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PENTAVITIN for Skin Care
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In vivo Efficacy
PENTAVITIN® for Skin Care
Feel Deep Hydrating Power
Version 1: December 21, 2011
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PENTAVITIN® for skin care
in vivo efficacy
Millions of consumers worldwide are affected by skin conditions that cause unpleasant sensations
such as itching, flaking and stinging, or simply an uncomfortably dry and taut feeling. For the
tangible relief they seek and require a product that can bind water in the skin and keep it there as
long as possible.
PENTAVITIN®, a 100% natural, plant-derived ingredient with both ECOCERT approval and
NATRUE certification, perfectly addresses this widespread consumer need. Its effectiveness is
based on its unique composition, which is similar to that of the carbohydrate complex found in
human skin, and on its unique ability to bind to skin.
Aim of the study
Our aim was to proof that PENTAVITIN® improves consequently desquamation and epidermal
barrier function of the skin.
Moreover dry skin related sensations such as tightness, itchiness and stinging should be reduced
for a more comfortable skin feeling.
Lastly softness and smoothness should be improved and flakiness reduced for a healthy skin
PENTAVITIN® for skin care
in vivo efficacy
Study Design
Study Title:
Influence of topically applied PENTAVITIN® on skin parameters
Aqueous solution containing 1% of PENTAVITIN®
Primary objectives:
• Influence of a topically applied moisturizer on skin dryness and it’s
regression after stopping application
• Influence of a topically applied moisturizer on epidermal barrier integrity
of non and artificially damaged barrier
Secondary objectives:
• Illustration of the visual effects of a topically applied moisturizer
• Evaluation of the subjective appreciation of the organoleptic
characteristics, of the efficacy and the future use
Study population:
• Number of subjects: 13
• Average age: 40±1 years (between 35 and 44 years)
• Sex: female
• Fitzpatrick skin phototype: II (n=7) and III (n=6)
• All subjects had dry skin on the legs
Assessment criteria:
• Visual grading of dry skin by a clinician
• Transepidermal water loss
• Macrophotographic illustration
• Self-evaluation by the subjects via a structured questionnaire
Test site:
Application & frequency: Twice daily, 15 drops corresponding to approx. 600 μl
• Wash out phase: 2 weeks
• Application phase: 4 weeks
• Regression phase: 6 days
• All measurements and evaluations were done at least 12h after the last
application of PENTAVITIN®
• The subjects were acclimatized for 30 min in an environmental room
under standard conditions (24 ± 2°C and 45 ± 5% relative humidity)
prior to any measurements
• The subjects used the same shower gel
Test institute:
Laboratoire Dermscan, Lyon (F)
PENTAVITIN® for skin care
in vivo efficacy
Summary of Study Design
Wash out phase
Treatment phase
Regression phase
2 weeks
4 weeks
6 days
No application of cosmetics
Shower gel:
Sanex dermo hydratant
Twice daily application of a 1% No application of cosmetics and
aqueous solution of
Shower gel:
Sanex dermo hydratant
Shower gel:
Sanex dermo hydratant
TEWL measurements,
macrophotographs and clinical
grading before and after 4w
treatment phase
TEWL measurements and
clinical grading after 3 days and
6 days
Questionnaire before, after 2
weeks and after 4weeks
treatment phase
PENTAVITIN® for skin care
in vivo efficacy
Visual grading of dry skin by a clinician
The cutaneous state was examined by a trained clinician according to the Kligman’s scale.
Kligman’s clinical scoring for dry skin is regarded as the standard for the visual clinical assessment
used to diagnose the severity of dry skin. There are four gradations used to classify dry skin
Grade 1: normal skin, shows no visible signs of dryness and has a healthy shine and glow
Grade 2: mild xerosis, characterised by small flakes and whitening of dermatoglyphic triangles
(the lines that form patterns on the skin such as on the fingertips and palms of hands)
Grade 3: moderate xerosis with small, dry flakes that cause a light, powdery appearance.
Ccorners of the dermatoglyphic triangles start to uplift
Grade 4: Well-defined xerosis, the entire length of a number of dermatoglyphic triangles have
uplifted to generate large dry skin flakes, roughness is very evident
Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
PENTAVITIN® for skin care
in vivo efficacy
Transepidermal water loss (TEWL), barrier integrity
The TEWL is defined as the measurement of the quantity of water that passes from inside the skin
body through the epidermis to the surrounding atmosphere via diffusion and evaporation
processes. Measurement of the TEWL is used for studying the water barrier function of the human
skin and is expressed in grams per square meter and per hour. The more perfect the epidermal
barrier, the lower the TEWL. The importance of TEWL as a measure of the skin barrier is well
Measurements of the TEWL were performed using Aquaflux® AF100 (Biox Systems Ltd., London,
UK). The measurement chamber is a hollow cylinder whose lower end acts as a measurement
orifice that is put into contact with the studied surface. Its upper end is sealed with an aluminium
condenser that is maintained at the temperature of -7.6°C. When in contact with the studied
surface, the measurement chamber is sealed and the air within it is protected from disturbance
from ambient air movement.
The integrity of the epidermal barrier was challenged by 20 subsequent tape strippings. The
strength of the barrier was evaluated by measuring the TEWL before and after the disruption.
Macrophotographic illustration
The studied skin areas were visualized with a digital video microscope (Hirox®, Hackensack, NJ,
U.S.A.) using a mobile, fiber optic x20 lens being connected to an image acquisition computer
Self-evaluation by the subjects
The subjects filled in a questionnaire with structured scales (from 0 to 5) containing the following
description of skin conditions:
Skin condition
Related to skin feeling:
My skin is dry
I feel tightness / discomfort
I feel itching
I feel stinging sensation
My skin is robust
not at all
not at all
not at all
not at all
not at all
very much
very much
very much
very much
very much
Related to skin appearance:
I recognize flakes / scales
My skin is smooth
My skin is soft
not at all
not at all
not at all
not at all
very much
very much
very much
very much
PENTAVITIN® for skin care
in vivo efficacy
Dryness reduction (clinical grading according to Kligman)
After 4 weeks PENTAVITIN® reduces dry skin signs by 20%. The effects of PENTAVITIN® last for
72 hours after the last application.
Improvement vs. control [%]
after 4 week treatment
3 days after last treatment
6 days after last treatment
Strengthening of skin barrier function
PENTAVITIN® improves and strengthens skin barrier function, as shown by the 20% reduction in
TEWL before and after 20 successive tape strippings after a four week application.
TEWL [g/m /h]
Before tape stripping
After 20 tape strippings
PENTAVITIN® for skin care
in vivo efficacy
PENTAVITIN® clearly improves the optical appearance of the skin. Scaling, the result of a disturbed
desquamation, is normalized and light scattering is reduced leading to an increased light
penetration into the deeper layers of the skin. Therefore the skin has become a more translucent
4 weeks
Volunteer 3
Volunteer 4
Volunteer 13
Volunteer 14
4 weeks
PENTAVITIN® for skin care
in vivo efficacy
Self evaluation by the subjects
The questionnaire confirms that PENTAVITIN® improves skin softness and smoothness by more
than 50% and reduces skin flakiness and itchiness by more than 50% after a two week application.
after 2 weeks application
after 4 weeks application
Dryness reduction
Comfortable skin feeling
Skin feeling
Tightening reduction
Itchiness reduction
Stinging reduction
Skin robustness improvement
Skin apearance
Flakiness reduction
Smoothness improvement
Softness improvement
% change
PENTAVITIN® improves dry skin signs evaluated by clinical gradings according to Kligman and
retains the effects for at least 72h after the last application
PENTAVITIN® strengthens epidermal barrier function determined by measurements of
transepidermal water loss of non and artificially damaged barrier
PENTAVITIN® impoves skin appearance evaluated by macrophotographs
PENTAVITIN® induces a improvement in the cutaneous state for "dry, soft and smooth skin",
"tightness", “itchiness”, “stinging”, “robustness” and "visible flakes" evaluated by a subject