its sparkle back. The
treatment combines a skin-type
specific cleanse and exfoliation,
followed by a soothing mask.
THE PRO TIP: Start a skincare
regime to tackle any problem areas
on your back. If you are prone to
breakouts, switch your body wash
to an antibacterial one. For an
extra skin boost, use Dr Dennis
Gross Skincare Alpha Beta
Smoothing Body Towels once a
week. A cocktail of blemish-fighting
glycolic acid and exfoliating
salicylic acid, the towelettes gently
slough away dead skin and unblock
pores, calming and clearing any
THE CHEAT: Adopting the correct
posture is the quickest way to a
sexier shape. Former NY
investment banker turned orthobionomy expert Sandra Lanshin
Chiu explains the key to stellar
posture: “Poor posture is caused by
putting your body into unnatural
and problematic positions
frequently and for long periods of
time. I tell my clients to always be
aware of their body – most people
don’t realize their posture is off. If
you notice that you’re hunched
over or crossing your legs, change
your position. And take breaks
from sitting – the trick is to not let
your body get used to bad habits of
poor alignment.” (
The mini is back and what better
way to showcase it for spring than
with toned and smooth limbs.
THE EXERCISE: “Women can bulk
up if they don’t work out the right
way,” warns Gelband. “Spinning is
great for toning legs quickly, but
only when you are using your core
rather than your hips and knees.
For me, it is all about having a
resistance. My ultimate leg exercise
is running on sand. I get the
Victoria’s Secret Angels running for
45 minutes on the beach in Miami.
It is not about the speed but the
quality of your run – this really
hones the legs, thighs and butt.”
THE TREATMENT: Espa’s Foot and
Leg Massage at The Ritz Carlton
Shanghai is a must for restoring
tired, puffy pins. After 30 minutes
of soothing acupressure and
“It’s not about SPEED
but the QUALITY of
your run – this really
HONES the legs”
massage, you’ll leave with
lighter-feeling, tighter-looking
legs. Prolong the effects beyond
your treatment with Legology
Air-Lite Daily Lift For Legs, an
all-in-one targeting cream that
reduces the appearance of
cellulite, enhances suppleness
and works to tone and tighten.
THE PRO TIP: Adding a little
color to your legs will instantly
make them appear more toned.
“Bronzing mousse gives the best
finish,” says James Read, who
has tanned the likes of Rosie
Huntington Whiteley and Lady
Gaga. “Apply two fine layers,
buffing in with a tanning mitt,
and leave on for eight hours or
overnight. To create definition,
add an extra dusting of bronzer
down the side of the muscles.”
THE CHEAT: Slim down pins by
patting a body shimmer cream
down the center of your legs.
“This is a trick I use on shoots
to give the illusion of leaner
legs,” says A-list favorite makeup
artist Charlotte Tilbury. “Do it in
front of a full-length mirror, so
you don’t miss any spots.”