term 3 week 9 - Maroubra Bay Public School



term 3 week 9 - Maroubra Bay Public School
Duncan Street Maroubra 2035
Week 9 Term
3 term 3 2012
ph: 9349 1569 Fax: 9349 5836
Email : [email protected]
Web Site : http://www.maroubraba-p.schools.nsw.edu.au
Dear Parents /Carers,
As this is the last newsleer for the term I would like to wish everyone
a happy holiday and me to relax and shake off some of the nasty
bugs that have been doing the rounds.
Whilst we are all gearing up for the holidays the hardworking P&C are
connuing their efforts to ensure the School Fete and Open Day is a
success. Unfortunately the response for parent volunteers has been
very disappoinng and we need more help to ensure our fete is successful. Please contact your child’s class contact to put your name
down to lend a hand on the day. Contact details available from your
child’s class teacher.
We will be ending the term on a high note with our Book Week parade
next Friday 21st September. Assembly will be moved from it’s usual
time from Thursday to 2:00pm Friday next week. Please join us
during this time for our book parade as students dress as their
favourite book character. We will also be having a BBQ lunch on
the day.
A big thank to Lizzie French and all her helpers for all their hard
work on both Saturday and Sunday last weekend. Both the election day and Mitre 10 BBQ raised a considerable amount of
money for the P&C.
We have revamped our school website so when you have the
time have a look. Lots of great photos of Rose’s artwork. School
policies are in the process of being reviewed (an annual process)
as there are so many they will be added to the website as they
are reviewed by the staff and P&C.
Finally just a reminder that all students riding to school on bikes,
scooters or skateboards are required to wear a helmet. It is also
advisable to buy a padlock to lock these up securely during the
Many more parent volunteers
are needed to help with the organisation for the School Fete
and Open Day. Yasmin is working very hard to make the day a
success so could parents
please lend their support.
For details see Fete update attached
Dates to Remember
Tonight -Thursday 13th
September Showcase performance senior dance
group– 7:00pm at Souths
Students who are participating need to be at Rainbow St Public School by
Thursday 20th SeptemberKindergarten excursionSydney Aquarium
Friday 21st SeptemberBookweek Parade -Last
Day Term 3 BBQ Lunch
Friday 7th December-End
of 2012 School Concert
Friday 21st September Book Week Celebrations
Last day Term 3
National Solar Scheme Program
I would also like to thank Sandra Newell for all the
time and effort she put into preparing our application
for a water tank under the National Solar Scheme
Program. Although preference was given to schools
in remote areas we have been placed on the reserved list if another school does not proceed with
their project.
The Dancesport Challenge took place last Thursday
night where our ballroom dancing stars finally had
the opportunity to shine. Being a parent I could only
imagine how proud all of you felt to see your kids not
only participating but delivering a quality performance that they will probably remember for their
whole lifetime. To have the experience of dancing in
front of several thousand cheering people is wonderful, to do a great job and deliver a quality of dancing
to be proud of when competing against 28 other
schools is a milestone.
Staffing News
The school has ben given the go ahead to advertise
for a second Assistant Principal position for 2013.
This is due to the school’s upgrade from a Primary 5
to a Primary 4 school based on the increase in enrolments.
I have convened a Merit Selection panel and the advertisement will go in [email protected] next week. The selection process will begin the first week of term 4 and
our parent representative is our P&C Secretary Trevor Byrne (Oliver’s dad) . I would like to thank Trevor
for agreeing to be on the panel as it is a very rewarding but time consuming process.
A reminder to all prospective Kindergartens for 2013
that our transition to school Big Start program begins
on Friday October 26th. If you have not yet enrolled
your child please contact the school as soon as possible.
All Big Start students receive a personal invitation to
the program in the mail which makes them feel very
special. If we do not have your details it would be a
shame for your child not to receive their invitation.
I want you to know I have loved teaching your kids to
dance, the journey of taking them from zero to where
they are now has been very rewarding . The lessons
they are learning have transcended simple dance
steps. Respect and co-operation between classmates has developed them into a strong team that
work together for the same goal. They are learning
to compete not only in dancing but in skills preparing
them to tackle other vital skills in school and life.
A big thank you to Kathy, Vasilka and the teachers
for your wonderful support in the program, I look forward to teaching at Maroubra Bay for years to come.
Yours Sincerely,
Gordon Gilkes
Last Thursday night our ballroom dancing team participated in the 2012 Dancesport Challenge competing against 28 other schools from Sydney. The night
was exciting, entertaining and very awarding for all
participants. CONGRATULATIONS to every ballroom dancer who participated. The children showed
great skills in all four dances. WELL DONE to the
following finalists who also made it through the first
and/or second rounds:
English as a Second Language
Andjela Miljkovic and Ned Hicks – CHA CHA
Mr Cooper’s ESL group is has been focusing on writing procedures. Make sure you look at the back of
this newsletter for Adrien’s recipe. Perhaps you can
try it out for yourself?
Kuani Cleveland and Stathis Kladis – TANGO
Our participation for 3 years in a row at Dancesport
challenge highlights the personal achievement and
success experienced by our students. Every student’s achievements are formally recognised, at this
weeks assembly, by being presented with individual
Mrs Jovanovska
Our senior dance group performs tonight at South’s
Juniors as part of the Showcase series of concerts
that highlights the talented performing arts programs
in our local public schools.
A big thank you to Mrs Cassimatis who has again
done such a wonderful job in preparing the dancers,
organising transport and ticketing and costumes for
the night.
Parent notification for students in years 3 and 5 of
their children’s NAPLAN test results arrived yesterday. To ensure parents receive these they are being
sent to your home address in today’s courier.
Congratulations to all the students who sat the testing
as the results were very pleasing. When the full data
package is posted online I will be able to give all parents more comprehensive details on the school’s
overall performance.
Peter Garrett -School Visit
The Federal Education Minister and our Local member Mr Peter Garrett visited the school last Friday.
Peter takes a special interest in Maroubra Bay as we
were one of the school’s who achieved such great
results under the Federal Government’s National
Partnership in Reading and as we are now on the
National Partnership for Local Schools Local Decisions.
Our discussion cantered around the Federal Government’s desire to:
• See a nationally consistent funding system for all
schools. There will be a benchmark amount for
every student, based on the cost of delivering education at high-performing schools. Extra funding
will be available through loadings for students facing educational disadvantage;
• Provide more professional support and ongoing
career development for the teaching profession,
from pre-service teachers to principals;
Parents might have heard the Federal Government
recently commissioned the first comprehensive review into our school system in 40 years. This review
told us that on school education, Australia is falling
behind our neighbouring countries.
The Federal Government this week responded to
review recommendations, announcing it will institute
a new way of funding schools that will guarantee our
schools are getting the money they need to do their
There will be higher standards for teachers, and annual performance reviews. Teachers will also get
more training to deal with disruptive behaviours and
bullying. Schools will have to develop a plan to prevent bullying, in conjunction with the school community.
School principals will have more power – like hiring
staff and controlling their own budget.
These changes are to make sure ALL local students
have a chance to reach their full potential, and that
Australia gets ahead of the game so our kids get the
high-skilled, high-wage jobs of the future.
If you’d like to find out more, or give me feedback on
our education plan, please call me on 9349 6007 or
email me at [email protected] .
Yours sincerely,
• Identify schools that need more help to improve
their performance, and provide extra support;
• Include a greater focus on the funding and re-
sources provided for disadvantaged students; and
• Provide more information about schools to parents
and the wider community.
Peter Garrett
Federal Member for Kingsford Smith
Randwick Boys
For many parents of primary school children, the
HSC can seem a long way off. Speaking with some
of our Year 12 students last week, I was struck by
how many commented on the speed with which Year
7 has become Year 12 with the HSC on the doorstep.
The HSC can be a harrowing time for young people.
At Randwick Boys’ High School, we have incorporated a stress-management day in our Term 3 planning for Year 12. It’s a day to learn about managing
stress, to get advice from experts on studying their
subjects and an opportunity to debunk some of the
HSC myths. It’s proved a very positive experience for
all students involved.
This year, Randwick Boys’, once more, will be offering candidates at the highest levels for the HSC. In
addition, 17 young men will be completing TAFE
courses with an HSC examination and six will be
completing foreign language studies from the Open
high School. TAFE and Open High School courses
are available to all students who attend Government
High Schools and provide an added dimension to the
curriculum options available.
Holiday activities
Stuck for school holiday ideas? The Go Play website
lists hundreds of activities throughout NSW. Explore
museums, observe space, discover castles and convicts, or give your child the opportunity to develop a
new skill. There is a range of options on offer – from
photography to skating. Go to: http://
Healthy habits
While we can’t entirely shield our children from illness
there are ways we can help them boost their immune
systems and become more health conscious. Listen
to these tips from Dr Martine Walker, a city GP who
specialises in family health and has two primary
school-aged children of her own. Go to: http://
Maths matters
A new and entertaining game will help sharpen your
child's maths skills and recall. The Maths Monkey’s
Quest features questions on topics ranging from addition and subtraction to ratios and percentages. The
app is available for Apple iPhones and iPads, and
Android phones and tablets. Go to: http://
How to make Garlic Bread
1 baguee
5 cloves garlic
200g/7oz baer
3 tbsp parsley, chopped
1. Place the baguee on a chopping board, slice it bread into small pieces but do
not cut all the way.
2. Put the buer in a bowl, crush the garlic in the garlic crusher.
3. Cut the parsley into small pieces, add the salt and pepper. Mix well.
4. Use a knife to put the mix inside the baguee.
5. Cover the baguee with foil and bake at 175 degrees for 10 minutes, then roll it
over and cook it for another ten minutes.
6. Serve with pasta or as a side dish.
By Adrien Cano
Maroubra Bay Canteen
Recess Orders
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Vege Chips- BBQ, Sweet & Sour. Plain, French Onion
Roll Ups
Fruit Sticks
Tiny Teddy
Apple Puree
Jelly with Pineapple/Peach/Apple/Strawberry
Fruit Salad/Two Fruit/Mandarin
Fruit Filled Bars(mixed berry)
Bubble Bars Choc Squiggle-Vanilla/ Choc Rainbow
Zipp Ems/Mixed Berry/Strawberry, Apple & Grape
LeSnack /Tasty Cheese/Cheddar/ French Onino
Rice & Corn Chips
Potato Stix ( Chicken Flavour)
Fruit Poppers
Up & Go- Choc/Strawberry/Vanilla/Banana
Quelch Tubes

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