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Christian Brothers` High School Lewisham
Christian Brothers’ High School Lewisham
A Catholic School in the Edmund Rice Tradition
High Achievers’ Assembly
by Stephen Prorellis
Good morning Br Conn, SLT, parents and special guests, teachers, the student body
of 2015 and most importantly the high achievers of the 2014 HSC. Firstly I would like
to thank the teachers who educationally led both myself and all the other boys here
today to this very stage. The support and dedication ensured that we all achieved
our personal best in the HSC.
Education is both a long process an important one. A good secondary education
allows you to reach tertiary opportunities and sets you up for a life beyond high
school and into the real world. An education at Christian Brothers’ High School
Lewisham specifically does both these things and more, including teaching how a young man should act and
the values which are instilled in him from a young age which of course are reflected in his actions.
An education at CBHS Lewisham also showcases the true importance of hard work; encouraging and
nurturing a good work ethic from the first day of year seven until your year 12 graduation. Speaking of
which; a quick message to the year 12 boys here today, the time until the HSC will fly and now is the time to
put your head down and study hard; there is light at the end of the tunnel and good luck in achieving your
goals whatever they may be. Only with a true work and life balance can you achieve them and only you
know when you are doing enough work.
A few quick study tips as well to the student cohort here today;
- creating your own revision, from a variety of sources.
- Drafting essays
- And saying your notes out loud to remember them better.
In closing, I just want to again thank the teachers that made this speech today possible; it was always my
goal to become the Dux and I am humbled to share this with Kevin Bouchahine. A final congratulations to
my fellow old boys who share in this accomplishment – you have each achieved your best results. A final
good luck also to this years’ HSC class, only you can strive for that crown.
Conanti Corona,
Thank you.
High Achievers’ Assembly
by Kevin Bouchahine
Br Conn, distinguished guests, teachers, parents and most importantly the fellow
student body of CBHS Lewisham.
Before I commence, 8 years of schooling at Lewisham has seen me participate in my
fair share of High Achiever assemblies. I hope that my words allow each student to
realise that they can achieve their personal best in their studies.
I must start by saying what a huge honour and privilege it is to be named joint Dux of
Christian Brothers alongside fellow peer and close friend Stephen. The opportunity to
learn and experience schooling alongside such a charismatic person was an
influential factor in my ability to achieve success today. On that note, I’d like to
commend the 2014 HSC high achievers among us on their prestigious achievements.
Without their support, I doubt any of us would be able to reach the heights that we have.
Unfortunately, in today’s society, too many people take the simple things in life for granted. I can only be
thankful for the opportunities Lewisham has offered me, the quality of education here is nothing less that first
class. Beyond that, it strives to prepare its students for life beyond the school gates, for the stretch of years that
lay before them. I only hope that every one of you take full advantage of the opportunities you have been
granted, and ensure that when the day comes when you finally say goodbye to this wonderful place, you have
no regrets but rather an endless amount of cherished memories.
I think it’s extremely important to understand that success is not measured by your ATAR or your rank – success
is reaching your personal goals by utilising the opportunities you’ve been given. Once you have realised your
motivation to succeed, you have to commit yourself to continuous improvement. Create goals, aim high.
Celebrate achieving your goals and then set an even higher standard for yourself. Never be content with staying
the same. Always be hungry to succeed and ensure there’s always something to work towards. Most
importantly, treat failure as a chance to improve rather than a reason to quit, and don’t lose faith in your
Despite the significant results of the students here today, I’d also like to commend the efforts of the entire year
12 student body. Our ability to bond as an unbreakable family ensured our schooling journey was somewhat
easier, encompassed with cheerful memories and experiences.
However, our success and ability to achieve was vastly influenced by the ongoing support of the staff here at
To every teacher within the school, not only those that have taught me over the years, I thank you for creating
such an atmosphere that allows us to not only thrive and succeed in our education, but also enjoy our life at the
same time. To learn from teachers that genuinely enjoy passing on their knowledge, that genuinely care about
the students, was a privilege that I will be ever thankful for. I’d like to bring special mention to each of the
teachers that taught me for the duration of year 12: Mr Khalil, Mrs Campos, Mr McCallum, Mr Maltas, Mrs
Yates and Mr Carnabucci. Your endless, devoted commitment to my success undeniably paved the path for me,
and I hope that you will continue to give to this community what you have given to me.
To my amazing parents, I couldn’t have asked for more. You gave me the space and room I needed to operate
at my own pace, and that was what pushed me to pursue my goals and do as well as I did. There was no
pressure from you for me to do what you wanted, you left it up to me and I could not thank you enough for it. I
only hope I can repay your efforts one day.
And now I leave you with a quote that I’ve always kept in the back of my mind: “Do you work to live, or live to
work.” Too many people go through life nowadays not enjoying themselves. I urge every person here today to
make the most of their schooling.
Don’t just cruise through the years.
Make the most of the wonderful
whether it be sport, debating,
musical or the Book Club at our
state of the art Waterford Learning
Centre. The opportunities are
endless, it is simply up to you to
take them!
To the HSC class of 2015, I wish
you the very best of luck. I hope
that all of you can be in this
position at the same time next
year, and you can look back on
2015 with the same nostalgia and
fondness that I have. And once
again, to the class of 2014,
Thank you and “Conanti Corona”

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